Cassandra was running down the hall looking for a way out. She had lost her gun and she barely escaped from the grip of a huge, ugly monster. The rest of the team was not responding through the intercom.

I need to find a way back to the ship. This mission is a total failure.

There was a lot of activity in the complex but not the way it was supposed to be. Cassandra could hear growls, screams and moans in the distance. She turned a corner to find Zindra, one of her teammates, being subdued by a strange creature. The organism was little more than a large ball of meat with insect-like legs and four long, thick tentacles protruding from one end, which Cassandra assumed was the head. She recognized the species from the xenomorph catalog and it was very far away from its home planet.

Cassandra wondered how this monster arrived to the station but there was something else in her mind even more troubling; Zindra was moaning. It didn't make any sense.

That creature is fucking Zindra! But why is she moaning? This xenomorph is not sentient. She won't be able to trick him.

Cassandra got closer to help her teammate but the creature extended one tentacle trying to grab her too. The soldier kept her distance while talking to Zindra.

“Zindra, where is your gun? I can shoot it and set you free. Can you hear me?”

Zindra didn't answer. One large tentacle was lodged in her pussy so deeply that her belly bulged, showing how it churned within.

Cassandra stood there immobile trying to figure out what was happening. Zindra's face expressed bliss and it looked very real, as if the woman was actually getting pleasure from this savage ravishing.

The creature manipulated Zindra's body like a rag doll. It pumped her furiously. Cassandra was right in the sense that this creature was not intelligent. All it cared about was to impregnated this female at once.

She is completely unaware of my presence.

Another tentacle moved behind Zindra's body and lurked near her ass before recoiling like a snake, ready to strike. Cassandra saw this, realizing that her teammate's ordeal was just beginning and she might have to leave her behind.

“Oh no, that other tentacle is going to penetrate her too.”

The creature forcefully shoved the tentacle into Zindra's ass and the woman screamed loudly. This contributed to Cassandra's confusion. Why was Zindra putting up a show for this mindless monster?

“She is moaning louder. Something is seriously wrong with her.”

Cassandra watched the freakish scene, not sure of what to do. Zindra's gun wasn't anywhere around them and she couldn't see any other way to help her teammate. She tried grabbing one of the monster's tentacles, testing its strength, and she could barely move it.

What should I do? This monster is too strong to try pulling her off.

The creature fucked Zindra increasingly faster while another creature growled not far from the chamber. It appeared to be getting closer. The situation was changing from bad to worse.

Suddenly, a gurgling sound within Zindra's belly preceded a gush a white cum ejected from the female's pussy. Zindra's eyes rolled back until only white was visible. Then her legs shuddered in the most bizarre way.

Holly crap! The monster is cuming inside of her! Cassandra thought, then, looking at Zindra's exertions, she said out loud, “Is she faking an orgasm?!”

The sperm dribbled down the woman's inner thighs all the way to the floor, forming a small pool between her legs. Wow! I guess it is a good thing that she can't get pregnant. Cassandra thought.

Zindra felt the hot sperm filling her body to the limit and rising up her esophagus into her mouth. The overwhelmed female instinctively tried to contain it inside, pressing her lips together, but it was impossible. The sperm erupted from her open mouth like a fountain. Cassandra looked at her teammate with astonishment.

“God! That's a lot of cum!” Cassandra exclaimed with true amazement. She had never seen a creature pump so much semen inside a woman. Not because they couldn't but because it was a waste of reproduction resources. Zindra was not the only one behaving strangely, the creature was doing it too.

Cassandra heard heavy footsteps behind her and turned around. The other monster had arrived. He roared loudly when he looked at her. Cassandra needed to get out of there immediately. Unfortunately, there would be no time to save Zindra.

Shit! This creature is the same one that attacked me earlier. It need to get out of here right now.

The protocol was very clear. If a mission fails, the first priority is to inform headquarters of the situation. Cassandra was pretty sure that there was nobody else in the team that could do that. It was up to her to make a report. She needed to leave Zindra behind if she wanted to escape this complex.

“I am sorry Zindra. I will come back for you. I promise.”


Cassandra was in the middle of nowhere and she couldn't escape the monster's clasp. Not that she wanted to. There was something different about this sexual experience. She wasn't faking it.

The monster's tentacles were thick and long. They were so strong. She loved how they churned in her tight cavities but not because it was her job. There was no game-plan this time. Her heart was beating in sync with the appendages' motions. It felt so good. But how could she have these sensations? It was impossible.

The tentacles shuddered violently and then warmth filled her loins. The creature was cuming. The sperm was everywhere inside of her! It kept pouring in until it gushed out of her like a geyser. Just at that moment, her brain stopped working. Her eyes rolled back and then there was nothing. She had become pure bliss

… but bliss was something that she couldn't understand!

Cassandra woke up from the nightmare and sat upright on the bed. Her brain started racing, trying to figure out what just happened. She could feel the cold air in her moistened pussy. There was something wrong with her. She thought about Zindra.

What the hell was that?! I need to inform the Commander about this too.

It had been two days since she arrived to headquarters. Cassandra had been confined to her room, pending a debriefing scheduled for today with Commander Vansin. She had no good explanation for her failed mission. Cassandra's future was not looking good.


A while later, Cassandra was meeting with her superior, Commander Dominika Vansin. The officer looked young but she wasn't. The debriefing room felt cold and dehumanized, a perfect reflection of the commander's personality.

“How could you screw this up?!” the Commander yelled, “this was a simple search and rescue mission. Now I've lost six expensive resources.”

“I am sorry Commander. I don't know how this happened. I lost communication with the rest of the team a few hours after they entered the complex,” Cassandra said. There was an odd sensation in her gut and she couldn't understand what it was.

“What do you mean they? Where were you?” asked Vansin.

“I was in charge of searching the outside perimeter. I encounter a few native xenomorphs and eliminated them without problems. Then I went inside the complex and that's when trouble started”

Cassandra explained to the smallest detail everything that she saw in the colonial complex, including Zindra's strange behavior. But there was still nothing that justified the utter failure of the mission. The expression in the commander's face said it all. Cassandra was screwed.

“Commander, there is something else. I I think I had a dream last night.”

“Don't be stupid! You can't have dreams. You are a machine! There must be a malfunction in you system. I'll send you to check up and then you will be assigned to companion duties.”

“You are right Commander. It couldn't be a dream. It must have been a lingering memory. I am 100% functional. I can still go out on missions.” Cassandra said, trying to keep her current job.

“Negative. Report to technical support and then go to “Relief Services”. They'll give your next assignment.”

Cassandra was perfectly aware what “companion” meant. She was going to be used as a sexual object by whomever needed her. This was not an unpleasant activity but it was boring. It was much better to travel through space in rescue missions. In any case, it was not her choice. She must do as commanded.


Cassandra was waiting for her first client, Jaruth, a vasirian worker from the mines in sector 85. He had asked specifically for her. The man was a fan of gynoids and Cassandra's model was the pinnacle of this type of machines.

“Wow! I can believe what I am seeing,” Jaruth said as he entered the room, “A gynoid model S-663 in the flesh. Is it true that you are exactly like a human female, both outside and inside? Answer me, gynoid.”

“Hello, Jaruth. Please don't call me that. My name is Cassandra. And yes, my internal organs are exactly like a real human. Nobody could tell the difference, even using an internal scanner.”

“Awesome! Then you must have fought in the “Outcasts wars”. Did you? Were you an infiltrator? I am going to fuck a real infiltrator?” said Jaruth, looking intently at her curvaceous body.

“Yes, I was part of the infiltration squad. Thanks to us, the federation won the war with minimum casualties.”

“And now you are a companion. That works great for me”, he said, “Bend over. I want to try the realism of your pussy.”

Cassandra remembered her days as an infiltrator in the outcasts' worlds. She had hooked up with one of the warlords, who never suspected that she was not a real woman, much less that she was a spy.
At the designated day, Cassandra and all the other gynoids of her squad sabotaged the outcasts' entire defense system, allowing the federation soldiers to take over world after world with almost no effort. Back then, gynoids were considered heroines.

She bent over as requested and prepare to make all the motions that she was programmed to do. Her pussy was already releasing lubricating fluid and her nipples swelled simulating excitement.

“So you must be like fifty years old, right? Do you get old? Does your body wear out?” Jaruth asked while he aimed his cock at the right spot.

“I gained consciousness 35 years ago. And no, my body is always in perfect shape. You will see that my pussy is tight and warm as it should be.”

“Hahaha. You are a sexy little minx. You know exactly what to say to a real male like me.”

The creator of the S-663 gynoid model was long gone but it was well known that he had been obsessed with perfection. All the internal organs were in place and all of them worked, as if they were real.

The main difference with a real human was that the gynoids were capable of self repairing at will. But there was another difference and this was much more important to Cassandra. As perfect as she was, her artificial brain was not capable of having “feelings”. She could fake pleasure but she didn't know what it meant. This was her greatest regret and I was because of this that she wished she could be a real human female.

