The Sexy Story of Leanna (Part Two)

I had found out that my wife was taking a business trip coupled with a personal trip and taking my daughter with her. They were going in a few weeks’ time, from a Tuesday until the following Monday. It was the perfect window for Lea and I because I wanted our first time to be something more than a quickie over lunch in the parking lot. Both of our cars have black out tint so we were never worried about anyone actually seeing us but, she deserved better than the back seat if I was going to finally make love to her. So, I IM’ed her about the dates and asked if she could take the time off at work and spend it with me. Instead of going to work, she’d just drive to my house for 3 glorious days and we’d have 8 hours to indulge ourselves however we wanted. It was perfect and she was in. The day finally rolled around and that Wednesday morning I patiently waited to see her car turn into my cul-de-sac. As soon as I saw her, I hit the garage door button to raise the door and she drove in, then I closed it to keep prying eyes off her car. She came in and I took her coat and while she was at the sink getting a glass of water, I came up behind her, brushed her hair off her neck, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck sexily. She pushed her curvy ass back into my hardening penis and I knew that we were going to have a hell of a day together. I had a dream about this exact thing not a week before so that one had already come true!

I led her upstairs first, into the loft where we curled up on the sofa and looked at each other for a minute, then we began playfully kissing but then she wrapped herself around me so tightly, I wondered what was going on. I pushed back and looked into her pretty eyes and asked her what was wrong. She thought a bit and then said that she was feeling like this was the biggest step we’d taken and she’d thought about it for so long, yet here, in the moment, she was hesitant. What we’d done together up to this point was one thing but having sex was an entirely different animal in her mind. I told her there was no pressure and if we didn’t end up having sex at some point during the next three days, that was fine, I could wait for her. We decided to put a movie on and cuddled up to watch it just enjoying the ability to be together without any fear of being spotted or caught. We were comfortable sitting close, holding hands and as the movie progressed, there was a scene where the two main characters were kissing and getting more physical. I felt her body shifting more towards mine and she threw her leg over me and started to kiss me gently at first and then more like a she-wolf who was going to claim a new mate. I guess the movie was a catalyst and it struck the right nerve with Lea.

When clothes began to come off, we decided it was time to adjourn to the bedroom. In the upstairs of my house is the guest room and I wanted to take her there to make sure there wasn’t anything that would remind her of my wife and get those guilt feelings panging again. The guest room is literally six steps across the hallway from the loft and we half walked and half stumbled through the door. Her shirt was already open showing my favorite purple lace bra she’d worn for me and my shirt was off and my pants were already undone. I decided to catch her state of undress up with mine and slid her shirt off of her shoulders while reaching back and unclasping her bra. I knelt in front of her and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding the zipper down and starting to tug them off her hips. She stepped out of them leaving them in a pile on the floor and jumped onto the bed wearing her silky purple lace panties that she knew would drive me crazy. Something about purple against her tanned skin tone was such a turn on for me. I stripped off my jeans and jumped onto the bed with her in my boxer briefs that were already straining in protest against my hardened rod. We met in the center of the bed both up on our knees and each staring into the others’ eyes as we moved closer and closer.

Her hardening nipples were the first thing that touched my chest and she slowly dragged them up and down, side to side trying to tease me. I reached out and pulled her into me, our bodies meeting and the feel of skin on skin flooding our senses. She smiled up at me, she’s only five feet tall to my six foot one, and she leaned her head back exposing her delicate neckline pointing to it with her finger. Interesting, I thought, generally I take the lead in our encounters but today, it seemed that Leanna was going to. That was fine, honestly, she could tell me what she wanted and I would deliver it with as much gusto as I could muster. I kissed her neck, drawing my tongue around her adam’s apple as I moved from side to side, kissing her earlobes and the tip of her (cute as hell) nose. I moved lower kissing her shoulders and collar bone moving towards her large, firm breasts. She placed a hand under each of her boobs and lifted them up as if offering them to me and I pounced. I began to lick and suck her nipples with a fervor that I’d never had before knowing that the ultimate goal of this was to sink my shaft into her sweet pussy. I bent, basically going to all fours as I licked and kissed lower to her ribcage where she has a small tattoo of a tiger, her belly button and the top of her cute little (and well trimmed ) bush. I had not figured out why but her pubic hair was a source of fascination for me, I loved how it looked, how it smelled, how soft it was and how it tickled my nose when I was going down on Lea.

