Call of Duty - 2

Call of Duty

Part 2 of 3 parts

Marlene and I lay back on the floor totally exhausted, the smell of sex was pungent and as I lay there, thanking my lucky stars for doing the right thing and delivering the message by hand, I started to doze off, comfortable and warm with Marlene’s hot pussy juice still on my cock.

As I lay there in complete sexual bliss, I felt a pair of hands grab my arm and a soft sexy voice saying: “Come on, don’t go to sleep it is my turn”. I opened my eyes and there was Dannielle standing over me, her beautiful breasts jutting out and her juicy cunt within easy reach and I must admit that I was extremely tempted to stretch out my hand and gently massage those glistening pussy lips but she had other ideas in mind.

She pulled me up, took my hand and led me into the bathroom where she turned on the shower and when it was just right she pushed me into the cubicle so that the warm water sprayed all over my body. She grabbed hold of a sponge and soap and walked into the cubicle with me and started to soap my body from tip to toe, taking particular care to massage my cock which had already started to respond to the treatment that she was giving me.

After washing all the soap suds off she knelt and took my semi rigid cock in her mouth and began to gently suck the knob until I was fully rigid once again. She continued to lick and suck my cock as I stood in the shower letting the warm water cascade all over my body whilst I gently played with her hard nipples. After a few minutes of this explicit treatment, stood up, turned the water off and led me out of the shower. She grabbed a warm towel from the heated towel rack and ever so gently dried off my body in a very sensual fashion.

Once we were both dry she led me to a bedroom and told me to lay face down on the bed. She lit a scented candle and then straddled herself across my back so that I could feel her damp pussy against my skin. Without another word, she poured some warm oil onto my back and started to massage it into my shoulders. I must confess that the feeling was great as it had been a long time since I had had a decent massage from a woman. The last massage that I had experienced was by a physio who was treating me for a sore back because of a parachute injury but this was much, much better.

As she slowly worked on my back her hands progressed down from the shoulders and she shuffled back so that she could reach my waist and finally my ass which she took great pleasure in massaging. Dannielle finally climbed off my body, poured more oil onto my legs and gently began to massage my legs, in particular my inner thighs which only went to make my cock grow in size so that it was sticking out between my legs. After gently massaging both legs she put more oil into her cupped hands and gently grabbed hold of my cock rubbing it back and forth in a very sensual manner. I tried to turn over so that I could grab hold of her tits but she pushed me back down and told me to be patient, my time would come.

Then things went quiet for a moment and I was wondering what had happened when I felt Dannielle climb up on the bed, kneel between my legs lower her body on to my back. It was obvious what she had been doing because her body was covered in massage oil and she started moving her body up and down my back making sure that her hard nipples pressed into every part of my body. The pleasure was outstanding and I could feel the pressure in my balls building as another load of cum was getting ready to shoot its load, if not into Dannielle then wherever it was pointing.

In a few minutes, we were both covered in oil. She slowly climbed off my back and told me to turn over so that she could do the front of my body so I did. As I rolled over my cock was sticking straight up in anticipation of what was going to happen and I wasn’t sure if I would last very long if Dannielle was going to continue the way that she had before I rolled over. As I eagerly sought out where she was standing I noticed Marlene and Chantelle in the room as well.
Marlene was laying down on a chaise lounge and was inserting a massive cock shaped dildo into her pussy. It was at least 10 inches long and 5 inches in circumference but she took it all in without a problem. Chantelle on the other hand, was using a purple dildo and was gently rubbing her clit as she moaned softly.

It was obvious that this was a close-knit family mother and daughters were quite open with each other and shared everything, I wonder if her son knew this?
As I lay on my back, completely naked, Dannielle started to massage my neck and chests and gently kissed me on the lips. As she moved her way down my body she kissed and sucked my nipples which felt very good and almost had me cuming there and then but she didn’t let this happen. She continued slowly down my body to my legs and completely missed my cock which was staring her in the face gave my feet a fantastic massage. When she finished she looked at me, winked and gently lowered her head and took my oiled cock into her perfectly formed mouth, slowly massaging the shaft as she put more and more of my cock into her mouth until it had completely disappeared.

