The Cove_(0)

Chapter One

Our family had moved to a house just three blocks off of the Pacific Ocean. At the end of the cul-de-sac, a trail led downward to the edge of a cliff overlooking the water. Below the cliff was a wide, smooth, rock ledge, facing due west, that when the ocean was calm, became a secluded, sunbathing haven for coeds from the local university. It was a perfectly formed v-shaped cove, about 100 feet wide at its widest point. With all of the natural bougainvillea growing around the top of the cliff, made it difficult for the surrounding homes, set back a considerable distance, to see down to the rock ledge below. Thus it was a very private cove. The walk down from the cliff, more like a climbing descent, was not the popular access to the water’s edge. Two streets below, and well to the north, there was another dead-end cul-de-sac that allowed cars to park along the curb, where it was a short walk down an easy sloping trail to get on the ledge, and then it was about a fifteen minute stroll south to reach the cove.

Immediately after moving into the new house, I began to explore the neighborhood, and found the steep and narrow trail that led down to the rock ledge below. My surroundings were all new to me, and I had to see where this trail would lead. On my second day in the neighborhood, standing atop the cliff, maybe three stories above the rock ledge below, I noticed about a dozen people down there. They were spread out, lying on beach towels, soaking up the sun. I could faintly hear music from a portable radio well below my vantage point. There was a very narrow crevasse in the rock ledge, about 10 feet across and 30 feet in length, where two people were floating in the ocean, waiting for a gentle wave to lift them up where they could grab onto a handhold high on the rocks, and lift themselves out of the water. I didn’t really notice much more than that, not paying close attention to the people below me, I was focused on the trail and how to navigate it down to the rock ledge.

The trail was steep, with places that each foot needed to be precisely placed. As I was a very fit teenager, lean and muscular from playing sports in school, physical exertion was not an issue. In my new environment, was easy getting used to wearing nothing but my board shorts, but walking in flip-flops, on a steep, downhill trail, caused me to focus on the next footstep, and not thinking about what I would find at the end of my journey. I made my way down the trail, and it brought me to the closed end of the cove, providing an open view of to the west. The sun was high, and there were no shadows to be found. As I gazed around at the scene before me, two things became apparent, there was not a male in group that lay on the rocks, and every girl was topless.

At 18 years old, I had not seen a naked woman in the flesh. I had kissed a few girls in my high school class, but never got farther than heavy petting over their clothing, and none of them had touched me where I wanted. The popular woman’s swimsuit at this time was a string bikini, and so, it was often difficult to see the thin string across the back. I was not wearing sunglasses, and squinted to confirm what I thought I was seeing. Not one of the girls in the cove was wearing a top. They were laying on their stomach or back, or sitting up facing the water. Suddenly it seemed very difficult to swallow, and I felt a slight swelling in my board shorts, the kind that teenage boys sometimes experience. From where I stood, I could not see the two girls in the water below, But when a good sized wave lifted them up, they grabbed a hold of the rock ledge, and pulled themselves up onto the surface, and stood up. They were dripping with the warm sea water, and both tilted their heads back to let their long hair drop behind them, and they reached their hands up and over their heads to gather all of it up and wring the water out. They were topless, with no tan lines, and their nipples were much darker brown than their skin. My virgin eyes were singularly focused on those brown nipples, perfectly round, erect from the light wind brushing their wet skin, pointed upward on their small, firm breasts. I stood in awe, my heart pounding in my chest. Not being able to inhale, I felt my dick grow fast and hard, pointed down the right leg of my board shorts. I stood deathly still. Nobody had noticed me standing at the back of the cove, and even if they had, I could not move to get away. Frozen, both because of the scene of nearly nude, young women before me, grander than my wildest fantasies at the time, and also because my dick was so hard, and uncomfortably pointed down my pant leg in an unnatural position, I couldn’t take a step.

