Innocent boy

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When i was six me and my family lived in a housing trust area. (for those that dont know it means its a
poor area where the government helps with rent) I was in a religous family of seven my mum and dad and
3 brothers and a sister. I also guess I had what you would call a friend he was a guy named terry 16
years old and a bit strange in the head. He was an older guy to play with and hang around so who was I
to complain.

My mum had just started her first job during the summer holidays and was nervous about leaving her kids
home alone, but my oldest brother convinced her that it would be fine.
Terry had just gotten a inflatable pool and asked me to come over and swim around in it, i would of told
my brothers but they had gone for a ride and my sister never cared about much so i just went over. The
moment i got there Terry said "dude get your boardies on and come in" but i mentioned that i didnt have
any with i slight smile he told me to "strip to your jocks then it's fine either way." After some time of
talking, splashing and mucking about he asked me if i wanted to wrestle, i always knew that i would lose
but always thought it would toughen me up for later. After not to long i was on my stomach in the shallow
water unable to move with him kneeling on my back. When he got off me he said i should probably go home he didnt even get up to walk me back home.

The next morning i woke all tired out after my parents had gone to bed and my brothers had gone off to
do their own things, I streched and made breakfast and turned to see Terry standing in the doorway, "hey
dude your little bro told me the backdoor was unlocked" I didn't mind as he normally popped in "you want
some toast to terry?" He smiled and mentioned that he already had his. Terry watched me eat mine in
silence when I was done I asked him what he wanted to do today, looking at our old shed he said we should check it out.

After washing up we walked in together, he locked the door behind us, I didn't think to
ask why since he was the older cooler kid I didn't want to seem lame. After a little time i said 'what we
gonna do Terry?' without taking his eyes off me he said it was something really cool, he told me to come
close so i walked up closer, then quietly he told me "I'm gonna take my willy out and I want you to put
it in your mouth okay dude?" I was shocked I wasn't sure if it was bad or not my parents never talked to
us about this stuff we were just told to never touch our own willies. I looked up at him uncertain, he told
me "dude it's okay its not bad" my reply was quicker than I thought I was able "then why are we doing it
in here?" Terry suddenly turned angry "SHIT JUST DO IT OKAY" thinking i better i put his smallish soft cock
im my mouth, not knowing what i was doing i sucked it and licked it like an icecream. He was suddenly hard and alot bigger.

At this point he was smiling lots but being really agressive pushing my head closer to his ball's all the
while moving his hips into me. The moment I started to gag to said that it was enough, as i was getting up
he looked at me and said "good stuff now a few more things mate, take your pants off and bend over that
saw horse. Not sure what was going to happen but thinking it could not be as bad as the last thing i did
not put up a fight and did what i was told. As he closed in on me I asked "Terry what are you gonna do?"
with that i got a stinging wack to the arse, looking over i saw a long peice of rubber from his hand
"be quiet and dont make a move or you will get more of that okay?" i mumbled my assent. Feeling his breath on my back he was real close, then i felt some hands on my arse spreading my cheeks, I knew something was gonna happen but i didn't know what.Something was poking at my bum hole then i heard him mumble to himself "okay" then in a burst of pain i felt his cock penetrate my sphincter, then he stopped, in an almost tender voice he said to me "dude relax it will hurt less", i tried to heed his warning but i couldn't i was in shock and could not control myself. Back to his angry voice i heard him say to himself "fuck it" then in another burst of pain he pushed deep inside myself. A sudden nice feeling of him coming out i was relived the he slammed back in, while i was doing my best to only grunt in pain Terry kept going harder and faster I was almost past endurance when i felt him do one last push deep inside my arse, then i strange feeling as he came deep inside of me. When he slid his dick out he just pulled up his pants and left, I fell to the floor and cried softly as his cum oozed out of my arse, When i felt up to walking i picked up a shovel and covered over his seed, had a long shower then went to bed, a not so innocent boy.

hope it was enjoyable for you, it's a true story that is hard to write so im sorry if the quality is not great
i will get better if i do some fiction ones, I am a firm beliver of the experiences you have when you are young influence your sexual prefrences when you are older

thank you

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