Summer with Amanda (1)

From thirteen to seventeen I had some rough years. I had growth spurts, got acne, braces and glasses. I grew to 6'5” and was very thin. Girls weren't interested in me in those years. By my senior year in high school I finally started to grow into my body, the acne mostly went away, had my braces off and got contact lenses. I played a lot of sports and developed a lean muscular body. From seventeen to twenty I had a few girlfriends, and a couple more hookups, but nothing I feel is story worthy.

Between my sophomore and junior years of college I moved back to my parents to save money for the upcoming year. I was twenty and currently between girlfriends. Everything at home was normal, except my youngest sister had a friend who had been having problems at home, and had essentially moved into my parents house about three or four weeks earlier. My parents had an extra room, so she had own room. Her name was Amanda.

Amanda was 5'1”, probably around ninety pounds. She was a good kid but was arguing with her parents and step siblings a lot. She would still stay at her parents house a couple times a month, but was mostly living with my family. She was a cute girl with long dark hair and brown eyes. She was thin, but had nice muscular legs and a great butt. The kids in school would make fun of her because she had pretty defined calves, like a ballerina wearing high heels. I thought she had really sexy legs.

I spent the time I wasn't working at home getting to know Amanda. She was witty and funny but not the smartest girl. I learned quickly that when she was “home” she didn't like to wear a bra, so I was in a constant state of semi arousal. She had small boobs, maybe a B cup at most.

After listening to her and my sister talk I heard that they both liked to “go commando”, or not wear underwear. One day I was sitting on the couch and she was laying with her feet towards me and I happened to be able to see up her shorts. I took every chance I could to sneak peeks. She was completely shaved and all I could see was the slit, but it still was very sexy. Despite being so turned on by her I had no plans to make a move. I was happy just having the eye candy around.

One night about two weeks after coming home for the summer while sleeping I was awoken by the sound of my door shutting. I noticed I was hard and could have swore someone was just touching me. I decided it was nothing and went back to sleep. In the morning I wasn't sure, but I thought Amanda had been in my room. The next few nights I was hoping Amanda would come in my room and touch me again, but nothing happened so I thought maybe I just dreamed it.

Five nights later I woke to a hand rubbing me. I could see Amanda as she hurriedly left my room. I was so turned on I jerked myself off and went back to sleep. In the morning I decided it was definitely not a dream, but didn't know how I was going to proceed. Should I just do nothing, letting her break into my room and touch me while I slept? Should I make a move on her? I would have to think about it.

It was on my mind the whole day. She acted the same as always, but I did catch her looking at my crotch a couple times when she thought I wasn't looking. I decided that I wanted her, but didn't know how to approach it. That night while laying in bed a thought came to me, if she could do it so could I. As quietly as I could I went down the hall to her room, and opened the door. She wasn't there, but she would sleep on the couch half the time, so I went upstairs. There she was on the couch, heavily breathing, almost a snore but not quite. My heart was racing thinking of touching her young body. It was bright enough I could see she had a blanket on her bottom half and a t shirt covering her young breasts.

I was hard before I even touched her. I grabbed my dick with my right hand while slowly placing my left on her boob. I gently squeezed while rubbing myself. That went on for a couple minutes, until I decided I needed to see her. I slowly lifted her shirt from the bottom, but just as I got to the bottom of her nipple her breathing changed, and I went to my room as quietly as I could thinking she woke up.

I had the next day off work, so I basically just spent the day with Amanda and my sister. Nothing special happened until that night. We were watching a movie and gradually everyone else was going to bed until it was just me and Amanda. When the movie ended I said “I guess it is time for me to go to bed.” Amanda said “OK goodnight.” then tickled me. I tickled her back and we got into a tickle/wrestling fight. While I tickled her I was touching her boobs more than anything else, and I know she knew it.

After a few minutes of rolling around on the floor we both started breathing hard from laughing, tickling and wrestling, so I rolled onto my back and we both had another laugh. She looked over at me and noticed the bulge in my shorts. “Looks like you had fun.” she said. “I did. You know I don't need to be asleep to touch it.” I said. Her face looked like she saw a ghost.
“Do you want to touch it or not?”
“Sorry. Yeah. Sorry”
“It's OK I liked it.”
“Can I?”
“I just said you could” I said laughing. She rolled over and gently touched my hard cock. She was touching me so lightly it was like she was trying not to wake me up. “Do you want to see it?” I asked. “Really? Yeah.”

I got up from the floor and sat on the couch and started to undo my pants. Amanda's face looked like it was Christmas morning. I pulled out my cock through the opening in my boxers. Amanda got on her knees, face inches from my throbbing rod, taking in every inch from my balls to the tip. Finally I said again “You really can touch it.” and she took it between her thumb and forefinger and continued to study it.

After about another minute she said “Can I suck it?” “Go ahead.” She put her tongue on the slit and gave it the slowest lick I've ever had, then one more slow lick, then put her mouth around it. She started slow then began to pick up the pace a bit. It was amazing. You can tell the difference between a girl who sucks your cock because you like it and a girl who sucks your cock because she really likes sucking cock, and this girl was having the time of her life. She was gently sucking while bobbing her head on me and I could feel her tongue up and down, so warm, so soft. It wasn't long before I was getting close. “I'm going to cum.” I told her, but she just kept going. Twenty seconds later “I'm really going to cum.” but she seemed to suck harder. I couldn't hold it any longer and I let it go into her young mouth.

She still didn't take her mouth off of me, but just swallowed every drop. When it stopped coming she sucked harder like she was trying to get more of the liquid from me. To me there is nothing better than a girl who swallows. “God that was good.” I said. Finally she took her mouth from my still hard dick.
“Really?” she asked.
“Oh yeah.”
“Can I tell you something?” she asked.
“Go ahead.”
“I always thought I was a lesbian, but I really like you.”
“I like you too. So you've never done that before?”
“No, but I want to do it again.”
“You can anytime. I'll even leave my door unlocked so you don't have to break in anymore.”
“Can I sleep in your bed?”
“As long as you set an alarm and go to your room before my parents wake up.”
“OK lets go to bed.”

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