Bad Habits

Rain pattered gently against the glass to Ethan’s side and he found himself lost in the beauty of the patterns that the water made as it trickled down the thin pane. Each tiny streaming rivulet would collect other water droplets as it sped down on its way, growing in size and speed before it fell out of sight, off the window, only to be followed by more and more. A seemingly eternal cycle that kept his full attention.

His sat at his desk, chin in his hand as he stared sideways. He was aware of talking in the background, but it didn’t hold his interest. He just wished he could be out there in the world instead of cooped up in here. Out there experiencing things, living life, but no. His school was like a prison to him.

The School, St. Isidore of Seville was a boarding school for wayward children, straying from the path. His parents had sent him here following an affair with one of his old school’s faculty, a sordid thing that, despite what had been said and claimed had not in fact resulted in him doing anything sexual with the teacher, not for a lack of trying. Unfortunately, they had been caught together outside of school and, acting quickly, his father had sent him here to avoid the family being ruined by scandal.

Of course, he hated it. Being somewhat of a budding womanizer the lack of female students left him woefully bare of interests save for the elderly staff, nuns all of them. Though it wasn’t all bad, there was this one, youthful and fresh faced..


He blinked, his reverie broken as he sat up suddenly, looking forward towards the front of the class, the entire room was staring at him, more than one smirk on the turned faces. The nun, his teacher, and his only ‘eye candy’, Sister Katherine, stared at him, delicate eyebrow raised, perturbed.

“Should I assume you heard everything I just said?” she said, voice youthful, unlike the majority of the other Sisters inhabiting the school, but no less strict or haughty for it.

“Uhhh.. Yes Sister Katherine?” he offered, his face flushing red as he glanced around at the others, feeling a combined blossom of embarrassment and upcoming dread well up inside of him.

“Oh, excellent, so you wouldn’t mind at all repeating to the class what I just said, would you?” She swept a hand out over the rest of the room then eyed him expectantly.

He hesitated, looking around briefly at the sea of unhelpful faces before turning his gaze to the chalkboard on which she had been writing, perhaps his only chance at reprieve, his eyes quickly scanning over the lines before he adopted his most confident of expressions.

“About how Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton were the founders of calculus?” he tried.

He got the momentary pleasure of watching her appear surprised, but it was short lived, her expression hardening. “While your eyesight is certainly not in doubt your ears are. Jonathan, would you mind repeating to Ethan what I just told the class?”

A boy sitting near the front sat up, surprised to have been called on, “Uh, ‘If that boy is staring out of the window and not listening to me I'll have him in my office after class’, Sister Katherine?”

“Well done.” she said, pointedly and glared at Ethan.

She seemingly took his look of resignation as an understanding as to his fate as he found himself slinking back down into his chair, sighing as he looked forward. A telling off would just sum up his day.

Sister Katherine was an oddity to Ethan. Vestigial robes covered all but her oval, youthful face, hiding her figure, her form and even her hair from him. He suspected her hair might be fair of color by the lightness of her eyebrows, but that was the only clue he had to go off of.

Despite this, she had become the object of his nightly fantasies. She was young, pretty and moved with a grace that the others seemingly lacked.

That, and there was something in her eyes just seemed to draw his attention. A certain depth to her that seemed to hint that the visage he saw before him, writing and talking was just the surface of something more.

Ethan paid attention for the remainder of the lesson, not wanting to dig the hole beneath him any deeper. The subject, the history and an introduction to calculus, was as boring as he imagined it would’ve been. But Sister Katherine's soothing voice made it almost bearable. When she wasn’t angry or laying down the law her voice was almost honeyed.

The class continued without any further interruption until its end, the bell signifying for most the end of the torturous lesson and the relative freedom that came with the end of the day, but for Ethan now it only brought a pang of fear.

He had in his short stay here so far managed to keep himself out of trouble, but the stories he had heard from other students regarding punishments here put him on the edge of his seat.

He hadn’t heard much from the others in regards to Sister Katherine’s preferred method of punishment. Should he expect her to be as cruel as some of the older nuns? They still seemed to favor the cane and following a snarky comment early on during his stay from another student he had witnessed a particularly vindictive nun dolling out fifteen lashes across the knuckles on each of the boy's hands, leaving them red and raw.

