The Huntress

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Author’s note: It takes a while to get to the incest.


"I can do this. I can win. This is my chance!" Sandrah said, at the gym, pushing herself farther than ever before on the smith machine. It was ass and leg day. Seconds earlier, she surpassed her record for number of squats she could do.

"Come on!" she thought. "Two more!"

She struggled with those last two, squeezing her muscular ass, pushing the weight up.

"Yes! Ah! Yes!" She screamed in her head, gritting her teeth. She did it. Sandrah put the barbell back on its slot on the machine and nearly collapsed.

Sitting on a nearby bench, out-of-breath, Sandrah thought about her upcoming week. She was flying to Los Angeles, then from there, Hawaii. She was competing on a reality TV show, where women aged 30-50 hunted younger men aged 18-22. The show was called "The Huntress."

They didn't actually hunt and kill the men. Ten women were given a net, a tiny camera attached to their shoulder, and sent off in the wilderness in remote locations. The rules were simple: the first three women to "catch" the three younger men won.

First place prizes were awarded to the huntress first to catch a man. It was a decent amount of money, and an all-expenses paid, week-long, trip with the man she captured.

Second place was for the woman who was second to catch her man. It too, was a decent cash prize, along with a lovely weekend trip somewhere exotic.

Third place was the woman who caught the third and final male contestant. They were give a smaller cash prize, and given a night out. In the first season of the show, it was usually an upscale restaurant, dancing, theater, a movie premiere - things like that.

Sandrah read articles about one winner marrying the man she caught, another two became couples for a long time. There were a few that didn't match up or connect romantically, but remained friends.

Tired of dating, tired of failed relationships, tired of never having won a thing in her life, Sandrah enjoyed the show and applied on a whim.

"Why the hell not?" she said, sending in her application a few months ago. All the guys cast were hunks, she had nothing to lose.

It was a short bio; a head shot photo, and a small entry fee.

Sandrah doubted she'd ever hear back from them, but a couple weeks later, she did. A representative called her, explaining they wanted to film episodes for the second season and they'd like her to continue on in the application process.

The next step was Sandrah filming a very short video of herself, explaining why she wanted to be on the show.

After watching the first season, she knew they were looking for "characters." They needed a shy type, a mean one, a slutty one, a free spirit, a competitive cougar - she didn't feel she connected to any of those. Sandrah decided to be herself, but mix in a competitive vibe.

"I've never won a thing in my life," Sandrah said, staring at her phone she leaned against her bedroom mirror to film herself. "I'm sick of failed relationships. I'm sick of being bored. I'm sick of a crappy love life."

Sandrah's eye brows narrowed as she glared at her phone. She clinched her fist, "I need to get out there and MAKE things happen for myself. I WILL get on that island and find a man. I WILL make him mine. I WILL find true love."

She laughed at herself when she tapped the stop button on her phone. It was half-truths; she was sick of those things, but she exaggerated her competitive nature, making fun of what she's seen on past episodes. Some of those women seemed to be out for blood.

Sandrah emailed the video to a representative, making the deadline they gave her.

A week later, she got another call from the studio.

They flew a bewildered and surprised Sandrah out for an in-person meeting. Her silly caricature of the super-competitive archetype paid off.

Sandrah did the best she could to maintain that facade. She wore athletic, workout tights, shook their hand firmly, rarely smiled. She gave off a dominant impression. The producers and casting directors ate it up - much to her continued surprise.

Their meet and greet was fairly simple. They wanted to see her in person. She dove into her background; divorced, no real or true love since then, loves fitness and working out. She added she was ready to get out there and hunt a man down.

The third and final step was a background check; making sure she didn't have a criminal record.

After the background check phase, it was another couple weeks before Sandrah heard from them. When she did, it was to let her know they were bringing her onto the show. She was standing in her bedroom, a large towel wrapped around her after finishing a shower. When the phone call ended, Sandrah tossed her cell phone on the bed and removed her towel, balling it up like a basketball and slamming it on the floor.

"Bam!" she exclaimed. She paced back and forth a few minutes, naked, excited, before putting on workout clothes for the gym.


After a long flight to LA, followed by a delayed flight to Hawaii, Sandrah arrived at the hotel. She saw a few other contestants including one that caught her eye.

She was a busty redhead. Had a nice tan, not unlike Sandrah’s olive skin tone. Sandrah sat on the bus on the way to the location, glancing at the woman. Her hair was fiery red, mostly likely dyed, long and curly. Sandrah shook herself from staring at the woman’s chest.

“Damn, she’s got some big ones,” Sandrah thought. They were much larger than her fairly small breasts.

They arrived at the resort that served as a base for the women; the men were miles away in their own resort base.

Sandrah checked into her room, sitting her bag down. She looked through it, only packing certain items in the event she won. A nice, black dress in case she got third place. In addition to the dress, she included a brand new, tiny, yellow bikini. In case she got second or third place; she packed no pajamas, no underwear, and only shorts and tops to travel in. She felt naughty but didn’t care.

All the woman silently glanced at one another, sizing up the competition. A few were mid to late 30s, including Sandrah and the busty redhead. The other eight had to be over 40, maybe even pushing 50.

While they waited for the producers to arrive, Sandrah tied her shoulder length, dark hair in a small pony tail. She calmed herself down, not wanting to get too confident. She couldn’t help but think she had a slight advantage over the older women. She didn’t recall last season’s episodes having as many women in the 40-50 range.

After nearly an hour, a couple producers and assistants entered the conference room the women were waiting in.

“Hi everyone,” one of them said, standing at the head of the table. He went over the rules.

The three male contestants are on the other side of the island; female contestants won’t see them unless they capture them in the wild.

There would be a helicopter flying above the trees, filming and getting footage used for coming back from commercial breaks and so on, but also to keep an eye in the sky on things in the event of emergencies.

Each contestant will have a small camera clipped to the shoulder strap. It’ll record for the show, but will also be watched by producers in case of emergencies.

The producer handed each woman a tank top with the show’s logo on the front and a number on the back. The tank top was neon pink in color. This was for the helicopter to see them better from the sky and also served to give the male contestants a slight advantage.

The producer explained that while the men want to be caught by the women, they were instructed to last as long as possible. The guy who is caught last gets a reward for himself. They men are given various camouflage items, one resembling a ghillie suit, except more of a blanket. They are also given flares to fire off in case of emergencies, along with radios and their own shoulder mounted cameras.

The producer assisted with helping the ladies clip the small, cell phone sized cameras to their shoulders. He explained how they worked, pointing out the small antennae that transmitted video footage. The batteries were fully charged.

Next he demonstrated the nets. They were large, folded up so they are easy to carry, and also had the show’s logo on it. The producer threw it over his assistant, showing the ladies how to do it and that it wouldn’t hurt. The men were instructed to freeze, not resist, when a net was thrown on them. There was no point in dragging it out; the net on them signified they were captured. They wouldn’t run or try to break free from it.

The ladies were given hiking shoes, a small back pack with water, flares, and a radio too. It would be easy to run through the wilderness with it.

Next the producer took them on a tour of the area. He showed them a path leading into the lush, tropical forest. He told them the men would be hiding along the trail, but not in the unkempt bush. Snakes or other creatures could be there.

After filming commenced, the footage obtained from the helicopters, and shoulder mounted cameras would be edited. At that point all the contestants would return and do commentary on what happened. Sandrah recalled watching that in earlier episodes. A contestant would be in front of the camera talking about almost catching a man, or some drama another contestant caused and so on. All of it occurred after the hunt was filmed.

Sandrah felt she and the other contestants were in good hands and looked forward to getting started.

They had a brunch at around 10:30 am; a nice buffet.

At 11:30 Sandrah took a moment to herself in the restroom. She adjusted her tank top, her cargo shorts and belt, her bikini underneath. She looked at herself in the mirror, “I can do this,” she said in her head. “Just have fun. Who knows, if I win, he might become a really great friend.”

As she was leaving, the redhead entered, nearly colliding with her. “Oh! I’m sorry!” the redhead smiled.