My brain was on overload, and I wished this very minute of my life would never end. The two girls from the water were wringing-out their long, dark hair, laughing with big white smiles at whatever one of them had said to the other. I openly stared at their lean, tanned bodies, naked breasts, and long legs, still dripping wet from their swim. Their wet bikini bottoms were clinging tightly to their shapely butts and pussies. I had to swallow hard to keep from drooling on myself. I had known for years that I like girls, but what I was feeling at this moment was more like a hunger for girls, well beyond just liking them. My eyes were feeding on the sight of them, but there were other parts of my body than needed to be satisfied as well. My hard dick, in its downward position, was really starting to hurt. I thought I needed to take the pressure off, and reached down with my right hand to stretch my shorts, and lift my dick as far off my leg as it would go. In doing so, I must have squeezed some pre-cum out of the tip, and now had a quarter-sized wet spot on the front of my green board shorts.

As my gaze went from girl-to-girl-to-girl, it appeared I was still unnoticed. The two girls from the ocean went to their towels and lay down on their backs. Now, no one was standing in the cove but me; all of the girls were either seated or laying on their beach towels. While I contemplated my next move, a couple of the girls rolled over from their stomachs onto their backs, exposing their breasts to me as they situated themselves on their towels. Some of them had nearly perfect even tans over their entire bodies, others, probably new to the cove, had distinct tan lines, with their two white breasts standing in contrast to the surrounding brown skin. While I observed that their nipples varied somewhat in size and color, with the areolas seemingly capping the point of each breast, I did see distinctly, different shaped nipples on three of girls. On their breasts, the areolas appeared puffy, with a softer looking, fleshy nipple on the top. Why the view of the puffy nipples sent an extra jolt of electricity to both my brain and my dick, I didn’t know, but I liked it. One of the three puffy nipple girls had a very dark tan, with no tan lines and dark, dark puffy nipples. She must have been Polynesian, or from another Pacific Island—her skin tone was an incredible dark mocha color. The other two, both redheads, may have been sisters, or even twins. Their skin was pale compared to everyone else on the rock ledge, and their breasts were as white as milk, with big, puffy, light pink nipples. It was difficult for me to stop staring at them, for reasons I didn’t understand. I was so turned on by each of the girls in front of me; I didn’t notice every hair on my body, like my dick, was standing at attention.

I finally took a deep breath. And then another. I needed my dick to soften a bit if I was going to walk anywhere. My heart beat slowed to where I couldn’t feel it pounding in my ears, and my dick released the blood it was holding captive. Now that I thought I could walk, it was time to figure out where to go. The most incredible scene I had ever witnessed was laid out before me in the cove. I began walking along the south edge, closer to where the girls lay sunning themselves. I was mesmerized by the variety of tits I was seeing for the first time. Some had pointed, erect nipples, others soft, small mounds. The skin colors ranged from white to dark brown, with many of them firmly standing up, others, larger, spilling over the sides of the chest. I started to notice many other features of these beautiful girls; the curve of their shoulders, the way their hair fell on their faces, the bones protruding at the hips, firm round butts, and the mound in their bikini bottoms. As I approached the girls, walking slowly, I found myself close enough to see the freckles on some of the lighter skinned girls. Seeing that, and without reason, I felt the blood start to flow into my dick once again. The freckles on their faces, necks, arms, and chests were such a turn on to me. A few of the girls were covered in freckles, and the freckles flowed on to their breasts, and I had to look away to avoid stopping in my tracks to stare.

As I reached the nearest girl from where I entered the cove, she was lying on her back. I could now see her tits were the largest of the group, filling her chest and covering the sides of her body as well. As I approached from behind her, without even lifting her head, she picked up her bottle of oil, squirted some in her left hand, applied it to the center of her chest, and then with both hands rubbed it over her plump breasts and flat stomach, causing her pink nipples to become erect. My head was spinning, and I was actually dizzy. I walked slowly, glancing from girl to girl, in disbelief of what I was seeing, but loved the feeling of my heart pounding in my chest. As I looked at their incredible bodies, not one of them met my gaze. It was like I was invisible. In twenty-five steps, I passed all of them, and made a hard left turn to follow the rock ledge out of the cove.