It might not have been him, but he found his hands instinctively rubbing at his knuckles regardless, almost feeling the ghost of the pain that had brought that boy to tears and left him humiliated, forced to face his peers with red knuckles and tear stained cheeks.

As the class filed out Sister Katherine let her gaze sweep coolly across where Ethan was still sat, a frown touching her lips as she drank in the sorry sight of him. He wondered if he looked as worried as he felt, and wondered if that would in fact somehow illicit mercy in her.

He lowered his gaze demurely and waited for the last of the other students to file out of the room.

Once they had he heard Sister Katherine close the door and sigh regretfully. Moving to where he sat and leaning herself on the desk one up from him, looking down at him, hands clasped on her lap.

“Ethan.. You’re usually such a good attentive boy. What happened today?” she asked, voice regretful, almost sad even, causing a pang of guilt to run through his chest.

He shrugged a little and looked back towards the window, the water smattering against it still, though it’s pace had lessened over the course of the lesson as the clouds had moved on.

“Tell me.” she pressed, a hardness in her voice.

He looked from the beauty of the window to her face and saw in it a similar beauty. She, like the rain on the window, was so wonderful to look at. Though admiring them both could prove dangerous he thought.

“I was just looking at the rain against the window. My parents told me that God could be found in beauty. Not in calculus.” he looked down from her, ashamed.

Katherine gave him a disapproving, but pitying look. It was sad for a boy such as Ethan to be wayward from God. He was just so pretty, it was impossible that he had been sculpted by anything other than the almighty in her opinion.

With his short black hair and his dusky brown eyes, she had no doubt he would grow into a handsome disciple of God. But in his lost youth he had such a naive innocence that urged her mind towards sin.

She suppressed those feelings as she did every day and focused back on the task at hand. “You know I must punish you. I cannot allow the other students to feel they can get away with foolery in my classes. I don't relish the thought, you know, but I have no choice.”

He nodded simply, trying to cover his hands, a movement she recognized in many of the students when they had done wrong. The cane was ever present in their minds, even if they had never felt it before.

She felt her heart wrench a little. She really had been intending to cane him, but as she looked down at him she felt such resolve melt away. This boy was trying to find God, just in his own way. Was that truly something to punish with pain and humiliation? Perhaps there was another way.

“You will return to my quarters and assist me with my chores. You will clean, you will wash, you will scrub and you will sleep on the floor of my room as penance.” she stated with a firm nod, though an ulterior plan was already forming in her mind.

Ethan looked up sharply, his eyes going wide. He had known of students who had endured this treatment at the hand of other nuns, to have to spend the evening scrubbing floors until their hands ached, washing clothes until their arms were numb and sleeping on the cold hard wood of their floors, unable to get a moment's sleep due to the knots and warping of the ancient floors.

In his eyes, she recognized that he perhaps would’ve preferred the cane. But she could not step back now. She would have to proceed.

“You will have an hour to eat and I suggest, pray. See if you can find God through prayer rather than through staring out of the window during your lessons. If by the next hour you are not in my quarters I will not be impressed.” she warned sternly, adding a severe tone to her voice. She didn’t want him to suffer further, but could not afford for him to be lax.

He nodded lamely and stood, shuffling from the room to join his classmates in the food hall, leaving Sister Katherine behind, though forefront in his mind.

She watched him go and leaned herself back against the desk, her breath quickening, a hand moving between her thighs to press against a swelling urge, trying to persuade it to shrink. “Not yet..” she prayed.


Ethan sat down with a tray of simple staples besides Jonathan who gave him an apologetic look. “Sorry, Ethan.. I didn’t want to get myself into trouble too, you know?..”

Ethan took a bite of bread and shook his head dismissively, “If you hadn’t of repeated her I wouldn’t be in any less trouble, you would just be in more. Don’t worry about it.”

Jonathan nodded, relief washing over him. The guilt had obviously been weighing on him. They ate in silence for several long moments before he finally turned his head to Ethan, hesitated and eyeing his hands.

“She didn’t cane you?”

He shook his head.

“Did you have to write lines? That was fast.” Jonathan commented.

Ethan shook his head again. “No.. I have to go to her quarters. Clean, wash and sleep on the floor.

