The Office Junior - Part 7

I had heard from Becky that she was going to make it into work today. She thought that she had got food poisoning from a cold piece of pizza that she had for morning tea after I left but was feeling a lot better.

I pulled into the car park and walked into reception. Sarah was sitting behind the desk and smiled at me when she looked up.

"Hello Micky. Good weekend?"

"Yeah pretty good thanks."

"I bet", she winked at me.

Sarah was looking great. I really don't know why I hadn't noticed before. She was dressed in a tight sweater that accentuated her small but shapely breasts and flat stomach. She had a short tight black skirt on with black tights and knee high boots. Her body was slim but very toned - her mountain biking was paying off in the 'looking good' stakes.

"How was the rest of your weekend Sarah?"

"Yeah not too bad. Just spent some time with friends and biking around the hills."

"Maybe I should get into this cycling lark. Looks like it is great for the body", I said returning her wink.

"Anytime Micky. Just let me know."

"I will", I walked through the door into the office.

After a long and interesting weekend I was happy to be getting back into work. I was genuinely interested to see how things would go with Becky.

I got to my desk and switched everything on. Carol was already in. She was fussing about someone taking her milk out of the work fridge. I tuned her out. I had a message from Malcolm letting me know that he wouldn't be coming in due to ill health. To be honest he sounded awful on the phone.

Becky breezed into the office about 10 minutes after I arrived. She was wearing a short mid-thigh skirt, comfortable flat shoes and a loose fitting white shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail and she showed no lingering effect of her tummy bug.

"Hi everyone", she happily sang.

Carol looked up and replied with her usual uninterested self.

"Hi Rebecca, did you have a good weekend?" I asked.

"Yes thanks Micky, it was one of the best weekends I have in a while."

She shot me a little grin and sat down at her desk.

I would love to say that the morning was filled with titillating details and stolen moments of passion but that would be a lie. We were busy. Really busy. I hardly even had time to look up and catch a cheeky look at Becky's cleavage. Likewise, Becky had a ton of admin going on and interaction was at a minimum.

I had lunch with Becky and Robert. It was just the normal chat of a Monday afternoon. The rumour around the office was that large woman that Simon went home with after the party had was the ex-wife of Brian Saggart (the company's Global Financial Manager). Nothing was said about the incident with Terry. I think we were hoping that it was a one off.

After lunch we got back to our jobs and the whirlwind began again.

Around 3 o'clock I got an instant message - not from Becky but from Sarah.

S - So did you fuck her?

I stared wide eyed at the massive assumption on my screen.

M - Not sure if that's your business

S - Of course it's my business. I want to know if you looked after her.

M - I got her back to hers in one piece.

S - And then did you fuck her?

If she was going to play that game then I was going to go on the attack.

M - Well no actually (Which wasn't really a lie). She was, however, telling me about being fingered by someone though. Any idea who that might have been??

S - Oh that was definitely me. There was no way I was passing up that opportunity. And besides I only did it cause she was kissing me and feeling me up.

M - Oh?

S - Yep. She's a great kisser.

M - How did that happen?

S - She was thanking me for calming her down after you guys turfed out that douche bag who was stalking her. I took her into the toilets later on to get her face sorted and she had another cry. I gave her a hug and she kissed me.

M - Bit of a shock?

S - Yeah. But nice.

M - So then what?

S - Look at you wanting all the details

M - Of course

S - Jealous?

M - More annoyed that I didn't get to see any of it.

S - Oooooo look at you Mr. Perv

M - So it didn't just stop at kissing then?

S - Nope. I took her into a cubicle and we had a little make out session

M - doing what?

S - Are you getting turned on by this Mister Micky?

M - Would it be wrong if I said yes?

S - Not at all. I was going to just kiss her a little more. She wanted a little more though.

M - Like?

S - Well she was kissing my neck (which felt amazing by the way) and her hands were feeling up my arse

M - Is that all?

S - She unzipped my dress a little which meant she could lick and suck my tits.which she did.a lot!

