Jack and I together again

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Jack and I meet again:

So, a few of you have asked about where things went with Jack. The story of our first meeting took place about two years ago. Since then my business in NY has kept me busy and I have only been able to see Jack twice.
We stayed in touch through emails and would text a lot. When I got back to NY I couldn’t stop thinking about the sex he and I had. I did make up my mind that if I was ever going to be with a guy again it would only be with Jack. I felt like I found the perfect match. My neighborhood was close. Everybody knew everybody. I have two kids. Pretty sure they wouldn’t understand and for me, that was fine. It being secret only heightened the coolness of it all.
The next time we met, I stayed with him for three nights. We shared a room in a hotel and were never seen together. Leaving at different times and meeting somewhere obscure. But mostly we stayed in bed. Two people couldn’t be hornier for each other. We were naked the whole time. In bed we would run our hands all over each other, he really loved to kiss my inner thighs, he loved my legs. And my inner thighs are my best asset. We were hard all the time, sometimes for an hour, hour and a half….i’m not exaggerating. The first night we turned the lights off, the only light coming from the small break in the curtains, and climbed onto the king bed. The heat was on and the warmth so nice. I rolled near him and unbuttoned his jeans. It was quiet. He put his hands in my hair as I began to lower my lips from kissing his taut stomach towards his throbbing eight inch cock. When my lips touched the head of his penis, I could taste drops of his come and I wrapped my mouth around as much of it as I could take. Almost all of it. I wanted him to come in my mouth. My cock was beginning to ache but all I could think about was tasting him. We got into a rhythm and he was literally fucking my mouth….he tensed and pushed oh so slow in and out and he exploded. There is no better way to say it. We both fell back and just laid there for a while.
I lit up a j, he liked it too. I took off my clothes and pulled his T shirt off. We were naked together. I had my hands around him and on his ass. His body was so perfect. I kissed and sucked on his nipples. He liked my body too and we became entwined and started to kiss each other, passionate describes it best. All I wanted was his cock inside me. I rolled him on his back and sat on top. I held his cock as I lowered myself onto him on to him. I teased the head of his penis rubbing it in and out of my tight hole. I slowly lowered myself onto him and took every bit of him inside of me. We began to rock slowly together and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I bent down and our lips were hot for each other. This went on it seemed forever.
T hen, still joined, he rolled himself over so he was now on top. We were so tight together that our stomachs were rubbing my cock as we rocked together in unison. We began to go harder and faster. Our lips found each other, then, eyes closed, we could feel each other preparing to come I held him tighter and gyrated my hips up into his and took all of him. We were both breathing hard and I could feel him spurting in my. It was so beyond any feeling I have ever had as I too began to come. We fucked each other hard for ten more minutes and we came together a second time.
We were done, spent, thoroughly pleasured. It was intimate. We never spoke. We didn’t have to.
We fucked in the shower. I never fucked his ass. It seemed we had roles that we both really liked. I know that he gets fucked all the time by his boyfriends but I liked what we have.
The next time we hooked up it was for a week and he took me down paths I would never have begun to imagine myself going.
My friends thought I was away on a business trip. I was traveling, they thought. With Cell phones you never to have anyone call a hotel, no need. So I always used my cell. Anyway, we went a favorite place of his on the Cape. I didn’t know anybody for sure…it was a gay community. We were in a bed and breakfast a huge four poster king, nice firm mattress, lot of pillows and a great view of the ocean. The salt air was invigorating. I knew that we were going to see his friends but our first nights together were like before. I undressed him and loved him all over. I loved to kiss his balls and cock. He had a nice firm tanned body. He had very little chest hair and I kissed and caressed his nipples. I found his erect and throbbing cock, we were both beginning to breathe harder. So it went for a couple of days.
I was getting cabin fever and so was he. We went to a bar on the beach. The sun was hot. There were mostly gays there but I noticed some really great looking women there too. His friends were not like him at all. One was a much younger fellow, cute sorta of a young James Dean. He must not have spent any time in the sun…his skin was white, and he had hardly any hair. His name was Donny. The two others were paired together, both athletic, over six feet tall, 175 pounds and good looking. Bill, the older of the two, had long brown hair, Angela Joile lips and the greatest pair of legs I had ever seen. Paul was blond, about the same height. They were f unny and got along so well. I was almost jealous of their live. I could envision Jack and I like that, a couple, in love.
There was a nude beach they went to and they asked if I want to go with them. I said sure, not knowing what was in store or me. We were the only five on the beach and everyone immediately took off their clothes. They pitched an umbrella and after stripping down, Donny sat in the shade. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. His body was soft and toned at the same time. His legs were smooth, no hair and he shaved his balls and was bald there as well. But that wasn’t what really got my attention. It was his semi hard 12 inch cock. Oh my god, I was in awe. It was beautiful I knew I had to have it.
Jack saw me looking at Donny and he told me, “Go on, you know you want him. I won’t care.” He took off for the water and I was left alone with Donny. I sat under the umbrella with him. We talked and after a while talk got around to love and sex. He told me he was single. He broke up with his boyfriend six months ago and he was playing the field. He smoked pot and we got high together. I was becoming aware of our nakedness and felt myself getting hard. All of a sudden we stopped talking and just sat there. I was taken over by lust. I had to have him. I was looking at his cock, it began to twitch and I knew he was thinking the same way I was. I reached over and touched his shaft, wrapping my hands around it a feeling it grow. It was the biggest one I have ever seen. I went down on him and took six inches of him into my mouth. I couldn’t stop licking the head of his huge penis. He loved what I was doing tom him and we oblivious to anyone around us. I think they saw us a decided to leave us alone
Feeling Donny’s soft white flesh was making me harder and harder. I kissed him all over. He began to grind his hips up towards me and I knew then that I was going to take all of him.
I undressed and told him what I wanted. I laid on my stomach and he climbed on me from the rear. He kissed my hole and stuck his tongue as far inside me as he could. He kept darting it in and out… It was incredible. Then he took his giant cock in his hands and eased it into my tight hole. I could feel it’s softness and it was pulsating inside me, just a few inches at a time. I wiggled my ass up and forced him deeper into me. He went slow but I could feel all of him. He pushed hard I realized he was in me all the way. He laid on top of me, our flesh was hot and he just grinded in a circular motion inside me. I rose up and rolled onto my back. I lifted my ass high up to him and he slowly pushed his way into me again. It was easier and slid right up to the hilt. I wrapped my legs around him and we started to get into a frantic rhythm together. He was pulling all the way out and then pushed it back inside me. We were like one. He began to go faster and faster, plowing into me time after time. I responded by throwing hips up into him. We were in perfect rhythm and both knew that it was a matter of time before we exploded. Wow , it started…together we tensed up and held each other tight. I began to deep kiss him and we grinded our bodies together….slow and with passion. I could feel him start to come inside me, his body shook and he must have spurted ten times. I could feel his hot come drip out of my ass and I started to come too. All over our bellies. My second guy, I thought. He was such a turn on, what a body and what a nice cock. I looked up and it seemed we had an audience…all three other guys were just looking at us and they all had huge hardons. I could see that the week was going get interesting. It did and that is for another story.
That night after having sex with Donny, I slept with Jack. He made me tell him everything I felt when I was sucking on and getting fucked by Donny’s huge cock. We had great love making as usual that night. The week went by too fast. I had three new friends. They all respected my desire for discretion and the need for anonymity.

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