My Story chapter 1

*All characters are 18 or older*
**Warning to reader my writing style may not be your cup of tea, my content may not be to your liking, I make occasional notes randomly throughout so if you find any of my writing quirks annoying just stop reading and move on. With that said I hope you enjoy my story/stories or else what’s the point of reading it really. Life should be enjoyed. **

Hi, my names Megan and I’m going to tell you my story, and a few things about myself. I just turned eighteen recently and while what I’m about to tell you doesn’t make me proud I can’t undo it so I might as well live with it. I live in New England with my Dad, my mom left, let’s just leave it at that and move on. Now I’m sure as teenagers we’ve all been through our share of hormones raging through and our bodies and all the crazy pent up sexual energy, we’ve all been there but for me…well you’ll see what I’m talking about soon.

So anyway I woke up one Friday morning after my 18th birthday, as my eyes slid slowly open I am becoming more and more aware of the pleasant sensation of masturbation. I’m talking pantie soaking I was so horny I started fucking myself before I was awake, hip grinding, arm biting, bed squeaking, throw the covers off action. I was really getting into it, so I’m going for it and tearing off my panties and nightshirt and I’m really starting to hit my stride when it just dawns on me that I’m not home as alone as I had thought. I knew my Father would be gone to work long ago, but I had forgotten my Uncle had spent the night.
So as I was well into it I was making a bit of noise, maybe too much because in runs my uncle nude, dripping wet with a soapy erection trying like hell to find out what’s going on and get a towel around himself at the same time. Needless to say he stops dead as he finds me ass up in the air pointed right at the door, three of my fingers buried to the hilt in my bald tight little pussy, juices running down my thighs.

“Oh my God Megan!” My Uncle George exclaims

As I look over my shoulder I could see his hard seven inch cock and it looks so good to me, and I can’t think straight, all common sense gone. So my hands don’t stop. I keep fingering myself hard as I rub my clit all the harder as I stare at my Uncles cock. I see the look of confusion and uncertainty on his face. My eyes were glazed over with lust, and yearning, as I stare right in his eyes and moan loudly.

“I can’t stop. I can’t stop now. Oh God!”

He wipes off his thick, hard cock and turns to leave. For some reason I felt that it shouldn’t happen. I wanted him there watching me so with a loud moaning scream I cried out to him. “Don’t leave… ngghh… keep…ooohh… watching! It’s …making… me hotter I need you to watch me.” I moaned pleading for him to stay.

He just stops and turns watching me from the doorway. “Watch … your little niece…fuck herself silly!”
(Rather bold of me, wasn’t it. I don’t know what got into me. I’m still amazed it worked.)
He turns around, watching from the doorway unsure of what he should do it seemed to me.

“Megan this seems like a bad idea, you sure you want this.” He states.

“I am.” I moan “Come closer. See how wet this is making my pussy. Right now that’s all the proof I need.”

He moves closer by a few steps which make Megan moan more.

“MMmm. You are making me soo hot right now Uncle George. You like what you see? “


“Closer Uncle. Take a good look.”

He moves a few steps closer.

“Stroke your cock.” I command
Silently he obeys.

“Do you like what you see Uncle?” I ask him as my body shivers with pleasure.”
He just nods and moves closer.

A moan of anticipation escapes me, he’s so close to me now. I can feel his body heat he so close. I watch him stoking his cock to me, I feel so sexy being the object of his desire, his eyes locked on my body. He grunts and gasps, he must be getting close. Without thinking I quickly turn around and sit on the edge of the bed. My Uncles hot cock stuffed in my mouth I start sucking it for all I’m worth as I continue fingering myself. I feel so close to orgasm too, I’m lost in the frenzied rhythm of our carnal act.

My head bobs as my body rocks back and forth, I moan my mouth full of My Uncles cock as my body was racked by a chain of tiny orgasms, right up until I taste my Uncles seed spatter against my tongue. All it took to tip me over the edge was my first taste of cum. I did my best to swallow as much as I could. My body shook and writhed with the most powerful orgasm I’d experienced up until then. I wiggled my fingers deeper inside me as my thighs clamped tight and trapped my fingers inside my spasming pussy.

(I have to say, in the moment I couldn’t really think about how it felt I just enjoyed it. I mean, it’s my orgasm I experienced it, but the explanation is all retrospect with just a hint of embellishment for effect.)

