The Devil's Pact Chapter 33: The Calm Before the Storm

The Devil's Pact

edited by Master Ken
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Chapter Thirty-Three: The Calm Before the Storm

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The Wedding, July 20th, 2013

The last three weeks since the SWAT attacked us and I nearly died seemed to fly by. And before I knew it, July 20th has finally arrived. The setting sun was warm and the breeze was cool. The air was filled with the sweet scent of the wildflowers. Mount Rainier reared up, impossibly huge this close to the peak, dominating the eastern sky. Even in summer, the top of Mount Rainier remained white and blue from its many glaciers. A small dome of clouds covered the top of the mountain. They were the only clouds in the sky.

Butterflies swirled in my stomach as we all waited on Mary.

I was wearing a black tux, a purple bow-tie choking my throat and a purple cummerbund cinched about my waist. The dress shoes pinched my toes. Mary chose purple to complement the flower arrangements, of all things. Oh well, the wedding was always about the bride, not the groom. My best man, Quatch, stood beside me. He had trimmed his beard and got a haircut for today, and the big guy looked almost handsome in his tux. Today was the only time I've ever seen clothes on him that actually fit. Beyond Quatch were my groomsmen: Chris, Tom, and Karl. All three wore matching tuxes, and the same unflattering bow-ties and cummerbunds that I wore. These four guys were my friends, we used to play D&D together. My life had just become too busy since the attack, though, for us to get together anymore.

What amazed me most about the last few weeks was that no disasters had happened. No nuns attacked us with armed men, no government agencies raided my house, no Lilith. Most importantly, no-one has died. Memories of Chasity flashed through my mind. I glanced at the seats where the sluts sat, wishing Chasity was with them. The sluts looked beautiful in their dresses. Korina sat smiling in a green dress. She was pregnant with my child, and she wasn't the only one. Next to her, Violet and April were holding hands; both girls had learned they were pregnant in the days that followed the attack. Today Violet wore a cute, pink dress and April a cloud-blue, frilly thing. Jessica looked stunning in a black, tight dress as she sat next to Lillian who looked sexy as hell in an artfully-ripped, gauzy black dress. Xiu's large breasts were positively spilling out of the flowery, pink dress she wore. I was glad Xiu chose to remain one of our sluts; she didn't even hesitate when I freed her at the hospital. Alison and Desiree wore complimenting, purple dresses, their arms wrapped around each other. They had gotten married a week ago, the service performed by Daisy Cunningham at the Church of the Living Gods.

The Cunningham twins, Daisy and Rose, had become ordained ministers, the first for the growing religious movement that worshiped Mary and myself as gods. The Church of the Living Gods was the official name, but people called them Markites, Miraclists, and Glassnerians. The two sisters had been preaching from the beginning about what I had taught their family, inadvertently, that day in the Lowes garden section. “Love each other,” Rose would preach. “Demonstrate your love to each other. Do not let society tell you what is right and wrong when it comes to love. Do not be repressed by the antiquated morals of the religions of by-gone days. Follow the simple teaching of our Living Gods and just love each other!” The girls were passionate speakers and many responded to their message.

They had set up a large tent on the huge, empty lot behind our house where we had begun breaking ground on our mansion. Every night, hundreds gathered to hear the twins preach and participate in the worship orgy. And the Cunningham twins weren't the only ones to rise to prominence in the church. Beth Philips, a woman I fucked in the restroom of a car dealership, had almost a saint-like presence in the church since she was pregnant with my child. They addressed her as 'Blessed Mother,' alongside Vivian Anders. Chasity and the other bodyguards that died during the attack were remembered as 'The Holy Martyrs' and pictures of them were hung about the tent.

After many of the worshipers begged to be married by Mary or myself, we both got ourselves ordained. It was really simple, we just had to fill out a form on the internet and we could perform legal marriages in the State of Washington for the Church of the Living Gods. The first couple I married was Earl and his sixteen-year-old daughter, Marylou. Not a legal marriage, yet, but many of the marriages performed at the church were not, technically, legal. Earl's wife had died a few years ago and Marylou had started sharing his bed. Both quickly gravitated to the Church with its acceptance of all forms of love.

My mind drifted back to the ceremony as I waited on Mary. Earl's daughter, Marylou, was a pretty girl. She had long, black hair that fell down to her waist and contrasted lovely with her simple, white dress. Her round, cherub-face was covered by a veil and her long legs were covered by white, fishnet stockings. As part of the marriage, I blessed the bride by bending her over the simple altar and pulling up her skirt. She wore no panties, a tenet of the Church, and her teenage cunt was covered by a neatly trimmed, black bush.

She held her fiancee-father's hand as I entered her and she moaned in pleasure. Her cunt had been tight and I fucked her hard, pounding her cunt as she moaned in joy. “Fuck me, God!” she moaned. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me hard, my God!” She came on my cock when I filled her with my blessing. Smiling happily, she took her father's hands and she spoke her vows as my cum ran out of her cunt, “I pledge before my Gods and all these witnesses to love and cherish my father, my husband, for as long as we both shall live.” Earl repeated back his vows, then I pronounced them husband and wife and they kissed before the happy congregation.

Mary and I have performed several weddings since. I married the Cunningham twins, blessing both of their tight, teenage cunts. Rachel, the woman we fucked on her honeymoon during our first trip to New York, showed up with Leah, our chauffeur from the same trip, and her husband, Jacob. Mary performed a joint wedding, marrying all three together. She blessed both brides with a strap-on. It turned out that Jacob and Rachel were both accountants and they were more than happy to manage our finances. Between our Charity and the Church donations, money was pouring in and I couldn't be bothered to keep track of it. We had bought a limousine and Leah was thrilled to be our chauffeur again. We gave them an empty house to live in on our street and I bound them with the Zimmah ritual.

We had plenty of empty houses to choose from after the attack. We held our last meeting of the Naked Jogging Club the Friday after the attack. It was just too dangerous to be jogging out on the street. We were lucky the nuns didn't attacks during one of our jogs. The girls were all sad and we had one last orgy in Madeleine’s living room. I ordered all the neighbors that I had let stay to move out, for their own safety. The only people living on Mountain View Court were our servants, bound by the Zimmah spell, and our families. We gave our Vizier, Sam, a house to share with her plaything, Candy, and gave Willow another house. Willow shared it with the three nurses and the receptionist that helped her run our charity clinic.

Mary and I started recruiting voluntary bodyguards who knew just what they were in for, a lifetime of serving us. Most were followers of our religious movement that traveled across the World to serve us. Each week, a new class of ten or so women were sent to the Pierce County Police Academy to be trained. Our bodyguard was down to thirty members, and once we had our willing recruits, we planned on giving them the same choice we gave the sluts, to stay or be set free. Other worshipers were recruited to provide maintenance for our plane and to be nurses in our clinic. When we started constructing our mansion, many of our worshipers volunteered their time and efforts in building the mansion. They felt so honored to build their God's abode, we didn't have the heart to tell them no.

For our friends and family whom we had given sex slaves to, we let them decide if they wanted to keep their slaves or give them the choice of freedom. My friends, Quatch, Chris, Karl, and Tom, elected to keep their slaves. As did Missy and her boyfriend, Damien. George and Shannon, on the other hand, freed Starla and to their surprise, she begged to stay on as their sex slave. My mom freed Joy, who quickly left, and Mary's dad freed Felicity. She left, too, missing her family, but Sean and Tiffany didn't seem to care. My little sister, Antsy, freed Via and then asked Via to be her girlfriend. Via happily said yes.

Our time since the attack has been busy. At our Charity’s first fundraiser, I announced my plans to run for state office and since them I've been giving interviews and and speeches. I had a number of issues that concerned me, the largest being gun control and crime. Everywhere I went, I would tell people to give up their weapons, to not do violence to each other. To just treat their fellow man with dignity. I had this great power and I was going to make the world a better place. I had other issues I championed as well: bigamy, decency laws, age of consent, prostitution, a balanced state budget, and state agencies spending tax money more wisely.

Desiree surprised us all when she admitted to working on a few campaigns in college, so I made her my campaign manager. With my power, running for office was all-too-easy. I was running unopposed, now. My opponents in the primary had been two Democrats, a Republican, a Libertarian, and a Constitutionalist who were all more than happy to drop out after meeting with me. Each gave me their ringing endorsements.

