Surfside (chapter one)

A Dirty Novel
Written by

Chapter One

Kevin Anderson woke up at the first sound of his radio alarm when it came on at 4 A.M. It was Saturday morning and he had a busy schedule ahead of him. The bed creaked as he shifted his weight and swung his legs out from under the covers and felt the first blast of the cool morning air and the cold tile floor beneath him. He stood and then stretched to work out the sleep from his body, took a deep breath and started for the bathroom.
The shower felt wonderful as it washed away the tightness in his back. He had suffered a back injury years before while surfing and ever since the accident he had been prone to back aches every morning. The shower was the best medicine for this he thought, and after soaking for another ten minutes, he turned off the water and stepped out and dried himself. His skin bristled as the cool morning air on his wet skin caused him to break out in goose bumps. Once he was dried off, he shaved and brushed his teeth, got dressed and went down stairs to make a cup of coffee.
The kitchen light was already on when he stepped into the kitchen. He could smell coffee brewing and then he heard his aunt Cheryl come up behind him. She said "good morning, early bird, what are you doing up so early on your day off ?" Kevin turned and was shocked to see Cheryl in her mini nightdress. It was cut very low in the front and showed the deep cleavage of her magnificent breasts. Her nipples were easily visible beneath the silky covering, and he could see the round curve of her big breasts as they poked forward and upward. Cheryl realized that Kevins' gaze was anchored on her breasts, but she made no effort to cover them. Instead, she returned his gaze and looked him straight in the eyes and said "the coffee will be ready in just a minute and I'll get some toast made for us". Cheryl turned and loaded the toaster with bread, turned it on and went over to the coffee pot which was now full of fresh coffee. She could feel his eyes on her legs and her half covered ass. The nightdress she was wearing only covered her to just below her crotch and it revealed an eyeful of her upper thighs and some of her ass to Kevins' horney eyes.
Kevin just couldn't believe that his aunt had such a great body. She was only 34 years old and 34 wasn't over the hill, but he had never thought of his aunt like this before. She had a body as good and even better than most of the girls in his college classes. He felt his cock getting hard as he continued to stare at her sweet ass and wondered what it would be like to pull her panties down and see her magnificent ass naked. He imagined what it would be like to touch her cheeks and feel her pussy down below. Her pussy lips protruding from a covering of dark brown hair. He reached down and grasped his erect cock and gave it a sweet squeeze. His eyes were almost shut with the pleasure when he heard his aunt say "Kevin, wake up! Heres your coffee and toast".
Kevin, jumped at the intrusion and when he opened his eyes, saw his aunt standing directly in front of him with a cup of coffee in one hand and a plate of toast in the other. She was looking down at his hand which was still anchored firmly around his swollen bulge and said "so, for the second time, why are you up so early on your day off ?" Kevin gratefully took the toast and coffee from Cheryl and set them down on the kitchen table. He could plainly see through her nightdress to her panties beneath which covered the large mound of her pussy. He knew that she must be aware that her panties were plainly visible from such a short distance but she seemed to be enjoying the game as much as he was.
Cheryl turned and took a seat opposite him at the table and started drinking her coffee. Kevin was flushed with embarassment and stammered out that he was going to drive down to Carmel and get some shots of the coastline for his portfolio. He explained that he only needed some good landscape shots to complete his requirements for his photography class at school. Cheryl giggled and said "those weren't landscape shots you were taking a minute ago". Kevin flushed at the joke and took a bite of his toast and complemented Cheryl on her coffee. At least it changed the subject and got him off the hook.
After he had finished his toast and coffee, Kevin jumped up and grabbed his camera case and supplies from the closet and beat it to the front door. He turned and said "Bye, Cheryl! I'll be back around noon, thanks for the breakfast" and left.