Jonathan inhaled his breath sharply at that, shaking his head. “Oh.. You must have really irked her Ethan.”

Ethan could only nod his head in agreement, staring down at his meager meal without much in the way of appetite.

“You should eat, friend. You’ll need your strength for the work she’ll put you to.” he encouraged, patting his shoulder with a companionable hand.

As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Jonathan was right. It would likely be a long night of hard work and if he went at it with an empty stomach he would certainly regret it.

He ate his simple meal in quiet contemplation and rising fear. The food made him feel slightly sick but he forced himself to eat it regardless.

Eating slow as he was he found no time to visit the chapel to pray, not that it would do him much good anyway, and instead found himself wandering towards the staff housing where he knew his fate awaited him.

He felt his spirit drain away, his mind steeling itself for hours of torturous work and a night of restless pains that he knew awaited him.

He made his way to what he knew were Sister Katherine's quarters were tucked, he had been bidden to bring meals and books to her for study in the past so knew his way. He knocked tentatively on her door.

“Enter.” came her voice, beckoning from within.

He opened the door and stepped inside, finding Katherine sat at her desk, writing with a pencil on some open book, he closed the door and moved to stand before her desk, patiently but nervous.

She eyed him for a time, standing before her in his uniform and stood herself, moving around her desk to lean on it, putting them quite close “Tonight you will find God.” she stated, simply.

He looked up at her, unable to keep just a tinge of venom from his voice. “Through back breaking labor? How will I find him through that?”

She frowned, unimpressed by his attitude. “You don’t think much of us, do you?” she said bluntly.

He looked at her, unsure of how to respond.

She cast her hand forward in a wide arc in front of her, invitingly. “You won't be in any more trouble no matter what you say. I want to encourage your belief. And so much of what we do is discussion. So please. Speak freely.”

“..Alright..” he drew in a breath then exhaled, tentatively, “No, no I don't think much of the nuns here. Half the people here believe in God only to avoid punishments. The other half pretend to believe in God for the same reason.”

Her frown deepened and her hands moved to her hips. She didn’t for an instant believe that, some of the others could be strict, yes, but punishments were rare, not commonplace. He was just misguided.

“What did you see in those raindrops?”

“Not calculus.” he replied, sarcastically.

She tsked and shook her head, eying him reprovingly.

He sighed a little, tone deflating a little. “It just looked pretty. I saw patterns, or maybe I didn’t..”

“That's interesting. Obviously, there are connotations between heaven and the rains. Many have tried to read them, perhaps that is what you saw?” she tried, pulling on a thread of belief.

He snorted derisively and shook his head. “I'm sorry, Sister Katherine, it was beautiful but it was just water on glass.”

She sighed. “Very well. Your punishments here tonight are between us. What occurs in these rooms does not travel to the other sisters or your fellow classmates. Understood?”

He nodded.

“Good. Now tell me. Do you find beauty intriguing?”

Ethan eyed her, suspicious as to where this was leading. “It’s rare in a place like this..”

She raised an eyebrow, putting on a bit of a tone herself, “Ah I see, so water striking glass is more beautiful than God's creatures, such as myself?”

Ethan flushed with color, coming across all defensive. “What? No! Well, wait-”

“Oh so you find me beautiful?” she asked, tilting her head quizzically.

Ethan huffed, quickly becoming exasperated. “Well, yes, but-”

“Could you perhaps find God in exploring my beauty?”

“I.. I.. What? What are you saying?” he asked, completely at a loss to the turn of the conversation.

“If you connect with beauty, you should explore beauty. I didn’t bring you here to torture you, Ethan.” She smiled, open and honest, “I brought you here to show you the wonders of God.”

She eyed his flabbergasted look with no shortage of bemusement, reaching her head up to remove her headdress, removing it with a practiced, graceful but somehow reverent movement.

As it curled free of her head it revealed more of her, the oval face that had been his only look into her expanded to reveal curling locks of blonde hair, framing her face much more attractively than the cowl had done.

Shaking the curls free she set the garment down and tilted her head, smiling some as she eyed his dumbstruck expression.

“What do you see?” she asked, casually, as if in a lesson.

“Buuuh…” he struggled, bringing a smirk to her lips.

