Football Tournament 2 (7th grade boys having "fun")

When we finally arrived in Las Vegas, the team had to check into a hotel, which was more like a resort, we had to check into a room. There was about 6-8 boys per room, being that we were a big team with 35 kids they had to squeeze us in. the coaches got there own rooms and basically we’d be here for two weeks. The room was about as big as a 5-car garage, 2 beds and 1 pullout couch. It had a TV and all the other things a hotel room has. The people that I would be sleeping with were Jeff (I forgot to mention this earlier his middle name was Eric and everybody called him Eric so I will call him Eric from now on!), John, Rocko, Ryan, Jake, Tom (another players 10 year old little brother, who had brown hair and blue eyes and was about 5 foot), and me. I got the three-person bed with Eric and Tom. While everyone went to eat everyone in my bed was still unpacking because our luggage arrived last.
When unpacking Eric said, “Hey, I know all three of us were briefs where ever we go but the team thinks its dum, so when were going to bed lets just all wear our briefs but don’t tell anyone about it. Okay?”
Tome and me responded “aright.” Then we went off to dinner ate then went to bed.
I awoke that night to the high and cute voice of Tom’s saying, “ I’ve never been alone from my family like this before.”
He was wrapped all around me hugging me like there was no tomorrow in his little briefs and me in my tight ones.
He was really scared obviously.
At first I was thinking “ Why didn’t they assign him to his brother rooms?” but then he stared into my eyes with those cute blue eyes and I got a massive boner thinking about him in tight little briefs that went around his curved, smoothed, ass.
His little balls and the semi-hard boner he was sporting from rubbing against my butt.
I thought of his skinny, little body and how pale and smooth it was.
By now I wanted to fuck the living daylight out of him.
So I turned around and said, “ let me calm you down.” I turned and started hugging or cuddling him, laying on my side with my huge boner touching the pale cheeks off his underwear covered butt.
I then put my hands on his back and gently massaged his back….
Down to his belly, were he giggled a little, he had a huge grin on his face….
Then down his thighs and slowly crawling back up he had a huge bulge in his underwear by now.
Then I reached his hips…. And finally his cock by now he groaning a little high squeal and falling asleep.
I slowly cradled his balls and rubbed his boner by now he had fallen asleep
and I said “ I’ll do it sometime in the next two weeks…”
He whispered, " I cat wait till tomorrow!"
I grinned nd fell asleep
I awoke with me holding his balls and hugging him, I got up and dressed.

The only rules that we had were 1. You could go anywhere in the hotel alone if you wanted to. 2. If you wanted to go outside the hotel or anywhere else you must have an adult with you. 3. We had to show up for practice every day and we had a game every 2 days. It was after football practice and I was taking a shower in the hotel. I was extremely horny and decided to jerk off a bit in the shower.

I got out in my whity tighties and was all dried off but when I pulled the curtain open there was Eric in his tight briefs that looked so hot on him.
I was taken back but my penis shot up as I got horny looking at him. He was sporting a huge erection too.
We were both staring at each other when he stumbled to say, “ You… you want to ummm wrestle?"
I responded, “Umm… ya, sure.”
We both walked towards each other and sorta interlocked more like hugged.
I said, “Maybe we… should uhhhh… do this on a bed…. For uuhhh safety reasons.”
He nodded we opened the door and walked towards the bed.
No one was around so I laid on the bed.
He got on top of me and from there just massaged me. I was so horny by now.
He slowly moved his hand around my stomach and then my butt cheeks…
going to my thighs and then finally he got to my hips were he slowly started pulling down my briefs.
They were sticky and my huge 8 inch dick sprung out.
Eric licked his lips and pulled his briefs off.
I said “What are you doing?” as he slowly rubbed up and down… up and down. A senation went up my spine that moment and i groaned.
He stroked it and started to fist it.
Then he looked up and said, “ I love you.” And he french kissed me.
Our tongues interlocking, exploring each ones mouth.
He started to nibble my ears and rub my hair and slowly lick down my neck.
I started to groan at this point.
He slowly licked my body down to my balls and cock.
And then started sucking my balls. I gasped and then he licked my dick like a lolly-pop. I moaned in delight a bit louder and started whispering “ fuck ya. Oh fuck ya. This feels sooo good.” Eric then put my cock in his mouth and swished his tongue around it.
He kept rubbing me everywhere and i felt warmth all around me.
He then slowly ever so slowly Eric started bobbed his head up and down.
I was thinking “ One of the hottest guys I know is giving me a blowjob.”
My pubic hair was tickling his nose and he liked the smell of it I was about to start humping his head but he took his mouth and blew air on my cock.
It squirted a little pre-cum in his face. He started sucking my dick, bobbing in and out, faster and faster.
Harder harder and harder.
I took his head and started fucking his mouth. Deep throating it, he then started massaging my butt cheeks and my balls.
He was all over my Cock like a little leech sucking like there was no tomorrow i wanted to do this forever but it felt so good.
I was moaning and gasping “ughh….” “oh god.” “ uuuuggghhhh”
Then I started moving my hips I knew I was coming.
He sucked so hard and Squirt after squirt after squirt I came on him. He kept sucking all the of my cum and imoaned louder then ever.
We laid there with my still hard cock leaking cum everywhere and I just kept saying “ that felt so good!” I said. He said with cum all over his mouth and face “ where going to get everyone in this room to be faggots like us and give everyone here and blowjob. We agreed, I got up, cleaned, and we consulted who would we do next…

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