At The Conference

At The Conference
By Lucy Bannan

Whether you want to believe this or not, I don't really care. However, this is a true story.
After reading numerous stories from the internet I thought I'd put my story to you for your pleasure. The story is in two parts if you like this first part and you inform me of this then I'll release the second part.

It all happened in London, September 1998.
My wife, Angie and I were going through a bad time in our marriage. We'd been married for just over twelve years by that time with two kids and a nice home. My job was relatively well paid and it kept us in good financial order. All that said my relationship with Angie was a different kettle of fish altogether. Since our daughter was born and especially in the last two years, Angie had lost her sense of fun, fashion and sex. Whether it was ultimately due with carrying and giving birth to Lucy, I'll never know.
In reality, I thought I'd lost the woman I'd married.

Angie had forgone her sense of fashion from a fun loving attitude that gave her an eye for choosing just the right sort of clothing to set off her figure in the most delicate of ways that always made me want for more. She was a woman who loved to show her femininity sensuously that was never over the top or slutty looking; I always admired her for that.
Now she has become so conservative that she covers nearly eighty per cent of her body. Long skirts, jeans, baggy jumpers and high neck blouses gave her a dowdy look. I can't remember the last time I saw her naked.
In that year, my employer had a large conference in London. The company had had its best year so far and for the first time it allowed wives and partners to come along to the Year End Ball. The conference was a two-day event-taking place in the Docklands area; all those going had a room in a hotel. In addition, because we were living down in deepest Cornwall we were given an extra night so that I was at the conference on time. It was to start on the Thursday and finish on the Friday night, and culminating with the End of Year Ball.
I used this opportunity to bring Angie out of her conservative attitude and hopefully get my wife back, the one I married.

So two weeks before the event I asked Angie, "Would you like to go to London with me for the conference?"
"Oh yes, that would be great," she replied then suddenly thought about it, "But you'll be at the conference all day and I'll be stuck in the hotel bored out of my mind."
"Not necessarily, you could go sightseeing see the Tower of London, Buck Palace."
"Not on my own. Oh no, I couldn't go without you."
"I know you've never been to London in your life so why not take this opportunity, it's free," I said, "I really want you to be with me and we can go to the ball and dance all night."
"Do you really?" Angie asked amazed.
"Yes of course I do however, there is a catch!"
"What do you mean a catch?" She asked suspiciously.
"It's one you'll like."
"Well come on out with it." She urged irritated.
"I would like you to go shopping and buy yourself some new clothes."
Angie looked sceptical, "Why, why do you want me to buy new things?"
"Because I want to see you looking nice again wearing more fashionable clothing."
"What's wrong with my clothes?" Angie queried her face again looking irritated.
"Angie you've changed so much over the last couple of years. It pains me to see you like this. As you are at the moment you're not the woman I married."
"Oh, Peter what do you mean?" Angie looked utterly horrified.

"To be blunt your dress sense has become non-existent our sex life pretty much the same, making our relationship pretty insecure."
"But I thought you loved me?" Angie blurted out her voice now sounding fearful.
"Of course I love you, Angie but we both have needs. My need is to have you back the way you were. Before Katie was born, you were a fun loving exciting woman -- the woman I married. Now you are the complete opposite."
Angie went silent. She sat up in her chair, straight back looking down into her lap where she started to fidget with her fingers. This was her normal stance when we started to a conversation and it didn't go her way regardless of the trivialness of the subject.
"Don't you agree you have changed?"
Angie nodded.
"I'm not chastising you, Angie you know me better than that. All I want is for you to be yourself. I don't know what's gone wrong or why but let's see if we can bring your confidence back."
Angie looked up at me with those large black eyes of hers and I could have melted into her arms but I held firm.
She nodded in agreement.