“Flattering, but what do you see?”

He swallowed some, “I um.. See your hair?”

“Very good..” she said, unable to keep a bit of a condescending tone from bleeding into her voice. “Describe it.”

“Blonde.. Um.. Quite long.. Curly..”

She shook her head some, “That's what you said about the rain. It was just water hitting glass. But it was more than that wasn’t it? You saw something in it, something more than just a simple description.”

Ethan looked at her, stared at her even. She was right, of course. There was more to it than just that. More to her than just that. If only he could find the words. It wasn’t like he was looking at her at all. It was like.. “I.. I see the sunrise.. After weeks stuck in the night, I finally see the sunrise. It’s beautiful, captivating, but teasing. It makes me want to feel more of it’s warmth..”

She beamed brightly and even flushed a little, that was the kind of response she had wanted, deeper than what he merely saw, it encapsulated what he felt. In there she heard the spark of belief. And he had been so poetic with his words!

“That is how God works, Ethan. He is the sunrise in all of our lives. In our darkest times, we look forward to him while remembering his light from when he last graced us.” she explained gently.

“But I’ve never felt his light. So how can I?” he asked, unsure.

“Have you ever looked for it, Ethan? Ever sought out that light? Or have you just waited for it to find you?”

He remained silent.

She beckoned to him with a casual gesture and smiled enticingly, gentle but with an undercurrent that drew his attention. “We will find that light, that spark. Trust me?”

He stood there, more than a little hesitant, searching her eyes for any deception or trick, but could see none. He walked towards her and with her guidance sat on the edge of her desk, feeling the hard oak of the wood under him and feeling her gaze shift.

She moved to kneel between his legs and he thought for a moment that she was aiming to lead him in some sort of prayer. But as she knelt she did not bow her head nor clasp her palms together. She reached up.

He flushed with color as her hands found his crotch and his sudden expression of surprise and shock must have amused her, judging from the sudden smirk across her features.

“S-sister Katherine! What are you!-..”

“Shh..” She cut him off, glancing around almost conspiratorily as her hands sought out the zip of his trousers, urging it down and not hesitating to slip a hand inside.

Ethan squirmed on the desk, eyes wide as he watched her hand disappear into the confines of his pants, felt soft skin brush against his thigh and after a moment of indelicate fishing around, had withdrawn his now swelling cock.

He held it in her hand, eying it over with an almost professional curiosity. The sensation was new to Ethan, to have another touch him in such a private place, and for the sin of it..

“My my.. You must be quite pleased..” She commented as his cock was quick to swell in her hands, her silken soft fingers delicately moving to grip and tug on his shaft, slow but deft motions, designed to harden him for her desires.

“W-we shouldn’t be doing this.. Why are you doing this?” He asked, shocked but increasingly aroused. Her touch was beyond anything he could’ve imagined, soft, subtle, oddly even skilled, a quality he would never expect from one of God's brides.

“To help you Ethan.. God’s touch can be felt in many ways.. I think this is the best way for you to personally discover him.” she said gently as she stroked his cock, her eyes trailing down his shirt covered torso to rest on his cock. He was a good size, she noted, a little above average for his age and more than enough for her needs.

She stroked him, hand wrapped tightly around him as her other hand moved under her vestigial robes. From Ethan’s view it appeared she was playing with herself, and while he wouldn’t be completely wrong in that assumption he wasn’t entirely correct in what he was imagining her doing either.

“Does it feel good Ethan?” she asked in a soft, breathy tone as her hand worked his pole, feeling the hard wood of the floor under her knees and the hard wood of his cock in her hand.

He nodded a little, hands pressed back against the wood of the desk, one hand resting on papers which he was sure he was scrunching as he felt the pleasure beat against him in waves.

It felt completely different to when he touched himself. It was the difference between being tickled and tickling yourself. Do it to yourself and you’ll feel it a little bit.. But it’s nothing like when a partner is involved.

With a burst of pleasure and regret, he realized his virgin body was on the verge of betraying him. Mere minutes into the first handjob of his life, one delivered by a gorgeous nun, no less, and he knew he was close.

“I’m.. I’m..” he started to stutter, curling his toes in his shoes as his muscles flexed reflexively.

