Ashley 7 - Family Vacation 3

After playing strip poker with mom, dad, and Ryan we all headed up to the bedroom loft. We were naked and very turned on. Mom suggested that we take it slow. She explained that being so excited would make it difficult, but the slow build would be worth it. Going quick and hard feels great, but sometimes going slow and making it last can lead up to a massive release. Following mom's advice has been very fruitful so far so Ryan and I decided to give it a go.

Ryan sat on the bed with his legs hanging over the side facing our parent’s bed. I slid onto his lap sliding my knees to either side of him. I hooked my ankles over his thighs giving me a lot of control. I let out a sigh as Ryan slid into me. My instincts were screaming to grind onto him and go crazy with lust, but I kept myself under control. I slowly tensed my legs lift myself almost completely off of him before reversing directions and sliding back down his cock. I kept up a smooth slow rhythm. Ryan kissed me deeply, his tongue dancing with mine. He pulled back from the kiss and ducked down to take one of my breasts into his mouth. He sucked on my nipple flicking his tongue across the tip. He fondled my breast with his other hand. He wasn't as expert with his hand, but the attention he was giving me with his mouth more than made up for it.

I continued lifting and falling onto him. It was driving me wild. Ryan switched back and forth between my breasts paying both of them attention. I ran my fingers through his hair and moaned. Whenever I started speeding up losing control it became difficult for Ryan to keep my breast in his mouth. That helped me remember to slow down. It felt amazing and I never wanted it to stop. Ryan's teeth grazed my nipple as he switched my breast and a shiver ran up my spine. I asked him to take my nipple between his teeth, not to bite, but just to apply a little pressure. The affect was instant and gave me even more incentive to go slow. It felt great feeling his breath and tongue while his teeth gently pinched my nipple. He switched nipples a few times, and then I pulled him back to kiss him again.

The pressure continued to build. I pulled back from the kiss holding his head in my hands and looking into his eyes as I trembled continuing to slide up and down on his cock. I was getting so close. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against his. I came down hard on him one last time and my orgasm hit. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pushed my face into his neck crying out. My back arched and my muscles spasm. My ankles slipped from his legs. I felt Ryan’s arms wrap around me to keep me from falling. My orgasm seemed to last forever. When I did finally start coming down I just kept saying how great it felt and how amazing it was. I tried to get my legs back in place, but they just tingled and felt like Jell-O.

Ryan took over taking a hold of my hips and started thrusting up into me. I helped where I could enjoy Ryan's powerful thrusts. I felt the first jet of his cum filling me as he came. It brought me close to another orgasm, but I was so wiped out that I didn't quite get there. Mom was right about trading several small orgasms for one large one. I certainly wasn't going to have that kind of patience all the time, but once in a while it would be worth it.

I heard our parent’s bed moving and moans next to us. I was so wrapped up with Ryan I had forgotten they were even in the same room. Ryan pulled us back further onto the bed I curled up into his arms and fell asleep to the sounds of my dad thrusting into mom.

I dreamed of Ryan sliding into me, sucking my dad's cock, and kissing my mom. I woke up feeling very aroused and ready for another round. Everyone else seemed to still be asleep so I slipped out of bed and grabbed one of my new bra and panty sets. I headed to the bathroom and got cleaned up from last night’s activities. I was hopeful that my underwear outfit would put others in the same mood I was in.

When I came out of the bathroom I noticed mom and Ryan weren't in bed, but dad was still sound asleep. I headed downstairs to find the others. Ryan was sitting on the right side of the couch, but I didn't initially see mom. As I approached from behind I heard small sighs and groans coming from Ryan. Then I started seeing the top of mom's head appear and disappear into his lap. Looks like I wasn't the only one that woke up in the mood. I watched them for a minute or two before I approached.

I stepped around the couch and Ryan looked up at me with a pleased look on his face. His gaze travelled up and down my body taking note of my outfit. Ryan had some shorts on the floor beside mom. Mom had a pair of black silk panties on, but her bra laid on the floor by the far chair. Her breasts swayed gently as she bobbed her head on his cock. It was another few seconds before mom noticed I was there. She continued to stroke his cock with her hand as she commented on how good I looked this morning. I smiled returning the compliment.