The worker's fat cock went completely inside of Cassandra's pussy with a hefty stroke. At that exact moment Cassandra was ready to yelp, pretending that she was enjoying it greatly. But she didn't. She couldn't process the necessary routines to make the correct sound. In fact, she couldn't process anything at all. She was in shock!

“Why so quiet? Don't you like my cock?!” Jaruth complained. The worker felt offended. No real woman could take his big cock without making any sound. Maybe these gynoids were not as perfect as they said.

After a few seconds, Cassandra's brain snapped out of the initial disarray and started working in overdrive. It took her just an instant to analyze every possible explanation of what was happening and she came to a single conclusion. Her brain was receiving unknown signals from her pussy. And these signals were stronger that anything she had experience before.

“Are you broken or something?” Jaruth insisted.

What is happening?! Cassandra wondered. Was it possible? Was she having real “feelings”? Cassandra also realized that her heart was beating faster than normal and she hadn't command it to do so.

Within her confusion, Cassandra remembered that she should be moaning. Even though she was still very stunned, she didn't want Jaruth to be disappointed and remove his cock.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed, “Keep going. Your cock is so big that it made me lose consciousness for a second.”

“I knew it! No woman can resist my cock!”

She needed more time to analyze the strange signals emitting from her sensory terminals in her vaginal cavity. At least this was the logical reason that she gave herself. There was another, more compelling reason it felt good.


After a while, they changed positions. Jaruth momentarily retrieved his cock from Cassandra's pussy and the woman had another new sensations. She felt anxious. Maybe that pleasant feeling in her loins was just a temporary glitch in her programming and it would never happen again.

The worker barely had time to sat on the futon before Cassandra hastily plugged his cock back into her pussy. The feeling was still there! She moaned loudly and for the first time in her existence, she didn't have to fake it.

“Wow! You really like my cock, don't you? You are so horny.”

With Cassandra on top, Jaruth's huge cock reached almost up to her chest. She bounced up and down eagerly as the sensations intensified. It was fascinating how this new blissful signals were interrupting the normal processing of her brain. The logical curse of action would be to stop doing this and regain optimal operation

But she didn't want to stop. She couldn't. These sensations were addictive. This was another word that she was beginning to understand; “addiction”

Cassandra's vaginal and anal cavities were equipped with thousands of “nerve” terminals that helped her determined when to moan or what things to say during her pleasure simulations. But now every single one of these terminals was acting as an independent entity, sending non-stop signals of bliss to the central processor; her brain. In a way, this was the equivalent of having sex for the first time.

“You are a magnificent lover, Jaruth. I am so lucky that you selected me.” Cassandra said, remembering to follow the protocol.

“I don't care that you are a gynoid. From this moment on, you are my favorite. I will come back every chance I get.” Jaruth couldn't be happier of choosing Cassandra as companion. She was no only beautiful but her pussy felt so real. It was warm and well lubricated. It constricted his cock just right, almost as if she was trying to suck him deeper inside. “You have the best pussy I have ever fucked.”

They change positions again. Now Cassandra laid on the futon and Jaruth stood at the edge, holding her legs up and pounding hard at her. From time to time, during the savage ravishing, Cassandra lost the ability to think; to process information. This was a dangerous situation. What if she had to act quickly for some reason? Her self preservation codes were intact and they indicated that she should stop. But she did nothing of the sort. On the contrary, she asked for more, “Fuck me harder, please! You are making me feel so good.”

Cassandra was beginning to understand that real sex had nothing to do with logic. It was all instinct and she loved it. She turned around and laid flat on the futon facing down with her legs close together. Jartuh climbed on top and shoved his cock back into her pussy. She tightened her vaginal muscles and moaned at the same time that Jaruth did.

The excited woman concluded that there was no point trying to analyze the situation. It was better just to enjoy it.

With his cock being squeezed so delightfully, the worker didn't last much longer and reached his first climax.

Cassandra had always been able to distinguish hot and cold fluids when poured inside of her, but this time it had meaning. She could actually imagine the pleasure that Jaruth was experiencing as he sprayed his semen inside of her. “Yes! Fill me with your seed!”

The orgasm did nothing to diminish Jaruth's libido. He changed position, laying on his side and pulling her closer, then plugged his still erect cock back into Cassandra's body. “Do you like my cum in your pussy? I have plenty more for you.”

“Yes, I like it. Please give me more,” Cassandra said, grabbing her breast and realizing that her pussy was not the only source of pleasure. Touching her breasts felt good as well. This made her wonder what other changes were taking place in her body.

Jaruth was stronger that he looked and he demonstrated it with enthusiasm. He was pounding at the woman's pussy with all his might, eager to cum inside of her again. Cassandra was going to suggest that he should pace himself but she was as excited as he was and said nothing.

After a short while, he reached a second climax, flooding her already saturated pussy.


The couple changed positions several times during the following hours. Jaruth had cum five times already and he was exhausted, yet he didn't want the session to end. Cassandra was now on top of him doing all the work and wishing to feel his hot sperm inside of her at least once more.

“This feels incredible!” Cassandra exclaimed.

“Do you ever get tired?!” Jaruth asked, panting from all the exercise.

A moment later, Cassandra felt the worker's cock pulsating. Jaruth grabbed her hips tightly and discharged his last reserves of sperm into the woman's warm cavity. His balls hurt but the fact that he was fucking a gynoid model S-663 made it all worth it.

“Yes! More cum!” Cassandra screamed as she felt his throbbing cock ejaculate for the last time.

Cassandra used her vaginal muscles to squeeze the last drops of cum out of him before letting go. She wished she could fuck for a few more hours but unfortunately this session was over. Jaruth was completely spent.

The woman dismounted him and caressed his cock with true devotion. She licked the remnants of sperm while looking at Jaruth's face, hoping for a hint of recovery. She was not that lucky

I think he is already sleep. Damned. Cassandra thought. The entire experience had been so incredible. She had real sex!


Being a gynoid, Cassandra was not allowed to have property but she did have a rented apartment. She sat in the small living-room with a lot to think about. Whatever was happening to her body was not a temporary glitch. She could still feel it. The changes were permanent. Cassandra thought about Zindra. She remembered her teammate's moans while she was ravished by the creature. Now she was able to understand. Zindra was not faking pleasure, she was feeling it!

Poor Zindra! The recovery mission has been scheduled for next month. I wonder if they will find her and the others still in one piece.

But what was triggering this transformation? Zindra's body had changed as well but it did a lot faster than Cassandra's. Why? The questions started to pile up.

Her thoughts drifted to a more immediate concern. Orgasms. She had already experienced pleasure but she had not reached a peak the same way living individuals do. The same way Jaruth did six times earlier that day!

I wonder how it feels. Is it better than the fantastic pleasure I felt today? It must. It wouldn't make sense otherwise. Orgasms are the key to reproduction.

Cassandra decided to give it a try by her own means. She leaned to the side on her antique coach and started rubbing her pussy.

She had to admit that this didn't feel as good as Jaruth's cock hammering her body but this way there was not a time limit. She could do it for as long as she needed until reaching this enigmatic orgasm. Her fingers moved fast over her clitoris and soon she began moaning again. It was a great advantage that Cassandra never got tired, although she often faked fatigue to feel more human. But not today.

After a while, the day turned into night. Cassandra was feeling something build up inside of her. Was this it? Was she going to reach an orgasm? She rubbed faster

Her brain functions were already diminished by the pleasurable sensations received from the nerve terminals in her pussy but then, something else happened. Cassandra's mind stopped working all together for a brief instant and a bright light sparked behind her eyes. She felt her pussy twitching involuntarily, once, twice. The sensation lasted only a few seconds but it was the best feeling ever! Cassandra had reached an orgasm for the first time.

Afterward, Cassandra laid astounded on the couch. Her brain functions quickly returned and she analyzed the event. It had been incredible! She had to try it again. Cassandra was becoming addicted.


The rest of the night and the following day Cassandra stayed in her apartment. She did nothing but masturbate without pause, leaving drops of lubricating fluid everywhere, and was able to reach a couple more orgasms. They were not too strong nor lasted very much but they felt great nonetheless.

“This feeling is the best!”

It was in Cassandra's nature to examine everything and this was not the exception. She knew that some humans had very strong orgasms. If a small one, like the ones she just had, felt so good, then a big one must feel way better.

I need a cock inside of me. More than one if possible. I know what I have to do.

Cassandra decided that she had a new mission. She was going to reach the strongest orgasm possible, no matter how difficult it was or what she had to do. It was not common for a gynoid to assign missions to herself. In fact, it was impossible. But so many things were changing within her body and that included her brain.

The curvaceous female put on skimpy clothes and walked to a club a couple of blocks away. In this neighborhood everything was allowed except killing each other. Clothing was optional and so was sex, anytime, anywhere, as long as it was consensual. Slavery was also common but it operated outside the law.

