Miley's Harem - Ch. 02

Dinner was served around 5:00 pm. Fata, the chief of security, monitored the girls' activity from the control center. They all ate their dinners obediently when it was served, even Anna. It seemed that her brutal encounter with Tony and Mark had really sunk in.

Actually, Anna was very horny. That double fucking had turned her on despite her efforts not to be, but she hadn't orgasmed as the pain of her asshole getting stretched by Mark's huge cock had hurt a good deal, suppressing the waves of pleasure. After dinner, she slammed her fingers into her pussy and fingered herself until she came.

A couple of hours later, Miley went to the fun room and had the doors all opened. As her four captives entered, she had them all crawl over and sit on the couch while she faced them.

"How was dinner?" she asked them.

There was a round of mumbles of 'good' and 'okay'.

Miley cleared her throat. "I expect you to answer me clearly when I ask you all a question. Let's try that again. How was dinner?"

This time there was a chorus of 'good, Miley' and 'fine, thanks'.

"Much better," she smiled. "Now let's go over some ground rules for your stay here at Chateau d' Miley. I see you've all found that there's a very big wardrobe in each of your closets ranging from loungewear, sportswear, formal wear, and lingerie. You can all wear whatever you want, but when I summon you to our "fun room", I expect you to be wearing nothing. Your collars will stay on for the first week or so until you learn to obey without question, but after that you will come into this room fully naked. Got it?"

The four girls nodded.

"Well, what are you all waiting for? Clothes off."

Selena looked at Taylor, and Demi and Anna hesitated for a second. Miley frowned and pressed the middle jewel on her necklace, which doubled as a button. Immediately, all four girls cried out in pain as their collars gave them a mild shock on their necks.

"When I give a command, I expect you to obey immediately. Let's try again. Clothes off, now."

This time, all of the girls instantly began taking off their clothes until they were all sitting on the sofa again fully nude. Taylor crossed her legs with Selena pressed against her shoulder, and Anna and Demi sat with their legs closed with their hands around their chests.

"Not like that," Miley said. "Hands at your sides, all of you."

They reluctantly uncovered their breasts and placed their hands at their sides.

"Another rule is that no one plays with themselves or comes unless I say they can, got it?"

They all nodded again, and Anna blushed.

"Anna how was your little orgasm in your room after dinner?"

Anna blushed even more. "It was good, Miley. I'm sorry."

"That's fine. You didn't know the rules yet. But anyone who comes without my okay will be punished from here on out. Now then, let's have some fun. We'll start with Taylor and Selena since they missed out this afternoon," Miley grinned. "Why don't you two make out a little to start off?"

Selena glanced at Taylor with a look of shock. They were very good friends, and Selena had thought about kissing her more than once, but not like this. She cried out in pain as her collar shocked her.

"Selena, why are you looking at her? I'm the only person you should be looking at for instructions." Miley walked over and pinched Selena's left nipple hard, leaving a red mark around the breast. "Now get on with it."

Taylor stroked Selena's face gently and leaned in. Their lips touched as they began kissing gently. At first they kept it tame, but Taylor licked Selena's top lip with her tongue, and Selena opened her mouth wide, accepting Taylor's warm, wet tongue into her mouth.

Their breaths grew heavy as their tongues battled, writhing against one another. Selena grabbed one of Taylor's breasts with her hand, groping it gently. Taylor in turn pinched Selena's right nipple, and she gasped in surprise.

"You know what, Selena?" Miley asked. "Since Taylor's such a good friend of yours, why don't you eat her pussy? I think she deserves some fun right?"

Selena continued kissing her as she pushed Taylor until she was lying on her back. Taylor spread her legs open, allowing Selena access to her shaven mound and pink pussy. Taylor giggled as Selena's hair brushed against her thighs, tickling her.

Selena bent down and brushed her hair out of the way before slowly kissing the inside of Taylor's left thigh. She made a series of light butterfly kisses up her thigh before reaching Taylor's pussy. It already glistened with wetness as Selena covered it with her mouth.

Taylor moaned with pleasure and played with her breasts as Selena began nuzzling and licking at her snatch.

