The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Leah's Reunion

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The Devil's Pact

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The Devil's Pact Side Story: Leah's Reunion

Note: Takes place during Chapter 39. Thanks to b0b for beta reading this.

Monday, September 30th, 2013—Rachel Hirsch-Goldstein-Blum

The last three days had been the most stressful in my entire life. While Jacob and I had huddled in the the bolthole—a decommissioned missile silo our Gods bought in the middle of nowhere, Kansas—our wife had been fighting for her very life. That bastard, Brandon Fitzsimmons, had attacked Mark and Leah had been chauffeuring him. We were helpless, trapped before the TV looking for sign that Leah even still lived, praying desperately that she had survived the wrecked limo.

“Leah is alive, Leah is alive,” I kept telling myself over and over. I couldn't lose my brunette love. For one glorious weekend—my honeymoon—she transformed me into the slut from my darkest fantasies. It had been a wild adventure before I settled into my marriage with Jacob. We made passionate love and she took me to this club where I had sex in public and then was gangbanged. I fell in love with her. When the weekend was over and I had to go back to my husband, I convinced Leah to come with me; I could not stand to be parted from either of my loves.

To my eternal relief, Jacob and Leah hit off, and soon we were a happy, loving threesome, fulfilling Jacob's wildest fantasy—two sexy women ready to please him. He deserved it for letting me have a wild, uninhibited time during our honeymoon. Soon after, we came to Washington State to be nearer to the Living Gods and so Jacob and I could marry Leah. Then our Gods graciously offered us jobs. Leah chauffeured for them, while Jacob and I put our CPA's to use. It was all going amazingly well Saturday.

It was only in the aftermath of Brandon's execution this afternoon that we found out our wife lived. The Goddess had succeed in defeating Brandon and saving our Lord. Like a botanist carefully tending to her shoots, Jacob and I had carefully nurtured our hope over the weekend, and learning that Leah lived allowed our hope to blossom into joy—a euphoric high that wiped away all the fatigue and stress of the last three days.

The euphoria continued on the plane ride back to Washington State and the SUV drive to Tacoma. The closer we got, the more my excitement grew, until it became too much and I started crying and giggling in Jacob's arms. Leah was alive; we were going to be reunited with her. My skin felt stretched, the excited energy inside me threatening to violently explode out of me. The huge mob that had gathered before the hotel—our Gods were staying here, along with Leah—slowed our convoy to a crawl. There were just so many people for blocks crowding the streets in worship of Mark and Mary. The snails pace reduced me to frustrated shouts. I didn't care that all these people were worshiping my Gods; I just wanted to see my wife. No. I needed to see my wife and to hold her and make sure she was alright.

“C'mon!” I screamed. “Just run them over!”

The bodyguard driving—a sultry, Latina whose silver choker named her 43—gave me a peculiar look, but ignored my command.

“It'll just be a few more minutes,” Jacob soothed, pulling me closer to him.

“How can you be so calm!” I snapped. “Don't you care about her!”

Anger flashed across his face, but he relaxed it away. Jacob rarely showed his passion outside of the bedroom. “You know I care. I want to see her just as badly as you do.”

“Then show it, dammit!”

“That's not fair, Rach!” He stared fixedly at me. “I've been by your side this entire damned weekend glued to the fucking TV, hoping for news that she lived.”

Guilt flooded me. “Sorry,” I muttered, then let out a frustrated scream and pounded on the side of the SUV.

He kissed my forehead. “I know.”

Finally the convoy fought through the crowd and we pulled up at the Hotel Murano. I almost tripped and fell on my face in my haste to escape the SUV. I didn't pause to admire the fires that danced before the beige, stone walls of the hotel's exterior; I only had eyes for my brunette wife standing awkwardly in the hotel lobby. She wore a tan, terrycloth robe wrapped about her figure and a timid smile on her angelic face.