When I wasn't giving speeches, I was giving interviews. To CNN, to Fox News, to MSNBC. All the talk shows - morning news, daytime talk, the late night shows - would send us requests for interviews. Jessica was our press secretary and handled all of it. Frankly, we just went were she sent us. Our first national talk show was the The Today Show. Mary and I flew to New York City the Sunday after the attack so we could be there bright and early Monday morning.


The Today Show Set, July 1st, 2013

“Everyone has seen the seemingly miraculous footage taken last Wednesday,” Matt Lauer said when the commercial-break ended.

Mary and I were sitting next to each other on plush, white-leather chairs as Matt Lauer introduced us. Matt Lauer sat across from us, on the other side of the large window where the crowds gathered outside to hold up signs and get seen on TV. Sitting next to Matt Lauer was the beautiful Savannah Guthrie, a broad smile on her freckled face. Her honey-brown hair was styled to be light and curly as it fell about her shoulders. Her blouse was dark gray and sleeveless, almost a vest, that was cut just low enough to show a hint of her freckled bosom.

“With us today, is Mark Glassner and his fiancee, Mary Sullivan,” Matt Lauer finished.

“Hey Matt,” I said, trying to suppress my nervousness. My palms were sweaty, and I could just feel the moisture building in my armpits. Outside, the crowd at the windows cheered loudly, a muffled roar that could be just heard through the glass.

Mary sat cross-legged in one of her sultry dresses, dark blue today. Her freckled cleavage was on display, and most of her beautiful thighs. Her auburn hair was styled to fall about her shoulder in beautiful, dark-red waves that set off her emerald eyes. She smiled, her beautiful dimples appearing on her cheeks. “It's great to be here,” Mary answered back. She sounded so relaxed. Was she not nervous at all?

“The footage is almost unbelievable,” Savannah Guthrie said, crossing her legs. Her skirt was longer than Mary's, but her beautiful calves were on display.

“Well, it's most certainly not a hoax,” I said, trying to smile. “It hurt when I got shot.” That brought a chuckle from Matt and a beautiful laugh from Savannah.

“And that light, what was that?” Savannah pressed. “Did you really get healed by a miracle?”

“Mary and I, both, have powers,” I answered. “And I used those powers to heal myself.” A lie, but Jessica advised us to keep out the consorting-with-demons part.

“Show us something,” Matt Lauer said, a skeptical smile on his lips. “I would love to see your powers.”

Sam had taught us a few new spells. A lot of the magics in the book were stuff I've seen stage magicians perform. The type of magics that probably awed the people in ancient times. I concentrated and uttered a single word, “Uwph,” while I imagined I was rising up in the air. I floated up and Matt jumped and Savannah's eyes widened in surprise. I floated a few feet forward and hovered in the middle of the studio. I could see the crowd outside watching in astonishment. A few, the ones with signs proclaiming me a God, fell to their knees.

Matt stood, his eyes shaken, and walked around me, swinging his arms about my body. He was searching for wires, I realized. His stood up on his tiptoes, straining to pass his arms over my head. “How are you doing that?”

“I have powers,” I answered, floating back to my chair and sitting down without my feet touching the ground. The floating spell required constant concentration, and really wasn't worth the effort. But it sure was impressive.

“Well, um,” Savannah Guthrie stammered, trying to gather her wits. “People say you are a God. There are people gathering in front of your house. Footage of their, um, worship, and I use that term loosely, has been making the rounds on the internet. They call it worship, but it looks like a, well, frankly, an orgy.”

Mary smiled. “Savannah, Mark and I preach that love should be freely expressed in all its forms. There shouldn't be any stigma attached to sex. There's nothing wrong with two people having sex, right?”

“No,” Savannah answered, frowning.

“Then there shouldn't be anything wrong with people having sex in public,” Mary finished.

Savannah nodded her head, and Matt answered, “I guess when you put it that way, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it.”

“No, people should be free to find their pleasure wherever they want to, even if they're related,” I said, staring boldly at Savannah, who flushed. I saw Mary smile next to me and shake her head. I knew just what she was thinking. She always was amused by my sex drive. But, when you wish for unlimited stamina, you might as well get some use out of it.

“People claim you use a gas to make them do what you want,” Matt Lauer said, continuing the interview. “Any truth to that?”

“No, people just like to follow our suggestions,” I said. “Your producer had us searched by the NYPD to see if we had any gas canisters or anything.”

“We did,” Savannah Guthrie interjected. “There were no suspicious gas canisters or anything.”

“So people just do what you tell them?” Matt Lauer asked, disbelief in his voice.

“How about a demonstration?” Mary asked.

“Sure,” Matt Lauer challenged. “Make us do something that we wouldn't normally do.”

“Savannah, suck Mark's cock,” Mary ordered.

Savannah Guthrie's freckled cheeks were crimson red as she walked over and knelt before me. I reached over and grabbed Mary's hand, giving her a thankful squeeze. She was such a caring fiancee, always attentive to my needs. Savannah's hand reached out and unfastened my pants, pulling the zipper down. The crowd outside was cheering. They all heard our commands; no one would think this was weird or wrong.

Unfortunately, Matt Lauer didn't think it was weird anymore, either. “What does that prove?” he asked, dismissively.

Mary blinked in surprise, then realized what we had just told him and everyone else who was watching The Today Show live. And it had to be live. Our powers didn't seem to work if we recorded our commands. But a live broadcast, and we made sure it was live with the producers and not on a delay, that worked just fine. Just like talking on the phone.

I could see on the monitors behind the camera that they were getting a good close-up of Savannah Guthrie's mouth as she engulfed my cock. Her tongue swirled around my cock deliciously. “She's pretty good,” I moaned.

I glanced at Mary, her lips pursed as she stared at Matt Lauer. His disdain was starting to irritate her. “Well, Matt, how about you quit being the host of The Today Show and let Natalie Morales host in your place. She's far prettier than you.”

“That is a great idea,” Matt Lauer answered, motioning to Natalie Morales. She was a beautiful, Latina woman with long, black hair. “I've had a good time as the co-anchor of The Today Show, but I feel the time has come for me to leave the show.”

Matt Lauer hugged Natalie Morales and kissed her on the cheek and walked off, and she sat down in his chair, confusion painting her face. “Well, Matt, take care, you will be missed,” Natalie Morales said, uncertainly. The producer walked over to Matt and they had a heated conversation behind the cameras.

“You are very pretty,” Mary told Natalie Morales. “Why don't you show the world just how pretty those tits are.”

“And you're just gorgeous, Mary,” Natalie Morales said with a smile as she started to unbutton her mauve, silk blouse. “I bet you have some pretty breasts as well, Mary.” Mary's power to make any woman desire her was having the predictable effect on Natalie.

Savannah Guthrie was sliding her mouth up and down on my cock. I ran my hand through her honey-brown hair as I watched Mary stand up, reach behind her back, and unzip her dress. The shy girl that had blushed so furiously when she first stripped naked in the Starbucks had been replaced by this confidant woman, unashamed to show off her gorgeous body to the world. I admired her perky, freckled breasts tipped with dusky nipples. Her pubic hair had been waxed away, save for a small heart of fiery hair above her pussy.

Natalie Morales smiled, licking her lips, as her blouse fell open. Her large breasts were cradled by a silky, gray bra. Natalie Morales reached behind her and unclasped the bra, and shrugged out of her blouse and bra with one smooth motion. Her breasts were large, sagging just a bit, and topped with huge, dark areolas and hard nipples.

“You may be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen,” Natalie Morales breathed to Mary.

Mary smiled, and crooked her finger at Natalie Morales. The beautiful woman walked across the room to Mary, who kissed her passionately on the lips. Natalie Morales was breathing hard when Mary broke their kiss, and my fiancee sat down on her chair and spread her legs wide-open. “Pleasure me,” Mary commanded.

Natalie Morales knelt down and hesitantly licked at Mary's slit. I felt my balls boiling as Natalie Morales started licking more confidently at Mary's pussy. Mary moaned her encouragement, her right hand pinching her left nipple. Savannah's sucking mouth was bringing me closer and closer to orgasming. I gripped her hair with a tight grip, and held her mouth in place.

“Swallow it, Savannah!” I moaned as I shot my cum into her mouth. I could feel her swallowing, sucking the last of the cum out of my balls. I released her head and she stood up. “Let's give her a big cheer!” I urged the crowd outside and they were all screaming and shouting. A few of the women flashed their boobs as they got into the spirit of things.