"All I want is for you to go shopping and have some fun purchasing some new clothes, dresses, skirts and even underwear. I want to see you looking sexy again as you used to. But more importantly I want you to feel sexy and confident."
Angie looked down into her lap and quietly said, "I'll try."
That was good enough for me.
The hotel was excellent. We had one of those large rooms with a king size bed and all the mod-cons such as separate shower furniture for more than one person sit in, satellite TV etc. I was well pleased.
We had arrived around four pm on the Wednesday so we found our room, showered had an early dinner and then went into Soho and saw a show.
Angie had been excited all day and everything was going well, that is until she'd changed to go out and her dowdiness again was there for all to see. I was livid that she hadn't put herself out; she hadn't put any make up on either. I bit my tongue and off we went.
The show we saw was excellent entertainment and due to the fact, Angie had never been to London before, she was in awe with it all. When we got back to the hotel, we had a nightcap in the bar. There was a man throwing some tunes together at the piano so we sat and listened for a while. The atmosphere was excellent and after a while, we went up to bed.
I made my advances towards her once we were under the covers but she rejected them saying she was tired from all the travelling. I again was angry and frustrated to say the least and fell asleep wondering if it was worth all the hassle.
I tossed and turned throughout the night and I woke even more frustrated and a deep bewilderment.
We went down to breakfast together and very little was said between us. Angie was still dressing in her dowdy clothes and just looking at her took me deeper into my gloom. In the end, Angie broke the silence.
"What time does the conference end today?" she asked as she drank her tea.
"About five," I replied.
We fell silent again but then I asked, "You still going shopping?"
She looked at me and snapped, "Yes, that's what you want isn't it?"

"Don't you want it too?" My gloom very quickly turned to anger with my voice indicating it.
Angie ignored the sound of my voice, "Yes, I think so. I want us to be happy." She replied and finished eating her toast, "But I haven't a clue where I should go or how to get there."
"Well there's Oxford Street that'll be a good start." I finished my coffee and stood up to go, "I've got quite a bit to do today so I'm going now." From my wallet I took out a credit card and gave it to Angie, "There have some fun; you have twelve hundred pounds to play with."
Angie's eyes lit up with amazement.
I smiled to myself.
"When I get back tonight I want to see you dressed in some nice new sexy clothes."
Angie was still in shock as she nodded in agreement.
As I entered the hotel that evening, I noticed an advertisement for an 80's disco in the hotel that night and I thought Angie would love that as she loves to dance. Me I'd rather sit and watch while waiting for the slow dances to happen that's when I like to be on the dance floor.
It's been years since we had a smooch.
On approaching our room, I became apprehensive about Angie actually going shopping. If she'd backed out now how was I going to deal with it, something I hadn't really thought about?
I entered the room to find a dozen carrier bags scattered across the bed. I smiled to myself and sighed with relief.

"Hello, I'm back." I called out.
A voice came from the bathroom, "I'll be out in a couple of minutes."
Loads of thought went through my mind as I wondered about what she’d bought. I switched on the TV and sat to watch the early evening news.
Five minutes later, the bathroom door opened.
I stood up like an expectant kid waiting for a gift.
There standing in front of me was my wife. The wife I once had. She was wearing a pale blue skirt suite. With a tailored jacket that had two small buttons, pulling the jacket tight over her breasts forcing them up and out. There was no blouse so you had a full cleavage on show with a hint of a black lacy bra underneath.
Her skirt, like the jacket, was well cut, but it was the shortness of it that shocked me the most with the hem a good six inches above the knee. Angie was also wearing black stockings and I found out later a suspender belt. To cap off the suit, she was wearing heels of similar colour to her suite.
However, her hair made the biggest difference. She'd had a perm giving her hair long loose curls making her hair fuller and bouncier giving her an angelic sexy look.
"What do you think," she asked, "You don't think I've gone too far?" She smoothed the skirt down with her hands picking off a loose piece of cotton thread.
After putting my eyes back into their sockets I replied, "Angie you look absolutely wonderful. Now there stands the woman I married."
"Really," she replied somewhat shocked.
"Really, you look beautiful. I'm proud of you, Angie really proud."

