Sherry & Tre

Sherry & Tre

Sherry was a 36-year-old hottie, she had a big rack (40e) a tight ass and long blond hair. She was married with two kids, her husband worked at a warehouse as a supervisor on the night shift most times, he didn’t get home till 9 or 10 am this played havoc with her sex life. Many times, she would go for months without sex, she was always in a foul mood.

Several of her girlfriends whose husbands also worked at the plant seem to be in the same mood as her except for one. Oliva or Liv to her friends she always seemed cheery.

One rainy afternoon as she was leaving the grocery store, she saw Liv loading her car, she walked over to her, “say girlfriend how are you”? Liv turned towards her a surprised look on her face as she was clearly on the phone with someone. Liv smiled at her, but spoke to the phone, “I’ll call you back later love”, she hung up.

“Oh, high Sherry how’s things”? Sherry’s response was the same as always, “same old crap with no sex”. They both then saw two young black store employees helping a large woman to her car with two carts full. “Hey, Sherry, look they are checking us out”, Sherry giggled. “Liv they are so young my god I’d be surprised if they’re 21, who cares how old they are young cock has great stamina”.

Sherry looked at Liv then liv said, “come on girlfriend lets flirt with them can’t hurt right”? Before Sherry could respond liv yelled for the guys to come help. As they guys headed over to them Liv whispered, “ok girl lets wiggle it a little to see if we can get a rise from there cocks”. Both woman’s body language said it all, Sherry was thrilled to have a male admiring her, the guys introduced themselves as Bill and Trevor or Tre. Within 5 minutes Sherry and Liv had agreed to meet them after their work ended for a drink, they turned and walked back to work.

“Liv what the hell did you get us into? Nothing why the guy Tre seemed to really like you. Yeah except he was staring at my tits the entire time, so what has anyone else admired them recently”? Sherry paused for a moment, “well no but were married, so what when the last time your husband sucked on them”?

She gave Liv a funny look, “well to be honest not in a very long time, ok Sherry I’ll call you about 7 so we can be here by 7:30”. As the woman parted Sherry was totally torn, her friend had just made them dates with two handsome men she was excited and scared. She really wanted to go out and have some fun, but she was married with kids and a husband. She was as horny as hell finally she caved I’m going.

By 3:30 her husband had left after telling her he had to go in early for a meeting due to cutback he would no doubt work until at least 9 or 10. She had arranged for a sitter who would spend the night so if she got home late it was not a problem. By 6:45 she had showered and dressed, she wore pink lace cheek hugger panties with a matching bra. Pink garter belt with pink stockings with a pair of black 4” heels. A rather tight pair of jeans with a button to which she left the first three buttons open revealing her ample cleavage. Her phone buzzed it was Liv, “you sexed up and ready bitch, fuck you liv but if I must say so myself, I really look hot”.

Fifteen minutes late they were heading to the store, Sherry looked at Liv do you think Tre will like me”? Liv laughed, “girl with those girls I’d guess he has already jacket off thinking about them”. Sherry shook her head, “Liv you are a fucken foul mouth slut”. Liv smiled at her, “takes one to know one bitch” they both started laughing.

At 7:20 they were in the parking lot as Bill and Tre walked out of the store, they headed for the car. Liv had both windows down Tre stuck his head in the window, put his hand behind Sherry’s head he gave her a kiss with a little tongue. She responded immediately by opening her mouth to accept his tongue.

They separated only to realize Bill not only had his tongue in Liv mouth but a hand on her tit which she seemed to thoroughly be enjoying. The show last only several seconds then they separated as well.

“Ok girls follow us”, they headed for a red sports car. In five minutes, they pulled into a small strip mall, at the end was a pub. Liv parked next to them they got out and immediately paired up. It was obvious Bill wanted Liv, Tre and Sherry followed behind.

They entered the bartender waved as it was apparent, he knew the guys. A short heavy waitress came to the table, “Sherry how about a Long Island Iced Tea? I never tried one so sure”.

Bill and Liv got up to dance, Tre was looking into her eyes. “Sherry I think your beautiful I do think you may like me”. She giggled, “the response you got with our first kiss should have told you that”. He held her hand “I really hope we can become really good friends”! She realized the emphasis of good friends. Smiling coyly, “well I’d like that how good are we talking”?

The drinks showed up Liv and Bill returned 20 minutes later Tre ordered another round, they were all joking and teasing each other. The girls were getting very relaxed both couples were holding hands, the conversation was casual, but the sexual innuendos were become more and more.

Bill and Liv got up to play the juke box, so Tre and Sherry were alone. She giggled at him, “it seems you are very happy to be here with me”, as she looked directly at his bulging crotch. Without another word he took her hand and placed it on his cock, her eyes opened wide as it felt huge and rock hard. He started using her hand to rub it but quickly took his hand away as she need no help continuing.

Leaning close he whispered in her ear, “if you want, we can go back to our apartment then we could continue”. She kept her hand on his cock but leaned in so she was at his ear “I think I’d really like that, but you do know I’m married, so what I’d really like for you and him to get acquainted” .