Miley couldn't resist going over to Selena's beautiful ass raised up in the air as she ate out Taylor. Miley took her index finger and slowly rubbed up and the down the entire length of Selena's cunt lips.

Selena gasped into Taylor's pussy as Miley entered her pussy with two fingers, sending a tingle of pleasure up Taylor's body and causing her to convulse and moan with desire.

"Demi, why don't you go and grab me a dildo? I think Selena deserves a reward for the great job she's doing."

Demi crawled over to a box and came back, gripping an enormous foot long and flesh-colored dong in her hand.

Miley positioned it at the entrance to Selena's pussy and rubbed it around the lips. "Anna, why don't you come down here and make me feel good? Demi, give Taylor something to do."

Anna came over obediently and laid down on her back underneath Miley, who promptly sat on her face, rubbing her moist mound over Anna's nose and mouth. She began eating Miley, who cooed with excitement.

At the same time, Demi got up on the couch and straddled Taylor's face. Taylor began licking her wet cunt lips with soft, slow strokes of her tongue.

"Anna, play with yourself a bit. I don't want you to feel left out."

Anna kept licking at Miley's snatch but started shoving her fingers into her pussy and rubbing furiously, moaning into Miley's crotch.

Selena was really doing a great job going down on her friend, as Taylor began moaning loudly under Demi's crotch. Her hips were gyrating forcefully with each fondle from Selena's tongue, and she began to thrust her hips against Selena's face.

Miley was still playing with Selena's pussy, but she said loudly, "You better not come Taylor. That goes for all of you. I always come first, and no one comes yet unless I say they can."

Taylor could barely hear Miley with Demi's thighs wrapped around her face, but she stopped bucking against Selena's face, and her moans lessened a bit as she fought to control her building orgasm.

Anna meanwhile was fingering herself under Miley as she went to town on her pussy. Demi and Selena had also been getting close too, but they both slowed down as best as they could to stop themselves from coming.

Miley was feeling good from Anna's work down under, and she decided that Selena was wet enough for what she had in mind. She rubbed the dildo a bit more around Selena's pussy so that it collected some more juices before ramming it in as deep as she could. The rubber dong slammed into Selena's slit, burying itself almost eight inches inside her.

Selena screamed with pleasure as the dildo pushed deep into her crevice, and the sudden momentum carried her whole body forward. Her tongue slammed hard against Taylor's clit as her cold nose hit the top of Taylor's pussy. These sensations were too much for Taylor to handle, and she screamed into Demi's pussy as she came hard. Her hips bucked into Selena's face as she wrapped her legs around her head, her entire body shaking with pleasure.

"No!" Miley screamed with frustration. "I told you not to come! Clearly you need a lesson in obedience." She angrily shoved Anna's face away from her snatch and snapped at the camera in the ceiling.

A huge black man entered through the door. "Now none of your friends get to come today because of your selfish actions," Miley said. "All of you stand up except Taylor. Zack, I want you to fuck Taylor's little cunt as hard as you can."

"No!" Taylor cried out. "I'm sorry. Please Miley, I'm sorry."

The other three quickly got up and stood as Zack approached Taylor, whipping out his cock.

"Oh my God," Taylor exclaimed. Zack's cock stiffened to its full size and was even bigger than Mark and Tony's, probably about a foot long and the width of Taylor's forearm.

"Please, I'm sorry Miley." Taylor begged with tears in her eyes. "It won't happen again."

"I know it won't," Miley smirked.

Taylor whined and scrambled away on the couch as Zack approached, but he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back to him. He held both her wrists together behind her back, forcing her forward until Taylor was kneeling on the couch with her face down and ass raised. In one quick motion, he placed the tip of his dick at her entrance and buried himself to the hilt.

Taylor shrieked as his monstrous dick penetrated her cunt all the way. Luckily, there was plenty of lube from Selena's work and her earlier orgasm. Zack slammed into her pussy with speed and fury, impaling her each time like a jackhammer.

The entire sofa shook from his powerful thrusts, and Taylor screamed into the cushion with each thrust. Zack was like a machine, never slowing or relenting as he continued to fuck her pussy without restraint.

