To big to handle Part 2

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Part 2

Not sure how long I passed out for, but it couldnt of been very long, the guy was still deep inside of me. When I opened my eyes Brian was right there, asking me if I was alright. Telling me how proud he was of me, that his boy got into my cervix. I told him I was sore, my stomach hurt so bad, that I wanted it out of me. Brian kissed me, told me not yet baby, he wanted to make sure I was stretched out enough to be able to handle him. He told me the worst was over, but we had lot more to do to prepare my bottom for him. I asked who was inside of me, he told me it was the friend I met earlier, Paul. I felt him moving in and out of my cervix, wasnt as painful as in the beginning. Brian leaned over and kissed me, telling my I was ovalating and that we were going to make a baby tonight. I was shocked! Here another guy was inside of me, was he wearing a condom? I dont want to get pregnant by someone else, Brian seen my concern and assured me that it will be his child. Brians fingers was moving through my hair, telling me after tonite, only the 4 people in this room will be the only ones that will ever see my puss, that I belonged to him now. While he was talking to me, Paul was still moving in and out slowly, I felt another hand on my bum. Rubbing oil on my anus, working a finger inside of me. It was a huge turn on, Ive never been touched there, I heard Brian say he would take over. I felt his hand touching my bottom, his finger working in my anus, his finger was alot bigger than the other. But he was careful an kept it slow. Paul was still working my cervix, Brians finger in my bottom, the girls still holding my legs wide open. One of them started back on my clit, I could feel the oil being spread on me. Brians finger was going deeper and faster in my bottom, he told me to squirt on him, to give him that nut. I was panting, Paul was fucking me hard, the girls hands was massaging my breasts. I starting tighting my bottom, feeling more of Paul and Brian, I was squeezing so hard, I heard Paul say he was going to cum. I came, harder than I have ever came. Then I felt Paul cum inside of me, it was so warm, he was gasping for air. I laid there, exhausted. I felt Paul slip out of me, I could feel our cum running down my ass, Brian was working the cum into my ass. I told him to stop, I couldnt take anymore. He told me no baby, its now my turn to have you. Brian and Paul left the room, the 2 girls got warm washclothes and wiped my pussy clean. One of them told me I was lucky Brian allowed me the chance to get stretched out before he took me. Most men would never allow that sorda thing. She said she was applying extra lube inside my pussy for him, I could feel her fingers working it inside of me. I asked her why Brian allowed Paul to cum inside of me if I was ovalating. She said Paul is sterile, and Brian wanted my cervix coated so he could enter it easier. I was terrified of the thought of Brian being that deep inside of me, I knew he was bigger than Paul. I told her I dont think he will fit, he will tear me. She assured me it wont happen that way, and they will all be right here to help me through it. That Brian loved me very much and he dosent want to hurt me. I asked why she was working the lube into my bottom, she said Brian will have all of you tonight. After tonight, you will belong to him. Then we will watch your belly start to swell, breasts getting fuller, we will all be taking care of you. After she said that, Brian walked in the room, naked, walking over to me, kissing my forehead, he asks, ready to make a baby? i said yes but id prefer for us to be alone. He said no, not until I know for sure you can take me, to just relax.
One of the girls positioned a mirror so I was able to see between my legs, Brian came around, stood between my legs, I could see he was rock hard. He was so big, the thought started to scare me. The girls grabbed ahold of my ankles, spreading me until it hurt, then she took her other hand and guided Brians dick to my opening. I could feel him pushing against me, I thought as wet as I was, hed be able to slide inside. I could feel him stretching me, he pulled back away and one of the girls applied some lube to the head of his dick. It crossed my mind that maybe hes already slept with them, but right now that was the least of my concern. She positioned his dick to my opening again, he pushed slowly. I could feel my pussy stretching to allow him to enter me. I could see in the mirror that his head was almost in, he told me to tell him if it hurt to much. He kept his eyes on my pussy, telling me he loved to see it stretch around his cock. He pushed alittle harder and I gasped, he told me he wouldnt move so I can stretch alittle. I could see his black cock shine in the mirror from all the lube. He inched his way further inside of me, going slow, I was able to see his cock slowly disappearing inside of me. I felt so full. I didnt think the feeling was imaginable. One of the girls started on my clit, I could feel myself getting wetter, Brian looked up at me, his big brown eyes told me he was enjoying taking me. He worked his dick in and out so slowly, I knew there was no possible way he could fit all that inside of me. He was about 3/4 in, when I felt him hit something. We both looked at each other, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to carry his baby , that I could never leave him. No other man would ever see my puss, that no other man will be this deep inside of me. I told him yes I was sure. He told the girls to get ready, having no clue what that meant, made me alittle nervous. Brian must of picked up on it, he told me to relax, that he can feel my pussy tightening up. The girls started massaging my breasts, putting their lips on my nipples. one of their hands on my clit, while the other girls hand massaging my anus. Brian was picking up pace, going alittle harder. Paul came downstairs, I could see he was hard. He walked toward my face, held his dick up to my mouth. I opened my mouth, started sucking his cock, working the head like Brian taught me. I could hear him moan, telling me he was enjoying it. Paul grabbed my hair working my mouth faster on his cock, the suction the girls had on my nipples was getting more intense. The finger in my bum was working its way in and out, and Brian was slamming me harder. My clit was on fire, I was going to cum. I told Brian I was going to cum, he told me he wanted to see me squirt all over his cock, he put his fingers on the sides of my opening, making me spread all the way open, I could see his black cock fucking my pussy in the mirror. I couldnt take anymore, it was building, everything was going so fast. I came, I could feel myself squirting on him, Brian grabbed ahold of my ass cheeks, told me to hold on. He slammed into my cervix, buring his cock as far as he could inside of me. The pain was unbearable, my stomach cramped, then he told me he was putting his baby seed deep inside my womb. I could feel his cock unload inside of me, I could taste Pauls precum in my mouth. I knew he was about to come, I sucked harder and faster on him, making him shoot his load in my mouth. Paul finished and pulled away, Brian was still inside of me. I asked him to pull out, the cramps hurt. He refused, telling me he wanted to keep his seed deep inside me for a few minutes longer, hoping to increase our chances at concieving. A few moments went by, I asked again for him to pull out. He was still hard, making it very painful. He agreed, only if the girls held up my legs to keep the cum from running out. The girls pulled my legs up off the bed, and he pulled out. I was so thankful! I was so reliefed that it was over, the last 6 months I had been so worried about not being able to satisfy him. Now that I know I can handle him, I can finally feel secure about our relationship. I heard Brian telling the girls to get her ass ready for him. Me? NO!

to continue

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