Lessons from Grandfather- Part 2 continued

Part 2 continues—

So I stood by my grandfathers bed. I knew what he wanted and my best coarse was to fulfill his need and be quiet. Nevermind that my pussy was dripping in anticipation of what is to come. Deep inside of me, I knew I wanted it. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds, just looking at me. Finally he asked, “Where is your grandmother?” I said meekly “Sleeping in her chair” He smirked and said, “Well it seems the sleeping pills are working. Playtime for Papaw” he continued, smiling a wicked smile.

He said "Take off your panties. You know what I want" I slowly pulled them down and handed them to his outreaching hand. He then pulled his blanket back and moved to stand up. I could see his huge erection under his pajama pants. He looked down at his himself, then looked at me and said “Is my babygirl going to make Papaw feel good tonight?” I stared at the floor, not responding.

He then grabbed my jaw tightly and said “I asked you a question" I quickly replied, “Yes sir”. He replied "That’s my good girl. Reach in and pull out Papaws cock” as he began to stroke my hair gently.

So I did. I reached my small hand into his pajama fly and wrapped my fingers around his cock the best I could, and pulled him through. His cock was warm in my little hand, and very hard. He stood with his dick out of his fly.it was hard, fat and long and right in my face. He smacked my cheek gently with his cock, then took my little hand and put it back on him. He motioned my hands to stroke him. So I began to stroke him. He put something wet on his cock and (now known as lube) and put my hand in it to stroke him better. He began to moan “that’s my girl. Keep going baby, Just like I taught you.”

And so I continued, slowly up and down, he’d motion when he wanted me to speed up or squeeze tighter. Over and over, up and down, back and forth. Then he suddenly stopped me and told me to get on the bed. I obediently laid on the bed. He moved me to my right side while moving my pink nightgown up above my hips. I could hear him putting more gel on his cock. Then he laid down next to me, turning towards my back on his right side. He slid his dick into my pussy slit/folds from behind. He slowly and intently slid from my behind up to my sensitive clit. I’d jump everytime his cockhead pressed against my clit, feeling like I could just pee all over him. He kept going and going, pushing his hips forward and pulling back, occasionally stopping and pressing his cock against each hole, as if he just might push through to be inside of inside me. (He didn’t, this time) He felt so good and I was so wet. Then suddenly he stopped and I could feel him pushing the head of his cock against my ass. I could feel myself opening for him, then he pulled back and went back to fucking my slit.

I had no idea what sex was, much less anal I was always scared of what he will do next

He rubbed my pussy and clit around and around while he fucked me back and forth, back and forth My body was disappearing into him, I began moving my hips too. I was losing myself to him and could feel an orgasm building, then he stopped suddenly, saying “No, not yet!”

He stroked my hair and whispered in my ear “How many holes do little girls have for me to fuck?” I could feel him push against my ass again. I replied “3, Papaw”. He pulled back and said, “I am teaching you well. Would you like to go to my closet and look at our special books?” I shrugged, whatever. He got out of bed and took my hand and helped me up.

It was a huge dark closet with an old kitchen chair in the corner. He sat down and motioned me to sit in his lap. I sat back on him, he pulled my legs over each of his thighs, spreading my legs very wide, and positioned his hard fat cock back into my pussy folds. His dick and hands were warm on my pussy. With his other hand he pulled my head back to rest against his shoulders, then began to stroke my dripping pussy, slowly but firmly circling my clit with his huge fingers. I was getting sensitive to his touch and knew a release was building, then he stopped abruptly and smacked my clit hard with his wet hand He said “Not yet. I’ll tell you when you can cum”

The stack of his dirty magazines were right next to us. He whispered in my ear to pick one up and open it. So I did and randomly opened to an old man and a very young girl. She was sitting in his lap too, just as I was, but she had his dick deep inside of her. He whispered “look how happy that little girl is. Her Papaw is deep inside of her little pussy. She loves it as much as you will, when you get a little bigger, I’m going to take your pussy and your ass. You’ll beg for Papaw to fuck you everyday.” I was so scared.

He continued to fuck my slit and told me when to turn a page. He felt so good. I could feel my body succumbing to his touch again. I hated him, but didn’t want him to stop either. His hips were sliding his cock in my folds and I was responding with low gasps and shivers. I couldn’t help but fuck him back. He turned the page and pointed out a few pictures of the same girl sucking the mans cock. She was sitting in a chair and he stood in front of her. Her mouth was wide open while she stared at his cock. His other arm was behind her head. The next shot he was halfway into he mouth, the next her nose was touching his stomach. His cock was balls deep in her throat. Her eyes were wide with fright The next shots was the progression of the blow job with him pushing and pulling her back by her hair, ending with her red face with cum all over it. I turned the page to see the same man with the girl bent over a table. His cock was buried deep in her ass. She was tiny under him.

My grandfather continued to touch me and rub me. He was breathing heavy in my ear whispering that he will teach me how to give him a blow job soon. (Scared me to death! I didn’t want him in my mouth). We were both grinding against each other. I felt his fingers and cock against my very wet and sloshy pussy. I felt my top lip go numb and closed my eyes and felt my orgasm release. I involuntary let out a loud “Ohhhhhhh”. He held himself hard against me and said “cum for me babygirl. Let me have it.” I contributed to gasp and moan into his neck. He didn’t stop"Come on girl. You know you want to cum for Papaw. Give it to me” I didn’t stop cumming for what seemed like hoursI shivered all over his cock and hand but my orgasm didn’t stop as he kept pumping me, hard. Suddenly he held me down and said “get ready, I’m cumming!” I still shivered, continuing my orgasm while he squirted on my tummy, just above my pussy. He held me close against him and whispered over and over “You like what Papaw teaches you, don’t you? Are you my good little girl? My perfect girl. Papaw loves your pussy. You liked it didn’t you?” I remained quiet, like always He smacked my sensitive clit and said “tell Papaw” I opened my eyes and quietly said “Yes Papaw, I like it.” Then he said “and thank me for letting you cum”

“Thank you Papaw for letting me cum” I said as the room continued to spin and catching my breath.

We stayed like this several minutes. After we both returned to our senses, he took the magazine and put it back up. Then he scraped some of his cum off my tummy and pushed his fingers in my mouth. He said “suck it off my fingers”. I didn’t want to but he grabbed my hair and said “do it”. I opened my mouth and tasted his salty fingers. He told me to close my mouth and suck his fingers. I tried but I gagged. He laughed and said “You like it. Your a good girl and remember this is our secret.” He smacked my swollen red pussy hard twice, like always after he was satisfied(finished) and said “time for bed. We went back into the bedroom He gave me my panties to put back on. I put them on and crawled to the middle of the bed, pulling the covers over my exhausted body. Papaw laid down next to me. My hope was to sleep through the night without him doing anything else to my very swollen, sore and satisfied little pussy.

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