“I know..” she replied simply, recognizing his obvious body language. She didn’t slow, didn’t complain at the speed of his finish, she merely held her other hand before the slit of his cock, fingers moving to gently caress over the sensitive tip moving with a featherlight touch, biting her lip as she worked him in a slow but steady and persistent motion, thumb massaging the underside of the head, not allowing the waves of his pleasure to back down, enticing him to his first, if she had her way, of many climaxes for her.

“A-ah! Sister!” he cried out, biting his lip and tossing his head back as his cock started to pulse. His sticky white seed shot into her palm and she could feel it glue to her in hot ropes, the strands webbing her fingers together as she caught his load.

He panted and squirmed to her ministrations as her hand moved around to under his cock, stroking every drop she could from him into the palm of her hand where gravity pooled it in the center.

With the pleasure overpowering his mind and his spent cock still throbbing in her hand he raised his head, looking down the length of his body to her, panting, in shock almost.

She looked up to him and, expression unchanging, let her pink tongue pass her parted lips to lick up his thick seed from the palm of her hand.

He watched transfixed as this blonde woman who had been his mentor and teacher, who had brought him here under the premise of punishment licked his sin from her hand, swallowing it.

“Mm.. That's just delicious..” She remarked lustfully, looking at him with a twinkle in her eye, “Did you enjoy that?..”

He could only nod, too lost for words to respond in any other way, his chest rising and falling. That pleasure had been beyond the mere physical, beyond anything the human body seemed capable of producing.

“Would you like more? I could do so much more with you..” she promised, leading him towards the light.

Once more he could only nod, eager, keen to learn and to experience.

She stood some and bumping him off with her hip, assumed his position on the desk, legs, though still covered by the majority of her clothing, splayed slightly.

“Kneel as I did and do as I did, but to me.” she said, her voice gentle and leading, but with an edge to persuade him not to doubt or question her.

He did as she bid, kneeling before her and swallowing, his cock, still semi-hard between his thighs hanging out of his trousers as he moved.

Ethan looked so perfectly pure, knelt and ready for a wholly different kind of worship than he had been prepared for.

His hands quested up her legs, slow but resolute, uncertain but eager, it was a curious mix. He was afraid of what he might find, but in a way, that fear drove him, the need to know.

As her robes were pushed higher she leaned back on one hand, the other hand helping to gather up the black and white cloth as her long smooth legs were revealed to him, his eyes drinking her in.

She wasn’t wearing any underwear, slowly, her meaty cock was revealed to him, his expression of surprise wasn’t as emphatic as she had been expecting. Perhaps he was in shock, perhaps he had guessed to her secret, either way, he showed no revulsion or disgust, merely trepidation. An obscurity settling about him.

“Wow..” was all be breathed and she could see in his eyes a desire and a lust she hadn’t expected, she felt herself blushing under his attentive gaze.

“Touch it..” she urged, her cock half hard at the sight of him, swelling even before his touch as she gathered her robes, allowing his hands to be free to fondle her.

He watched it, unmoving and looked up at her, his eyes so beautiful and innocent. “..How is it alright.. For us to be doing this?..”

She smiled gently, she had in part been expecting this, expecting him to question if there was sin involved.

“The Bible covers many aspects of adultery among women and men, not to mention men and other men.. But it has precious little on the subject of women like me. I interpret this as a sign that it is my duty to use my exceptional circumstances in the service of God.. Some sheep need a little more than Bible study to be brought into the flock.. You, Ethan, can’t feel God through your study and prayer, but you will know him through pleasure and beauty. Let me help you. Touch me..”

He eyed her with hesitation. She was correct, in all his hours studying the Bible he had never encountered a mention of a woman like Sister Katherine. But at the same time for God to have servants so entirely dedicated to what he thought were forbidden pleasure of the flesh?

It conflicted with him inside. What he felt, how he had came into her hand. If God was truly real, would this be his method of revealing his divinity, through this undoubted beauty?

He swallowed. God may have been a matter of conflict in his mind, but Sister Katherine was very real and very much right here. And she needed him like he had needed her.

He reached his hands between her thighs and felt her instantly relax to his touch, as if she had been half expecting him just to bolt.

He wrapped both his hands around her, one at the top and one near the base, only the thick cherry tip of her cock showing outside the grip of his fingertips.