"I have some other things to show you I'll change into them."
"No, no they can wait. I want you to stay as you are. Let me shower and change and we'll go down to dinner." I started removing my shirt and headed for the bathroom. In the doorway I turned, "Why don't you go on down to the bar and get the drinks in, I'll only be a few minutes?"
A sudden shocked expression appeared on her face, "I, I don't know if I can do that!"
"Sure y' can -- mines a glass or merlot." I closed the bathroom door.
It went downhill then.
Firstly, I had a fight with the shower controls, as I couldn't get the right temperature. Then when I got out of the shower, the telephone was ringing. My boss wanted me to go over his speech he was giving the next morning. What should have been fifteen minutes had turned into fifty? When I got down to the bar, I was expecting a roasting from Angie.
At first, I couldn't see her, as there were a crowd of people, office types, crowding round the bar closest to the entrance. I got to the bar and saw Angie sitting at the far end with her back to me.
Angie again shocked me; there was my prudish wife who wouldn't speak with anyone now unless she'd known them for several months sitting in a bar, in London, speaking with an old man -- a stranger
I was so shocked that I wanted to make sure that they were really talking and that she'd hadn't just given him the brush off. Therefore, I walked round the outskirts of the room until I got to a position where I could clearly see the two of them.
Sure enough they were talking and what's more Angie looked like she was enjoying his company and she started to laugh at something he'd said.
The man was well into his sixties short with a balding head with a narrow white moustache along his top lip. What drew your attention most though was his large potbelly that hung well over his trousers. He was dressed in a suit but from where I was standing not in a good state of repair. He really looked like a travelling salesman on bad times.
Angie was sitting on the bar stool while her new friend was standing in front of her with a pint glass half full in his hand. What I notice most was whenever Angie looked away from him he would look at her legs. It was then I became aware of her skirt had ridden up big time. I suppose because it was short anyway it wouldn't take much for it to ride up if it were unchecked by the wearer. Moreover, this was unchecked even from where I was standing I could glimpse some stocking top. What he could see from his position God only knows.

I thought it time I made my entrance.
I approached them just as Angie threw her head back with laughter. The old man had obviously told her another joke and once again, he looked at her legs. As I came along side Angie I looked, down to find her legs slightly parted and that he was probably looking at her panty covered crotch.
I touched Angie on the shoulder and she looked at me and smiled. The look I got from the old man was predatory; he was clearly thinking he was on a winner with Angie.
"Hi darling," she looked at the old man, "This is my husband, Peter. Peter this is Sid he's in sales just the same as you."
"Hi, Sid it's nice to meet you."
Sid was crestfallen as he looked up at me, "Peter," he replied taking my hand and gave me one of the limpest handshakes I'd ever had.
I looked down at her legs and Angie saw me, she immediately realised her skirt needed pulling down and did so very quickly.
"Well thanks for looking after my wife, Sid. It appears she was having a good time but we're going into dinner now," I looked at Angie, "Shall we go?"
"Yes of course. Thanks for a nice time, Sid." Angie said to him with a nice warm smile. We left to enter the restaurant leaving Sid rather deflated.

We went to our table and I ordered a bottle of wine.
"I see you were having a nice time with, Sid?"
"It was okay. But you were a long time?"
"I'm sorry about that. I couldn't get the shower to work at first and once I was out the boss phoned."
"It took me a while to get the shower to work. What did your boss want?"
"He wanted to go through his speech with me. He's got a to speak to all of us tomorrow morning, he's asked me to go to the conference a bit earlier so that he can practise on it."
"I saw old Sid getting an eye full?"
Angie looked at me puzzled, "What do you mean?"
"Well he was certainly looking at your legs quite a bit. Not that I blame him you have lovely legs even more so when you're wearing stockings."
"What!" Angie's face turned deep red with embarrassment.
"You mean you didn't notice the fact that your skirt was so high he could see the tops of your stockings?"
"Oh my God; he must think I'm a tart or something," Angie interrupted. Her look of shock was so real.
"But from his position he was probably looking at your panties!"

"Oh no, I'm going to change," Angie said disgusted. She was completely lost for words and the shock was evident on her face. Angie made to get up grabbing for her handbag.
"Sit down, Angie and don't be silly these things happen."
"But . . ."
"You're know more of a tart that the next woman. Sit down and order your meal, the waitress is coming."
Angie sat and put her bag on the floor.
The waitress took our order and then hesitated, "If you don't mind me saying but that outfit you're wearing I really like it." She looked Angie up and down smiling and looking slightly embarrassed.
"What did I tell you, case closed?" I added.
"Would you tell me where you got it from?"
"Um, well I got it today it was one of those little boutiques down Carnaby Street."
"Well it suites you. Everything about it makes you look real good." The waitress smiled and went off with our order.