I turned my back to them in order to give Ryan as good a look at my backside as he had of my front. I stepped to the love seat to the right of the couch, but just as I was about to sit down mom spoke up and asked if either of us would mind if I took over for her so she could watch. We both readily agreed. Mom stood and headed to the far chair. I dropped to my knees between Ryan's legs. His cock was glistening with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum. I took his head in my mouth rubbing my tongue against the underside of his head and slurped a bit as I sucked him into my mouth. I sat back on my heels looking up at Ryan and made small motions taking more of him in my mouth with each down stroke.

I heard the chair moving where mom had gone. Looking to my left mom was seated with her right hand down the front of her panties moving rapidly and her left gripping the arm of the chair. Glad she was enjoying the show I turned my gaze back up to Ryan as I now had him sliding into my throat on my down strokes. With all the blowjobs I had given him I hadn't done much with his balls, so I decided to see if he would like it. I started by using my hand to gently caress and move them around. He didn't give any big reactions towards liking or disliking it. I lifted my mouth from his cock running my tongue around his head several times before starting to stroke him with my hand in long full strokes. I kissed my way down his shaft and took one of his balls in my mouth and gently sucked on it. He let me know that he liked it so I continued stroking him and switched sides. Not wanting his cock to dry out from the friction of my hand I didn't suck his balls for long before returning his cock to my mouth.

I had only be blowing Ryan for a few minutes when I heard my dad's voice. I looked over to see him standing next to mom. His cock was pulled out of his shorts and he was slowly stroking it while commenting to mom how hot it was to watch us. Mom agreed and suggested that what he really needed to do was to come over to us and fuck their daughter while I blew their son. At this his cock visibly twitched in his hand. Seeing that I was watching the exchange he asked how I felt about it.

In response I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and slid them down my thighs. At that point I had to take Ryan from my mouth long enough to finish taking them past my knees and then off. Then I took Ryan back into my mouth as I smiled up at him. He seemed excited by the prospect of what was about to happen. I got on my knees pushing my ass back and up. I rested my arms on Ryans legs so I could easily keep bobbing up and down on his cock.

I felt dad kneel down behind me. Then I felt his hard cock as he ran it up and down my pussy lips getting it very wet with my excitement. He continued rubbing his cock up and down the length of my pussy. I took Ryan in my hand and looked back over my shoulder at dad and told him "fuck me daddy." That had the desired effect on the room and I felt him start pushing into me.

He started slow pushing a little deeper each time he thrust into me. I moaned around Ryan's cock and pushed back into him burying his cock the rest of the way. Dad took a hold of my hips and fucked me in quick smooth motions. This felt great and made it easy for me to keep sucking Ryan's cock. I really started feeling the appeal of women to fantasize about having two men at once. I felt completely full of cock with dad buried deep into me and Ryan pushing into my throat. Ryan expressed how great the vibrations felt as I vocalized my pleasure. Mom was going crazy on the chair, her eyes glued to us and fingers a blur in her pussy. She had removed her panties at some point now naked in the chair fingering herself and squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipple.

Dad and Ryan were so into it that I didn't have to do much. Dad was rocking me back and forth with my hips and Ryan was thrusting up from the couch. I began again sucking Ryan's balls once and a while and stroking him with my hand. Mom had her first orgasm shortly after we started and it sounded like it was a pretty big one. I had my first orgasm while I was sucking on one of Ryan's balls. I stopped sucking to cry out, but at least maintained the presence of mind to continue stroking him. As I came down from my orgasm I sucked him into my mouth with renewed vigor bobbing my head more quickly as I could already start to feel another orgasm starting to build.

As my second orgasm hit I had Ryan's cock halfway into my mouth. I did my best to keep bobbing up and down keeping pressure with my lips as I moaned around his cock. Ryan was the next to go shooting his cum to the back of my throat with quite a bit of force. Happily I had enough practice that I didn't choke, though he had built up so much cum that it was difficult to swallow fast enough, but I managed. As I was sucking the last remnants of cum from his cock I felt dad go rigid and start filling me with his cum. This set off my third and strongest orgasm as I felt jet after jet shoot into me. I began trembling and let Ryan's now softening cock fall from my mouth. After dad had finished unloading into me I kept a hold of my hips keeping us tight together.