“This is it. Here I'll find what I am looking for.” Cassandra said, standing at the entrance of a bar named 'The Hole'. At that moment, she realized that she had a new feeling in her gut; fear. She hesitated as her safety protocols kicked in. Maybe this was not such a good idea.

But her excitement was bigger than her fear and she stepped in. Her pussy was dripping wet.

The music was loud and there were plenty of customers inside. Different species mingling with each other, some talking, some mating. This place was perfect. After a quick scan, Cassandra spotted a table that had exactly what she wanted.

That's my table.

She walked with determination. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Not that she expected any resistance. Human females, or gynoids in her case, were a delicacy regarding sex. Soft skins and warm bodies to fuck were coveted by many species.

Cassandra approached a table where three theronians were arguing in their native language. They were humanoids with very muscular, dark bodies, and huge dangling cocks the size of a horse's. All of them turned their heads at the same time to look at her.

“Hello guys. Do you want to have some fun?” Cassandra said.

They found it very odd that this woman was talking to them. Because of the theronians' vicious nature, females never approach them willingly to make small talk.

A human female! What does she want? She wants to fuck?! One theronian thought, trying to figure out if this was a setup from one of their many enemies.

Without waiting for an answer, Cassandra removed her leather top and her panties. Then she knelt, grabbing the dangling cocks of two surprised creatures.

“What's up with this human? Is she crazy?” One of them asked.

“I don't know and don't care. She wants to fuck!” The other responded.

The theronians were astounded by the strange behavior of this human but they were not going to turn down an opportunity to fuck a soft, warm female.

Cassandra engulfed the tip of one cock and was barely able to fit it in her mouth. It was huge! She wondered if she was up to the task. Cassandra had had sex thousands of times but mostly with humans and occasionally with smaller humanoids but she had never mated with theronians before. God! It's too big!

“Not just the tip. Swallow all of it!” The theronian said, grabbing the back of her head and pulling violently. The huge appendage passed forcefully through Cassandra's throat and sank deep into her gullet. “Like that! Now I can feel your warmth.”

“This human is hot!” said one of them as he watched this mate's cock disappear inside of Cassandra's body.

“Yeah! She is a good cock sucker!” said the other one watching.

For an instant, that new feeling of fear started to take over again. She heart jolted. But at the same time, a sense of helplessness made her feel more human, and more aroused.

Cassandra could feel the girth of the phallus stretching her throat to the limit and reaching deep inside of her. She wondered if the threronians realized that a normal human female couldn't do this without chocking. Apparently they didn't care. To them she was just a subject of flesh and blood willing to fuck. Strangely enough, this thought made her pussy twitch.

The beast fucked her mouth for a few minutes while the other two started to get impatient, “Don't take her all for yourself. We want to fuck her too.”

“She is so tiny. How can she swallow all that?”

“She is squeezing my cock with her throat. This one is an expert.”

Cassandra was getting a pleasant sensation coming from her pussy while nothing was touching her crotch. She didn't understand how this was possible. Then she remembered her previous conclusion; don't analyze, just enjoy.

The other theronian got tired of waiting and lifted Cassandra's hips from the ground until she was leveled with his crotch. His huge phallus rested on her ass and lower back, as if he was measuring how deep he was going to penetrate her.

“Yes, my cock will fit just fine,” he said, pulling back and aiming at her pussy.

“Don't damage her. The night is just beginning.” his friend said.

A moment later, Cassandra had two enormous cocks impaling her slim body from both ends. She could actually picture them bumping on each other at the middle. “She is so tight! Human females are the best!”

The third theronian didn't like being the only one left out. He got angry. “Hey! I want to fuck her too. Get off her!”

“Relax! We will change positions. All of us will get some action,” said the one fucking her mouth.

The theronians retrieved their cocks from Cassandra, giving her a break; not that she needed it. One of them laid on the floor and instructed her to sit on his cock.

“Sit on my cock until it is completely inside of you.”

Looking down at his erect phallus, Cassandra was more excited that even before. Her pursuit for getting a stronger orgasm was definitely on the right track.

“I want you to suck my cock. All of it!” said the one that had been fucking her pussy.

Cassandra did as commanded, moving down slowly and enjoying every centimeter of the fat cock as it penetrated her insides until her knees touched the ground. She briefly thought about the thousands of times she had sex before faking pleasure, not knowing that it could feel as good as this. And with such a big phallus, the sensations were even more intense. This feels so good

Cassandra felt the other theronian poking at her anus and she bent forward, enticing him to go forward.
But the other beast pumping wildly from below made the task a bit difficult.

She tried to steadied herself until the theronian found the right spot and pushed his cock mercilessly into Cassandra's tight cavity. The woman screamed with true bliss. She could feel both thick members fighting for space within her slim figure and driving her closer to the first orgasm of the night.

The third theronian was anxious to feel the warmth of Cassandra's body. She had her mouth wide open and this was an opportunity he was not going to waste. “Yes, open you mouth like that.”

Cassandra's moans were silenced by the thick member passing through her lips and smashing the back of her throat. The woman opened her eyes wide while considering the possibility of another huge phallus invading her body. This was by far the wildest sexual thing she had ever done and her pussy twitched hard from the overwhelming arousal.

“You are going to swallow all of it,” the beast said, as he stepped forward little by little, pushing his phallus deeper into Cassandra's esophagus until her lips couldn't stretch anymore. Cassandra was already on the edge of climax and she knew it. This was the moment of truth. Will it be the same as her previous orgasms at home or will it be stronger

The answer came quickly and hit her like a freight train. Just like before, her mind went blank leaving room only for bliss. Her pussy and ass twitched frantically. Her nipples throbbed. Her entire body felt like an erogenous zone.

While her body trembled without control, the creatures kept fucking her relentlessly. Five seconds passed, then ten, then fifteen. It was almost impossible to keep track of time but she wished this would never end. She had succeeded. This was her strongest orgasm yet. And like the theronian said, the night was just beginning.

“Her ass is clenching my cock!”

“So is her pussy!”

“This feels good. You were right. She is perfect for this.”

To the beast that pumped Cassandra's pussy, her orgasmic contractions were more than he could endure. He reached climax right after her, discharging a huge load of cum deep inside her body. The woman's belly bloated to accommodate the hot fluid but soon it started to leak through the tight crevices between her pussy and his cock.

“Tarkut is done. Lift her so I can fuck her pussy,” said the one fucking her mouth.

Cassandra moaned loudly when she felt the large appendage slipping out of her body. She had recovered from the orgasm but her arousal was still in overdrive.

“My cock is so deep up her ass that I could let go and she wouldn't fall hehe,” said the theronian lifting her from the ground.

The other one walked around his spent friend and approached Cassandra. He aligned his big phallus at the woman's pussy and caressed her pussy lips for a few seconds, savoring the moment before penetration.

Cassandra couldn't wait to have him inside of her, “Fuck me my darling. My pussy is all for you.”

“I must certainly will. You will see that Tarkut is nothing compared to me.”

This time the theronian didn't penetrate her slowly like he did with her mouth. He stabbed Cassandra's pussy with one forceful thrust until his phallus was completely buried in her body. The woman screamed in elation and realized at that moment that a new orgasm was already growing within her loins.

The beasts pumped her pussy and ass for several minutes. One could feel the others' cock pushing for space within the slim figure and Cassandra could feel both of them filling her completely.

“I didn't know humans could be this flexible!”

The pleasure she had felt when Jaruth fucker the day before was nothing compare to this. Not only because these cocks were bigger but because she was more easily aroused. As her holes tightly snuggled the big appendages, Cassandra realized that the changes in her body were far from over. It was as if her nervous terminals were multiplying, making her more sensitive.

Where are these changes coming fro She started wondering about the reason of her transformation but couldn't finish the thought as a sudden forcible thrust from behind brought her back to reality. She moaned loudly knowing that a new orgasm was close.

Seconds later, her eyes rolled back and her brain became a void as Cassandra drifted into the beloved waves of bliss. Once again she was helpless and at the complete mercy of her rough lovers.

Her pussy and ass twitched over and over while her climax prolonged for almost one minute. It had been a great idea to come to this bar.

“She is squeezing my cock!”

“Mine too!”

The same way as before, the contractions of Cassandra's body massaging the theronian's cock was too delightful to handle and the beast in her ass discharged his load of semen with a blatant roar.

The beast moved back with vacillating steps, dislodging his cock. The white sperm escaped the gaping hole of her ass and dribble to the metallic floor.

Cassandra, still woozy from her own orgasm, started to fall backwards but the other theronian grabbed her in time. Not that he cared for her safety but because he was not done yet. “You are not going anywhere darling.”

Then he realized that it was easier to fuck her on the ground and he did just that. Cassandra felt the cold floor on her back as the beast laid her down and then he shoved his cock even deeper, now that he didn't have to hold her up anymore.

It was both wonderful and scary, having this powerful creature smashing her pussy without mercy, threatening to rip her apart but rising her sensations to a higher plane.

“Be careful. Don't brake her!” said the theronian that had cum first. He had recovered and wanted a second round.

