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Hi everybody. I am Prakash Patel, now in Ahmedabad, a settled business man. I am 5ft 4 inches, fair, medium but athletic built, smart & soft man. I am here to share my real life experience. Now I am 46. I developed my knowledge in sex as most of boys do. Yes, Porn magazines, friends and Gujarati romantic novels. I was bored and my mind moves to next stage to do all those things practically. But, the question was How to do? I tried a lot. But nothing happened. It actually happened when I was in Second year of college.

Here it’s my 2nd experience of sharing my love making journey. You are now very aware that I call it ‘love making’ and not sex, as you people normally call it. Yes, I consider it love making. Whatever and whenever I did such things I did with lots of interest and feeling for the opposite side and fully loving her. In response to my last story many people thanked me for such a nice love story, and written me on my id: ‘cutemanpleasingyou’ at yahoo dot com, this time also all are welcome to give their comments. But in any case never wish me to be animalistic.

Yes that time also I was in Ahmedabad, as I am today. I was in really needed to get my real experience of lovemaking. And one day I found, that Shakuntala aunty is a gem. She happened to be a wife of, one of my distant relative Sureshbhai. They also lived in Ahmedabad. They were living on the outskirt of Ahmedabad. So, they were always short of guests. My uncle was 40 at that time and my Aunty was 32. They have two children, both girls of 4 years and one year.

He is an employee in some very big company and always busy with his lots of work and travel a lot, aunty just a housewife. She is stunning beautiful lady. With 5.3 height whitish, 34-30-36, with fleshy curves above the hip, she looks like a typical Gujarati lady. Little bit calm and quite and not a horny hot lady. I liked her everything too much when I was first introduced.

She likes to wear sari with different styles, to match with matching blouse stitching. But in each style she use to look in different age group and looked very different. But her normal style was Gujarati sari, which I liked the most. At home she use to wear different styles of nighty and gowns. First I met this family in a relative’s wedding. My parents introduced me to them, saying that I am studying in Ahmedabad only. They gave me their address and phone no. They compelled me to visit their house the next Sunday.

I went to their place. I had lunch that afternoon prepared by Shakuntala aunty. I played with the children and become friends to them. Everything is fine. From that day, I often visit their house in holidays. I actually loved to watch Shakuntala aunty. I wished that I come closer to this woman and make love with her. Slowly I started falling in love with this lady one sided.

I was not knowing that how to do it. But to come closer to her I started having stronger bond with her kids. And also started helping Shakuntala aunty not only getting things from nearby shops but also try to help her in house. As I was considered an expert general repairman; in my all house hold appliances and electric and plumber things. I was able to short out her many problems after my couple of visits to their home. Some how, I became dear in their family.

Everybody use to await me after few days of my past visit. Though I was not having too much bonding with uncle he also used to ask Shakuntala aunty when Prakash is expected again. Shakuntala aunty once also commented you like your relatives too much; you are never worried this much about my cousins. She told like this, though she was in fact, awaiting my next visit.

Once uncle suggested me while dinner, that Prakash, from next academic year you don’t stay at hostel, you can stay with us, if your studies are not hampered by staying with us. I smiled and said, uncle, I can study better in hostel. I will be distracted from studies if I stay here and saying that I looked at Shakuntala aunty also. Was she hiding her smile! Slowly I started coming closer and closer to Shakuntala aunty. She also started loving my company. On many occasions, she asked me to take bike of uncle and take her to shopping. Uncle used to stay at home with kids.

I was of great help to aunty while shopping. She loved my comments about quality about the product. If its kids garments are selected by me, they used to jump lovingly. Once we purchased two sets of their clothes, one of my choices and another of aunt’s choice. She had difficult time in keeping her tears, when kids showed which pair they liked the most. Without knowing anything kids selected my choice. She practically gave me a slap on my back, holds me for a while with her around my shoulder and let her head rest on my shoulder and smiled with difficulty. That was really a welcome sign for me in her life. Uncle was uninterested in all such purchases and selections. So, I was a great relief for uncle, and, an asset to aunty.

Though I use to come only once or twice in a week I became part and partial of the family. Now uncle many times told me that why don’t you come often. I have my college during morning hours, so they wished that I come afternoon and stay with them till night. I was getting more and more attracted towards Shakuntala aunty and wished to get with her physically too, but didn’t know how to do it. I was waiting for a proper opportunity. In fact I have double mind, I was much attracted but my mind was saying that this is wrong, and I may invite trouble, if I take some wrong step.