“It’s fine,” Sandrah nodded at her, observing her huge smile, trying not to glance at the woman’s cleavage.

Sandrah headed back to the lobby with the others. “If she catches a guy, he’ll probably love those boobs of hers,” she thought, rolling her eyes.

Each of the ten women were taking turns recording a small introduction of themselves in another small room to the left of the lobby. They were told to make it similar to the video they sent in during the audition process.

Sandrah was last in line, the redhead in front of her.

When the redhead entered the room, Sandrah could hear her talking, albeit slightly muffled, through the door.

“I sit here?” she asked. “Ok great.”

Sandrah heard a muffled voice giving her directions, then the redhead herself.

“Hi, I’m Bea. I’m a free spirit and loves to fun! I’m here to have a great time and not only catch a great guy, but catch something magical! I can’t wait to teach my younger guy so many wonderful things!”

Sandrah rolled her eyes, hearing Bea giggle.

There was a brief pause. “Ok great, thanks. Huh?” Sandrah heard Bea ask. “Oh yeah, totally.”

Sandrah couldn’t make out what the muffled voice was saying. “Yep, I got them a long time ago,” Bea said followed by more giggling.

“Thank you! I love them too!” Bea said.

Sandrah rolled her eyes.

“Oh yeah? You’d do that for me? Well sure!” she heard Bea say.

Sandrah heard the muffled voice loud and clear next. “Wow! Those are nice!” he said before lowering his voice back to the muffled level.

“Oh yeah? Hmm, thanks for the tip sweetie. I’ll be sure to look there,” Bea said. Sandrah’s mouth dropped. She quickly straightened up when the door opened, Bea exiting, adjusting her tank top.

Bea smiled and nodded at Sandrah.

When Sandrah entered the room, the guy working the camera greeted her, telling her to sit. He said he’d count down from five and Sandrah would give her introductory greeting. They could do a few takes if need be.

“I’m Sandrah. I’m here to win – plain and simple. I’m will hunt down these boys and make them men. I will sweat, bleed, and fight to be the first, to be the best!”

Sandrah nearly erupted in laughter after that little performance.

“Whoa! Awesome job!” the camera guy said.

“Thanks,” Sandrah, slightly embarrassed, looked to the carpet.

“Alright, I believe you’re the last contestant. Good luck!” he said, standing to breakdown the camera equipment and lighting.

Sandrah paused before opening the door to leave. “You, uh, you think I have a chance?”

“Hmm?” The camera guy said. Sandrah slowly turned around in a circle. She figured she’d take a page from Bea’s playbook.

“Oh yeah, for sure. I can see you are in great shape,” he said.

“Can you?” Sandrah quietly asked. She turned around, facing away from the cameraman. She slowly bent forward; arching her back, sticking her ass out

The cameraman was very quiet.


He chuckled. Sandrah could tell he was watching her. She unbuttoned, and then unzipped her cargo pants. “Might as well play the like Bea did,” she thought.

She slowly pulled her shorts down, along with her bikini bottoms, exposing her bare ass to him.

“You know, I love a great pair of tits, but I’m really more of an ass man myself,” the cameraman approached Sandrah. “Do you mind?”

Before Sandrah could ask what he meant, the cameraman licked his hand and slapped her ass hard.

“Mmm, love it,” He grinned. “Sandrah, I’ll tell you what,” he said, while Sandrah pulled her shorts up and turned to face him.

“Head south. Toward the beach if you can. There’s plenty of waterfalls where the guys can hide out and around in. So if you enter the pathway, sprint for a while, then veer off it toward your left. We tell the guys not to go too far from the path, we don’t want them getting hurt or something, but they always do. They’ve already scoped out the island, planning their strategy. If you head south and find water, there’s a ton of volcanic rocky areas with small caves. They love hiding there.”

“Oh, wow, thanks,” Sandrah said.

“Hey no problem. May I?”


He didn’t answer. Instead, he reached around with both hands and grabbed and squeezed Sandrah’s ass.

“Mmm, nice. I’d fuck the shit out of you,” He said, gripping her ass hard. “That Bea chick has some nice fake tits, but this, this is incredible.”

He released his grip of her ass and went about his work. Sandrah stood there in shock, temporarily forgetting the tip he gave her.

“Um, thanks, I think. Yeah,” She blinked a few times, turned around and exited the room.


The short van ride to the start of the event was cramped. Sandrah had to sit on someone’s lap. Bea smiled, patting her thighs, volunteering her lap. Sandrah smiled awkwardly, sitting on the woman’s lap for the five-minute van ride.

Bea’s hand rested on Sandrah’s lower back as she got off Bea’s lap. She could’ve sworn Bea’s hand grazed her butt cheek as it slid off her back.

“Weird,” Sandrah thought standing at the starting line waiting for instructions.

“Ladies; Three men await you,” the host of the show started, cameras rolling. “They will all be hunted; they will all be found. Which of you will find them? Only three can win.”

Sandrah glared into the camera that glided by her, attempting to uphold her character. She watched Bea smile and give a peace sign, arching her back, showing off her tits.

The camera did its final run through of the lineup of contestants. The host began counting down from five.

“Sprint, veer off path to left, keep going until I see water. Search there,” Sandrah told herself.

“Five, four, three, two, we’ll be right back after the break!” The host said.

Some of the women groaned, some laughed including Bea. Sandrah’s heart pounded in anticipation. She watched a few cameras get into position, the host’s shirt and makeup adjusted, and then they were back.

“Five, four, three, two, one! Go!”

She sprinted toward the pathway leading into the Hawaiian forest. She was there first. Sandrah didn’t bother looking over her shoulder; she simply kept running, kept sprinting. She heard footfall behind her, but ignored it. Flying small bushes and trees, hopping over limbs and root systems, slinking around large tree trunk, she kept going.

Finally, out of breath, not hearing anyone behind her, she veered off the path, to her left, heading south, hoping the men would hide near the water.

Sandrah made her way down a hill, nearly tripping and stumbling as she quickly descended. She crashed into smaller trees, eventually using them for support and leverage to aid her descent down the large hill.

Vines were constricting her path, limbs slapping her arms and face as she moved past them.

“No, no, no!” Sandrah screamed, seeing a large blue expanse of ocean up ahead. She was approaching a cliff.

She dug in her heels, using them as brakes, attempting to stop her increasingly out-of-control descent. “Too fast! Too fast!”

She tripped and fell, rolling, tumbling over smaller growth, rocks. She struggled to grab at something, anything; a root, a limb, a tree, a stone. She couldn’t slow her rolling and tumbling. Feeling she’d fly off the cliff face, into the ocean, possibly to her death, she closed her eyes.

A few seconds later, they shot open in agony. She was still, no longer rolling or tumbling. The wind was knocked out of her. She lay against a small tree, her back contorted as it slammed against it, her legs nearly dangling over the cliff.

“Ow,” she winced, her lower back in pain, feeling like a baseball bat hit it.

“Ahh, shit, shit,” Sandrah struggled to move. She was able to roll over, her tummy against the tree now. She looked over the cliff; if the tree hadn’t stopped she would’ve tumbled right over.

“Stupid, stupid,” She cursed herself. She could move her legs, arms, everything – no broken spine for her.

Catching her breath, pulling herself to her feet, leaning against the tree, Sandrah looked at the breathtaking view.

“Too soon or too late,” she thought, looking around. “I veered off the path too soon or too late.”

She looked further along the cliff; she saw a rocky outcrop, covered in lush vegetation. It blended into the cliff.

“There. That’s where I should’ve headed. I bet there’s a beautiful lagoon on the other side of that thing. Maybe my prey is waiting for me,” Sandrah thought, rubbing her lower back, hoping the bruise wouldn’t be too bad.

“I have to climb up the hill, get back on the path and hope what’s-her-face hadn’t beat me there,” Sandrah turned around, calming herself down, looking at the ocean. She looked to her shoulder. The camera was gone, having come undone in her massive tumble. She figured it was long lost, maybe in several pieces.

“Great,” she rolled her eyes.

