Tokyo Bitch Boy

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I have been teaching in outside of Tokyo for 5 years. Last December at the beginning of the New Year's holiday I ran into a student from a corporate class I had a year ago on the train. Lets call him 1san. He was on his way home from the movies with his friend 2san. Turns out we live 3 train stops away. I invited these 2 24 year olds over for a drink. We stopped and got beer and sat in my big dank apartment that my school provides got to know each other. Neither was married, but 2san had a girl. They then asked me about dirty words, and how they wished Japanese girls would use them during sex. They asked about gays, and I replied if they were gay to which they both giggled and said no, and laughingly asked if I was, no I said, honestly. I explained that they would use they same words depending on who was the "man" and who was the "woman." Like 2 school boys they started calling each other bitch and cunt and giggled like hell. When they left 1san invited me to his house. We agreed on the day after tomorrow as I had plans the next day.
That night I fantasized about 1san blowing me while I beat off.
The next day I canceled my plans and called and invited 1san over, he said okay and would call 2san. They arrived at about 1 with beer. We sat and they started peppering me with more dirty language questions. 2san asked if I had ever played a game called Bitch Slap Five. I had never heard of it but claimed they had read that it was very popular among boys in circle jerks who weren't getting laid yet, in America. They explained that 2 boys would play Scissor-Paper-Rock. The loser would bend over, while the other asked him "Who's the bitch?" The guy bent over would reply, "You are," and then get slapped on the ass. This would repeat 5 times, if the guy could take it, and then they would switch, and so on until one couldn't take it anymore. The loser then would declare, "I'm the bitch," to stop the spanking, and would then have to do whatever the other wanted sexually, the rest of the day. I started to get hard. I knew where this was leading and I was going to get my blowjob from 1san. Maybe from both, as this seemed to be their way of signaling me.
I lost the toss so to speak, and he and I stripped with 2san watched with his eyes popping out of his head. Both 1san and I were hard and we both remarked it was the first time either of us had seen another man's hard on. I bent over. "Who's the bitch?” "You are." SLAP! He let got with a good hard one, which kind of pissed me off, though I wasn't sure why. Again the Q&A, and another slap. Rules are "You are" is the only response. You brace yourself with 2 hands and can't move them or let out any utterances of pain. I was shocked at how much it hurt. The second slap was as hard as the first, and then so was the third. I also saw that he made sure he slapped the same cheek in the same spot for maximum pain. After the third I was really hurting, I got spanked as a kid, so I thought this was going to be no big deal, but fuck it hurt. After the fourth I just gave in and was hopping around the room. I couldn't even touch my right ass cheek it stung so much. I said, gasping to catch my breath, "Okay, okay, I'm the bitch, I'm the bitch!" They were laughing their asses off. Needless to say I was no longer hard, but 1san sure was. I got some medicated gel out of the bathroom. It helped a bit and started to cool down.
I sat on the couch gingerly, lit a cigarette and drank my beer. Then I started to get panic stricken what would I have to do. Would I have to give my first blowjob or get it in the ass? I quickly thought I'd rather get it in the ass, I couldn't see myself blowing this guy. I was visibly trembling both from the beating and fright. I looked at his boner; it was about 5 inches long with helmet head and the color of a new penny. I looked at him and asked what he wanted. "I want to fuck your big white ass, bitch!" And they both started giggling. He had me kneel on the sofa leaning on the back. He approached and I freaked. No lubrication. I stopped and used the gel, liberally, on my ass. He told me, when I tried to hand it to him. "Put on my cock bitch." I did, and back in position he moved in. I was nervous as hell, and started pleading he go slow, and easy. He told me to shut the fuck up that he was going to fuck my gaijin (foreigner) ass good. He did go in slowly and I was amazed at how easily. It didn't hurt but it was an odd sensation of pressure in my ass. After he was all the way in I could see in the mirrored picture frame in front of me that he was trying to compose himself, catching his breath he just leaned against me and waited. He didn't want to come right away. He looked at bugged eyed, shocked 2san, and they both started to crack up, He took one big deep breath and said "talk to me you fucking cunt!" Relaxed he commenced fucking me. I was still trying to catch my breath, and was whimpering. I felt like a real pussy, but my ass still stung I had this guy bending me over and fucking me, and that pressure feeling in my asshole was intense. He would go about five pumps and then rest against me. After the second rest I was more relaxed, and REALLY DIGGING IT! I was talking like a bad gay porno actor.
Telling how good it felt that I was his bitch, to fuck my big white good with his beautiful prick. I was rock hard and could feel my precum started to drip on my leg with each bang in my ass. I told whatever he wanted, anything, I'm your big fucking faggot. He told me to suck 2san's cock. That kind of stopped me there. He slapped me - mercifully on the left cheek - and started asking who's the bitch. I am. He told 2san to get in front of me and told him to take off his pants. 2san stripped in front on me. His cock was hard and oozing precum. "Suck his cock, you big white gaijin bitch. Fuck the cunt's mouth, 2san." I just opened my mouth and did what I was told and actually liked it. It tasted great. His cock was longer and thinner than 1san, and much lighter in color with a more pointed knob. I bobbed and put his hand on my head, He got the idea and started fucking my mouth while holding my head. Japanese girls have this weird thing that I always hated, they look up at you while giving head. I prefer they just look at the work at hand. I love watching a girl going down on me looking like she is seriously busy. I made a point of not looking at 2san, though by the arch in his back I could tellhe was getting off watching me. Not long after I started on 2san's cock 1san stopped the chatter, picked up the pace, which had me making muffled yelps of pleasure over 2san's meat. 1san started groaning and shot his load up my ass. I didn't really feel it until he pulled out. Bracing himself and catching his breath on my back I felt the warmth of his load in my ass. Within seconds 2san let out some groan in Japanese - I still haven't learned the language after 5 years here -and started coming in my mouth big time. I didn't know what to do at first and kind of tried to keep in all in my mouth, and then just thought, fuck it, and swallowed it. I enjoyed the taste while I was sucking him so it didn't gross me out.