I knew my Uncle was speaking to me, likely saying all the things one would say in a moment like that but the words were lost to me as I floated through a torrent of orgasmic pleasure. I'm also sure I was making noise too but sound had failed me in this new world where it felt like I was on fire and freezing all at once. It was like an internal roller coaster ride of pleasure.
(All I know is that when my senses returned my muscles were sore and so was my throat. I’m still not sure if it was from the screaming I had done during my orgasm or if it was from my Uncles rather large cock, I’ll leave that for you to decide.)
After all that all I could do was sit there moaning and gasping for air waiting for my body to stop trembling. I’d licked every drop of cum off my Uncles cock but to my surprise his erection wasn’t going down. However I liked the taste so much I just continued to lick and suck him until I felt like I could move again.

(Me again, I just thought I’d let you know that I’d fooled around with boys my age but I never swallowed anyone’s cum before the rare times I even suck a boys cock. Honestly up until that point the most I’d done was hand jobs for the few boys I’d fooled around with. I used to be such a good girl.)

When my body relaxed I eased my finger from my gooey wet pussy with a sigh and flopped backwards onto the bed my legs draped off the bed my hair spread across the bed over my head, my arms stretched out towards each edge of my queen sized bed. I was just basking in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm thinking we were done.

(Now some may say what happened next was rape, I don’t think it was, let me be clear if I didn’t want what’s about to happen next it wouldn’t have happened. I look at it as a learning experience. Everyone knows if you tease a bull you might get the horns, well little did I know when I asked my Uncle not to leave… I teased the bull. Plain and simple, it was just naïve to think it was over just then.)

As I laid there, eyes closed to the world around me, I felt my Uncle move my left leg gently so my foot was on the edge of the bed with my knee bent and leaning left. Then the right one he moved into the same position but only pointed right. He then slid his hands under my butt and pulled it to the edge of the bed.

I just laid there letting him do what he was doing. I was curious what he was up to but not worried. I mean after what we just did, as awkward as I felt about it, it wasn’t like I could get more naked. So let him look I figured he’d seen it all already I wasn’t going to chastise him after I’d just sucked his cock and swallowed his sperm.

After he got me all situated the way he wanted me he moved to the side of the bed and started rubbing me down, gently stroking my skin. He stroked my face and rubbed his thumb across my lips and kissed me softly. It was like a gentle massage with occasional kisses. He focused on my breasts for a while, I let him explore my body as he worked his way down me. By the time he had finished with my breasts my nipples were hard once more aching to be played with.

I giggled as he kissed his way down my stomach, kissing my belly button. He kissed along my hip, then moved to the other one. I really started to like where this seemed to be headed. When he shifted his attention to kissing along my leg I was a little disappointed but enjoyed it all the same. No boy I ever dated or fooled around with ever did anything like this before.
He suddenly pressed his lips to the inside of my thigh where the leg meets the groin which made my breath catch. He was so close to my pussy I groaned, this kisses made my pussy ache, I wasn’t sure if it had recovered enough yet to touch after the pounding I just gave it with my fingers.

Instead my Uncle gently spread apart my lips and blew on my hot sensitive little clit. It felt good but a little strange, until he spread my a little farther open and started blowing a small stream of cool air around my clit which again caused that strange but good feeling. I just laid there gasping from time to time until I could feel my juices start to flow again. When suddenly he licked around my clit and started to rub it making me moan.

Just as suddenly as he had started he stopped and moved away. I wasn’t sure where he was anymore and I didn’t want to open my eyes yet, I felt that it would ruin the little game we were playing, so I just waited. I laid there thinking “where did he go?” “Is our little game over now?” I thought a little disappointed. “It was starting to get interesting.” I could feel my pussy was still open since after he licked it, I laid there trying to imagine how she must look her wet pussy just hanging open.


Pain suddenly hit me knocking most of the wind out of me, my eyes flew open as I threw my head back a blurry out of focus look at my head board. All I could do was groan “Oh my God! Fuck!” as it felt like I’d just been split in half. My hands gripped the covers of my bed in a death grip.


This time slightly duller, but it still made me cry out again. “OH fuck!” I screamed as I began to recover from the suddenness of it all. My head swiveled back up and it all came into focus for me. I saw my uncle above me and as I followed his body down I saw and felt the cause of the pain I’d felt, as I watched my Uncle withdraw his huge cock from my tiny never been fucked hole as he plunged the whole damn thing back inside me.

(Now I know some will be skeptical but why would I lie about that when I’m admitting in detail how I fucked my Uncle I mean come on use your head.)