Bill and Liv got back to the table her face was flushed, Sherry didn’t move her hand off Tre cock. Ten minutes later they left, Tre yelled, “Bill you ride with Liv Sherry’s coming with me”.

As he closed his door he was smiling, “babe if you like you could keep rubbing it or even a small kiss”. She looked shocked, “that’s a bit forward sir”. He smiled “just a suggestion”. She chewed her lip for several seconds, as the car started, she leaned over put her head in his lap and kissed his cock then she settled back in her seat.

“Honey a question, how big is it”? He chuckled, “well it just a hair over 10 inches, now how big are the girls. Well 40E”. He smiled “do you swallow”? She started to turn red, “of course I do you don’t think I want any of that stuff on my clothes do you”? They both laughed, “as soon as we get to the apartment, I’ll show you my bedroom, don’t you think your rushing things a bit? Now at all but another question are you damp”? Now the moment of truth if she admitted she was she was green lighting this, if she lied then the opportunity may be lost or worse, he may think she wasn’t interested. “Ok dam it yes I’m not damp I’m wet if you must know”.

They pulled up to a condo complex, the gate lifted and in they went. As they got out of the car Tre pointed to Liv’s car, she had slid over, so they were both in the passenger’s seat it was obvious they were into some heavy groping. “Let go babe it appears they will be up later with the same idea I have”. She took his hand with her head down they walked to a rear unit he unlocked the door bid her enter.

The unit had nice furniture, “would you like another drink, yes do you have any wine? Red or white, white”. As he went into the kitchen she followed, “Tre I can’t believe how fast things are going to be honest I’m a bit scared”. She saw the cork come out of the bottle, “ok honey I’m not rushing you want to sit and talk, watch porn or play cards”? Liv and bill came in, they were both a mess “Sherry Bill has a coin collection he wants to show me see you guys later” with Bill’s hand on her ass they went into his bedroom the door closed.

She was again alone with Tre standing in the kitchen she took a sip of her wine, “I’ve never been with a black man it’s scary and exciting all at the same time. Well do you want to”? At that moment they both turned to look at the door to Bill’s room the moaning was undeniable that of a woman have sex.

They both started smirking, “it appears my girlfriend is really enjoying herself, yes it does sound that way”. She took another sip of her wine her mind was racing, she was extremely horny, excited and scared she was confused. He led her toward the sofa as they heard Liv moan, “Tre can we get a little further away from the noise? Sure, honey”. As they entered his bedroom, Sherry realized it was time to decide.

“Tre I’m going to use the bathroom be out in a bit”, as she closed the door she looked in the mirror, ok bitch this is it do you come out in the sexy underwear or ask him to take you home? That pussy could use a cock it’s not a lifetime commitment after all.

She made her decision five minutes later she emerged from the bathroom in the pink bra, panties garter belt, stocking and heels. She stood in the bathroom doorway cocked her hips smiling, “do you like the look”? She realized he was lying on the bed in a white robe she instantly saw a large tent forming, “well I see someone likes the look”.

His robe parted revealing a very large black cock, “come over here sit next to me baby we can talk”. She laid down beside him, instantly he started kissing her their tongues danced in her mouth. She felt his hands rubbing her tits, bra off he started rolling her nipples with his fingers. His other hand was gently messaging her clit which was sticking up she was wet. She grabbed his hard cock leaned forward as her tongue licked the head, then the entire shaft to the base where she continued licking his ball while slowly jerking his cock.

After several minutes he pulled her off his cock, “baby big spread”, she smiled removed her panties he got between her legs she felt the large head sliding up and down her pussy lips he was using her fluids to get the big head wet. A gentle push she realized the head was in, it felt wonderful. Looking into his eyes, “honey go slow for a bit your way bigger than my husband I need to get accustomed to this I really want to get accustom to him”.

It took only about two minutes his cock was deeper than any cock had ever been in her she trembled as the first of many orgasms hit her. As he pushed the last 2 inches deep in her. her eyes opened wide, he had just pushed into her cervix, she looked up at him, “you feel it don’t you”? A big smiled was across his face he started pounding her pussy, her body was reacting in way she had never experienced. Her pussy was clamping his cock with every stroke, she would push her mound up to meet his downward stokes. “Oh fuck your cock feels so fuckkkkkkkkkkken good” another orgasm over took her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuckkkkkkkkk”, her toes curled her body shook she was moaning “fuck me, fuck me fuck me” as her climax continued. Suddenly the big head pushed deep into her womb he grunted she felt her body being filled with warm cum it was being pumped directly into her womb. “Fuckkkkkkk” was all she could say as another intense orgasm overtook her, toes curling again she was sobbing she had never felt like this in her life.

