Mandy's Brother

Mandy had been my best friend for about 6 months. Actually since my fiance and I split. One after noon she called me, she always knew when I was upset. I quickly answered the phone. "Whats up?" she asked before I could even answer she chimed in, "So my husband and I are having dinner at our apartment and there's someone I want you to meet." "Well who is it?" I asked. "It doesn't matter just come over" So I relented. Looking in the mirror I felt better knowing I didn't look as bad as I felt. My long blonde hair ended just below the center of my back wasn't as messy as I imagined and my dark blue eyes weren't quite as red as they had been the night before. So I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door.
Mandy met me in the parking lot of her and Steve's little apartment complex. "TookYou long enough." she said her short red hair gleamed in the sun. She always came off as kind of annoying. She didn't mean to it was just her. Grabbing my hand she quickly pulled me up the stairs to her and Steve's small 1 beedroom apartment. Opening the door I saw Steven sitting on the couch drinking a beer. He was a kind of short man. Only about 5'6" He had blonde hair that was almost buzzed off and glasses. "Chica in case you forgot I have met Steve a time or two." I said sarcasticly. Mandy laughed at my confusion. Just then I saw a man walk out of the bedroom. He was tall about 6'2. His black hair was think and came just above his eyes. "um. Hi. I'm Drake" his voice sounded like warm ice. Shaking my head I quickly replied. "sorry I'm a
Angel" He grinned. Pointing at my hair. "Someones parents weren't very original were they" Mandy smiled "this is my big brother she said clearly planning something." I couldn't help but blush.

We all ate and I was expecting to go home when Mandy pushed me on the couch. We all watched a movie that was by far the most redicules thing I had ever seen though lets face it I was only half paying attention. With Steve and Mandy's make out session on the couch next to Drake and I. I could see Steves hand moving under the cover they had draped over them. It was painfully obvious what they were doing. Mandy giggled every couple minutes. Poor Drake looked embarrassed. Soon the movie ended and Mandy and Steve finally stopped at least for a moment. "feel free to crash here. Steve and I are going to go to bed" She said with a wink before quickly taking Steve's hand and pulling him away leaving me with Drake alone.

He smiled at me sheepishly. "Are you going to stay?" "Well I guess. My keys are in the room with them and I'm definitely not going to get them now" He nodded and got up. Moving directly in front of me. I was so tiny compared to him. Only 5'4" and a whole 110 lbs. I was a little more than intimidated. He must have seen my panic because I could see his grin in the tv light. "So how old are you?" he asked. "nineteen." He nodding leaning down so he was on my level. For the first time I noticed his eyes. They were green with little flakes of brown. They were gorgeous. Mandy had had an air matress already laid out on the floor for Drake. I couldn't help but get nervous with this large dark man standing over me. We started talking about nothing of value when his hand made it's way to my thigh. I thought about pulling away but it felt good to have his heavy hand on my leg. Even through my jeans I could feel the heat coming off him. The more we talked the more his hand moved up my leg. Soon he was stroking up almost to the crotch of my pants then all the way down to my knee painfully slow. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and attempted to pull away. Suddenly Drake's other hand shot up grabbing the back of my head and pulling me in. His lips crashed against mine. I don't know what happened I simply melted against his touch. Soon his lips parted slightly and he nibbled my bottom lip. Asking permission before his tongue entered my mouth pressing against mine. His hand now caressing my cheek while the other moved up to my hip. Pulling me against him roughly. This continued for a few minutes before he began to rub my pussy through my jeans. Oh god it felt amazing. I let out a small moan. Drake broke off the kiss with a wild grin before he picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist and carrying me to the matress.