I looked up at Becky and she glanced up and smiled. I gave her a little wink which she returned with a little air kiss. This girl was unlike any girl I had been with before.

M - Did that feel nice?

S - VERY nice.

M - And then?

S - Micky! This is so not like you.

M - Well to be honest Sarah it doesn't seem to be much like you either. And yet here we are.

S - Are you getting hard?


S - Well are you??

M - Maybe

S - So imagine how hard you'd get if you knew that she also rubbed my pussy as well?

M - Over or under your panties?

S - Who said I was wearing panties?

M - Sowere you?

S - let's just say that her fingers were very wet when she finished.

M - Did you cum?

S - Mmmmmmm..I certainly did.

M - So what I saw was the end of the night for you two?

S - Well I was hoping it was going to be the beginning but apparently she was more interested in you.

M - Do you blame herlol

S - Not really. I can imagine you are a pretty good fuck.

M - Oh you do, do you.

S - Of course. I know about 3 or 4 girls in the office that would fuck you.

M - I didn't know

S - Ha ha.of course you didn't. You're a guy.completely oblivious to all that is happening around you.

M - Well don't I feel foolish.

S - Hold on a sec

I sat back in my chair and tried to put everything I was hearing into order. I seemed to be at the epicentre of a sexual revolution in my life. I have heard of purple patches but this was ridiculous. Hot 19 year old ready to fuck at any time. Hot receptionist seemingly willing to join in any fun. Hot next door neighbours willing to enjoy private sex shows with me. I had apparently died and gone to sex heaven - literally all my dreams were coming true - and this from a guy who hadn't had sex for almost a year prior to this weekend.

My instant messenger popped up again.

S - Sorry - had to send some messages through. Going to have to sign off for the day as the boss is needing some work done

M - That's OK - busy girl

S - What's your personal mobile number? Never know when I might need to chat.

I gave her my number and she signed off. Although I wasn't hard I was feeling very horny. I instant messaged Becky.

M - Fancy a quick drive?

B - Yes please - get me out of here!

I stood up and announced that I was going on a coffee run. We have a coffee shop just down from the office that is a favorite amongst the staff. Every now and then a Manager will shout those in earshot a coffee. I collected about 8 or 9 orders.

"Becky - can you help me with these?"

She looked up with the slightest trace of a grin, "Yep. Let me just finish this."

"OK. I'll meet you down in the car park."

I walked down to reception and saw Sarah.

"Just going on a coffee run. Want anything?"

"No I'm fine."

I hung around a bit, "How's the job load going?"

"Not too bad. Better to be busy than bored. How's your cock", she said with a cheeky grin.

"It's pretty good."

Just then the sound of footsteps came from the corridor and Becky burst through the reception door.

"Oh hi Sarah. We're just going on a coffee run, do you want anything?"

"No I'm OK sweetie."

"Okay - come on Micky I still have work to do."

I gave Sarah a wink and walked after Becky, appreciating the wonderful swing in her hips and her naked legs. We hopped into the car and I immediately took my phone out. I called the coffee shop and placed the order telling them that I would be there in about 15 minutes. I started the car and drove out of the car park.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard", I said to Becky.

Becky whipped her head around and with a smile said, "we're still getting coffee right?"

As I drove she lifted up her skirt so I could see her panties (which were black lace). She reached over and started to undo my trousers while I was driving. She appreciated that we were on the clock.

Our office is situated at the very end of an industrial area at the edge of town. Behind our back fence is an old farm and a disused park. I steered the car onto the old gravel road and turned into the old park. I drove into a small car park that was shielded from sight by heavy overhanging trees and bushes.

By the time I turned the car off Becky and already undone my belt, buckle and zipper. She had her hand down my boxers and was stroking me to full length. Her other hand was rubbing her pussy, getting her juices flowing.

I undid my seat belt and pulled my trousers and boxers down. Becky stopped rubbing and undid her seat belt as well. She lifted her bottom off the seat and pulled her panties off so that they fell into the foot well.