She looked over her tank top. It was dirty and slashed up a bit from her rolling and banging against foliage and rocks. Her legs were scratched up too. Sandrah closed her eyes, not looking forward to the climb up hill, through the thick growth.

She thought she heard something, someone, approaching quickly from behind. “What – ”

She was too slow. Just as Sandrah turned around, someone crashed into her; someone with wild, fiery, dyed red hair and big tits.

“Watch out!” Bea said. She was on her feet, not having tripped up, but was moving fast through the thickness.

“Ugh!” they grunted on impact. Their pain and annoyance turned to pure terror.

“No!” Sandrah screamed. As a result of the crash, she and Bea fell off the cliff.


“Hey, you may want to see this,” a staff member approached the executive producer.


He was shown a tablet device, a weather app open, with the forecast on display. Are large low pressure system was moving right for the island.

He looked to the overcast sky. “So it’s a little rain. They’ll be fine.”

“I think it’s going to be more than rain in a few hours.”

He sighed, shaking his head. “If the rain is too bad, we’ll call them in. The helicopters will fly low, they’ll cover a lot of area and use their PA system to tell them head back toward the starting point. As long as they all stayed near the path in the designated area, they’ll make it back fine. We can pick back up tomorrow.”

The staffer nodded, hearing the faint sound of thunder in the distance.


Sandrah burst through the surface of the ocean, gasping for air. The waves were churning, crashing over her. She struggled to swim.

Bea breached the surface next, the side of her head, above her ear, cut and bleeding. Both women swam to the cliff.

“This way!” Sandrah yelled over the waves banging them against the rock face.

They pulled themselves along, hugging the cliff, each wave pounding them against it, beating their bodies to a pulp.

Bea was thrown against the rocks again; she emerged from the water, her lips, and nose bleeding. Sandrah reached out to her, pulling her in with one hand, the other gripping a nearby pointed rock – one that would’ve killed them had they been unlucky enough to land on it.

Several minutes later, wave after wave pummeling them, beating them down, they crawled and swam along far enough to stand. The water got shallower, allowing them to walk along on their tip toes, then eventually walk normally. The waves still crashed against them, occasionally lifting them off the rock bottom, but the made it.

It took nearly an hour for them to get out of the choppy, abusive water. They found a large flat rock right where the large outcrop was.

The two women heaved for air, cursing their stupidity, wondering how they managed to survive.

Bea’s tank top was gone, along with her mounted camera. Sandrah’s was tore at a shoulder strap. Both their backpacks, with flares, and radios were gone – having been loosened, tore apart, flung off them in the chaotic wave attacks.

Sandrah opened her eyes, sitting up, Bea doing the same. “Are you ok?” Sandrah asked.

“My head is killing me,” Bea replied, blood dripping off her ear, chin, and nose.

“Yeah, my whole body is,” Sandrah said. She helped Bea to her feet, glancing at her huge breasts, covered by a bikini top.

“Lost your shirt.”

Bea giggled, staying upbeat given the situation, “Oops.”

“Looks like there’s cave over there,” Sandrah nodded toward a small watery cavern. There was light from the other side of the large outcrop shining through it.

The women, carefully climbed and stepped over rocks and puddles; mist from the crashing waves behind them.

They made their way through the small cavern, sliding through a narrow exit to the other side. Bea smiled, ignoring the pain moving her busted lips caused.

“There IS a lagoon here. Maybe a nice, young man too?” she tickled playfully at Sandrah’s side.

“Maybe,” Sandrah said, not smiling back.

Hugging a rock wall, they found themselves on top of another cliff – this one only 10 feet high with peaceful calm waters of a lagoon below them.

“Jump?” Bea asked.

“No, wait,” Sandrah said, taking in her surroundings. “I don’t want to make more mistakes.”

She surveyed the cove. The lagoon seemed deep enough to jump in, no rocks to break their legs or neck. It was surrounding by rock, a small waterfall, leading into it. There was no beach, so if the men were hiding nearby, they’d have to be up higher, out of the water.

The waterfall wasn’t large enough to hide in, and the only way out of the lagoon area was to climb a smaller cliff leading out of it – next to the waterfall.

Sandrah and Bea had no way to reach that exit point from their location. They had to jump, swim, and climb out to get back to the forest.

“Want to jump?” Sandrah asked Bea, after explaining the situation.

“Yes! Together?”

Sandrah shrugged, “Sure.”

Bea slid her arm around Sandrah’s waist; they counted to three and jumped off the 10-foot cliff into the warm lagoon.

It was a far more pleasant experience than falling off the huge cliff earlier. They splashed down and swam to the shallower end.

Sandrah turned around, pulling the tie out of her disheveled ponytail, running her hands through her dark hair. She looked for Bea, not yet seeing her.

A moment later she, too, emerged from below the water’s surface. Sandrah’s eyes widened, and then quickly looked away. “Um, your bikini top.”

“Oh!” Bianca exclaimed; her tiny top had been pushed to the side, her breasts exposed. “Thanks,” she giggled, fixing her top.

They made their way to the falls, Sandrah leading the way. “Up here!” she yelled over the loud water. She extended her hand for Bea, pulling her along.

“I think we should be fine if we climb up this small cliff. Think you can do it?” Sandrah asked Bea over the noise.

“Yes! You go first! I’ll watch what you do for footing!” Bea yelled back.

Sandrah took her time, placing her feet carefully, pulling herself up. The cliff wasn’t extremely steep, but she still had to be careful as the rocks were very slippery from the waterfall.

Sandrah’s eyes shot open feeling Bea’s hands on her ass. “What is she doing?” she thought.

Looking down, she saw Bea smiling, nodding her head for encouragement. “Whatever,” Sandrah said, the loud, rushing water hiding the sound of her voice.

Bea pushed Sandrah up, then followed closely behind her, mimicking her climbing. It took a several minutes of careful climbing, but they made it up the slippery cliff.

They stood next to the flowing creek, looking over the lagoon below them.

“I guess we’re still playing?” Bea asked.

Sandrah shrugged. “The tip said we’d find a guy near water. They like to hide down here.”

Bea shrugged. “Worth a shot to head into the jungle and find another beach area.”

“We have to be careful of cliffs though,” Sandrah advised.

“Yep,” Bea smiled and suddenly pushed Sandrah off the small cliff they were standing on. She watched her land in the water, quickly emerging, glaring up at Bea.

“Sorry!” Bea called out. “I want win the first place prize! You have a nice ass, by the way! Bye!”

“Ahhh!” Sandrah angrily punched the water, cursing Bea and herself. Sandrah thought they could’ve worked together, maybe helped each other hunt a man.

She watched Bea disappear into the jungle and swam toward the cliff to make the climb yet again.


“These clouds are coming in fast,” the staffer said.

“It’ll be fine,” the executive producer said in the control room in a large RV. There were monitors and other equipment used for observing the footage the women obtained while hunting.

“Look, these two are out. Nothing is coming through their feed.”

“Could be a malfunction with their cameras. We’ll figure it out. We still have helicopters out there,” the producer said.

“The wind speed though, we need to bring them in and – ”

“No!” the executive yelled. “We are not bringing them in yet.”

“But – ”

“Listen, we both know the piece of shit show won’t make it to a third season. If we have some drama, some scary weather, it may make for some exciting television. We bring the helicopters and contestants in only if we absolutely need to. Some rain, wind, a little thunder and lightning won’t be a problem.”

His underling nodded, nervously glancing at radar imagery of a huge storming approaching.


After Sandrah made the climb out of the lagoon, she ran off into the jungle in the direction she thought Bea headed. About 30 minutes later, tired, wet, sore, things got worse for Sandrah. She hadn't noticed how cloudy it was above her, laser focused on catching up to Bea and trying to salvage the disaster this experience had become. She kept pushing herself, through the thick foliage, wondering how she hadn't caught up to Bea yet. Bea was in fairly good shape, though not as toned as Sandrah. She joked, trying to make light of the situation that perhaps Bea's tits would slow her down. Apparently, they didn't.

Crossing streams, ducking and diving by large, low hanging vines and limbs, Sandrah finally took a break to catch her breath. Leaning against a large tree trunk, she saw a small snake slither along a branch a few feet away.

