Confessions from Mac the Flasher - A Serial Public Masturbator (5)

The Internet has only been around in its current form since the late 90’s. It was expensive to have and frustratingly slow (14.4kb dialup anyone!).

Facebook, Youtube and Google were still vague ideas in the heads of nerds and porn was something you really had to buy from the magazine stand or for the really good stuff, from backstreet bookshops where the dirty old men hung out.

The magazines were of poor grainy quality and if I remember correctly women still had pubic hair. Not trimmed neat pubic hair, but big wild bushes of the stuff, somewhere big game hunters could go or you might find a grizzly bear buried deep in the bush.

DVD was still in its infancy and expensive so VHS still ruled the world. Porn videos could be bought alongside the magazines from the back street bookshops and the quality would be just as bad. And the prices, extortionate
To get the very best magazines you had to travel to Sweden and Germany, the same for porn videos of the time and then try and smuggle them back home.

It’s 1998, I’m 18 and just starting university in Manchester. I’m living in some shithole that was advertised as a student let in a really grotty part of town. It comes with a damp bed, walls and flooring. But I have a 12 inch black and white TV. But it was cheap.

I have little money, no part time work and beans on toast I considered a luxury meal. So there was no way I could afford to buy porn, either as a magazine or in VHS format anyway as I didn’t have a VHS player and couldn’t afford to buy one that bit didn’t matter anyway.

Ditto, travelling to Europe to buy some.

The same with this new fangled internet thing, any way like not having a VHS player, I didn’t have a PC either so that was another thing that didn’t matter.

I would be about another year until I would have all of the above and a decent room to live in.

But as a kid we weren’t exposed to porn anywhere near as much as kids of today are, where you can get free, good quality porn 24/7 with a few clicks of your mouse.

We all knew it existed but for most of us the nearest we got to it was Sam Fox’s or Linda Lucardi’s tits in page 3 of the Sun newspaper.

Anyway I didn’t need porn when at school, I was wanking, cumming and generally being a sex pest with girls from school. I fucked a few of them as well. (Please check out some of my earlier chapters.)

I went to college in my home town, so even there I already had my favourite spots to go to where I could carry on doing the same and quickly found out others in and around college too.

As I was in a new to Manchester, I didn’t know the city, the parks or the people and it was a steep learning curve.

I did find a very cheap pub near to my room where the beer was very good and very cheap but its patrons were all old men in flat caps but bereft of sexy girls.

It would be a month or more until I was able to continue what I could do at home.

I still needed to masturbate but after a couple of days of wanking over Sam Fox’s tits instead of some real flesh, left me frustrated to say the least.

I had arrived in Manchester nearly 2 weeks before fresher’s week and would take walks around town out of boredom as much as finding out about the layout of Manchester and what it had to offer.

And it was on one of these walks I found myself near Manchester’s Chinatown and standing infront of a Porn Cinema. I never knew these places existed.

It was a dingy looking building and nothing would at first make you think what could be found inside. Any advertising outside the building was discreet, no signs lit up with bright lights shouting out what was inside, just a couple of A4 posters that said. “Adult cinema open 24 hours, showing the latest and best in adult movies from Sweden and Germany. Entrance £5”

I was tempted, very tempted and checked my wallet to see what cash I had on me. I had £10 and some change and that was to last me another week until my mum would put some more money into my bank account.

I did a quick stock take of food I had in my room and of a few things I needed to buy and I had enough money left over to go in. I wanted to see an adult movie; I wanted to see porn, proper porn and not just a pair of tits in a newspaper. So in I went.

Inside the first thing I saw was some bored looking woman behind a glass covered counter reading a book. It was dark and it there was a smell of bleach coming from somewhere in the building, I could also hear German being spoken. I paid the £5 entrance fee and she pointed to a door to my right.

I went through the door. The first thing I noticed was that the bleach smell was even stronger in here than out in the reception area.

But I soon forgot about that as I saw the big screen infront of me and saw a woman in her 30’s on her back, naked, her legs spread wide and a 3 fingers in her hairy cunt and a guy kneeling at her head with his cock deep in her mouth and she was sucking him.

My cock got hard in 2 seconds flat.

There were about 100 seats, 10 rows split in 2 by a central aisle and 10 seats per row and most were empty but there were about 20 guys spread out evenly amongst them. They were sitting as far apart from each other as they could.

I walked down the central aisle looking left and right for a seat that wasn’t too close to the other guys. As I did it I plainly see in the dull light they all had their cocks out and they were either wanking furiously or just gently stroking their cocks but they were all glued to the porn showing on the screen.

Some had taken their trousers off and were naked from the waist down and others just had their zips undone and their cocks were sticking out through the gap.

I had never seen any guy (apart from my best mate of 10 years Adam) masturbating before and so many in one place.

I hadn’t considered myself gay in anyway shape or form, I love the sight of a sexy girl’s ass, cunt and tits and have only had masturbated over a girl or fucked girls. But seeing all these cocks and half naked guys I must admit it really turned me on as much as what was happening on the screen.

I had got to the front row of seats and was still trying to find a seat, but I undid my zip and took out my rock hard cock it sticking straight out infront of me and walked back up the aisle checking left and right.
I was still deciding on a seat, but I was also checking on any reaction for the guys, whether any of them was checking out my cock.

Bingo, on my left I saw a guy defiantly looking at my cock. He was 5 rows from the front and the furthest from the aisle. I sat near him with 1 seat between us.

He was one of the guys naked from the waist down, his trousers over the back of the seat infront of him but he had his shoes on his feet.

I guessed he was in his 30’s, not ugly, not fat and his cock looked fat and long.

