Angel Gets Double Stuffed

This story is based on a true story, honest to God. Of course some of the details are embellished in order to make it more interesting.

I like to think that I got extremely lucky in picking such an awesome wife. Angel is very beautiful standing about 5’2” with dirty blond hair that falls just above her shoulders. She’s not too thick and not too thin. She has a slightly large, round ass that is so much fun to smack when you are fucking her doggy style, and recently she has gotten a boob job. Her double D tits stop guys in their tracks every day. Angel and I are both in our late twenties.

Not only am I lucky because my wife Angel is so hot, but also because there’s not much that is off limits in the bedroom. Angel will let me do practically whatever I want like fucking her ass and tits and then cumming all over her face. Why just the other night we took a shower together and I came all over her forehead. My cum dripped down her nose and lips while I rubbed my jiz all over her forehead with my dick. It was awesome.

Well, mother’s day was coming up soon and Angel was trying to figure out what I was getting her. Jokingly I said that I was thinking about getting her a threesome. I really said that to just get a reaction from her, but realized that the thought of a threesome actually interested her. She kept asking who I would get and I told her that I didn’t know. I told her that I was just joking and she let the subject drop.

Later that night, soon after both of us climbed into bed, I felt Angel’s hand slipping into my boxers. After stroking my dick to life she pulled the covers over her head, wrapped her warm lips around my cock, and began sucking me off. Angel sucked my dick until it was rock hard and then she slipped her panties off and straddled me, sending my cock plummeting into her tight pussy.

As she rode me like a cowgirl she kissed my lips, neck, and chest. I especially love it when she licks my body. I thorough enjoy squeezing her double D tits and sucking on her pink nipples. Angel always cums the best when she’s on top so when she found the right spot she just let me have it. As a loud, sensuous moan fled her lips I pumped warm, creamy cum into her pussy.

Angel collapsed on top of me as she soaked in her intense orgasm and my cum leaked out of her pussy onto me and the sheets. After a few minutes of cuddling we cleaned up, put a towel on the bed, and went to sleep. I love falling asleep with my wife’s hot, naked body draped over me as we caress each other.

The next day we both had off of work and decided to spend the day together. As we were both getting ready in the bathroom Angel said, “You know, hypothetically speaking, if you did get me a threesome I would get you one.”

Wow! Now this definitely peeked my interest.

“Really, that sounds very tempting,” I said smiling at her. Angel has so many hot friends I wouldn’t know who to pick.

“So let me get this straight. You are telling me that if I get you a threesome with one of my friends you will get me one with one of your friends.”

“That’s correct,” Angel replied.

“So…who would you want?” I asked.

“I don’t know…who would you want?” she replied.

This went back and forth a few times because neither one of us would come out and just say who we would want.

“Okay…I guess if I had to pick someone, because that’s what you’re asking me to do, I would pick Rachel,” I daringly said.

“Really, so you think Rachel is hot huh?” Angel replied.

Now let me tell you, Rachel is super hot. She’s probably 5’9” tall, skinny, big tits, golden tan, blonde hair, and legs that go for miles. Of course I didn’t tell Angel this.

“Well, you know, you told me to pick someone and so I did,” was my response.

“Now I told you who I would pick so you have to tell me who you would pick,” I said.

“Well, I guess being forced to make a decision, I would pick Jason,” Angel replied.

“Jason, really, I would never have figured.”

“You asked, so I was just giving you an answer,” Angel said.

“I know that’s cool. I guess we’ll have to see what happens.”

Angel dressed really sexy that day in a short yellow sundress that fell mid thigh. Her silky, tan legs glistened in the sunlight as we drove down the road with the top down, and the wind was constantly blowing her dress up giving me plenty of glimpses of her white cotton panties. After a long day of running around town we decided to go to the movies.

We picked some stupid off the wall movie that neither one of us had heard of and decided to watch it. Well, we were two of only five people in the whole theater and the other three that were there were sitting in the very front. Angel and I grabbed a seat in the back and got settled. We began eating our popcorn and finally after the previews the movie started.

Shortly into the movie neither one of us were into it at all because it turned out to be pretty stupid. In fact it was so bad that the other three people that were watching it left and we were the only two in there. It didn’t take long and Angel and I were tongue wrestling just like we were in fucking high school.

I had my hands up her shirt, squeezing her big tits, and she had hers rubbing my cock which was about to bust out of my pants. She managed to get my zipper down, whipped out my dick, and began caressing it while my hands found the wet spot in her cotton panties. As our tongues thrust back and forth into each others mouths Angel stroked my cock and my fingers plunged deep into her soak and wet pussy.