Once around the corner, I stopped, closed my eyes, and everything I had just seen played back in my head, as if I was watching a video. Decidedly, this was the best day of my life. As both my breathing and my pulse returned to normal, there was another wet mark, albeit slightly lower on my shorts, from the pre-cum leaking from my dick.

I was flushed and sweating from thinking about what I had just experienced. I started to wonder what would be my next move. I began to realize there was no way up to the top of the cliff without passing the girls again. With that thought, my heart started to race, and I could feel the excitement in my entire body. I was concerned though; that the girls simply ignored me on my first pass because it was the easiest thing to do. No outcry or confrontation--and I would be gone and leave them to enjoy their secret cove. But a second pass might be different. It would be easy to deduce at that point I was nothing more than a teenage peeping tom. What would they do to me if I went back? Well, I had no choice and would have to walk past them all to get off the ledge and back up to the street where I lived. I took a deep breath, and headed back north to the cove.

I approached the edge of the cove slowly, and stopped to look around the corner. It was the hottest part of the day, and now all of the girls were now on their feet. Four girls had already jumped in to the ocean, and the remaining seven were standing at the edge of the ledge, waiting for the next wave to roll in so they could safely jump in the water. I watched as girl after girl jumped in, squealing, topless, pinching their nose shut, dropping down into the ocean. They each came up, head tilted back, clearing their hair from their face, and smiling. They were all treading water, bouncing up and down with each wave. I approached the area where their towels and beach bags were spread out, watching the last of the girls leap of off the rocks. Again, not one of the girls had looked at me, and I felt like I was invisible to them. I quickly headed north to access the path to the lower road and make my way back through the neighborhood to my house.

That night, I lay in my bed with my eyes closed, vividly trying to relive my experience earlier that day. Each time I thought about getting to the bottom of the cliff, down on to the rocks, and seeing the topless girls, my breathing stopped. My dick was hard as a two-by-four, and I smiled now that I understood what getting a “woody” meant. I rolled over, lying on my stomach, my dick compressed by the weight of my body on the mattress. I had not masturbated at this point in my young life, but frequently experienced wet-dreams. I almost always woke up immediately after ejaculating, as I would be sweating, out of breath, and had a mess of wet cum in my underwear. I enjoyed my wet dreams, vaguely recalling some of the fantasies about girls in the dream, but I really liked the relaxed feeling of my body after the event. I just wished I could will myself into a wet dream as I slept, as opposed to waiting for whatever the natural cause was for it to happen. That night, I fell asleep on my stomach, and awoke in the middle of night, when I was still feeling contractions in my groin after the peak of my wet dream orgasm. My hips were still slowly thrusting my dick into the mattress beneath me, my balls were tight against my body, and my cum was still warm on my stomach. My experience at the cove, seeing all those topless girls, gave me the best wet dream I ever had. How could I keep this feeling going?

The cove became my escape. I went nearly everyday day after I returned home from school. On the weekend, there were too many sightseers walking the rock ledge, and while some of the girls came to tan on the rocks, they did not sunbathe topless. My routine on weekdays and school holidays was to take my binoculars and sit above the cove, at the top of the cliff, and watch the girls. I got to recognize the regulars, and looked forward to seeing them show off their bodies. I would sit back away from the cliff, as I did not want them to catch me looking at them. As I watched through my binoculars, from time to time, one of them would shield the sun from their eyes and look up to the top of the cliff. I would just lean back, out of view for a few minutes, and then would resume looking at their glorious bare breasts when they lay down to work on improving their tans. While the bougainvillea did provide the girls cover from being viewed by people in the two houses on either side of the cove, every so often, someone would walk to the edge of the properties’ large outdoor decks, and briefly gaze down on the girls, seeing what they had chosen to expose to the world. I was doing just the same, albeit with a little more frequency. I would get a rock-hard erection during my watch, pump out copious amounts of pre-cum on my leg, and every few nights, have another wonderful wet dream.