"Great, this is great," Sandrah thought. "I shouldn't have veered from the path."

Things got worse when lightning struck high above her followed by deafening thunder. Sandrah held her ears as the sky unloaded a torrential downpour upon her.

"Great!" she yelled over the pouring rain.

Avoiding the snake, pushing her way through the foliage she kept going. Sandrah had trouble moving through the jungle, now far more than ever with the rain hindering her. It beat her down, like a solid wall of water. Lightning struck all around her. Thunder sounding like bombs exploding. Then the wind arrived. She didn't notice a slight breeze before the rain, but now the wind was holding her back just as much as the rain. She wondered if it was a hurricane, but wasn't sure, there were no weather reports indicating a severe storm was on the way.

An old, rotted out tree was blown down several feet ahead of her. She saw an opening in the forest left by the tree. Sandrah saw dark grey cloud above soaring by, lightning traveling through them. Climbing over the large tree trunk she pressed on.

She had to rest again. The wind and rain was too much. Another half hour passed and Sandrah was leaning against another huge tree, when a bright flash, a white hot explosion occurred near her on a cluster of boulders.

She fought the urge to roar in pain, curiosity about the burning pain in her arm taking over. "Lightning. Was I struck?" she thought, looking around. "No, couldn't have been," Sandrah saw a large rocky shard, jutting out of the tree branch next to her. It was still smoking from the lightning strike which caused the boulder to explode, sending shrapnel-like pieces of itself everywhere. One of those pieces flew at Sandrah, sliced the side of her arm and landed in the tree trunk. If she was positioned several inches to her right, the rock shard would no doubt be impaling her chest.

She was bleeding fairly badly. Part of the wound was burnt from the hot rock shard, but the cut was somewhat deep. She'd need stitches. Sandrah tore off her tank top and quickly tied it around her arm, using it like a tourniquet. She pushed herself once again, hoping to get out of the storm, hoping things wouldn't get worse.

After another 45 minutes of slogging through the jungle she caught up to Bea. Anger took over and Sandrah rushed to Bea, tackling the poor woman, climbing on top of her, raising her fist to punch her repeatedly. Sandrah stopped herself, upon seeing Bea's already scratched and banged face mixed with a look of total fear. Sandrah came to her senses, climbed off Bea and helped her up.

"Sorry," Sandrah said, too ashamed to look at Bea in the eye.

"It's fine. I shouldn't have pushed you. I had no idea the storm would get this bad," Bea admitted, patting Sandrah's back.

"We need to get out of it."

"Your arm," Bea nodded to it.

"Yeah, lightning struck near me. A piece of rock flew by. I was lucky."

"I was looking over there. There's a beach, we can probably find more rocks or caverns to hide in," Bea said.

"Good idea. Let's get out of this mess."

They headed down a small hill, using trees to assist their decent, toward a beach. "How'd you get so far away so fast?" Sandrah asked.

"I ran up the hill, I found a path and followed it. I veered off, hoping to find a beach. I avoided all the jungle mess," Bea explained.

Sandrah sighed, cursing herself again, as the two women made their way to the beach, jogging toward another rocky cliff area.

They searched, finally finding a rocky overhang, with a well-protected cavern area. It was dry, so far, and had driftwood strewn about. Sandrah hoped the water wouldn't get too high and possibly get in the safe spot they found. Sitting in it, out of the rain, they had a perfect view of the beach to their right and the ocean to the left. The choppy waves were crashing about in the distance and made them feel nervous, some of those wave getting too close for comfort to their hiding spot.

They sat in silence; the wind, rain, and thunder was all they heard. A few minutes later a new sound was heard. It was a low, chopping sound.

"Is that – ” Sandrah stood looking to the sky.

A helicopter came into view from behind them. It was spinning in circles, erratic, struggling to land, trying to get back to the resort after finally being told to return by the production crew. "Get back!" Sandrah said, in case it crashed, with debris heading toward them.

Something much more unfortunate happened. Lightning struck it, hitting a fuel tank. The helicopter exploded. Sandrah and Bea crouched down, holding onto one another. A minute passed, they looked at the burning wreckage a couple hundred feet away, knowing the pilot couldn't have survived it. Sandrah slowly stood. She had an idea.

She pulled a burning piece of the fuel tank toward their small cavern. Sandrah's arm was in pain, but she didn't care, she wanted to drag it near the entrance and use it to keep them warm. She would pile on driftwood and the burning oil.

"Thank you," Bea was somber, knowing where the fiery debris came from. "Maybe our clothes can dry a bit."

Sandrah nodded, not paying attention to Bea stripping naked, until after she had done so as well. Bea found a piece of wood and laid her bikini on it to dry. Sandrah tried her best not to glance at the woman and did the same, keeping her tank-top tourniquet on her arm. She felt awkward and silly, but the fire was getting large now, thanks to the driftwood, plus she was tired of being wet. They took off their shoes and socks too.

Sitting in silence, they huddled close and waited.

It was over for Sandrah. She or no one was winning this game now. The episode would either be re-shot or cancelled. There was no way they would ask her to re-film after what her and Bea went through. Sandrah admitted to herself, she would film again at a chance to win or at least find something or someone new, exciting, and special.

They waited out the storm, the sky getting darker and darker as the sun got lower behind the cloud cover. The rain didn't let up, the wind kept howling outside their rocky shelter. Sandrah watched the waves crashing, hoping it was low tide and that high tide was far off. Bea rested her head on Sandrah's shoulder. She found herself resting her head on top of Bea's, scared, but warmed by the fire.

In the early evening, before the sun set, the two contestants saw something truly horrifying.


"What, what is that?" Bea asked trembling with fear, holding on tightly to Sandrah. They peered beyond the choppy waves, out into the ocean toward the horizon, seeing something descend from the clouds. It was tall, thin and funnel-like. Another one descended from the clouds right near it, a quarter mile away.

"Tornadoes?" Bea asked, gripping Sandrah's good arm.

"Waterspouts," Sandrah answered. Both women jumped, scared, when another one, much closer, came into view from their left. It was a few hundred feet away and appeared to be moving closer, sea spray from it increasing as it circled.

They closed their eyes, holding each other tightly, the air in their small cavern filling with rain and spray from the waterspout. The fire was nearly extinguished. The wind caught a corner flap of Sandrah's cargo shorts, blowing them into the burning oil. A few pieces of driftwood blew over, rolling out of the cavern.

"Please don't let us die," Sandrah heard Bea cry, the waterspout getting closer.

Sandrah opened her eyes seeing a column of spinning water 60 feet away. She trembled watching it slowly glide by out of view, several waterspouts forming and dissipating in the distance.

Tense, out-of-breath, heart racing, they sat in a slowly darkening cavern. They sky became dark each minute, occasionally illuminated by lightning. A couple hours later, Sandrah thought she saw more waterspouts nearby when lightning struck. It was split-second views of walls of water, spinning nearby. They stayed awake, always looking out to the horizon.


Morning arrived. Sandrah and Bea stirred, having slept maybe an hour or two, hair still damp from the blowing rain and sea spray. When they opened their eyes there were two new sights, one of them great, the other not so much.

It was high tide and waves were crashing against their cavern entrance, making their way inside. The women came to quickly and grabbed their clothing, or what was left of it. Their bikinis, shoes, socks, and Bea's shorts. Sandrah still had her arm tied. They darted out of their hiding spot, walking through now knee-deep water around them. They made their way to the beach, eyes to the sky enjoying a welcome sight - the sun.

"Let's lay out and dry off a bit," Bea suggested. Sandrah followed her to the beach area, both women looking on the wreckage of the helicopter. They found a nice, flat rock near the tree line and sat down - Sandrah comfortable being naked around Bea.

“So are you the free spirit character?” Sandrah asked, watching a nude Bea sit down on a large rock, warming herself, drying in the sun light.

“I guess you could say that.”

“So you aren’t portraying that character for the show?”