She'd never felt anything like it before, and soon Taylor felt another orgasm coming. She tried to say something, to tell him to slow down or stop, but she couldn't even form words. Taylor could only utter an incomprehensible scream every time his huge dick hammered home.

A minute later, her entire body convulsed again as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced overtook her. Taylor grunted and shuddered as she came, her toes curling as Zack continued to slam into her with abandon.

Miley groaned. "Are you fucking kidding me? You just came again? You're such a stupid slut. Clearly you're not learning your lesson."

Miley pressed a button on her necklace, and Taylor's collar rumbled as it delivered a shock. The pain from the shock, the dirty insult, and Zack's unrelenting thrusts slamming into her cunt triggered a second orgasm, and Taylor shook again with pleasure.

"Fuck! Really?" Miley exclaimed.

"I'm about ready," Zack called out to Miley. "Where do you want it?"

"Ugh," Miley was disgusted at Taylor's lack of control. "Cum on her stupid face."

Zack pounded Taylor's cunt a few more times before quickly pulling out. He grabbed her and flipped her limp body over onto her back. Zack stroked his dick with his hand quickly until he came. His balls contracted, and his cock pulsed as he sprayed warm cum all over Taylor's face. Thick spurts of his goo splattered onto her forehead, nose, and cheeks like a fire hose. He kept ejaculating for almost ten full seconds, coating her face with a layer of his cum. His last few shots fell short and splashed onto her pert little breasts. Miley nodded, and Zack left.

She went over and grabbed something before walking over to Taylor, who was still lying on the couch. Taylor stirred a bit and began wiping the cum out of her eyes, but Miley slapped her face. "I didn't say you could clean yourself off."

Taylor stopped, and Miley ordered, "Now open your legs."

Taylor obeyed and gasped as Miley shoved a six-inch dildo connected to a pair of panties into her cunt. Once the dildo was deep inside Taylor, Miley clasped the underwear, and it locked shut.

"Since you obviously haven't learned your lesson about not coming unless I tell you to, I'm going to punish you overnight. You are to keep Zack's cum on your face and chest until I tell you to. That means no shower tonight, got it?"

Taylor sat up and nodded her pretty cum-covered face.

Miley continued and grinned deviously, "The other part of your punishment is that you can come as much as you want tonight. Get it out of your system."

"What?" Demi asked indignantly. "How's that a punishment? How come she can come when we can't?"

Miley smiled at this. She knew that Demi would be the easiest and most submissive of her four sluts. "Because of this." Miley pressed a button on a remote in her hand, and the vibrator in Taylor's pussy came to life with a rumble.

Taylor cried out as it started vibrating deep in her snatch, shooting waves of pleasure through her body.

"Enjoy," Miley laughed. "That battery should be good for about eight full hours."

"What?" Taylor cried out in distress.

"Shut up. Now all of you get back to your rooms and get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Remember, no touching yourself or coming except for Taylor."

All four of them started crawling back to their rooms, though it took Taylor an extra minute to get there. Her arms and legs shook as she crawled, little tremors of pleasure pulsing through her body from the vibrator panties.

A few minutes later, Miley watched with Fata from the security center as Selena, Anna, and Demi all took a shower and crawled into their beds. Each of them tossed and turned for a while before falling asleep, trying not to touch their still moist and aching pussies.

Taylor crawled under her covers without the pleasure of a shower, but she had plenty of pleasure from her panties. Miley watched with satisfaction as Taylor moaned into her pillow, spasming around in her bed as the vibrator hummed inside of her.

She cried out each time she came, clutching at her crotch under the covers. Miley lost track of how many times Taylor orgasmed, and Taylor soon gave in to the desire. She grabbed at her breasts and pinched her nipples, urging her body on. Satisfied with the punishment, Miley left and went to bed.

Fata continued watching as Taylor's juices covered her sheets and even began to soak through the covers in some spots. She moaned and moaned, shrieking with ecstasy each time she went over the edge.

Finally, exhaustion took over and overrode the pleasure, and Taylor's body went limp. She whimpered in her restless sleep as the dildo continued pulsating inside her cunt. Fata opened up a magazine and drank some coffee while all four prisoners slept. Every now and again he would put it down and watch as Taylor woke up, cried out in orgasm, and fell back into a fitful slumber.

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