Angie sat flabbergasted. Her mind was reeling from what the waitress said.
"See I told you didn't I?"
"Yes you did. Going by what you said I suppose Sid thought he was in for a chance with me."
"I had that thought went I saw him looking at you. When I turned up he was about to tell me to bugger off but you introduced me as your husband and thwarted all of his plans for tonight."
"He must think me easy," Angie added perplexed.
"Don't worry about it, Angie he's seen no more than what you would've seen on the beach."
"I suppose you're right, but because of what you've said I feel dirty."
"Well you shouldn't."
We had our meal chatted throughout. We hadn't done this for a very long time and we were both enjoying the evening.
Music started in the bar with a disco playing eighties music. Angie and I got up and went into the bar. A few people were already dancing and we found a table not to far from the dance floor. I got us another bottle of wine and we sat watching the dancers.

Angie was always a girl who loved to dance. Even now, the music was making her gently jig in her seat, but she would never get up on her own. It would always be me who would instigate the dancing and from then on she was lost to the music and only came back to the table for refreshment.
After a while I took her onto the floor and we danced to a tune and then I returned to our table, Angie remained on the floor dancing away without a care in the world. For my part, I just love to watch her, and now that she was well dressed and looking, sexy watching her dance was a delight.
The evening went on and Angie was back and forth drinking her wine. She sat with me for a while and as we sat quietly, watching the dancers Sid turned up. The short potbellied man walked up to our table.
"Hi there," he said with a tentative smile, "Any chance I might join you folks?" he called over the music.
I indicated for him to sit but before he did he called back saying he would get some more wine.

Sid returned a few minutes later with another bottle of wine and sat next to me. Angie coloured up with embarrassment I thought I might have over stepped the mark by allowing him to sit with us especially after what we'd discussed over dinner. Sid however didn't really pay Angie much attention as he started to talk to me about business. In fact, he was trying to fish out information about the company but I didn't give anything away. We talked for a good hour and in that time; Angie was having the time of her life on the dance floor. I have to say she loves dancing with a passion.
After that, Sid gave up trying to grill me and went to the bathroom. The wine had dried up so I got another bottle. When I looked over at Angie, again I saw Sid on the dance floor with her. He was strutting his bit to the music. He wasn't actually dancing with Angie but he was keeping close.
The music tempo changed and Angie came to the table for more wine.
"Old Sid there isn't a bad mover for his age?" I said to her

She looked back at the old man still dancing. "Yeah he's ok," she replied and then returned to floor.
It was Sid's turned to come back to the table and he knocked back a good half of his pint. He was sweating profusely and he sat down breathing heavily.
"It's really hot in here." He commented. I knew it was more to do with him being unfit.
Then a slow tune came on and that was my cue. I got up and joined Angie on the floor and we started dancing together. I held her close feeling her breasts against my chest. I really felt great holding my new sexy wife. We moved round the floor jostling with the other dancers as we moved and fought for our little spot. The music went on and I think we both went off into our own little comfort zone as we felt the warmth of our bodies against each other. I don't remember how long we were together but I was in heaven. I'd forgotten what it was like to dance with Angie as she clung close to me, to feel her breathing and where she'd being dancing for so long her beating heart. The sensation was so intoxicating that I really didn't want to let her go -- ever.

However, my reverie very quickly ended.
I felt someone touch my shoulder and I looked round to find Sid standing there smiling, "Can I butt in here, Pete?"
He caught me of guard I suppose. I really didn't know what I was doing and stepped away from Angie and he took my place. I stood there and watched as he put his arm round her waist and pulled her close. The cosy warmth of our joining suddenly disappeared as he began to move her round the floor. I saw Angie's face and it was one of desperation and the question why.
Returning to our table, I drank a good portion of my glass of wine. The alcohol burned as it went down, but I finished the glass anyway and poured the remainder of the bottle to re-fill it. I sat shacking as if it were cold and watched my wife with Sid.
The two of them seem to be in a battle of wits. Sid had put his hands on her arse and Angie removed them. He pulled her closer to him squashing her against his body. She in turn tried to push him away, trying to hold him back at arm’s length.

