My virgin sexy aunt saba

Hi this is my first experience of the perfectly joyful world of sex. This happened about a year ago. First a little about me, I am a normal Asian (Pakistan, Karachi) boy of 19 years old with a normal built (slightly muscular) and height 6.1feet, with 8 inches long penis with wrist thickness. I am in collage, 1st year of B.Sc. I have a normal family with aunt’s uncles and cousins.

This experience is about my youngest aunt, her name is Saba (I have changed her name).She lives with us in our home since the death of my Grand Parents. She is young indeed (23 years) with 5.7 feet height, blue eyes, jet black hair, with a beautiful figure of 34, 26, and 34. She has a smile to die for. She is unmarried.

The following events are true. My first ever sexual experience with a girl was actually my aunt; I remember the experience like it was yesterday.
I love my aunt very much and all the time use to hang around her. She always wears sexy cloths such as jeans and T-Shirts. I used to touch her body now and then which seems that I have touched her unconsciously. Sometime I feel that she also likes my touch.
One day I go to her room to look for some kind of reading material and find some pictures under her pillow which were very sexy. I take them to my room where I feed them in my personal computer and return the original.

At about 2 A.M. in the morning I got up booted my pc and decided I had to do this one thing, just to get it out of my system. I set the pictures as my screen-saver slideshow and sat back with cock in hand. As the pictures flicked across the screen my strokes got harder and faster, my eyes taking in every bit of my aunt’s body and loving the fact it was so perverted and dirty until finally I released all over my knuckles and leg. Immediately I felt dirty and sick at what I had done and quickly deleted the images from my pc and turned it off and went to be feeling immense guilt.
Next day I feel that aunt was not properly fit. In the evening aunt came home from a doctor's appointment with a new prescription that was meant to stop her body pain which she was feeling from 3 or 4 days. On this night Saba took her new meds and went to bed.

I read the bottle and it said that this medication induces very sound sleep.
My dick got hard as I read this thinking what I could now do with my aunt's fine body once this medication took effect. I waited for sometime, then went into aunt’s room and I thought ill video her nude and that way I could always watch it when I got the horn for her. I loaded the camera and turned it on in my room so that enjoying beeps it makes wouldn’t wake her up. It’s funny how everything is much louder when you’re trying to be quiet. The lights of her room were turned off and I wasn’t going to turn them on. I fiddled with the camera in the dark until I found the 'night vision' switch. 'BEEP! BEEP!' that camera makes a noise. The viewfinder lit up in a green image and I used that to see around the room. There she was out cold looking almost dead in the green viewfinder. She was covered up by a duvet but I decided to risk pulling it back slowly. I managed to pull it back all the way to her waist revealing her breasts. I was horny. I was shaking, my heart thumping in my chest and every breath sounded louder then the last. She didn’t even twitch when I pulled back the covers and slowly removed her shirt. After videoing her tits as much as I can. Then after a very long passionate kiss, I started to lick, suck, and kiss every inch of her body, savoring the touch and taste of her warm soft flesh.

I decided that i would get away with a quick wank. I dropped my pants letting my cock stand proud in front of her in the darkness of her room. I could feel its head throb almost as if it would cum there and then. If only she knew her nephew was there looking at her chest and sporting the hardest errection he had ever had. I did the difficult task of holding the camera and stroking with my left hand. My pre-cum spilled over my head and shaft making the experience very pleasurable. There I was stroking away for my half naked aunt getting ready to release a hot load for her in her room. I don’t know if it was the beer or a ' might as well be done for a sheep then a lamb' attitude but I thought id risk Cumming on her, 'yeah fuck it!.just do it, all over her her face!. shell wont wake up', I hoped I was right, I wont be able to explain this away if she caught me and id be known as a perverted incest freak by my parents. I leaned forward and pressed my dick against her lips and shoved the head of it into her lips. My dick was now rock hard and look very good in her beautiful lips.
I looked at her pretty face and she was not stirring at all.
After a few minutes I pulled out of her mouth and lowered my cock over her lips and tried to steady the camera. I only got about five slow strokes before i started to cum causing me to judder forward. Pump after pump it spewed onto her lips and cheek, fuck it felt so well. I was trying my hardest not to jerk the bed while I was Cumming. Watching my hot cock spurt my sperm onto her mouth was so nice. Within seconds I was finished. I only lingered long enough to try and video her face now wet with my spunk then I ran away to my room.
I thought that aunt will say something in the morning but she had not said any thing because she was sound asleep.
After a few days I was sleeping when I feel the incredible sensation of a hot wet tongue on my quickly growing cock. Opening my eyes a little I saw my aunt kneeling next to my bed, one hand wrapped around my cock while she began to suck me off. I was shocked a bit that what is this. Then I asked my aunt that what she is doing. She only replied that she was not sleeping on that night but just posed to be in sleep. I came to know the whole situation. She liked the taste of cum very much that, s why she was here to taste it again.
I ran my fingers through her hair as she tried to take all of me into her mouth; a gulp came from her mouth when I was only half in. Then she stopped taking it all and started sucking and milking me with her mouth and throat.