He moved his head down to my neck kissing and nibbling in just the right spots until I was squirming for more. "D-d-drake" I managed to stammer both he silenced me again with a rough kiss. Sliding his hand down and undoing my pants. All I could do is squirm as his rubbed me again through my jeans. "You feel hot even through these clothes. I bet you're getting wet" he said with a devilish grin. Quickly I shook my head no. I knew I was but the way he was looking at me scarred me. "No?" He slipped his hand into my pants rubbing his rough finger tips over my soft skin, pressing a finger into my pussy. He lost his smile for a moment and groaned softly "Fuck girl you're tight." the smile coming back across his face "but I was right you're wet." his finger started to move inside me. Slow at first then he gained speed. I buried my face into his neck trying to keep quiet so Mandy wouldn't hear. Soon however I was moaning in his ear. Feeling my muscles contract against his finger. As soon as I thought I couldn't take it anymore he stopped. "Do you want more?" he asked with a sly grin. I nodded almost too enthusiasticly. "Then I want you to do something for me first" he whispered. Climbing off of me he undid his own pants he exposed his large dick. Every vein popping out of it. He again pulled me to him and kissed me before whispering right in my ear. "Suck it" I looked at him terrified. He left his big hand to storke my cheek as his slowly pulled my head down on erection. At this point I wasn't sure he would stop even if I tried to pull away so I opened my mouth wrapping my lips around the head of his penis letting my tongue flick around the tip. Drake groaned his fingers gripping my hair. I began to bob my head up and down slowly taking more and more of the shaft into my mouth. "damn girl that feels good. Go faster" he said running one hand down my back as the other still gipped my hair. Every once in awhile he bucked his hips making me take even more of his large cock until I gagged.

After about 15 mintues he pulled me away pushing me onto the mattress hard. I yelped as he hanked of my top and bra revealing my 32 D boobs. He stopped for a moment to stare at them before tearing of my pants. With one big hand he ripped my pink thong off like it was paper. He smiled down at me as if he was taking it all in. Before positioning hisslef on top of me. I felt his hard dick press against me as he started to push. I wasn't really sure he would fit. I wasn't a virgin but I had never been with someone as large as him before. He must have seen the look on my face because he propped himself onto on elbow grabbing my hip with his free hand. "this may hurt a little but I'm going to do this one way or another. It's better if you just relax and take it." I wasn't sure what to say so I just nodded like an idiot. "ready?" he asked. Feeling him press against me again I simply said yes. "kiss me. I don't want you screaming and waking up the whole apartment building" my eyes widened but I quickly complied. It felt like I was in a fog. Why was I not resisting this? Shouldn't I at least make him use a condom. I didn't have time to think more before he thrust hard. Plunging into me. I all but screamed against his lips as he kissed harder to muffle my cry. I could feel tears welling in my eyes. The pain was intense. My first time I ever had sex I remembered thinking that other girls had to be babies because it hardly hurt at all. Now I knew. Feeling like I was on fire. Drake simply laid there for a few moment letting the pain subside before he started to move inside me. Slowly pushing more and more of his dick into me. Buried my face into his neck again moaning as the pain turned to pleasure. He began to go hard and faster until we were both moaning. Before long we forgot to keep quiet. His movements making the matress shake and me moaning loudly with every thrust. Soon I could feel myself tightening around him. "Drake! I'm about to cum!" I moaned. Through gritted teeth he groaned "wait until I tell you to!" I could feel him tensing up and knew he was about to cum as well. I tried hard to hold it in. Suddenly I couldn't help it I bit into his shoulder. I heard him groan loudly "NOW!" he said. I immediately released shaking violently. At the same time feeling him tense up as his hot cum shot into me. He gave a few last rough thrusts grunting a little. Before finally clapsing on me.

I half expected him to tell me to go to the couch but instead he smiled and rolled off of me. Before I could move he pulled me against him. Kissing my forehead gently. "Wow. You are quite the girl" he said stroking my hair that now I was sure was in matted clumps. Exhausted all I could do was smile and rest my head on his shoulder. He pulled a blanket on top of us. We fell asleep not even bothering to put our clothes back on.

The next morning I woke up to find Mandy and Steve snickering over me. I couldn't figure out why until I realize I was still naked and tangled up with Drake under a thin blanket. "Looks like you had fun last night" Mandy said with a wicked grin. Drake threw a pillow at her. "Shut up Mandy it's not your business." After quickly putting my clothes back on and a quick breakfast I told everyone I was leaving. Drake walked me to my car. "Next time I vote we go to my place" he said. I gave him a confused look. "next time?" he smiled big revealing his white teeth. "of course. I'm not done with you yet." he snicked. And walked away before I could say a word. I got into my car and couldn't help but smile at the thought of what was to come.

To be continued.

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