She pushed herself up off the seat and half climbed through to the back seat. She held herself up with her hands on the back seat of the car, her naked arse was pointing forward with her knees straddling the centre console. I put one knee on the driver’s seat and one on the passenger seat and lined my cock up with her pussy.

I moved the head up and down a few times to allow some lubrication and then when I was sure I would enter her easily I thrust forward.

She groaned as my cock entered her. I felt her pussy stretch to accommodate me. Her natural juices allowing me to slip inside her. But this wasn't about romance. This was about a quickie. As soon as I felt that she was wet enough I picked up the pace of my thrusts.

I could see my cock jackhammering into her cunt. The sound of my crotch slapping up against her arse filled the car. As I increased my pace she arched her back so that her arse stuck out even more. All I could hear was slapping and muffled shrieks of pleasure. I reached in between her legs and with my thumb rubbed her clit. She was sopping wet. I took her wetness on my thumb and rubbed it around her pretty pink arsehole. I coated her in her own juices and applied pressure against her arse with my thumb while my hand lay on the small of her back. I watched as her puckered arsehole slowly relaxed against my thumbs probing pressure. I continued to pound her soaked cunt as the tip of my thumb disappeared into her anus.

I managed to get half of my thumb inside her as I felt my balls tighten. She was screaming in pleasure as I relentlessly invaded both of her holes. She was writhing in between the front seats.

"I'm going to cum Mickyfuck my arse..fuck me in my fucken arse."

I wasted no time. I pulled out of her pussy and lined my cock head up against her anus. She reached between her legs and frantically rubbed her clit. My cock was already slick with her juice so I presumed that it would be slippery enough. She pushed back and the head of my cock was accepted into her hole.

"Fuck it hard Mickyfuck my tight arse", she pleaded with me.

I pushed forward and allowed her muscles to get used to my girth. She moaned as more and more of me passed into her tight hole. I started to slip in and out of her as her muscles relaxed around my pole. As I started to move more easily into her I picked up the pace. The extra tightness did nothing to help with my impending ejaculation.

I was now thrusting in to Becky with a similar force that I was using when I was in her pussy. Her clit rubbing was feverish. She was bucking and screaming as her orgasm started to take hold. The car was rocking with the shear force at which I was fucking her.

"Here it comes it comesOhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhh keep fucking my arse"

She let out a scream and pushed back hard into me. I felt myself come to the boil. With her anus spasming around me I came in large torrents of semen that coated the inside of her. I threw my head back and let out a series of grunts as I emptied myself into her.

I collapsed over her back, panting in time with her own heaving breath's.

"Are you OK?" I asked her.

"I'm finejust a bit sore."

"I'm sorry I.."

"No not there! I'm at a really funny angle so I've stiffened up."

I pulled out and watched as a trickle of cum leaked from her gaping arsehole. I opened up the glove box to get some wipes out that I had put in there. I cleaned my cock and put my trousers and boxers back on. Becky managed to sit back down and clean herself, wiping her butt and putting her panties back on. I looked at the cars clock and saw that we had only been fucking for about 9 or 10 minutes. Becky hopped out and disappeared into the bushes with some wipes. I went around the back of the car and took a rug from out of the boot. She came back a couple of minutes later looking sexy as hell, flushed and disheveled. She walked up to me and gave me a huge deep kiss.

"Thanks Micky. I needed that."

"No problem. Should we go and get this coffee?"

We jumped back into the car and headed to the coffee shop. Becky had lifted her dress at the back and was sitting on a blanket I found in the back of the car. She was leaking cum.

"It's still coming out Micky", she laughed as we pulled into the coffee shop's car park.

"I'll get the coffee's, you just sit andum.relax?"

I walked into the shop and told the guy that I was picking up our order. He gave me some carriers and bags but I still had to struggle out of the door. I arrived back into the car and was grateful that Becky managed to help take some of the drinks off my hands.

