I want it now!

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His cock jerked between his legs as it started to harden, she could feel his foreskin peeling back exposing the swollen head, this was what always happened when his wife pushed her warm, naked bum against him in their bed. He had been stroking her soft skin gently as they lay in bed for the last fifteen minutes and was now edging his finger tips near the soft mounds of her breasts with each stroke and this was what made his wife push against him arousing him even more.
She turned from her side to her back and guided his hand to cover her breast and her now erect nipple which stood to attention waiting to be fondled, kissed, sucked and gently chewed by her horny husband. His mouth left a trail of wet kisses from her shoulder to her breast and she could feel the saliva cool and cause goose bumps on her skin then the hot wetness as he suckled her hardened nipple between his lips. She could feel his tongue circle her nipple in his mouth and the wetness between her thighs increased as the pleasure from his sucking and licking aroused her even more. She wanted to feel his cock in her but knew that it would be a while before she did as he always took his time getting her worked up to such an intensity that if he didn’t fuck her she would go crazy.
His mouth kissed its way from her right breast to her left one and it seemed ages before her nipple was in his mouth getting the same administrations and making her wetter than before. She felt his mouth part from her breast and the sudden coolness hit her nipple as his lips started to gently kiss her neck.
“Imagine that you have on a silk camisole and French knickers just now and my fingers are moving from your soft skin and then over the silk that covers your breasts and hips. You feel them glide over your hard nipples and tease them even more, I cup the mounds of your breasts in silk and let it slide over your skin.”
‘Oh god, she thought, it almost feels as if I was wearing lingerie’ She could sense the feeling that he was describing behind her closed eyes, it was as if the silk was brushing over her nipples and breasts under his hands instead of just his finger tips.
“Feel your nipples get harder as the silk slips over them, they are so hard that you want me to suck them for you to make you come”.
‘Yes, yes, yes! She thought, suck my tits, suck them!’ Her husband had made her come one time by only sucking her nipples and nothing else, she remembered how intense it was and would have given anything for him to ram his cock into her to send her over the edge but he kept his cock out of reach and kept sucking, kissing and chewing her nipples until she came so hard that she thought she had involuntarily urinated.
Now she experienced the same sensations. She was wet and soaking wet at that too.
She could not believe how real it seemed that she was wearing lingerie even though she knew she wasn’t, her husband’s voice made it seem real along with his exquisite tongue and mouth she was sure that she would remember this night for a while.
His hand moved over her belly and it fluttered as the sensual tracings of his fingers over the exposed skin of her hips moved so excruciatingly slowly that she wanted to grab his hand and force it into her now sopping wet cunt and have an orgasm right away but she knew that if she waited she would have an orgasm that would leave her feeling shattered beyond belief.
“Feel the softness of the silk against your skin as my fingers caress you”. She could even though it wasn’t there, her husband had this uncanny knack of making make believe seem real.
“I can feel the softness of you through it, I can feel where your pubic hair catches as I stroke around your cunt. The shape of your outer lips, the moistness against the silk.”
‘Oh God! Push your fucking fingers into me, I want it now’ she thought.
“I can feel your wetness, my love, I can feel your wet cunt through the softness”
His finger tips were brushing about her outer lips and she felt her lubricating juices slowly slide between the curves of her buttocks. She wanted to say, Fuck me now but held back knowing that there was much more to come.
She gasped as his fingers parted her outer lips and pressed gently on her clitoris, she almost came because of the intensity of feeling.
Not only was her husband stroking her outer lips and clitoris but his mouth now covered her left breast and she felt her nipple engulfed in the warmth of his mouth and she gasped again as his tongue flicked around it. He sucked her nipple hard into his mouth as he slowly stroked her clitoris and the feeling of heat and wetness between her thighs just kept getting more and more powerful.
She knew that she was going to come, she could not have stopped the rushing wave that seemed to come from her nipples and her sex even if she wanted too.
She was coming! Coming so hard that she arched her back off the bed to force his fingers on to her clitoris and his mouth even harder against her breast.
