My Live-in Maid - Indian widow's new life abroad.-08

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My Live-in Maid - Indian widow's new life abroad.- 8

In Part 7 you read

" I need to bath," Anu said to me, with her head bowed, but I did not let her finish and take her to bed, spread her legs wide open as I begin to lick her hairy mound. Anu let out a loud moan as I licked along her slit and then pressing my hot tongue deep into her womanhood, licking and slurping up her juice, then sucking on her clit, nibbling it.

Her legs jerked and then wrapping around my head, her hands holding and brushing my hair as I devour and slurp her cunt.

Her body reacted to my tongue as she begins to orgasm over and over again; I keep on going till she cried out and plead me to let her rest a bit. Her dusky brown skin now reddish and her face flushed with a faint shade of red, I pull her to my arms and tell her that she is mine, all mine.

Anu smiled and speak in Hindi to me softly, I was puzzled and asked her to meaning of her words, but she just smiled and closed her eyes to rest. Her mind was anything but resting, what she just said was something could not yet say to me, she was yet still shy with this young man who has became her world.

The words she just said was, "Oh my young lord, to look at your young body brings me much joy, and I want to be the mother of your children my lord, let me be your motherly wife, let me be your elder sister, I will take care of you, my legs always open for you and I am fertile, accept me into your household, and let me be your woman, for I will serve you with the greatest devotion of a good Indian wife."


Now Further

That night Anu felt her legs wobbling and shaking as she walks around the house and doing the household chores. After I have sucked, licked and probed her to orgasms with my persistent tongue, I managed to fuck her very hard with my raging manhood, fucking her with relentless thrusts.

Our bodies were drenched in sweat while our juices flow down our thighs and staining her bed. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist as I held her ankles and pound her pussy very hard. The thickness of My cock stretching her mature womanhood while the bulbous cock head grinding insistently against the tiny slit opening of her cervix, against the root of her fertility that lies beyond it.

She gasped again and again for breath as my mouth suckling hard on her large fat tits, nibbling her now rock hard dark nipples between my teeth.

Ever so slightly I would tug her nipples with my teeth and Anu would gasp and moan loudly while she raise her plump hips to meet my thrusts. Her long silky hair by now is drenched, but still in the loose plait she usually arrange it into. I pulled on her plait, making her face lifting upward as I move my mouth, kissing and nibbling her tender neck while my cock grind and pound her hairy cunt very hard, and very deep.

Anu let out another cry as her legs jerked hard and her arms wrap around my neck when she begins to cum very hard. I groaned loudly and rock my hips back and forth, slamming my cock to the depth of her cunt, pressing my cock head against her tender cervix as I groaned very loud and cum together with Anu.

My cock erupted violently, jet after jet of hot burning sperm splashing against her cervix, so hot they make her cried out in orgasm as her body shuddered like a leaf. Later as we caught our breath again, we felt asleep with our bodies tangled with each other for a few hours, and wake up at late afternoon, early evening.

Anu shakes her head hard a few times, trying to concentrate on her work at hand. It is already 8:00pm now, way pass the usual dinner time set by me. But the thought of the hot steamy sex this afternoon made her legs wobble and shaking still, and her skin, she noticed became quite smooth and silky.

She stood in front of the sink, washing vegetables and prepare for cooking, but can not help to hold her legs together and in a vain attempt to keep my seeds from flowing and dripping out her hairy mound.

As her thighs pressed hard together, she signed, feeling the undeniable change to her body after she arrived here, she bit her lips, deep in thought as she remembered the old teachings in India about how the body of a woman will change if she is sexually satisfied by a strong man.

That made her face burn with lust and embarrassment, she stills harbor feelings for her dead husband and her upbringing made this matter worse with the emphasis of chastity of women. Her body and heart, she decided now belong to me, but her mind, in the dark place she kept shut and tried not to look, there the ever present customs of her upbringing lurking in the shadow, stinging her with shame and guilt.