"I think it's all out now", she giggled

"Well that's good news. That was really sexy fucking you like that."

"It felt great. We need to make sure we get quickies as often as possible. But what brought that episode on?" she enquired.

I decided to come clean about my little chat session with Sarah, "I had an interesting instant message chat with Sarah just before we left."


"I didn't know all that happened before I took you home on Friday."

"Are you mad?" she said quietly.

"Of course not. It just sounded hot that's all."

"So that's why you came over all horny!", she said loudly

I laughed as we pulled into the car park. I turned the car off and headed into reception.

Sarah was waiting with a grin on her face.

"Well that took a while..whatever could you have been up to", was her sarcastic remark.

"Just getting coffee Sarah", I replied.

"Sure sure. That's why Becky's hair is out of place and she's as flushed as hell."

Becky leaned over Sarah's desk, "Maybe the car journey was just really hot."

"Maybe you should message me when you get back to your desk", Sarah said softly.

We walked through the reception doors into the main office. Becky handed me the coffee's and went into the woman's toilets to do a final clean up. I walked down the hall and was greeted with 'hooray's' and 'well done's' as people got their coffee fixes.

I sat down with my Americano and sipped the rich, warm liquid.

Becky arrived about 5 minutes later. She looked as fresh as she did in the morning. She flashed me a naughty grin.

Best Monday.EVER!


The rest of the week never really reached the heights of Monday. On Tuesday Becky gave me a blow job on the way home. Sitting in a traffic jam getting sucked off by a beautiful 19 year old might actually be the best journey home I have ever experienced.

On Wednesday we were in panic stations due to a massive stop work order on our largest project, causing an 8 day delay and a whole mountain of logistic concerns. Becky left work at just after 8, I was there with Malcolm and Robert until almost 11pm.

Thursday was spent going over the fallout of the Wednesday from hell. Everything was finally sorted but only after numerous meetings, conference calls and terse emails. I finally got to talk properly to Becky in the afternoon as we sat in the cafeteria.

"So this weekend?"

Becky looked up, "Emma?"

"Yeah. She's arriving tomorrow evening BUT she's going to stay with her friend for one night before coming around on Saturday. Sooooo..I was wondering if you want to give staying at mine another go."

"I'd love that. Unfortunately I'm heading out with some of the girls from work."

"Well that's just annoying," I said with some comical frustration.

"But we're only heading to Minx (a local 80's themed dance club - awful, just awful) so I can come round afterwards if you like?"

"I would very much like. Who's going from work?"

"Sarah, Tracy, the girls from pipelines and tendering..Carol wasn't interested," she said with feigned shock.

"Watch out for that Sarah, I think she has designs on you."

"Well I haven't exactly pushed her away," she said with a little flirt in her voice.

"I know." I said giving her a wink.

"Oh yeah.." She looked genuinely embarrassed.

"Relax," I said calming her down. "I don't have any problem with it."

"You don't mind that I go with girls?"

"Not at all. It's not as though you have shied away from that side of things. Maybe one day it's something we can do together?"

"I'd love that. I've never had a proper threesome before."

I laughed. I was a 41 year old guy who had never experienced half the things that Becky had already done. When I was 19 I was still pretty stoked if I managed to get to 3rd base!

"Well, keep your eyes open."

"Will do," she said with a soldiers salute.

"So I guess I'll just try and figure out something to do by myself on Friday then. Poor me."

"I'm pretty sure you'll be able to think of something."

"Well just in case our paths don't cross on Friday, here's a key to my apartment. Let yourself in if I'm not home."

" we're giving each other keys are we?"

I blushed a little, "No no - just for tomorrow night. It's got the address on the key ring. It's pretty easy to find."

"Well make sure that when I arrive you're ready for some fun."

"I'll be ready, willing and able."

We went back to our desks and got on with some work.

I instant messaged Robert to see if he fancied some beers on Friday. He responded almost immediately saying that he was waiting for an excuse to go out. We decided it would just be me and him for a proper catch up. We'd head out to the sport club for dinner and drinks. I don't think I have ever had a bad night out with Robert. He is fantastic company.