“Leah!” I shouted, throwing my arms around her and kissing her lush lips. Leah stood frozen for a moment, then her arms wrapped around me and she returned my kiss with passion.

“You look like hell, Rachel” Leah giggled when I broke the kiss.

I probably did. I had barely slept in three days, and hadn't taken a shower once or even ran a comb through my bushy, brown hair. Leah looked tired, dark bags beneath her eyes, but she smelled of rose soap and lavender shampoo, and her skin was white and lustrous.

“You had us worried,” I told her.

Jacob swept the both of us up in a hug, his thick glasses askew as he kissed Leah just as passionately and lovingly as I had. “Are you okay?” he gently asked, caressing her cheek.

“I'm fine,” Leah answered; her tone was a little flat, her hazel eyes shifting. Before I could press her, she gushed, “You have got to see our rooms. Our Gods gave us a beautiful suite.” Her smile turned arched. “And a huge bed.”

Jacob grinned, his glasses slipping more, and I was afraid they were about to fall off his nose. So I reached up and pushed them into place. My reward was wonderful kiss—strong lips, rough stubble; a man's kiss—and I felt my knees grow weak. I loved my husband as much as my wife.

“Let's go check out this bed,” he smiled, an arm around each of his pretty wives.

There was something I wanted to ask Leah, but Jacob's kiss drove it right out of my mind. I'm sure I'll remember it before too long.“Okay, let's,” I answered, leaning on my husband's shoulder. I smiled, Leah leaned against his other shoulder and seductively licked her tongue at me.

We entered an elevator and Leah pounced on Jacob, fumbling for his belt. “Fuck me!” she moaned.

“In the elevator,” Jacob flushed.

“Yes,” purred Leah. “I need your cock! Take me! Use me for your pleasure!”

The robe slipped off Leah's body and Jacob's cock bulged his pants. Her large breasts were full and round, topped with fat nipples and areolas larger than a silver dollar. She turned around, waggling her fine ass at Jacob. He was a man; his pants were undone in a flash, his cock out, and he buried himself into her pussy.

“What floor?” I asked as I watched my husband's ass flex as he pounded my wife's cunt. He had a cute butt.

“17th,” she moaned. “Fuck me! Pound my nasty cunt!”

I frowned; Leah was sounding like a slutty party-girl, like she was a bottled blonde again. “Because blonde's have all the fun,” she had explained that adventuresome weekend. But we gave up being blondes, allowing our original, boring, brown hair to come back, and promised to be Jacob's loving wives not his sluts. I grabbed Leah's hand; something was wrong with her, so I gave her a comforting squeeze.

“Give me kiss, Rachel,” Leah purred at me. “Umm, let me finger you and make you cum like a whore while Jacob makes me scream!”

She jerked her hand from mine, and shoved it beneath my skirt. I wore no panties since the Church taught that a women should be ready to be fucked at all times, even if I only slept with Jacob and Leah—and sometimes with Mark and Mary, but they were my Gods. She shoved a finger roughly inside me, her thumb pressing hard on my clit. I moaned, and Leah leaned in and kissed me, shoving her tongue inside my mouth. Her fingers felt so good in my pussy that I melted into her kiss, losing myself to my wife's pleasure.

Jacob fucked her hard. Her heavy breasts bounced and jiggled as she braced her arms against the elevator's wall. The slap of flesh echoed throughout the metal box and the smell of pussy filled my nose; the spicy, tart musk of our arousals. Her fingers built a fire inside me, burning hot and fast. The elevator doors dinged, sliding open, and the fire consumed me; my knees buckled beneath the pleasure, and I fell to the floor.

Leah licked her fingers. “Umm, you taste wonderful, slut.” She held her fingers over her shoulder and Jacob sucked them into her mouth.

“You do taste amazing, Rach!” Jacob panted. “Keep squeezing your cunt, Leah. I'm gonna cum!”