As I sat down, he looked up at me and smiled, I returned his smile.

I had my cock in my hand, slowing rubbing its length enjoying the sensation of my hand and also of the guy sitting near me checking me out and I was very horny.

Still sitting down I slipped off my shoes, stood up and undid my trousers and pulled then down and took them off, shortly followed by my boxer shorts too and draped them over the seat infront of me as my neighbour did.
But sitting back down, I moved one seat over and sat next to him and grabbed my shoes to put them back on as the floor was sticky and dirty.

When my shoes were firmly back on my feet I slouched back in the seat a bit my legs spread wide and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, looking at the screen and the porn slut now had a cock her cunt and still sucking a cock.

“I like your cock” my neighbour said to me.

“Nice and hard” his Mancunian accent was obvious.

“My name is Steve, what’s yours? He then asked.

“Hi Steve” and I told him my name.

“I like your cock too”

Steve moved his free hand to my inner thigh, gently massaging it. It did feel nice.

“Can I touch your cock?” he asked.

“I’m not gay” I replied.

“Neither am I, I’m married and I have 13 year old girl. You can touch mine as well if you want.”

I did want to.

“Yes,ok” and I let go of my cock and Steve took hold of it. Fuck his hand felt so damn good holding my cock and I let out an involuntary moan.

“You like that?” he asked.

I replied with another moan. The reached over and took hold of his cock too. It felt warm and very hard.
We began to stroke each other, slowly, enjoying the sensation we were giving each other. Not saying another word to each other for a while.

“Are you sure you’re not gay?” Steve asked.

“You’re very good at wanking my cock”

“I wank a lot, but I’m usually looking at girls. Sometimes they were the same age as your daughter, but not since I left school. They are a bit older now” I said.

”That’s hot” said Steve.

“I wank a lot too at home, imagining it’s my daughter I’m fucking.” He continued.

“I come here a lot as well, watch some porn and masturbate. I know all of the men here and sometimes we wank each other off. But I’ve never seen you here before.”

“My first time”

“Yeah, I didn’t think I’d seen you before”

“I just wanted to watch porn when I came in, but seeing all these guys cocks out, made me really horny.” I explained.

“You must also like wanking in public, you had got your cock out really quickly for a first timer here?”

“I love doing that, flashing girls, wanking when they can see me and getting naked. I even love cumming over them when I can get away with it.”

“Wow, you’re a real pervert aren’t you?” It was more of a statement than a question, but I nodded my head in agreement.

“I should get you around my house when the wife is at work, but my daughter is at home from school. I’d love to see you wanking near her.”

I grinned.

“Any time mate, anytime.”

I sat there watching the porno and we were still slowly stroking each other.

The porn slut with the hairy cunt was fucking 2 guys, one in her ass, the other in her cunt and she was still sucking another. It was something I had never seen before, but it was my first porno they were all new to me.

And I watched it wide eyed.

And with Steve still holding my cock, I was very very horny and had to do something about it, but I didn’t want to wank Steve off.

I stood up, causing Steve to let go of my cock and me letting go of his too. He looked disappointed. But when I took off the rest of what I was wearing, except my shoes. His face lightened up and he licked his lips. I stood infront of him naked, my cock upright and right infront of his face.

He looked greedily at it.

“Steve, suck my cock you gay cunt!” as I grabbed my cock behind my balls and pulled it down, the head right infront of his mouth.

“Take my length, and take my cum”

He lent forward opening his mouth, and stuck out his tongue and licked the length of my cock like a 5 year old licking an ice lolly.

He was licking my cock head, sending a shudder through my body and he slipped his mouth over the top and inched down until he hit my balls, sucking and licking his way down.

I had my hands on the top the back of his head and pulled his mouth tight against me holding him there for a few seconds, his hands on my ass cheeks kneading them like a baker kneads his bread dough.

I pulled my hips back pulling out half my cock and pushed back in and started to fuck his mouth.

“You’re my little gay cock sucking cunt, aren’t you Steve?”

“A pervert who wants to fuck his 13 year old daughter”

I could feel my cock hitting the back of his throat, but he didn’t let up with his sucking and his tongue ran along the length of my cock on each stroke.

For several minutes we were like this and I could feel my cock twitch as it was near to ejaculation and filling his mouth with my sloppy cum. Steve could feel it too.

“I want your cum, I want your cum, cum in my mouth.” He mumbled as it wasn’t easy to speak with a cock fucking his mouth.

“Yeah, I’ll cum in your mouth you fucking gay cock slut”

And just as I finished saying that I stopped fucking and buried my cock all the way into his mouth and shot 3 loads. He choked the once and my cum dribbled out of the side of his mouth and I pulled my cock out.

He swallowed and licked his lips

I moved to my seat and retrieved my clothes and put them back on.

“You’re leaving?” Steve asked.

I nodded.

“I haven’t cum yet, I thought you might jack me off.”

“No man, I’ve cum. I’m off, get one of your wank buddies to finish you off.” And I walked out.

I think he said something as I left but I didn’t hear it.

It was raining, no surprise there, it was Manchester after all. But the rain helped clear the smell of bleach out of my nose and the stench from my clothes.

I turned up the collar of my jacket and walked towards my room.

I never went back to that place and learnt later that it had closed down, but what I saw of the porn movie got me hooked.

But I wasn’t hooked on getting my cock sucked by another man, it did feel good though I must admit and even seeing the other guys there with their cocks out did get me aroused.

Maybe it was the surroundings, the smell of the place, I don’t know but for now it wasn’t for me.

I needed a girl, I needed to wank at a girl, I needed to wank at a girl and cum on her. And soon.

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