“Nah. Just being me. I love fun, outdoors, people,” Bea shot Sandrah a grin. “Sex.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Just noticed that about you. Thought maybe you were laying it on a little thick for the show.”

“Nope. This is the real me,” Bea closed her eyes, the morning sun drying her off. “This feels great. Hope my boobs get a bit of sun.”

Sandrah rolled her eyes, Bea had no tan lines.

“What about you? Are you really you or something else?” Bea chuckled.

“I thought about playing the part of the ultra-competitive woman. It’s not me though. I’m not being real on this reality show. What’s left of it, I suppose. I’ve never won anything, failed at marriage, blah blah blah. Just thought I could try this out and maybe win. Maybe something special would happen.”

“Sandrah,” Bea rose to her elbow. “It’s ok. And I’m sorry. Sorry I pushed you back in the lagoon like that yesterday. Maybe I’m more competitive than I thought. I regretted it as I was running through the jungle.”

“I’m sorry I tackled you too. I would never hit you. I guess I was frustrated that we got lost from the main path area, plus the storm.”

The two women shared a sweet smile, Bea patting Sandrah’s hand. “Let’s rest here a bit; hopefully the helicopters will be flying about soon.”

“Yeah,” Sandrah looked to the clear sky. “They’ll pick us up, and we can move on from this.”

An hour or so later, sore, tired, hungry, the women in somewhat dryer bikinis were hopping over rocks in an overflowing creek. The water level had risen from the storm. It was brown and filled with limbs that had washed away. The creek led into another waterfall.

"Haven't we been here before?" Sandrah said over the sound of rushing water.

"I think so!"

"That beach looks familiar," Sandrah said.

"Yes, but that's a different sight," Bea stopped, staring down to the beach from above. Something was indeed different about it. Someone was down there.

Sandrah's mouth dropped, it was a male contestant. He was lying on the beach, covered up by his camouflage tarp, his feet and ankles exposed. Next to him was a tree limb sticking out of the sand with his t-shirt, with the show's logo, on it swaying in the light breeze. His elbows were also exposed. They could tell his hands were behind his head. He appeared to be lying out, getting warm from the sun and tarp.

"What do we do?" Bea asked.

"I don't know. This game is over. There's no way they use footage with contestants missing. Plus that poor helicopter pilot," Sandrah answered.

"Right. How about you go down to him. I'll head the way we were going, the path should be up the hill," Bea suggested.

"No, no, we both need to get out of here," Sandrah turned to Bea.

"I'll be fine. You get down there and say hello. Who knows he could be your soulmate, someone to marry, things like that happen."

"Bea, you're sweet, but – ”

"Go on, it'll be fine."

"Paper, rock, scissors? I want you to have a chance. Not that they'd count this as a win, but you never know," Sandrah said.

"They might."

Sandrah held out her fist, offering a fair chance for Bea to recover from this disaster too.

"Ugh, fine," Bea said. "Count of three."

"One, two, three," Sandrah threw paper, Bea scissors.

"Best two-out-three?" Bea asked. They threw again. Sandrah was rock, Bea was scissors. On the final round Bea was paper, Sandrah was rock.

"Congrats," Sandrah smiled weakly. "You won. I guess. Go to him. I'll head up the hill and find a path."

Bea nodded, watching Sandrah turn to leave. She thought fast, quickly reaching for Sandrah's bikini bottoms, ripping them clean off.

"Go get him, huntress!" Bea shoved a nearly nude Sandrah off the waterfall, watching her splash below. She waved and blew Sandrah a kiss when she surfaced.

Sandrah shook her head, thankful there weren’t any rocks she could've landed on. She smiled back to Bea then watched her head into the jungle.

"Might as well," Sandrah thought. She removed her bikini top, now only wearing her shoes and socks and bloody tank top tied to her arm.

"Maybe, just maybe, she's right," Sandrah swam toward the beach. "Maybe this guy could be the love of my life. Maybe my destiny. Maybe we'd fall in love from our ordeal out here, having found one another and survived it."

Sandrah rose from the water, eyes on her prize, slowly walking toward him. "Maybe I will win something far better after all," she thought, her shadow covering some of the man. He didn't hear her foot falls in the sand over the sound of the water. Sandrah stood over him, slowly squatting her naked body on top him.

When she straddled him, he tensed up, frozen, but knowing someone found him. "Hi there. I found you," Sandrah said.

She removed the tarp covering his face. Her heart stopped.

She saw a young man, olive-colored skin like her, dark hair and eyes like her, a bewildered and embarrassed look on his face. Sandrah jumped off him, covering her breasts with a forearm, her crotch with a hand. She couldn't speak if she tried, she wanted to run away, but didn't want him to see her naked anymore than he already did.

The younger guy rose to his elbows, mouth hanging open. He cleared his throat and spoke.

"Hey mom."


Sandrah's son, Luis, draped his tarp over his mother’s nude body. Sandrah sat on the beach, crying, unable to look at her son. Luis sat next to her, sympathetically patting her back, rubbing he shoulder.

"Your arm. You ok?" he asked.

Sandrah nodded "yes" through her tears.

"A helicopter should be here soon, I would think. They can spot us easily here," Luis said.

Sandrah wiped her tears, anger and shame preventing her from speaking or looking at Luis.

"Mom, I'm – ”

She held out her hand to silence him. She wanted to hug him, slap him, talk to him, and scold him for going on this show. But at the same time she wanted to run away, hide, and forget this entire experience ever happened.

They sat in silence for half an hour before they heard a low rumble coming over the tree line. It got louder and louder - one of the remaining helicopters was arriving.

"Here they are. Come on, let's go, Mom," Luis stood, his hand extended.

"Shhh," she shushed him. "Don't call me that. This is too embarrassing," Sandrah said, looking down at her covered body. Thoughts of climbing on top of the man she hunted down, naked, laughing about the experience and one thing leading to another left her thoughts. Shame and anger at herself and Luis replaced them. These people, the show's crew, couldn't know she and her son were on this show.

Sitting in the helicopter, riding back to the resort, Sandrah didn't know how extensive the background checks were. Luis put his arm around his mother, comforting her. Sandrah glanced at the pilot and an EMT tech riding along. "Might as well play along," she thought, leaning her head against Luis' shoulder.

She last saw her son, several months earlier for Thanksgiving. She missed him greatly. When or if they got alone time, she would ask him why he's there, then scold him for being out in the storm - like she was.

"Mom," Luis spoke in her ear, the noise from the helicopter drowning out their words from the others nearby.

"What?" She asked, irritated at everything.

"Sorry," Luis said, looking away.

His mother couldn't stay angry forever. Her relief he was alright overrode her anger toward him for coming on the show. "We'll talk later," Sandrah said, smiling, leaning back against him. The female EMT sitting across from them smiled.

When they landed, they were assisted inside the resort. The EMT stitched Sandrah's arm. "Looks like you caught a cutie," she said.

"Huh? Oh, him," Sandrah said, wincing from slight pain, the medication not numbing her arm completely.

"I know you two had a rough time out there, but who knows? Maybe your time wasn't too bad," she smiled at Sandrah, winking at her, reminding her without words that she was barely clothed.

"Heh, yeah, who knows."

Sandrah was brought clothes and told to wait for a briefing. Luis, wearing a new t-shirt arrived a few minutes later.

"Mom," he said, holding his arms out for a hug.

"I said don't call me that!" Sandrah fussed. "If they knew you and I were mother and son, ugh, I can't imagine," Sandrah held her face, Luis hugging her, holding her against him.

"I guess they didn't check to see if contestants were related," Luis offered.

"I guess not. Or pay attention to weather patterns either," Sandrah added.

She ended his hug, swatting at him. "You could've died out there! What were you thinking?"

"Same thing you wanted, to win first prize I guess."

"I can't believe they chose you for this show! You JUST turned 18. Does your father know?"

"No. He thinks I'm with friends during spring break."

"Did you ever think about him seeing you on the show when it airs?"

"He doesn't watch it. I only watched it a few times. I thought it'd be fun."

"Fun? Fun to get hunted down by an older woman. You know that sometimes that leads to more!"