Savannah Guthrie licked some cum off of her lips and waved to the crowd, her freckled face flushed, and a huge smile gracing her lips. She sat back down on her chair, adjusting her blouse, and looked at me. Being a consummate professional, she continued the interview as if she hadn't just been sucking my cock, “So, not only have you founded a religious movement, but you're running for public office. A State Representative for your home State of Washington?”

“Yeah,” I said with a smile, and went through the issues that concerned me. Mary spent the time writhing in pleasure in her chair as Natalie Morales devoured her cunt. Mary's perky breasts heaved as her body shook from her orgasm and she let out a low, throaty moan. I was just finishing talking about my take on marriage, that anyone should be allowed to marry anyone else, even multiple anyones, when Mary finished cumming.

“Umm, she's done that before,” Mary purred as Natalie Morales stood up. A producer came out and handed Natalie Morales a towel to wipe the pussy juices off her face. Mary just crossed her legs, not bothering to put her dress back on, and started answering questions about our Charity, the Women's Health Organization for Reproductive Empowerment.

That Today Show interview created a firestorm of controversy. Everyone who watched the broadcast live didn't see what the problem was, but those on the West Coast, where it was shown on tape delay, were disgusted. Family values groups and feminist groups were up in arms. The larger the controversy grew, the more and more shows wanted to interview us. Mary and I gave more and more interviews, and more and more of our critics were starting to agree with us. The President of the Council of Family Values and his wife appeared on Megan Kelly's show to debate us. By the end, the President was fucking his wife up the ass while she ate out Megan's pussy on National TV.


The Wedding, July 20th 2013

What was taking Mary so long I wondered, as I stood before the crowd. These dress shoes were pinching my toes and I was starting to sweat in my jacket. I glanced back to the bridal tent where Mary and her bridesmaids were gathered, wishing they would hurry up. I was eager to see my sweet filly walking up the aisle in her beautiful dress.

I had already seen her in the dress. We spent an hour taking the wedding photos earlier today. And Mary looked stunning in her dress. It was snow-white, of course, with a lacy bodice. The lace wrapped around her torso, ending at the skirt, which was made of all these layers of ruffles that gave her skirt this bell shape. Her veil covered her whole head, draping across her shoulders and cleavage and she carried a bouquet of white and pink flowers, with a few purple flowers here and there for a splash of vibrancy. The same flowers lined the aisle on plinths and more petals were strewn across a white carpet that had been laid down over the field.

Our friends and families were seated on plastic, folding chairs. I had spent the last week talking to all our guests on the phone, making sure that there wouldn't be any issues. I gave them a few, simple commands: to find any sex that they might witness to be perfectly normal, to be open to having sex at the reception, and to not feel any jealousy if their spouse or significant other chose to indulge themselves. Once they returned home, they would return to their normal behavior and remember the wedding fondly. With Mary's family, I had to prepare them for Tiffany's return, and that she looked eighteen now. Our bodyguards, led by 51, searched all of our guests and the staff for any weapons, just in case a nun had gotten to them. There were a still a few out there, maybe five left in the whole world, but that was enough to cause plenty of mischief.

Mary's side was far more crowded than mine. She had quite the extended family it turned out. With a number of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and both sets of grandparents. Her father, alone, had five other brothers and sisters all of whom had kids. And a number of those female cousins were quite the lookers and I was excited to get to know a few of them more intimately during the reception. On top of that, Mary had a lot of friends from high school that showed up.

My side had my dad's brother, Uncle Aaron, and his wife Dee and their two kids, Aaron Jr. and Laura. Next to my cousin, Laura, was her husband who held their infant daughter, Astrid. My mom's family consisted of my grandma, my fat Aunt Toni and her teenage sons, Ray and Bobby. We seated the sluts on my side to make it look a little less one-sided, along with Cynthia and Vivian. It was nice to see the other two girls I fucked that morning in the Starbucks where I met Mary. My only friends were standing up with me as my best man and groomsmen.

I caught Tiffany's eyes and I looked away. I still hadn't forgiven Mary's mother for getting Chasity and six of my bodyguards killed. Mary and I had a huge fight when she wanted me to go to her parents' wedding last week. Mary may have forgiven her mother, but I doubt I ever could. All the other bodyguards had made a full recovery thanks to the Tsariy spell that Sam found in the Magicks of the Witch of Endor.

When she told us about a spell that could heal all but death, Mary insisted on healing Alice with it right away. After being shot, the doctors did what they could for Alice, but one round had entered through her throat as she fell and lodged in her brain and the doctors did not expect her to ever wake up.


Good Samaritan Hospital, July 4th, 2013

The limousine pulled up at the entrance to Good Sam hospital. We were here to heal Alice. Leah was driving. I was so happy that Rachel and Leah moved out here. I had a lot of fun with the two girls that weekend we spent in New York City and I was happy to see that they made their three-way relationship work. They were so cute together when I married the three of them last night. Jacob, their husband, positively beamed with a pretty girl on each of his arms who wanted to be his wife.

I was so excited to heal Alice. I had been so racked with guilt for what happened to Alice and I was so relieved to find out there was a way to heal her. I don't know how neither Mark nor I had even thought to ask Sam if there was a healing spell in the Book before this morning. My only excuse was that it had been a busy week. We had to fly out to New York City for two days, where we gave several interviews. The most interesting one, of course, was The Today Show and that had produced quite the commotion. I guess getting oral sex from two famous people on national television would cause that.

Yesterday we had three funerals to attend. There was Chasity's funeral in the morning, then 05's funeral, whose real name was Dove Atterberry, at noon. The third funeral for Lucy Garnet, 63, was held last night. And today we had two more funerals to attend: Fawn Avery, 34, and Friuza Rostami, 78. Tomorrow would be the final two funerals: for Jeannette Kerry, 22, and Sasithorn Metharom, 30.

Leah held the door open, wearing her short, black skirt, fishnet stockings, and a white bustier that displayed her large breasts beautifully, and the blue and red tie that dangled between the slopes of her breasts looked so cute. She wore a small, black jacket and a chauffeur’s cap. Mark slid out, then held out his hand to help me up. Our bodyguards, 51 and seven others, formed up around us as we walked through the hallway.

Mark and the bodyguards waited outside Alice's room as I slipped in. She looked so sad, lying on the bed. Bandages wrapped about her neck, a tube down her throat, and every few seconds the mechanical wheeze of the artificial lung pumping air into her would fill the room. IVs and sensors dotted her body. Dean, her husband, sat next to her, clutching her hand. He was wearing a rumpled T-shirt and sweatpants. He looked like hell, eyes baggy and blood-shot, his face covered in ragged, black whiskers.

“Hey, Mary,” he sadly greeted me. He had been by her side ever since she got shot; guilt stabbed at my heart. He still loved her and didn't know that Alice was cheating on him with me, and with her yoga instructor before that. He also didn't know that she was preparing to divorce him, wanting to run off with me. I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. Until this morning, we all thought that she was never going to wake up.

“Hey, Dean,” I answered. “Everything's going to be alright.”

“They're asking me to pull the plug,” Dean replied with hollow eyes. “I don't know what to do.”

“It will be okay,” I told him and grasped Alice's hand.

I concentrated on her being healthy, on her being whole. According to Sam, anyone could do this spell, you just had to believe it would work. I knew it would, I had seen too much magic to not know. I concentrated as hard as I could on Alice being healed, and whispered, “Tsariy.” Energy rushed out of me, into Alice, and a scarlet light enveloped her. The world swam about me and I felt dizzy, and then I was falling backwards.

“Mare!” Mark shouted in alarm. I felt his strong hands holding my arms and I realized that he had caught me. The Gift my mother gave him, her nun powers, had given Mark quick reflexes. I smiled up at him, feeling exhausted, and told him, “I'm fine, Mark. Thanks.”

Mark helped me back on my feet and kissed me on the forehead. He was so sweet. I leaned against his solid frame. The healing spell took a lot out of you. The more the person was hurt, the more that was wrong that you had to fix, the more energy it took out of you. I felt like I just had run a marathon. With a backpack full of bricks. Uphill the entire way.

Dean had jumped up and was staring at me in astonishment. “What did you do?”

Alice started choking, bolting upright. Her hands scrabbled to grab the breathing tube shoved down her throat. She gripped the plastic hose and pulled it, gagging and coughing the whole time. She breathed, hoarsely, as she flung the tube away and had another coughing fit. Dean grabbed her, hugging his wife tightly to his chest. There were tears running down his face as he stared gratefully at me.