The music went on.
A couple next to us sat down and had a drink the woman spoke to her partner saying, "I like this DJ he plays smooching music for a good half hour or more," she sipped her drink while her partner drank from his pint glass, "Shall we go back?" He nodded and off they went back to the floor.
Christ I thought looking at my watch, Angie could have another fifteen minutes with Sid.
I looked back to find they had disappeared in the throng of bodies scampering for space on the dance floor. I looked around the bar to see nearly everyone was actually dancing; now you don't see that very often.
Then they reappeared and this time Angie was still holding him at bay. However, his hands had returned to her arse and she hadn't bothered to remove them. Also he had his leg between hers and was trying to force her crotch against it by pulling her onto it.
Her face was panic stricken when suddenly the music stopped and then changed. A sudden made rush to get off the dance floor was next and Angie managed to break free from his clutches and returned to our table.
I could see she was angry and her face was crimson.
She plonked herself down on the seat and finished off her glass of wine in one.
Sid had disappeared.
I watched Angie closely; her eyes were dancing about with her anger her face still blushed.
Angie looked at me, "What happened, we were dancing; you gave me to Sid why?"
I remained silent for I didn't have an answer for her.

She sighed, "We were enjoying the closeness weren't we, and something we hadn't done for years. Why did you give me up to Sid?"
"I don't know," I replied truthfully, "I agree it was something special, it really was nice it was like old times; I'm sorry I don't know why."
"Well it ruined it. I'm so embarrassed, the man's an animal." She looked over at the dance floor as if it were calling to her, drained the wine that was left in my glass and went to dance some more.
Sid returned and sat opposite me, "Where's Angie?" he asked.
"Dancing," I replied shouting over the music, which seemed to be louder now.
He looked, spotted her dancing, and then looked back at me, "Do you mind if I . . ."
"I wouldn't if I were you."
He looked sheepish, "Oh, um sorry about that."
"You'd better apologise to Angie not me."
"Oh, okay." He picked up his pint and drank some beer.
It was a good ten minutes before Angie returned to the table.
I looked at my watch and thought it time to return to our room. Angie was still crimson and she wouldn't look at Sid.

"I suppose I'd better take you up to bed, Angie?"
The music was beginning to wind down and the crowd was thinning out so I suppose it was that time.
Then Sid spoke up, "Say, why don't you both come up for a night cap." He smiled warmly and although it was late, I had no objections but thought it best to see what Angie thought.
"Okay with you, Angie?"
"Alright but not for too long, you've got to be with your boss before the conference tomorrow," Angie replied.
I turned to Sid and said, "Lead on."
Sid let us into his room and I made a beeline for the chair. His room was smaller than ours was but it was comfortable with a double and the usual amenities. Sid went straight to the mini bar and took a couple of small bottles of red wine. He poured out the wine and passed them to us. Angie had sat on the end of the bed looking a bit hesitant. She took the wine and sipped it while Sid got himself a bottle of beer.
He sat next to Angie and we started to chat.
Angie began to relax as we talked about family and our kids, their education and politics. So far, the time spent with Sid was interesting and when he showed us, pictures of his family Angie seemed completely relaxed. It was just after one am when Angie yawned and flopped back on the bed. She lay there with her eyes closed very nearly asleep. She'd fallen back with no regard to her dress and her skirt had ridden up quite a lot to reveal just a glimpse of stoking top.
Sid leaned over onto his side propping up his head in his hand. We were still talking, chatting about the Middle East of all places.
Then I saw him. I hadn't a clue how long he'd been doing it but I was shocked. The audacity of it; there he was running a finger from the hem of Angie's short skirt over her thigh and flat tummy to the waistband. Then he slowly bought his finger back down. There was no response from Angie so I assumed she'd fallen asleep.
Sid then traced his finger over her thigh making small circles as we talked. It was as if he was doodling using his finger as if it were a pen.

