My friend's mom all over_(1)

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This happened in high school when I was 16, I had a friend named Tyler who I would always hang out with, we would play video games and play sports, but that is just the usual stuff. I never really went over as much because his mom is strict, but one time I went over and saw this beautiful blonde woman hi mom's nsme was kim, about 5'5 good body and well,My jaw dropped when I saw her, wearing a low-cut cleavage showing suprise to my eyes and tight jeans that really captured her amazing ass. Her tits were the kind thT when you see them, you wanted my face and almost 8" Cock in between. I think she had atleast Cs maybe Ds, either way I wanted her. I was hard instantly which is what made it wierd when I hugged, I think she felt it but just ignored it. Her ass I remember when she walked away I nearly came right there. We went upstairs played some games after doing our homework and decided we should call some friends and play basketball. I told Tyler I would meet him down there and I think his mom though I left too, because she walked in with only her bra and thong which was see through and I could see a nice shaven pussy. She squealed and apologized
"Sorry, I was just Doin laundry and I though you left'l
"I'm sorry too, ill go play basketball now bye,"
I walked out with some strut happy with what I saw, but realized that I had a full hardon and my basketball shorts emphasized it, I waited and than once it went down I went outside and played.

After school the next day Tyler came up and told me that his mom will pick us up and we will go back to his house, outside I just replied with "cool" but inside I was happy but nervouse because of what happened yesterday. I walked outside and caught up with Tyler, I saw his mom and she was wearing a nice black dress that was a little loose and high up, I stared from the back seat going in and already started getting hard, luckily I had jeans on. She said hi and we returned with the same, but I had a little more of a sexy hey said and she noticed, looked in the mirror with confused eyes and looked back at the road. We got home and did the same thing, but when she came to get the laundry and bent over to pick it up, the loose dress was not a good choice because I saw full on tit, she had a bra on, but a loose one too, I swear I have never gotten more boners in my life. She saw me glance got up, and left, but I could tell by staring at her ass, no panties too.

This became a regular thing, not her showing off the goods, but her picking me up and taking me to my friends. One day Tyler went to play basketball and I stayed back, I didn't feel well and told him I'd catch up, but the movie I was watching had a hot sex scene, I decided to take my phone in the bathroom and jerk it. I whipped out my now 8" cock because it was harder now that I was thinking of Kim, thought of her blowing me, riding my cock, me eating her out, titty fucking her so hard and right as I was about to cum, I heard a knock and came to, and realized my balls have been smacking seat I was sitting on and it was his mom, she said
"Are you okay, need some help?"
I got so exciting thinking wow, she wants me, I can't believe I'm ganna fuck my friends mom, and right before I opened the door she said,
" is your stomach okay, are you throwing up."
I was debonerized, my dream not real and now I am embarrassed for myself,
" no I'm fine, thanks.."
I left and the next day i don't know.

About a week later I decided to go over again, Tyler asked and his mom was fine with it, it was Friday, cold and I was In a good mood. He went up to me before school got out and said,
"Dude sorry, forgot I have tutoring today"
"Than I guess I'm walking, ill see you Monday"
" nah, my mom will still pick you up, just ill be late to get home'l
I was excited again, not because of his mom, but because I don't spend Friday alone anymore.

I walked out of school and saw her, she was wearing a kind of robe, I thought maybe it was a style, not much. I got in and said hi and she said nothing, I waved, nothing. I decided to be quiet and not piss her off, but than she turned. I wondered is this a shortcut, is she going the quick route, etc. but than she hit a button, rolled up all the windows, locked the door and looked at me. I went cold, what the fuck? In one smooth sexy motion she undid her seatbelt and took off her robe an was sitting there butt naked infrint of me with her nice and firm tits that had some freckles on them but they were hot and a nice trimmed pussy ripe for eating. She said
"I saw that cock of yours go hard when you are over, I want it, but we only have an hour"
Still in shock, "okay" all I could mumble out. She than quickly started unzipping my fly and whipping out my 8" cock
"Oh my god put it in my mouth Sean" Kim slowly went up and down on my shaft and picked up the pace, every down motion I felt her tongue hit my tip, I'd flinch, she kept teasing me over an over again, but I'd had enough. I shoved her on my cock and she deep throated all of it, I let go because I felt bad to be honest, but she stayed down on it. I heard her mumble and sound like she was gargling, " oh shit" I thought, being so caught up in everything, I completely forgot out cumming. I looke down as pre-cum was everywhere, I didn't think that muh was possible. She decided to go back to stroking and sucking, but I grabbed her ass and smacked it, she'd moan every once in a while
"Smack my ass harder, harder, squeeze them see yea" than I decided to pinch the sweetest nipple I had ever seen, I pinched it while she would take a deep breathe every time I did, but than I leaned over ad put it in my mouth and sucked, without warning I came right in her mouth, she backed up saying "FUCK!" And even when she backed up it was hitting her in the face. It died Down after a while, my cock began to sleep and she laid there licking cum off her Well everywhere. She gave me a devilish smile and she put on her robe walked out and when she came back was dressed in her work clothes. She than went on to pick up Tyler.