“Dean?” Alice asked. She sound tired and confused. “What's going on?”

“You were shot, dear,” he whispered. “You've been in a coma for a week. And Maryshe healed you.”

“What, Mary?” Alice glanced around and her hazel eyes met mine. Her cheeks flushed with color and a smile grew on her lips. But the smile quickly faded and her eyes narrowed in anger and jealousy as she realized who was supporting me. Mark was right, I was blind to her feelings. They were as plain as day.

“Dean, I need to talk to Alice, can you wait outside?” I asked. “You too, Mark.”

“You're okay, right?” Mark asked, concern on his face. I nodded, and he kissed my cheek. “All right, Mare.”

“I'll be right outside, dear,” Dean told Alice and squeezed her hand. The two men left the room.

Alice looked down at her body, at the IV and sensors. She reached out to take my hand and smiled when I gripped it. “What happened? I had this dream that I shot Mark and” She trailed off, frowning at me. She must have seen something in my face, some flicker of emotion at the memory of Mark getting shot by Alice. “Oh God, that happened?”

I took a deep breath. “I need to apologize to you Alice.” She started to interrupt me and I placed my finger over her mouth. “Let me just talk, okay.” When she nodded her head, I explained to her all about our powers and our enemies and how she was used as a weapon to try and kill us. A bewildered expression slowly filled her face as I spoke. “Alice, I wanted to have one normal friend, one person not caught up in all of this. So, I didn't take the steps to protect you. I did not think our enemies could do anything to you. I'm so very sorry, Alice.”

“I don't know what to say, Mary. This is just socrazy.” Alice gave a shriek when I rose up into the air. It was the same spell Mark used on The Today Show. I didn't stay up too long, I was tired from healing her and was having trouble maintaining the concentration, and landed rather hard and I had to catch myself on the railing of her hospital bed. “How did you do that?”

“Magic,” I told her, then took a deep breath. “Do you still love Dean?”

She frowned. “What?”

“Dean spent the last week sitting by your side,” I told her. “He loves you a lot. So, do you love him, still?”

“I don't know.” Alice gave a shake of her head. “I love you, Mary.”

“I love you like a friend, like a sister,” I explained as gently as possible, “but I love Mark. So, you have the choice, you can choose to stay with Dean, who loves you, and try and work out your problems, or you can continue to pine after me.” I kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the room.

Dean went back into the room and I could see them talking through the glass before I leaned against Mark and we marched down a few doors to Xiu's room. Xiu looked so tiny on her hospital bed; she was sleeping peacefully, her round face relaxed. Unlike Alice, she didn't have a respirator to breath for her. Mark walked up to her and took her hand and she woke up and smiled up at him. He whispered a word, and healed her.

She gasped loudly as the scarlet light enveloped her, bolting upright in the bed. When the light faded, the color was back in her round cheeks and her almond eyes were wide with amazement. The IV that had been in her arm had been forced out of her flesh. Xiu ripped off the various sensors, triggering all sorts of annoying alarms, and threw her arms around Mark. “Oh, thank you, thank you, Master!”

Mark stroked her face. “Xiu, I'm going to free you from my control for the next twenty-four hours. I want you to decide if you want to be our slut. Or, if you do not want to be our slut, I will free you.”

Confusion appeared on Xiu's face as she was released from Mark's control. She frowned, looking at us, then stood up from the bed and walked over to the plastic bag on the counter that contained her personal effects. She stripped out of her hospital gown; her petite, olive-skinned body was beautiful. Her skin was flawless, her ass firm and slim, and her huge breasts swayed as she moved, topped with dark nipples. She fished around in the bag and pulled out her nipple piercings. She frowned, trying to stick the piercing through her nipple.

“I'm not pierced anymore,” she whispered in surprise.

“I guess I healed you too well,” Mark grinned.

Xiu laughed and pulled out her gold choker with her name written in emeralds, and clasped it about her throat. “I am yours,” she answered and bent over the foot of her hospital bed, grasped her butt-cheeks and spread them, exposing her tight asshole. “Fuck my ass, Master. Hard!” A broad smile appeared on her lips. “Make it hurt, Master!”

“And what about me?” I pouted as Mark was moving behind her.

“I would love to eat your pussy, Mistress,” Xiu said, licking her lush lips. “I am your sex slave. Use and abuse me for your pleasure.”

Xiu gasped loudly in pain as Mark fucked her ass. He had roughly shoved his cock into her unlubed ass. Lust shined in Xiu's eyes; the slut loved to be hurt, got off on it. I climbed on the bed, spread my legs and felt some of my exhaustion melt away as Xiu's tongue lapped at my slit. She buried her face in my snatch, her nose bumping my clit, her fingers spreading my lips open as she dug her tongue furiously inside me.

“Oh fuck, that's nice, slut!” I moaned. I caught Mark's blue eyes and he smiled at me as he pounded her tight ass. “Eat my pussy! Yes, yes, that's so fucking nice.” I gasped as Xiu shoved two fingers up my tight pussy.

I watched as Xiu's ass jiggled as Mark's groin slapped into her cheeks, filling the room with the slap of flesh. I grabbed Xiu's black hair with one hand and pulled her face tight against my cunt as my hips writhed in pleasure. Mark was thrusting harder into her ass, pushing Xiu's face into my pussy as he bottomed out in her ass.

“Your ass is fucking tight, slut!” Mark moaned. “I love fucking your slutty ass!”

Xiu moaned happily into my pussy. “Are you going flood this naughty slut's ass, Mark?” I laughed.

“I am, Mare!” Mark panted.

I could feel my orgasm building inside me. Skillfully fueled by Xiu's lips and fingers. Her tongue fluttered at my clit as her fingers slid along my tight sheathe. I groaned, my back arching, as Xiu sucked my little pearl between her lips and curled her fingers just right. My orgasm exploded out of me as the little slut found my G-Spot and I splattered her face with my girl-cum.

“Oh fuck, that was great, slut!” I moaned.

“I'm so happy, Mistress,” Xiu answered from between my thighs. “Master's cock feels so amazing in my ass! Umm, I'm going to cum, Master! Ohhh, thank you, thank you for making me cum!”

“Fucking slut!” Mark groaned and slammed his cock into her, his face contorted in pleasure as he flooded her ass with his cum. “God damn, that was good, slut!”

Mark pulled out of her ass and I rested back on Xiu's bed. Xiu turned around and quickly knelt down and started cleaning Mark's cock off like a good slut. Mark stroked her black hair and smiled at me. Our Xiu stayed and Alice was healed. I wanted to hold onto this happy feeling as long as I could.


The Wedding, July 20th, 2013

I was freaking out.

“Where's my locket?” I asked, as grabbed at my throat for the third time, desperately feeling for the gold chain. I knew that it wasn't there, I had already felt twice, but rational thoughts like that were hard to hang onto when you're in a panic. Somehow, my locket had slipped off from around my neck. It was heart-shaped, made of silver, with a pink rose sculpted onto the front. I couldn't lose it. Mark gave it to me that first day I met him. For the last fifteen minutes, my bridesmaids and I had been tearing the bridal tent apart trying to find it. I needed it. I couldn't leave the tent and walk down the aisle without it!

My older sister Shannon was digging through a box while Antsy and Missy were searching the floor of the bridal tent. I needed to stay calm. If I started crying, my mascara would run and I would look like a frightful mess on my wedding day. “Please, please, please!” I begged over and over, fighting back the tears.

“Here it is!” Alice shouted in triumph. I sighed in relief as my maid-of-honor held up the silver locket. “It fell behind the chair.”

After I healed Alice that day, she had talked with her husband, Dean. She confessed her adultery to him. “I felt so guilty that I had been such a bad wife while Dean was being all attentive and loving since I got hurt,” Alice had later told me. “I just wanted to drive him away so I could wallow in my misery. Only, when I told him that I cheated on him, he was hurt, but he didn't leave. For the first time, since, well, since forever, I guess, we talked. And it was nice.” They were in marriage counseling now, trying to work through their problems.

The news of Alice's healing spread through the hospital and soon it was all over the news. And not just Alice's healing, Mark cured Xiu and half the bodyguards that were still in the hospital before he was too tired. For the last two Thursdays, Mark and I have been healing the sick at Good Sam. It was nice to finally do something good and selfless with our powers.

