Sweet little angela

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Angela worked at the local convenience store. She was a very small women, almost dwarfish in size, but very cute. I had flirted with her on several occasions, but never really thought anything serious would develop. However, it was New Years Eve when I went to the store to get ice and beer. She wasn't in her usual good mood and upon asking her why, she just simply said, "I have too much baggage in my past to be happy." In about two hours, she would be getting off of work, so I asked her if she like some company after work, which she agreed to. I picked her up at 10:00 P.M . and we drove to her small apartment. She said she couldn't drink any beer because she was due to report to her payroll office just after New Years, and she had to be totally clean. She agreed Diet Coke, which I had plenty of in my ice chest. We headed inside, out of the blustery cold. She led me into her one bedroom flat and told me she had to freshen up and would be out shortly. I sat down on the edge of her sofa/bed and began watching a movie on her television. In a few minutes she emerged with only a towel wrapped around her, drinking a Diet Coke, and syaing she really would like to fuck me. Dropping the towel from around her small frame, I caught myself gazing at her perfect breasts and down covered cunt. I had often dreamed of fucking a little girl and I was surprised at how small she was in stature, about 4" 10", but how well endowed she was, nice breasts with large nipples, and an extrordinary large clitoris that was now beginning to gain erection. I felt the growing in my loins nad realized I was almost fully erect.

She almost bounced upon the bed and began to pull me on top of her small frame work. Her smal hands eagerly undid my belt, loosened my jeans, and unzipped them in an easy fashion. "Please, let me do all the work, baby," she said as I gave into her desires. "My pussy is very small and very tight, even when it is wet," she said. I don't usually let too many men close to me because they have hurt me too often, but I really need to be fucked, and my girlfriend is in the joint still.
We both got busted for selling marijuana two years ago. I got the lesser sentence because we were in her car and she had the most marijuana on her person." Absorbing all of this information, I laid back and let her continue on her way. she gently stoked my stiffening cock, but said she would not do a blow job cause it was "unlady like." Gently parting her wet snatch lips, she easily sat down easily onto my erection, until her moist pussy hair and my pubic hair came together. She
gently rocked back and forth upon my stiffness, her tight pussy walls gripping and squeezing my rock hardness. She then began a very slow methodical up and down pumping, impaling my rod, and almost allowing it to escape her quivering quaff with each upward motion, only to encapsulate with a more adroit downward motion. Her little butt cheeks beat rhythmically upon my balls with each downward stroke. I felt her first orgasmic wave as it spurted from around the captive rod. She eased down and stopped her up and down motion, laying her little head on my chest. "Now, I want you to fuck me doggie-style!" she said emphatically. She rolled of of my torso, placed a pillow bneath her stomach, drew her knees into the pillow, the grabbed each side of her ass cheeks, and spread the for me to make my entry. Looking down, I saw her welcoming wet ness beckon me, so I eased my still stiffened poker into her spread cavern. She was lowly moaning as I bottomed out in her glory gash. I felt my cock touch her g-spot, and when she began to shake all over, I new her time was cumming and so was mine. For what seemed like an endless eternity, my softening stiffness spat loads of come deep into her cave where it was met with a tidal wave of her orgasmic juices. Silently, she lay with her head buried in her hands as I watched our creampie slowly ooze out of her glistening orifice. Just about the time I thought she had expelled all of our juices, she reached up and fingered her bulbous clit, and several more squirts of cum rolled out of her glistening gash. She giggled a little, then sat up, leaned over, and gave me a peck on the cheek. Two more times that night we enjoyed lustful romps, and welcomed the New Year with a cumblasting orgasm at the stroke of midnight.

Early the next morning I was awakened by her gently sucking on my stiffening cock. With great adeptness, she easily slid my length deep into her throat before slowly moving her head back until the tip of my dick rested on her tongue. her small fingers were toying with her twat and i could hear a slight sucking sound her wettening pussy was making with each entry into her wettened womb. With my cock at hard attention, she slowly released her liplock from around its throbbing girth and gently eased her pussy onto its awaiting length. Her pussy gently farted as she let her body slowly take its length into her tight, wet cunt. Her eyes were closed and I could feel her trembling with orgasmic joy as her first flood of orgasmic juices spewed from around her captive pole. The torrential squirt wettened my balls and pelvic area. With another low moan, she eased her twat from off of its captured invader and easily slipped the tip of the hardness into her asshole. "I want you to fuck me in the ass," she whispered as my anal invader crept into her.
Taking a deep breath, she sat upon its length until her ass cheeks were resting on my balls. She was almost screaming with delight when she quivered, jerked, and passed smooth out, just as my erupting torrent met her volcanic eruption in mid stroke. Her head was resting on my left shoulder and stayed there for several minutes before my shrinking peter allowed the rest of our fluid to unit on their exit from deep inside her twat, down my balls and ass cheeks, before slowly oozing down onto the dampened sheets. Slowly, she came to her senses just as the last glob of orgasmic fluids slid from out of her plundered asshole. " Happy New Year," she said matter of factly, as my worn out worm oozed its last drop of pent up passion.

"Now baby, I want you to fuck me doggie style, and cum deep in my pussy," she sweetly pleaded. Turning around, she began to lick my softened rod and balls. With her pussy and asshole facing me, I began tonguing her asshole, between her pussy, up her slit, and finally made it to her clit. Herorgasmic juices were already beginning to spring moisture from deep inside her cavern. My cock was again gaining stiffness from the attention she was giving it.Crawling forward, she spread her pussy and invited me into her wettening pinkness. With her belly on her knees and her ass in the air, my target was sure and ready. slowly, I inserted my length into her until my pubic hair meshed against her asscheeks. Her filled twat was already spasming as I began my rhythmic withdrawal and insertion. her heavy breathing increased and kept perfect time with the gentle slapping of my balls on her ass with each measured plunge. There was no doubt when her first orgasm hit because the spurting from her pussy was as loud as her heavy breathing. She looked back at me and implored me to keep on pumping. I took the opportunity to wetten the tips of my fingers with her expelled wetness, the inserted two fingers into her little asshole. ":OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!" she exclaimed, as another flood of orgasmic release spewed from around my ramrod. With matched penetration, my fingers and my cock kept on their incessant invasion. I could feel my explosion building deep in my balls as her juices again escaped from her tortured hole. Finally, the explosion occurred, dumping my cumload deep into her passion pit, sending her off in to the world of ecstacy. Her whole body stiffened, jerked, and again she appeared to pass out s our joy juices coliided, then worked their way out of her chamber and down her legs. Withdrawing my shrinking dick from within her, I squeezed the remaining cumload onto her asshole, just as one more squirt of pleasure came forth from her plundered pussy.
Visibly shaking in orgasmic release, her eyes were staring out into oblivion as her trembling pussy spurted several more orgasmic releases before collapsing in spent desire on my torso.

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