Saba continued to suck me and I knew that I wasn't far from Cumming. Just as I felt my balls begin to spasm and cum start to boil in my balls I shoved cock in her mouth as much as I can and shoot through my cock into saba's mouth, She jammed three fingers deep into her pussy, causing her to begin to have an orgasm at the same time. She was struggling to swallow all of the cum I was pumping into her mouth. Some cum dripped from her mouth on to her chin and down to her shirt which looks very good. When she had finished sucking the last drop of cum from my cock, she rolled over onto her hands and knees on the floor next to my bed and said that it taste somewhat salty but good. Then she said with a smile that would u like it to give me again when I need.

The next evening my parents had gone out for the evening leaving Saba and me alone. We were watching a video downstairs and Saba was lying on her belly on the sofa. I sat on the arm chair watching her. She noticed that I am watching and she began moving her bum. She had a blue dress on and I could see her white bra. as she wriggled her juicy arse. I watched her clenching her arse cheeks together as she thrusted up and down. It looked like she was shagging an imaginary person and I wished I was underneath her. My cock was hard and I tried to hide it because i was only wearing a pair of shorts. She looked at me and I thought she was giving me a sign to go over to her by the way she moved her butt. I went over to the sofa and without thinking about what was happening I lay down on top of her. She was still bucking her hips and my hard cock pressed against her arse cheeks. We stayed like that for a few minutes and as I lifted myself up she turned to face me. Without saying a word she parted her legs and I noticed her blue jeans were wet. I lay back on top of her and she bucked her hips. I could feel my cock rubbing her wet cunt through her jeans.

I felt like I was going to cum in my shorts as we simulated sex on the sofa. She put her arms around my arse and grabbed me and began to grind her hips against my cock. I was going to cum and I started to pump her. My cock was rubbing her wet knickers through my shorts. Then suddenly she said to me to move away and went into her room. I was rock hard so went to bathroom and masturbated there.
After some days when my parents were on work I went to Saba’s room. She was laying there on her bed with her face on the opposite side of door. I just went near her bed and lay there with my penis pulling her ass cheeks. At first touch she looked back and by finding that it’s me she was surprised .Immediately she pressed her ass even harder against my iron hard cock and moaned as I felt her nipple harden against the palm of my hand. With that encouragement I continued to lightly squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple. My other hand slid toward her cunt and thighs at the junction of her slender legs. When my hand reached her love mound I pressed my fingers into her fabric covered slit. I felt the dampness of her arousal that had already soaked through and the warmth of her hot and moist pussy. Saba softly moaned my name as she alternated pressing her ass against my cock and cunt against my hand. My cock ached to have release so I turned her around and brought my lips to hers driving my tongue into her mouth. She immediately started sucking my tongue I continued to caress her breast and I pressed my cock against her cunt. Her nipples stood out against the cloth that covered her tits burning hard against the palm of my hand and the small damp spot between her legs grew larger.
I reached behind her, lifted up her shirt and unhooked her bra. As I pulled the material off her shoulders revealing those hard upturned nipples .Her nipples were dark pink, thick and long enough. They were so hard and erect that they were boring through my palm. She said, "Sheri please don’t do this I am your aunt I said her that I will never tell anyone about this relationship and sexy Saba, I need you. My cock aches for you. Feel how hard it is."

With that I pulled my boxers down and my cock sprung to life and although not fully erect it swayed in the air kind of pointing at her, I had noticed that Saba’s eyes were fixated on it. I walked over to Saba and brushed her hair behind her ears and she looked me in the eye, then I kissed her as I did one of my hands reached round the back of her head pulling her into the kiss and another grabbed her breast. I could feel Saba kissing me back and her arms wrapped around my back. Her tongue exploring my mouth as mine did hers and we swapped saliva for sometime.

