The Futa's Mind-Controlling Panties Chapter 9: Futa's Mind-Controlling Mistake

The Futa's Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Nine: Futa's Mind-Controlling Mistake

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Chloe Quick

Panic swept through me. Sasha Ford, a new dickgirl, was atop Kendall, poised to take the Black girl's virginity. I was saving Kendall's virginity for the amazing Mildred. The original futa deserved to get Kendall's cherry, not Sasha.

Sasha should understand that.

My mind-control powers weren't working on Sasha, either. She was disobeying me, pushing her dick against Kendall's cherry. She hadn't broken through the Black girl's hymen, yet, but how long would that membrane hold. I had to think.

“Don't let her take her cherry!” I gasped. “Kendall, resist!”

“Get off of me!” Kendall gasped and thrashed.

“Really?” Sasha moaned and sat up while Mrs. Solomon and Ms. Lyon, Kendall's mother, broke from their own embrace. They rushed at Sasha as she sat up. “You're really cock-blocking me, Chloe.”

“She's for Mildred!” I clutched the two boxes of Hawaiian pizza, my appetite evaporating.

Mrs. Solomon and Ms. Lyon seized Sasha. Brassy-brown hair swished about the twenty-year-old futa's head as the two mature beauties pulled her back. Kendall sat up and glared at Sasha. My fellow futa shook her head.

“I'm not going to fuck her if she doesn't want me to,” Sasha muttered. “You can let me go.”

“Ms. Chloe?” asked Ms. Lyon. The Black woman gave me a questioning look.

“Hold onto her,” I said. “Why would you want to deny Mildred the chance to pop her cherry? Don't you think she's the most amazing futa in the world?”

“Er, yeah, of course,” Sasha said. She gave a laugh. “I just got carried away.”

I gave her a suspicious look. “When did you get your panties? I thought Mildred gave me the first pair.”

“Yeah, it was after you left. I mean, how else did I know to come here?” She flashed me this smile. It looked innocent, but Sasha was kind of a prankster in the neighborhood. She got into trouble a lot. “She thought the boy shorts were perfect for me, and so she made me into a futa.”

I glanced down at her girl-dick thrusting from her crotch, her hairless balls swinging beneath them. She did have one. And the panties. “But you knew that Kendall was for Mildred, and you tried to take her cherry. Aren't you under Mildred's mind-control like I am?”

“Yep.” Sasha nodded. “Totally am. So, let's have some Hawaiian pizza. It's my favorite.”

She was lying.

I set the pizza boxes down, so angry with her. I looked around and spotted my phone. I grabbed it off the end table and sent a text to my mom. “Sasha Ford is a futa and has her own mind-control panties. Did Mildred give them to her?”

“So, you going to let me go?” Sasha asked.

“Maybe,” I said. “Let me just hear back from Mildred. I don't trust you. You're up to something. You pretended to be under my mind-control powers, you're lying about loving Hawaiian pizza, and you tried to steal Mildred's cherry.”

Kendall nodded.

Sasha's face fell. Then she thrashed in the grip of the two MILF's.


Mildred Dean

“So, where should we go for dinner?” I asked now that I was dressed.

So was everyone else. Elouise, the reverend's lesbian wife (I had given her some naughty commands), gave a thoughtful look. Her daughter, Christabella, jumped in place, looking excited like she had an idea.

Mrs. Quick, the blonde wife I'd been having so much fun with today, pulled out her phone.

“You have an idea, don't you?” I asked the nineteen-year-old girl.

“Damsels and Knights!” she gushed. “The medieval restaurant.”

Her mother rolled her eyes. “It's her favorite. She likes dressing up as a medieval lady and going there. They aren't open on weekdays, honey.”

“Oh, right,” she said, her face falling. She was cute. Just adorable. A nineteen-year-old hottie with curly, brown hair falling around her freckled face. She pushed up her glasses. She looked a lot like her blonde mother.

“How about we go to Giovanni,” said Elouise. “They have great pasta.”

“Isn't that a little heavy?” I asked, rubbing at my stomach. “We're going to get back to fucking after dinner.”

“The Searhouse?” suggested Christabella. “Get some steak. The waitresses wear those cute, country-style uniforms. Jean skirts and straw hats and such.”

“That sounds fun,” I said, grinning. “What do you think, Dianne.”

I turned to the busty, blonde MILF. Mrs. Quick's brow had knitted together. She looked up and said, “Um, did you give a pair of mind-controlling panties to Sasha Ford?”

“No,” I said. “Why?”

“Chloe just texted me to ask if you had.”

A chill ran through me. “What, did she steal a pair out of my house?” How could she even know? “And who the hell is Sasha Ford?”