After a few weeks of viewing the girls from the cliff—I never walked down on them again—it was a school holiday, but not a work holiday. From my past experiences viewing the cove, I knew there would be a lot of girls on the rocks that day, starting about mid-morning. Dressed in my board shorts and flip-flops, I had walked down from my house to the cliff. I had always sat somewhere well off to the west of the trail leading down into the cove, but had never once seen anyone using the trail from my street to venture down. Without paying much attention today, I had failed to walk very far from the trail into the bougainvillea to take up my position. Unknowingly, that would turn out to be a problem for me in the second hour of my watch.

As I sat gazing at the various girls arrive in the cove, singly, in pairs or small groups, I truly enjoyed watching the process of them getting settled. First they would kick-off their flip-flops and spread out their beach towel, some placing a folded towel on the rocks to use as a pillow. Then they would peel off their bathing suit cover-ups or T-shirts. Lastly, they would untie their string bikini tops and expose their supple breasts, always adjusting their hair, keeping it off of their faces and over their shoulders. I sat on my butt, knees bent, feet flat on the ground, with my hard dick in the right leg of my board shorts. Since I was looking through the binoculars, I did not have any peripheral vision.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps approaching near me, and I dropped the binoculars to look up, but it was too late. I was busted. It was two girls, a blonde and a brunette, wearing bikinis, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed, straw hats. They were both carrying large beach bags over their shoulders with towels sticking out of the top. Judging from their fit bodies, and smooth tan skin, they were probably in their early twenties, but neither one removed their hat or sunglasses so it was hard to tell. Each one of them had a beautiful tanned body; well-proportioned hips, and ample breasts, swaying slightly, even though they had stopped walking and stood towering above me. I’m sure the expression on my face was one of shock. And as I sat looking up at them, the blonde said to me, “Hey pervert, what are you doing up here?”

I replied, “Hi. Up here? I’m whale watching.” Hoping they didn’t notice my hard dick as it was rapidly deflating.

The brunette said, “Bullshit. There are no whales this time of year.”

I said, “Really, I thought I saw some in my binoculars,” my hand searching for them next to me while I remained looking up at the girls.

The blonde took two quick steps and was now standing in front of me and said, “The only thing you are looking at in those binoculars are the tits of me and my girlfriends down there while you watch us and jack off. We see you almost every time we come to the cove.”

I had heard the kids in school use that phrase, “jack off,”, but did not know what it meant. I pleaded to her, “I’m not jacking off--I don’t even know what that means.”

The brunette, stepping closer to me, intervened, “Bullshit, pervert. You sit up here all day stroking your dick to our tits. We’re not stupid.”

Now I pleaded with both of them, “I have never stroked my dick. I don’t know what you are talking about. Sure my dick gets hard looking at your beautiful bodies, and it leaks a lot of pre-cum while I’m watching, but I only cum when I have wet dreams.”

“Whaaaaat?” screamed the blonde. “You’ve never jerked yourself off? How old are you?”

How old you? Do you jerk off or whatever it's called for girls?,” I fired back. “And I don’t jerk off. My pre-cum leaks out when my dick gets squeezed, that’s all.”

“Well when you squeeze the pre-cum out of your dick, don’t you eventually come,” retorted the blonde.

“No, never,” I said
The blonde and brunette stood above me, looking at each other, mouthing words back and forth I couldn’t hear. I was getting scared they were talking about taking me to my house and telling my parents where they found me. I figured I could out run them once we got on the pavement of the road, and I said, “What are you two talking about? What are you going to do with me?

The brunette looked down at me, “You are fifteen and never jacked off? Not once? Don’t lie to us.”

I replied, “No, I’m not even sure what that means.”

The blonde, looking at me sitting on the ground, said, “That wet spot from your pre-cum is pretty far down your shorts. Show us your dick. We want to see how big it is.”

Somewhat unsure about my options at this point, I said, “It looks small when it’s soft, and I have to point it down my board shorts, or when I get hard, it sticks out above the waistband.”

The two girls exchanged a glance, but I couldn’t decipher it what it meant with them above me and their sunglasses on. The blonde spoke first, “We are going to show you how to jack off. It’s really easy, and if you like your wet dreams, you are really going to like this.”