I was wiped out and feeling very loose and tingly all over my body. Dad pulled out and I could feel some of our cum run down my inner thigh. Ryan sat back on the couch and I rolled towards mom onto my back. I stretched out enjoying the feeling of being so full of cum. I don't know how many orgasms mom had, but it was more than a few. We were all grins and talking about how great that had been.

Mom kept smiling down at me and I slowly noticed her body stiffening a little. Her nipples had softened as we all talked, but now they were starting to stand out again. She seemed to have something on her mind, but was hesitant to voice it. I asked her if anything was wrong and she assured us that everything was great. She said it was just that seeing dad's cum on my thighs and pussy really made her want to go down on me. She very sheepishly asked if I would be ok with that. I told her that I was ok with it and it might be interesting to be gone down on by another woman.

By this time Dad and sat down on the couch on my other side as I was lying on the floor between him and Ryan. They watched with a lot of interest as mom crossed to me and lay down between my legs. She ran kisses up my thigh along a trail of cum. She was hesitant at first, but must have enjoyed what she was doing because it wasn't long before I felt her tongue exploring every part of my pussy it could reach.

At first she seemed mostly interested in getting the mixture of cum from dad and I. It felt great, but there was definitely a difference when her goal seemed to change to pleasuring me. I didn't know if this was her first time she had down on a women but, she knew what felt good which made up for her inexperience. It was clear that with some practice she could definitely give the guys a run for their money. She gave me two more orgasms before I noticed the guys were not only hard again, but they were sitting on the edge of their seats over me watching me writhe around on the floor as I was eaten out. Their hands moved quickly as they stroked their hard cocks.

I got an idea in my head and almost came at the thought of it. I asked them to shoot their loads on me while mom was eating me out. They must have thought it was a great idea because they picked up the pace of their stroking. Mom had inserted two fingers into me and was fucking me with them as she licked and sucked my clit. She reached under her with her other hand as she continued to go down on my while watching dad and Ryan stroke their cocks over my body.

Dad came first this time his cum landing on my bra and neck. There wasn't a lot of cum since he had just unloaded in me, but it still felt great. I was still rubbing it into my bra and chest on the verge of another orgasm when Ryan started to cum. surprisingly his first jet of cum shot all the way down to my belly with the rest landing on my face. I closed my eyes just in time and arched my back up off the floor as I had another orgasm. Mom continued to suck on my clit until I started coming down increasing the duration of my orgasm. I both felt and heard mom have an orgasm as she laid between my legs.

It felt like we stayed there for an hour before we all started getting up and putting cloths on. We all stayed in our underwear for breakfast. There were several comments about how amazing the week had been and how sad we would be going home the next day. As we cleaned up breakfast mom asked if I could give her a short yoga lesson since she figured I'd be doing my routine today. Dad couldn't decide if watching us do yoga or walking around in my bra covered in his cum was hotter. Ryan said that watching the yoga was hot, but knowing that we walked around with his cum on us kept him hard almost all the time.

Though I hated taking off my cum covered underwear we changed into our yoga clothes and headed out to the deck. The angle of the morning sun reflecting off the glass made it impossible to see inside, but we were sure the guys were enjoying the show. We started off simple and I walked mom through the stretches and poses. I ran my hands over her body more than I really needed to, but we both enjoyed the thought of it driving the guys crazy inside. I must have had my hands over every inch of her body by the time we got through the basics. Mom headed inside so I could finish my work out without distraction. She trembled several times as my hands moved over her body. I guessed she needed a release and was interested to see how the guys enjoyed the show.

I finished my workout and headed inside. The guys had brought a love seat over by the back of the cabin so they could watch mom and I work out. Mom's top was on the floor halfway between the door and the love seat. Ryan and dad were setting next to each other on the love seat. Mom was astride Ryan and all three were facing me. Mom's chest was glistening with at least one load of cum. Her pants and panties were around one ankle and she was bouncing up and down on Ryan's cock. One of her hands gripped the arm of the love seat while her other hand was wrapped around Dad's cock. She stroked the full length of his cock as she rose and fell on Ryan's cock. Ryan's hands were around her waist helping her bounce up and down. They were all grunting and moaning with their eyes glued to me as I came in.