Alice handed me the locket and I put it around my neck and secured the clasp. I do not know how it fell off my neck, the clasp seemed to be just fine. I was just so very relieved to feel it dangling between my breasts again, that I didn't care why it fell off. I lowered my veil and took a deep breath. “Okay, let's get this started.”

Missy popped her head out the tent flap then ducked back in, smiling. “Umm, maybe in a few minutes, Mary.”

I frowned and wondered what Mark was doing? Then an amused smile crossed my lips. No, I should be wondering who Mark was doing. I considered the candidates. One of the sluts, maybe? Or was it Rose Cunningham who was officiating our wedding? Or maybe his mother, Sandy? Certainly not my mom. Mark was still angry with her over Chasity's death. I missed Chasity, too, but my mom was used by the other side and she felt so guilty over all the deaths she caused.


Mountain View Court Estates, June 29th, 2013

I slipped out of the house, leaving Mark and our sluts that chose to stay to continue with their orgy. I was glad that most of our sluts stayed but I would miss Fiona, Thamina, and Noel. It was the right thing to do, however. I should have insisted weeks ago, but I was too caught up in the thrill of the power to make someone do whatever you wanted.

I walked naked down Mountain View Court, wearing only a pair of flip-flops. I could hear the music from our worshipers waiting out on the street corner. I didn't know what to make of that development. Mark clearly found being worshiped too amazing to pass up. But, it just didn't feel right, to be worshiped. We weren't Gods. We had powers, sure, but anyone who was willing to pay the price could have them.

Then I had stepped out of the car and heard all those people chanting my name. I shivered, it was so intoxicating. I could feel the love of a hundred people. I bit my lip as I thought about that feeling. It's not like we ordered them to worship us, I told myself. We never said we were Gods. We just didn't correct them. And if it made those people happy to worship us, maybe it wasn't right to take that away from them.

I put those thoughts away as I reached my parent's house. They lived three houses down from Mark and I. This used to be the Gomez house, I think, before Mark made them sell their house. I pushed open the door and walked in. “Hello,” I called as I wandered around the house. Where was everyone? Missy and Damien lived here, along with their two sex slaves and Felicity, dad's sex slave.

I heard splashes and I wandered to the back of the house. Missy and Damien and the sex slaves were splashing around in the pool, naked. They were playing Marco Polo, I realized, with Damien blindfolded, trying to find the girls.

“Marco!” he yelled.

“Polo!” the girls yelled back, splashing away from him as he lunged. He caught Dawn, Missy's sex slave, by the foot and dragged the laughing, blonde girl to him. She hugged Damien and kissed him, wrapping her legs about his waist. Damien started to fuck her; I guess that was the reward for winning.

“Missy, where's mom and dad?” I asked.

Missy swam to the side of the pool, her budding breasts just visible above the lip of the pool, water beading on her tits. “Upstairs,” she said, rolling her eyes. “They've been up there most of the day.”

“Well, have fun,” I said with a grin. Dawn was moaning like a banshee as Damien fucked her.

I went back into the house and walked upstairs. I knocked on my Dad's bedroom door and then went inside. They were in bed together, cuddling. My dad looked so happy as he glanced up at me and Mom was flushed and smiling, her blonde hair draped across Dad's chest.

“I see you two are getting along,” I said archly.

Mom's face grew more red. “We had a lot of time to make up.”

“What can we do for you, Mary?” Dad asked.

“I need to bind Mom,” I answered, walking towards them.

Dad grinned and patted the bed next to him. I climbed on, pressing my naked body against Dad and kissing him on the lips. Mom reached out and, hesitantly, touched my breast. Her finger ran gently along the slope up to my hard nipple. I shivered in pleasure as her finger grazed my hard nipple. I broke the kiss with Dad and leaned over his body and kissed my mom on the lips.

“Are we really going to make love to our daughter?” Mom asked, sounding unsure.

“I need to fuck dad for the Zimmah ritual, Mom,” I answered. “Besides, you two haven't fucked Missy yet? I'm surprised the little minx hasn't already barged on in.”

Mom glanced at Dad, her eyebrows raised. Dad coughed. “Well, Missy was just so persistent, and I had already fucked Mary and Shannon. So, it just seemed fair, Tif,” Dad answered, lamely.

Mom drew in a deep breath. “This isn't the family reunion I thought it would be.”

I grasped my mom's perky boob. Mom had a cup size on me and I was a little jealous. I tweaked her nipple and said with a grin, “But it'll be a lot of fun.”

Mom relaxed as I played with her nipple then a naughty twinkle appeared in her blue eyes. “I guess it will be.” Mom kissed me back, this time her lips soft and gentle. I tilted my head and let her tongue slip into my mouth. I felt Mom's hand on my breast again, squeezing me and rubbing my nipple.

“That was hot,” Dad moaned as we broke the kiss.

Mom laughed and I slid my hands beneath the cover to find him hard, his cock sticky. “Did you just fuck Mom?”

“Yes,” Dad smiled proudly. “A couple of times. We're like teenagers again.”

“Well, one of you is a teenager again,” I laughed. The benefit of the Gift made one young and beautiful or, in the case of a man, young and ripped. I was enjoying the new Mark. I loved Mark when he was flabby, but Mark with all his muscles was just yummy. Just like Karen, even though Mom wasn't a nun anymore, she kept the youth and beauty and looked eighteen.

I pushed the covers back to expose his hard dick rising out of the forest of red hair. I moved down and licked his shaft, tasting my mom's spicy flavor. It was similar to my flavor, but without the sweetness. Dad moaned in appreciation and then Mom's tongue was licking with me. Our tongues brushed as we cleaned his cock. I kissed my mom around Dad's cock, tasting his salty pre-cum.

“Oh fuck, that's amazing,” Dad moaned. “My hot wife and hot daughter are sucking my cock! I'm so damned lucky.”

“Umm, Dad, you feel ready,” I panted, sitting up. “Sit on Dad's face, Mom.”

I straddled Dad, guiding his hard cock to my wet cunt as Mom slid up to sit on his face. Her blonde bush was messy with her juices and Dad's cum. Dad didn't seem to mind, though, and Mom moaned as he ate her pussy out. I sighed in satisfaction as I felt my dad's cock fill me all the way up. Mom grinned happily at me and I realized just how much alike we looked. I leaned in and kissed the blonde version of myself.

I loved the feel of Dad's cock inside me. It was the last chance for me to fuck him for awhile. My period should start tomorrow, and then I was going off the pill so Mark and I could have our own child. I was jealous of Korina for beating me to the punch. I rode Dad faster, enjoying his cock rubbing against the sensitive sheathe of my pussy and Mom's tongue probing my mouth. I gripped her blonde hair and devoured her lips.

My orgasm was building quickly as I slammed up and down on Dad. My mom broke the kiss and she bent down and started sucking at my nipple. “Oh, fuck, that's nice, Mom!” Her tongue swirled about my nipple, and then she would suck and nibble. Mom sure knew how to please a woman. I cradled my mom's head to my breast as my orgasm crashed through me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned as I kept fucking Dad.

“Umm, was that a nice one, sweety?” Mom asked.

I smiled and nodded and I bent down to suck on my mom's nipple. I teased her nipple, gently brushing it with my tongue as she writhed atop Dad's face. Then I sucked the hard nub into my lips, enjoying the feel of her fat nipple on my lips.

“Oh my baby's sucking at my breast again,” Mom moaned, stroking my cheeks. “Oh yes, that feels so lovely. How I missed you, Mary.” Her body trembled as she came on Dad's lips.

Dad lasted a long time inside me. He didn't have Mark's recuperative powers and it took him awhile to cum. But Mom and I had a few more orgasms before then as we enjoyed Dad. We kissed each other and played with each other's breasts. Dad moaned loudly into Mom's cunt as his cock flooded my pussy with his sperm and the feel of my Dad's cum flooding my pussy triggered another orgasm. This one wasn't as intense as the others, but fluttered pleasantly through my body.

I rolled off Dad, my legs sore, and I enjoyed the warm, wet feeling of Dad's cum in my pussy. “You need to eat me out, Mom,” I told her. “To complete the spell.”

“Sure, sweety,” Mom smiled, and slid between my legs.

I could feel Mom's breath warm on my pussy as she lowered her face. “Zimmah,” I whispered as she took her first swipe of the incestuous mess between my thighs. I felt the energy flow from Dad into the two of us.