“Do it!” Leah purred. “Cum in my dirty snatch.” Her hazel eyes—lidded with lust—found mine. “I'm going to make you clean my pussy afterwards, Rachel. You're a little slut that just loves the taste of cum and pussy, aren't you?”

“Gods, I love watching my wives eating creampie!” grunted Jacob. His face contorted like he was in pain, and he buried himself into Leah's pussy, pumping her full of seed. “Gods, that was great, Leah.” He kissed he neck. “I love you so much.”

“Thanks, stud,” Leah said. “You gave me a good fucking.”

I was holding the elevator doors open at this point, and Leah sauntered past me, white cum running thick down her thighs. She leaned against the hallway's wall, spread her legs, and smiled invitingly at me. I licked my lips; I wanted to talk to Leah about what was wrong with her, but the sight of my husband's sperm running out of my wife's snatch was too much to resist.

“Oh fuck! Eat me slut!” Leah moaned.

My tongue swept through her pussy and gathered thick clumps of cum mixed with her spicy and tart juices. I feasted on her, pushing my tongue deep into her hole; eager to find as much jizz as I could. Her hands gripped my hair as her hips writhed, smearing her pussy across my face. I savored her taste and her wonderful, tart scent, leaving me feeling heady with lust; my own pussy felt on fire.

“Fucking slut! Eat me!” she gasped. “Yes, yes! Fuck! Fuck! I love to be eaten by a slut! A nasty, cum-eating slut!”

Her body shuddered, juices flooding my lips, and I drank them all down as her orgasm burst through her. I pulled my face away, looking up at her through the valley between her heaving breasts. Something was really wrong, she never talks this dirty in bed. “Is everything all—”

“Gods, are you hard already, Jacob?” Leah purred, grasping his hard cock.

“That was so hot,” Jacob answered. “You know how much I love watching you and Rachel eating my creampies.”

Leah gave a wicked laugh. “And we love to eat them. But now I'm hungry for some sausage. C'mon Rachel, let's share this cock! It'll be yummy after marinating in my sauce.” She grabbed both our hands, leading us down the hallway.

We couldn't get into the room; Leah's keycard was in her terrycloth robe that now was riding around in the elevator. That didn't stop her. She pushed me down to my knees, then joined me, and pulled Jacob's cock into my lips. He tasted amazing, spicy and tart from Leah's pussy.

“Don't hog him,” Leah giggled after a minute, pushing me off and sucking our husband's cock into her mouth, deep-throating Jacob without issue.

I found his hairy balls, sucking the salty orbs into my lips as Leah bobbed up and down on his shaft. Jacob's wonderful, manly musk filled my nostrils: sour sweat, salt, and cum. She released his cock after a few more bobs, kissing down it and sucking his other ball into her lips. Our smooth cheeks rubbed together and our lips briefly touched. Then we licked slowly up his throbbing shaft, exploring his head with our tongues. Our lips met, and we kissed each other around his cock.

“Oh Gods!” Jacob moaned. “That's so hot!” Hot spunk splashed on our faces, salty and warm, running thickly down my cheeks.

“Nothing's prettier than a slut covered in cum,” Leah purred, then licked a line of cum up my cheek to my forehead.

“Leah, we should talk,” I tried to say, before she shoved a cum-covered tongue into my mouth. Jacob's cock, still hard, brushed our cheeks, smearing more jizz on our faces. I pulled back from the kiss. “Leah!” I protested. “We need to”

“Jacob, did you take one of Sam's pills?” Leah asked slyly, ignoring me. The first thing the hermaphroditic Vizier invented was magical Viagra. A man could achieve the level of stamina that our God possessed for a few hours.

“I did,” Jacob admitted. “I was so excited to see you. I wanted to be ready to please both of my women.”

Leah giggled. “I know just the place for this cock.” She paused, stroking his cock, a dramatic smile on her face. “In my ass!”

“Absolutely!” Jacob agreed.

Leah fluttered her hazel eyes at me. “Be a good slut and eat my ass out. Get me nice and wet, will you?”