All of the sudden she knelt down and started sucking my hard cock. It felt so good sliding in and out of her mouth. I stopped her just before I was going to cum and told her to stand up and lean against the back wall of the theater. I pulled her panties down around her ankles, lifted up her dress, and slowly pressed my cock into her aching pussy.

“OH!” she moaned as I began fucking her pussy like a dog. I grabbed a hold of her hips and pounded away.

“Oh God! Fuck my pussy!” She yelled out. She yelled and moaned so loud that the dude working the projector leaned out the window to see what was going on. I just looked up at him and smiled and he gave me the thumbs up.

I knew we needed to hurry up and so I gave it to her. I fucked Angel so hard she had trouble holding onto the wall. I was about to cum and I said, “Where should I put it, where should I put IT!”

“I’ll take it!” Angel said.

Just then, I pulled out of Angel and she immediately turned around, dropped to her knees, and engulfed my throbbing cock with her mouth. Angel gurgled and slurped down every ounce of cum that shot out of my dick like a cannon. After composing ourselves we quickly left before anything was said and drove home like a couple of happy teenagers. Still pumped up on the sexual adrenalin from fucking in the theater we had some more killer sex before we went to sleep. What a weekend.

The next day it was time to go back to work, and I thought real hard about asking Jason if he wanted to have a threesome with my wife. I decided to do it. Now I work with Jason everyday at my job and we are really good friends, but I had the hardest time figuring out how to approach him about this. A couple days later I saw him at work on our lunch break and we started talking. I kept putting it off and off but finally I just asked.

“Hey Jason, you think Angel is hot don’t you?” I asked.

“What! Where did that come from?” He replied.

“Well, Angel and I were doing some talking over the weekend about threesomes and who we would like to have them with, and when it came time for her to pick one of my friends she picked you.” I told him.

Jason looked surprised but said, “Hell yeah, Angel is beautiful. So you’re saying you want us three to have a threesome?”

“That’s what I’m saying if you’re interested.” I said.

“Uh…let me see. Fuck yeah!” Jason said.

“Okay, that’s all I need to know. I’ll set everything up and I’ll let you know when and where,” I told him and then we went back to work.

Well, the following weekend, I had planned for Angel and I to stay in Saturday night to watch a movie and I told her that Jason was going to come over and hang out. I told Angel that Jason was cool with having a threesome with us and I could tell she was excited. That Saturday she really primped herself out in preparation. She put on a sexy, super low cut top which squeezed her tits together showing off tons of boob, and she wore a tight jean mini-skirt. You could practically see her twat if she moved just right since she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Well, soon enough, Jason arrived at our house and we began socializing and drinking plenty of beer. The night progressed and eventually all three of us were sitting on the couch watching a movie, with Angel sitting in the middle. I was caressing her smooth legs and little by little my hand slid up her inner thigh. Angel spread her legs to give me a little more room and I began to run my fingers through her pussy lips which were already nice and moist.

Jason watched as Angel became hot while I fingered her, and the next thing I realize, Angel has a hand rubbing both of our crotches. I started to kiss Angel while still fingering her and Jason reached up and began fondling her tits. I decided to kneel down in between her legs and I yanked her skirt off revealing her wet, shaved pussy. Jason watched as I spread her legs and began eating her out.

As my tongue flicked over Angel’s clit Jason quickly took off his pants and boxers and stood up on the couch, straddling Angle placing his dick at her face, and she began sucking him off. This went on for a few minutes and all you could here were Angel’s moans muffled by Jason’s cock in her mouth.

I stood up and got completely naked and I motioned for Jason to do the same. Angel also stood up and stripped off her shirt and stood there naked and hot as hell.

“Why don’t you sit down on the couch,” Angel said to Jason. “I want both of you to treat me like a dirty, little slut. You can do whatever you want to me.”

She looked at me and winked just before she knelt down, bent over, and began sucking Jason’s cock again. I got behind Angel, and while she was going to town on Jason’s dick, I stuck mine into her pussy and began fucking her. I call that the Chinese handcuff.

To my knowledge it was the first time Angel has ever had two dicks in her at the same time, and I could tell by the moans that were being stifled by Jason’s dick that she loved every second of it. I fingered her ass while I fucked her pussy for a while and then I was ready to fuck her little asshole.

I pulled my dick out of her dripping wet pussy and slowly pressed it, inch by inch, into her tight, pink asshole. Angel took Jason’s dick out of her mouth long enough to yell out, “Fuck my ass, OH GOD! Fuck my ASS!” Jason loved every second; I know because Angel can suck a mean cock.

