My Wife Maryanne - Ch. 2

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My Wife Maryanne - Ch. 2

It was only a few days after that fateful evening when Maryanne sucked off John, our neighbor, in our living room that she said she’d really like to have a sexy outfit to wear so we could go out in public and she could have fun showing off her body and getting both of us turned on. Like most fantasies played out in bed, as willing as I was to agree to anything while we were playing with each other, when it came to following through in reality, I was quite reluctant. I guess I was afraid that what she called “just fun” could turn into something more serious. I loved her so much that I was willing to allow her fun with other men as long as I could keep her as my wife.

After a few days I ran out of excuses and after dinner one evening I drove her to a department store to shop for a new outfit. And home we came with a little black dress along with a pair of fishnet stockings, a black garter belt and two pairs of black high cut lace panties. When we got back to our apartment she wanted to try on her new purchases, and insisted that I invite John over for the fashion show. I didn’t want to do this, but finally agreed when she promised a fun night in bed if I agreed.

John was happy to join us, although a bit uncertain after the events of a few nights ago, and soon we were comfortable in our living room, glass of wine of course, and from the bedroom in strolled Maryanne, looking like a slut in her new outfit and a sexy grin on her face. She and John agreed that the look was perfect, but the dress needed to be shortened a few inches. It needed, she said, to show some of her bottom when she bent over. They settled on bringing it up to the top of the stockings; my vote didn’t count. Maryanne said she could do the alterations the next day, and went back into the bedroom to get comfortable.

A few minutes later she was back wearing nothing but a skimpy baby doll and a smile on her lips. After all she said, we had both seen her like this before, so there was no reason for her to cover up in front of us. I guess I could agree with her logic, but it still made me uncomfortable for John to be openly seeing my wife’s body, and her to be enjoying him looking at her tits and ass. I feared that it wouldn’t be long before John was fucking her regularly and I didn’t know how I could handle that. In the meantime, I just had to accept that he was going to get a blow job courtesy of Maryanne whenever she felt like it.

We talked for awhile about where would be a good place to go for Maryanne’s first night out in hew new outfit, or perhaps I should call it her “slut costume”. John suggested a bar he was familiar with that was frequented by businessmen at the end of the work day. He said it was a nice bar with a small dance floor and piped in music. What we used to call a watering hole. It sounded ideal so we made plans to go there late some afternoon when John had no classes. You might have noticed that John had become a part of this little game, but Maryanne didn’t seem to mind and I was okay with it.

The following Monday John and Maryanne drove to the bar; I was to meet them there after work. The bar was already filing up by the time I got there, and John and Maryanne had settled in and were sitting at the bar. It seemed many of the men were standing near where they were sitting, and a few of them were striking up conversations with both of them. I joined the group in time to hear one of the men ask John if he could ask his “wife” to dance. Without waiting for John to explain that they were not married and to point me out as her husband, Maryanne slid off the stool and said she’d love to.

I ordered a beer and watched for the next half hour or so as she danced with a series of men, occasionally with John, pressing her body against her partner, and now and then raising her arms high and stretching them over her partner’s shoulders which caused her dress to ride up to the top of her legs. And a few times John put his hand on her lower back and slide the dress part way up her ass. These moves did not go unnoticed by her many admirers. They knew she was putting on a show, and they loved it. I was torn between wanting to put a stop to it and wanting it to continue.

By now it was after seven o‘clock. I had had more beer than I was used to and felt I was ready to explode. I had not danced with Maryanne even once, but she whispered in my ear from time to time, things like “I love to feel of other men’s cocks pushing against me” and telling me how much fun she was having. She also told me she loved me and that I was so good to her.

We finally left for home after she promised her new friends that she’d see them again here soon. When we returned to our apartment house Maryanne insisted that John join us for a last drink (she had only had one or two at the bar). Inside, she went into the bedroom to get comfortable while John and I opened a jug of wine. She joined us after washing up, wearing a bathrobe and bare feet. The bathrobe was wrapped tightly around her and covered her completely, and I had no way to tell, but I had a feeling, maybe it was the look on her face, that she was nude underneath the robe.

I told her I wanted to talk to her privately in the kitchen, so we excused ourselves and left John alone. I asked what she was doing, and she reminded me that I had promised the other night in bed that she could let John fuck her. I said yes, but that was only because we were playing fantasy games, but she said no, a promise was a promise, and tonight was the night. I could stay here or go out for a walk, but if I really loved her I would let them fuck. Besides, she said, afterwards I would have her all to myself, and could eat her cunt and she would sit on my face. I decided to go for a walk.

This saga of my marriage to Maryanne will be continued as she and I find the time to reconcile our separate memories and recount them in a reasonably accurate sequence. Not an easy task after 35 years. If you haven’t read the first episode and you enjoyed reading this one, you might want to start at the beginning.

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