“She's a young lady who lives across the street from you,” Mrs. Quick said, texting fast on her phone.


Sasha Ford

I couldn't believe eighteen-year-old Chloe Quick had captured me. This was so lame. That little twerp had figured me out. She was some teeny-bopper idiot. Always talking about makeup channels on YouTube and copying how her older sister, Bryana, dressed.

And she had outwitted me.

Her phone beeped. Anger flashed over her head. “You stole one of Mildred's panties.”

“Yeah,” I said, shrugging. “What you going to do about it.”

“I I” She looked around and then grabbed her panties from where she'd dropped them. She rushed over at me, the pure-white cloth swaying. Then she shoved it in my face, rubbing the wet garment against me.

She smelled good. Nice and spicy. I breathed it in and moaned, “I await your command, Mistress Chloe. What shall this lowly futa do?”

“Ooh, why won't this work?” she hissed.

“No, no, it totally worked,” I said, rolling my eyes. “You just had to do it a second time.”

She glared at me and threw her panties down. Her phone beeped again. She glanced at it and smiled. “They're coming over here. Mildred's going to totally mind-control you.” She wiggled her hips back and forth. “Mildred is so awesome. You'll see. You'll totally be under her panties' spell.”

“I just know that must be amazing,” Mrs. Solomon purred. The homewrecker who broke up my parents' marriage sounded so excited to be mind-controlled.

They were all crazy.

“So you're going to have your two MILFs hold me until Mildred gets here?” I demanded.

“Yes!” Chloe studied me. “You've been bad. You know what happens to me when I'm bad?”

“Your parents tell you to go to your room and think about how you disappointed them.” I put on a pleading look. “Oh, no, that's so terrible.”

“Well” She faltered. “What they should do is spank me!”

“I always spanked Kendall,” Ms. Lyon said. She had a firm grip on my right arm. “And you've been so bad. Trying to take my daughter's virginity. That's Mildred's. Miss Chloe said so.”

“I did.”

My stomach sank. “Spank me? You can't do that. I'm twenty! I'm not your kid.”

“Sure we can,” Ms. Lyon cooed. “If Miss Chloe orders me to do it, I'll gladly spank that pretty, White ass of yours.” Her free hand grabbed my rump and squeezed it.

“Say the word, Chloe,” Mrs. Solomon cooed. Her hand grabbed my other butt-cheek. “We'll spank her so hard.”

“She's been bad,” Chloe said. “Do it!”

“Oh, hell no!” I gasped and thrashed. I squirmed and bucked as they dragged me to the couch and pushed me down on it. My naked breasts rubbed into the cushion. The tip of my dick rubbed against the fabric.

A tingle of pleasure shot through me.

“This is fucked up, Chloe.”

“You were bad,” she answered. “Take your punishment.”

Ms. Lyon's hand pulled away from my rump. The air swished.


I gasped at the stinging pain shooting through my rump. The heat melted down to my pussy. I squirmed there, my nipples rubbing against the fabric. My cunt clenched and futa-dick throbbed from it, girly nuts swaying between my side.

“That fucking hurt!” I gasped.

“It was supposed to,” Ms. Lyon purred.

Then I realized that Mrs. Solomon's hand wasn't on my rump any lon—


Hers didn't land as hard, but it still hurt. I thrashed on the couch, pinned down by their hands gripping me. My butt-cheeks both throbbed from the impacts. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest from the stinging pain creeping over my rump.


“Fuck!” I groaned. “You really don't have to—”


“Oh, yes we do,” Ms. Lyon said, her hand leaving a burning swath across my rump. The heat melted down to my pussy. I shuddered and then something clicked in my head when she said, “You've been bad.”

“I have been bad,” I moaned in a throaty purr. I rubbed my cheek into the couch, my nipples throbbing. Pussy juices soaked my bush. “I've been such a bad futa. I stole those panties.”


“Yes, yes, punish me!” I moaned. “Mmm, too sexy MILF's spanking me.”

“Are you getting turned on?” Chloe asked.

“Aren't you?” I asked.


The pain swept through me. It was turning me on. It fed this growing ache in me. “Doesn't it make you hard watching these two sexy women spank me, Chloe? God, it makes me hard and wet.”

“Well, yeah.” The blonde futa sounded surprised by this. “It is turning me on.”

“Mmm, that's because you're a naughty, little slut. But that's okay. It's fun being dirty.”


“Yes, yes, just like that, Mrs. Solomon!” I wiggled my rump, the pain bleeding across it. “Keep span—”


I yelped at Ms. Lyon's hard spank. My futa-dick throbbed hard. My girly balls throbbed, full of futa-cum I couldn't wait to unleash. “Mmm, Chloe, look at how wet I am.”