The brunette added, “My friend here is going to give you one of her special handjobs, and you’re going to thank us when we’re done with you.” She then she removed the beach towel from her bag, and placed it on the ground directly behind me. She said, “Now why don’t you take off those board shorts and sit here on this towel.”

I looked over my shoulder at the towel, my heart now pounding in my chest, my throat dry, and seemingly gasping for breath. A girl I didn’t know just asked me to remove my pants, and expose my dick, out in public. I’m sure I looked very uncomfortable when I said, “I don’t know you, and I think I’m going to go home.”
The blonde immediately demanded, “Get your shorts off. You sit up here and watch us, and you say you don’t even jack off, that is ridiculous. We are going to teach you to jack off, and you will never be the same.” The blonde was on her knees in front of me, bringing her face to roughly the same level as mine. The brunette was sitting with her legs crossed, behind me, on the edge of the towel. I was still sitting in front of the towel, and the brunette grabbed my shoulders and pulled me backwards. I fell on to my back, on the towel, and my feet momentarily lifted off the ground as I had lost my balance. The blonde moved swiftly, grabbing the waistband of my board shorts with both hands, and pulled them down to my ankles. I found myself lying on my back, totally naked, staring up at two girls in bikinis, who obviously weren’t done with me.

One of the girls laughed as she said, “He’s right. It is small when it’s soft.”

The brunette started to pull me up into a sitting position, and when I get situated with my torso upright, I found myself leaning directly against her body. I could feel her soft tits pressing into my back. I took a deep breath through my nose, and it was filled with the sweet smell of her hair and the coconut oil on her skin. That was enough to make my dick start to grow again.

The blonde noted out loud, “It’s good to see something’s coming back to life.” At that very moment, I was aware she was staring at my dick, and I became unsure if it was going to impress her, and it started to soften again.

The blonde said, “Aww, is this your first time with a girl? You scare so easily. You need to relax. My friend and I are going to make you feel wonderful. And while you will want us do this again; this is a one and only experience. We thought we wanted to scare you off, but since you claim you don’t know how to make yourself cum, we are going to show you how.” She reached her hand out and caressed my cheek, and added, “Sweetheart, the first step is that your dick needs to get hard.”

I looked down at my dick, shrinking in nervousness. The girls were still wearing their sunglasses so I couldn’t see their eyes and it felt like both of them were staring directly at my dick, waiting for it to get hard on its own. They both could easily sense my anxiety. Without saying a word, the blond removed her hat. She had a long French braid, and looked younger without the hat on. As I watched, she reached behind her and pulled on the lower string of her bikini top to untie the knot. The cloth triangles covering her breasts loosed their grip, but still covered what I craved to see. That move had the desired effect on me as my dick pulsed, and slowly began to fill with blood. It went from completely small and limp to growing thicker and longer as my excitement returned. I looked up from my dick to the blonde, and she was smiling at me. I smiled back at her, and felt my dick pulse once more.

The growth of my erection stalled before it was solidly hard. I was sitting naked in public with two girls that were strangers to me, and I was still uncertain of their intentions. The blonde reached behind her neck and pulled on the top string on her bikini. Once she pulled it all the way, she dropped the string and her top fell on to her lap exposing two beautiful, white breasts, with small, quarter-sized, light pink nipples. Her nipples were soft—barely protruding from above the surface of the areola. I hadn’t looked up into the blonde’s sunglasses in a while as I was admiring her tits, letting the close up view of them make my dick get even harder. While distracted by the sensuous view of her tits, I didn’t see her reach for my shaft. When she grasped my dick, it startled me and had the reverse effect from what we all wanted. She gave me a warm, reassuring smile, slid her hands off my dick, and brought her hands up to her tits, covering them and the small nipples that had hypnotized me. All the while smiling at me, she caressed both breasts, and I watched as her soft touch made her nipples get erect. Once her small nipples were fully erect, she grabbed them between her thumb and index finger and squeezed them gently. She let go, briefly, so I could see her hard nipples, then she lightly rubbed her tanned fingers over her breasts, gently caressing her nipples. That view made me get as hard as I thought I could get, and I was enjoying the shoulder massage from the brunette behind me. As the blonde was pulling softly on her nipples with her fingers, the brunette unexpectedly dropped her hands off my shoulders and grabbed my nipples and squeezed them, maybe a little too hard, I thought. That sent a huge jolt through my entire body, making my hard dick pulse twice, and the clear, slippery pre-cum oozed out of the tip and ran down the top of my dick on to the shaft. The blonde said, seemingly to herself, “I think he’s ready to be jacked off now.”