The drive from Surfside down to Monterey was relaxing. The coastline was always a sight to see during the light of day but since it was dark he had to content himself with the smell of the surf, and the crash of the waves breaking onto the beach. He loved the ocean and the sights and sounds that came with it. No matter what time of the year it was, the ocean always had a magic that pulled him to it. The sun wasn't quite up yet but he knew where his favorite beach was even in the dark. He looked for the road sign for China Cove and pulled over and parked and waited for the sun to rise.
Kevin turned on the car radio and listened to the local jazz station. He couldn't get the sight of his aunt Cheryl in that nightdress out of his mind though. He had lived with her for a year. He had been living with his parents and was having a hard time making the 45 mile drive to and from school each day while holding down a job at the local garage. His aunt had recently divorced and had made him the offer to move in with her. She lived much closer to Kevin's college and she needed someone to take care of the lawn and garden and do a few things around the house.
The offer was too good to turn down and with the blessing of his parents Kevin had moved in with her. The house was a two story unit with three bedrooms. Kevin occupied one bedroom while his aunt occupied the larger one. He and his aunt had converted the third bedroom into a photographic darkroom to help him with his photography classes. It was hard to believe that this woman, who was always modest around him had allowed herself to be caught dressed like she was this morning in the kitchen.
Kevin could see the suns first rays of light highlighting the mountains on the east side of the highway and casting a dim light onto the foggy coastline below and to his right. He turned off the radio and grabbed his gear, locked up the old M.G.B. and headed down the sandy path which wound it's way to the China Cove beach a few hundred feet below.
Once on the beach, Kevin set up his tripod and mounted his camera on it. He attached his wide angle lens and scanned the scenery for a shot. The gulls were out in numbers and dozens of seals were barking a few hundred yards off the cove as they played on a rocky outcropping of the point. Kevin got a few shots of the cliffs overlooking the cove and the fog bank which made the cliffs seem to be perched on top of clouds of fog, holding them in suspension like islands. He also got some great shots of the waves bursting onto the rocks of the cove while throwing up an explosive burst of spray. The sun had now turned the dull grey water in the cove into a silvery cauldron of movement.
Kevin used the last of the roll of film and reloaded with a fresh roll. He spotted a few Cypress trees perched on the crest of the cove cliffs and decided to change to his telephoto lens for a better shot. After setting up the telephoto lens, he sighted in on the Cypress trees, brought the lens into focus and scanned them. They were magnificently perched on the cliff and the constant, coastal winds had bent them at a rugged angle. They appeared to Kevin to be like salty old men, defiantly bracing themselves against the wind in a battle that would last for hundreds of years before they would tire and gradually lose. Their branches would wither. The bark would fall away and the wood beneath would weather into a magnificent skeleton commemorating the battle. The winds and the salty air would turn the wood white, like bleached bones and the skeleton would stand for another few hundred years before falling into the sea below.
Kevin burned up a few more rolls of film on the cypress trees before the sun rose above the mountains to the west and turned the cove into a warm oasis, driving out the fog, uncovering the ocean and all of the coastal rocks. The ocean turned an emerald green and Kevin got off a few more shots before tiring of the view. He decided to move his camera into a grove of trees and take advantage of the shade they offered.
Once he was set up under a small cyprus, he laid down and watched the gulls and the sandpipers run up and down the beach while they dodged the surf as it ran up onto the sand and then quickly disappeared, leaving only a frothy foam behind.
Off in the distance he saw a young couple come down the path he had taken a couple of hours ago. The man had his arm around the girl and was carrying a blanket. Kevin got to his feet and aimed his telephoto lens at them, caught them and brought them into sharp focus. She was perhaps twenty five and he was maybe thirty. She was wearing a string bikini and he was wearing bermuda shorts. As they stepped onto the beach from the pathway, he pointed to a cropping of rocks on the south side of the cove and they both set off, down the beach and laid down the blanket between two large rocks. Kevin could see them plainly but guessed that they hadn't noticed him because the sun glare would make it hard for them to see him.