“You do look wet,” she moaned. I heard the throaty desire in her voice.

“I bet you just want to fuck me.” I wiggled my rump. “Just do it. Drive that futa-cock into me. It'll be so great.”

“Yes! Out of the way!”

The two MILF's let me go moments before Chloe pounced on me. Her left hand planted on my lower back, pinning me in place. Her cock smacked into my rump. She spanked me with it a few times, the fleshy shaft drumming from my right cheek to my left.

The pain swept through me, but I didn't mind. I was getting so turned on now. I wiggled my hips and then groaned as she pressed her dick into my butt-crack. She pressed it down between my asscheeks to my sphincter.

“Ooh, you've been bad,” she said, her precum-lubed tip pushing against my asshole.

“Yes, yes, sodomize me with that big girl-dick!” I moaned, eager for it. Her cock had felt incredible in my pussy. I bet she'd be amazing in my asshole.

Chloe pressed forward, her tip pushing and pushing on my sphincter. I groaned as my asshole stretched. As it did, this amazing heat swept through me. I groaned, squirming in place. My anal ring widened to swallow her thick dick.

My nipples throbbed against the couch. The pleasure swept through my body. I groaned as her thick shaft pushed against my surrendering backdoor. That naughty hole resisted for a moment longer before it opened all the way. Her thick cock slid into my bowels.

“Oh, fuck!” I gasped as she invaded my anal sheath.

“Mmm, yes!” panted Chloe. More and more of her girl-cock slid into my asshole. “This is what you get for being such a bad, bad futa.”

“That's right!” I moaned. “Punish me. Ooh, yes, yes, punish me with that big dick. You have to teach me my lesson.”

“Right!” she groaned as her girl-dick bottomed out in me. Her balls rested against my taint.

Then she drew back. I gasped, my bowels clenching down around her girl-dick. The heat swept through me. It was incredible. I trembled, savoring the bliss. It felt amazing. My bowels clenched around her shaft.

More and more of her slid out of me. That big, throbbing shaft then slammed back into my bowels. Her nuts cracked into my taint. Her crotch spanked my aching rump. I groaned, the pain mixing with the rapture of her dick sodomizing my asshole.

“Oh, yes, yes, punish me!” I hissed, savoring the mix of pain and pleasure. It was exciting.

I bet my bratty sister would love this.

Chloe thrust away at me. She fucked her dick into my bowels. My futa-dick drank in the sensation. The ache built at the tip. My pussy grew hot, too. My two different types of orgasm built in me.

I would have such a great cum. I looked forward to it as the naughty futa hammered me. She rammed to the hilt in me over and over again. It was incredible. I savored every moment of it. her thrusts plunged faster and faster. She buried into me again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, squeezing my asshole around her dick.

“Ooh, you're taking your punishment!” Chloe moaned as she enjoyed sodomizing me.

The cute girl's hands stroked my back and sides. She made the cutest sounds as she sodomized me. I heard moans and gasps. The other three had fallen into a daisy-chain. Kendall ate out her mother who ate out Mrs. Solomon who completed the circle of naughty cunt lapping. I groaned, loving it.

This was perfect. Just what I needed.

I clenched my bowels down around on Chloe's dick. She squealed in pleasure at the increased friction. She thrust harder, increasing my own bliss. The rapture danced through me. This amazing ecstasy that would explode out of me.

I would have such a great orgasm on her girl-cock. I would cum with such an explosive force. She buried her shaft into me again and again. She plundered my backdoor. I loved it. I smiled as I savored her dick burying into me again and again.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Fuck me! Cum in me, Chloe!”

“I will!” she gasped. “You feel so good. I love fucking assholes.”

“Me, too!” I clenched tight about her futa-cock again. The pleasure swept over me.

She buried into me, her crotch spanking my rump. That flare of pain joined the stimulation of her futa-cock pumping away at my bowels. As she pulled back, the friction surged through me. It hit that amazing peak.

I came.

My bowels writhed around her futa-cock as she buried back into me. My dick erupted. My cum splashed against the side of the couch. My pussy gushed juices that soaked my girl-balls. The rapture and delight swept through me.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I moaned, savoring the rapture and ecstasy surging through me.

“Oh, wow, Sasha!” Chloe gasped. “That's so good.”

“Cum in me!” I howled as she buried her futa-dick to the hilt in my spasming bowels.

She squealed in delight. Hot cum pumped into my bowels. It was such a treat to enjoy. I loved every moment of it. My convulsing asshole milked her cock. She moaned as she pumped me full of her jizz.

I hit the peak of my orgasm as her cum spurted over and over in me. I groaned, my thoughts buzzing for a moment longer. Then they cleared. I whimpered as she basted my bowels with her spunk. I turned my head, spotted my panties.