The brunette asked, “Give me a kiss first?”

As the blonde leaned forward to meet the mouth of the brunette kneeling behind me, it placed her right breast up against my left cheek. I immediately turned my mouth to the left and caressed her breast with my slightly parted lips. I moved a little farther toward her, and suddenly realized her nipple was within reach. I traced her nipple along my upper and lower lip. Then, seizing the opportunity, I stuck out my tongue, and gently licked her nipple. I heard moaning from the mouths above me, but didn’t know if it was from the girls’ kissing or my soft sucking on her nipple. Either way, it turned me on.

The girls broke their kiss, and the blonde leaned back, her nipple leaving my lips. I watched it as she moved back. It was wet, red and swollen, and was the sexiest body part I had ever seen—or sucked on. The blonde, still wearing her sunglasses, brought her right hand up in front of me, and said, “OK, to jack off, place your thumb and forefinger together to make a ring. And then slide it over your dick, like this.”

The head of my dick was swollen to a much larger size than she could make with her finger and thumb. When she shoved it down over my head, every muscle in my body twitched. She slowly slid it down to the base of my shaft and then started back up. I felt my dick get even harder. On her slow stroke back up, the clear pre-cum began to ooze out of the tip again. It ran off the head, and started down the shaft. When the blonde’s hand met my juice, it ran onto the back of her hand. I swallowed hard as now I knew I was no longer in control of my senses, the two girls were. Finishing the upstroke, the blonde slid her hand all the way off my dick and lifted it to her mouth, tasting my pre-cum.

“Hmm,” she said. “It’s sweet.” And she reached over and offered the back of her hand to the brunette, who extended her tongue to taste my juices. I was mesmerized, seeing the brunette’s tongue, licking my pre-cum off of the blonde’s small tanned hand. When she had licked it clean, the blonde resumed stroking my dick, but my pre-cum would only make it slippery for a couple of strokes, then it got sticky and she couldn’t smoothly stroke me. She stopped stroking and firmly grasped the base of my shaft, causing my swollen head to turn purple.

She said to the brunette, “Can you hand me the baby oil?”

The brunette reached into her nearby beach bag and found the baby oil. She handed it to the blonde without speaking a word. I was leaning against the brunette’s chest, and could feel her tits pushing into my back. I realized I was feeling her hard nipples pressed against me. I was confused, as I didn’t realize she had removed her top too. That sent another shiver of pleasure through my body and made my dick pulse.

The blonde made her hands slippery with the oil, and placed them around my shaft. True to her word, she was stroking me with the circle made by her thumb and finger. Her grip was just the right pressure as she stroked up and down, while her other hand cupped my balls, gently massaging them. She only went all the way up over my head every five or six strokes, and it was the most pleasure I had ever felt—much better than my wet dreams.
I felt my muscles begin to tighten in my stomach and groin. I was focused on the blonde’s tits as they jiggled from side-to-side as she stroked me. The nipples were no longer erect, but they were still very sexy, perched atop her small, firm tits. The brunette was caressing my nipples, both fully erect. She was rubbing her tits on my back, and I could feel her warm skin against mine.

Suddenly, pre-cum started to flow out of my tip like a faucet had been turned on. I didn’t know what this meant, but apparently the girls did. The blonde alternated one tight, slow stroke, with two, light, fast strokes, and my brain was scrambled. The muscles in my abdomen and groin tighten further, I took a deep breath, and my dick pulsed one more time. Even I was impressed with the size of my dick as my orgasm approached.