Wordlessly mom released her grip from dad's cock as he rose to take my hand. He led me around behind the love seat guiding me to the table. He pressed up against my back his hard cock rubbing my backside through the thin material of my yoga pants and thong. His arms enveloped me as his hands ran across my exposed stomach. His left hand made its way down to my crotch rubbing my pussy through my cloths. His right hand slid up to massage my breast through my sports bra. He bent his head down to kiss my neck. I closed my eyes pushing back to grind on his cock. I covered his hands with mine pressing down on them forcing his grip on me tighter. He slid both hands to the bottom edge of my sports bra and lifted it up allowing my breasts to come free, but he did not lift it off over my head. He kneaded both breasts with his hands as I turned my head looking back at him over my shoulder. We kissed at an awkward angle. The kiss was short, but full of heat. As we broke apart I turned forward again and his hands dropped to the waistband of my pants. In one smooth motion he slid my pants and thong down to mid-thigh. His left hand again found my bare pussy and he started running his fingers over my clit. He slid two fingers in and out of me, his right hand returned to my breast pinching my nipple.

His body pushed against me moving me close to the table. His right hand slid around to my back, his left flattened against my hip. He gently applied pressure to my back bending me over the table till I was flat against the table top. The table felt very cold after being in the morning heat working out. It was an exciting feeling with the cold of the table on my chest while heat radiated from our sex. I felt his hard cock slide up and down my pussy. With my pants around my thighs I couldn't spread my legs very far, but with our excitement and desire I felt him slowly push into me even as tight as it was. In three slow smooth strokes he was buried all the way inside me. My cheek rested on the table so I was facing Mom and Ryan on the loveseat, I could see she turned around to face us. She was moaning while she continued to bounce up and down on Ryan's lap. Ryan was sucking on one of her breasts as her fingers ran through his hair. She watched with lust and excitement as dad thrust into me. He quickly increased speed thrusting hard and deep each time. I couldn't reach the far side of the table so I gripped the near side for support. Each time he entered me I pushed back to meet him sliding back and forth across the table top rocking it back and forth. It felt like my nipples were leaving groves as hard as they were while pressing against the table. Even though my sliding across it started warming the table, it still felt like a block of ice gliding over my nipples. It felt amazing. Dad's hands gripped my waist and we both went crazy allowing our lust to drive us together hard and fast, over and over again. It was a time that tenderness took a backseat to raw need and desire.

Mom and Ryan looked equally deep into desire changing positions a few times. We caught each other’s eye several times locking gazes, it was really hot watching mom and Ryan's faces as they enjoyed each other’s bodies. I lost count of how many times I came. Without the table under my I'm not sure my legs would have supported me. Dad surprised me by pulling out of me and I was about to complain as I felt the first jet of his cum splash between my shoulder blades. He let loose what felt like a massive amount of cum covering my lower back and backside. My pants and thong caught the rest. Although I had seen many times in porn the guy pull out and shoot a load on the girl's back. This was the first time I had experienced it. The warm cum still felt great, but it seemed like more of a waste and would be impossible to clean easily without help. My back also wasn't as sensitive to the warmth and feeling of his cum as my face and chest were.

I stood up and got dressed. Everything was wet with cum, but I enjoyed that kind of thing anyway. Dad grabbed us two chairs and we sat watching mom and Ryan. Dad leaned over asking softly in my ear about being bent over the table. I told him that I loved it and although I preferred having cum in me or on my face and chest it was still good. He talked about the experience from his point of view and the ways I moved which enhanced his experience. As we spoke I remembered the feelings as they happened and it started getting me hot again. Dad then pointed out the small things mom was doing to enhance the experience for Ryan. Ryan and mom kept going for several more minutes before finally collapsing on the floor exhausted and looking very satisfied.

I was hot and bothered again, but every else seemed pretty wiped out so I headed upstairs for a bath and change of clothes. I took my time enjoying the warm water embracing me. I had been pushing myself a lot this week so I let my muscles relax and although it was still pretty early I dozed off for a little while. After I got out of the tub I dressed in lace underwear, small tight denim shorts and a snug baby doll t-shirt.