Kendall and the MILFs moaned as they daisy-chained, lost to eating each other's pussies. Chloe panted, her final spurts of cum pumping into my bowels. She panted behind me, her futa-cock twitching in my asshole.

“Mmm, that's what naughty futas get!” she pronounced and pulled her girl-dick out of me.

The moment her dick sprang free, I acted. I burst from the couch, pushing her out of the way. She shouted as she fell on her rump. I snagged my panties off the carpet and rushed towards the front door.

“After her!” Chloe shouted.

I wrenched open the door and burst outside naked. I didn't care. My legs stretched out. I played softball. I ran all the time. I held nothing back as I raced for the safety of my house.


Chloe Quick

I gained my feet as Kendall, Mrs. Solomon, and Ms. Lyon struggled to stand up from their circle of pussy licking. I darted after Sasha. I burst outside and gaped. She was already across the front lawn and racing out into the street.

“Stop! Stop!” I shouted and darted naked after the fleeing dickgirl.

Sasha crossed the street in a second. She hit the sidewalk and raced past Mr. Solomon's house. By the time I reached the road, my bare feet smacking hard on the sun-warmed asphalt, Sasha had reached her lawn. I gasped as she leaped up onto the porch and then burst into the house. She slammed the front door behind her.

“Panties, Miss Chloe!” Ms. Lyon shouted.

I turned to see the three of them running after, Kendall at the lead. Ms. Lyon held my white, schoolgirl panties in her hand. I snatched them from her and the four of us ran across the street and down the sidewalk.

“We can't let her get away!” I shouted as we charged onto Sasha's front lawn. Grass whipped at my feet.

I scrambled up the porch, panting. A stitch formed in my side. I grabbed the doorknob and twisted. It didn't budge. Locked. I pounded on it hard and shouted in frustration. Why didn't my mind-controlling panties work on her?

“We can't let her get away!” I shouted. “We have to get inside the house! Look for an open window!”

The others moved around the house, looking at windows. I stood on the front porch, panting. This was so bad. She shouldn't steal from Mildred. I had to get those panties back. I couldn't believe I let her escape from the house.


Sasha Ford

What to do?

I could hear Chloe and her mind-controlled sluts searching for a way into my house. A window rattled to my right, Kendall prying at it. Was the backdoor locked? I sprang through the living room, rushed through the kitchen, and reached it. I twisted the lock in time to see Mrs. Solomon moving through the backyard.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I muttered. I gripped my sodden boy shorts in my hand. Mildred would be coming back. She'd have Mrs. Quick with her. She also had Mr. Quick, Bryana, and Chloe's aunt mind-controlled, too. They were just across the street.

I only had my mother and sister.


I rushed up the stairs, an idea forming in my mind. A hope. We had to get out of here before Mildred got back. Maybe Chloe and I couldn't mind-control each other, but Mildred was the source of these powers. She had Chloe under her domination, and I didn't want to end up like that. I wanted to be the top queen.

I burst onto the second floor and rushed to the master bedroom. I found my mother and the brat in a wild sixty-nine. Fawn, my little sister, was on top of our mother, face buried in mommy snatch. They feasted on each other with hunger.

“Let's go!” I shouted. “Mom, grab your car keys. Get your phone. We're leaving. Heading to Dad's place.”

“Right!” Fawn shouted and burst off of Mom. She scrambled off the bed and raced out of the room past me.

“Where are you going?” I asked as she streaked past the stairs and headed into her room.

“You told me to grab my phone,” she said.

I meant that just for Mom, but whatever.

Mom grabbed her phone and stood up. Then she grabbed her purse and looked inside. She plucked out her keys and dropped her purse. She headed for the door.

“Wait, purse, too,” I said. “Have your wallet.” Should I get them clothed? How long would we have before they started breaking windows?

Fuck clothes, I had my panties. If a cop pulled us over, he'd become my bitch. And if it was a female cop, well, she'd really become my bitch. My futa-dick throbbed at that, this naughty thrill racing through me.

I darted ahead, Mom and my sister following me down the stairs. “No stopping unless I tell you,” I said. “Okay, Mom.”

“Right,” she said.

I reached the first floor, rounded the stairs, and rushed for the garage. Someone rattled another window. I burst into the garage. There was a shout outside, the words muffled. The vehicle's lights flicked on, illuminating Mom's gray Dodge Caravan. The lights flashed as the doors unlocked.

I ran around and hopped into the passenger seat. Mom gained the driver seat and jammed the key, which was the end of her remote and not a real metal key. It worked off a chip. She turned it to start the engine while my little sister hopped in the back seat.

“Let's go see Dad!” she cheered.