“Oh, wow,” Mom breathed. “We'll be together, forever, won't we?”

“Yeah, Mom,” I smiled as she dug her lips into my pussy and began to eat me out. “One happy family, forever.”

“Forever,” Dad whispered and then he leaned over and kissed me and I tasted Mom's delicious pussy on his lips. Forever with Mark and my family and our sluts, I thought happily as Mom's sucking lips brought me to a delicious orgasm.


The Wedding, July 20th, 2013

I glanced at Rose as I waited. She was officiating our wedding, and the teenager was wearing a simple, black dress, that was very low cut and I found myself admiring her cleavage. She had a nice, round pair of breasts that filled out the bodice very nicely. Rose saw my stare and flushed happily, her hand playing with the end of her long, golden braid.

“Are you wearing panties?” I asked Rose.

The sixteen-year-old beamed at me. “Of course not, my Lord. I follow all the teachings.” Rose's fingers pulled up the hem of her skirt, exposing her blonde bush. “Panties should only be worn to excite your lover or when your period is upon you. Otherwise, a pussy should be free and ready to be entered,” Rose quoted.

“You definitely look ready to be entered,” I smiled.

Rose bent over the altar, holding her skirt up, exposing her tight, teenage ass. “I am ready for my Lord's pleasure.”

“Jesus,” Quatch muttered, earning a glare from Rose. “Wish I was a God.”

I grinned at Quatch as I moved behind Rose and unzipped my pants. The audience was growing restless as the wait for Mary dragged on, and no-one objected to what I was doing, thanks to my commands. A few watched with interest and Alison gave me a thumbs up and then started kissing her new wife, Desiree.

“Oh my God!” Rose moaned as I entered her tight pussy. I caught her sister-wife, Daisy's, envious face as she watched her twin getting fucked. Daisy and Rose drew straws to see who would get to officiate our wedding and Daisy was clearly disappointed that she lost. Rose continued moaning, “Fuck me, my Lord! Oh, fuck my juicy cunt!”

I pounded her tight cunt hard and fast and grabbed her blonde braid and pulled her head back. Her face was in profile, her eyes closed tight with pleasure, her mouth wide open as she moaned and panted. I saw movement at the bridal tent, Missy popped her head out for a moment before she ducked back in. I yanked hard on Rose's braid as I really started to slam into her cunt hard and fast.

“Yes, yes! Fuck my naughty pussy!” Rose was screaming. “Oh, yes! I love your cock, my Lord. Your big, hard cock is making my unworthy cunt feel so good! I'm gonna cum, my Lord!”

Rose's back arched as she came, her hips slamming back into me, and I enjoyed the silky grip of her cunt milking my cock. I groaned, feeling my balls starting to boil. I thrust harder into her teenage pussy, griping her slim hips as I drove my cock rapidly in and out of her. My balls boiled over with lust and I filled her young cunt full of my cum. I pulled out of Rose and she pulled her skirt back down her ass, a happy smile painted on her face.

The band started playing as I put my cock away. Finally, I thought in relief. The bridesmaids came out, Alice and our sisters. They all looked beautiful in their cream-colored bridesmaid's dresses. Particularly Shannon and Missy; their red hair made quite a splash against the cream dresses. Alice looked at me and for the first time there wasn't jealousy in those eyes. I was also relieved that she didn't pull out a gun when she reached the altar.

The traditional wedding march started up and everyone 'oohhed' and 'aahhed' when Mary appeared. My heart almost stopped. I had seen her in the dress just a few hours ago as we posed for photos, but this was different. Her emerald eyes found mine through the veil and the smile that covered her face was breathtaking, producing delightful dimples in her cheeks. Clutched in her hands was a bouquet of beautiful flowers, white and pink with a few purple flowers for a splash of brilliant color. Sean, her father, took her arm, and they walked slowly up the aisle. The setting sun lit Mary's dress with an orange hue and for a moment she looked like an angel aglow with radiant power.

Sean shook my hand, then handed Mary off to me. Alice held Mary's bouquet as I took my fiancee's hands. They were soft and gentle and I squeezed them as her flowery perfume filled my nose and left me feeling light-headed. We stared into each other's eyes as Rose began her marriage ceremony; Mary's eyes were deep green and full of love and I could happily stare into them forever. Rose gave a sermon on the importance of love and the beauty of two people sharing their lives together. The girl didn't sound nervous at all, considering she was marrying her Gods.

“Was that Rose I heard moaning?” Mary whispered quietly as Rose preached.

I smiled. “I got bored.”

“That's my horny stallion.” Mary giggled silently, trying not to let her body shake too much. “Sorry for the holdup. I thought I lost my locket.” She touched the silver, heart-shaped locket nestled in her beautiful cleavage.

“I'm just so happy to marry you,” I answered. She smiled warmly at me and I couldn't help but smile back at my beautiful bride.

Rose's sermon went on for about ten more minutes. “The couple have written their own vows,” Rose stated as Quatch passed us the wedding bands. They were simple, golden bands. Inscribed on the inside of each ring was one simple word, “Forever.”

I took Mary's hand and placed the ring just at the tip of her finger. Mary took a deep breath, tears brimming in her eyes, “Mark, you changed my life the day you walked into my work. You captured my heart and loved me enough to set me free. And I loved you enough to come back. I want to be with you every day of our lives. The good days and the bad. Forever at your side.” My hand trembled as I slid the wedding band all the way onto her finger, up against her engagement ring.

Mary took my wedding band and held my hand, smiling expectantly at me. “That was beautiful, Mare.” She blushed beneath her veil, tears brimming in her beautiful eyes, and I grinned at her. “I was captivated the moment I saw you the day I walked into your work. I never thought I would meet someone who could love me with all her heart the way you have. You are all I will ever need. From now, until the end of time. You are all I need, my love.” Mary was crying and smiling as she slid my wedding band onto my finger.

“By the powers invested in me by my Gods and the State of Washington, I now pronounce you man and wife.” Everyone clapped at Rose's pronouncement and I lifted my wife's veil ever so gently. Her lips quivered as we stared at one another and then my arms wrapped around her slim body and I pulled her to me. Our lips met and time seemed to stop. Everything faded away as I kissed my wife and felt her body pressed to me. Her lips tasted sweet, and my nose was filled with the heady scent of her flowery perfume and the faint, coconut smell of her shampoo. Her soft hand stroked my cheek and her dress was silky smooth beneath my hand.

When we broke the kiss, everyone was standing and clapping. We breathlessly turned to face our families, Mary's arm hooking around mine. We started to walk slowly down the aisle, past the grinning men and the teary-eyed women. They started showering us with rice, the kernels falling about us, getting stuck in our hair and sliding down the front and back of my shirt.

A white Rolls Royce limo pulled up and Leah opened the door. She was wearing a more conservative chauffeur’s outfit than usual. Tears shown in her hazel eyes as she murmured, “I'm so happy for you, my Gods.” Mary stroked her face and bent and kissed her gently on the lips before slipping into the limo. I helped to gather her skirt up and slid in beside her.

“You are so beautiful,” I told my new wife, snuggling up to her and kissing her smiling lips as my hand slid up the side of her dress to gently squeeze her breast through the lacy bodice.

“It's only a five minute drive to the lodge,” Mary protested between kisses. We were holding our reception at the Paradise Lodge, nearby. As I groped Mary, my other hand was busy lifting up her skirts. “You'll ruin my dress.” Her protests were growing weaker as my hand found her stocking-covered thigh and I slid up her leg. She was wearing panties with a smooth material. Satin, maybe. I found the warmth between her legs and started rubbing her moistening pussy through her panties' gusset.

“My horny stallion,” Mary panted, kissing me back. “You're going to make a mess of my hair, too.”

“I don't care,” I told her. My fingers found the elastic band of her panties and started to pull them off.

“Umm, I don't either,” panted Mary as I ran my fingers through her bare pussy. “Make love to me, husband.”

The limo stopped, we were already at the lodge. But, our guests could wait while I made love to my wife. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Leah turn to watch us, her smiling face framed by her bleached-blonde hair. Mary's hand fumbled at the zipper of my slacks. She reached into the fly, tugging my boxers down and wrapping her hands around my cock and fishing my hardening shaft out. She leaned against the side of the limo, spreading her legs. Her skirts and petticoats bunched up about her waist, almost hiding my wife from me as I settled between her thighs.