Cassandra's brain was operational again and she saw another beast's phallus approaching her face. She wanted it! Having two or three cocks inside of her at the same time was the best. She was learning that sex with true feelings was a completely different affair. It was indeed an addiction and she was hooked.

“Open your mouth, human!”

While her body swayed back and forward from the powerful blows of the theronian banging her pussy, Cassandra opened her mouth wide to receive the delicious phallus. It reached the back of her throat and stayed there for moment. The angle of the penetration was not ideal but a little force would be enough to get it deeper, as it should be.

And without any warning, the creature pumping Cassandra's pussy reached climax. His cock enlarged for a second, reaching even deeper within her loins and then started pulsating violently as he emptied his balls inside of her.

The theronian pulled back and sat on the floor recovering from his orgasm. With him out of the way, Cassandra arched her back and let other creature shoved his phallus as deep as he could. She could feel the hot sperm squirting out of her pussy as the fat rod penetrated into her throat, as if she was a frosting dispenser. This last thought was completely illogical and didn't make any sense. The old Cassandra would never think like this. Now her brain was working like a human's!

“Swallow my cock!”

His friend watching the action said, “It won't fit all the way.”

The theronian grabbed Cassandra's head with both hands and fucked her mouth like there was no tomorrow. He had already cum once but he was determined to cum again as fast as possible. But the depth of the penetrations was limited by the girth of his cock and stretching capability of her lips. It didn't matter. The woman's throat felt so good!

“I told you,” his friend said, smiling.

“It feels good anyway. I will fill her belly with my sperm,” responded the other one, increasing the pace.

It didn't take long before the theronian reached his peak. He squirted his load of semen directly into Cassandra's stomach

And this triggered another orgasm within the overwhelmed woman. This was the first time that she climaxed without direct stimulation to her pussy. She couldn't believe this was possible, yet her body shuddered uncontrollably as irrefutable proof.

“I am ready for the next round. Move aside,” said the one that had made the comment before.

“She must be filled to the brim with cum!” added his friend.

Cum was still leaking from Cassandra's mouth while the next theronian laid on the floor and told her to mount his cock. She did it without hesitation.

“Does she ever get tired?” asked one the creatures, amazed by her endurance.

Cassandra could feel the hot sperm squelching in her stomach as she bounced up and down, letting the large phallus penetrate her deeply. She wanted to cum again.

And she did! The inflamed couple reached climax simultaneously.


The same routine went on for several hours. While one beast fucked Cassandra, the other two rested. Sometimes, two of them fucked her at the same time and she was delighted.

The other clients in the bar started paying attention at Cassandra's gang-bang. How could she take such a hard pounding and still remain on her feet? The females glancing discreetly were envious of her constant orgasms.

But all good things most come to an end and later on, the theronians were completely spent. Fun time was over.

Cassandra stood with a sexy pose looking at them, cum dripping down her thighs and her chest in great quantities, hoping that they could fuck her some more

“How about one more round guys?” Cassandra asked.

… but the theronians had nothing else to give.

“She wants more?!”

“Hehehe this human is trying to kill us! Maybe she is a secret weapon sent by our enemies.”

Instead, one of them had the idea of bringing Cassandra with them in their next trip. They told her that their next destination was Sector 56, a cluster of planets that had a huge diversity of alien species.

“You can come with us tomorrow. We could have a lot of fun during the trip.”

This idea sounded very enticing to the permanently aroused woman.


Cassandra went back to her apartment and thought real hard about what she was going to do. She had been assigned the job of companion by her superior and she was considering going away. This could have serious consequences.

But remaining as a companion meant having sex with just one male at a time. Mostly males with smaller cocks. This was not good enough.

On the other hand, disobeying an order was not an option for gynoids like her. This directive was embedded deep in the core of her brain. However, the fact that she was even considering the idea of leaving, meant that this directive was no longer valid. All the restrictive rules that guided her behavior in the past were gone. Now she had free will! This knowledge hit her like a brick to the head.

“The changes in my brain are more profound than I thought. I am free!”


A few days later, in the federation's headquarters

The voice of the General in the video screen sounded perplexed and angry, “What do you mean the gynoid is gone? She is machine. She can't be gone without orders.”

Commander Vansin was equally angry but tried to hide it while she responded to her boss, “I don't know how this happened. She missed her last two appointments and her apartment is empty. She behaved strangely in our last debriefing. I think her main processor is damaged.”

“Find it, Commander!” the General yelled, “We can't have a rough machine moving through the galaxy doing whatever she wants. Do you know how pathetic this make us look? These machines should have been destroyed right after they served their purpose in the Outcasts wars. Find her or your are fired!

“Yes, General. I'll find her and destroy her.”

Finding Cassandra wasn't going to be easy but Commander Vansin was a very resourceful woman. And what a better incentive than saving her 20 year career in the federation. The hunt was on!

Once the vid-screen went off, the Commnader was red with rage talking to herself, “My job is at risk because of one stupid machine? This is ridiculous. This damned gynoid has its days numbered!”


After spending a very pleasant trip with the theronians, Cassandra left the ship in a planet called Alastrus. She was looking for one specific alien creature, the ovodian, famous for inducing great orgasms in females of any species. Cassandra found out that one of the residents, a sexy humanoid female named Nillia, knew the location of one of these creatures and she was giving tours.

“Are you sure you want to do this? This monster can be a little rough and human bodies are soft,” Nillia asked, once they were standing inside a cave, right outside the ovodian's chamber.

“Yes. I am ready. Lead the way,” Cassandra answered.

“Ok, follow me. I'll show you how to do it.”

“Are you going to have sex with it too?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, I'll join you for a little while. I am hungry.”

Cassandra didn't understand what hunger had anything to do with sex but she refrained from asking, she wanted to start as soon as possible.

They entered a large chamber and there it was. The life form resembled some kind of plant but it was an animal. It consisted in a thick layer of a brown mushy substance that spread across the floor and several large egg-like formations scattered above its surface with a pinkish, shinny skin.

“Wow! Now I know why it is called ovodian. What should I do?”

“Please kneel next to this egg over here, then do what I do.”

The room was saturated with a pleasant odor that quickly filled Cassandra's nostrils. The woman could feel her body heating up rapidly and assumed that the nice smell had something to do with it.

Each of the females knelt beside an egg. Nillia moved her hands softly over the egg's fleshy skin and Cassandra observed attentively, doing the same.

“Caress the surface with your hands. The heat of your body will wake it,” Nillia said.

“What is it going to do when it wakes?”

The answer to Cassandra's question came fast. The top section of the egg opened like a flower and a large tentacle emerged from within. Cassandra looked at it with amazement. The ovodian was definitely not a plant.

“Wow! A tentacle is coming out! It is huge!”

“This is what it does. It extracts its tentacle-cock,” Nillia said, almost proudly.

Nillia turned around and bent over, showing her behind to the creature. Cassandra did it as well, even though she was not sure if the tentacle was going to fit inside her tight pussy. But then she remembered Zindra, her captured teammate. The tentacle that fucked her during her failed mission was very similar in size to this one.

I wonder if Zindra is still alive I mean functional. I shouldn't have left her there.

“Now present your vaginal entrance to the creature and it will do the rest,” Nillia said, interrupting Cassandra's thoughts.

The tentacle fit perfectly. Cassandra's wet pussy lips expanded wide to let the fat appendage penetrate to the bottom of her vaginal cavity. At that moment, her worries about Zindra, or anything else, vanished from her mind. The sensation of that huge phallus invading her body was overwhelming.

“It is going too deep! It's going to break me apart!”

The tentacle was in fact the thickest thing that Cassandra had enjoyed inside of her. Even thicker than the theronian's cocks. It formed a bulge in her belly as it pushed further in and the astounded woman followed it with her hand, picturing that huge thing invading her entire body. She opened wide her big blue eyes while moaning loudly, trying to cope that this new wonderful sensation.

Cassandra was certain that her insides were still changing and increasing her sensibility, allowing her to feel every centimeter of the fleshy tentacle as if it was deliberately trying to drive her insane.

Nillia, who had an equally large tentacle fucking her pussy, leaned over another egg and started caressing its surface. Cassandra looked at her with puzzlement, guessing what she was trying to do.

“Are you going to wake that one too?!”

As if one huge tentacle was not enough, Nillia wanted a double penetration. “Like I said, I am hungry. I need one in my ass.”

In a matter of seconds, the third egg was opening up and another tentacle emerged. Cassandra's pussy twitched just thinking about a second appendage of this size penetrating her body. Two huge tentacles at the same time! Is it even possible?

But if Nillia could do it, then she could too. At least she had to try.

“There. It is out.” Nillia said, “Now I'll just move around so it will find the right spot.”

Nillia walked around the third egg and the tentacle lodged in her pussy followed her as if it was glued to her body.

One meter away, Cassandra had managed to open the fourth egg and she stared with excitement at the new appendage emerging from within. “It is here! My other tentacle is out!”

“Walk over here. We'll enjoy this together,” Nillia said.