She took my hard cock in her hand and began to wank it slowly at first then she began to get faster. I pumped her hand as she held me tight and the pre cum dripped over her hand. Then she plant some wet kisses on the head of my cock. After that she opened her mouth and slowly engulfs the head of my cock. She started to suck my hard cock with slow speed and by planting little kisses on the engorged head of my rock hard cock. She started to deep throat me. She gagged as my dick went down her throat, but she forced herself down further until her lips were at the base of my prick. "Oh my god." I said "No one has ever taken all of me before." She reached between my legs and began massaging my balls, making me gasp. This must have been the reaction she was looking for because with my balls in her hand, she began furiously eating my cock, slamming her head up and down at high speed, her short dark hair tossing back and forth. The sight of this beautiful young girl with her cute little mouth going to work to make me cum was something out of my fantasies, and the feeling of her insistently and rapidly forcing my long cock down her throat was out of this world. I could only stand a minute of this until I released an explosion of hot cum down her throat. She continued to massage my balls, sucking as hard as she could to remove every last drop of cum in my dick while looking up at me very pleased with herself.
Then she knew it was her go so I said to her "lay down on ur back and look at me" she did and then I rubbed my finger up and down her shaved pussy and she started to make noise and then I slid my finger in her hot wet pussy then she made and ever bigger scream. I moved my finger in and out of her pussy and make her to cum in my hands.

"That's it, my sweet lover," she panted. "Oh god, fuck me. Fuck your aunt’s pussy." Hearing my aunt talk to me that way spurred me on. I told her to lie on bed. Then I spread her legs apart to give me some room and positioned my cock next to my aunt, s virginal pussy, placing the tip just on her pussy lips, I could feel a lot of resistance as I tried to push my cock into my aunt’s pussy "Don’t worry Saba " I gasped as I pumped my cock into virgin cunt”. She was crying with pain. She said to me that please take it out. I kissed on her lips and pushed harder this time I heard the crack at the point where I took her virginity, when this happened Saba dug her nails into my back and dragged them across it drawing blood as my cock de-flowered my aunt. I winced in pain from both the tightness of her cunt pulling on my foreskin and her nails digging in my back. She wrapped her long legs around me. My dick filling her entirely

I stayed there for sometime so that her pain subsides. After a few moments Saba opened her eyes and smiled at me as I pulled my cock slowly back out, I noticed a trickle of blood on my shaft but ignored it as I slide it back in to my aunt’s cunt, she arched her back as I did so and let out a whimper. I pull my cock out again and slam it back in and begin to fuck Saba hard making her tits shake with ever thrust. She cried out with every thrust. I could feel my cock getting harder than ever before, as I continued to pound my hard cock into Saba’s pussy. Saba had now become more vocal and kept saying "Fuck Harder" which I did. Saba has tears in her eyes but keeps crying out "YES YES OH BABY ITS SO GOOD”. Her chest rising and falling heavily with each panting breath, her firm breasts moving with fluid like motion as we ground against each other. Her eyes closed tightly, her mouth open drawing in breath hard as I pushed harder and harder into her pussy. Then all of a sudden her eyes opened fully, drew in a long heavy breath then exhaled a long breathy sentence"oooooooh myyyyyyyy goooooood!" Saba was Cumming on my cock!
I was unsure if to cum in Saba or take it out, I kept on fucking Saba feeling my balls tighten as I was getting ready to shoot my load.
"I'm going to cum" I moaned between pumps
"Fuck me Baby" cried Saba "Cum in me"
With that I could not hold on a second longer, I gave one final push, and shoved all of my big cock in her tight cunt. It was very difficult for her to accommodate such a big cock. She arched her back. I put my arms under her shoulder blades and pushed my cock more deep. She cried again with pain. My orgasm exploding in my balls.
"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming in you! I'm cumming in youOh my god!" I shouted!
With that I shot my load deep into Saba my hot sexy aunt’s cunt, gritting my teeth as I felt the pressure in my balls release their buckets of load deep inside her very hot cunt.
After that we both collapsed to the bed. My half hard cock was out of her cunt. After some time she started to pay some attention to it .she grabbed my half hard cock and kissed it. She started jerking me off slowly. "How does that feel" she asked. "Mmmm" was all I could respond. Then she ran her tongue up and down my cock's head and shaft and put the head of my cock into her mouth. Up and down she sucked me off until my cock fully sprang back to life.

It was rock hard again. I pull my cock out of Saba, s mouth and turn Saba on her stomach and then onto her hands and knees, and slide my cock back in her hot wet and tight cunt. I fuck Saba in doggy position pulling on her hair and reaching round and grabbing her tits she moans as my hard cock penetrates her deeper. Saba went through multiple orgasms one after the other but I never faltered in my pace, her body tingled with the pleasures that I was bestowing. She would cry out each time I bottomed her, but stayed with me, gripping my arms holding them tightly as she pushed her hips back to meet me. My bullock’s felt like huge balloons; I was ready to deliver my next consignment sensing the boiling within. Placing my hands on her shoulders. I gripped her by the shoulders forcing my cock deep, pulling her body down onto it.