“Good boy..” she praised, chewing on a lip as he gripped her, just feeling and testing her length in his hands, marveling at its shape and size, weighing it. “Stroke it..”

He did, his hands starting to slowly move, jerking her off as he knelt, her heavy shaft angled upwards slightly as he moved, watching as the skin slip up and down her cock, noticing the way it encapsulated the cherry tip and subtly shifted her heavy balls in her sack as he did so.

She moaned out low in pleasure, relaxing as the familiar but all too welcome sensations began to play at her. It didn’t matter how many times she experienced the sensations, they never felt diminished and never made her feel closer to the Almighty.

“You’re real good at this.. Keep going.. Make me feel good..”

Ethan stared at her cock, her head back and her eyes closed he felt oddly alone with the thick tool. He felt the odd texture of it, very similar to his own but different in its size. His eyes focused on the cherry tip, watching as her foreskin rolled over it with each stroke of his squeezing hands, his slow tentative actions resulting in a pearly bead of pre to form on the tip, tempting him.

He glanced between it and her, wondering about himself. He had viewed certain material in his life and while he had precious little experience he just sort of knew what to do to make her feel good.

Katherine rocked her hips slowly backward and forwards as she sat on the edge of the desk, subtly working her cock into his hands, unable to stop herself from moving as she reveled in the pleasure encapsulating her.

“Oooh!” she gasped in surprise as she felt a sudden heat against the tip of her cock and was surprised to feel a sudden wet warmth around the head. Her eyes opened as she looked down between her thighs, the cherry tip of her cock had vanished between his lips and he held it in his mouth, the plush spongy surface resting on his tongue.

He had his eyes closed, focusing entirely on the task he had taken upon himself, his lips moving over the sensitive flesh, a lewd sucking noise accompanying each movement as the air was drawn through his lips.

“A-ah… Oh.. Oh God..” she whimpered as he worked her with an unforeseen keenness.

The sensation was heavenly, if her hands hadn’t been otherwise occupied she would’ve cradled his head in her hands, pushing herself in deeper, but she would just have to rely on his eagerness, for which it seemed he wasn’t in short supply of.

“You’re spoiling me Ethan.. Don’t stop..” She panted softly, feeling her heavy balls churn with seed, it had been so long since she had last cum, she wouldn’t last too long with this extra treat.

Ethan was lost to his own actions, not so much thinking about what he should and shouldn’t do, just letting his instincts and her moans of satisfaction guide him.

Before long she was gasping and squirming, barely able to sit still as his lips, tongue, and mouth worshipping her, his hand still wrapped root to tip as she worked the length of her steely shaft. It was a bizarre sensation, to feel the sudden, recognizable throbbing of her cock as it pulsed between his lips, preparing to loose its load into his mouth.

He didn’t pull back, he didn’t hesitate, he merely looked up at her, eyes wide and expectant as she stared down at him, her gaze one of lust and love, of desire and need.

Unable to hold off any longer he felt her stiffen, jerk and cum, his mouth filled with a deluge of her seed, coating his tongue and forcing him to taste and experience it. Salty and thick he tilted his head back, hands working to jerk her off into his mouth as his slender throat began to work, swallowing down mouthful after mouthful of her gift to him.

She watched his throat move, hardly able to believe his willingness but certainly in no place to object as he took her seed into his body. If he was so willing to accept him into her body, perhaps there was more hope for him than she had thought.

He nursed the tip of her drooling cock, taking in every drop of cum that he could, swallowing and looking up at her, his cheeks flushing with color as the realization of what he’d done began to catch up to him.

“Did you enjoy that?..” she asked, voice ragged as she panted, a smirk touching her lips.

With a wet pop, the thick tip of her cock was freed from his lips, his tongue poking out to run over it and his lips before he nodded, meekly.

“Good boy..” she bit her lip, looking down at where his cock protruded from his pants, still hard, a silvery strand of precum running down the length of his shaft. Ah, the joys of youth. “Go to my bed chambers and undress.. I’ll change too and perhaps I can return the favour?.."

“O-okay Sister Katherine.” he nodded agreeably, almost desperate for more and made his way towards her room, giving him an ample view of his rear as he walked, albeit through the pants of his uniform.

