Fiona intoduced to the lane:

The problem I’d had over the last week or so is that fucking 3 women, all in the same household, a tiresome exercise. The only thing that made it achievable is the fact that my missus the eldest of the two daughters worked away a lot of the time. Since I began fucking Alice a week or so ago I’ve been neglecting the mother Fiona. Now this is something I don’t really want to do, for the last 2 years nearly the slut has been milking my balls on a regular basis and I’ve had my mate fuck her plus managed her to get her to become the office whore at her old firm. Fiona is a cock hungry 42 year old woman who was neglected by her useless hubby for over 6 years. 6 long years with no cock! Is it any wonder she’s so hot for cock, any cock may I add.

I admit fucking Alice was out of this world, her tight cunt and sweet mouth, awesome, and the fact that she too was now being manipulated into fucking strangers for me had made me regrettably overlook my sexy whore mother in law. I had to change this and as my girlfriend was away for two weeks and Alice was helping out in the pub till late I had time to get my cock up Fiona.

Alice cleared off to work and I sat in the front room on the sofa next to Fiona. The clock was ticking round to 7pm and still her useless hubby hadn’t returned from the pub. I moved closer to Fiona and began rubbing my hand up her thigh, inching closer to her private area.

“Oi stop it, you know he could be back at any moment”.

I ignored Fiona and continued rubbing between her legs pushing her thighs apart.

“Now now Fiona that’s not how good whores behave is it, open your legs for me”.

She obeyed instantly; 2 years of being my whore had worked wonders. I unbuttoned her suit trousers and pulled down her zipper and pulled them down a little so her red lacy knickers were visible. Through the lace material a dark thin line of trimmed pubic hair was visible. Fiona had kept her pussy neatly trimmed since I’d fucked her hairy unused cunt the first time, I told her I liked a nice neat pussy, cleanly shaven around the lips and puckered arsehole.

I rubbed her folds through her knickers making her wetter, it didn’t take much for Fiona's cunt to juice up, and she was so wanton. I used her gusset aside and entered 2 fingers into her mature wet hole and located her clitoris with my thumb, I worked on her twat for a few minutes until she was close to coming then I stopped and removed my fingers.

“Take out my cock and suck me bitch”.

I sat back relaxed, watching the tv and clock as Fiona undid my jeans and pulled them and my boxer shorts down, just enough so that my cock sprung out towards her face. My 6 in thick penis stood before her, the thickest cock she’d had in 20 years of fucking she once told me, it certainly wasn’t the longest by any stretch but she certainly loved my girth up her. Fiona settled into giving me a magnificent blowjob, god this women could suck serious cock, she was a cocksucking expert, one day I thought Alice will be this good with more practice.

I was so engrossed in the sensations of Fiona's warm mouth devouring my dick that the door crashing open nearly didn’t register.

“Oh shit” we both said in unison and jumped onto the sofa, I grabbed the paper and put it across my lap covering my wilting tool. Fiona didn’t have time to grab anything from the other sofa to hide her open trousers; she did her best to hide it with her hands and pulled her knees up a little. He staggered into the dining room hitting everything in his path before wobbling his way into the lounge and past the sofa on his way to bed.

“What the fuck you looking at you fat slag” he slurred at Fiona. He was off again with the abuse, no wonder she didn’t want to fuck the useless prick. He called her fat in an attempt to knock her self confidence but at a sexy size 14 with massive 36f tits she had nothing to worry about. Maybe she should just tell him that in the last 2 years she’d had more than 15 different cocks in her holes and none of them seemed to mind to much!.

Both ignoring him he crashed through the door and up the stairs falling onto his bed into a deep pissed up sleep. What a tosser I thought. He was to pissed to even notice his wifes unbuttoned trousers anyway.

“Right Fiona now he’s back in bed were off out for some fun”.

“Where we going”.

“You’ll see, maybe they’ll be a nice surprise for you as well”.

When I first started sleeping with Fiona we’d try and sneak cheeky shags in whenever possible at the house but we did fuck lots of times in her or my car at various locations around Leicestershire. It was a long time since we’d fucked in the car and what better place to go than cottage lane, and I’d of laid money on the dirty farmer being around, especially after his treat last night.