Kevin watched through his telephoto as the man lit a cigarette and lay down on the blanket next to the woman. They talked for a few minutes, then the man turned onto his side and kissed the woman and moved his hand onto her breasts. He pulled the shoulder strap of her bikini top off her shoulder and pulled the top down revealing her large breasts. He leaned over and started sucking on her nipple while squeezing her tits up against his face. She was holding his head now and was gasping with pleasure. Kevin was shocked at what he was seeing and felt his cock start to fill and harden in his jeans. He had to get this on film. He cocked his camera and fired off two shots. One of the man sucking her nipple and another as he licked her hardening nipple into full erection.
The woman had now reached over and was rubbing the mans cock through his bermudas and the bulge grew to an immense size. Kevin was transfixed at the sight. He couldn't take his eye away from the viewfinder. The woman then sat up and removed her bikini top and bottom. The man had removed his bermudas and underwear. His rock hard cock stuck straight out above his large hairy balls and Kevin could see that it was throbbing up and down just as his cock did when he had soaped it up while taking his showers. Usually it felt so good that he would continue to work the soap into a thick lather as he stroked his cock back and forth while massaging his balls until the thick cream would explode from his cock in jet after creamy jet until he was satisfied from the pleasure the release had brought him. He had often wondered if his aunt had heard him moaning from the shower when he jacked off. She probably wouldn't have mentioned it even if she had heard him though.
The woman was now laying on her side, facing the man who was on his back. She had lifted her leg, revealing her pussy to the camera and Kevin got off another shot as she reached over and wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of the mans throbbing erection. She leaned over and licked the mans balls and inner thighs as she slowly stroked the shaft up and down. She paused now and then to lick the head of his cock a few times and suck the underside of its head. Kevin got off a few more shots and watched as she slipped her other hand down to her pussy and rubbed the hairy lips of her cunt. The lips would open and close revealing the pink inner flesh as she worked her legs open and closed in pleasure. Her pussy and her asshole were completely exposed to Kevin's camera and he took advantage of every opportunity to trap it all on film.
The man now turned on his side and replaced her hand with his own. He rubbed her swollen cunt lips and spread them open, exposing her clitoris and rubbed it with his thumb while sliding two fingers into her wide open pussy. The woman was writhing in pleasure now and was bucking against his fingers. Her hand moved to the back of his head and pulled his face toward her hairy wide open cunt. He dipped his head between her legs and licked her clitoris, while continuing to finger fuck her with his hand. She held his head with both hands and guided his mouth to the areas she wanted sucked and gyrated her hips into his face as he sucked and licked at her wide open cunt. Her head kept tossing backward as she moaned in pleasure and cried "suck my pussy, suck it for me. It feels so good, make me cum, make me cum."
He continued to feast on her pussy. His face completely lost between her splayed out legs, his nose and mouth deep within the hairy folds of her cunt lips. Her legs started to shake and she held her breath while thrusting her mound up into his face and with a long gasp yelled "I'm cumming, I'm cumming now. Suck it for me, keep sucking." Her head fell backward and she started shaking all over, her nipples rose to a new hardness as they swelled to an even more magnificent erection and she opened her mouth and moaned "Aaaggghhh, fuck, fuck I'm cumming now, don't stop sucking, Aaaggghhh, you fucker suck my pussy, oh it feels so good".
The man continued to rub his face into her hairy cunt as she bucked against him while spasm after spasm of pleasure poured through her body. Her pussy had now become a wet mouth sucking back at him as her cunt contracted in spasms of pleasure and drenched his face with her pussy juices. As her climax subsided, the man continued to gently lick her pussy and slide his fingers slowly in and out of her now drenched cunt. At last it was over for the woman and she lay down exhausted onto the blanket, feeling the last ripples of pleasure and satisfaction in her belly.