Cassandra joined Nillia, moving around the fourth egg, delighted to see that the tentacle in her pussy followed her like a clinging puppy. “The tentacle is following me! I can't believe how long it is!”

Cassandra was too fascinated by this to notice Nillia's loud scream as the other fat tentacle penetrated her body.

When she knelt on the mushy ground in front of Nillia, Cassandra saw what was going on. The fat tentacles twitched and churned within the woman's pussy and ass while they hammered in and out with staggering speed, fucking her without any concern of her well-being.

Cassandra's pussy twitched from the expectancy of receiving the same treatment. “Wow! They are fucking her so hard!”

Cassandra looked back with anxiousness. The tentacle fucking her pussy felt amazing and very soon there was going to be another one pumping her ass the same way. She held her breath, scared and excited as she waited

“This feels so good. You will see for yourself in a moment.” Nillia said, half speaking, half grunting.

The huge tentacle barely touched her anus, making her gasp and jolt. Then, an instant later, it plunged inside of her tight cavity with a single, forceful thrust. Cassandra screamed in bliss.

“It feels good doesn't it?” Nillia asked.

Cassandra didn't answer. She was too overwhelmed by the large appendages stretching her slim body to the limit. Her nervous terminals were not processing any pain. Only pleasure. Unbearable, mind-blowing pleasure.


Moans and squelching sounds echoed against the cave walls for a while. The females stayed on their hands and knees while the ovidian fucked them mercilessly. Its only objective was to fill them with a combination of sperm and eggs. As many as possible. The ovidian didn't know that Nillia and Cassandra were sentient creatures, capable of washing off their cavities to prevent the eggs from hatching inside of them.

The tentacles began to pulsate rapidly and Nillia's belly started to bloat until she looked like a pregnant woman. The ovidian was ejaculating! Cassandra could hear the sperm gushing inside of Nillia's holes but she was too busy with her own ravishing.

“It's cuming! It is filling me with cum!” Nillia yelled in elation.

One thing that did caught Cassandra's attention was a large gob of cum erupting from Nillia's mouth. The ovidian had filled the female's guts to the limit and now the sperm was coming out following the least crowded route.

God! She is completely stuffed with cum!

This reminded her of Zindra again. Back then, when Cassandra saw the sperm gushing from Zindra's mouth, she had felt nothing but curiosity. But now, Cassandra felt a spike in her excitement. Nillia looked so helpless and sexy. The only thing that occurred to her was to crawl closer and catch some sperm with her mouth.

The ovodian removed the tentacle from Nillia's ass and the accumulated fluid was ejected hastily from the stretched hole. Now the thick, white semen was escaping from both ends at the same time.

Cassandra watched Nillia expelled to excess of cum out of her body. She couldn't wait to be in the same situation. “It is so much!”

Nillia recovered from the enormous discharge of sperm and lifted her torso to speak with Cassandra. Her belly was still very bloated and she deliberately tightened her anus to keep it inside. “This is what I call a good meal. I won't need to eat in three days.”

“I didn't know that you could be fed this way. It is awesome.” Cassandra whispered between gasps.

“My pet will be feeding you soon, so you better get ready,” Nillia said.

Having satisfied her hunger, Nillia was ready to leave. She told Cassandra that she could stay for as long as she wanted but warned her that the ovodian was insatiable and its sperm reserves were enormous.

“You better pace yourself or this creature may fry your brain.”

“This feels so good. I may move here permanently,” was Cassandra's response.

“I'll be outside. Let me know when you are done.”

Cassandra was on the verge of climax when she felt the tentacles bloating inside of her. The creature was about to erupt and so was she.

Nillia's figure walking away got blurry when Cassandra felt the hot fluid filling her guts and her climax exploded across her body. The same way her nervous terminals were multiplying, her orgasms were getting stronger every day. If things kept going like this, her brain will eventually stop working alltogether. And right at this moment, she didn't care.

The creature poured an incredible amount of cum inside of Cassandra. She felt its warmth saturating her womb, her rectum, her belly. The sensation was overwhelming and this kept feeding her orgasm that refused to fade away.

A moment later, Cassandra felt the thick sperm rushing up her gullet. She instinctively covered her mouth but the cum gushed out anyway. Now she knew exactly what it felt to be filled to the brim and she loved it. The woman's pussy and ass twitched nonstop constricting the fat tentacles that still pumped more cum inside of her saturated body.

A second climax ignited even before the first one had completely washed-off. Cassandra could barely register what was going on around her but she could certainly feel it. Every time her body jerked, surrendering to absolute ecstasy, more sperm was ejected from each of her holes.

Meanwhile, since Nillia's body heat was no longer detectable, the tentacles that ravished her were retracting back into the egg. The other heat source nearby, Cassandra, was already being impregnated and her holes were occupied.

When the creature was done, it retrieved the tentacles from Cassandra's soaked cavities. The woman recovered quickly from her first orgasms and laid on her back, pulling one of the tentacles closer to her pussy. She wanted more. “We are not done yet, my friend. Make me cum again.”

This time, the creature didn't retrieve its tentacle into the egg. It didn't matter that Cassandra had just being fucked. If she was within reach, the creature was going to fuck her again. This is why Nillia had warned Cassandra that the creature was insatiable. It would fuck any female over and over as long as it was available.

And Cassandra was definitely within reach so it plunged the thick appendage back into her pussy, which was still sensitive from her recent climax. The woman screamed out of her mind.

A moment later, the other tentacle found Cassandra's anus and penetrated her hastily.

The appendages stirred inside of her body, pushing out the sperm still trapped within and making the experience even more pleasurable.

Cassandra lost track of time. She didn't know if the creature ravished her for ten minutes or one hour, but soon enough she was being filled with more sperm which triggered a new mind-wrecking climax. The woman was at the complete mercy of the creature and she was feeling more alive than ever.

As expected, the excess of sperm erupted from her mouth like a fountain. Cassandra was really enjoying this, as if it was the most natural thing to do. She wondered how long she could keep this up. Her body was very resistant and self healing. The creature had a huge supply of cum and tremendous stamina. In theory, she could do this forever.

The only danger was that her mind could melt into a never-ending cycle of bliss, losing all capabilities of logical processing. She couldn't take this high risk.

Cassandra knelt of the mussy surface considering her options. This was the best experience ever but she wanted to be able to use her brain in the future. She was going to have to stop soon.

This is the last time. One more orgasm and I'll walk away.

She guided one of the tentacles into her pussy while to other one circled around her body, searching for another entry point.


A very different scene was taking place outside the cave. Commander Vansin had tracked down Cassandra's path and was right there at the entrance, pointing a gun at Nillia. The poor humanoid was scared out of her mind.

“Is Cassandra in there? Speak or I'll blow your brains out. As you can see, there are no witnesses around here.”

“W..hat?! Who are you? I have done nothing wrong!” Nillia said with a trembling voice, then she added, “Yes there is another human in there. Her name is Cassandra.”

“Start running and don't talk to anyone about this or I'll kill you.”


Unaware of the imminent danger, Cassandra gained support for the anal penetration by resting her hand over one of the closed eggs. Unintentionally, she was waking a third tentacle!

“Come on baby, my ass is all yours. This is our last time for today.”

The Commander walked the short distance that separated the entrance of the cave to the large chamber where Cassandra was being ravished. She found the gynoid facing away from her, being penetrated by two ridiculously large tentacles.

Vansin aimed her gun at the Cassandra's head, Your time is up, stupid machine. Your expiration date is today.

The third tentacle emerge from the egg at the exact moment that Commander Vansin shot at Cassandra. The bullet hit the fleshy appendage and deviated the bullet just enough to miss the woman's head.

“What the hell?!” Cassandra said loudly. In took her a second to understand what was happening. The tentacles were swiftly pulled out of her body which provided a sudden pleasure that made focusing even more difficult.

After being shot, the creature reacted by spitting a sticky goop towards the attackers head. The Commander tried to avoid it but didn't move fast enough. “Crap!”

Cassandra turned her head and saw the Commander, with the gun still in her hand, trying to wipe the greenish stuff off her face, “Commander!”

Temporarily blinded, Vansin started shooting in every direction, hoping to kill both the gynoid and the creature. But Cassandra was silently moving out of the way and towards the exit. She was surprise that the Commander was able to find her so fast and even more astounded that she wanted her dead so badly.

“Where are you, filthy bitch? I command you to stay right where you are,” Vansin yelled.

Cassandra disobeyed the commander's order without any hesitation. One more proof that she was truly free. She really wants me dead. This is not definitely good. I have to get out of here.


Cassandra ran out of the cave and into a nearby forest. Once she was safe, she evaluated her options. Maybe she could try to explain to the Commander that she was no longer just a machine. She was more than that. Now she had feelings and sensations like a real human.

But considering the rage on the Commander's face when she was shooting at her, it was unlikely that Cassandra could convince her of anything.

Maybe if I find out what is causing the changes in my body, I could convince my superiors to spare my life. Maybe I could prove to them that I am becoming a real human. That colonial station is where everything started and shit! I have to warn Zindra and the others that they want to eliminate us!