Mom hit the garage door remote clipped to her sun visor. It clanged open. So slowly. My stomach churned as she put it in reverse. She peered behind her, looking so calm. Ms. Lyon appeared in the driveway, waving her hands to get us to stop.

Mom just hit the accelerator and then the van rocketed off at the Black woman.


Chloe Quick

“They're going for the garage,” I shouted, spotting Sasha, her mother, and sister through the window all heading naked. “Don't let them escape!”

I burst around the house, Ms. Lyon ahead of me. The sound of the garage door whirring open echoed through the neighborhood. I grinned as Ms. Lyon reached the driveway. She waved her arms, blocking them.

“Got you!” I hissed in triumph as the garage doors clattered up.

The gray minivan backed up right at Ms. Lyon. I waited for the minivan to come to halt. It didn't. I gasped, realizing that Sasha wasn't stopping. Worse, Ms. Lyon wasn't moving out of the way. Didn't she see the vehicle heading right for her? Why didn't she move?

“Get clear!” I shouted. “Move, Ms. Lyon!”

She dove to the right. The van hurtled past her as she hit the grass and rolled. My heart beat so fast. Shakes gripped me. I stared in horror at Ms. Lyon getting up. I almost got her killed. My powers had kept her standing in the way.

“You okay?” I squeaked, my stomach roiling.

“Yeah,” she said and stood up. “But they're getting away.”

The minivan raced down the street.

“Someone get a car!” I spat. “We have to get after them!”

Ms. Lyon rushed to her house to get her car. The minivan turned right and vanished out of the sight. It was a minute before Ms. Lyon's Honda backed out of her garage to come to pick us up. By then, it was too late.

We'd lost Sasha.

This empty feeling swelled in my stomach. I'd have to tell Mildred that we had lost Sasha and the panties. She must have stolen it from Mildred's house. I bit my lip and looked at my women, Ms. Lyon in her car, the rest of us standing naked on the street.

People would start to stare at us. For once, I didn't feel like mind-controlling anyone. I clutched my sodden panties in my hand and headed up the street to Mildred's house. I figured that would be the best place to wait for her. My women followed.

Luckily, Mildred left her house unlocked. We gathered in the living room. I was too anxious to sit down. I just wanted to run around in circles. I felt like I was waiting for my father to come home and discipline me when I'd been bad.

Ooh, next time I saw Sasha, I would spank her so hard. I would personally make her ass glow red. She wouldn't distract me with her sexy talk and her tight asshole. Not one bit.

I glanced at my phone, watching the minutes pass, and waited.


Sasha Ford

“You almost ran her over, Mom,” I said, trembling in the passenger seat.

“I know,” Mom said, her face tight. “I'm glad she jumped clear.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. We'd just made the right turn from our neighborhood and headed to the first intersection. We'd cross it and head towards the freeway.

The light turned yellow. Then red.

Mom wasn't slowing.

Traffic crossed the intersection as Mom rushed forward to it. She hit the horn, honking it. My jaw dropped. She wasn't going to just run a red light? What was wrong with her. We hurtled towards it, my heart beating.

“Mom!” I screeched. “Stop!”

“Right!” She jammed on the brake pedal. The tires squealed. The van lurched to the side and came to a stop just at the intersection. White smoke drifted from the side, the scent of burning rubber filling up the car.

“Mom?” I gaped at her. “You were going to run the red light.”

“Well, you told me not to stop unless you said to.” She gave me this look of confusion. “I was just doing what you said.”

“Fuck,” I muttered. “Drive us to dad and obey all the traffic laws, okay.”

“That does seem safer,” she said, smiling. “If that's what you want, honey.”

I closed my eyes. I really, really had to be careful about what I said. If I told someone to go jump off a bridge, they'd do it. I didn't want that. I just wanted to have the fun of dominating women and fucking them. I didn't want to hurt anyone.

The light turned green. The minivan accelerated smoothly ahead. Mom hummed as she turned on the radio. She put it on a station playing eighties classics, her head bobbing along to the music. I was so shaken up, I didn't complain once about having to listen to Flock of Seagulls.

“So, what are we going to do at Dad's?” Fawn asked.

“Mom is going to apologize for kicking dad out by sucking his cock.”

“Yep.” Mom nodded. “I overreacted. It's all that slut Danielle Solomon's fault. I should have been angry at her and not your father.”

“That's right. Dad can fuck all the women he wants. Just like me.” As my shock bled away, excitement grew. I didn't like men sexually, but I did love my dad. He was great. Taught me to play baseball. We used to watch every game. He would even take me to one at least once a month.

He deserved to enjoy Mom and Fawn just like me. If there was one person in the world I could share things with, it was Dad. Besides, watching Mr. Quick fuck his daughter Bryana on my drone's camera feed had been so hot.