I gently pushed her over onto her back and then looked her up and down as she laid their spread out on the bed. This was heaven before my eyes and I was finally going to drive myself into her again and again. The thought of that made my cock swell even more and it was now peeking out of the waistband of my boxer briefs trying to break free. I ignored Leanna’s outstretched hand and didn’t let her touch it as I inched lower and started kissing her ankles working my way slowly up to her calves and the backs of her knees. She obviously remembered the last time I’d done this and she was getting so wet from the memory of the orgasm in her car a few weeks ago, the purple panties were wet through from her slick snatch. I licked and kissed up her thighs and when she thought I was going to start on the insides of her thighs, I fooled her and flipped her over. I kissed and licked the backs of her legs until I was face to cheek with her magnificent ass. I began to lick and kiss those luscious cheeks while kneading and massaging them as well. She was clearly enjoying the full body massage as her hips had begun to rhythmically move little by little. The natural instinct that the brain controls when a woman’s hips begin to emulate the fucking motion. We’ve all seen it and it is the best feeling in the world when you see it since you know what’s coming next.

I continued to kiss and lick Leanna’s body up one side and down the other until I had turned her again, back to facing up, and began to tug her purple panties off with my teeth. First one side, then the other, slowly pulling them down, evening them up and then pulling them down some more. It took quite some time to get those panties off but the entire time Lea was getting hotter and hotter. I crawled back up between her legs which she was spreading slowly as I moved higher still kissing and licking but now on the inside thighs knowing it was driving her insane the entire time. I was smiling a bit inside knowing that she was more than ready to fuck at this point, but I continued to draw out the foreplay. There was no way she was ever going to forget the first time we were together, I was making sure of that. As I reached the apex of her inner thighs, I began and trail my tongue over and around her swollen pussy lips brushing her clit with my tongue every so often. The effect was electric, she tensed each time as if she was having tiny lightning bolts travelling from her core to her extremities. Lea grabbed onto my head, a hand near each of my ears and literally shoved my face into her pussy grinding her hips and moaning louder.

My face was soaked and slippery with her slickness and I probed her with my extended tongue as I moved my head up and down, side to side. I also started rimming her asshole again and slid one finger in, then two. She came so hard I felt her entire body shake, her breasts heaving, her legs tightening around my head holding my face against her pulsing pussy and I waited until she released me to raise up on my knees….and I stared at her still trembling body with the anticipation that had been almost 2 years in the making. I grasped her hands and pulled her up into a sitting position and released my throbbing cock from its elastic prison so it pointed straight at her. She quickly engulfed the head in her mouth and hungrily licked and sucked me

Making my already hard cock harder than it had been in months. She lifted my penis up until she’d pressed it against my stomach and started to lick my balls sucking them into her mouth and swirling her tongue around and around, I thought I was going to blow my load right there so I, begrudgingly, pulled it away from her. Placing her on her back and holding the backsides of her knees in each hand, I spread her legs as far as they would go, the tendons of her inner thighs were defined and bulging out, her pussy was wet and slick, ready for what was coming.

I reached out a hand and dipped my fingers into her, generously covering them with her wetness, then rubbed it all over my cock as lubricant and began to work the tip of my dick up and down on her. Her slickness parted as I began to slide into her, slowly and gently. First the head disappeared into her, then the shaft, gliding in deeper but sliding out to get the shaft wetter and then sliding back in further each time. Finally, after a while, our pubes met, intermingling, as I pushed as hard and deep as I could into Lea. She gasped, wrapped her legs around my hips, her arms around my waist and looked up at me, licking her lips. She stared at me with an intensity I’d not seen before and made the “come here” motion with her index finger. I leaned in to kiss her and her tongue shot into my mouth as she pushed and pulled my waist willing me to piston inside her. I fucked her harder and faster still kissing her and being lost in the electricity that was shared between us. I pulled free of her mouth and kissed her neck, collarbone and finally latched onto her right nipple circling it with my tongue while I continued to slide in and out of her pussy.

