The mixed blessing

This is a little fictitious yet delicious teaser and shout-out to all my fellow members who wished they could write a good story about romance, passion, lust and their true unspoken perversions.

Bill and Nancy lived in a suburb of Los Angeles California and had been married for 20 years. They met in high school, fell in love immediately, and had maintained a faithful relationship throughout. Both had long-standing professional careers which allowed them no time for a family vacation. They had been saving for many years, fearing that their son would become a man before having had the opportunity to take one together. So in preparation for Paul’s 17th birthday, Bill and Nancy planned a trip to Kenya for a 14 day sightseeing tour of the tundra. Airline, hotel, rental car, tour guide, and ancillary costs had been paid for, everything was reserved, and vacation time was booked. It was a go.

The family left for the airport for the long flight in the early summer, just after Paul’s junior year at school. It was to be a long flight of nearly 20 hours duration containing one plane swap and another small layover. Everyone was prepared with their reading material, comfort needs, and easy fitting clothing to allow for some good rest as well. They boarded the plane together not having any idea what to expect beyond warm weather and wildlife, and they were off.

Upon touchdown nearly a full day later, and aside from an amount of claustrophobia and jet lag, all three were rested, and prepared for the big adventure abroad. This was the first time any of them had been out of the country, let alone out of the neighborhood, all their lives. Bill didn’t even miss his demanding situation a bit, and not a thought crossed his mind regarding what sort of mountain of catch-up would be needed upon his return. All Nancy could do was rejoice not having to worry about all the household needs, and the attention and demands of her own part-time situation at the hospital. As for Paul, semi-mature and full of teen angst, his mind wandered, blissfully pondering wild fantasies about being in a place much less lawful and restrictive.

The temperature was hot, hotter than any of them ever remembered. All anybody could think about was getting to the air-conditioned car, and head off to the air-conditioned hotel room to shower and change clothes after the long flight. Upon arrival at the hotel via airport shuttle, chivalry overcame Bill, who suggested Nancy take the first shower. Paul moaned. Bill napped.

Paul was bored and anxious to get a feel for his new surroundings. He left a note and suggested to both his parents that he would be making the rounds of the hotel, and to call his smart phone when and if he was needed. He promised he would be safe.

During his trek, he came across a European bistro on the outskirts of the expansive hotel grounds. Paul strolled in and asked if the establishment accepted American currency, to which the attendant behind the counter responded in the affirmative. Paul scanned the menu of available beverages and decided upon a bubble tea, something he’d heard of but never tried before. He plunked his money down on the countertop, and the attendant set off to prepare his requested beverage. Paul found himself scanning the room, viewing the unfamiliar artworks and sculptures adorning the establishment. His eyes wandered further and became transfixed on a young female whom he immediately decided was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes upon.

Kina was similar to most of her Cambodian classmates, and much smaller in stature and girth than any of the European girls she had read and heard about. There was only one in her class by the name of Karen, whose family was under contract with a large corporation planning Green renovations to improve local tourism near her village. Kina was quite dark-skinned, much to her dismay, and always a subject of teasing amongst her classmates. In her country, the lighter the color of your skin, the more opportunities you would have in life, and the better a person you were considered as same. She always wanted to be more like the lighter shaded girls, popular and pretty. She never thought much of herself but hoped that her smarts would put her past that someday. Her “family” was on vacation too, but predominantly for a big meeting her dad had been planned to attend as a part of his Company’s globalizing efforts. It was just herself and her dad, and as always, her dad was distracted by business related affairs more often than not. As far as she was concerned, she was there as part of the scenery, dragged along to be left aside while business was attended to. She was a whimsical sort of adolescent, always having had romance to a tall light-skinned stranger from a rich foreign country to hold her and love her forever. Although only 11, she had always been somewhat more advanced in her wisdom, believing herself more advanced in age, and couldn’t wait for her 12th birthday just around the corner. She was hoping her dad would buy her one of those fancy 4G phones some of the rich girls at school had.