And he'd know what to do about Mildred. With his help, I could figure out a way to not have to worry about her power. I just knew Dad would have ideas. He always did. He was just the best. I couldn't wait for us to be a family again. It would be so awesome. I couldn't wait.

Sharing my mom and little sister with him would be so hot. We could slide our cocks into their holes, double-fucking them, playing with them. We'd have such a wild time. It would be just so hot to do that to them.

I pictured my little sister on her hands and knees as she sucked Dad's cock and I fucked her from behind, just slamming into her pussy. Then we could swap, and she could suck my dick clean while taking Dad's dick.

I could pound Mom in the ass while Dad fucked her pussy. She would be sandwiched between us, gasping and moaning as our balls smacked into her flesh and her holes clenched down on our big dicks. She'd scream her head off in delight.

I smiled as all these naughty ideas spilled through me.

I shuddered, my dick growing hard again. As we pulled on to the freeway, we had an hour's drive ahead of us, I looked over my shoulder and said, “Fawn, get that cute ass up here. I want to feel your butt on my dick.”

“Right!” she said and undid her seat belt.

“Be careful,” Mom said. “This really isn't safe.”

“Fuck safe,” I muttered as my little sister climbed over the center console and ended up before me.

I pushed back my seat all the way, my cock thrusting up hard before her. She shifted into place and then sank her rump down. I groaned as her butt-cheek nudged into my dick. Her silky flesh caressed it. she shifted over some, guiding my tip to her crack.

“Mmm, let's get that in my butt,” Fawn moaned, shifting as Mom drove us down the freeway, changing lanes to get in the HOV lane on the far right side. “There we are.”

Fawn's asshole pressed against my cock. The car hit a bump. She gasped and fell backward. In a second, my cock buried to the hilt in her tight, hot bowels. I groaned as I felt her all around me, engulfing me.

“Fuck!” I gasped.

“Shit!” Fawn moaned.

It was so incredible to feel my little sister's asshole around my futa-cock. I hugged my arms around her body and held her against my small tits. She squirmed, her strawberry-blonde hair sweeping about her face and brushing mine. Her bowels clenched around me.

The vibrations of the car shifted her around my girl-dick in exciting ways. I savored the delight. My hands slid up to her round breasts and squeezed them tight. I gripped them, kneading them as her bowels clenched about my girl-dick.

“Oh, that's so good,” she moaned as she wiggled back and forth. “Mmm, you got a really big dick, you know that?”

“Glad you're liking it,” I muttered, my dick throbbing in her asshole.

“Loving it!” she moaned.

I nuzzled into her strawberry-blonde hair to kiss at my little sister's neck. I nibbled and sucked on her, so eager to give her a hickey. She moaned and squirmed, her bowels squeezing about my throbbing futa-dick as she did.

I kneaded her tits, loving the feel of her squirming on me. She felt so incredible. My fingers slid up her perky tits to their pinnacles. I grasped her nipples. Pinched them. Twisted them. Her bowels clenched down around me. I reveled in that hot and velvety embrace, the ache building at the tip of my cock.

My balls brimmed with a load of cum that would burst out of me. This exciting explosion of delight that would consume me. Her asshole squeezed about my futa-dick as she bucked and squirmed on the seat. Her moans echoed through the air.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Ooh, Mistress, I like that. I like that a lot!”

“Are you going to make me cum with that tight asshole of yours?”

“Yes!” she squealed. “I'm going to make you cum so hard. You're going to pump so much spunk into my asshole. It'll be wonderful.”


I sucked harder on her neck as she squirmed. Her butt-cheeks felt so wonderful on my crotch. Juices leaked out of her. They dribbled down her taint to my cock buried in her asshole. They leaked down to my balls. They felt so wonderful on me. I groaned, loving the feel of her excitement slowly drenching my nutsack.

I slid my right hand down her stomach to investigate her juicy pussy. I brushed her naval, pausing to swirl my digit around in her bellybutton. She squealed and bucked on me. Her moans echoed through the car.

“You two are having so much fun,” Mom said. “Makes me wish I didn't have to drive.”

“You're going to have plenty of fun when we get to Dad's,” I promised her, my dick throbbing in my sister's bowels.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped Fawn. “We're going to have a blast!”

I grinned and shoved my hand down to her shaved pussy. I cupped her hot flesh. I rubbed at my little sister's twat. Her juices coated my fingers. She moaned and clenched her bowels around my futa-dick. The friction transformed into the bliss that bled down my cock to my own pussy.