I use to watch her secretly whenever I get a chance. That is whenever, uncle is not aware of what I am doing. Her medium sized boobs, I felt are inviting me. Her cleavage was under my constant watch. Whenever her pallu, fell I never missed to look them with gratitude. Her fleshy curves on her waist her flat belly and belly button revealed due to her style of tying the sari very below naval, and sexy curves over there use to make my hormones boil and make my mind love more and more one sided. Her everything mesmerized me.

Broad open back of blouse, the bra strips visible inside the blouse, mountain curve at her butt, all make me mad. I never missed a single chance, especially when she serves me food and doing some work. The few seconds when her pallu fell down revealing those great boobs, happens often casually with or without her intention, really hardened my tool. I watched all these things thinking that she didn’t notice me what I am doing. But I was sure she must be noticing my every move.

Once uncle was expected to go for office work, for three four days. He came to my hostel. And told me to pack my belongings and stay at his place for three to four days, when he is out of station. I told him that I will stay there, but I don’t need any baggage, but he insisted to take at least few clothes. I asked him when is he going, he told tomorrow morning, I told him, ok, I shall come in the morning. It was Saturday morning, after Saturday, half day college, went to their home with my small bag. Uncle was ready to go with his bag. I ventured to leave him at railway station on his bike. He immediately agreed and he was more than happy. Later I found him telling, Shakuntala aunty, see Prakash is really very helpful to us.

I came back after leaving him at railway station, he didn’t allow me to come on platform and instead he told me to go home have lunch and then take Shakuntala aunty for diwali purchases. He told she has big list of purchases and things to do. He requested me to help her in every manner. I said sure Suresh uncle.When I reached home, aunty was awaiting me for lunch. Children were already in their bedroom sleeping. And they were under supervision of a lady who was their domestic helper.

She told me that we have to go for shopping after dinner, so she immediately served dinner for both of us. We were taking dinner, aunty discussed about my college life; she asked whether I like any girl from college or having any girl friend. She also asked what type of girl I would like as a life partner. She specifically asked which qualities I have in mind for a life partner.

I narrated many things, which were mostly her type of things. She smiled and asked tell me in short exactly what type of girl I like to have as life partner. I bluntly said, I don’t want girl, I want a lady, and added that I want a lady just like you. A typical Gujarati lady simple beautiful, loving and caring. After saying all these with all my guts, I looked directly in her eyes.

She looked down in embarrassment. She had really difficult time to gather her guts and ask me, really Prakash you see all such qualities in me? I said, I swear, Shaku aunty I really like you, she could not look upward, and I did put my palm on her palm and looked straight in her eyes. I felt that she is melting down, the same way, as I use to melt in my dreams thinking about her. I see a drop of tear in her eye. She just said, thank you Prakash. And also said, let me get ready we have to go for shopping.

In a short while she came ready for shopping. I looked at her, I was stunned. She looked 5 years younger. She was wearing her Punjabi dress, I saw her in such attire for the first time. She said, let us go. I stood up and went before her. I looked at her from toe to head, our eyes met and I find her all smiling. I said Shaku aunty; you look 5 years younger in this dress. Aunty, this dress suits you so beautiful. I have never seen you in such dress.

She smiled and said, if I look 5 years younger, in public don’t call me aunty, at home you can call me aunty. I smiled and said, sure Shaku aunty. She looked at me and asked, from where you got this word ‘Shaku’? I asked do you like it. She said, of course I like it, because it’s my nick name of my teen age. I said, is it so? And we started for market, on bike.

Due to diwali, when we started from her house, it was over crowded in the market; we were expected to go at some distance place say 10 kilometers from their home. While crossing the over crowded market at one place a cyclist crossed us suddenly and I have to use short brake. That made aunty about to fall, she was able to keep the balance when she got down on her feet on the road, but in doing so, she crushed feet of an aged lady.

She was angry on aunty, I apologized pointing at cyclist, but the aged lady scolded like an elder to aunty. At the time of leaving us she told aunty why don’t you hold your husband tight, and sit with both legs on both sides, when you are already wearing dress? She advised if you sit like this you can save your legs also, else you will break your leg.