I jerked it so many times that night I went to bed at 3 am completely naked, with hardened sheets. When I woke up I got a call from Tyler asking if I wanted to spend the night and obviously I said yes, but I came prepared. I walked over with a condom I stole from my older brother, and came with briefs and nothing to rep in so I can show kim what I got. I arrived and 8 and we did the usual video games and than basketball, but Tyler had to pick something up and he walked there because it was only a few blocks away, I decided to take a shower. Midway through the shower I heard the door open, "shit I forgot to lock it" thinking it was his sister or brother, but when the curtain moved I saw his mom pushing her tits together wearing an all white t-shirt, and all white yoga pants. She stepped in and let the fact that water going on her white clothing and making it see through do the rest. I got hard, and right before I kissed her she blocked me, being 16 and having a pretty much naked women infrint of you will make you try anything, but she whispered " no touching, just for ourselves" wondering what te fuck Sensei shit she just said made me question her, but she started stripping and dat on one end andtold me to me to sit on the other, she just started fingering her self and moaning sweet nothings. I realized she meant masterbate to eachother. I quickly wrapped my hand around my cock and went at it. She took the soap and made her tits all soapy and than her body, she was squeaky clean and so was her pussy. I saw her goin in and out. 1 finger 2, 3 and than she was like a tiger, moaning so loud it helped me and I could do it with my eyes closed, I wouldn't though. She kept going quicker and so did I, than the unexpected happened. She squirted! It went across the tub and onto my dick and I came, I felt so satisfied and she just got up, took her clothes and left.

I actually got quite sad because I had different expectations, but I decided that I'm just ganna get over it and not let it ruin my Night, but It had just begun. At dinner we sat next to eachother and I had only basketball shorts cause my briefs were soaked when she got out, so wen all the sudden I felt a hand on my thigh, I saw her acting like nothing was happening but she than was jerking me off, I tried to keep my composure, but when an angel is jerkin you off it is hard. She kept going for about a minute and than I came so hard I thought the table jumped. I moaned a little but I just said that I was choking and they believed it. After a couple hours when Tyler and I started watching a movie, he fell a sleep and I couldn't wake him up, so when I went downstairs to get water, Kim was watching tv. I thought nothing was ganna happen, I saw her fuck herself and she have me a handjob, but than she turned walked towards me as took off her robe in the process, I thought she wanted to fuck then and there, but she said
" lets watch a porno in my room, see how you do with that cock maybe you get harder."
I don't know what she was thinking, I'm as hard as it gets. First thing I did during the porno was get naked, she wouldn't have know if it wasnt for the fact my hard cock slapped my stomach, but there I was, naked with a naked kim in bed watching a porno. I was the hardest ill ever be, I kissed her cheek hoping for more, than she looked at me with lust and we made out, out tongues battled with eachother like there was no tomorrow, I played with her tits and she played with my balls. I than broke te kiss ad a loud *smack* sound was made, but than I made my way to sucking her titties
"Oh Sean, suck them, finger my pussy too, cum and get som."
I proceeded to do so. I shoved 4 fingers off the bat in her pussy and she just moaned my name constantly, she suggest a 69 while she was moaning, I got up and laid on top of her. I began to eat her out and it tasted so fucking good, I would've asked her how she liked it but she was 8" deep with my cock. I heard her say she was cumming but continued hard and strong with my tongue, I than felt myself and herself rease, my load went spewing into her mouth an she squirted straight onto mine, it was the coolest thing to feel any time. We sat back, but being a teenager, I got hard in less than 10 seconds. She noticed and decided that she wanted more in her pussy. She got up and started to mount my cock, it was the Sexiest thing I had ver seen, a sweet pussy going on your cock while massive titties that I began to suck on are in your face. He started going up and down "Fuck Sean, why do you have to have this long cock, fuck.. Ohhh!" She slowly rode it up and down, than began to pick up the pace, I was holding her ass with both hands speeding up te motion. We were both moaning and breathing heavily, "fuck fuck fuck oh god don't stop Sean I love that cock in me.. FUCK!" keep going I love it is all I would say, I was still in shock, than right as I was ready to cum in her sweet tight pussy, she stopped, got off and on her knees and grabbed my rock hard cock, and shoved it in between those beautiful titties. I thrusted harder and harder, we both moaned I kept the pace and felt it and told her. She kept goin but opened her mouth, all these feeling and all coming from my cock than in a quick moment she squirted on the bed and a random squirt hit my eye, than I came all over her face, it looks like she was meant to be a ghost how white her face was. "I fucking loved it Sean, you have an amazing cock and you know what to do."
I kind of sat there not knowing what to say, I laid down closed my eyes to the picture of a beautiful girl, licking my cum, from her face..

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