As I opened my mouth to object, the elevators doors opened, and Leah dashed in and reclaimed her keycard. Before I knew what was happening, I was dragged into our suite, had my clothes stripped off, and found my faced buried between Leah's soft butt-cheeks, tonguing away at her sour asshole. If I was a stronger woman, who could actually control her desires, I wouldn't be swirling my tongue inside her bowels, and I would force Leah to talk to me.

“Ohh, that's a good slut,” Leah purred.

Why couldn't I have more self-control? But her ass was so tasty and Jacob's cock was fucking my pussy from behind, stirring my passions into a frothy mess. Leah was hurting, hiding behind her party-girl slut act and pretending to be a blonde again—I needed to find out why.

Just as soon as Jacob made me cum; his cock felt too amazing in my cunt to stop now. I wiggled my hips as I tongued Leah's tight asshole, moaning the entire time as Jacob's dick stirred my snatch. His vigorous strokes churned a storm of passion inside me. Electricity crackled through me every time his balls slapped into my clit.

“Eat my ass, slut!” Leah grunted. “You dirty whore, put that mouth of yours to work! Umm, you don't care how filthy it is! You just want to get me off! Make me cum! I'm a nasty whore! I love your tongue wiggling up my ass! Yes, yes! I love it! I'm a filthy, nasty whore!”

Her asscheeks clenched, pushing against my face as her passion shuddered through her, reducing her to wordless moans. The storm inside me—spurred by her words, her passion—crashed against the levy holding back my orgasm, flooding my body with intense, agonizing pleasure. I collapsed on the bed; orgasm after orgasm surging through me—the levy was gone and nothing was left to hold my rapture back.

“Fuck my dirty ass!” Leah moaned as I came back to my senses.

I think I must have blacked-out for a minute. The bed squeaked as Jacob pounded his cock into her butthole. They were lying on their side and Jacob was pressed against her back, his hands reaching around her body to grope her heavy tits. I watched in fascination as his hard shaft disappeared between her round cheeks. “Fuck my whorish ass! Make me cum! Use me! Cum in me! I'm your dirty slut!”

“Yes you are!” moaned Jacob, thrusting harder. “I love your filthy ass, Leah.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me! It's what I was made for! It's all I'm good for! Let my tight ass make you cum hard, babe!”

It's all I'm good for!

Her words shook me out of my reverie. I looked into her hazel eyes, past the lust and passion, to the disgust, the revulsion, lurking in the depths of her soul. Oh Gods, what had happened to her? What did she do to make her feel so worthless? To hate herself so much?

What had that bastard Brandon done to my beautiful wife?

“Fucking slut!” Jacob moaned.

“She's not a slut!” I shouted, slapping Jacob's shoulder. “She's your wife!”

Jacob stopped fucking her, staring hurt at me. “I was justof course she's not a slut. We're just roleplaying, right?”

“No,” I told him, stroking Leah's face. “Oh Gods, you're not a filthy slut, Leah. You're a beautiful woman and we love you so much.”

The disgust buried in her eyes twisted across her face. “No I'm not! Now keep fucking me, Jacob! Make me cum! Spill your seed in me and then toss me aside.” Tears were brimming in her eyes. “It's all I'm good for.”

“I would never toss you aside,” Jacob said softly, kissing her cheek. “I love you.”

“That's because you don't know what I did!” Bitter anger marred her features.

“Nothing you could do would make me love you less,” Jacob stated firmly.

“We love you with all our hearts, Leah,” I nodded, stroking her face. “Forever.”

She flinched and a ragged sob escaped her lips. “You don't get it! I'm a terrible person!”

I cupped her face, staring into her hazel eyes. “No you are not!”

“I fucked a lot of soldiers,” she said, her lips twisting bitterly. “I let them use my body. I begged them for it. It's all I'm good for! All I can do is satisfy men with my mouth, my cunt, and my ass! So keep fucking me!”