"I know. I was hoping, I mean, I uh – ”

"You like older women. Great. You came on here to get laid by an older woman," Sandrah shook her head.

"Yeah, well, YOU came on here to hunt a younger guy and take him to bed!" Luis accused his mother.

"I, uh, I mean, maybe. I don't know!"

"Don't point fingers at me. We're both in this."

"And it turned out horribly. We could've died! And that poor pilot last night. This is too much, too mortifying. I was naked out there, on you," Sandrah fought tears.

"Mom, I'm sorry," Luis calmed down, hugging her while she cried.

"Please don't let them hear you call me that. Let's try to get past this nightmare."

Luis held his mother for a few minutes. Thankful he was safe, she relaxed, her arms unfolding and wrapping around her son's waist. She looked up at him, caressing his face.

"You look good. I mean, looks like soccer has done you well," Sandrah said.

"Thanks. You too. I know you've been exercising a lot, right?"

"Yeah," She hugged him harder once more.

A few crew members, including the executive producer entered the room, walking in on mother and son embracing.

"Ah. See? People find true love all the time on our show. Look at you two, a new couple," he clapped for them.

Sandrah and her son shot one another an embarrassed look, ending their quiet moment.

“Thanks for joining me for this briefing,” the executive producer shook Sandrah and Luis' hands. They sat in a small conference room at the resort.

“I’ll cut right to it. We will be awarding you two first prize even though the hunt was cancelled. So Sandrah you and him will be able to stay here for an entire week – all expenses paid. We are upping the cash prize as well. You’ll both get $100,000.”

“Um, ok,” Sandrah said, shocked. She glanced at her son, who was just as shocked.

“Great. This is great. You’ll both have your own rooms here, you’re free to go, free to enjoy your week. I need to go. My assistant will take over and guide you from here,” the producer said, taking his leave.

“They better not fucking sue me,” he thought to himself leaving Sandrah and her son alone once more.

Mom and son were silent for a couple minutes.

“Well,” Sandrah spoke up. “This was interesting.”

“Yep,” Luis agreed.

“So,” Sandrah nodded. “I guess we’ll be here a week.”

“Yep,” he scratched his neck.

“Want to meet up for dinner later?”

“Yeah, that’d be cool.”

Mom and son shared another awkward look, Luis stood to leave.

“Luis,” his mother said. He turned around seeing her arms extended.

“Mom,” he whispered in case someone could hear.

They hugged one another once more, Sandrah kissing his cheeks, then his lips quickly - so thankful he was fine.

“I’m glad you’re ok,” Sandrah said.

“Yeah, I was scared, but I made it. I found an old fallen tree, made myself a little shelter. I used a flare to burn what I could for a fire. You made it too. You found me," Luis kissed her cheek.

“Let’s try to have fun tonight. Let’s try to salvage this horrible experience," his mother suggested.

“Sounds good, Mom.”

They ended the hug, Sandrah played with his hair, a joyous feeling in her heart. “I’ll see you later this evening.”


Mom and son caught up over dinner. They talked about school, his plans for college, and briefly touched on his dismal dating life. Sandrah said hers was nothing special as well before changing the subject.

Another sore spot was Luis’ father. He was engaged and getting remarried soon. Sandrah downed her glass of wine, ordering another and changed the subject once again.

"I still can't believe they let you on the show," Sandrah said, sipping her wine.

"Yeah well, I am of age I guess."

"A high school senior, wanting some older woman chasing after him," his mother said.

"I did," Luis shrugged; they smiled and held hands across the table.

As dinner progressed Sandrah was feeling much better about things, forgetting the horrible experience on the show and simply enjoying herself. She even ordered wine for Luis, not caring at this point if he was too young to drink, ordering him not to tell his father.

Both mom and son were laughing, giggling, stumbling their way back to her room.

“Ooh, you want to come to my room huh?” Sandrah joked.

“Well, yeah, I was hunted down by a woman on the show,” Luis slurred.

“You are so very bad,” Sandrah said, struggling to slide her card and unlock the door.

“Here,” Luis snatched it from her, sliding it through the first time.

“Thanks,” Sandrah giggled, taking her card.

They entered her room, her arm around his waist. Sandrah led him to bed, pushing him on it. She climbed next to him, lying in his arms.

“Mmm, gonna manhandle me, huntress?” Luis asked.

“You wouldn’t be able to handle me, boy,” his mother joked.

“Yeah well, maybe.”

“I knew that’s why you came on the show,” Sandrah sat up, her hand on his chest. “You wanted some older woman to hunt you down and take you to bed!”

“Uh huh. Looks like that’s what happened.”

“Oh yeah?” Sandrah threw her leg over Luis and sat up, straddling him. She unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt, rubbing her hands over his chest.

“Manhandle you,” She chuckled.

“Yes. Go for it,” Luis said, eyes heavy from the alcohol.

“Ha. I think I’d need more wine for that,” Sandrah said climbing off her son. She looked in small, fully-stocked fridge, seeing champagne instead. “Besides, after what we’ve been through, I need more to help me forget it.”

“This will do,” She grabbed a bottle, looking for an opener.

She was startled a few seconds later after feeling a hard slap on her ass, causing her to nearly spill her drink.

“Face it, that’s why you came on this show too. You wanted to find a young guy for yourself,” Luis said, standing behind her, sliding his arms around her, holding her against him.

“Yes! Yes I did,” Sandrah said, taking a couple large gulps of her champagne. “I wanted to find something special here.”

“Well I’m the best catch on the island. So I’d say you did,” Luis said, his hand gliding up and down his mother’s flat tummy.

Sandrah turned around, giving Luis her glass. He took a few gulps handing it back. She messed with his hair, “I might have to agree with you on that.”

Mother and son shared a drunken smile. Sandrah purposefully spilled the last few sips of her champagne on Luis’s shirt.

“Ah, Mom, careful.”

“Oops. Better take that shirt off,” Sandrah said, sitting her glass down, quickly turning around, grabbing and ripping her son’s shirt off.

“Hey! Careful,” Luis said.

“You want to be manhandled, right?” Sandrah guiding Luis back to the bed. “Careful is the last thing I’m going to be with you.”

Sandrah pushed Luis on the bed, climbing on him once more.

“Ooh, you gonna wear me out?” he slapped her ass again.

“I might.”

“You got a nice butt, by-the-way,” Luis said, rubbing his hands all over it. "Working out has done it well."

Sandrah was inches from his face, “Thank you.”

Luis smiled, his hand playfully resting on her ass. He slowly pulled her dress up next, exposing her bare behind.

“Oops,” Luis smiled.

“You’re being naughty.”

“So?” Luis grabbed her butt, squeezing it. “No underwear? You’re naughty too. You must’ve really wanted to get some action with the young man you caught.”

“Yes. Or maybe when I saw how handsome the guy I caught is, I decided no panties for him.”


“Sure,” Sandrah answered, quickly kissing Luis on the lips.

“Aww, that was nice,” he said, still massaging her ass. Sandrah did it again, leaving her lips on his a little longer.

“So is this,” Luis said, referring to her ass.

“You’ve already told me,” Sandrah said, climbing off her son. She found her glass, pouring more champagne.

Luis whistled at her, watching her sip her drink, her dress still pulled up, her ass still exposed. Sandrah drunkenly spanked herself, downing her drink.

“Might as well make the most of our time here,” she stumbled back to him.

Luis smiled watching her approach him once more. Sandrah climbed on him, grabbed his face and kissed him hard. Luis sat up, kissing back, holding her ass.

“We’re drunk,” Luis said through her kisses.

“Mmhmm,” his mother closed her eyes, her tongue getting involved.

“Really drunk,” Luis said, his mother’s tongue sliding into his mouth.

They broke the kiss, out-of-breath, “You wanna?” Sandra asked.

“Uh huh,” Luis nodded, his hands helping his mother slide off her dress.

They kissed again, Sandrah naked now. A few minutes later, she slowly slid down his body, off the bed, onto her knees on the floor.

“Don’t,” she hiccupped. “Don’t tell your father about this either.”