With no response from Angie, Sid seemed to ignore me and continued to caress my wife while we talked.
At first, I was angry that he should take such a liberty. I wanted to tell him to leave Angie alone and take her back to our room but for some reason I wanted to continue with the talking.
Sid had now run his finger several times up and down my wife's body. Then on the next pass, upwards he hooked his finger under the hem of her skirt and pulled it up exposing most of her thigh and a good portion of her stocking top.
On the next pass upward he did it again but on the other leg, this revealed all of her stocking on that leg and some of the bear flesh above. He again did the same manoeuvre on both legs lifting her skirt higher until it wouldn't go any further unless he could get Angie to lift up off the bed.
From where I was sitting, I could just see her black panties. What suddenly hit me was the fact that we'd stopped talking.
Sid wasn't going to miss out either he sat up and looked down at my wife's partially exposed mound. Her lovely legs were slightly open so he was getting a good view. I could see he wasn't going to let an opportunity pass as he gently opened my wife's legs and took a clear look at her panty-covered minge.
I've never had any thoughts of sharing my wife with another man. I know some men do and I've read one or two stories concerning wife sharing but it was never in my mind. I'd always thought myself as a jealous man when it came to my wife.
Blame it on the drink if necessary but I really didn't want to stop it.
Then without further ado, as if I wasn't there, he was down on his knees opening her legs further and shuffled forward. I then heard the sound of a zipper and watched as he fumbled about with his trousers. Then he shuffled forward a bit more so that he was positioned well up and between my wife's legs.
Shit, he's going to fuck my wife.
I stood up. My heart was beating so hard it hurt. What do I do?
I could see Sid holding his erect cock in his right hand and was just centre metres from her pussy. The only thing in his way was her black panties. However, he was in control; gently he pulled the gusset of her panties over to one side revealing her fleshy labia. His cock was rock hard and of similar size to my own.
He then leaned forward and rubbed his cock head several times along Angie's slit until I saw her arousal on his cock. It was wet on the top side with her cunt juice.

What do I do?
I then got my voice, "What's going on Sid?"
"I've got to have her, Pete she is so incredibly horny." He looked up at me his face flushed red, eyes wide with lust.
"But she's my wife you can't . . ."
"I know, but I just . . ." He broke off and just pushed forward his cock head disappearing between her sex lips. He pulled back just a fraction and then pushed again and I found myself watching this man, a stranger, sliding his cock into my wife's body.
When his potbelly rested on her mound, I knew he was almost all the way inside of her. I then heard Angie give a low grunt followed by a long sigh. I looked at Angie, her eyes were shut and her mouth fractionally open.
Sid then got his arms under her legs and pushed upwards while moving forwards he was able to get to his feet forcing Angie to bend at the waist lifting her arse off the bed. Her legs were now fully open, skirt up round her waist exposing her panties and her stocking cover thighs while her lower legs dangle from his arms. The position allowed his cock to go even deeper into her body.
I stood there like a lemon with the hardest erection I've ever had.
"Shit, she feels so good," exclaimed Sid as he remained savouring my wife's cunt.
With the movement and the position, Angie opened her eyes. At first, I could see she wasn't registering what was happening to her until I saw her look at Sid above her. Her eyes bulged in shock. At the same time Sid started fucking her, I saw his cock slide out and the back in.
"Oh!" Angie looked over at me. Her face suddenly coloured crimson, her eyes full of fear and embarrassment at the same time.
My wife was no longer a virgin housewife. She was taking another man's cock and she did nothing to stop him fuck her.
Sid took long slow thrusts into her cunt savouring the feel of her hot sex all the way along his shaft and the incredible feeling of her fleshy cunt lips kiss the base of his cock as he ground his pubes into hers.
He kept this up for several minutes and then took his arms out from under her legs letting them fall to the bed and feet on the floor. Sid then put his arm under her back and lifted her up. Her legs automatically came on the bed and while keeping his cock bedded in her cunt he shuffle her up the bed until she was laying in the missionary position and him laying on top of her.