It took around 10 minutes to get to the lane by which time it was gone 8:30pm and very dark. On the way up I noticed the farmer’s dark Landover in the usual gate way, Fiona didn’t pay any attention to it. I pulled into the gateway I’d used on previous occasions with Alice, backing down until the boot was nearly against the gate. I left the lights on as normal and told Fiona to get out the car and stand in the beams and strip to her underwear. Being an experienced whore she didn’t question why, she just did it, chucking her trousers and blouse onto the passenger seat.

I jumped out and pulled my jeans and boxers round my ankles, I leant back against the bonnet of the car and told Fiona to suck me off she pounced on my cock like a hungry slut, deep throating me with expert qualities, my girth filling her wet warm mouth. As she sucked I reached under her and pulled the cups of her matching red bra down over her big tits, I found her hard large nipples and rolled them in my fingers. Fiona loved nipple play as it normally helped juice her cunt quickly, in readiness for a cock.

It wasn’t long before the farmer stepped into the beam of the headlights, he was dressed in his usual green wax coat and blue jeans and again he wore wellington boots. I waved him over but didn’t say anything to Fiona yet. I gripped Fiona's head on either side feeding her my cock and not allowing her to leave my shaft. The farmer approached and came in close behind Fiona, she stopped sucking and tried to pull up off my dick.

“Did I say you could stop sucking my cock you whore? Fucking carry on”.

Fiona carried on but tried to shift round to the side to see what the presence was behind her, this is when the farmer became active by planting to rough hands on her ass cheeks and having a good grope of her bare cheeks.

“What we got here then boy, where’s that young little thing you had her last night?”

“That little slut is busy for a couple of nights so I decided to bring this old scrubber for a trip to the lane”

Fiona was franticly trying to stop sucking my cock and see who’s the rough handed man was. She had little chance of moving with me holding her head and the farmer behind her holding her arse. The farmer roughly pulled her thong down her legs, bending down and making her step out of them. He put her red knickers to his nose and inhaled deeply,

“Ummm very nice”.

He then slapped the inside of Fiona's left leg urging her to spread her legs,

“Spread your fucking legs your tart let me see that pussy”.

Fiona slide her feet apart,

“Whoa ho nice fucking pussy bitch, it looks very wet, lets have a look shall we”.

Fiona made a muffled sound on my cock and stopped sucking a second as the farmer invaded her hole with his rough fingers, I couldn’t see how many fingers he had up her, not until he pulled them out and sucked them clean. He’d had 4 fingers straight up her pussy, no wonder she was groaning on my cock, his fingers were thick and rough and were now being pushed deep into her pussy again. The farmer then buried his head out of sight deep into Fiona's bum cheeks, he must’ve been licking her brown hole. Fiona opened her mouth and let out a muffled moan and groan, then shook violently.

“Fucking slut just leaked all over my face, you fucking like tongue don’t you bitch? I bet you like a finger in there like that young slut last night?”

“Reach round and spread your ass cheeks bitch”

Fiona did this without hesitation; displaying her tightest hole to a bloke she’d only heard and never laid eyes on. A thick rough index finger was inserted into her anus, the farmer totally uninterested in her anuses resistance; he pushed hard until his whole finger was deep in her rectum. He worked his finger in and out round and round until her bottom had loosened a little, he then painfully forced another finger into Fiona's abused ass.

“What a slut, what a slut she fucking loves it in her arse”

Fiona came again as the two fingers punished her tight hole.

“Get your cock up the bitch anyway she needs a good fuck” I told the farmer, he wasted no time in dropping his dirty jeans and pants and tucking in behind Fiona. His 7.5 incher disappeared up into Fiona's hole and she moaned loudly, I released her head and she shot up spinning her head round over her shoulder. S he was meet by the face of the farmer, sweating , pumping himself into her from behind.

“Nice to meet you, you dirty old slut, do you like my cock in your cunt hey, you dirty cock whore”.

I fed my cock back into her throat and me and the farmer double ended Fiona in the headlights, every time he thrust he forced her down my dick, it wasn’t long before I needed to empty my sacks and grabbed her and held her down on my dick, my cock pulsated and sperm spewed into her throat. Of course she swallowed the lot except a bit that dribbled down her chin. I stood aside and let the farmer continue slamming his meat into Fiona's mature hole, his old cock doing it’s best to make her come. Without me supporting her she had to lean over the car her tits squashing into the metal.