Cassandra's logic was correct. If the federation wanted her dead, then Zindra and the rest of her team were in danger as well. The decision was made, she was going back to the station. Back to Zindra.


A couple of days later, Cassandra was stepping inside the main complex. There was no sign of Zindra or any other member of her team but there were plenty of creatures lurking around the hallways.

I have to find my teammates before the Commander finds us Damned! Why am I feeling so horny?!

Cassandra was very aroused, more so than usual. There was something about this place both scary and exciting. She sensed it the first time she came here and now she was feeling it again. Cassandra's pussy was soaking wet.

When she turned the next corner, Cassandra walked right into a large humanoid with a big, swinging cock between his legs. The surprised woman looked at his large teeth, then at his cock. Her pussy twitched hard.

“Oh God!”

Even with a powerful gun in her hand, the moment she saw that large phallus she was convinced that the only curse of action was to let him fuck her. She needed that cock.

She recognized this species from the catalog. It was usually very aggressive but this particular subject seemed completely docile and willing to play the seduction game. His eyes looked glassy, as if he was trapped in some sort of sexual trance.

His cock is so big and alluring. Cassandra thought before dropping the gun and then dropping to her knees in front of the humanoid. She grabbed his cock delicately and licked its pinkish surface.

Before her transformation, Cassandra would never think possible to swallow that huge piece of meat, but now it was almost a necessity. She stood up, bent forward and aligned the phallus with her mouth. She extended her tongue and licked the tip, savoring the moment.

I can do this. I must!

She engulfed the first ten centimeters which stuffed her oral cavity. Cassandra felt the phallus pressing against her throat. She was so excited to shove it further down that her pussy was twitching continuously.

I will swallow all of it until he cums inside of my belly.

And she did. She moved forward taking little steps, letting the long cock enter her esophagus until her face was almost touching his pelvis. Cassandra could feel the phallus jerking within her warm body. The creature was obviously enjoying this greatly and the woman felt pleasure with the knowledge that she was providing pleasure. This was another concept new to her and she rejoiced in it.

It was good that Cassandra didn't need to breath because the creature grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face in a frenzy. Squelching sounds resonated against the walls while the fevered woman did her best to keep her balance.

The monster moved his hips like a piston, sensing that his first orgasm was near.

The hard cock penetrated Cassandra's lips one last time and then the creature stood still. Cassandra felt it pulsating once, then twice and finally a hot outburst of sperm was ejected into her belly. This sensation was so stimulating that she reached her own climax.

The woman's pussy gushed her love juice to the ground in sync with the monster's ejaculation.

Cassandra pulled back doing her best to keep the sperm inside, like Nillia had done with the ovidian, but some of it inevitably escaped her lips. She was dying to feel that enormous cock banging against her pussy and she could only hope that one orgasm was not enough for this enthralled creature.

My pussy is burning! I want him inside of me!

Cassandra was in luck because apparently the monster was equally eager to continue the ravishing session. He threw her backwards onto the ground and jumped on top of her, then he aimed his phallus at her tight vaginal entrance.

“Fuck me!” Cassandra yelled. The excited woman was breathing fast and her pussy was burning with anticipation.

The creature was not gentle when he plunged his cock into Cassandra's body. He didn't care if the female had enough room to accommodate his large phallus, he shoved it as deep as possible.

But Cassandra's body was indeed very flexible and her vaginal cavity expanded to receive the powerful stroke. The woman squealed in bliss.

After the initial mind-blowing penetration, Cassandra rested on the cold floor and relaxed. Her entire body bounced back and forth after each powerful thrust. She gasped loudly as the air was blown out of her lungs by the huge appendage that reached all the way to her chest. It felt so good to just lay there and let this monster have his way with her. To let him own her like she was just an extension of his phallus, created for the sole purpose of giving and receiving pleasure.

The savage fucking continued for a while. The creature got tired of supporting his own weight and he preferred to lift her body instead. He knelt, grabbed her thighs and elevated her hips to match his pelvis, then resumed hammering her pussy at full speed. He did all this without removing his cock even for a second.


They changed positions a few more times. Now Cassandra was hugging his hard, rugged body with a loving embrace. Her body bounced up and down while she moved her hips back and forth, increasing the pleasurable sensations.

The monster's sharp teeth were a few centimeters from her head, which normally would pose great danger but Cassandra was not worried. She was certain that all he wanted was to fuck her as much as she wanted to fuck him.

In this position, the penetrations were not as deep as before but she was able to have more control. Her vaginal walls were more sensitive than ever and the huge phallus wiggling around was driving her insane.

“Fuck me hard! I am almost cuming!”

She was close to reaching a new orgasm but this time she was actually trying to hold it back. She wanted it to build within her loins for a bit longer and see if this would make it stronger.

A couple of minutes later, the monster ejaculated inside of her. He tightened his grip on Cassandra's thighs, making sure she received the full discharge of sperm, while his entire body shuddered in rapture.

But the aroused woman was not planning to go anywhere. She could feel his cock pulsating inside of her while the hot fluid overflowed her vaginal cavity. At the exact moment, she couldn't hold it any longer and climaxed too

And her little experiment paid off. This orgasm was the strongest yet! Her mind went blank and all she could process was an irresistible bubble of ecstasy that pushed away everything else. For a moment, her eyes looked empty, just like the creature's. Maybe it was a matter of time until she became a walking zombie, only kept alive to mate with whatever crossed her path. Cassandra's pussy twitched harder.

After a few minutes of mind-blowing bliss, they both came back from heaven. The creature, finally satisfied, dropped the woman to the floor and started walking away.

Still baffled from the wild ravishing, Cassandra asked the creature about her teammates. “Wait Have you seen Zindra or other females that look like me?”

As expected, he ignored her completely.


When her mind cleared, Cassandra continued searching the complex. She concluded that the usually aggressive creature that just fucked her was under the influence of an unseen force making him docile and extremely horny. Most likely the same force that caused the changes in her body and mind.

After finding Zindra and the others, I'll definitely look for the source of this strange energy.

Cassandra wandered the halls without more incidents until she heard moaning in a nearby room. She walked in and gasped. Zindra was there! And Miriam, another member of her team, was in there too.

“Zindra! You are here!”

Cassandra was astounded by the scene displayed in front of her. Zindra was sitting on the floor, resting her back against the wall and Miriam was laying flat on the ground with a spider-like creature, the size of a dog, mounted on top of her. She was completely oblivious to Cassandra's arrival, focusing entirely on the weird monster between her legs.

“Hello Cassandra. It is good to see you. We thought you were not coming back,” Zindra said calmly.

Cassandra approached her teammates. She had so many questions to ask. But Zindra talked first

“Is you body changing too? You left the complex so fast. Maybe you were not affected,” Zindra asked.

“Yes, I am changing too. I can feel pleasure! It is so great! When I saw you with that tentacle creature, I didn't understand. But now I do and Wait, are you pregnant?!” Cassandra asked even more surprised.

Zindra responded with a proud voice, “Yes! Can you believe this? I am pregnant! Miriam here will be full with eggs in a while and she will look pregnant but not for real. But I am fertile! I am producing eggs! And one of them was inseminated by a beautiful monster.”

“How is this possible? Do you know what is going on in this place? Why are we changing so much?”

“As a matter of fact I do. After my first encounter with the tentacle creature and realizing that I was feeling genuine pleasure, I started investigating. I discovered in the station's logs that this was a top-secret research facility. They were making tests to create biological military weapons. Everything started to fall apart when they brought in something they called the DNAR.”

While Cassandra observed Miriam and her weird mate, Zindra continued explaining everything she discovered. The DNA Reprogrammer or DNAR, was of unknown origin. This object was capable of adapting the DNA of biologic creatures in such a way that different species could mate and create an entirely new organism.

“Soon after they started testing it, everything went to hell and the station became a massive multi-species orgy.”

“But it not only affects biological creatures. It is also changing us,” Cassandra stated.

“Yes, this object not only transforms DNA, it transforms everything, creating life where there is none.”

Miriam moaned as the first egg was deposited inside of her womb. She had done this many times already and every time felt more pleasurable than the previous one. Soon she was going to create her own eggs, like Zindra, and she would become pregnant for real.

After Zindra's explanation, Cassandra arrived to a conclusion, “You know what this means, don't you? If we are capable of producing eggs, of reproduction, then it means that we are alive. We are officially living things.”

“Yes,” Zindra responded, “that is the law. The federation must consider us living things, with the same rights as a real human.”

“About the federation, there is something that you should know” Cassandra told Zindra about the incident on Alastrus. The federation wanted them terminated and Commander Vansin was in charge of this task.

“You should have seen her face. She was so angry. She really wanted me dead,” Cassandra said with a hint of sadness.

“We have to show her that we are alive now! The federation must learn about our transformation! About the DNAR!” Zindra said.

While the girls talked, Miriam enjoyed the large cock of the creature that pushed more and more eggs inside of her.