I’d like to say that it was a marathon but dammit, after all the anticipation had built up and the long foreplay session, I did not make it past 6 minutes before I was nearing orgasm. I whispered to her that she was so fucking hot and I’d waited so long that I couldn’t stop myself and I was going to cum. Raising to my knees, I used my thumb to rub her clit as I steadily fucked her, rubbing circles around it and, with some difficulty, reaching down and rimming her asshole again. She started to catch her breath harder and I knew it was nearing time for her as well. I pulled back, withdrawing until only the tip of my head was still inside her and then leaned forward and grabbed her shoulders for leverage and shoved myself into her as hard and deep as I could when I came. I don’t know how much cum I shot into Leanna but it seemed like more than I’d ejaculated in years. My shuddering orgasm and the hot jets that coated her inside pushed Lea over the edge and she contracted every muscle, her legs tightening around my waist, her arms crushing me to her. We laid there panting and looking into each others’ eyes, kissing softly and enjoying the aftermath of the incredible sex we’d just had. We fell asleep lying on our sides, my dick still nestled inside her warmness and then awoke an hour later. I hadn’t been worried about “wasting” our time together since actually sleeping in the same bed with Leanna was something I’d wanted to do for a long time. I kissed Lea’s nose and forehead and roused her by nibbling her earlobe. I’d pulled out of her while we were sleeping but I was getting hard again and it was time to continue our day together.

I got hard mainly because I woke up with this beautiful woman who I was smitten with, her arms around me, her breasts against me and her snatch pressed tightly against my hip as she’d thrown one leg over me while I had rolled to my back. Her body fit perfectly to mine and it was like she belonged where she was laying, I started playing with her tight little pussy again stroking her clit with one hand while I reached back and fondled her ass with the other. My mouth was already busy kissing her after she’d licked her way up my neck and to my waiting lips. Her hand was wrapped around my shaft and she was stroking it gently up and down straying every now and then to cup my balls and massage the skin of my sac. I had begun shaving and trimming profusely to encourage Lea to suck me and want to lick my balls and she made a comment that they were so soft and sexy. She left my side and crawled slowly up to a position laying atop me, rubbing her tits against my chest and sliding her pussy all along the length of my shaft, gyrating her hips and never taking her lips off mine. I believe that Lea loved kissing me as much as I had grown to love kissing her, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. She moved a little forward and when my cock lifted up, freed, she immediately slid backward impaling herself without even needing to guide me into her hot slot. Only then did she tear herself off my lips and prop herself up on her arms looking down into my eyes and playfully growled, “I’M going to fuck YOU now!”

And fuck me she did, Leanna was unabashed and unashamed as she pumped and gyrated on top of me putting as much effort into the sex as I had a short while ago. She wanted to make me cum even harder this time which, while improbable, still was an admirable goal that I lustfully supported. She lowered a bit, doing a sort of half push up, and rubbed her boobs against my chest, bending to kiss and lick my neck while she went full on fucking me as fast as she could. I primed my finger in her juice and reached around to rim her asshole…she’d shown that this was a big turn on for her, so I did my best to start edging her towards orgasm. She cried out, “Oh my god, I love it when you play with my ass like that!” Lea got guttural and growled as she continued to ram her pussy onto my cock over and over. By this time, I had slipped two fingers into her asshole and was gently twisting them back and forth when suddenly Lea sat up straight, shuddered and came all at the same time. Juice ran out of her pussy and all over my pubes, shaft and balls soaking me and the sheets. Turned on beyond belief I grabbed her by the waist and started pumping up into her as fast as I could, my ass was coming off the bed as we fucked, her sitting astride me. Then, I came so hard I thought it might have blown the end off my cock. As I came, I drove so deep into Lea’s sweet pussy that the base of my dick snapped, like the sound cracking your knuckles makes. It was really painful, for just a split second, but then the orgasm washed over me and I laid back down spent, happy and drenched. Lea collapsed onto my chest her face tucked into the space between my neck and shoulder. She laid there for several minutes, caught her breath and looked up at me.

She had this bemused look on her face and I asked what it was…..she said, “baby, I’m 38 years old and I have NEVER gotten off like that before. I’m sorry about getting you all wet, I have no idea what that was all about.” I laughed and asked if she ever heard of female ejaculation and she yelps, “holy shit, I squirted???” I said, “yeah, I think you did, Lea.” I guess that we bring out the best in each other because I had never drove my cock so deep that it “cracked” like that either. We spent the rest of the first day lounging, talking, cuddling and kissing. It was one of the best days of my life looking back at it. Leanna eventually had to get showered and go home since she was supposed to be working and not spending the day in bed with me. I didn’t want to let her go but knew that it was part of the deal we’d signed up for. Nothing that would jeopardize that other person’s marriage. I sighed as I kissed her goodbye through the driver’s window of her car, opened the garage door and watched her drive away. I immediately felt empty without her. The only solace I had was that she was coming back Thursday and Friday to be with me and for that, I was so incredibly happy.

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