“I’m going to come, I’m going to come, get on your knees”.

Fiona was on her knees just in time for the first of 4 large strings of come to splash down on her face, the farmer told her to suck his cock clean before getting on the bonnet and spreading her legs.

“Play with yourself till I’m hard again, that’s it stroke your wet cunt and finger your own arse for me”

“God she’s one filthy old bitch” he said looking at me briefly, wanking his cock back hard.

It took nearly 10 minutes for the farmer to regain his solid erection and when he had he walked between Fiona's legs and plunged his penis into her very wet moist tunnel. He fucked her again for about 6 minutes then pulled out.

“How dirty are you whore? You dirty enough for a strangers cock in the arse? Hey bitch, are you?”

Fiona didn’t answer she just looked down as his helmet rubbed around her puckered entrance, nudging at it. Of course Fiona was dirty enough for strange cock in the arse, this slut got gangbanged by her entire department at her old firm, but the old farmer wasn’t to know that so she allowed him to think he was the first to fuck her ass.

“Here we go slut, oh fuck yeah oh that’s nice and tight, fuck bitch you like that, yeah get it all the way in there. Oh fuck oh fuck, tight dirty ass bitch you going to get it hard now you fucking whore”

His cock was totally inside Fiona's rectum, face contorted with a mixture of pleasure and pain as her body adjusted to having 7.5” of cock inside its tight hole. After a minute or two he was ready.

“You ready bitch, ready to get fucked good and proper?”

Again she didn’t reply, Fiona just watched the pale cock begin to slide in and out of her abused asshole, moaning as her orgasm rose deep in her body. Watching as about the 18th different cock entered her anus since giving herself to me and becoming my cock whore. 6 long years of no sex and here she was 42 years old taking another strange cock in her anus in a country lane, on her daughters boyfriends bonnet as I stood wanking. What a whore Fiona was.

I watched the farmer gradually increase his pace, his thrusts getting harder, deeper, faster slamming into Fiona until his ginger bollocks hit her ass cheeks, Fiona's moans became louder and louder as her body began to shake.

“Come you whore, come all over the place, I want to see your pussy leak, come on bitch come for my cock” urged the farmer drilling her harder.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss ohhhhh Yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss”

Fiona came hard on the farmers’ dick, a little trickle of juice running from between her inflamed pink folds, down her body and around her anus and the farmers cock shaft as it continued to slide back and forth in her rectum.

“You are a dirty whore aint you bitch, leaking cunt juice when you come, all over my dick in your ass you like it don’t you, fucking you deep and hard, dirty slut, filthy fucking slut, take it, take my cock in your ass”.

The farmer was getting seriously excited as he pummelled Fiona's anus and degraded her constantly, his face was getting redder and redder and sweat streamed from his brow into his ginger bushy beard. I’d been slowly wanking throughout the scene in front of me and I was close to coming, I stepped up close to the side of Fiona and fired as much sperm as I could over her breasts and stomach. Watching my gooey seed splash down onto Fiona's body tipped the farmer over the edge.

“Here I come you whore, I’m going to come in your ass”

His pale white buttocks clenched and his deposited his sperm into Fiona's willing bowels, after pulling out we stood and watched as Fiona's loose asshole began to push the farmers stringy white sperm back out onto my bonnet.

“Scoop it from your arse and eat it off your fingers you tramp” the farmer told Fiona as he dressed himself.

Fiona scooped as much as she could from her ass using 3 fingers then sucked them clean for the farmer.

“You really are a mucky cow aint you, maybe you can get both your whores down here at the same time, I’d love to fuck them both one after the other”.

“I’ll see what I can do”. I replied, knowing full well that that was a nigh on impossibility at the moment, but it seemed to be good enough for the farmer.

I took Fiona home and battered her well used holes with my thick rod downstairs on the sofa whilst her drunken hubby was still passed out in bed. Alice was still going to be working late for the next three nights so maybe I’d take Fiona to the lane again this week.

I decide to take Fiona to the lane again on Fridaythe farmer decided to bring a friend.dirty bastard!

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