The aged lady left the place, but her comments made Shaku aunt’s mind shake. Without asking me or without discussing anything with me aunty settled on bike with both her legs on both sides, and when I started the bike she was holding me from waist. And let her head rest on my back.

I said, sorry, Shaku aunty. She caressed me where her palms were and said, it was her own fault, and to some extent the lady was right. I caressed her palms which were holding my waist, and said, calm down Shaku aunty. You are breathing very fast, are you still shocked with the accident? Do we need to rest for a while on road side?

She breathed deep again, she brought her face next to my face and said. I am shaken with the words of that lady. Becoming ignorant I asked, which words? She slapped me on back. And said, you naughty, you know very well, and still you are asking me.

She brought her lips near my ear and said, this means we look like husband wife. I was happy to hear Shaku’s words. I asked her, are you not happy to hear it? I told, her, either you are looking much younger than I said, or I may be looking older. She again slapped me on back and said, you are very mischievous Prakash. I said, I have not done any mischief with you yet. But, now I wish, I should try some. She giggled and asked: what will it be? I said, I will do it and than tell you. Like this we went on making many such comments and chatting.

While chatting I started calling her simply Shaku, instead of adding aunty as suffix. All the while on 10 kilometers of our journey was very pleasant for us, because we both felt like a couple and she and I were unable to know, when the distance between us was zeroed on back of me. When we reached to shopping mall, I felt that she is smashed in me. I wondered myself; this lady use to make my cock hard just by looking at her, and how this much proximity with her didn’t have any erection till now? I thought this is due to the element of love added in our relation.

Hand in hand we moved in the whole market, purchased many things, we didn’t know what is the time; we were just holding our hands and the bags in another hand. She uses to check her list of goods. Most of the things were cleared. She said. Prakash I am damn tired. I asked her, do you wish me to lift her?

She caressed my hand muscles and said; I am sure you can lift me. You naughty, I tell you to let us go home. Kids must be searching me. I told her me too. We both laughed loud. She calmed down and said, yes Prakash; they must be waiting you also. Many times I have found them missing you. I asked; you never missed me? She looked down, and said, yes I do some time. I held her from shoulder and pulled near me, and I said, I also miss you when I am in hostel.

I said, Shaku, let us have coffee. She smilingly said sure. We went to a coffee shop in the mall. We cherished coffee with palm over palm on the corner table sitting against each other. Keep looking at each other. Many times I praised, her beauty, today’s dress etc. We both confessed our attraction for each other. She confessed that she is really happy with Sureshbhai, but she always felt that some salt is missing in her life. I joked, without tasting me; you knew that I am salty? She pressed my palm and said, you need not be tasted for that. You are so sweet. I said, you too hunny. When I called her hunny, she looked around and being sure no one looking at us, she said, yes darling.

I said, Shaku, I wish to shower you with kisses just now. She said; wait till we reach home and that too at night only it will be possible after kids sleep. I looked expectantly at her. Her movements on my palm were saying that she is melting inside. My conditions were no different. We both were in hurry to reach home. We settled on bike with all the bags hanging and she on bike with me. She fully pressed in my back and her arms around my waist, sitting like a teenager with her boy friend. I was on the cloud nine.

I wanted to explore every moment with this gorgeous lady. I drove home very slow. I chatting with her many things. She presses herself too much in me, to chat with her lips in my ear. We repeated many confessions in another words. But the sum and substance was that we are made for each other. I wished she bite me on my ear, but that never happened. I thought she is a very loving simple house wife, what ever she is doing is due her great affection towards me, and she don’t want to do anything in public.

We reached home. I was damn tired. But on reaching home we felt that kids were missing both of us. We spent good time with them, the domestic maid, was made to leave. Kids are kids, they were so happy to see me staying with them. They both wanted me to be with them in bed, and wanted to sleep while I tell them story. Shakuntala aunty (beware, now we are at home so, she is Shakuntala aunty) is a good in management.

After playing lot of things with kids, she managed to spare time with me and kids. When kids were having enough of play, Shakuntala aunty told me, that Prakash, you look tired, why don’t you take nice bath, and rest for some time. She told that till than she will make kids eat and sleep in the bed next to me. I went to take bath. I took bath to my utmost satisfaction, I was expecting great time. My male hormones were boiling. I thought of masturbating to relieve my self, but I didn’t do it.