Paul was in a trance when he realized that Kinas’ eyes had fixated on his now-he was caught! Dammit! He quickly grabbed the bubble tea he didn’t even realize had been set on the countertop as already prepared, and walked away thinking nothing more of the interlude. She thought the opposite. She had finally seen the older boy she had always fantasized about. She had been lonely for a long time, never having been in a relationship, but always desiring what it might be like be cared for and adored. She had not had much of a mother figure other than her aunt who had only been in and out of her life annually or thereabouts. She had little if any interaction with an adult female figure, nor many female friends for that matter. It was only her & her dad. And now her dad was wrapped up in another business strategy that would occupy all of his attention and affection yet again. She was overwhelmed. Kina requested, and received permission from her dad to go to the hotel pool. He said he would see her later on in the evening upon his anticipated return.

Paul had decided to go for a swim. As there was no call yet from his parents and not having any idea what they might be up to, he decided it was better off not to go back upstairs and change into his swimsuit. Instead, since he came upon the pool completely dim and unattended, he would simply sneak in in his boxers. What’s the real difference anyway, he thought to himself. I’m alone. It was so warm even in the air-conditioned hotel that after only a few seconds, his shirt was off and he was feeling the cooling water around him. Kina entered through the same door he had come through just minutes before. She had been on his trail at a safe distance the entire way, and was overjoyed when she found him alone in the pool area. She surprised herself. She had always been shy. How could she possibly be letting herself go like this? The butterflies in her stomach were overcome only by her unabated loneliness and curiosity. Where was this tall handsome stranger from? How long would he be there? Would he think her attractive? He seemed so different.

“Hello there, my name is Paul” he exclaimed.

“Hi,” she responded. Kina was wondering why that on such a warm day, nobody else had been around the pool area. “Why is nobody else here Paul?”

“Did you miss the sign outside? The sign dismisses all comers suggesting the pool is closed for maintenance until tomorrow. I didn’t even pay attention myself, but realized when I came in and saw the same thing you did. Then I checked outside and saw it.

“Oh.” She had been hoping he would introduce himself ever since she opened the door and overwhelmed her own fear to enter. This was a stranger. He was much older than her. Now all she could think about was how long it would take for him to get out of the pool so she could size him up.

Unbeknownst to Kina, Paul had been studying her head to foot since she came in. He was both overcome and overjoyed, not believing his good fortune for a second. How could this be? The girl of his dreams just walked in to the only excluded public space in the hotel, and he was on a continent half a world away from home! She was even more beautiful up close, and everything he’d imagined and hoped for. She was about 4’4” tall with flowing slinky jet black hair tied loosely behind her head in a ponytail. He was able to study her skin in detail, she in her sheer yet form fitting T-shirt and perfectly taught shorts, which ended just below her bottom. Her skin appeared so very soft with very small pores and almost shiny in the window light. She had no moles or pimples. Her skin looked perfectly flawless and smooth. Her legs were tapered perfectly; not chubby, not muscular, but just the slightest bit of baby pudge remained to contour her. She had only the beginning of what could be called breasts, more like puffy bumps. Her bottom had only the slightest curvature in bubble, yet no sign of any hips whatsoever. That’s all he was privy to at the moment. He was hard! He couldn’t believe himself when he noticed, and realized he would not be getting out of the pool to introduce himself just yet. He now focused on calming himself.

Kina was growing restless. Not realizing she had only been in the room with him for less than a minute, her thoughts had already progressed as if she had read the whole book. She began much earlier on imagining him in full form out of the pool and what he might look like. His pale musculature showing a male art form she was unfamiliar with. Sure she had seen some of the young Cambodian boys swimming at the local waterhole, but she had seen him standing in clothing, and knew there was much more to him. But did he find her attractive? Would he even be interested in her? Was he safe? Was he a nice boy? She needed to know more. She decided to be bold and removed her T-shirt and shorts, revealing something of a beginners training bra that had been handed down to her by her aunt. She was very embarrassed, and afraid, but her curiosity got the best of her. This might be her only chance to get to know this alarmingly handsome and alternate complexion male.