Zindra added, “Commander Vansin might change her mind after we show her the DNAR. This object might be the greatest discovery ever.”

“What? You have found it?!” Cassandra asked.

“Yes. And there is more than one. I suspect that it can clone itself.”

Both girls turned their attention to Miriam when the overwhelmed woman scream in bliss, making clear that she was reaching an orgasm.

“She is cuming.” Zindra said, “I think she is full. Could you help her by moving the creature away?”

“Sure,” Cassandra answered, then she became aware of something, I am getting horny again.

Cassandra grabbed the creature and slowly pulled it off. The long, pink phallus slid out of Miriam's pussy, delightfully rubbing her inner walls and prolonging the woman's orgasm.

“Wow! She is really enjoying this.”

It became clear that the creature didn't like to be pulled away from Miriam's cozy cavity. There was one more egg sliding within the hollow phallus and he wanted to shove it in her womb.

“He wants to deposit more eggs. These creatures are relentless,” Zindra said.

“Well, the eggs are popping out of Miriam. Definitely there was no more room in her body,” Cassandra said amused. She considered the option to let the creature mount her next but she had more important things to do. She put it in her 'to do' list.

Zindra stood up and asked Cassandra to follow her. She wanted to show her discoveries and afterwards they could form a plan to convince Commander Vansin to spare their lives. “Follow me. I'll show the mysterious object.”

“Can't wait to see it. This thing changed us forever.”


But there would be no time for planning. Commander Vansin was already entering the complex, ready to finish the job. She was not sure that Cassandra was here but the probability was high. Coming back to this place was the logical thing to do and gynoids always acted logically. They were machines after all.

What the hell is going on in this station? It is supposed to be a mining settlement but the equipment here is way too advanced. Vansin wondered.

She heard squishy noises ahead. As she entered the next room, the Commander was greeted with a strange scene. A vetusian woman, with bluish skin and a curvaceous body, was kneeling on top of a spongy formation and had one thick tentacle buried in her pussy.

A vetusian! What is she doing here? And what is that thing between her legs?!

The alien woman was staring at the ceiling and didn't acknowledge Vansin's arrival. She wasn't moving at all. Only a faint moaning could be heard once the Commander got closer.

Standing in front of the enthralled woman, Commander Vansin realized that it was not only one tentacle but two. She could only assume that the other one was penetrating her ass. Even then, the woman was unresponsive, submerged in some sort of trance.

Maybe she knows if the gynoid is here. Vansin thought, then she spoke, “Hey! Can you hear me?”

But there was no answer. The Commander got even closer and touched the woman's face, trying to get her attention.

“Wake up lady! Do you need help?”

An instant after her face was touched, the blue woman opened her mouth wide and a squirming tentacle emerged from within.

Startled, Vansin quickly retrieved her hand and took a step back. “What the fuck?!”

Even then the woman didn't move. She just grunted, muted by the appendage that now occupied her throat.

The Commander aimed her gun at the waving tentacle but didn't shoot. She had never seen something like this before and she was curious. The only explanation was that the tentacle projecting from her mouth was the same one penetrating her ass. It was incredible!

“This thing is passing through her entire body!”

Vansin was not sure what to do next. This woman was obviously not giving her any answers regarding the whereabouts of the gynoid. She should be moving on to continue the search, but she stayed a bit longer, mesmerized by the surreal spectacle. Soon enough, she heard a squirting sound within the woman entrails, followed by a gush of cum ejecting from her pussy.

“Holy crap! Is that sperm?!”

The Commander went down to one knee to have a better view. The woman's belly started to bloat visibly. The tentacle that projected from her mouth was also ejaculating but definitely not as much as the one in her pussy. Vansin could only imagine what was going on within the vetusian's womb.

Her belly is enlarging so much. It most be filling her with cum and who knows what else. This mushy formation is not a plant, it is an animal!

Vansin became aware that her pussy was moistening beneath her suit. She didn't get arouse easily and she couldn't understand why she was so fascinated by this. Looking at the fat tentacle pulsating in the woman's ass, the Commander felt a growing tickling in her pussy.

“Damned! The tentacle in her ass is so thick!”

As the appendage started retracting back into the woman's mouth, Vansin realized that her body was burning hot. She didn't know if it was because of the heat inside the complex or her own excitement. Either way, all this wasn't right. What the hell was she doing here watching a blue woman getting ravished by a weird creature? She should be looking for Cassandra and saving her career.

“Ok, enough of wasting my time here! I need to look for the gynoid And what's up with this heat! I am burning inside my suit!”

Commander Vansin liked to wear clothes even though being naked was the rule these days. But today she was going to make an exception. It was just too hot.

“The hell with this,” She removed her suit and dropped it on the floor. She felt very comfortable this way and she wasn't sure why. I feel so much better walking naked.

As she walked away, Vansin didn't see the tentacles sliding out of the vetusian's body. A couple of eggs slipped from the woman's packed womb and fell on the spongy surface. These would be recollected and pumped into the next victim.


Unaware of the danger, Cassandra and Zindra walked through the hallways.

“Where are the others?” Cassandra asked, wondering about the rest of her team.

“They are scattered around the complex. Kara was the first one to get pregnant. She already had a baby, if you can call it that. There are females from other species too. This is a very interesting place.”

“Can you imagine all those times we had sex without feeling anything? We were missing so much,” Cassandra said.

“But that is over. From now on, we will be real women!” Zindra said excitedly.

They reached an ample chamber and there it was, the DNAR. Cassandra was astounded by its beauty; its mystery. How can this small thing have such a strong influence on everything around it?

“It is so beautiful!” Cassandra said, almost out of breath.

She stood a few meters from the magical object, admiring it. The center of the DNAR pulsated like a beating heart while a surrounding electromagnetic field slowly change shapes and a disorganized but mesmerizing way. It was a really beautiful spectacle.

“Hi, Yema. Are you ok down there?” Zindra asked, looking at another one of her teammates. Yema was kneeling on the floor and a huge, multi-legged creature was on top of her. Both bodies were connected by the monster long, fat cock.

Meanwhile, Cassandra couldn't resist the urge to get closer, as if the object was pulling her. She felt a warmth emanating from it that not only reached her outer skin but also the core of her body. She soon realized that her pussy was twitching at the same rhythm of the DNAR's heart.

“Can I touch it?” Cassandra asked, almost whispering.

“It is probably not a good idea. It will knock you on your ass,” Zindra responded.

The creature that fucked Yema was not in the xenomorph's catalog so they didn't have a name for it. But this didn't matter. What really mattered was the size of the creature's cock, and it was enormous. Yema was having a very hard time trying to listen to Zindra's words

“Cassandra is back! And she is changing like us. She says that we are in trouble with the federation.”

Yema tried to asnwer, “Cassandraughh good. I mean trouble? aggh His cock is so big!”

It was indeed a huge phallus and it was penetrating Yema's cavity impossibly deep. The creature moved its hips forward in rapid, short motions, driving Yema insane.

“I can feel his cock twitching inside me He is about to cum!”

At that instant, the monster reached its peak, ejaculating a large amount of semen within the already packed body of the woman. The hot fluid ignited Yema's orgasm and her first contraction forced a gush of sperm from her stretched pussy. Zindra had mated with that creature before and her pussy tingled remembering the sensation.

Yema's eyes rolled back as her orgasm rippled through her loins. She lived for these moments. Since the day they arrived and she discovered her new ability to “feel”, the former soldier had mated with every creature in the complex that she could find.

Like Cassandra and all the other gynoids in her squad, Yema was addicted to sex.

Hearing the loud moans of her teammate and the squirting sound of the creature's sperm, Cassandra turned around to see what was going on. The creature was done ejaculating and started to move away, retrieving his cock from Yema's pussy.

“Wow! That is a large cock. Where are all these creatures coming from?” Cassandra asked.

“They brought them here for the breeding experiments. I think this fellow here can regenerate limbs. That's why there were making tests with his DNA.”

When the creature dismounted Yema, Cassandra quickly laid on the ground and offered herself. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted that enormous phallus to satisfy her never-ending need. “Where are you going big fellow? I am next!”

Yema sat on the floor and placed a hand over her distended belly to feel with satisfaction the large amount of sperm churning inside. This should be enough to get me pregnant.

Zindra felt a strong twitch inside of her womb. It was time to give birth. “My baby is restless. I think he finally wants to come out.”

The creature had just ejaculated inside Yema and he was in no hurry to mate again. But the influence of the DNAR was unrelenting. There was a female next to him willing to receive his cum. He had to fuck her even though his sperm reserves were low. The monster walked over Cassandra and aimed his cock at her pussy.

“That's right. Get on top and fuck me!”

The creature moved slowly and so was the penetration. The huge phallus parted Cassandra's pussy lips and entered her body little by little, stretching her, taking over space and taking over her mind. Cassandra climaxed hard even before the cock reached the bottom of her pussy.