When I came out the bed room was empty. I lay myself in bed. Immediately I was sleeping with content in my heart. At 8 when I wake up I felt kids next to me, and the room lit with dim light. The same time Shaku aunty ventured in from the bathroom. I looked at her. She looked gorgeous, she was in her most beautiful two piece nighty, which I never saw her wearing. She smiled and came closer to me. I was little away from her; I extended my hand to take my hand in her hand. Instead, she sprinkled water from her hair on me and giggled like a little girl.

I raised my self a little, before she runaway, I held her arm and pulled her on me. Effortlessly she fell on me. With her boobs smashed in my chest. Her hair gave my head a full cover. I kissed her cheeks lovingly, first one cheek, than second. She let me kiss her. I started showering her with kisses. Kisses, kisses and kisses all over her face. I kissed her chin, kissed her neck, kissed her nose, kissed her closed eyelids, kissed her forehead, kissed at the back of her ear. My hands were caressing her back. She was moaning. Just my kissing was making her moan. I embraced her tight. She raised her hair around and I could now see her face clearly. She was smiling. She said, you know the art of love making. Who taught you all this? I said the nature. She said, why nature is not teaching anything to your uncle? I became gloomy for a while, understanding her plight. I said, why don’t you train him?

She didn’t answer but just kept kissing me. Now it was her turn to show her love for me. I was practically showered with kisses more than I did to her. She was more aggressive than me. She stopped kissing, and said, Prakash, I know you are hungry, come on let us eat. We went out of bed room to dining table with both smashed in each other. On way we were kissing and smooching each other, holding each others hands, waiting for a while and kissing each other again. We crossed a distance of one room, taking more than 10 minutes. That was the most cherish able part of our first time love making. We settled for dinner.

She had prepared a healthy food for me, to be followed with milk enriched with dry fruits and saffron. She had prepared only one big glass for me. After dinner, I insisted her to make two parts for both of us. She was very reluctant to take milk, because, in their family tradition females never drink milk like that.

I insisted that female require it more than the male gender do it. Somehow she was convinced with my arguments, and she agreed to share, sip by sip from the same glass. One sip I take, another she takes, again I take and again she takes. During drinking milk, we were as good as in each other’s arms, though we were in different chairs. She licked clean my lips, I lick cleaned her lips. She arranged the dining table and kitchen. We went in the bed room again. She told me that she want to take children in their own room. We both took each in our arms lovingly. We went to next room and made them sleep in their safe beds.

We were back to bed room again. I lay on the bed, with my arms under my head. She came next to me and come closer I pulled her with her arm. She laid her head on my chest. I caressed her face, caressed her hair, she was looking lovingly at me.She raised her head to look in my eyes directly. I said; Shaku, I love you. She smiled, and said, you are my love since very, very long. I said I am mad about you since long.

She told I knew your madness from the day one. You have made me shaken from within. I many times felt, that we are made for each other. And that old aged lady in the market, stamped on my belief. That is why you heard my heart bits louder after we left that place. She started caressing my face. She caressed my hair, played with my hair. I said Shaku, if you some time happen to meet that old lady, thank her from my side. She came closer and our eyes and lips were centimeters away from each other.

We both liked it that way, we were acting as if we want to be in each other fully, eyes to be mixed with eyes, lips to be mixed with lips and bodies also to be mixed in each other. We wanted to feel like having all our atoms to be mixed in each other. I embraced her tight with my arms around her. She also took me in her arms. We started kissing each other’s lips. The kiss slowly turned in to a passionate one.

I turned her down to me. I came upon her, and again started kissing her, kissing her face, kissing her lips, kissing her forehead, kissing her neck, kissing back of her ear. I took her ear lob between my lips and fondled it. I bite at the end of her ear lob and made my love mark over there. She was getting stirred from within, while I was making love on her ear and neck. I raised my self little more and started kissing her front.

Her nighty was pulled little down her, because of our crushing each other; it was now showing her cleavage prominently. I kissed her cleavage and try to open her nighty by pulling the lace at the top. She bend a little and looked how I was opening it, I knew I was making some mistake, yes it had one another such string on the lower side. I pulled the other one also, and her nighty was open.

I opened her folds under it there was another nighty, which was not more than a sleep inside of her first covering. It can hardly cover any thing. She raised herself a little and removed the first cover completely from her body. She looked gorgeous now in the inner piece. I was now able to kiss her cleavage in much better way. I started kissing her over there. She was wearing her bra and panty within. But I was in no hurry to remove them. In this she looked sexier.