My eyes moved from the blonde’s tits to my dick. My muscles were flinching, and I wondered if this is what happens in my wet dreams. I could feel every muscle in my body begin to tighten. I felt the hot release of cum, leaving my balls, flowing up my shaft, and I started to moan from deep in my throat. But at the first sound I made, the brunette’s hands immediately left my chest and they both tightly covered my mouth. She whispered softly to me, “Shh… baby. Everything is going to be all right.” Not even my breath could escape my lungs now.

The moment she covered my mouth and stifled my moan, my orgasm started. I was looking at the blonde’s hand stroking my dick, and she had changed her grip, so that her thumb was rubbing on the bottom side of my shaft, all the way up to the tip, and her thin fingers softly stroked the top side. The pleasurable build-up started minutes ago, and suddenly, with intense force, waves cum came shooting out of the tip. Thankfully, the brunette was still covering my mouth, because my cum would have hit my face if not for her hands. Cum was splashing against the back of her hands, dripping to my stomach, and it surprised me with how hot it felt. My face was contorted in pleasure, and I was trying to escape the grip of the brunette. The blonde stopped stroking and grasped my dick firmly in both hands. It made my body twitch up and down, and I couldn’t control myself. My cum was all over my chest and stomach, and the smell of it reminded me of waking up after my wet dream.

The blonde spoke first, peeling her hands off my cum covered shaft, “Good boy. How do you feel?”

I responded, “Great! That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. You are both were wonderful to me, and I’m happy you caught me up here on the cliff.”
The brunette, who really had been holding me up, wrapped her arms around me and gave me hug, no doubt getting the cum from my chest on her arms. She leaned her head against mine, and lightly nibbled on my ear with her teeth. For whatever reason, that shot chills down my spine and gave me goose-bumps, making my nipples harden again. She followed with a quick pinch of my nipples, and then I felt her move to get up. I hadn’t paid attention, but the blonde had already stood up. I laid back flat on the beach towel, smiling, looking up at the girls. They each took turns helping the other tie their bikini tops behind their necks and backs. Then a sudden thought hit my mind.

Glancing up at them, I said, “You both made me feel incredible, did it turn you on too?”

Looking down at me, initially, neither of them responded. The brunette took off her hat, and they both removed their sunglasses. They looked younger than I thought—maybe barely 20 years old. The brunette put her arm around the blonde’s waist and started talking softly in her ear. She stopped talking, and the brunette put her head on the blonde’s shoulder. Nothing was happening, and I was wondering if time was standing still.
Just then the brunette placed her left hand on her stomach, and slowly slid her long fingers down her toned belly and into her bikini. Her fingers moved to the bottom of her pussy, hidden from my view, and she then pulled them back out. The blonde reached over with her right hand and took the brunette’s arm, just above the wrist. The blonde guided the brunette’s shiny, wet fingers up to her face, put them in her mouth, and closed her lips around them.
I said, referring to my earlier question, “Is that a yes?”

The brunette was holding the blonde around her back, and their hips were pressed against each other. The blonde took her right hand and put it into her own bikini bottom. Unlike the brunette, who reached in her bottoms and pulled her hand back out, the blonde kept her hand in her bottoms, and it looked like she was rubbing her fingers up and down. The blonde suddenly gasped in a quick breath, squeezed her eyes tightly shut, and her body shivered once from head to toe, causing the brunette to have to support her friend.

The blonde removed her hand from her bottoms, and instead of reciprocating with the brunette, she extended her wet fingers down in front of my face. The smell was new to me, and my first whiff caused my nostrils to fully open up to take it all in. As if it were a reflex, I opened my mouth and reached up to take her fingers inside. The salty, sweet, musky flavor was incredible on my tongue. In addition to my new-found fondness for the taste of pussy, I felt my dick starting to get hard again.