They went into the shower room together to wash over. Once the shock wore off they were giggling like hell and, I assume, comparing notes in Japanese. I didn't know what to do about washing up. I got them towels and set one out for myself. I sat on the toilet wondering how to get the cum out of my ass. I then started laughing, and went in the kitchen and got the turkey baster. Before I left Chicago, a group of women I worked with gave me bunch of kitchen stuff to help set my household up In Japan, and one of the items was the baster. I remember thinking what the fuck am I gonna do with turkey baster in Japan, If the girls only knew. Worked like a charm, and really flushed me out good. I then proceeded to shower. The guys were sitting on the couch when I came out, smoking and drinking our beer. They then asked me a million questions about our sex. Then 1san asked his friend something in Japanese, they nodded in agreement, and suggested we go in the bedroom. I had a regular mattress (between and twin and queen in size). The frame was cheap shit and fell apart so I just had the mattress on the floor. The sat next to each other and leaned against the wall. 1san told me to get the cigarettes, ashtrays and beer while they continued talking in Japanese. I was put off but then realized they were treating me like a paid prostitute so I went along and just sat there quietly flaccid and smoked and drank. Then they agreed on something and 2san lay down with a pillow under his ass. 1san pointed with his fingers holding the cigarette at 2san limp dick and said "doozo,” meaning to get to work on it. Their mood was now more confident, like old experienced whoremongers, not giggling little boys 7 years my junior.
I lay down with my head in his crotch, hesitated and then licked and sucking his shaven balls, then licked my way under them and started licking his asshole. I was really starting to get into it. He bag tightened as his cock got hard, I then started to bob on it, God it turned me on. He pushed me back off and motioned for me to lie on my back over the pillow, "My turn to fuck your big white ass." Then I mentioned the gel, got up and got it, lubed us both up. Then we struggled to find a comfortable position - he wanted me on my back, and my legs are too long for him to hold up, Finally I laid with 2 pillows under my ass, and kneeing between my legs he slowly started to stick his prick up my ass. “You like it bitch?" Feeling that wonderful pressure I started moaning and telling how big and beautiful his cock was and to fuck my big American good, and yadda, yadda, yadda, anything he wanted to hear, I feel the precum of mine dripping on my belly. 1san then straddled my face backwards and said, "Lick my Japanese ass, you fucking gaijin queer!" I did, and he started rocking back and forth so I was getting everything from the back of his shaved balls to his ass and back again, After a couple of minutes he climbed off lit a cigarette, urged 2san on, who had a real groove on in my ass. It felt great and all I could do was make guttural noises. 1san then straddled me and guided his cock in my mouth after slapping me with and asking, "you want it you little faggot, you want some more Japanese cock? " He laid over me and started to fuck my mouth, it was a bit uncomfortable at first, but soon it was heaven. From my ass to my mouth, heaven. He started to tell me to jack myself off, and before I started, 2san was groaning and fucking me faster, that pressure, that wonderful feeling while 1san was fucking face. 2san shot his load up my ass and pulled out. He left the room and came back with his and 1san's towel and clothes. Looking down at me 1san said "jack off you dumb cunt, I want to watch, and close your eyes." I closed my eyes and he pulled his dick out. I slobbered over my hand and started fisting from the bottom of my hand to the top over the top of my cock to the bottom while 1san told me to keep my eyes closed. I kept lifting my head and opening my mouth for his rod because I wanted him to come in my mouth when I started coming but he would only push my head back. I then started having a huge climax all over my stomach that seemed to go on forever. 2san marveled "much cum!" Then I felt a warm liquid hit my face and the smell went right up my nose. 1san was jacking off on my face. I didn't want to get it in my eyes so I kept them shut. The squirt hit me across the top of the nose, and the next two on my lips. When he finished I opened my eyes he was wiping his dick off with the towel 2san brought. I was frozen, humiliated, I just laid there. They both smiled at me, dressed, and then each threw a 10000 yen note (about $90) on me, waved, and said "bye bye." When I heard the heavy metal door clang shut I got up and ran into the shower room and washed the smelly goo off my face, and then started to vomit. I steadied myself, finished washing off; I then went in the kitchen for the hard stuff and drank myself to sleep. I woke up with a hangover, and while sitting in the shower after a pot of coffee started to feel better. The phone rang, naked and wet I answered. It was 1san, and he asked if I was okay, I was getting hard just talking to him. I said the bukkake was gross, but everything else was great. "You can fuck my big white ass anytime."

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