They lay their looking at each other for several seconds, “your cock felt wonderful I’ve never had cum pumped into my womb until now, but it was glorious, thank you. Babe did I write me name in her? God yes if that’s what sex is about, I’m yours”. Leaning on his side he got a grin on his face, “now let’s see how good you are at sucking black cock”. Sherry wasted no time she licked the head then down the entire shaft the base and finally she works on his balls. From his body language she knew he was almost there, sure enough another grunt, warm thick cum spewed into her mouth and throat. She swallowed twice due to the amount then she pulled back showing him the second mouthful then she swallowed all that was left.

She wiped her lips crawling up to him to cuddle on his chest she whispered. “Baby did I make you happy? God yes but now that I’ve had it, I want it all the time”. She sat up “you want me all the time? Fucken right as far as I’m concerned that’s my pussy it’s warm tight and needs me”. She smiled at him “well I’m certainly ok with fucking and sucking you but”, his hand went up. “Let me make it easy at minimum four to six days a week”! She started giggling, “well I guess that can work but my pussy is going to be stretched out to accommodate your cock what about my husband? Fuck him if he was interested it be his cum in their”. She chuckled, “I hope you notice your cum is so thick and you shot it in so deep I’m still not leaking”.

They both looked at her pussy they were both laughing. “Honey roll over I’m taking your ass”, a look of horror appeared on her face. “Tre I’m a virgin back there, not after tonight”. She felt lube being applied then the big head once again slipped in, this was a sensation she had never experienced it hurt in the beginning but soon he was ball deep working a steady rhythm. She could not believe her body the harder he pounded the more intense the sensation became “baby fuck my ass, fuck my body ugggggggggggggg she started to have an orgasm just as she then she heard him grunt cum flowed deep in her bowels. The sensation caused another orgasm.

After a few minutes she knew she had the glow of a well fucked woman, “honey how about a glass of the wine? Sure, you want to get it or should I”? She thought about it for a few seconds, “well if I’m going to be here often, I guess I should learn my way around, I’ll get it you want some? yeah I’ll do a glass with you”. She got out of bed, “Sherry put on panties just in case Bill or Liv is out their”.

She grabbed her panties pulled them up and headed for the kitchen in the kitchen were Bill and Liv she had the same glow; she was also in panties only. Sherry stopped cold she tried covering her tits with her arms but that was pointless. Liv grave her the look, “well I see I’m not the only one well fucked, liv you are a foul mouth slut. No honey I’m a black cock loving cum dumpster how about you”? Without a word she turned, “Bill where are the wine glasses? Second cabinet”.

She filled two glasses took the balance of the bottle turned to head back to Tre she stopped looked over her shoulder, “liv I’m a black cock loving cum slut as well and I’m fine with it”. Bill gave her two thumbs up, “by the way Sherry great tits, thanks Bill my man really loves them. Sherry fucked Tre till 3 am she had finally started leaking cum as they heard a knock on the door it was liv.

Let’s go slut we must get going fifteen minutes before the bus leaves. She got out of bed put on her bra and panties her jeans were wrinkled as was her blouse but so what. As she was brushing her hair, she looked at Tre, “honey will you call me tomorrow afternoon? Yes, give me your number”. She did, “Sherry I’ll expect you back here tomorrow night at 7, we’ll get some dinner you like Italian”? She nodded yes, “make sure your dressed for a date sexy as hell, I’ll do it I think I know what you like besides my body”. They kissed three minutes they were on their way home.

Sherry looked at liv, “do you feel good about this? Without a doubt he fucked me stupid I never came so much in my life tomorrow night were going on a date then back home for some serious fucking same for me but is it a double date? I don’t think so he wants to spend time with me so does Tre wow this is great”!

The next morning, she was tired and sore, but her body felt wonderful her pussy was still leaking from last night. As she sat in the kitchen drinking coffee her mind flashed back to her encounter with Tre she could feel a tingling between her legs a tickle only Tre’s cock could satisfy.

In her husband pants was a match book from a local titty bra, inside was a phone number and Barbara she huffed the bastard was cheating on her.

At three her and her husband sat in the kitchen he was eating breakfast, he told her he was going for a training session and would be gone all weekend she just shrugged. As usual he left at 3:30 after arranging with the sitter she was in her room sexing herself up her phone rang it was Tre. She was bubbling like a 16year old with her first crush, “oh baby I’ve got some great news I’m free for the weekend, that’s great we’ll have a great time I’m going to buy you a really sexy outfit, ok honey see you at 7.

As she pulled in she saw Liv’s car she got out she headed for the apartment, she knocked Tre was their in his underwear she stepped in he put his fingers to his lips, they both smiled as they heard liv moaning in ecstasy. “You look really hot do you want to go out and eat or fuck”? She grabbed his cock as she knew where the bedroom was.

Ten minutes later his cock was in her womb she was moaning “UGGGGGGGGGGG fucken gooddddddd love your cockkkkkkkkkk”. He pulled her tight her womb was once again being filled with cum she convulsed as spasm after spasm or orgasms rocked her body. He looked down at her, “Sher I can’t get enough of you pussy”. She nuzzled her face in his neck please fuck me again then we’ll get Chinese I’ll buy she felt his cock stir; OH MY GOD went through her head.

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