Me and Jacqui (The 1st Time)

This is my first story and its true kind of. Names, dates, and locations have been changed to protect identity of all involved.

My name is James and this is a true story that happened when me and my step-sister were 15.

After a year and a half living in our house, our parents found a bigger house a mile down the road. Three bedrooms were downstairs in one hallway, lined up on one side of the wall. My room was the one closest to the front door. Jacqui, my older sister (by 22 days), was in the next room, and Amber was in the largest and furthest bedroom from me.

In the summer of 2007, Amber went to live with her mother in Idaho. Jacqui got Amber’s room and I got Jacqui’s old room. Since then, Jacqui had become more open with me and we became closer. Sometimes accused me of masturbating while thinking of her (I think about her, but not like that).

Then the shit hit the fans in the week before Christmas ’07. My grandma Betty and uncle Danny came down for a day or two from Ponca City. Now, I have known for a long time that Danny had the hots for Jacqui, but this visit went too far. Something happened between Jacqui and Danny and I was hell-bent on finding out what.

The next night, Jacqui called me into her bedroom to watch a movie. While picking out a movie, she then told me that she had to tell me something about Danny; she had fucker her uncle! Our uncle! I couldn’t believe it.

After I calmed down, I popped in Stay Alive (that movie about some kids who play a video game and if you die in the game, you die for real). Jacqui went into the bathroom to change her clothes. She came back out wearing a thin, purple nightie. It wasn’t very sheer, but it was enough that you could see her tits perfectly.

Anyways, we watched movie. She fell asleep just when it was getting good. I left when the movie was over. As I was walking out the door, I looked down at Jacqui and saw she wasn’t wearing her panties anymore. I reached over to touch it, but denied myself the pleasure. I went back to my room and fell asleep.

Amber had come back from Idaho and was living with Grandma Caroline, my step-dad’s mother. The four of us, Jason, Jacqui, Amber, and I, were in my bedroom playing “Guitar Hero 3” on my Wii. Jason was rocking out with the song “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N Roses while Amber was playing with his hair. Jacqui was lying on the floor and said, “I want someone to play with my hair.” She debated it for a minute, and then let me play with her hair.

I started stroking her hair with my fingers. She laid the side of her head on my lap as I continued to stroke her hair. I continued to stroke her hair for damn near three hours. It was early in the morning, about 2:00 a.m., when Jason and Amber decided to call it a night. This left me and Jacqui alone.

She relaxed as I continued to play with her long, brown hair. At the time, I didn’t have a girlfriend. Jacqui knew this and said, “That feels great. Do you have any idea how much pussy you would get if you did this professionally?” I answered honestly. “No, I don’t.”
This was apparently her cue to go to work.
“Would you like to massage my hands, James?” This was less of a request, and more of a demand. I stopped playing with her hair long enough to massage both of her hands.

When I was finished with her hands, she hopped on the bed with me. “In my bedroom, there is a bottle of baby oil on the vanity. Can you get it for me, please?” I walked into her bedroom, got the baby oil, and returned. She hadn’t moved a muscle. I put the oil on the floor near the bed.

She took off her white socks and said, “Now would you massage my feet for me, please?” she asked.

Now, I this was a request. And I am not one to deny a girl, especially from Jacqui, such a request. I put some oil on my hands and I put my hands on her soft, delicate feet and began massaging them in a circular motion. She leaned back in ecstasy and relaxed against the wall. She pulled her shorts off and told me to massage her legs next. I put more oil on her legs and I slowly moved my hands from her feet to her knees.

I massaged them for about ten minutes when she peeled off her shirt and told me to scratch her back. I began scratching below her neck. She told me to go lower. I slowly moved near her bra clamp. She told me to scratch under her bra clamp. I scratched her with my fingers, not my nails. She unclamped her bra and I felt my penis growing erect.

The back scratch slowly turned into a massage. I picked up the bottle and squirted oil on Jacqui’s backside. My hands moved gently over her upper back. I moved my hands in a circular motion all over her back. She moaned with pleasure when I got to her waist. “Lower,” she told me. I kept going lower, lower, as low as I could go. She pulled the back of her panties down.

“Massage my ass, will you?” I continued in the same motion I had been going in. I massaged her ass, and sometimes I spread her cheeks to steal a glimpse at her tight, pink asshole. Once, my hand slipped off her cheek and my finger slid into her asshole because her entire back was coated in oil, and whatever was dripping off if her ass-crack, her asshole was catching. She moaned softly, but I pulled my finger out as quickly as it had gone in.

She sat upright, her bra straps were still on her shoulders, the bright pink standing out against her tan-white skin. She let the bra fall from her chest, revealing two perfectly formed 22C breasts. She stood up and opened the window that was just above my bed. I felt a cool breeze when it opened.

Without thinking, I put my hands on her breasts. I massaged and squeezed them carefully. She was squealing in ecstasy as I moved to her small, smooth belly.

She pushed my hands away and leaned forward. She peeled the fly of my pants open and pulled out my large 6’’ cock. She pushed me on my back and stuck my dick in her mouth. I could feel her sucking me hard. I could hear the sucking and gagging sounds she made while she was deepthroating me.

She stopped sucking me, stood up, and pulled down her pink G-String. She sat down on my diamond cutter and began riding me.
“Oh, that feels good. Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Fuck my pussy! Oh, James!” she screamed. “Oh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” I felt her cum first, and then I felt my balls tighten as I let my self go inside of my sister.

I then threw her on her back and began fucking the shit out of her. She tried to suppress her moans, but a few slipped out as she was brought to the brink again. I pulled out and stuck my face into her vagina. I felt her cum wash over my face. I brought my face up to her and kissed her. She licked her juices off of my face, kissed me back, and spit the juices back into my mouth. I gave her a moment to relax.
“That was fantastic,” she moaned. “I want to do that again.”
“Have you ever thought about anal sex?” I asked. She looked at me and I instantly knew what she was thinking.

She lay down on the bed on her stomach. I took the baby oil and squirted some down her ass-crack. I placed a few fingers in first. I buried myself to the knuckle. I removed my fingers and placed my cock into Jacqui’s asshole. I thrusted in and out of her asshole several times, while she played with her pussy. She orgasmed so loud, I was sure Jason heard us in the next room. I let my cum flow into her asshole. I pulled out to watch the cum leak out onto the bed sheets.

She got dressed, kissed me one more time, and left. Before she left, I asked her if we could do that again. She said she would look forward to it. I lie down in my back and fell asleep, thinking about what just went down and imagined what would happen later.

Theres more to the story. If you liked it, comment and ask for part 2.

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