I headed down stairs and found Ryan watching TV. I think it was the first time it had been on the whole week. He was sitting sideways on the couch leaning against the arm with his feet on the couch. He parted his legs as I sat down and leaned my back against his chest. I asked where our parents were and he said they were running a few errands before we headed home tomorrow. Turning my attention to the tv I saw he was watching a cheerleading competition. I felt his cock against my back.

I told him that I didn't realize he had a thing for cheerleaders.

He said how could he not with me running around in a uniform every Friday night. He just felt lucky he was playing in the games or people might have noticed him staring at his sister.

I blushed a little at the idea of being able to turn his head even before I started trying. I started getting turned on again thinking about getting my uniform back for the year next week. Ryan's hands slid up my sides and under my arms. As he cupped my breasts I felt my nipples harden. I told him that maybe he would get lucky and I'd wear my uniform for a private game. I gently scooted back sliding my back over his cock.

His hands slid down to the waist of my shorts. He unbuttoned them and slowly slid down my zipper.

I was going to turn over to face him, but couldn't do it without putting my weight on his crotch so I let him drive.

His hand slid into my shorts and along the top of my panties. His other hand slid back up under my shirt to caress my breast.

I took in a sharp breath as one hand slid into my panties and the other pinched my nipple. I let out a grown of delight as a finger began sliding up and down the lips of my pussy. Watching the cheerleaders on tv while Ryan explored my body had me really looking forward to riding him in my uniform.

I closed my eyes and arched my back as he slid a finger into me across my clit. He began fingering me while lightly pinching my nipple and planting soft kisses on my ear and neck. Although my shorts were tight he was able to keep up a good rhythm as I felt my excitement build. I tried to reach around behind me to stroke him through his shorts, but it was too awkward of an angle so I gave up and just focused on what I was feeling.

He started whispering in my ear how much I turned him on and what he had pictured doing to me in my uniform. He took my earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it. I pushed back into him as my first orgasm erupted. I put my hand over his and pushed my hips up grinding on his hand. Even after I came down and relaxed he kept going. I had two more orgasms each coming faster than the last while he continued whispering his fantasy about me. He finally pulled his soaked hand from my panties.

I grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers. I tasted myself on his fingers as he leaned forward to my ear. He told me to sit back and enjoy myself. He didn't need me to return the attention, he just needed me to enjoy his attention.

I relaxed back against him again feeling his hands slid over my skin under my shirt. His leg wrapped around mine. I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of his skin on mine. He fingered me to another orgasm, I could barely stand feeling his hard cock pressed against my back. He pulled his hands from my pussy to give me a chance to recover a bit. He slid my shirt and bra up over my breasts and slowly drew his fingers over my skin with a light touch.

After a few minutes Ryan slid a hand back into my panties and began fingering me again running his thumb gently over my clit. He got me off again and I was just about to climax a second time when the door opened. We froze for a second staring at the door and seeing mom and dad looking back at us. A small smile appeared at the side of mom's mouth. At seeing that I felt Ryan's again slid into me across my clit. That set off my orgasm forcing my back to arch and shook with the sudden strength of it. My exhibitionist side definitely enjoyed being "caught" in the act.

Dad shifted the tent in his pants and said once we finished he could use a hand bringing some stuff in. With that he and mom took what they were carrying over to the kitchen counter and headed back outside. Ryan gently got out from behind me, gave me a kiss and thanked me. I said, "Oh no, thank you." I sat back on the couch for a few more seconds to catch my breath before getting up and straightening up my damp shorts and my top.

I headed outside to help the others. Ryan was looking through the tinted window of the back seat. Mom was beside him talking about how the show was good, it probably wasn't for showing everyone. Just then dad got out of the back saying, "See even up close it's hard to see in. We also had the front tinted, but it couldn't be as dark."

We all got busy and put things away in preparation for our leaving early the next day. Instead of making something we decided to go out to a nicer place for dinner. Not too fancy as we didn't bring cloths for that, but more of a come as you are restaurant with tablecloths and linen napkins.

I wore a dress that hugged all the right curves without being tight and constricting. Mom went for a nice top and skirt that hit an inch or two above her knee. The boys both wore polo shirts and khaki pants. I drove us down with our parents in the back. Ryan and I figured with them doing so much driving tomorrow it would be nice to give them a break. Also it would have been too tempting to try out the new windows and be less presentable once we got to the restaurant.