Too late. He was getting hard again. Upon seeing more of her, he couldn’t help himself. All he could do now was hope she didn’t swim near him and realize his disgusting situation. Or was it? Paul was so overwhelmed by her beauty he didn’t know right from wrong. Left from right. Up from down. There weren’t many girls her color where he lived or at school. There were a proportionate number of black kids and Asian kids, and even a fair number of Middle Eastern ones, but very few brown kids. He had always been attracted to that characteristic. He supposed he was hung up on opposites.

Kina Found herself swimming directly toward his end of the pool, not even noticing her unnatural gravitation. What difference would it make. She would just tell him that with all the noise of them both splashing, she would not be able to hear their conversation. That was her answer. If he asked. But he didn’t; he didn’t say anything but just persisted in watching her approach. Why?

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my whole life!”

“No way. Shut the front door.” That was her best English idiom she had become familiar with, most likely plagiarized by the rich girls and their expensive phones.

That was all he could take. He knew they were alone and would be for some time. There were no windows on the doors, and there was clear signage beyond forbidding entry. He would take his chance and make a move. What was there to lose? He came directly at her as she swam toward him, grabbed her with his arm and pulled her toward him. There was an awkward moment as she pushed her hands out in front of herself to keep him just inches from her. What would she say? What did she think?

“You’re the most handsome and different boy I have ever seen, but I’m afraid. I’ve never kissed a boy. But you are so handsome. I’m confused! But…” Before she could continue, and almost magnetically, he pulled her the rest of the way in which she didn’t fight, and his lips pressed gently against hers. Lightly at first. And it seemed to last forever. Her lips were soft. Just full enough to make the perfect fit with his, he thought. Their lips parted. It seemed like an hour that she stared into his eyes as he stared into hers. There were no words. Only trembling, and the water wasn't cold.

This time she wrapped both arms around him and kissed him full on the mouth. Still, both of their lips remained closed. Her eyes were closed also. But he was watching her glistening brown body as the water lapped around her shoulders, and waned, as if her skin had been waxed! Small trails of water quickly running off into the tepid water. She seemed small against him. But the sight of their differing Skin tones so close together appeared so amazingly beautiful. She seemed even darker with his skin so close to hers.

Their lips parted. She had a moment of timidity, and climbed out of the pool, immediately making herself prone on a nearby lawn chair. She grabbed a towel off the adjacent table, and placed her face between it and her hands. Paul came to a horrifying realization – as she was pressed up right against him, she had to have felt his manhood in full salute. Is that why she ran? Was she afraid? But why would she still in the room then?

“Can we talk about what just happened?” Queried Paul. At this time he became distracted again. He noted a phenomenon he had never been aware of before; phenomes. Upon viewing her entirely with scrutiny, he noticed something about her particular skin tone. The underside of her palms was much more pale than the rest of her skin, as was the underside of her feet. Much lighter in complexion. As he swam closer to her awaiting a response, he noted that the only thing he could see in the brighter areas of her skin were little dark cracks mimicking the rest of her color. This factor, coupled with the obvious nipple response she had to the cooler water, further heighten his excitement. She was now erect too!

“I could feel you. I’ve never been that close to a boy. I’m almost afraid to tell you this, and I don’t even know you. But I’d really like to experience more of you and see you. What do you think?” Kina was beside herself with elation and trepidation at the same time. What would he say?

“I was having the same thoughts and feelings about you. I was so tuned into your lips just then, I completely forgot about my physical state. I apologize. It’s just that I’m naturally drawn and attracted to you I guess.” Paul couldn’t believe what she said next.

“My dad will be out on business around the hotel for the rest of the night, and I don’t expect him back until late. How would you feel about coming upstairs to our room for a while?”

Paul’s response was none the more anticipated by her. “I’m totally down with that…I mean, that sounds really awesome! The only problem I have now is getting out of the pool! Remember, my situation…?!”

“Here, I’m done with this towel. I’ll carry your clothes up to the room to put back on after you dry off.” And with that, she headed for the door and opened it to leave. “Kina, are you sure this is OK?” Paul professed. She quickly turned, smiled, and the door closed behind her after she exited.