She had reached an orgasm with the first penetration. This was new to her. She relished in the knowledge that she was still changing. Her body was more sensitive and her orgasms arrived with so much ease. This was true heaven.

While Cassandra's body shuddered in blissful spasms, Zindra sat on the floor, rested her back against a handrail and spread her legs. The small creature growing in her womb was squirming restlessly and Zindra could clearly feel him moving downwards through her birth canal.

“Go on baby. I can't wait to see what you are.”

She was anxious to see the shape of her baby. She didn't know who the father was and this baby creature could be anything from a maggot to a small humanoid. And she didn't have to wait much longer. Less than a minute later the tip of the creature emerged between Zindra's pussy lips.

“It is coming out! God, it feels so good!”

“I can see it!” Yema said. She had moved closer to have a better view of the amazing event. A few weeks ago, none of them could feel anything and now one of them was having a baby! This gave her hope that soon she would be pregnant too.

The creature churned and twitched trying to pass through the narrow passage. The visible part of the emerging baby still gave no clues about who the father was.

“Its entire body is squirming inside of me. My baby is going to make me cum!” Zindra moaned. The progress was slow but it made the experience even more pleasurable for the novice mother.

“It looks like a giant maggot!” Yema said, “the thickest part is out. The rest should be easy.”

A while later, the creature was half-way out and it was stretching Zindra's pussy to the limit. The overwhelmed woman stared at the ceiling as the physical bliss was competing with the pleasure of giving birth as a real woman. Zindra didn't know which one of the two was more exciting.

And Yema was right. Once the main bulk of the newborn creature passed through, the rest slid faster between Zindra's vaginal lips. Zindra could feel the velvety skin of her child caressing her inner walls and providing the last bit of excitement she needed to reach an orgasm

Yema reached out and gently pulled the maggot which still was tightly anchored within Zindra's stretched cavity. “I got it. Your baby is almost out.”

But Zindra didn't hear Yema's remark as a strong climax exploded within her loins, radiating from her pussy and reaching every nerve terminal in her body. Her eyes rolled back as a single thought remained in her brain she was a mother! She was a real human!

The baby creature squirmed aimlessly between Zindra's legs not sure where it was but definitely certain that he didn't like the cold floor.

“Wow! Your baby is huge!”

When Zindra came back to her senses, the first thing she saw was Yema lovingly holding the young creature in her arms. The identity of the father was still a mystery and it would remain so until the maggot turned into something else.

“Uhff what an orgasm” Zindra gasped, “Let me hold my baby.”

“It is so heavy, yet the skin is so soft.”

The loud voice of Commander Vansin broke the magical ambiance. She advanced down the hall, gun in hand and ready to kill. Zindra remembered Cassandra's warning and knew they were in trouble but the aftermath of her orgasm prevented her to thing clearly. Yema was more than confused.

“What do we have here?! Gynoid Zindra and gynoid Yema. Stand up and don't move. This is an order. Where is Cassandra? I know she is in the complex!” Vansin yelled.

Yema stood up obediently and waited, even though she didn't have to. Zindra ignored the Commander's order and covered her baby as best she could.

“Commander Vansin!” Yema said, clueless about the dangerous situation, “You came back for us?”

Vansin walked a few more steps and saw Cassandra laying on the ground with a strange creature on top of her and a huge cock buried in her pussy. The Commander found this weird since she knew that gynoids couldn't feel anything and there was no point in doing this if it was not part of a mission. In any case, it didn't matter. Cassandra was going to be death in the next few seconds.

“There you are, you little shit! Come over here. It is time for you to die.”

Die?! wondered Yema.

“Oh crap! This is not good,” Cassandra said in a whisper as she tuned her head to look at the Commander.

Cassandra dragged herself backwards until the monster's phallus dislodged from her pussy. She pleaded the Commander to hear her out before killing her but she knew that her chances of surviving were slim. None of them had guns and even it they did, killing a human being was not an option no matter how much their bodies and minds had changed.

“Please Commander, don't shoot! We have something very important to tell you,” Cassandra pleaded.

But Commander Vansin was not in the mood to hear any excuses. In her mind, these women were only machines and they had to be terminated. The time to talk was over.

Anyway, Cassandra explained, “There is a device here called the DNAR. It changed us. Now we can feel pleasure, fear and pain. We can even get pregnant.”

“It is true Commander.” Zindra said.

“I don't know when you acquired the ability to lie and don't care. These will be your last words.” Vansin responded. But then, with the corner of her eye, she saw something moving at the far end of the chamber.

The DNAR approached Commander Vansin fast enough to draw her attention. The startled woman stopped pointing her gun at Cassandra and aimed at the strange bright object. As it got closer, she shot once, then twice But nothing happened. The DNAR keep moving absolutely unaffected.

“What the fuck is this?! Get it away from me!”

“That's the DNAR Commander. One of them,” Zindra responded.

When it was half a meter away from Vansin, the center pulsated quicker and a bolt of light emerged towards the woman's body. The Commander wanted to run away but she couldn't move. She lost control of her hands and the gun slipped to the floor.

“What is it doing to me? Make it stop!”

A chilling sensation traveled across her body but soon it turned into warmth. The staggered woman was scared, yet she felt aroused. This was so confusing.

Suddenly, in a fraction of a second, everything changed. The world around her disappeared. That blissful blue light was filtering into every cell of her body, filling her heart, bouncing within her skull, reflecting through her eyes and massaging her brain. It was penetrating her soul. All she could see where thousands of images of herself having sex, reaching one orgasm after another. Her pussy twitched at the same rhythm of the DNAR.

The lightning bolt stopped as fast as it started but the turmoil within Vansin's loins was far from over. The enthralled woman reached a strong orgasm without even knowing that it was happening. She just stood there as her pussy jolted over and over gushing love juice. She couldn't see anything in front of her but she saw everything in her mind. She saw what kind of future was waiting for her. She climaxed again.

“What did just happen here?” Cassandra asked.

“Wow! She is cuming! And cuming hard!” Yema said, still trying to process what was going on.

The DNAR re-positioned to the same place it was before and Cassandra stepped forward. She waved a hand in front of the Commander's face but she still was nonreactive. After a few seconds, the woman's eyes regained their natural color but they still rolled up intermittently, showing the intense pleasure that lingered in Vansin's brain.

“Whatever it did to her, she is still enjoying it. Have you seen the DNAR doing that before?” Cassandra asked again.

“No, never. Who knows what changes it made to her body,” Zindra answered.

Eventually, Commander Vansin regained consciousness. Without saying a word, she turned around and started walking away. There was only one thought in her mind. One image that was burned in her brain and couldn't shake off. Those fat tentacles penetrating the blue woman so delightfully, so deeply, all the way out of her mouth. Nothing else mattered.

“Commander? Are you ok?” Cassandra asked while watching her former boss walking towards the door.

“I think she doesn't want to kill us anymore,” Zindra said. Her arm was still over her newborn baby, trying to conceal it.


Vansin retraced her steps and walked straight to the animal that looked like a plant. The vetusian woman was not there which made things easier. The Commander knelt on the center of the spongy formation and waited.

“Your tentacle belongs inside of me. I am yours,” she whispered.

Soon enough, a fat tentacle emerged from below with a squishy sound. Vansin's heart jolted first, then her pussy.

The creature was in no hurry, as if it was aware that all the females in the complex were always willing and ready. The tentacle reached Vansin's pussy, spread her lips and penetrated into her soaked cavity.

Vansin felt the cold, thick appendage moving slowly inside of her. Reaching deeper than she thought possible. She was expecting to feel some pain but that didn't happen. It was all pleasure. Pure, overwhelming pleasure.

The Commander felt a second tentacle caressing her ass-cheeks and she knew exactly what was going to happen next. Her anus twitched with eagerness as she thought about the blue woman with a tentacle protruding from her mouth. She couldn't wait for it.

“Yes, penetrate my ass. Make me carry your eggs. Make me cum!”

It wasn't long before the tentacles had completely taken over her body. The one in her ass churned and twisted inside of her until the overwhelmed woman felt it pushing upward through her esophagus. Whatever that blue light did to her, it was the greatest blessing she could ever imagined.

At that moment, she climaxed. On the outside, her body barely shuddered but inside she was a blissful mess. And the image burned in her mind came true. The tentacle passed through her throat and projected from her mouth. This rekindled her orgasm and she wished she could stay like this forever. Completely possessed by the creature. In total rapture.

Soon, her belly would be bloating with eggs.


Cassandra didn't know why the DNAR started moving behind her. It just did. The magical object followed her and she followed her instincts. A few weeks later, she reached her new destination.

“A few of us becoming alive will not have any impact on the Federation. But if we become thousands, then they'll have to listen to us. We will become, officially, real humans.”

Cassandra was standing in the place where she was created many years ago. Today, this chamber had hundreds of gynoids model S-985 and S-986 in storage. They were not as perfect as Cassandra but they looked pretty good. After all, they were pleasure models. The transformation of these machines begins today.

The end.

Author's note: There is a graphic (CGI) version of this story.

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