I thrust my hard cock in and out of her tight ass just before I was ready to cum and then I stopped. I pulled my cock out of her stretched ass and said, “Okay Jason I think we need to switch spots. Why don’t you come fuck Angel.”

I sat on the couch and without hesitation Jason stuck his hard cock into Angel’s pussy and began to fuck her. He started off slow but when he got comfortable he started wearing her out. Angel looked up and me as she stroked my cock and the look on her face as she was being fucked was awesome.

Angel kept moaning and saying, “Fuck me hard, fuck me harder!” At one point she said, “I want both of you to cum on my face at the same time.” That surprised me and I loved it. Angel sucked my cock as Jason continued having his way, all the while smacking Angels firm ass cheeks.

After a few minutes, Jason pulled out of Angel’s pussy and also stuck his cock straight into her ass. Angel’s moaning and swearing rose to a new level when he began pounding his cock deep into her tight hole. Jason fucked her ass hard for a minute or two and said, “I’m going to cum soon.”

He pulled out and both of us began stroking our cocks while Angel knelt down on the floor. I was on one side of her face and Jason was on the other, both stroking away, with our dicks pointing directly at her.

“Come on boys and cum all over my face,” Angel said and that’s about all it took for me.

I jacked off several streams of warm, delicious cum which pelted Angel’s cheek, nose, and lips, and as soon as I just about got the last drop out of me Jason exploded her face with his cum. Jason’s cum smashed against her forehead and eyes, and dripped down her nose and cheek.

Angel grabbed both of our cocks and one by one she used our dicks to rub our cum all over her face, as if it were a lotion, and then she sucked us dry. I’m telling you, that was by far the hottest thing she has ever done and it turned me on so much I still had a raging boner even after I had just came.

Before she went to the bathroom to clean herself up I ran and got my camera and took several pictures. Every once and awhile I look at those pictures of her face covered and dripping with our cum and it instantly turns me on. Jason and I put our boxers back on and when Angel was cleaned up she came and sat in between us on the couch.

“You both did a really good job,” she said as she put a hand on each one of our crotches. We continued to watch the movie, and before we knew it Angel had both of our cocks hard again.

“I want both of you to fuck me like whore and double penetrate me,” She said. Jason and I both got naked and the three of us went up to our bed. Angel climbed on top of Jason and started riding his dick. I stood back for a minute stroking myself while watching Jason squeeze and suck Angel’s huge titties as she fucked him.

When I was nice and hard I climbed up on the bed and Angel laid down on top of Jason with him still inside of her so I could get inside her ass. Carefully I straddled Jason’s legs and shoved my dick into her asshole, which by this time was a lot looser than before.

“Fuck both of my holes like a slut!” Angel yelled out as Jason and I began thrusting our cocks in and out of her body. Angel swore like a sailor and moaned like a dirty whore while we had our way with her sensuous body.

“I want both holes filled with your cum!” she yelled. “Harder, harder, HARDER!”

Jason and I fucked both of her holes for several minutes and finally I just grabbed a hold of her hips and slammed my cock as hard and fast as I could into her ass until I came. I spewed a load of warm cum inside of her ass and pulled out. You could see my cum leaking out of her stretched hole and meanwhile Jason goes at it, fucking her brains out until he came, filling her pussy with cum.

Jason pulled out and Angel rolled over on her back and began rubbing her clit really fast. It only took about thirty seconds for her to orgasm and Jason and I both watched with fascination as cum was oozed out of her ass and pussy. Angel smeared it all around her pussy lips as she finished enjoying her orgasm.

After a few minutes she went to clean up again and Jason and I both got dressed.

“Dude, that was fucking awesome,” Jason exclaimed as he was getting ready to go home.

“Thank you for doing this for me, and I know Angel really enjoyed herself…”

“Fuck yeah I did,” Angel said interrupting. “Thank you Jason,” she said giving him a hug. Jason left and Angel and I sat on the couch snuggling together as we finished the movie.

“That was really awesome letting me have a threesome,” Angel said thanking me as she caressed my body. Soon after that we went to bed and both of us were worn out. We had fallen asleep fast and in the morning I was awaken by Angel’s lips wrapped around my cock. She sucked and fucked me before getting into the shower even after she had said both of her holes were sore.

See what I mean, I think I have an awesome wife. Now that Angel got her a threesome it was time for her to get me one, and she did. Unfortunately, that will have to be another story, but trust me it’s worth it.

The End

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