Kevin was now totally lost in the scene. His cock had grown rock hard in his jeans and his balls ached. They ached like they did when he had taken his girl friend Penny to the drive-in theater and after an hour of making out, she had let him unhook her bra and slide his hands under her sweater to cup her large tits in his hands and squeeze her nipples until they became rock hard. She even let him lift her sweater and suck on her tits for a few minutes before moaning and gasping in pleasure. He was sure that she had cum while he was doing it, but she wouldn't even let him touch her pussy. He had forced her hand down to his cock, but she wouldn't go for it. He had gone home that night with a case of blue balls he'd never forget. That was the last time he took Penny out. The cock tease could find someone else to mind fuck, but it wouldn't be him.
The couple on the beach had now resumed kissing and the woman had pushed the man down onto his back and started kissing her way down his chest to his stomach and finally to his cock. His cock was fully erect and pulsating as she kissed and licked it while her other hand cupped and massaged his balls. She curled her long slender fingers around the shaft of his cock and jerked it up and down. Her large tits bounced up and down in a sexy dance and they jiggled as her hand continued to jack off the mans cock as he lay there moaning and gasping with pleasure.
His cock continued to grow and was immense by now. The woman wrapped her other hand around the base of the mans cock and was now pumping it up and down with both hands. Her face revealed the pleasure she was receiving by being in complete control of her mans hard, immense dick. She lowered her head and licked a few drops of pre cum from the opening in the head and continued to jack it off. Kevin was getting all of this on film. He had used up five rolls of 20 exposure film by now, but he still had plenty of rolls left. His photography instructor had told the class to always carry at least ten rolls of film with them when they were on an assignment or a photographic study. Kevin had brought along 15 rolls.
The woman had now slowed her stroke on the mans cock and was gently stroking it as she licked the underside of it's head. She then opened her mouth and took the entire head inside and Kevin could tell that she was rolling her tongue over it as she sucked it. Her eyes were closed and she again placed her other hand onto the mans balls and cupped them gently, and squeezed them as if to coax the cream out into her waiting mouth.
Kevin decided to move in a little closer for some better close-up shots. He checked to his left and saw a few trees with a large rock at their base that would offer good cover. He slowly moved into the small grove of trees and set his camera up behind the rock, just high enough that the lens could capture the sexy lovemaking.
The woman had now started bobbing her head up and down on the mans cock and Kevin was close enough to hear the sucking and slurping sounds that her mouth was making as she sucked. The man was moaning and his hands were entwined in her hair to better control the thrusts of his cock in and out of her pursed lips.
She then did something that Kevin had never heard of before. She licked her finger and slid it below his balls and forced it into the crease of his ass. She moved her finger up and down until she had located his ass hole and pushed her finger deep inside him. All the while she was still slowly jerking his cock with her other hand and sucking the meat of his cocks head. The man let out a groan and started gyrating his hips in time to the thrusts of her finger as it slid in and out of his ass.
Kevin continued to shoot shot after sexy shot and thought that his cock would burst out in a fiery cum of cream if this lasted much longer. The man was thrusting up into the womans face now, almost violently, but she continued to suck and stroke his cock. It was obvious that she was enjoying this as much as the man was, that she was anxiously anticipating the boiling cream that would soon shoot out from his balls.
The man clenched his teeth and moaned, "suck faster now, I'm ready to cream baby, come on baby suck the cream out". The woman started moaning as the cock slipped in and out of her sucking mouth, then the man moaned and yelled "I'm cumming baby". The woman's head jerked as the first jet of cream shot from his cock into her mouth and then spilled down past her lips and around his shaft, covering his balls with a thick cream. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and started pumping up and down on it while her finger continued to fuck in and out of his ass. Her eyes widened with pleasure as another jet of cream spurted from the mans cock. Each time she stroked his cock another spurt of thick cum would fly out and land on her face and breasts and drip onto the mans stomach and quivering, hairy balls.