The girls were watching me with big smiles. But when they saw the effect on my dick of licking the blonde’s pussy juice off of her fingers, they started to laugh, and the brunette said, “You’re done. Put that dick away. We had a great time with you, but we have to go down below to join our friends.”
Even though they had already told me otherwise, I had to ask, “What are your names? When can we get together again? You two are wonderful! ”
The blonde replied, “We told you earlier this was a one-time thing. You don’t need to know our names. We’re in college, you’re still in high school. You can see us again anytime you want, sitting up here on your perch and looking at us down below on the rock ledge. That’s all you get.”
It was like she punched me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me. My smile disappeared. I pulled my board shorts back on and gathered up the beach towel to give it back to the brunette. She saw me start to move towards her with the soiled towel, held up a hand, and said, “Keep it--something to remember us by.”

I stood there dejected, as the girls put on their hats. The blonde stepped forward first, and softly kissed me on the lips. Damn, it made my dick pulse and start to grow. She said, “We will always be down there when you want to see us.” I had no reply, as that was not what I wanted to hear. She leaned forward, for what I thought was going to be another soft parting kiss, and she put her mouth firmly on mine. Unexpectedly, she took my lower lip into her mouth, and bit down hard on it. Her bite broke the skin and it hurt, but it was all it took to make my dick get fully hard again. The blonde looked me in the eye, smiled with a guilty grin, and then turned and walked away, headed down the trail to the rock ledge below.

The brunette stepped forward and hugged me with her arms around my waste. Her left hand gently grabbed my shaft in my pant leg, and caressed it from base to tip. She said, “I didn’t get to touch your dick while Jackie gave you that handjob, and I desperately wanted to stroke it too.” Her grip got a little firmer on my shaft, and again, my pre-cum made a wet spot on my shorts.

I said, “I would be happy to give you a turn stroking my dick… I think I have recovered now.”

The brunette’s mouth was close to my ear, and she whispered, “I’m sorry, Jackie and I agreed to which one of us would stroke your dick, and it would only be a one-time thing. You are perfectly capable of getting yourself off now, and we will be on display for you down on the rocks ledge anytime you are ready.”

At this point, it was evident the girls were going to be true to their word: one-time, and one-time only. I said, “You told me Jackie’s name, what’s yours?”

As she leaned to my ear to answer, I put both my arms around her shoulders and pulled her body tight against mine. “My name is Amber,” she said.
I replied, “Hi Amber, I’m Will. You are a wonderful woman. I know you got turned on today and I want to taste you again.”

That said, I slid my right hand down inside the back of her bikini, across her smooth butt, and my fingers found the wetness at the bottom of her pussy. I had never felt anything as soft, hot and slippery as Amber’s pussy lips. As I played with her soft lips, her knees got weak and I had to support her with my left arm around her waist. Amber put her face close to mine and kissed me hard. I pulled my hand out of her bikini, and brought my fingers to my mouth to taste her. She pulled her mouth back, giving space for my fingers. As soon as I brought my hand to my lips, she leaned towards me, and joined in licking her own juices from my soaked fingers. I held my fingers between our mouths, and we shared the wonderful flavor of her pussy together. It felt like my dick might finally rip its way out of my shorts.

Amber moved her head back over to my left shoulder. She whispered to me, “I don't know if I can keep my commitment that this is a one-time thing. It was fun to play like this, but I need your dick inside of me, and that can’t happen right now. When I saw you naked, and then tasted your pre-cum on Jackie’s hand, and then your cum on my hand, I knew you would be trouble for me. The way you smell, the way you taste, and how you feel, is what I am looking for in a partner. I can't believe I found you up here, but haven't decided yet if I'll be back. I don't really know much about you Will.”

This was all new territory for me--a woman confessing her desire to be with me. At a loss for words, and all of the sexual energy redirected as emotional energy, I said, “Go be with Jackie and your friends down on the ledge. I'm sure you will figure out your feelings. The next time you come to the cove, I’ll go down and see you.”

Amber shook her head and smiled. She gave me one last kiss. I could still feel the welt on my lip from Jackie's bite. We dropped our embrace, and she looked into my eyes one last time, and said, “Don't be a stranger.”

Amber picked up her beach bag, turned, and started down the trail to the rock ledge below. I watched her walk away, saddened by her departure, but still feeling very aroused from the sight of her nubile body.

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