With towel surrounding him, Paul headed quickly out the door behind her, and followed her up the two flights of stairs to where she led him into room 238. Upon entering he found it was laid out just exactly like the one he had left nearly an hour ago. He then realized he had left his bubble tea behind at the pool, but at this point, he didn’t really miss it. “Kina can I have a glass of water if that’s OK?” He asked. As she was heading into what he remembered to be the master bedroom in the back, she pointed in the direction of the kitchen. He realized he was to help himself while she got redressed.

As he was hastily consuming his water prior to her return, he realized he was no longer alone. He turned to a noise behind him thinking she was already there only to find his nose at the end of a gun barrel! Two Suspicious male strangers had appeared. “What do you want? How did you get in here? Requested Paul. “Shut up. Where’s your money?”

Paul reason they must have somehow come through the semi-closed door immediately behind him when he entered. Now, Somehow finding a way to contemplate on strangers’ words for a second, he realized he had better rethink his reply. If he was to tell them this wasn’t his room, that would put Kina and her family in peril. Obviously he did not yet know much about her personal situation. “uhhh… I don’t have any! Please! I don’t have any money. I’m just a kid.”

Just then Kina emerged. She obviously had not heard the men talking. Paul had tried to be quiet so as not to alarm her, but now the jig was up. “You! What’s your story? Where’s the money? You his homegirl or something? ‘Sup?” One of the two men questioned. Kina immediately realized the situation and was in a state of fear. All three men had their first glance at both a new side of her, and a new look. The only garments she had on were barely clinging to her; a pair of bikini briefs and a sleek nightshirt fully unzipped at the middle top to bottom. Paul’s thought at this moment was only how much he had wished she hadn’t dressed this way right at this point, while the two men had a completely different line of thought.

“Mmmmm, Fuck the money! Marcus, do you see what I see? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Hot damn! The other Man, who obviously didn’t speak unless necessary, nodded in agreement. Both the young innocents exchanged glances, and a panic began to well up inside them like never before. Paul shot a look around the room for a phone, but realized he had spent such little time in his own upon arrival, he was not sure if they even had them here in each room. Kina couldn’t move a muscle, and not wishing to be the center of attention, just stood quietly yet hesitantly.

“Don’t you fucking Think about it Dude! The stranger bellowed. You stand fast or I’ll put three times as many holes in you than you have already! He wheeled. “You step on over here little missy!” Marcus motioned toward Kina with his index finger” Paul tried to make a dash for the door only a few feet away, but Marcus quickly pulled out another pistol, aiming toward the door and shaking his head. Paul backed away.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. Marcus and I are going to step into the room over here with girl Sheila and get more acquainted. You will sit your ass down right there. One of us will have an eye on you at all times. If you move even a muscle, you’re toast!” Professed the dark stranger. “Turn around and let’s head that way little missy.”

Paul was beside himself. He didn’t you want to think about what they might do. If they didn’t want the money now, what else could they want? He was mad, shared, tense, and every other emotion all at the same time. He watched helplessly as the two men disappeared into the far bedroom while leaving the door halfway open. Paul thought about crossing the room after a few moments to see what was happening and possibly create a distraction and scamper for help. Maybe he could find that phone? But just then the silent man, gun in hand, Marcus peaked around the door jam, again shaking his head in Paul’s direction not to try anything. Paul settled back down in the easy chair.

Kina was a virgin. She had never touched herself, as in Catholic school she was taught any premarital sex of any kind was a sin. Females didn’t do that until they get married. Enough time had passed that she now realized exactly what was to happen next. She was experiencing the same range of emotions as Paul. But with two guns in the vicinity, the only hope she had was for Paul to come to her rescue, or for someone else to distract with a knock on the door. Little did she realize neither were in her future.

“OK young one. If you do exactly what my man and I tell you to do, you don’t try to run, and you go along quietly, we will get along just fine. Hell, you might even find that after a few more hours you actually like us! Either way, you only have one choice. With the other one there would be no more birthdays for you! On second thought, go bring that boy in here and let him watch Marcus,” who then motioned toward Paul, encouraging his attendance in the bedroom. For what seemed like an eternity, Paul set entirely still. But when Marcus cast a sneer and look of outrage in his direction, Paul succumbed. He moved toward the door and entered the bedroom. When he saw then gave him both a shudder and sparked his awe.