I caressed her bare shoulders. I kissed shoulders, first left than right. I kissed around the shoulder. I caressed her arm. Her arms were so soft. I loved to caress her beauty. My palm fingers locked in her palm. In fact we were acting in unison. She was well aware of my next move before I start to do it.

I raised her arm a little, she also raised, as her arm was now raised, and my lips busy kissing her shoulder. I take my face in her armpit. Her armpit was beautiful and clean. I sniffed her armpit. I looked at her; she smiled as if approving my doing. I said you smell so nice. She said it’s because of your love.I rubbed my chicks in the wetness of her armpit. She closed her arm and pressed my face in her armpit. I loved her move. I responded it with my kissing and licking over there. She was overwhelmed with my move.

She caressed my head, caressed my hair; she pulled my face near her face and started kissing my face. She once again showered me with kisses. I loved, the way, she was making love to my face. She was cherishing my love making; I was cherishing her love making. I was now kissing her front again. I pulled the nighty little down and I could see more of her beautiful boobs, I kissed her there. She ventured to remove the second piece. I made way for her by freeing her from under me. She pulled up her nighty.

I take her in my embrace while both of us in sitting position. She unbuttoned my shirt. I helped her to remove it. I pulled down my trouser which was fixed by elastic only. I was not wearing anything beneath. I was quite naked now. My cock jutted out and stands up in the air like a warrior. She looked at it. She was mesmerized but didn’t show it. Instead she looked at my chest and started caressing my hair over my chest. She also caressed my nipples. She caressed my abs below my shoulders and tries to feel different shapes being formed on my chest. She come closer and hides her face in my chest. I lovingly take her in arms and pressed her in me. She looked like contented in my embrace.

Her arms around me were caressing me I caressed her back. Caressed her neck back, caressed her lower on the back, up again and unhooked her bra. It was strap less. And I pulled it away from between us making some place between us.

Again we pressed each other into each other. I felt her boobs first time with skin to skin contact, which I use to get pressed in me many times on my back. This was something more loving and least arousing. I keep caressing her and we lay in the bed in unison. Again I come over her. I once again started kissing her. Making love to her, caressing her face. Kissing her neck, I go downward, kissed her shoulder kissed her lower and lower. I looked at her boobs for the first time. I raised my self a little more. I was laying over her, but most of my weight was on my legs and my arms. I started caressing her boobs with my palms.

She was so soft. I thought she is made of butter. So I was caressing with softest soft touch, so that I don’t spoil her beauty. She was intently looking at me. I looked at her, looked with a question mark in my eyes. She replied, Prakash, you are doing everything so nice. Darling, I am never taken care like this. You are making me feel in heaven. You are a real gentleman. You know what a woman want from a man. Saying all these, she held me with her arms around my neck and pulled me over her all my weight pressed on her and she started kissing me again.

I see tears in her eyes. I asked why tears in your eyes. She said, they are tears of my happiness. Prakash I am happy and content in my life today. I again moved away a little from her embrace and again concentrated what I was doing. Now I started licking between her boobs with my tongue, while caressing her boobs from one side, I took some weight on my one arm and another arm busy caressing her body. I licked around the left boob, and slowly I let my tongue travel above her boob from the base of boob, I didn’t go up to her nipple. I caressed her both boobs like that, it made her boobs too much wet with my saliva, now I started caressing one boob along with saliva with my palm and started licking another and keep spreading more saliva.

Now I take hold of my cock in my palm and started caressing her pussy with my cock head. She said Prakash I am already wet over there, let me first take out my panty. Keeping me on her she pulled down her panty. First she pulled it little down with her hand and than she moved her self in such a way that it went down her thighs than she finished the task with her foot.

She spread her legs, and I started caressing my cock head on her slit. She was right. She was too much wet over there. I caressed more and more, she widened her legs. And I now looked at her face she was in ecstasy. Her eyes closed and stamp of happiness and lovingness to gather. I again started to lick her beautiful boobs and while keep caressing her love slit with my cock head. Her widened legs made easy access to her labia with my cock head. My cock head was pleasing her over there, where as my saliva, tongue and lips. Now I bring my whole face in contact with her boobs and I rub full face on her wet boobs.