Friday arrived and the day soon went. Becky was making work very difficult wearing a pair of skin tight leggings with a long shirt. She looked like sex. If sex could be dressed up and made to work in an office she was pretty much what sex would look like. She sent me numerous instant messages throughout the day to remind me that when our separate nights finished she was going to do all sorts of nasty things to me.

I had a semi for most of the day.

It came time to finish up for the week. The usual ritual of closing down laptops and signing off last minute emails came and went. The office emptied out. Carol wished us all a good weekend and excitedly went off to her 2 night 'Youth for Christ' camping trip. Malcolm was heading to his local teams footy match on Saturday and then cleaning out his garage. Slow down Malcolm.your life is just TOO exciting!

"So just us left," cooed Becky


"I want you to have a good night tonight. We have the morning to ourselves remember."

I smiled, "You're very good to me."

She walked up to me and leaned in so her lips were almost touching my ear, "You have no idea."

She glanced around the office and seeing that very few people remained she placed her hand on my crotch and began to rub, "There'll be so much more than this tonight.and tomorrow morning. I'm going to ride the fuck out of you."

And with that she turned around and walked down the hallway and spoke, "Bye Robert, have a great weekend. Be gentle with him.he's old"

A few seconds later Robert popped his head around the cubicle, "Alright Micky. Come on!"

"Just closing everything down."

He looked back down the hallway after Becky, "Seriously Micky, I have no idea how you get any work done. If she was in my team I would be sitting there the whole day with my tongue hanging out. She is ridiculously hot."

"'s not easy. She's a great worker though."

"She's great everything..oh my god those legs."

"Do I need to report you to HR?"

"No chance. I'm way to old to try and keep up with a teenager."

I laughed and put my laptop in my bag. We walked down through the deserted office and out into the cool of the car park. Robert was getting a lift to my place and we were going to walk from there to the pub.

The night was exactly what I needed. We started off at the sports club. We got some food and talked about the usual work stuff. As the beers started to flow we ramped the conversation up about certain people at work. Robert had a funny story for almost every single person. I spent most of my time struggling to breathe due to the fits of laughter that Robert had me in.

From the sports club we went to a couple of the well known pubs. These were drinking establishments, not nightclubs. We decided to sample as many whiskey's as our stomachs would let us. We hooked up with a couple of women around the early 30's. They were a good laugh and attractive to boot. Larissa took a shine to Robert. She was very curvy but not overweight. She had long dark hair and a very pretty face. I think she was a teacher. Selina was mixed race. Her dad was Portuguese and her mother was from Nigeria. She was very intelligent and very tall. She looked amazing in a tight yellow dress and we must have talked about our travel stories for a good 2 hours.

We moved on to another bar. The girls were happy to move with us. I got a text from Becky as we were walking down the road.

B - Hey rockstar. Very drunk. Going to head to yours soon. Sarah has got me horny as hell. Take your time. xx

M - Pretty drunk to. Hanging out with Larissa and Selina???? I think Robert loves Larissa.

After a short while I got a reply.

B - Is Selina hot - photo!

I rattled off an excuse to get Larissa and Selina to pose with Robert. Shortly after I texted Becky the result.

B - Selina in the yellow.nice legs xx

M - Rubbish compared to yours x

B - See you at yours xx

We made our way into a club where Robert and I were by far the oldest. I went to the bar with Selina to get some drinks while Robert went straight onto the dance floor with Larissa. Now I need to say that Robert is a pretty good dancer. He's got some moves and makes them look good. Larissa however was on another planet. Her body seemed to be made from liquid. Her hips and waist were so supple and her sense of rythym was second to none. I believe at one stage there was a circle around her and Robert with people clapping to their dance moves.