I explored my little sister's pussy lips. I felt her labia. Stroked up to her clit. She moaned and bucked as I diddled her little bud. I rubbed that bud in slow circles. She moaned and shuddered. She squirmed on me, her bowels clenching about my dick.

It felt incredible. A heady rush that swept through me. I groaned, savoring it. My fingers thrust into her cunt. She gasped even louder. Her pussy gripped my digits. I felt my own cock through her walls. I wiggled my fingers around in her while the heel of my hand ground on her clit.

“Mistress!” she gasped. “Oh, Mistress, yes!”

Fawn's moans echoed through the car. They were so excited to hear from my little sister's mouth. I reveled in them as I kept pumping my fingers in and out of her twat. Her juices coated them. Her hot flesh gripped them.

Her hair tossed more. She bucked on my lap, sliding her asshole an inch or two up my dick before she slammed back down. I drank in the friction, loving it. She grabbed the dashboard, moaning and gasping.

“Mistress!” she howled. Her asshole went wild around my dick. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers. “Yes!”

I reveled in the feel of her holes going wild. My back arched as her bowels sucked at my dick. Her hot and velvety tunnel massaged my cock. The pleasure rose and rose towards the pinnacle of exploding out of me.

I thrust my fingers in and out of her climaxing twat, reveling in the feel of her. Her moans screeched through the car. Her asshole kept rippling about me. Sucking at me. The pressure swelled at the tip of my cock. There was no holding back.

“You bratty, little sister, yes!” I hissed. “You're my cum-dumpster!”

“Yours!” she moaned.

I erupted.

My futa-cock unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into her twat. I shuddered, basting her bowels with my futa-seed. My cum rushed out of my balls and fired into the spasming depths of her anal sheath. Her asshole milked me. Sucked at me.

“Fuck!” I moaned, my pussy convulsing. I soaked the car seat with my cream gushing out of me.

She spasmed on me, cumming with me. Her juices soaked my balls as I unloaded all my futa-cum into her. I basted her. I filled her to the brim with my spunk. My eyes fluttered. I sucked in such deep breaths.

“Mistress!” my little sister moaned as she wrung my futa-dick dry. My girl-balls dumped the last of my spunk into her bowels. “Ooh, this is the best way to ride in a car.”

“Yes!” I groaned and leaned back. That killed about twenty minutes of the drive to Dad's.

I smiled, feeling her asshole still around my cock. That wonderful sheath would make me feel amazing the entire way there. I hugged her tight to me, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the perks my stolen panties had given me.

“Let's do some ass to pussy,” I told my sister. “Doesn't that sound just like the nastiest and kinkiest thing that we can do?”

My little sister squeezed her bowels around my cock. “Yes, Mistress! I want that so much! Let me use my pussy to wash your dick clean! Ooh, yes, that'll be hot!”

“Yes, it will,” I groaned, loving her enthusiasm.


Mildred Dean

I drove as fast as I could back to my house, my stomach squirming. Had the mysterious P given out more panties than just to me, or had Sasha Ford stolen a pair from me. I should have three more pairs of panties in my closet.

It took twenty minutes to rush across the town from the suburb where Elouise lived. She and her daughter sat in the backseat, Mrs. Quick in the passenger seat beside me. I hated feeling this way. The anxiety that had made me terrified to try out to new places, to do much more than to go to church and work, rose in me.

My futa-dick had liberated me from these feelings. Now they were coming back.

I hated it. I didn't want to be that way again. Weak and helpless. I gripped my steering wheel in a sweaty grip and made the last turn. I drove down the street I lived on. I passed the Quicks' house and then reached my own.

“That's Sasha's house,” Mrs. Quick said, pointing to the one across the street from mine. The garage door was open.

“How could she know about them?” I muttered as I turned into my driveway. I hit the button on my sun visor. My garage door clattered open.

“I have no idea,” Mrs. Quick said. “But Sasha Ford is a brat. She's always causing problems. Likes to spy through windows. She's a tomboy, so she was always climbing over fences into people's backyards. Never liked that my daughter, Bryana, was friends with her.”

“Did Bryana tell her?” I wondered. “But how would she know there were these panties?”

“Maybe Chloe?” suggested Mrs. Quick as I parked my car in the garage. The door rumbled close behind us. “You did send her out to have fun.”

I sighed. Chloe was such a bright and trusting girl. “Yeah, that might be it.”

I climbed out of my car and rushed around it. I burst into the living room. Chloe and three others were naked in there. I hardly glanced at them, ignoring Chloe's cry of my name, and ran for the stairs. I raced up them two at a time.

I burst onto the second floor and rushed for my bedroom door. Already my stomach sank. My louvered closet door was open, the lid of a clothing box lying on the ground. I reached it and sighed. Sasha Ford had stolen one pair from me.