The pain was starting to subside I realized, though it did feel odd having a cock inside me, I felt so very full as my uncles cock stretched my virgin hole. I continued to watch as my Uncle continued to pull his cock almost completely out of me and slam it back in. From my view it looked like some bizarre magic trick, I thought inanely as it made me scream.

“Oh fuck, Uncle George!” I cried out from the pain and pleasure of it. My mind was flooded with thoughts but foremost in my mind was how to let my Uncle know he’d just deflowered his own sweet niece in such a way that won’t make him stop fucking me. Nothing was spring to mind right at the moment, but in my defense I was getting the shit fucked out of me at the time, though I knew it would come to me eventually. So I just laid there on my elbows watching him punish my little box. With every thrust I’d watch amazed as slowly his cock came out wetter and wetter until it glistened with my juices.
For my first time I felt like I was taking it like a champ and I’d thought of a way to tell him I was a virgin and get back at him for the surprise fucking, not that I was really mad about it, but damn give a girl some warning before you assault the with that weaponized cock.

He was no longer slamming me like he had been and fell into a nice steady rhythm and he began to caress and kiss me from time to time and my body was really responding to it, I began to anticipate his thrusts found it much more pleasurable when I met his thrusts and began fucking him back but with me on my back it was awkward. So taking the initiative I waited for him to lean in close when he sucked my nipples and grabbed his by the neck and wrapped my legs around his hips and clung to him as he straightened up. I quickly found my balance and began fucking him back. I clung to him as he quickened his pace a little.
I found that now if I ground on him as I thrust my clit got stimulated and was soon moaning into his neck. I found I couldn’t wait any longer to let him know he was well into the process of deflowering he niece so I started by asking him question about his previous sexual encounters. My voice wavered with passion with every question I asked.

“MMmm, Uncle George, how did you get so good at fucking?” I asked.

“It just comes from practice, you’re aren’t so bad yourself.” He responded.

“Did you have lots of girlfriends growing up?” I mewed.

“I’d say I had my fair share.”

“Have you ever had sex with someone my age before as an adult?”

“No, can’t say I have. You’re the first teen girl I’ve fuck since I was a teen.”

“Have you fucked many virgins in your life?” I asked shrewdly as he suddenly switched position, he held me tight and laid down on the bed on his back. I was now riding my uncles’ cock.

“Oddly enough no, I never took a girls virginity.”

“You wouldn’t lie to me would you?” I said as I discovered that grinding in this position is amazing.

“Why would I lie about that?” he asked

“Well because I know you’ve fuck one virgin for sure.” I said with a smile.

“Oh really, and how can you be so sure of that?” he asked.

“Because, the virgin you fucked… is me. So you better do a good job. I’d hate for my first time to suck and end before it’s
completed.” I said as I boldly started to ride him harder.

“Oh my God, Megan….”

“Shhh!” I said covering his mouth “It had to happen eventually with someone. While the way it came about is not ideal at least it’s with someone who I know loves me. Now shut up and fuck me before you ruin an amazing first time.”
(Nothing more was talked about that day. We just fucked and moaned. I mean what really needs saying when you’re getting a good fucking.)

As our pace picked up I was reaching my limit but I knew I was close to Cumming as I rode my uncles’ cock but it just wasn’t happening until my Uncle tossed me off and mounted me from behind. He started hammering my pussy as he rubbed my clit. In no time he had me slamming my pussy on his cock. I was tossing my head every which way my hair flying everywhere. I had a death grip on the mattress as I screamed, bit and moaned into my pillow, not that it helped much. Especially when my orgasm hit. I don’t know what the neighbors thought was going on but they all knew where it was coming from needless to say I got some strange looks afterwards.

As I was floating in bliss I felt my uncle cum inside me, apparently I was clenched so tight on his cock that he couldn’t pull out in time. I’m not completely sure I believe that, but regardless as to why or how, I’m glad it happened. I mean, what kind of first time ends with someone Cumming on your back anyway.
Well that was my first time, though we fucked many times that day and into the night. Though lucky for me my dad had to work a double that day, who knows what would have happened if he came home and found that.
(Well to be completely honest retelling this story has gotten me all worked up, and even though I’ve masturbated three times while writing it. I think it’s time to make a call to my Uncle and get some more material for another story, depending on how well this one does I may post it if there’s enough interest.)

(A little note of interest to all my readers, you perverts may want to know I typed this up completely nude, do with that what you will. Also don’t be hurt by the fact I called you perverts, I mean it takes one to know, and as my story proves I’m quite the little pervert. Until next time, think dirty thoughts. =D)

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