Unfortunately, she would not get to taste such delights today, she would be too big for him to simply dive in and enjoy herself, but the future was rife with opportunity.

She let out a relaxed content sigh and stood from her desk, feeling her legs a little wobbly beneath her from the intensity of her climax. She looked down at her disheveled robe and to her discarded habit with a bit lip. The boy had fantasies, that much was clear. Might as well play to them.

Ethan undressed in her room, quickly but mechanically, the training of the school kicking in automatically to ensure he correctly and neatly folded all of his clothes into a tidy little pile and sat on the edge of the bed, biting his lip.

His cock throbbed between his thighs, desperate for more attention, having cum even just before hadn’t dwindled his drive or lust for more.

If his short time at the school had taught him one thing it was patience, even as desperate as he was, cock twitching, he sat and waited for her.

She didn’t leave him waiting long, the door swung open and Katherine sauntered in. She had changed. Technically. She had removed her robes entirely, leaving her body nude in all it’s splendor, save for her black nun's cowl and a pair of high heels.

She smirked, her lips a deep cherry red, a layer of lipstick coating them as she walked towards him, swinging her hips as she walked, her full breasts bouncing with each firm step.

He moved to stand to greet her, her own cock hard between her thighs, matching his own though not in size.

They met together, his hands moving to her waist, fingertips gliding over the silken skin of her form, her own hands tangling in his hair as their cocks met between them, fencing and parrying.

Their eyes met and he didn’t hesitate, she was just too perfect, too gorgeous, too sultry. He kissed her, sudden and passionate, his lips pressing hard to hers, their tongues mingling between them as he relished the plush feeling of her lips against his, his hands strayed eagerly up her body, weighing and cupping her heavy breasts in his hands, squeezing the pliable flesh, fingers moving to tease and pluck at her firm nipples.

She panted as they broke the kiss, glancing down between them, her hand moving down his body to grip both their shafts, raising them so the undersides of their lengths were pressed together.

Biting her lip and without the need for words she started to move her hand and hips, their cocks rubbing against one another as he moved and moaned in unison, their bodies coming together naturally in a seemingly practiced display of pleasure, relying no more on thoughts or will, merely instinct and action.

Their cocks glided against one another as her hand worked them, his own fingers trailing delicately over her skin, around to cup and squeeze her ass, unable to resist the temptations of her flesh as she worked them both up to greater heights.

Her foreskin moved up and down over the thick head of her cock, his own smaller member pressing hard to hers as each thrust against one another milked another drop of pre from her swollen cockhead, letting it run in a little rivulet down between their shafts, coating them and slickening the journey of their members.

Biting her red plush lip she looked down at Ethan, a glimmer in her eye as their members kissed and danced between their bodies.

“I think I owe you a little oral action..” she said demurely, stepping forward with confident steps causing him to all but stumble backward onto the bed, blinking and panting, hard cock pointing up towards her, eager and desperate.

She moved to her knees once more between his thighs, all pretense between them dropped as she brought his twitching, throbbing and precum coated member towards her lips, licking them with a pronounced eagerness.

She enjoyed the way he squirmed up towards her, to meet her mouth but she would make sure this would be an experience to remember.

She set about using her tongue, slow and delicate motions lapping at the base of his cock, twirling and twisting slowly towards the tip.

One of her hands wrapped around the base of his cock, gripping it as the other moved down to wrap her fingers around the shaft of her own, stroking herself as she started her work on Ethan

She let out breathy little moans and exhalations at her own pleasure and the pleasure she knew she was bringing him, knowing how much boys like Ethan would get off on hearing just how much she was enjoying herself.

He watched her, sat up as he was, completely engrossed in her actions, the lewdness of the scene was almost enough to make him pop again already, had he not already cum once.

Knelt between his thighs, her full breasts on display beneath the fabric of her hair obscuring cowl, lips painted a shade of red he had only dreamt about, her eyes focused entirely on his cock as if it was the only thing in the world worth paying attention to.

He couldn’t believe that this denizen of lewdness and sexuality was one of his mentors, a sister of the faith. This creature of passion and the Sister Katherine he thought he had known were completely devoid of any connection, save for the fact that this was really happening.