I grabbed the other two boxes. I opened them. The first contained a pair of black satin panties that were cut high on the waist. An elegant pair of panties. The other was black with red lace and no crotch. I already knew who I wanted to give this pair to.

“The boy shorts,” I muttered. They were perfect for a tomboy, weren't they? But Sasha wasn't under my mind-control powers.

I sighed and headed downstairs where everyone was waiting. Mrs. Quick was introducing Elouise and her daughter to the three I didn't know, though I recognized the busty, tan woman as the trophy wife who lived in the house next door to Sasha's.

“You must be Mildred,” the busty woman said and rushed to me. She hugged me. “Young Chloe has told me all about you!”

“Yeah,” I said, this rush of heat rippling through me. “You're the woman who lives next to Sasha.”

“That nasty brat,” hissed the woman. “She blames me for her parents getting a divorce. It's not my fault her father couldn't say no to me.”

“I knew it!” Mrs. Quick said. “And what about my husband? Have you ever fucked her, Danielle?”

“No.” Danielle pulled from me, her large tits swaying. “But not from lack of trying. You really stepped up your game, Dianne. You must have been giving it to him that pussy left and right for him to turn me down.”

“I was,” said Mrs. Quick. She was already naked.

So was Elouise and young Christabella. The reverend's wife had her hand on the Black girl's hip, pale skin contrasting with the mocha-brown look. She wasn't as dark as the other woman I didn't know.

“This is Ms. Lyon,” Chloe said, introducing the Black woman. “And I nailed Mrs. Solomon, too,” the girl added, motioning to the brunette and busty Danielle. “I stole her from her husband and made her mine. Then I made her fall in love with Ms. Lyon on accident.”

“We're getting married,” Ms. Lyon said. She came up beside Danielle and thrust her hand forward. “Hi, I'm Alesha. I've heard so much about you. I'm so eager to get to know you.”

I nodded, my eyes flicking up her dark body. She looked so sexy pressed up against Danielle's busty form. The two were just scrumptious together. My cock throbbed and ached as this wicked smile swelled up my lips.

“Well, Chloe, you were busy,” I said.

“I was.” Then her expression fell. “Sorry for letting Sasha escape. She tricked me. She got me to fuck her ass and after I came in her” The girl gave a helpless shrug.

I listened to her talking about what had happened. This would be a problem. Worse, I didn't even know if my panties would work on Sasha or not. This was just a mess. I sighed and looked around the room.

“So, any idea where she went?” I asked.

“No,” Chloe said. “She could have gone anywhere, right?”

“Maybe her father's house,” said Mrs. Quick. “They were always close.”

“Okay, and where does he live?”

Chloe shifted and Mrs. Quick gave a helpless shrug. She then shot Danielle a questioning, almost accusatory, glance.

The tanned beauty said, “What? I fucked him a few times around the neighborhood. I had no interest in having a relationship with him. It's his own fault for letting his wife find out. Tabitha is a real uptight bitch.”

Mrs. Quick shook her head in complete disagreement. “Tabitha is a wonderful woman. She had every right to kick him to the curb for cheating on her. He ran off.”

“Ran off to where?” I asked.

“I think he lives an hour or more away.”

“Great,” I muttered. “How did she even know about this? Did you tell her, Chloe?”

Chloe shook her head. “I just saw her playing with her drone when I went” She groaned. “She had a drone with a camera on it. I bet she was spying on us.” Chloe glanced at the window. “I thought I saw something out there, but we were having so much fun.”

“That sounds like Sasha,” Mrs. Quick said.

“Well, that really, really sucks.” I drew in a deep breath. “Now what?”

“Well” Chloe grabbed the Black girl from Elouise, the reverend's wife yelping in annoyance, and dragged the girl before me. She had small tits like Chloe and a cute body. “This is Kendall. She's a virgin. I kept Sasha from popping her cherry. That's how I figured out she was a spy. No one who thought you were the best would ever have taken this treat from you.”

My futa-cock throbbed and ached. I stared at Kendall as this ripple of hunger shot through me. I wiggled my hips back and forth, my girl-dick throbbing and aching. I flicked my gaze up and down her sexy body.

“So you're a virgin?”

She nodded. “Chloe wants you to have it. And that sounds amazing.” She grabbed my futa-cock through my skirt. “Please, please say that you'll pop my cherry and make me explode. I promise you that it'll be the best experience of your life. You'll be gasping and cumming and feeling so great your blood will boil.

My futa-dick lurched in my panties. My pussy clenched and my girl-balls swelled with a load of cum. Sasha Ford was out there, causing problems, but she'd have to wait until we could figure out what to do about her.

And until then

“Strip me,” I moaned.

To be continued

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