The trip to town was filled with small talk and chatting. In no time we were arrived and headed into the dining room. We had missed the dinner rush so the place wasn't very busy. We were sat at a table off to the side of the dining room. As we sat there my mind kept drifting back to this afternoon and the amazing time Ryan had given me. I was getting pretty excited and got to feeling a bit adventurous.

The tables had really long cloths that almost touched the floor. As we talked I slowly started bunching up the tablecloth into my lap. I tried to be very subtle about it, but mom caught my eye and I think she figured out what I was doing. She had a twinkle in her eye and gave me a little grin. I did a quick glance around and didn't see anyone watching so I moved to the edge of my chair. I was just about to duck under the table when I caught a very small movement from mom. She shook her head no so slightly that if I hadn't been looking her in the eye as I was about to go for it I wouldn't have caught it.

I paused and within a second or two our waiter came up from behind me to take our orders. It had been a very close call. He took our orders and wondered off. I almost lost my nerve when again mom caught my eye. She gave a tiny nod, looking past her I could see no one was watching from that side so I smoothly, but quickly slid off my chair and under the table. I pulled the cloth down behind me so it didn't get caught on my chair.

Dad and Ryan had been talking, but paused mid-sentence when I disappeared. Mom covered the silence by joining in the conversation. As I quietly made my way over to Ryan I saw both mom and dad had pulled their side of the tablecloth up onto their laps. Her had appeared from under it and gave me an ok sign, then disappeared above the table again.

I moved the table cloth up onto Ryan's lap covering his crotch. I tugged on his chair a little and he got the message scooting under the table a bit more. I could see the bulge growing in his pants as I reached for his zipper and slowly slid it down. I reached in and felt his cock growing in my hand as I pulled it free from his fly. There wasn't a lot of room between the table top and his lap so I started with my hand stroking him to his full solid length. I turned my head sideways; the material of his pants rubbed my cheek as I moved my mouth to his cock.

I continued stroking him with my hand while my tongue circled his head. I continued until I heard a slight grown from him. Then I sucked his head into my mouth. I rubbed my tongue along the bottom of his shaft and started taking more of him into my mouth in small strokes in and out. I couldn't take him all the way back into my throat, there just wasn't room under the table, but I found a good depth that I could smoothly and slide my mouth between his head and most of the way down his shaft. I used my hand to stroke him at the base of his cock so it all got attention.

It sounded like he was doing an ok job of participating in the conversation with short answers and statements. Anyone paying attention to the conversation would probably be able to tell something was up. I hoped the wet sounds of my mouth sucking on him weren't carrying very far, but I wasn't sure. I was enjoying myself too much to really care enough to stop anyway.

It was tempting to try and finger myself, but with the awkward angle it just wasn't a good idea. I felt excitement building in me thinking about what was going on and where it was happening that I figured I'd get off when I felt Ryan shooting into my mouth. It turned out it didn't take that long before I had a small orgasm. The waiter came back to our table to offer refills and the excitement of him standing so close while I blew Ryan with no idea set me off.

Ryan came in a flood into my mouth. His hips jerked slightly with each jet of cum. I had just finished taking a breath so the timing was bad and I wasn't quite ready for so much. I pulled back quickly intending for just his head to be in my mouth. I moved just a bit too far and felt cum splash onto my cheek. I quickly recovered before I missed more and easily swallowed the rest. I pulled back from his lap and put him back in his pants before carefully zipping him up. It didn't feel like much on my cheek. I ran my fingers over my cheek a few times and licked them clean. I saw mom's hand back under the table giving me a stop sign. I saw up her skirt that she was wearing blue panties, most of which had turned from a light blue to a dark blue due to their dampness. I also noticed the huge bulge in my dad's pants while I waited for an all clear from mom. She eventually gave me a thumbs up and I crawled out and back up onto my chair. I'd like to think I was very smooth, but I'm sure I looked pretty un-smooth settling myself back into my chair. I took my napkin from the table and wiped my cheek just to be sure before smiling at Ryan and sticking my tongue out a little so he could see the small amount of cum I still had on it. I took it back in my mount and swallowed it with an mmm sound. The whole table seemed to enjoy that.