She wondered how her parents in law were doing. Her thoughts, though happier now, are still haunted and hang in mid air regarding her family, her only family back in India. After sharing the dinner with me, Anu excused herself back to her room while I sit on the couch and begin to read some magazines.

Slowly she climbs up the stairs, but paused as she heard my call. "Anu, before you go back to your room, go in to my bedroom and clean up the bin and those wasted papers on my desk," I said with a casual tone that suggested nothing other than, what it means literally.

She answered yes and turned around in the hallway toward my room. I grinned, "It is time she learns her place, yes, it is indeed time, let the scroll be unfold and truth be out. To what effect I wonder."

I said to myself and catch the sound of my bedroom door opens as Anu step into my room to what awaits her there on my large wooden hand carved desk. The room is dark, and it took her a few seconds to find the light switch.

It is the second time Anu has ever stepped into his bedroom, and what she did in her first time in there made her chuckle with embarrassment and shyness. The room is spacious, with a large window and silken curtains. She turns around and finds a large wooden desk set against the wall right next to the door, there are scrap papers, old news papers lying all over the desk, and a garbage bin under it was filled to the rim.

Anu lets out a small sign and begin to clean up the desk and empty the bin, just when she gathered all the waste paper together on the desk, she saw something, in Hindi. Curiously she take a look and what she read shocked her and chilled her from head to toe, her body shaking despite all her cries for calm.

It is a contract, a legal binding contract, written both in Hindi and English. With trembling hands, Anu reads through the pages and the more she read the more she felt there is a dagger slowly piercing through her heart as all her world seems to crumbling down on her.

The contract summarized up to a short sentence, "we, the parents in law of Anu, here legally accepting $3 million rupees from Mr. Aamir and sell our daughter in law, Anu into his household to do as he wishes. And with our signatures, she is disowned from our household and shall begin to serve Mr. Aamir, entering his household immediately."

Anu dropped the contract on the table, her hands trembling, her mind a blank, all she had was gone, and her family disowned her, and even sold her to another man. Her lips open and close a few times, tears welling in her eyes, slowly she turns around and tried to exit the room only to find me standing by the door, looking at her.

Her lips trembles as she looks up at me and tries to speak, but found no words she can say nor ask that might ease her pain. The she takes a step forward, and slowly, very slowly leaned her head against my shoulder and begin to sob.

I grinned, and open my arms to offer comfort and solace. "So the truth is revealed, now a new day will truly begin," I said to myself as I held Anu in my arms and offer her the comfort of my company.

Both of us kept silent as Anu sobbed. For moments that seemed like eternity, I held Anu. Then slowly she disengaged from me, taking a step backward and looks up at me, her eyes were filled with confusion and mixed feeling.

I stepped aside and gesture her that she should rest, Anu walked on the soft carpeted floor, her steps heavy just like her thoughts.

Once back in her room, Anu collapsed on her bed, and covered herself under the blanket, now letting her sadness pour out as she cried out in the utter betrayal committed by her family.


She kept asking herself, but finds herself unable to answer with even a single word. Just minutes ago, home and family seem so close, but now both are out of her reach for all the time in the world. She is alone, utterly, alone.

Her hand went up to her ample bosom, feeling her heart ripped into pieces as tears flowing down her cheeks and wet the pillow along with the sheet and blankets. Anu cried and cried, curled into a ball on her bed as loneliness swept through her entire being.

Gently and slowly I sit on her bed and pull her into my arms again, offering her solace and companionship in her hour of need. A flash of devilish smile curled up the corner of my mouth, "The ties are severed, the lonely dove now helpless, and alone, with no one else to turn to except to the darkness that engulfs her whole."

That night Anu slept uneasily with me next to her, her hands clinging to me, afraid to let loose.

Looking down at her face as she slept, "The wheel of fortune is turning and the wind of destiny awaits you, my slave Anu." I said with a slow paced glacial tone that will chill any living thing to the core of their core.

All except Anu, who sleeps more soundly and feel secure that I was there with her, unaware that she was swallowed into a hole to which she has no hope to the light or climb out ever again.


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