I had no desire toward Selina and she had no attraction toward me but we did have a great time chatting to each other. We even swapped phone numbers so that we might meet up again. I looked around and saw Robert and Larissa passionately kissing each other up against the wall of the club. Selina yelled in my ear that she was going to go home (with or without Larissa). She went up to the kissing couple and said something into Larissa's ear. Larissa said something back and then said something into Robert's ear. He smiled and nodded his head.

Robert looked at me and smiled. I already knew what was happening and shook his hand and gave him a man hug. I gave Larissa a kiss on the cheek and Selina a kiss and a hug. I genuinely hoped that I would see her again.

They left the club and I took the chance to have a 'before the walk home pee'. When I left the club the cold air immediately smacked me into reality. I was drunk. Oh man I was drunk. The street lurched and swayed like I was on a ship in a heavy swell. I concentrated on keeping myself on a reasonable straight line. I knew where I was heading but the alcohol was putting all manner of obstacles in my way. A tree root here, a cobblestone there, a parked car, a building, a wall.a very large wall.

I turned into my street and saw my apartment building. It was slowly turning against the sky. I took a mental note to myself that I needed to get a new key cut after the one I tried to use in the lock had expanded and was impossible to get into the hole. I think I may have laughed for about 10 minutes solid after coming to that conclusion.

I quietly made my way up to my door and let myself in. It was dark. I checked my watch..03:28 in the morning. I was a rockstar.

I walked to the kitchen and got myself a drink of water. It felt good to drink something that wasn't alcoholic. I took off my shoes and socks, shirt and trousers and sat down on the sofa completely naked.

Then I remembered.Becky!

I padded my way along to my room and quietly opened the door. There were no lights on in the room but I could see her lying in bed, her outline visible from the soft light that the hallway threw upon her. The room smelt of alcohol and her clothes were piled up in the corner of the room. I turned around and went into the bathroom. I pee'd again and then brushed my teeth. My alcohol buzz was wearing off and I was starting to get tired. I quietly climbed into my bed and pressed up against her smooth warm skin. I fell asleep. Alcohol won.

I must have only fallen asleep for an hour at the most. I woke up in a daze. My mind not quite realizing where I was in the dark room. I could hear her soft slow breaths. The smell of perfume and alcohol emanated from her. My head was just starting to ache - the stirrings of an impending hangover. I rolled over towards her and felt her warmth. Without really making a conscious decision I moved her top leg over a bit and rubbed my semi erect penis against her arse. She stirred a little. I soon became hard and started to rub my cock head up against her slightly exposed pussy. Still in a daze but enjoying the sensation I quickened my pace. She rolled a little more on to her front with one leg straight and the other with the knee pointing up towards her chest. I moved above her, ignoring the swirling in my head, careful not to put to much weight down on top of her.

My pre-cum had moistened her pussy surface so that my cock was smoothly rubbing along her slit. In my drunken haze I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I felt my cock push past her cunt lips and enter her. The familiar feel of her tight muscles gripped against my cock. I pushed myself in deeper so almost half of my rod was inside her. I heard her moan quietly. I felt my cock swell. I thrust once more and just before I came I pulled out and shot my load on to her pussy and arse.

I collapsed next to her and kissed her shoulders. Then, in typical 'I'm a guy and I'm drunk' style rolled over and drifted off to sleep. Not quite the end of the night I was wanting but nice all the same.


I woke up at 1219. Lunchtime. WTF! I had slept the whole morning away - I had missed my morning fun with Becky and my head was thumping. I looked for my phone but realized that it was probably in my trousers, which were probably in the lounge, which might as well be a million miles away. I climbed out of bed and stumbled down the hall. I was hoping that Becky was waiting for me with bacon and eggs but the place was quiet.

I found my trousers and took my phone out of my pocket. Bending down set off a bomb in my head. I opened the phone and saw that there were two recent messages on it.

I opened up the first one which had come through at 0923 that morning. It was from Becky.

B - Hey Micky. So sorry about last night. Had to be carried home. Hope you weren't too lonel. Can I come around tonight? x

The second was from my daughter Emma.

E - We need to talk. Call me.

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