The stranger had progressed in a direction all didn’t expect at such a fast pace. Paul thought maybe they were working against the clock, concerned about getting caught if lingering too long. Kina no longer had any garments on her whatsoever. She was now postured in a doggy-style position on the bed facing him, and Marcus had no clothing on either. Paul saw beyond only what appeared a sizable dark dangling pole of a girth and length he couldn’t believe real. He thought he had grown to his mature size, but realized that maybe some adults grow even bigger. Paul was also a Virgin. He had never done anything other than kissing his “girlfriend” after their first date, but never seeing her again thereafter. He could also see that Kina was in tears, and that they were rolling off her face on to the bed.

She had never seen anything so grotesque and shocking at the same time. She had seen some crude drawings of what boys look like, but nothing like this. She did feel Paul in the pool, but could this be what it looked like? What would happen next? It was nothing like hers. The controlling stranger, who came to be known as Rick when called by Marcus, motioned to his friend to come closer to the bed while Marcus continued to train the gun in Paul’s general direction. Marcus complied. Rick then grabbed his now-firm cock, and pointed in the direction of Kina’s mouth. She shook her head. Rick threatened to swat her with its open fist. “I don’t know what you want me to do. I’ve never done anything with a man before, not even a boy, she exclaimed horrified”

“Big man. Come over here and join us. Whip out your meat for the little wonton, and let her see while I start teaching her how it’s done. Marcus again complied. His was somewhat smaller, but still much bigger than Paul’s. Rick came up alongside the bed and oriented her face toward his midsection, pulled the hair back which was currently hanging loose behind Kina’s head, and motioned for her to open her mouth. Still clinging tightly to his gun, she complied. What happened next she thought unimaginable. He slowly pushed his manhood past her open lips into her mouth and onto her tongue. “Now listen girly. What you are supposed to do is treat it like a lollipop. You know what a lollipop is? A sucker? Something you lick or suck on? She nodded no. “Dammit! Do I have to teach everything around here to you losers? Watch me.” Amazingly he was able to pull a lollipop from his back pocket which he unveiled and used to demonstrate technique.” Like this.”

She wrapped her lips around him and moved her tongue around its girth. As his excitement increased, so did his stiffness and his movements. After a short time she could feel a warm creamy fluid shooting toward the back of her throat. At first she coughed and gagged, trying to spit it up. “You had better swallow all of it right now,” Rick urged. She complied again. It tasted nasty. It was then she realized that she had a sensation between her legs she never felt before. It was new. It didn’t feel bad. Why not? What’s wrong with me?

What came next baffled her, confused her, frenzied her, and excited her. After releasing her lips from his shlong as time for Marcus to have a go, Rick had surprisingly come around Kina’s back. All this time and never once taking his eye off Paul. What could be done, Paul wondered? While Marcus gladly participated in Kina’s second blow job round, Rick started rubbing his finger along her hairless slit only to find out that she was ever so slightly lubricated already. She shuddered with this touch. She had had some sensitivity there before, but never knew that touch could trigger such immense gratification. She took a deep breath and released. Not good. “So you are enjoying yourself. Let’s see what else little girls do like!” Rick responded. He grabbed her by the legs and turned her over on her back to where she could see him, inadvertently disconnecting Marcus’ pleasure. Kina, upon seeing Rick at full mast, shrieked; he was huge! What was he going to do with that? He positioned his body downward toward hers and began to rub the front of his manhood up against her, further moistening her goodness. She shuddered again and more deeply this time. More moisture. What was wrong with her? Was she actually enjoying this? Rick began rubbing up and down the entire length of her slit, moistening his unit entirely from her own loins. “Are you watching closely Little Man?” He asked toward Paul as the head of his manhood slowly disappeared into her.