“Ohh, I love you,” Mary moaned as my cock found the opening to her pussy and I slid inside her.

She was warm and wet and tight. “I love you, my sweet filly!” I moaned as I started thrusting into her wet hole. I fucked her hard, rocking the limo with every plunge. Mary slammed her hips back at me. We were both too horny to bother with foreplay. Besides, our guests were waiting. The grip of her cunt on my cock was sending waves of pleasure through my cock, ending at my balls.

“Fuck me, fuck me, stud!” Mary gasped loudly. I could see our guests arriving through the tinted window above Mary's head, and the amused smiles on their faces. They all knew what was going on in the limo.

“My beautiful wife!” I panted. “Your pussy feels so amazing.”

“Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, Mark! Umm, pound your filly's cunt. Give me a good ride!”

The car was quickly filling up with the scent of my Mary, that sweet and spicy aroma of her cunt. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent. The slap of flesh and the rustle of fabric echoed through the back of the limo. Mary squealed in pleasure, bucking beneath me. I felt her cunt contracting about my cock as her orgasm rolled through her body.

I slammed three more times into her, balls growing tighter and tighter, and then buried myself inside my wife and flooded her pussy with my cum. We both were breathing hard and I tried to kiss her, but her bunched up skirt made that far too difficult. I pulled out and put my wet cock back into my pants. Mary found her panties and pulled them on quickly to contain the mess inside her.

“That was great, Mare,” I told her. “I love you so much.”

She smiled happily at me and kissed me. “Do I look alright?”

Mary's hair was a little mused, her skirt a little wrinkled, and her face was flushed and sweaty. “You look so beautiful.”

Leah opened the door and this time we were greeted with catcalls and whistles as we headed into the lodge for the reception. Mary and I stood at the entrance and greeted everyone as they walked in. The children were taken to a small room to be out of the way, and everyone else went into a richly-appointed dining hall. There was a long table for the wedding party, with Mary and myself seated in the middle, and everyone else sat at small, round tables that seated four. We spread out the sluts, sitting each one by a male cousin and told them to be very friendly.

After the dinner, Mary and I did our solo dance. Neither of us danced well, but everyone clapped when we finished. Maybe they were just relieved that our solo was over. Other couples joined us on the dance floor: my mom and her girlfriend Betty, Mary's parents, Missy and Damien, and my sister and Via. As we were dancing, I saw Lillian slip off with my cousin Ryan. He was sixteen and probably about to lose his virginity. I danced with my mom, and Betty, and Shannon, before I found myself dancing with Alex, one of Mary's red-headed cousins.

Alex was seventeen, lithe and pretty, with fiery red hair and a face almost entirely covered in freckles. Mary smiled at me as she was twirled about by my cousin, Aaron Jr., as I led Alex off to a side-room we set up for couples to go and be intimate in. Mary didn't want her wedding to descend into an orgy. The room was partitioned into curtained-off, little rooms with mattresses.

“Oh wow,” a woman exclaimed from behind a curtain. “You do have a cock! How did you do that?”

“Magic,” Sam answered. Sam, our former slut who was now our Vizier, had given herself a dick using a spell she found in the Book.

I opened the curtain curious to know whom she was fucking. Sam was sucking at a woman's breast as they sat on a mattress. The woman had her hands wrapped around the cock that jutted up from Sam's groin. I blinked in surprise, the woman was my cousin Laura. And then I realized her husband, Ethan, was sitting in the corner jacking off as he watched his wife and Sam.

Sam's lips came away from Laura's breast and I saw a white liquid beading on Laura's nipple. Breast milk, I realized. She only had Astrid two months ago as I recall. I wondered what breast milk tasted like as Sam bent down and sucked on her other nipple. Must be delicious, because Sam was eager to try more.

I pushed Alex down to her knees and told her to suck my cock. Sam heard and turned her head, licking her lips. “Sir, are you going to watch?”

“Yeah,” I smiled and Sam grinned at me.

Sam pushed Laura onto her back and hiked up the green skirt of my cousin's dress as Alex licked at the head of my cock. Her tongue felt nice as it fluttered about my sensitive cock's head. Sam pulled off Laura's white panties, exposing her brown bush. Sam ran a few fingers through Laura's cunt and spread open her pink pussy and guided her cock to my cousin's cunt.

“Fuck me!” Laura begged. “I want to see if a woman's cock feels different.”

Ethan scooted closer to his wife and offered his cock to her lips. “Thanks, cutie,” Ethan moaned as his wife sucked his cock into her mouth.

From where I was standing, I had a perfect view of Sam sliding her cock into Laura's cunt. Beneath Sam's cock I could see her wet pussy. Laura moaned around her husband's cock as Sam started fucking her with slow, deep thrusts. Laura's hands started to grope Sam's olive-skinned ass, slipping down and finding her wet pussy.

“Finger me, slut!” Sam moaned as Laura found her wet pussy. Sam thrust hard into Laura as my cousin shoved her fingers up Sam's eager cunt.

“Fuck that's amazing!” I moaned as I watched. I grabbed Alex's head and shoved her mouth around my cock and started fucking the girl's face. There was something hot about watching a girl with a cock fuck another girl. This was like that Anime shit that Quatch was into. Never find your friend's porn collection, I learned the hard way. Especially if he's into some weird, Japanese fetishes. But seeing this live, I was starting to get why he liked it.

Sam was pounding Laura's cunt harder and harder. Ethan didn't last long in his wife's lips and flooded her mouth with his cum. When his dick popped out, Sam bent down and kissed Laura and the pair snowballed his cum as Sam continued pumping in and out of Laura's cunt. My balls were boiling over at that, and I filled Alex's mouth with my spunk.

“Wow,” Alex panted, when I released her. “You cum a lot, Mark.” She glanced at the action and I saw her fidgeting.

“Pretty hot, huh?” I asked her.

“She has a cock?” Alex whispered in awe, licking her lips. “Holy shit, that's cray.”

“Gonna cum!” Sam moaned, slamming her hips inside Laura. “Oh shit, your pussy feels amazing!” Sam buried herself into Laura's cunt, breathing hard and then rolled off. My cousin's pussy gaped open and was messy with Sam's cum.

“Clean her up,” I ordered Alex.

“How?” Alex asked, looking around for something. A towel, maybe? I should have been more specific.

“With your mouth,” I told her.

Alex flushed and licked her lips, bending down to Laura's cunt. Sam's cock shrunk, and went back to being a clit, as she watched Alex hesitantly lick at my cousin's messy cunt. Sam looked back at Ethan and grabbed his cock and gave it a stroke.

“Want to fuck my snatch?” Sam asked, a smile on her round face.

“Got to get me ready,” Ethan told her as Sam lazily stroked his cock. Sam smiled and sucked his cock into her lips.

I lifted Alex's red skirt up. She wore a pair of red, satin bikini-cut panties. I pulled them down to her thighs and found her furry, red muff. I grabbed her plump asscheeks and spread them open. She had a cute, rosebud asshole. It look so inviting, I just had to fuck her ass. I shoved my cock inside her cunt to get my dick nice and lubed.

“Holy shit!” Alex gasped in surprise as I pushed into her tight asshole and slid my dick a few inches into her hot ass. “What the hell, you're fucking my ass!”

“Don't stop licking!” Laura begged. “I was so close.”

“Keep licking, slut!” I barked at Alex, and slapped her ass.

She yelled and buried her face back into Laura's cunt. Alex was turning into quite the eager muff diver as I fucked her tight ass nice and slow. Sam stretched out next to Laura, and Ethan mounted her and started fucking away. Laura smiled at her husband and ran a finger down his arm. Ethan smiled at her, then bent over and sucked at her milky nipple.

I gripped Alex's hips, and fucked her ass faster and faster. Her ass was tight and hot and felt like rough velvet. Her small hips started to move as she got used to my cock up her ass and it wasn't long before I heard her moan in pleasure into Laura's cunt. Laura was gripping Alex's red hair and cursing as her orgasm neared.

“Eat me!” she moaned. “Oh God, I'm so close to cumming! Just lick at my clit a little bit more! Yes, yes! Just like that!” Milk was running out of her nipples as she bucked on Alex's face, then fell back, a contented smile on her lips. “Umm, that was nice.”

I kept fucking Alex's ass and I stared hungrily at her tits. “Let me taste your milk, Laura.”