Saba’s cunt stung as the hot spurts started; it was not unlike being stabbed with a needle each time my cum cut through her already full pussy, hitting the base of her womb. I leaned heavily onto my cock willing every last globule of the thick cream into her. Saba could not stay long; her body felt that she was already pregnant with the immense swellings within.

My sperm was restricted by the bulk of my cock, causing swelling; the tiny life forms were wriggling in front of me discovering her inner passageway, fighting with each other to get to her womb first, flicking their long tails to aid their progress, their velocity causing turbulences within the thick cream
I'm not exhausted but tired a little

We lay in the same position for a few more minutes, holding each other, kissing and stroking.
"I love you so much, that was awesome!" she said as she held my face in her delicate hands.
"Sure was. Hey, we're not virgins anymore!" I exclaimed. Saba let out a little giggle then with one final kiss she then gently pushed me off and said "We better get cleaned up before your parents’ gets home from work.

I leant forward, kissed my aunt on the lips then lifted my shorts up and went to my room to bring some jeans and then went to bathroom to nurse my aching cock.

There she was sitting on the toilet placing her hand on her lower tummy; it still felt as if I were still inside her, looking down between her legs and watching as the thick gooey sperm, as seeped from her swollen pussy in a long thick never ending syrupy dribble.

I said to my aunt“would you mind me getting in the bath with you”. She said “no not really”. I walked over to the bath with my limp penis. My aunt did not stop looking at it. My cock again start to harden when she feel that she said to me that we would have to do something about that and she turned towards the wall and placed her hand on it, stretched her legs and I got the hint and placed my now hard cock in her dripping wet cunt.
Then I pull out of her cunt and move my cock to her asshole she looks back and ask what I am going to do, I tell her to relax and trust me. Pulling her ass cheeks apart I begin to circle my cock around her asshole. I drip some of her pussy juice from my cock on to her shitter then edge my tip so it begins to enter her asshole, she cried “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OOOOHHHHHH!! Please take it out, I am going to die. I also realize that I wouldn’t be able to move further. So I withdrew and there were tears flowing down her cheeks but she was relieved that I will not fuck her in the ass. But she was wrong. I pick up a bottle of Vaseline in my hands. I came near her. I put a considerable amount of Vaseline both on her ass and my dick. I put my dick on her ass entrance and gave a rash thrust.

"What are you doing" Saba said startled as the head of my cock popped into her ass, I could feel her ass muscles tighten
"its ok" I whispered "just relax"
she relaxed slightly and I slide my cock deep into her ass. She screamed out in pain and pleasure and I had never felt anything that tight around my dick before.
Saba cried out with every inch going in. when my cock was right in I waited a bit for my aunt to get used to it, I watched as her gasps soon subsided. I edged my cock out and slowly slid it back the friction and tightness of Saba’s ass making every thrust a pleasure. I move slowly so as to not cum to quickly grabbing Saba’s firm butt cheeks I push my cock in and out, Saba reaches down with her hand and begins to finger her pussy
Well are you going to fuck my brains out or not?" U little naughty lover she asked I was so hot already I was about to burst. So I started sliding in and out of her ass, harder and harder I was fucking her and I quickly felt the need to cum again I yelled out “I am goona ccccuuuuuummmm"
I am goona ccccuuuuuummmm" and Saba said "I want to feel it up my ass leave it in their pleeeaaassssee" so I shot my load deep into my aunt’s bowls, god it felt good.

"Oh fuck yes! I love you, I love you, I love you!" She shouted as she orgasmed.
Then we dried each other and got dressed, sat in the living room in each others arms and kissing now and then.

A few moments later Saba said “I wish I could have a loving and caring man like you”, I said “you have me …….right”, she said “no silly a husband like you”, I said that I can be your unofficial husband If you like and that I had a lot of time left for my marriage till then I am yours, when she heard my thought she hugged me tightly and kissed me, tiny drops of tear rolled down to her cheeks from her eyes( probably because I loved her more than any one had ever loved her), I wiped her tears and held her like that in a loving hug and said when ever you feel lonely just come to my room or call me and I’ll be there for you, she said that she couldn’t be any happier and she felt like the luckiest woman alive. Our relation is till now as hot as it was then and our lovemaking is still continued whenever my parents left the home. We enjoy each others company a lot.

This is all about my first sex experience with my aunt
Tell u more about this next time please send Ur comments

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