Her slight moans of pleasure now turned to urgent cries as she came. The wave of her orgasm rolled out from inside her cunt, it made her nipples ache with pleasure. The release of fluid inside her now trickled out to wet her ass and the sheet below her bum. Her orgasm was now pulsing through every part of her body, she dropped back onto the bed and her knees started to shake uncontrollably. Her cunt was fluttering with muscle contractions, her nipples felt like they would burst open, the back of her knees moistened with sweat and she felt she was floating above herself.
Her husband had stopped sucking her nipples and was now smoothing his hands over her hips, belly and soft mounds of her breasts, this coupled with the dying tremors of her orgasm this felt wonderful.
“I want to feel your cock in me now! I want it now honey.!
“No bloody patience, have you?” her husband whispered in her ear.
“ To fuck with patience, just fuck me instead!”
He slid his free arm under her neck and drew her closer to him, still caressing her body. His cock was slumping slightly as the intensity of what he had been doing to his wife eased off. She did not hesitate and grasped it by the shaft feeling it jerk into life and start swelling again. His wife slid his foreskin back slowly exposing the straining head which was topped with a drop of his own lubricant. She used her finger tip to spread it all over the head and then started to masturbate him.
“Not so fast, honey or there will be nothing left for afterwards!”
She let her fingers slide down his twitching shaft and cupped his balls in her hand feeling how warm they were. Her forefinger slid to the area between the back of his balls and anus and pressed gently making his cock jerk of its own accord.
“That feels so good” He said, “too good!” and moved his hips away from her hand to slow down her administrations.
She felt his lips on her shoulder, then her breasts before they started to kiss her belly and hips. This always tickled her and made her squirm on the bed but she did not push his head away as she knew what was coming and would not stop him doing that to her ever.
His lips brushed the inside of her thighs, her hip bones and across the little patch of pubic hair above her lips making her tremble with anticipation. She could now feel his tongue lick around her mound, and the inside of the top of her thighs getting closer and closer to her vaginal lips. When he pushed a pillow under her bum she thought, ‘At last!’ the tip of his tongue touched the outer lips and she jerked as if she had received an electric shock pushing her mound against his mouth. His tongue slid slowly between them in the most tantalising way and flicked her clitoris in the passing. She gasped as the sensation shot through her body, it was amazing.
Now his tongue started to work in earnest against her clitoris, circling it, flicking it and pressing against it. She was in heaven! Her husband slid his hands under the cheeks of her bum and kept her from pushing her sex into his face as she wanted to. His finger tips slowly edged their way to her anus where he teased the outer skin as he sucked and toyed with her clitoris. She could feel her own juices running out and her husband used some of them to moisten his finger tip and slowly insert it up her ass. This was enough to start another orgasm boiling inside of her and when he sucked her clitoris into his mouth, his tongue slid into her cunt at the same time. She could not have stopped herself coming even if her life depended on it. The sensations of his finger in her ass, her clitoris in his mouth and his tongue in her cunt pushed her over the edge and she arched her back even harder as another shattering orgasm shot through her. This time the spasms went on longer as her husband kept up the 3 way stimulation until she thought she was going to black out. She had to lift his head from her sex to stop him going any further.
Her whole body trembled in her husband’s arms as the last shudders of her orgasm faded away leaving her spent and soaking wet between her thighs.
“You’re a bastard, you know that don’t you? How the fuck can you make me come like that and not want to fuck me too?”
He gave her a smile that would not have looked out of place on the Devil himself and said to her,’ I am going to fuck you honey but at least have some patience!’
Patience was the last thing on her mind, she wanted to feel his cock inside of her, she wanted to feel him fill her aching cunt, feel it pushing into the depths of her cunt. She wanted to grind her clitoris against his pubic bone, feel his balls hit her thighs, feel him withdraw to the edge of her lips and then slowly fill her again. She wanted to be fucked by her husband!
His cock lay over his belly and his balls hung between his thighs as she reached for him. He hardened instantly in her hand and she could see the tip of his cock was glistening with pre-come. She slowly slid back his foreskin and he hardened even more. There was a large droplet at the entrance to his urethra and she used her thumb to spread it over the straining head of his cock making it jerk in her hand.
“Someone likes that, don’t they? Someone wants to come in me don’t they?”