That makes here shattered and she moved her legs in air up and down that made my cock glide in her. I gave a little push and I was inches in her heaven. She moaned. This was her first time with a new cock in her life.

I didn’t know whether I was thicker than my uncle Sureshbhai or not, neither I was interested to know. But I was sure that for her the feeling was different, and that is why she was moving her legs in air and moaning like uhh and aah.

I pushed little more and she scream and hold me tight with her and I pulled out suddenly and pushed in till my pubic bone pressed on her bone. I was fully in her. She stopped making noises; I started pulling out and pushing inside. And with each stroke I use to look expressions on her face. The pain subsided slowly from her face. And she was now enjoying my rhythm tic fuck. I now started to make love to her beautiful boobs again. This time I started moving my tongue on nipples, while continuously pulling out and pushing it. My torso continuously pushing and pulling, and my lips busy kissing and tongue busy licking her nipples.

She again started to become tense, her eyes closed and she was buckling she raised her body, her arms come around me, her pussy muscles started spasm around my shaft and she was getting wetter and wetter inside. Suddenly, she raised her legs and locked her legs around my ass, her embrace become tight, and she was tight, her full body stiffened now. I understood that she has her first wave of climax. I try to keep pace with her body reaction; she locked me in her body in such a way that I can hardly move a little. I stopped my efforts. And lay on her. I looked at her face intently, she was lost in some other world, and her pussy muscles were like a vice around my cock.

I thought of Cumming there and there, due to my pleasure of understanding that I made her happy with my love making. After a while she loosened, her climax subsided and she cummed enough making love juices flow from her pussy making my cock bath in it and dripped out of our union. She eased a little and I started giving slow strokes, while looking at her face continuously to observe her pleasure. I started taking momentum, and puch-puch sound was making the room live. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at me.

She was all smiling. I kissed her lips and sucked her lips, she responded with passionate kiss, I continued my puch-puch fucking. And we made passionate kiss more passionate with tongue fucking. My tongue was fucking her mouth and my cock fucking her pussy. She started responding my jerks with jerks upside from her side. I felt, she know the art. We both started to build the tempo for one another; we both were on the verge of climax.

We both increased the momentum. And I started kneading her boob while my cock fucking her pussy, my tongue fucking her mouth, and my palms kneading her boobs. We neared the climax, I said, Shaku, I am Cumming, she said, cum in me darling.

I asked; are you protected? She didn’t answer. And I gave last pushes and my cock erupted my lava in her, I sent jet after jet of love juices in her warm and inviting more and more, because she was milking my cock in such a nice way that I wanted to come more to appreciate her efforts. She was also Cumming along with me. I collapsed on her. She was also spent. She signaled me to come by her side. I came by her side, we were now face to face. She comes closer and cuddled in me. I let her stay like that for a long time. We both awake still lay and enjoy the embrace of each other. I smelled her hair.

She was breathing in my chest, making my chest warm. Her boobs also got the warmth of my manly chest. She was cuddled like a small child. I didn’t disturb her for a long, but after my cock became limb, and came out of her love tunnel, she felt her self empty again.

She looked at me, raised her self a little. And in eye to eye contact she said. Prakash, darling you made me your lover. Prakash you are a real lover. You made me feel the real woman. Till date I treated myself like an object of satisfaction for other. Today I felt that I can also have such pleasure with your efforts. We were again making love to each other.

That night was like a golden night for both of us. We didn’t sleep that night at all. We laid our selves to gather between each session. We made love, love and love. Each of our session was long enough. We slept till 9 am. I heard someone trying to break main door. I made Shaku to attend the door. She covered herself with another gown, and rushed. It was her house maid. She said, I am not well today; you come after 12 today, let me take rest. She rushed to her lover, that’s me. And we again made our morning a memorable love making session. There are many stories of our love after that.

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We enjoyed a lot to gather. Sureshbhai never knew what is being brewed between us. We both acted smartly. We were deeply in love with each other, lots of sex was following our love. I never went to stay with them. But no week passed without my two three noon meetings with her and during no tour of Sureshbhai, Shaku felt lonely. Lately, Sureshbhai shifted to Vadodara, I am very much in touch with them, whenever Shakufeel lonely, during the tour of Sureshbhai she calls me, I go and stay with her. Now both the girls are grown up and we keep little more distance in their presence.

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