“I won’t tell anyone. You gonna give me a blow job?” Luis slurred back.

“I am. Then we’re gonna get it on, young man!”

“Ahh yeah,” Luis laid back, eyes closed, while his mother unbuttoned his pants, unzipped him and fished out an erection.

“Mmm, very nice. Look like I nabbed a very good one,” Sandrah said before quickly devouring his cock in a drunken daze, slobbering and drooling all over it, not caring who it belonged to.

“Care-careful,” Luis struggled to say and keep himself from cumming.

“Feel good?”


“Tastes good,” Sandrah said, continuing to weave her head to and fro, sucking and loving on Luis' dick.

Another few moments passed and Sandrah stood, wiping the drool off her mouth and chest. “Ok, I want that thing in me.”

She poured another glass of champagne and climbed on Luis. With one hand holding the glass, the other guided his cock in her. “Ahh yeah, that’s it.”

Luis sat up; too dazed to care his mother was sitting on him, his cock balls deep in her. She took a few sips and offered it to him. He sipped from it and wrapped his arms around her.

Sandrah took one final sip and dumped the rest of her drink on his head. Luis didn’t care, only staring back, eyes glazed over, at his mother.

Sandrah smiled, tipped his chin to her lips, kissing him tenderly.

“Good. Now fuck me,” she ordered.

“Yes ma’am!” Luis said. He rolled over, taking his mother with him. Pinning her down, they kissed frantically, the taste of wine and champagne on their tongues.

“Yes,” Luis was humping away, no rhyme or reason, fucking Sandrah.

“That’s it. That’s it, big boy,” his mother urged him on. “We’ll make the most out of this ruined show we went on.”

“Yes! You feel so good,” Luis moaned.

“So, ah!” Sandra moaned. “So do you!”

Her legs wrapped around him, holding him place. “This is insane,” Luis said, still thrusting away like a mad man.

“I know! I don’t care! This whole reality show experience has been insane,” his mother slurred.

“We’re both drunk.”

“Just fuck me, baby. I don’t care!” Sandrah grabbed him, kissing him hard.

“Ahh, Mom!” Luis cried out. “Can’t last much longer.”

“You’re doing fine, baby, just keep going!”

Luis rose to his knees, his mother’s legs still wrapped around him. He bounced her up and down on his cock.

“Come on!” he urged her and himself to cum.

“Ah! Fuck me! Yes!” his mother screamed in her room.

Luis grabbed her ass, lifting her off and back down on his cock. “Yeahhhh,” he grit his teeth, watching her tits bounce with her.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, Luis kept bouncing her, kept fucking her just like she demanded.

“L-l-Luis!” his mother was climaxing, throwing her arms around him, shaking.

Luis fell forward, taking her onto her back once more, still wildly thrusting in and out of her.

“Ahhh,” he couldn’t hold it in any longer. His cock erupted, filling her pussy with his seed. “Yesss.”

Sandrah held her son tight, coming down off her own orgasm, feeling his semen fill her pussy to the brim.

“Luis,” she whispered, catching her breath.

He rolled off his mother, his arm around her, Sandrah lying on his chest. He pulled a blanket over the two of them a few minutes later.

The horrific mistake they just made hadn’t yet sunk in.


Sandrah woke the next morning with a splitting headache. She lay there, in her son’s arms, naked, not yet remembering what they did the previous night. Then she felt his warm, soft flesh against her own.

Her eyes shot open, she quickly darted out of the bed toward the shower in the bathroom.

Cleaning herself, scrubbing the evidence of the sin she’d committed off her, Sandrah’s mind was spinning.

“Therapy, we’ll have to get therapy. Some kind of counseling. I’ll probably never see him again,” She scrubbed her arms, thighs, and ass.

“We’re done. We’re through. Yep. I’ve ruined a mother/son relationship,” She put on a tiny yellow bikini. “I hope he doesn’t tell his father. I’ll be thrown in jail if so.”

She exited the bathroom; Luis was coming to, groggy and rubbing his eyes. “Mom?”

“Hi,” Sandrah grabbed her bag, not looking at him.

“Where are you going?”


“Ok, I’ll come too,” Luis started to remove the covers.

“No! No, you stay here. We should keep our distance.”


“What happened last night was a horrible, horrible drunken mistake – ”

“Yeah, but,” Luis interrupted.

“No. No buts. We need to forget it ever happened and never let it happen again. Ok? If you need counseling or have to see a shrink, I’ll use my prize money to pay for it. All I ask is that you forgive me; let’s never do that again,” Sandrah explained, quickly leaving her room.

“Ugh, geez, Mom,” Luis got out of bed, stumbled and eventually found a bathing suit. He sighed and left the room to find his mother.


An hour later, Sandrah and her son re-entered her room, kissing frantically.

Sandrah pulled him toward the bed, her mouth still connected to this. “I want you bad!”

Luis fell backward, his mother on top of him, still kissing. “I thought we weren’t going to do this ever again.”

“We can while we’re here. We have six days left,” Sandrah sitting up, removing her bikini top. Luis lifted off the bed, pulling down and removing his bathing suit.

Sandrah did the same, removing her small bikini bottoms. She grabbed the base of his cock and guided it inside her.

“Oh yes, yes!” Sandrah said, sitting on Luis, her hands on his chest. “I need this.”

“Are you sure you want to do this? We’re both sober now,” her son asked.

“Like I said, while we’re here, we might as well. We will tell no one. When leave here, we can never do this again,” Sandrah explained.

“Alright. I understand,” Luis said.

“Good,” she leaned down, kissing him again. “Now fuck your mother, young man.”

Once again, Luis said “Yes ma’am.” This time both were sober.

She rode his cock; she bounced on it, ground against him, cumming on it.

Luis rolled over and slammed into her, rolling his hips against her, impaling her, kissing her while he fucked her.

Later, he stood behind her, gripping her waist while taking her in the shower.

They skipped dinner in favor of having sex. Luis was behind her, pulling lightly at her hair, slamming his hips into her.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t stop!” Sandrah said, her tits jiggling from each powerful impact.

“Can’t hold out!” Luis cried. He erupted in her again, filling her up, but this time he kept going.

He kept fucking her from behind through his orgasm, cum splashing out of her every time he drove his cock in. He didn’t care that his cock was numb and felt like it was going to fall off. She didn’t care it was her son and that she never wanted to stop having sex with him.

Eventually they did stop, Luis gave out, falling asleep, his mother tenderly kissing his face, neck and chest, watching him drift off.

Sandrah smiled, gathered a bathrobe and left the room searching for the ice and vending machines. Instead, she found someone familiar.

“Hi!” Bea spoke up behind Sandra at the vending machine, startling her.

“Hi Bea! You’re here too?”

“Yep. Since I was one of the three that was out there in the storm, they gave me the first prize too. I guess they tried to smooth things over with us.”

“Yes,” Sandrah laughed.

“Sooo, how are things with you and the man you found?”

“Oh wow. Great. Absolutely great. He’s incredible,” Sandrah admitted.

“Oh really? Mmm, that’s wonderful to hear.”

“Thanks. What are you doing?” Sandrah, looking over the dress Bea was wearing.

“Oh, I’m going on a date with an employee of the resort. He’s getting off soon, I’m on my way to meet him,” Bea said.

“Good, I hope you have a fun evening.”

“I will. I’m in room 685. Come by and say hello if you get a chance. I have plenty of champagne left in the fridge,” Bea smiled.

“I think I will,” Sandrah smiled back. The two women hugged and Sandrah purchased her snack of M&Ms.

Upon entering her room, she undressed again, climbed into bed and ate next to her sleeping son. She thought about how wrong all this was - this entire experience. The show, the aftermath, the incest, all of it was wrong. Sandrah knew it was a fluke; there was no rhyme or reason, just the desire to have a special experience manifesting itself in incestuous, drunken lust. They threw caution to the wind, thankful for her and Luis' survival and went for it. When she and Luis left this place, they could never be like this again. This would be a secret no one could know. She watched him sleep, eating her M&Ms. Somewhere deep down inside, she thought maybe he would be ok and not need therapy. They'd have this special week in her room, and that would be it.

