Mordie pt1

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In a small town, in the middle of nowhere, lived an unknown man called Mordie. For years Mordie spent his days in his house thinking of the perfect woman for him. You see Mordie is not a bad guy he's just misunderstood. As a young boy growing up in the big city, he was always being teased about his weight, his misconstrued face and his mental instability. Fearing for her son's safety, Mordie's over protective mother fled the city to live in a small town. With fear of ridicule, Mordie's mother didn't want him to leave the house, nor not even for school. Those four walls bounded Mordie.
One day his mother was hospitalize with cancer. Still for his own safety, Mordie didn't leave his home. Unfortunately she fell victim to the deadly disease. He couldn't bear to take it Mordie's world came crashing down—for this is the only woman that ever loved him, that ever cared for him. Still not even to attend one's funeral Mordie didn't leave his home. His mother would have wanted it.
No longer being watched by other family members Mordie was a man, a man that can freely do what his heart desired. Even with his mother dead, Mordie was still bound by those four walls. Using the money left from his mother he lived off of delivery food for decades. It was obvious Mordie waiting to die—to be reunited with his mother.
One morning as he was mindlessly gazing out the window, he caught a glimpse of a moving truck. There was no one moving out, but a new family was moving in. Among them was a stern looking man, a fair looking lady and two girls, one looked older than the other maybe about twelve.
At first he thought nothing of it, but another glance at the twelve year old he thought something different. Seeing her long brown beautiful hair swaying in the wind, her small clear face with no bumps or blemishes, with little rose petal colored lips. The most perfect body he had ever seen. It made him aroused, unusual thoughts started to fill his head. Was he wrong, this forty plus man looking at this child like that? In his eyes no. For days—no months he couldn't sleep or eat, not even shower without thinking about that little cupcake of an angel—that summery blossoming of a flower. He had to get her—he had to feel her soft as a cloud body, on his skin but how? Even better question, why?
As you know Mordie was always isolated from the outside world. He never experienced things like young love; he never felt an intimate bound between two people. Now in this situation he’s obsessed like this is his only chance to do so.
Day after day he spent looking out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of her—just an eyeful would do the trick. Precisely at 8:15 she leaves her house to walk to the bus stop for school. Was this chance? Just approach her grab her and take her back to your home. It's a nice simple plan—no, it's too risky someone might see you and then what? Day through night, night after night for eight months until one night he got lucky.
Yes on one lucky night her parents left the house dressing fancy, he knew that they was going out. To be cautious that no baby sitter will come Mordie waited thirty minutes, and came up with a plan within the time. Does this sound like a mental person? Thinking of a plan, not just mindlessly pursuing something. He's not—he can't! Screw this up. It's timeMordie scrambles to put on some clothes, and hastens to brush his teeth and wash his face. Then he rushes to the front door… then stops. After 37 years will he leave his house? All the planning but he didn't plan on doing this. Cautiously he walked to the door as if it was going to attack him. Slowly he reached for the doorknob until his fingertips grazed it. He finally grabbed the doorknob, his hand shaking clearly he was nervous; he started to turn it ever so gently, painstakingly slow, inch-by-inch he started to open the door.
He did it, the night sky filled his eyes with stars and moonlight in long years he finally took a breath of fresh air. He couldn't be distracted, he pursued across the street stealthily to the angel's front door. Mordie knocked, a few moments later a lovely being of a human opened it. Wearing a white T-shirt with the crease of her little nipples appearing, indicating she was wearing nothing but pink panties under her shirt. Just seeing her up close was like a dream. A tantalizing display of beauty, he can't—he couldn't control himself. He looked at her from head to toe with a sickening smile across his face. She asked him can she help him. He said nothing then lunged at her. She lets out a wretched scream Mordie smothered her with his hand, and then started to feel up under her T-shirt, roughly rubbing the girl’s clit through her soft panties. Mordie screaming you're my love, you're my love.
The young girl tries to escape the clutches of Mordie, she bites him and manages to do so. As she turned around to run, Mordie grabbed her shirt tripping the young girl. He can see the trench of her pussy lips, as she’s on her knees she scattering to enter the kitchen. But for what? Mordie follows her, on an emotional high.
As she used the counter to get up she grabbed something in her hand and hid it behind her back. Too obsessed with her face Mordie fails to notice it. Onetwothree steps Mordie took before a razor sharp knife glides into his stomach. A burst of crimson red blood splattered against the young girl's white T-shirt. Mordie fell to his knees looking up at his angel's eyes, and with his last bit of strength he said I love you, before tipping over in a pool of his own blood. The second and last love of his life has killed him.
© Dec 22, 2010 Copyright by DVJthehumblewriter All rights reserved.

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