By this time, I was completely gone, in heaven, with a beautiful naked woman by my side and my cock deep in her mouth, what more could a bloke ask for. She must have felt that I was about to off load all my hot cumin her mouth so she took out my cock and squeezed just below the knob, just like Marlene had done, to stop my cum from shooting forth, like mother like daughter they say and this was no different.

After I had settled down and the feeling had passed Dannielle climbed on the bed and straddled my legs so that my cock was pushed forward by her pussy. When she had gotten quite comfortable she started to slide back and forth so that my cock slipped up and down between her pussy lips until the knob touched her clit and then she would slide back again until my balls rubbed her wet pussy. This went on for some time until she decided that she had had enough and then she raised her ass off my legs, grabbed hold of my hard cock and gently placed the knob at the entrance to her warm hole and gently slid down the shaft until the entire cock was embedded deep with her body.

Dannielle just sat there for a while experiencing the pleasure of having a large cock throb inside of her before she began to move ever so slowly, rocking back and forth, eyes closed and murmuring softly to herself while she massaged her tits with one hand and my balls with the other, it was delightful. I started to match her rhythm but she told me to stay still and that she would do all the work in her own time as she didn’t want it to end too quickly. I was happy to oblige and lay there listening to the sounds of Marlene and Chantelle masturbating and Dannielle moaning softly to herself.

I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me, it was every man’s dream!

After about five minutes of her rocking back and forth she was extremely wet and I could tell that she wanted to change up a peg and gave her a thrust with my hips as she was coming down and she gasped with delight and the pleasure that she felt.

She the rose slightly and somehow managed to turn around while still attached to my cock so that she now had her back to me and lent forward. I could see that my cock was well and truly embedded in her pussy and that it was saturated with her love juices and glistened in the soft light. Dannielle the said something to her mother and sister who stopped what they were doing and came over to the bed and climbed up one on either side of me.

At this stage Marlene bent over and covered her hand in the massage oil and Dannielle slid off my cock. Her mother rubbed the oil into Dannielle’s pussy and ass and then Chantelle grabbed a hold of my cock and placed it near Dannielle’s ass until it was just touching it. Slowly, Dannielle lowered herself on to my cock and I was surprised at how easily it slid into her ass. I had never ass fucked anyone before and wasn’t sure what it was going to feel like but I must confess it was quite warm and extremely tight. Once my cock was in her ass Dannielle grabbed hold of her sister’s dildo and started rubbing her clit with it, at the same time as gently gripping my cock with her ass muscles. It didn’t take long before Dannielle was moaning very loudly and before I knew it she screamed loudly and had a massive orgasm and her love juice spurt out of her pussy covering my balls and the bed in cum.

Once she calmed down she slid off my cock and quickly put it back in her pussy and sank down until it all disappeared. Her mother was sitting at the bottom of the bed with her legs wide open and Dannielle pulled her close and immediately started to suck on her mother’s pussy. At the same time Chantelle moved to the head of the bed, placed her legs either side of my head and offered her young juicy pussy to my mouth.

What a scene it must have made. Here was mother being chewed out by her oldest daughter who was straddling my cock whilst her younger sister was moaning in ecstasy whilst I sucked on her clit. There was a lot of moaning going on and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before everyone climaxed and so I held off as long as I could until I knew that everyone was ready.

It didn’t take long before all the women started to moan and groan and writhe in passion so I just let everything go, shooting my load of cum deep into Dannielle just as her mother screamed in pleasure and squirted her juice all over her daughter’s face. Chantelle also came, and for a young inexperienced woman could certainly make a mess. She came in one great orgasm, her juice spurting out all over my face filling my mouth with her cum. It tasted fantastic, very sweet and warm.

As we all collapsed in a heap on the bed I wondered what was going to happen next as I knew I had one more round to go as promised and wasn’t sure what to expect or even if I could manage it. Only time will tell.

End Part 2

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