She continued to gently stroke his cock until it was empty and then bent over and gave the head a few gentle sucks, while the man quivered and shook with pleasure. When she had completely drained him she gently pulled her finger out of his ass and removed a small towel from her bag and cleaned the cream from her face and breasts. Then she gently wiped the mans balls and stomach clean and lay down next to him. They were both feeling no pain after that scene.
Kevin had a hard time composing himself after witnessing what the couple had just done. His cock was still hard and it continued to throb in his jeans with each beat of his heart. But he had caught it all on film. He looked forward to developing the film and printing out some enlargements of what he had witnessed. He hoped his camera had caught the lust and pleasure that had happened on the blanket. He decided to start packing his gear and quietly leave, but as he was detatching the camera from the tripod, he noticed that the couple were now starting to get physical again. The man had begun kneading the woman's breasts again, and his finger had found it's way into the hairy lips of her pussy.
Kevin remounted the camera on top of the tripod. He re-aimed the camera lens and brought it into focus on the couple. The man had now begun sucking on the womans nipples again and Kevin could see that his cock had again hardened and was visibly throbbing. The woman had now opened her legs, revealing the pink inner flesh of her pussy, contrasted with the dark brown hairy covering of her cunt lips. The man rose to his knees, placed himself between her legs and after placing his cock at the mouth of her pussy, slowly sank his cock into her. Kevin started cocking and firing his camera as the mans cock slowly sank into the womans cunt. He could see that it had stretched wide to accomodate the large organ and seemed to suck it in, bathing it in glistening pussy juices.
The woman pulled her legs back and wrapped them around the mans waist, she grasped his ass with her hands and pulled him into her. His cock sank into her cunt to the hilt, paused there for a while then, slowly pulled out. The cuntal flesh grasped the mans cock as it withdrew, pulling the lips outward, then it would push back into her warmth, deeply penetrating into her liquid depths. The woman was gasping now as the man started to speed up his thrusting movements. His cock rammed in and out of her bucking pussy faster and faster now while his hairy balls began slapping against her exposed asshole. Kevin could hear her moaning and could sense that she was on the verge of another orgasm. The pleasure she had obviously received from sucking the mans cock earlier had worked her up and made her hornier than ever. The pussy sucking she had received had not quenched her desire, it had only started it.
The man began talking to her now as he pumped his cock faster into her steaming pussy. His fists were clenched, and he was supporting himself on his elbows in order to get longer strokes into the womans cunt. He gasped and moaned with each thrust and cried "fuck me babe, your pussy is so hot and tight. I love fucking your hairy cunt. Suck my cock with your pussy baby, suck out the cream".
The dirty talk had made the woman reach a hightened level of passion as she thrust her hips up to meet his thrusts. Her large tits were heaving and jiggling with each thrust the man made. The nipples of her tits had once again become fully erect and blood filled with the passion she was feeling. She clenched her teeth and moaned "fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder. Your cock feels so good in my pussy. Shoot your cream into my pussy baby, shoot it, shoot it. I want to feel your hot cream shooting inside my cunt."
The couple had now become a fucking machine. The man drove his cock in and out of her steamy pussy as she urged him to fuck her faster and faster. Kevin saw the mans ass cheeks begin to stiffen and clench as he pumped his rock hard cock into her. They were fucking faster and faster now and he yelled "Oh! You fucking cunt, I'm gonna cream, I'm gonna cream. Fuck me baby, give me that hot pussy". The woman returned his thrusts faster and faster now and she too was moaning and on the brink of another orgasm.
She held her breath, then gasped and cried "Aaarrrggg, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Her teeth clenched again and she let out a long groan as her pussy contacted around his thrusting cock in an orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through her belly as she lay there spread wide open for his thrusts.
The man had reached his peak now and was shaking all over as he plowed into her hot pussy. His eyes rolled back as his pleasure intensified and his cock head swelled to new dimensions, becoming super sensitive to the juicy friction he was feeling. He took a deep breath, held it and felt the hot cream deep in his balls begin boiling upward into his cock. The woman sensed that he was going to cream and cried "yes baby, cum into my hot pussy now. Fill my cunt with your hot cream, do it now." Then his balls exploded. The hot cream squirted out in jets of fire into her sucking cunt. She could feel the heat as her pussy filled with his cream, the hot jets splashing into the deep tunnel of her juicy cunt.