“Of course I do, Honey, but not right now”
She started to slide his foreskin up and down covering and exposing the straining head of his cock. She fondled his balls and fingered the area behind them making his cock jump in her hands. She loved this reaction to her administrations and started to masturbate him harder.
“Whoa, Honey! Keep that up and you will not be getting fucked!”
She laughed and slowed everything down as she got on her knees between his thighs and tucking her long hair behind her ears she lowered her mouth onto his shaft. The glistening head of his cock slid between her lips, she took more of him into her mouth tasting his lubrication. She liked his taste and sometimes would lick him like a lolly pop to make him exude more so she could spread it over the head of his cock with her tongue but not this time.
“Oh God! That is fantastic” he said “ but don’t waste it!”
“There is no way I am wasting this because I want you coming in me instead of all over the place!”
She raised her head and straddled his thighs with her knees while still holding onto his cock. She positioned it so it was just touching her outer lips and took her hand away. She sank down on his cock so swiftly that he gasped in surprise. She felt it pushing past her lips, sliding into her soaking wet cunt like a well oiled piston filling her completely.
She stayed hard against him for a few seconds savouring the delicious feeling of his cock inside of her. She could feel all of her hardness inside of her, she felt the heat from his shaft against the inside walls of her sex and it was fucking fantastic!
Slowly she started to slide up and down the length of his cock feeling her vagina close behind the head of it and then the opening up sensation as she lowered herself onto him yet again. His hands cupped her breasts and fondled her nipples as she moved adding even more pleasure to her body. He took one of his hands from her breast and started to stroke her clitoris as she worked herself up and down on him. She had sensations come from three different areas and combining in her brain to start off the orgasm that was surely coming.
“I love the feel of you on my cock, there is nothing else like that. The wetness of your cunt sliding on me. I want to fuck you!”
He held her against him keeping his hard cock inside her soaking wet cunt and they swapped positions with him lifting her legs onto his shoulders. This nearly made her come right there and then as she felt him in the deepest part of her filling her completely. He slowly withdrew his cock to the outer edges of her vaginal lips and she could see it glistening along the shaft from her own secretions which were now running between the cheeks of her bum, wetting the bed sheet even more. The head of his cock was jerking against her outer lips and this gave her even more sensations to add to the rest.
He slowly pushed into her and she watched as his cock disappeared into her cunt. She felt him open her up inside and the smooth sensation of his shaft slipping past her lips was another thrill. She felt his balls gently touch against her bum as his whole length filled her. He started to increase the speed of his thrusts and her bubbling under orgasm started to come to the top.
“Fuck me hard, my love, fuck me now!”
He did not need any more encouragement and started to ram his cock in and out of her cunt faster and faster as the excitement built even stronger, his balls now slapping against her bum. She reached behind him to grasp his balls but he deftly moved her hand away.
“Behave yourself, honey, you know that is enough to make me come!”
She was past listening now, her orgasm was building up to a crescendo now and she wanted him coming inside of her at the same time as she came. Sweat broke out behind her knees again and between her breasts as her orgasm started to hit her hard.
It was her own little universe now. The sensations sweeping through her all seemed to come from her cunt which was now being pounded by her husband in an effort to come at the same time as her.
The muscles inside her vagina now started to contract and pulse with her orgasm, her nipples felt as though they would burst with the excitement building inside her. Her legs ached from the trembling that overtook them but it was a pleasant ache as wave after wave of her orgasm shot through her setting fire to every nerve in her body. Her cunt clamped onto his cock as she felt the first spurt of his come jet out inside of her. Her cries of delight were now joined by her husband’s own cries as with every ramming stroke he spurted more and more of his come into her until he finally dropped her legs and collapsed panting on top of her, his cock still jerking but starting to deflate after he came.
“That was what I wanted, “ she said, “your cock making me come and you coming with me at the same time, my love. I love you so much.”
He raised himself up and kissed her mouth gently, “ I love you too, you horny little thing, you!”
His cock had now subsided and she felt it slip out of her followed by a warm mixture of his and her come sliding out and running between her bum cheeks. Normally she would have grabbed a handful of Kleenex from the bedside cabinet but this time she just let it ooze out of her enjoying the post coital glow that only came from times like this, besides she was changing the sheets tomorrow.

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