This could only mean more trouble.

What were these fuckers planning for me?

The new arrival said, “I’m Trevor and the guy you have been eating is Randy.”

I had nothing. I was stark naked, firmly planted on my knees in front of two naked boys. My cock was embarrassingly hard. My arms hung limp, my skull pounded and my body poured sweat. My brain was totally fucked on too much booze and the chemical Randy was feeding me. I had just deep-throated my first cock, and I was swimming in some sick world of degradation. I could only think of my own rock hard cock and the waves of pleasure running over me.

It was tough to even keep my eyes open. I just wanted to fold into myself and go with the pleasure flow.

I felt a pressure on my cock. Trevor had his foot pressing me there. I could see his pale, thin foot on my cock. Trevor then lifted his foot and ran it over my nipple. I moaned. My nipples were my new g-spot. Trevor played me like a violin, coaxing moan after moan out of my mouth. Randy took me by the hair and held my head steady. Trevor lifted his foot to my face.

What the hell was he doing to me now?

He actually pushed his toes over my lips.

“Suck him girl,” Randy urged.

My mind bent in on itself. The degradation was the key. The more they humiliated me, the more my cock liked it. The more I liked it. First, I let Randy the teenage faggot kiss my mouth. Then I sucked his cock. I let him put his cock in my throat. I had just discovered a new me. I so wanted to take the degradation to lower levels. The degradation was driving me to the biggest orgasm of my life.

I opened my mouth and licked at Trevor’s toes. I felt my cock ratchet up another notch. I felt like the most worthless piece of shit on the planet. I took all Trevor’s toes in my mouth, and began to suck. The loud slurping once again filled the steam room. This would be more mortifying than being caught sucking cock, I realized.

Trevor pushed his toes deeper into my mouth. In my mind, I saw another strong teenage cock, so I responded with strong suck. I found some strength in my hands and was able to grasp onto to his ankle. I took a deep breath and pulled more of his foot into my mouth. I nearly vomited when his toes hit my gag reflex. What the fuck, I am all about pleasure. I began to bob my head back and forth over his foot, pulling out to his toes, licking his nails, then plunging him back into my throat. Trevor’s toes finally breached my gag reflex, sliding an inch into my gullet. He pulled away, once again leaving me sucking at air. I had just deep-throated this faggot’s foot.

“Wow,” Trevor said. “What a fucking queer.”

I was appalled. First they were calling me a girl, now a queer. I figured I must be doing something right. I must be impressing them. Yes, of course I was. In their minds I had graduated from ‘girl’ to ‘queer’. I was one of them now.

“Should I?” Trevor asked Randy. “Will he go for it?”

“Of course he will,” Randy answered. “He wants to be one of us.”

“Ask him,” Trevor said.

Randy grabbed my hair tight, turned my face towards his. He bent down. I felt the glass bottle under my nose. Automatically, I inhaled, because I now knew this was expected of me. The chemical crashed against my brain.
The thumping which had held at a fairly high rate, ratcheted up again. Randy kept one hand in my hair. He reached down and brushed my nipple. Of course I moaned. The chemical was again taking me deeper into the land of pleasure.

“Okay bitch,” Randy said to me. “Do you really want to be our faggot tonight?”

I moaned again. Randy was now tweaking my nipple.

“Can’t hear you, bitch,” Randy said.

I continued moaning. I was getting ready to slide into the abyss. I felt a slap across my face. I opened my eyes. It was Randy’s erect cock, slamming back and forth across my face.

“Answer the question, bitch. Do you want to be our faggot?”

I tried to nod. Of course I did. I already was, wasn’t I?

But I needed to speak it. Speaking it would degrade me even further.

“Yes,” I murmured. I don’t think no was in my vocabulary, not feeling the way I was.

And then I couldn’t shut up.

“I….I want to be your faggot.”

I felt the hands in my hair again.

“Open your eyes, bitch,” Randy commanded.

I did. Barely. My vision was blurred, but I could see Trevor had turned around. His bare ass was facing towards me. Trevor was bent over the opposite bench, opening himself in my direction. He had a girl’s ass, small and hairless, and sleek with steam room heat. I was being dragged across the floor by my hair. Trevor’s ass got closer and closer. This, I could not believe. This was the most humiliating thing a human could do to another. This was the place where Trevor, the teenage faggot, expelled his shit. My head kept going, I was powerless to resist. My cock thumped in exact unison as my skull.

“Time for you to eat,” Randy said.

My mouth was forced between Trevor’s ass cheeks. Randy kept the pressure on, driving me into his core.

My nose, and mouth and lips…………….

[to be continued…………….]

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