Being physcial with my girlfriend

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This is a true story about me from a few years ago, for the sake of the privacy of those part of this story, I will be known as Orion, and my girlfriend in this will be known at Ann. Sense this me and her have broken up a long time ago, but it is always nice to go back and remember old stories.

My dad teaches at the school where I used to go, me and my girlfriend Ann would normally stay after school to work on homework together before I walked her to her bus stop just a few blocks down the road. Today however, it was a little different. My dad who normally watches us in his room was sick and in the hospital, so we had to go into the other class room to work. However with the teacher being a little grump that day we left early going into my dads room to grab our stuff before we headed out to the bus stop. Ann at the time was 15, tall standing just under 6 foot, long legs and neck length black hair. Her boobs were about B cups, nothing big but still I loved them, and she does not shave her lower region. I was around 5'10, short brown hair, blue eyes, and sadly overweight though I have lost a lot of that. And for a guy I was and still am horribly endowed, my dick only being 5 inches.

I finished grabbing my stuff and we stood in the muddle of the dark and empty room smiling at each other when suddenly I reached out grabbing her waist and pulling her into me kissing her deeply,my tongue slowly invading her mouth as our tongue fought a brutal war, though after a few seconds I pulled away taking her hands.

"You know we still have about 10 minutes before the bus gets here" Said Ann, a seductive tint to her voice as she looked at me, small amounts of lust spearing in her gaze

"So we do love, what would you like to do in these 5 or so minutes before we must go?" I responded returning her gaze

Ann wasted no time, moving at me and kissing me deeply as i followed, our tongue happy to fight each other once again as my hands moving across her sexy body moving into her shirt and to your boobs were i moved her bra out of the way and pinched her nipples causing her to moan slightly into my mouth. As we made out her hands were busy too running her fingers down my chest to my growing dick gently rubbing it through my shorts. As we made out I broke the kiss going at her neck, biting and sucking on it as I continued my assault on her body

"Baby, may I finger you?" I asked softly before biting her neck again, my hands moving from her amazing tits down to her waist line, just the small tips of my fingers going below her belt. She didn't respond, she was too busy holding back her moans, so instead she squeezed my dick hard, almost painfully. Taking the hint I moved my right hand below her belt line snaking into her panties, where i started to finger her. She was sooooo warm and wet, and her public hair only helped to make her feel like a rainforest. I shoved my middle finger into her as he moaned resting her head on my shoulder as she bit her lip, trying not to make a sound. Down below I am thrusting my finger into her as hard and as fast as possible, the sounds of me fingering her moving around the dead silent classroom. As I fingered her her grip on my dick got harder and harder before she reached into my pants and pulling it out, stroking it as the first bits of pre-cum came out. As she gave me my first hand job ever I slide my second finger into her thrusting it in and out of her sweet pussy, her juices flowing down my hand and her legs as he bit my neck, holding her moans from being heard by the world. After another minute I shoved my fingers in all the way and moved them around inside her, rubbing against her G-spot. As I did so she could not hold it back and opened her mouth, letting out the most sexual moan I have ever heard from a girl. And with that, her pussy muscles started to clench squeezing and contracting around my fingers as her entire body rocked as if it was being subject to an earthquake. As for me, her hand moved faster and faster stroking my full 5 inches all the way back and forth as her other hand sqeezed my balls, tightly, a little tighter then I think she wanted or new. A few seconds went by, and she stopped jerking me off, almost falling to the floor if I had not caught her, slowly bringing her to her knees as i went down besides her

"How did that feel love?" I asked knowing he answer, my raging hard dick pointing straight up at her

"That was. oh my god. that was amazing" she said in a combination of a deep sigh and a loud moan as she tacked me to the ground kissing me deeply

Sadly, that was when her alarm went off on her ipod and we knew we would be late to the bus. She quickly put her bra back on and I tried to calm down, shrinking my dick back to size. We ran out to the bus not sure what to say to each other, both of us breathless both of us horny as well, but sadly we had to say bye.

This is my first sex story, so please leave any and all constructive comments you can so I can use them on my next story. Sadly this is what really happened to I was slightly limited in what I could honestly write. Also if you want me to do another one of these for my next story focusing on me and Ann again, I would be more then happy to

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