It was now that he really started to fuck her. Angie wasn't responding and I was glad in a way.
Sid was thrusting at a steady pace while Angie just lay there with her legs open just enough for him to lie between. His pace wasn't too fast or to slow. He was kissing her neck and sucking on her earlobe. He tried to kiss her mouth but she turned away.
I moved closer watching Angie lie there with her eyes closed hiding away within her embarrassment.
It was then I thought about our marriage, everything was going turn ugly after this.
I really didn't know what to do now. Yes, I know some of you guys out there would be smashing this guy to a pulp but you're not me and you are not in this situation.
I decided to return to my chair when I noticed Angie's legs open a little bit. Then I saw her hips rise to meet his inward thrusts.
My God, she's beginning to enjoy it.
Sid kept the pace steady and then Angie sighed, "Oh God!" Her arms went around him while she opened her legs further and bending them at the knee -- opening herself completely to this man fucking her.
With her legs in that position, I could see his cock sliding in and out like a piston. His length glistening with lubrication; her fluids were soaking her sex lips matting her pubic hair to her body.
Sid was certainly giving my wife Angie a good seeing too, she was responding to his movements with her own.
Sid gave a grunt and sucked on her neck. She held onto him as he speeded up and at the same time thrust harder.
Angie again groaned in pleasure as her lover ploughed into her. Then I watched completely mesmerized as Angie arched her back, her hips were still bucking in time with Sid's thrusts. Then suddenly she went rigged and then I saw her thighs start to quiver and at the same time lifted, her head up and looked over his shoulder. She thrust her hips several times as her orgasm crashed through her body; as she held on so her head sort of went up and down in time with her hips. "Oh my God!" she hissed through clenched teeth.
Then Sid pushed violently forward burying his cock deep into Angie's cunt and started spunking my wife. I watched him jerk with every throb of his cock. A loud groan of sheer pleasure burst from his mouth as he flooded my wife's cervix with his sperm.
He then collapsed on top of her panting for breath. Angie also fell back onto the bed and she too was panting with the orgasm he'd just given her.
I was now standing at the bottom of the bed exalted at what I'd just witnessed.
His cock slipped from her hot wet cunt and he slowly got up.

I looked at Sid and him at me. I could see the sweat on his face as he turned to look at Angie and then back at me.
Sheepishly he said, "Look, I'm sorry, Pete." He then turned and went into the bathroom.
Angie sat up, her face was blushed with that just fucked look, and she was slightly disorientated. As she climbed off the bed she looked at me and gave a half-hearted smile I also noticed that her panties had slipped back into place covering her well fucked hole.
I took her by the arm and helped her to her feet, as if by some mutual understanding we both left Sid's room and returned to our own. This was done in complete silence as neither one of us was able to find the courage to say anything.
Once in our room we got undressed. I sat on the bed as Angie quietly removed her clothes. The first thing I noticed was the hickey on her lower neck - then as she pulled her panties down. Her black bush matted and still very wet. I couldn't take my eyes away. As Angie removed her bra I watched fascinated as spunk started to run from her cunt and down her thighs.

Angie very quickly went into the bathroom.
How did this happen?
Why did I allow it to happen?
I got into bed. It was just after three AM. Angie got into bed next to me.
I could still see Angie and Sid together on the bed and my cock grew almost instantly. I touched Angie's thigh and moved towards her. She opened her legs with no preamble and I mounted her.
My hard cock slid into her sex with ease. She was extremely hot and wet. I fucked her taking a lesson from Sid's performance. My body was telling me that I needed to come and come quick but I was determined to make sure that I bought my wife off. Fighting back the feelings of wanting to ejaculate I pumped into her and after a good half dozen times she held onto me and came. Her body shivered underneath me, "Oh yes!" she called out. "Hmm -- my god that was good." She kissed me deeply; I stiffened and pumped my spunk into her womb to mix with Sid's deposit. The force of my ejaculation was such that it felt like it was lava pouring from my cock. With a groan, I fell onto my wife and then slowly rolled off her. We lie quietly until we fell asleep.

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