She looked up at him and offered a sultry smirk as her tongue lapped wetly over the plump mushroom tip of his cock, wetting it and pleasuring it, working around in tight little circles and long slow laps, teasing and driving him onwards without so much as taking him between her much-anticipated lips.

“Aren’t you sensitive?..” she said playfully, glancing up briefly at him.

Her tongue teased and probed at his cock, the tip of her tongue eagerly lapping at the slit of his cock, desperate for every drop of pre his balls gifted her, her moans becoming more pronounced and less controlled with each pass, the pleasure and raw sexuality in the room driving them both into a fever of passion.

The sensation of her tongue working him was incredible, even the odd discomfort of her playing with the very delicate slit only added to the heights his mind was currently spinning in, each wet velvety movement eliciting new and exciting sensations that he never knew existed.

Her desire and need increased until she couldn’t help herself any longer, dipping her head down to capture his cock in her mouth, enveloping it in the hot wetness of her sucking, squeezing mouth.

The sensation of being all encompassed was all too much for Ethan, he felt his toes curl against the cool wood of the floor as his fingers dug into the sheets, his cock twitching and throbbing in her mouth.

Katherine let out a surprised little noise as she felt the hot fluid fill her mouth, her lips forming an airtight seal to prevent any of the precious seed from escaping as she swallowed it down, glancing up at him to bare witness to the expression of ecstasy written across his face. The boy had a quick trigger, but he was a virgin, they would work on that.

As his cock pulsed she swallowed down each rope of his cum but felt unsatisfied, her hand still jerking her own meaty member, not yet close to her second climax, she had wanted more, more time to play with him. He was young? Could he take more?

Ethan let out a surprised little gasp as he felt her efforts not only continue, but increase, his hands moving to her cowl covered head, to try and push her off as her tongue and lips glided over his cock, the sensitivity of which was so extreme as it was almost painful, the effect of which left him too weak to push her away, too weak to even form a sentence in protest, merely squeak and gasp.

Even the tiniest of touches would rise him to such heights of pleasure and discomfort in this state, but she wasn’t providing tiny little touches, she was forcing her face again and again into his crotch as she sucked, blew and licked, each downward stroke taking his cock deep into her mouth, his cock depressing her tongue before each upwards movement was followed by an intense sucking, her cheeks caving in on his sensitive member as her tongue swirled around the tip.

The overwhelming sensations made his body tremble desperately, unable to support himself he fell back onto the bed, his feet still on the floor he found himself staring at the ceiling with wide glassy eyes, unable to focus, unable to think, only able to endure her pleasuring torture.

She sucked his cock hungrily, desperate for another load in the service of her almighty. She knew he would be hers now, be a good little boy following the true path when rewards like this awaited him down it.

Unable to control himself he felt his whole body twist and jerk as he came for a third time, spilling what little seed he had left into her waiting mouth, the sensations indescribable, beyond that of this world, pure divinity.

She felt him cum once more and knew, even as she sucked and nursed on his shaft that he was spent, utterly and entirely, his body limp, his oversensitive cock flagging, his eyes wide and vacant, his tongue lolling slightly as he panted, barely even conscious.

She bit her lip as she drew his cock from her lips, his shrinking shaft stained with crimson streaks where her lipstick had rubbed off on him. Kissing his dwindling cock she gave a few last sucks to the very tip, drawing out every last drop from him that she could.

Standing she faced him, their legs brushing together as she loomed over him, chewing her lip as she eyed his bare form in all it’s glory.

With one hand she stroked the length of her throbbing shaft, the other she licked, letting her spit mix with the precum of her cockhead as she massaged and rubbed it, working the sensitive flesh and probing at the slit with very well practiced motions.

She felt her own climax rise and with them the pace of her self-induced pleasure. Her cock erupted, spewing it’s thick hot load over Ethan’s chest and face as she moaned, leaving his pure body stained with her sin in white lines that slid down the smooth skin of his cheeks and neck.

As he lay there, hearing her gasps of pleasure, feeling the hot cum strike his open mouth and face he looked upwards at nothing and everything, his tongue urging out without thought, collecting a strand of her cum into his mouth, swallowing eliciting a satisfied little moan from Katherine as she watched.

He would have to act up in class more often.

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