“Sure, Mark,” she said, standing up and bending over, dangling her full breasts in my face. Her nipples were dark red and I latched on sucking. The milk was sweet, far sweeter than a cow's milk, and had a bit of a cantaloupe flavor. I sucked hungrily, enjoying the taste of her milk.

“That's my randy stallion,” Mary's voice purred from behind.

I let go of my cousin's tits to see Mary leading in one of her high school friends, a blonde girl with curvy hips and breasts that were spilling out of the top of her black dress. Her dress was half-unlaced and Mary's hand was down the front. Mary pulled her hand out and walked over to Laura, bending down to taste her breast milk.

“Umm, that's good,” Mary purred. Then she grabbed Laura's hand and her high school friend's hand and led them off to another curtained partition.

“Hey, I wasn't done,” I protested.

“When you're finished with Alex's ass, come join us,” Mary laughed.

I pounded Alex's ass, cumming as quick as I could. I had to get another taste of that breast milk. I left Alex lying next to Sam and Ethan as they fucked, my cum dribbling out of her tight ass. I found Mary's friend sitting on my wife's face and Laura eating out my wife's pussy. I knelt behind my cousin, lifted her skirt. Alex did a good job cleaning my cousin's cunt I noticed as I lined up my cock and shoved it into her pussy.


My feet were killing me. We had just spent the last hour dancing. The hour before that was spent fucking. I still had the flavor of Laura's breast milk on my lips. My new husband sat next to me. Thanks to his new powers from my mom, he wasn't even out of breath. He had far too much energy these days. He put his arm around me and I snuggled up against him and kissed his cheek.

After Mark came in his cousin Laura's cunt, Mark and I nursed at her tits as my friend, Shelly, ate Mark's cum out of her pussy. When Laura came, her milk seemed to flow a little faster as we sucked at her. I loved the taste of breast milk. I heard a woman could produce milk as long as she had someone to nurse. Korina had beautiful breasts and I couldn't wait until she had Mark's kid and her milk was flowing. She was going to be our little milk slut.

The band was playing a slow song and despite how sore my feet felt, I itched for one more dance with my husband. Mark smiled when I told him, and he led me out to the dance floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he held my waist and we swayed together. I stared into his blue eyes and enjoyed the boyish grin on his lips.

Alison and Desiree danced beside us, the two newlyweds lost in each other's eyes. Other couples joined us: my mom and dad, Laura and Ethan, Shannon and her fiancee, and Cynthia and Vivian. Via dragged Antsy out onto the dance floor and I smiled in amusement. Antsy and Mark were a lot alike, they both fell in love with their slaves and set them free. My friend, Ursula, and her boyfriend swayed past us, and Quatch and his sister-slave, Kim, were practically grinding on each other. Lillian danced with my cousin Alex for a minute, and then the two were slipping into the side room to fuck. Lillian spent most of the night in there. I think she was on a mission to fuck every cousin Mark and I had.

The song ended and Mark scooped me up in his strong arms. “Thank you,” I whispered, relieved to be off my tired feet.

He kissed my forehead. “Any time, Mare,” he grinned and carried me out to the waiting limo as our friends and family wished us well on our honeymoon. We were off to spend two weeks seeing the sites of Europe, starting with Paris.

This time we just cuddled as Leah drove us off the slope of Mount Rainier back towards South Hill. I dozed in my husband's arms and when Mark shook me, we were at Thun Field. Our Gulfstream was fueled and ready for take-off. The eight bodyguards there accompanying us, led by 51, waited at attention in their slutty uniforms. Next to them was our flight crew; Joslyn and Lynda in their slutty stewardess outfits. Our actual stewardesses, Monique and Lize, were stunningly beautiful in their sexy outfits: skank-skirts that didn't even cover all of their asses, and white corsets that left their magnificent breasts bared. We hugged and kissed our flight crew then boarded our plane.

Monique helped me with my skirt as I climbed into the airplane. I hoped my wedding dress wasn't too ruined. I had done a bit more fucking in it then I planned on. On board, Mark helped me slip out of my wedding dress, leaving me standing in my wedding lingerie. A white, satin bra that molded perfectly about my breasts, my satin panties that clung to my ass like a second skin, and my garter belt holding up my white stockings.

“You are so beautiful,” Mark whispered in awe as his eyes feasted on me. I posed for him like a forties pin-up gal. Mark kissed me and scooped me up in his arms and sat down on the chair.

I adjusted myself on his lap, my legs draped over the arm of the chair and I stared into his blue eyes. “I love you, Mark Glassner.”

He stroked my cheek, sending a delicious thrill through my body. “I love you, Mary Glassner.”

Mary Glassner. I smiled, liking the sound of that. The plane taxied down the runway, off to fly us to Europe for our two week honeymoon. Happiness churned in my heart as I kissed my husband as the plane accelerated down the runway and leaped from the ground. When we were at cruising altitude, Mark carried me in his arms to our cabin at the rear of the plane, and the inviting bed that awaited us.


University of Wisconsin-Madison, July 20th, 3013

“I'll be there by ten,” Brandon had told me on the phone and that was nearly three hours ago.

This waiting was killing me. Brandon had been breathing down my neck to finish translating his book, and now that it was done, he was late. Doubt was starting to eat away at my mind. This entire situation was off. The only thing that kept me from going home was the thought of the two hundred thousand Brandon owed me.

Why he would pay three hundred thousand for a translation of the Magicks of the Witch of Endor was beyond me. It was like the numerous grimoires I had seen over the years, the Keys of Solomon, for instance, or the Sefer Raziel HaMalakh, that purported to let you do magic and command angels and demons. There was definitely more to the story than Brandon told me.

So I decided to take steps to protect myself.

I had uploaded my translation to the school's server. The school's system had a useful function, a teacher could upload an assignment and have it published at a later date. So, I set the computer to publish the translation on Monday at noon. If everything went smoothly tonight, I would take it down. But, if something went wrong, the translation and a message telling everyone that Brandon Fitzsimmons was responsible for anything that might have happened to me would get published.

I should just walk away. Every bone in my body was telling me to do that. That's why I set up the insurance with the school server to begin with. Brandon didn't want anyone else to know about the translation. But I just couldn't bring myself to walk away from all that money. The first check had cleared. One hundred thousand dollars was more than I made in a year and I wanted that other two hundred thousand he promised. I was nearing my retirement and my divorce last year had eaten up my nest egg.

Footsteps approached and I perked up. The door to my small office opened and there was Brandon. He looked more haggard than a month ago, greed and excitement gleaming in his eyes. I swallowed, fear bubbling in my stomach. This was a mistake, I should run, I should shout, or attack him. But, I wanted that money. I needed that money.

So instead, I greeted Brandon.

“You have it, Professor Scrivener!” he demanded.

I pulled out a thumb drive, holding it out. “Yes, I” Brandon just yanked it out of my hand.

“This is the only copy?”

I lied, “Yeah. I erased my hard drive like you asked. Where's my money?”

A smile appeared on Brandon's lips and he reached into his coat just like last time. Only this time, he pulled out a small, black gun. “Wait!” I shouted. I needed to tell him about my insurance. “I made” My words were cut off by a punch to my chest. I clutched at my breast, blood welling between my fingers, and I stumbled back. No, no, no! This can't be happening! You greedy fool! I struggled to talk, to tell Brandon about my insurance, but it was too hard to breath, let alone speak.

You stupid, greedy idiot, I berated myself as I sank to the floor. Brandon grabbed my computer case and slammed it hard onto the floor, spilling broken components everywhere. He fished out the hard drive and pocketed that, then slammed my laptop on the floor. Everything was growing darker and darker as Brandon dug through the wreckage of my laptop to find its hard drive and

I was falling, falling, falling.

Into darkness.


Babylon's House, July 21st, 2013

“Chantelle,” I said, softly, shaking my pregnant wife. She was sleeping in one of the bedrooms in Babylon's house. We had been staying with Babylon ever since her coven started worshiping Lilith. For the last month we had been caring for the barely conscious Karen as Lilith's vessel grew swiftly in her belly.

“What, Lana?” she asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her belly was swollen with Lilith's child. Both of us were pregnant with our Goddess's children. They were growing fast, only a month had passed since Lilith blessed us with her seed. We would probably give birth in just a few days, a week at most.

“Karen's gone into labor,” I told her and I could feel the excited smile growing on my lips. “Our Goddess is about to be born!”

To be continued

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