At this point Paul was like an animal inside. He wanted to do something. The girl he found so beautiful was being violated in a way she never had been, and the way he might get to experience her for the first time. Not anymore. She was no longer pure. Would she even ever want to be with him after a man of Ricks’ girth had opened her up to that degree? Would he never experience his first virgin? He could only believe she was. He had to. But it didn’t matter now. Paul watched with each thrust he made into her as he went deeper and deeper, and retracted more and more shiny, stiff, and erect from her growing anticipation. After a few minutes everyone in the room became aware that this little girl, now a woman, was moaning and to some degree enjoying this experience.

Kina was bewildered. She did not know this man nor did she want this to happen. What would her parents think? What would the church say? She had obviously been violated, raped. What about pregnancy? What about Paul? Would he still liked her and think her attractive? Would she live through this experience? She started to cry even more.

Now into her balls deep, which even Marcus didn’t think possible albeit an extremely tight fit, Rick responded in a way nobody in the room expected.”Come on over here and give me that gun and join us. There is still another space calling your name.” Shockingly, and as yet fully inside her, Rick yanked her up on top of him so she rested semi-erect below his belly. She audibly gasped, and came hard. She cocked her head back not even realizing that she had not only experienced her first orgasm, but had displayed it for everyone in the room to see. Paul was shocked to realize that even with all the movement, she was still fully impaled by him. It were as if the two humans were connected without any air between their bodies. Rick now motioned toward Marcus, who was also now fully erect yet again somewhat smaller, to get behind her. In what was seemingly an effortless yet horrifying gesture for Paul to see, Rick slowly lifted Kina completely off of him. A sizable amount of oozing and sticky looking clear and white colored fluid flowed slowly from deep within, was and then a steady stream, dribbled down over his cock. Rick put his hand on his greased pole, positioned her precisely, and slowly slipped it into her tiny little ass. He shifted his hands beneath her, pulling her cheeks apart just enough to allow an easier lubricated entry to occur. Kina winced, threw her hands down beneath her as if falling, and eventually was all the way down upon and sitting on him completely again. Another shudder had seemingly taken control of her body, as did another more sizable moan.

She had come again. Kina was wondering what was happening to her. It felt so good now. She looked at Paul. She had stopped crying. She now parted her lips quietly telling him she was sorry. Paul started sobbing. Just then she was wheeled around 180°, now facing away from Rick, and toward Marcus, who was well-prepared to make entry. He spoke. “My turn.” That was all he said. And he was then entering her vaginal cavity. All Paul could see from where he sat near the door was this new man disappearing into her completely in one go, and the contents of what was already inside her slowly oozing out from all sides of her now stretched vagina, engulfing his manhood. They were both fully inside her now. Almost as if knowingly, Kina wrapped her arms around her new suitor. She was well lubricated on all sides. She was violated in every orifice. It was starting to feel amazing. But she did not want Paul to see. So with a deep gasp, and both men now slowly and opposingly entering and withdrawing, she felt her entire body quake but she had her first multi-orgasm simultaneously. She could not contain her jubilation, or her excitement. Even though she hadn’t realized, she was now rubbing and grinding against these men with her own body movements, in sync with their rhythms. With one last look in Paul’s direction, she faced Marcus who had newly entered her, and kissed him deeply on the mouth. The sheer excitement of the passionate feelings within her had overcome her moral righteousness. She shuddered deeply and came again while she could feel him well up inside. With her tiny hands and fingers she reached around as far as she could behind him, held him tightly and closely to her, encouraging his manhood to enter her fully and completely while he released all of his juices from inside him to inside her. She wanted him, all of him, both of them. She came again. Marcus also came as she could feel what she now came to realize was the pulsating climax of an ejaculating penis. She had learned everything about orgasms and sex all in a matter of 30 minutes or so.