It was less than five minutes before our food arrived and we ate as if nothing had happened. I was still incredibly excited, as I'm sure everyone else was, by the time we paid the bill and headed for the car. The food was good, but in my mood I was too distracted to have any better description. When we got to the car the guys got in on the driver side and mom stopped me before getting in. She said I had a tiny bit of cum in my hair and it had been driving her wild all dinner. She offered to wipe it for me. I noticed the blue cloth she used to clean it were her panties. At some point she had taken them off during dinner and I had no idea when she had done it. I clearly had a lot I could learn from her, and it would be a lot of fun during the process.

The doors had barely closed before mom and dad were ripping their clothes off and going at it in the back seat. Ryan turned the rearview mirror and I sat sideways in my seat so we could watch. We didn't get far down the road before I had fingered myself to orgasm with my skirt pulled up to my hips and my hand down the front of my panties.

When we arrived home mom and dad were still going at it in the back seat. Ryan and I decided to go inside to give them some privacy, but mostly because it would be easier for us to go at each other without a center console in the way.

Ryan and I headed straight for the couch as soon as we cleared the door. I told Ryan to lay down as I reached under my dress and pulled off my panties. I stood over him and opened his pants letting his cock spring free. I put one knee on one side of Ryan the other foot on the floor beside the couch. I lowered myself to him running his cock over my pussy getting it wet and even harder. Then I sat down on him sighing as I finally felt him enter me. I put my hands on his chest and rocked my hips back and forth. Ryan groaned under me as I continued rocking my hips moving him deep inside me.

I transitioned from small slow movements to faster longer strokes pushing off the floor and couch. I felt Ryan begin to thrust his hips forward as I slid down onto him. I started using the couch to bounce coming down hard forcing him quick and deep inside me.

I slowed as the door opened, mom and dad came inside and didn't skip a beat as they were both naked carrying their cloths. They looked over at us on the couch and grinned widely. I felt Ryan's cock twitch inside me as we now had an audience. I quickly got back up to speed bouncing and sliding Ryan's cock in and out of me. I moaned taking a hand full of his shirt holding tight. I was even more excited as I rode pulling my dress off over my head and removing my bra to bounce naked on Ryan's cock in the presents of our parents.

Our parents sat next to each other on the love seat. Dad slowly stroked himself while mom ran her fingers up and down her lips while they watched us.

I climaxed again throwing my head back and crying out, my whole body shaking. A bead of sweat ran down my chest between my breasts. It definitely got hot. Ryan's movements began beginning jerky and I felt him swell inside me. I told him I wanted him to cum on me. He groaned at hearing my request and pulled me tightly to him. He rolled me into the couch while lifting himself. With that swift motion I was under him. He pulled back sitting up on his knees. He rocked his hips forward stroking himself in slow deep strokes. I arched my back and enjoyed the sensation as he covered my breasts and stomach with his cum.

I heard both mom and dad grown on the couch enjoying scene. I smiled at Ryan running my hands over myself and enjoying the warmth on my skin. Ryan bent down and kissed me. I suggested he head up and get ready for bed, dad followed him up.

I laid on the couch slowly rubbing cum over myself. It made me feel dirty and desirable as I did so. Out of the corner of my eye I saw mom fingering herself still on the love seat watching me. I loved the attention and slid two fingers into myself as my other hand continued to glide through Ryan's cum. I heard mom moan as she climaxed causing a shudder through me. As aroused as I was, I was really feeling tired by this point so I sat up and started gathering cloths before I got myself off again.

Mom expressed again how happy she was with our arrangement and sexual openness. I told her how I'd have never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but with her and dad, it was just extremely exciting. That was of course the moment I was hit with a yawn. She grabbed a cloth from the kitchen and helped me clean up before we headed up to bed.

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It was a Monday night. I was tired from work I grabbed something quick to eat and took a shower. I decided to turn in early. It was not later than 8:30. I no sooner got to the bedroom and the phone rang. I reluctantly answered it. It was Denise 2
Rain pattered gently against the glass to Ethan’s side and he found himself lost in the beauty of the patterns that the water made as it trickled down the thin pane
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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental
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