She again cried out "Fuck me baby, give me all your cream. I love it, it's so hot baby, Aaarrrggg, I'm cumming again". She bucked up against him as she felt the pleasure of another orgasm surge through her. Each thrust of the mans cock into her pussy squirted another jet of cream into her cunt and Kevin could see the thick juice running out of her pussy and down onto the blanket. The man continued to thrust as he emptied his balls into her. She lay there exhausted with her legs still wrapped around his waist, while her pussy continued to suck the last few drops of cream from his balls.
The scene had been incredible and Kevin couldn't believe that their fucking had been able to repeat the lust that they had displayed when they had sucked each other off. The man had lost most of his erection now and his softened cock fell from her pussy, releasing a flow of his cream mixed with her pussy juices and it ran down her ass onto the blanket. The man kissed her and rolled off her and onto his back exhausted. They had both enjoyed each other and were totally spent under the now hot sun of China Cove.
Kevin was flushed with lust after witnessing the orgy on the beach. His cock was still hard and throbbing. His balls ached fiercely now and the throbbing of his cock just wouldn't go away. He had to get away from here though. He decided that it would be best if he left as quietly as possible. He didn't want to be discovered by the couple. What they had done was a private thing and he felt slightly guilty for capturing it all on film. Strangely however he was looking forward to developing his exposures in the darkroom at home and reliving the experience through the photographs.
Kevin made a quiet retreat and found his way to the pathway that led to the top of the cove where he had parked his car. After climbing the path for ten minutes he emerged onto the flat dirt embankment overlooking the cove. He turned and looked down at the couple who were barely visible from this vantage point. Their blanket was almost completely hidden from view by the huge rocks next to it.
The car rolled out onto the highway and Kevin turned the car around and headed northbound back to the city of Surfside. His aching balls continued to feel sensitive and bloated but his cock had softened and the throbbing had stopped. There was still a warm glow in his groin that wouldn't go away. He knew that the problem would remain until he emptied his swollen balls. There was time for that later however, because at the moment he had a need for a bite to eat. He scanned the highway ahead for a diner where he could get a burger and fries.
Up ahead he saw an off ramp and a Denny's restaurant. Kevin geared down and pulled off onto the off ramp and parked his car in the parking lot. He entered and sat down in a booth. The place wasn't very busy. A couple of truck drivers sat at the counter and a few tourists were eating their meals at the other booths.
A tall blonde waitress approached him, smiled and offered him a menu. He refused the menu and asked for a coke, a large cheesburger and small order of fries. The waitress took the order and walked away leaving a trail of her perfume behind her. Kevin's gaze followed her as she walked away and his gaze dropped to look at her ass as it undulated under her dress. Kevin immediately flashed back to the woman on the beach laying flat on her back with her legs wrapped around the man who was fucking her. Her pussy and asshole were spread open wide for him to see. He wondered if the waitress would look as sexy on her back, while a cock slammed in and out of her pussy. Would her face be contorted with pleasure, just as the woman on the beach had looked ?
Kevin felt a stirring in his cock again and decided that he'd better stop thinking about it or the desire in his crotch would continue to get much worse. The young waitress returned some time later with his lunch and exposed a deep cleavage between her breasts as she bent over to place the meal onto the table in front of him. Kevin looked deeply into the cleavage and was embarassed when he looked up and saw that her eyes had made contact with his. She had caught him copping a look and her face flushed, but she smiled a forgiving smile that said "boys will be boys", and turned and walked away.
Kevin ate his lunch quickly, paid the bill and dropped a couple of bucks onto the table for the waitress. He left and was soon back on the road headed for Surfside.

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