She finished up and got under the covers with him.

The next day was a foreplay day.

Instead of relentlessly fucking her all day, Luis opted to explore her body with his mouth. He ate her pussy until his mouth and jaw were sore – his mother cumming several times.

He took a break and ate her asshole while fingering her next. Sandrah loved the feeling of his tongue licking all over her butt cheeks. Especially when Luis spanked her hard.

Next was throat fucking. Luis stood at the end of the bed, his mother on her back lying before him with his cock shoved down her throat. He fingered her while fucking her throat at the same time.

Luis grabbed her, picked her up to eat her pussy, while his mother hung upside down gagging on his dick.

They had sex in the large chair in the corner, in the bathtub, on the floor, on the toilet, and on the balcony.

She ordered more alcohol. They got drunk and had more sex. Sandrah was riding him while in the bathtub, Luis pouring champagne on her, licking it off her after she climaxed.

On the bed, they giggled while Luis poured champagne in her ass.

“Quick! Go!” his mother told him. Luis went to his back on the bed, his mother squatting over him. “Ready?”


Sandrah relaxed letting all the champagne that was in her ass spray onto her son. She collapsed onto him, both of them laughing, tickling each other, rolling around on the bed.

They rolled off the bed, laughing, searching for more alcohol to play with.

Later, well after midnight, mother and son were kissing, still naked, holding each other.

“You can have me back there if you like,” Sandrah whispered.


“You know, where your tongue was earlier,” Sandrah said.

“Ah, your backdoor.”

“Anal sex. Yes. Please?” Sandrah licked his lips.

Luis nodded and a few minutes later, he was struggling with all his might not to cum, to enjoy the feeling of her anal walls around his cock. He took a swig of champagne straight from the bottle, then poured a little bit on her cock-embedded asshole.

“Beautiful,” he said, pulling out, seeing her gape open. He poured more champagne into her body, and then penetrated her again.

“Yes,” Sandrah moaned, gripping the sheets while Luis fucked her in the ass. “Harder!”

“I’m going to fill you up!” he slapped her ass several times, leaving red marks.

Sandrah was panting heavily, loving the full feeling her son was giving her.

They climaxed together, Luis filling her lower colon with cum, mixing it with the champagne enema she had swimming around inside her.

His cock slid out of her rectum, resting on her butt cheek, spurting cum one last time before he fell to his back, exhausted.

Sandrah climbed into his arms, moaning. Both were quiet for a few minutes.

The silence was broken by Sandrah farting cum and champagne out of her ass. Mother and son looked at one another and erupted in laughter.

Their final full day at the resort was spent in bed. They showered last night’s insanity off their bodies and snuggled, kissed, caressed, and made love well into the afternoon – only breaking for food.

Sandrah smiled at a tired Luis, watching him take a nap before dinner. She put on her bathrobe, “What happens here stays here,” she thought before leaving the room and Luis alone.

At room 685 Sandrah knocked a few times before Bea answered. “Come in!” she motioned her to follow.

Bea went out onto her balcony, Sandrah stayed inside.

“You coming?” Bea asked.

Sandrah shook her head and removed her bathrobe, standing nude before Bea. Bea laughed, removed her shirt and grabbed Sandrah, bringing her in for a hard kiss.

Bea’s hand traveled to Sandrah’s ass, “So you want to have fun with me?”

“Maybe I should be more of a free spirit like you,” Sandrah said, grabbing a handful of Bea’s breasts, taking them to her mouth, sucking on them.

“Mmm I like the sound of that.”

“My um, Luis, will be awake for dinner tonight. I’ll need to go then,” Sandrah said squeezing one of Bea’s tits. “Our last night here and all.”

“I’m sure we can cum several times before then,” Bea smiled, kissing Sandrah, guiding her onto the bed.


In the aftermath of the disastrous filming of The Huntress, the studio was sued by the family of the dead helicopter pilot. The executive producer was fired and slammed with a couple lawsuits in an attempt to hold him responsible and neglectful for that death. Sandrah could’ve sued for injuries perhaps, but she didn’t want to risk the fact that she hunted and found her own son on the show to be public. A few weeks later Sandrah, Luis, and Bea were all requested to do interviews by the studio, to help with PR. Sandrah and Luis declined, and Bea as too busy on a road trip to the Grand Canyon to do it. The Huntress was cancelled midway through the second season.

After a final day in bed at the resort, Sandrah and son parted ways. She reminded him their tryst was over. It was wrong, pleasurable beyond anything they’ve ever experienced, but wrong. She tearfully hugged her son goodbye at the airport, saying she’ll see him again for Thanksgiving in several months. She went home, miserable, sad, alone. She missed Luis terribly.

Months later, in mid-July, Bea visited Sandrah. They spent most of the long weekend in bed, sweaty, rolling around, scissoring, climaxing together. Sandrah thought maybe she could become a lesbian, her and Bea a couple; she could forget about her incestuous sexcapade at the resort. That idea was squashed when Bea went on and on about how cute the male waiter was at dinner her last night in town.

As much as Sandrah enjoyed sucking Bea’s tits and eating her pussy, she knew deep down she wasn’t really a lesbian. She missed something, someone, a great deal.

The first week of August, after a routine workout at the gym, Sandrah got a phone call on her way home.

“Hi,” she told Luis, thoughts of their sexual experience flooding her mind.

“Hey Mom. You busy?”

“Just leaving the gym. What is it?”

“I was wondering if you could pick me up at the airport.”

“The airport? Here?” Sandrah asked, her heart rate rising.

“Yep. I flew in, thought I’d surprise you,” Luis answered.

Sandrah sighed, and reluctantly turned the car around, heading toward the airport.

“So that’s when I told Dad I wanted to take some time off, before starting college,” Luis was telling his mother on the way to her home. “He said if I wanted to visit you, I could.”

“Luis,” Sandrah shook her head.

“Mom, it’s fine. Just a few months. You know? You and me. It’ll be great,” Luis smiled at her, placing his hand on her thigh.

“Luis. I know what you want. I told you it can never happen again. What happened with us at that resort, stays there. Do you understand?” his mother asked.

Luis nodded, eyes to the floor, his hand gently rubbing his mother’s thigh.


Thirty minutes later mom and son crashed through her bedroom door, landing on her bed, kissing frantically.

“You look so hot in these workout tights,” Luis said.

“I haven’t showered,” Sandrah said peeling off her son’s shirt.

“I’m gonna taste your sweat then,” Luis said, diving in, licking her neck.

“Oh, Luis,” Sandrah moaned. He stood, removing his shorts, and then pulled his mother’s tights off. She threw her sports bra off and Luis dove back in, driving his cock where it belonged, where Sandrah needed it to be. She missed him so much.

“I’m moving in,” Luis said.

“No you’re not.”

Luis drove his cock deeper into her, up against her cervix, pushing as far as he could. Sandrah cried out, gripping his back, “Yes!”

“So it’s settled. Dad won’t suspect a thing,” Luis added, working up a sweat. “You’re so much better looking than his fiancée.”

“Oh, baby!” Sandrah held her son close as he pounded away.

“I missed this so much. I missed you so much. I thought about you every day, dreaming of the stuff I’d do to you,” Luis whispered in her ear while fucking her.

“Me too. I want you inside me every day, deep as you can go, to feel you in my stomach,” Sandrah kissed him hard.

“Mmm, nasty woman,” Luis said, smiling down at her.

“I’m your woman,” she said before closing her mouth around his.

As they made love the rest of the night, they took breaks and spoke about moving Luis in, plans for the future, keeping things a secret, sexual fantasies, even the word ‘marriage’ was thrown around.

She couldn’t help but smile at her unusual good fortune. Sandrah was lying on her side, Luis lovingly sliding his cock in and out of her ass, kissing her neck, ears. He loved the feeling of her rectal walls massaging his cock.

As she lay there, in a candle lit room, giving herself in every way with every part of her body to the man she hunted down and found in a jungle, Sandrah counted herself as one of the few success stories of that show – a success story no one could ever know about.

The end.

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