With that, both men exited her. Kina rolled off the top of Rick, falling back onto the mattress, spent. She could barely move she was so totally exhausted from her orgasmic pleasure. Rick then rolled over on top of her at that point, pinned her down with his hands clasping her hands, entering her fully, meanwhile kissing her deeply on the mouth. Paul watched as she returned his kiss, both of their lips parted, both of their tongues interlocked. She came again while Paul watched all of the sticky fluid from both men’s cum ease out from all around Rick as he entered her fully. He withdrew again and laughed out loud in Paul’s general direction. “We had our way with your girlfriend here which was much more enjoyable than whatever bit of money we could have run off with. This made my day. We can rob some old couple later on somewhere else. But before we leave, I will say this to both of you. We know what you both look like. We know her father and about his business. We can get to you anytime! So if you ever say a word to anyone, he will be killed by someone we know. The same goes for your parents little man,” Rick told them both, although at the time Paul had no idea how they could possibly know. Both men got dressed and exited the front door, their firearms hidden, and leaving Kina prostrate on the bed, deflowered.

Paul put his head in his hands and wept even harder. Kina lifted up her head from the bed, and peered across the room at him. “I’m so sorry Paul. I had no idea. I totally lost control over my body and my actions. I’ve never felt anything like that and I didn’t know it could feel that way. Are you mad?”

“I’m really confused. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m hurt. I’m scared.”

“Come closer.”

“Why?” Paul wondered.

“Those two took something that we might have saved to share together. Now that it’s gone it doesn’t matter; we can’t get it back. But, I still want to be your first. Do you still want me? Even though I’m dirty?”

“If I said yes, would you think I’m sick?”

“Well, when I explain, you might think I am,” exclaimed Kina. “The entire time that was happening I knew I couldn’t stop it so I had to let go. I don’t remember when it happened. It seemed to go on forever. But…I found a way to replace my reality with you. Somehow I was able to turn both of their faces into you. The entire scene changed in my mind. That’s why I kept looking at you. I envisioned you the entire time. Now I want to make it real with you and only you,” she suggested.

Paul smiled elatedly. “That is a definite yes. Just looking at your beauty and knowing the truth you just told, I can put all of that behind us; just us.”

“Do you want me to go and clean up and make myself as fresh as I can for you?” Kina asked.

“No, it’s OK”, Paul exclaimed. “I don’t want to let you out of my sight, and I don’t want to wait another moment for what I’d hoped for from the start. To me, the only thing that matters is that you would be my first, and how fortunate I am that it is you. You’d still be the same beautiful girl for me as it was the first time I laid eyes on you. You are simply ravishing!”

Paul began to kiss her and they made love together for hours. She regained her strength and was able to please him again and again. There was not even any consideration of protection at this point. It simply didn’t matter now. What was done was done. They had both gotten their firsts. Paul was able to put the initial episode out of his mind while he conquered her for the first time, and basked in the belief that she had substituted his face for theirs. Kina, as well, had many more multiple orgasms throughout their experience together that warm afternoon. She didn’t have the inner strength to confess to him that he could never be as good as her first two massive and conquering lovers.

Later that day, and upon parting with clasped hands slowly loosening their grips, there was one final kiss between them. They smiled at each other, silently promising never to repeat or think of the rape portion again. All that was to be left was the blissful memory of their first time together.

Returning home, Kina thought quietly to herself, her dad alongside her on the plane. Did Paul really believe my story? Did he not realize how completely and lovingly I enjoyed my first experience with those two big black rapists? Could he not feel my trembling passion and arching body across the room as I squirmed in rhythm with them during their climactic escapades? If I am pregnant, what will I tell my friends at school? My father? Will it belong to Paul, or will one of the other men have fathered it? Even if I’m not, won’t I look back to my first pair of lovers as my center point of orgasmic bliss? What of my religious faith and what will they do to me if they ever learn of my experience? My young passion? My day of unbridled ecstasy?


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Sherry & Tre Sherry was a 36-year-old hottie, she had a big rack (40e) a tight ass and long blond hair
My name is Christina, I am currently 24 years old, I still live at home with my 45 year old mother Tammy, and my 21 year old brother Shane. My father died when I was 6 from cancer, leaving just the three of us to care for one another
After playing strip poker with mom, dad, and Ryan we all headed up to the bedroom loft. We were naked and very turned on. Mom suggested that we take it slow. She explained that being so excited would make it difficult, but the slow build would be worth it
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