“No,” Jacob said, pulling out of her ass. “I'll make love to you, but I won't fuck you.”

I never loved my husband more. “Did theyrape you?” I asked, fearing her answer.

“No. I wanted them to do it! I would have gladly been their whore!” She was sobbing, shaking, fear dilating her eyes until they were black pools. “Anything to escape Molech.”


“That's from the Tanakh,” Jacob said. “He was a god, I think, one of the pagan ones.”

“He's real,” Leah whimpered. “He would walk out and choose one of us for hispleasure.” She seemed to shrink, transforming into a scared, little girl. “They would just scream as he dragged them off. Just scream and scream and scream, and then Molech would come back and choose again.” Her eyes became pleading, fixing on mine. “I had to whore myself out. It got me away from him for a short time! He couldn't choose me if I was fucking the soldiers! I would have done anything to get away from that monster!”

Oh Gods! My poor, beautiful wife; my heart broke, and my own tears came. Jacob looked stunned, horrified.

“I'm so sorry,” she sobbed. “I broke my marriage vows. I was a dirty, filthy whore!”

Jacob hugged her from behind and I hugged her from the front. We held our trembling wife between us, stroking her gently. “You didn't cheat on us,” Jacob whispered. “You did what you had to do. You survived. You were strong and you fought to get back to us. I'm so proud of you.”

“Really?” her voice croaked like a little girls’.

“Yes, Leah,” I told her, smoothing her face. “We love you and we're so happy to have you back. It's not cheating if your choice was between fucking a few soldiers or death. You're not a dirty, filthy whore. You are a strong, beautiful woman. You are our wife.”

“You don't hate me?”

“How could we ever hate you?” I kissed her cheek. “Jacob and I love you with all our hearts.”

Leah sobbed between us, clinging to me like a helpless little girl, her tears hot on my neck. Jacob's arms were wrapped around the both of us, his lips gently kissing at the nape of her neck. Leah poured her terror, shame, disgust and her self-loathing into my neck while I gently stroked her brown hair.

“It's over, baby,” I cooed. “It's all over.”

“I'mnotdirty?” she sobbed, her words punctuated by hiccups.

Jacob, cupped her chin, turning her head and kissed her gently on the lips. I joined them, our lips and tongues tangled with each other. The kiss was pure as fresh snow; a loving melding of three people, three souls.

A smile broached Leah's face, beautiful despite being tear-stained and blotchy, and giggled, “Jacob's been hard this entire time.”

“Sorry,” Jacob muttered. “It's theuhpill.”

“I bet you’re so hard it hurts,” Lean purred.

“That's not important,” he dismissed.

Leah wiggled her hips, his cock must be pressed against her ass. “Why don't you slip that wonderful shaft back into my hot ass and make love to me.”

“Gladly.” Jacob's grin was broad and I chortled.

“You're such a guy, Jacob,” I fondly smiled. “Always thinking with your cock.”

“But it's such a wonderful cock,” Leah giggled. “And itoh yesfeels so wonderful inside me.”

“Well, you do have a point,” I pretended to consider. “It does feel wonderful in my pussy.”

Leah raised on an eyebrow. “Only your pussy?”

“It feels wonderful in all my holes!” I declared.

Leah stroked my face, and grasped a strand of my hair, twirling it about her finger. She tugged it, bringing my face closer, so she could give me a kiss full of passion and tongue. Her hands reached behind me and squeezed my ass, pulling our pussies tight against each other's thighs.

She moaned into my lips; her cunt shoved against my thigh as Jacob thrust his cock into her ass. “Oh, Gods,” he groaned. “Sweet Mary, that's a beautiful feeling.”

Jacob's every slow stroke pressed our flesh together; her cunt was wet, juicy with passion, and her clit was hard with throbbing arousal. Her hands kneaded my ass as I worked my hips, finding a rhythm with Jacob's thrust, and we made wonderful love to our wife. My hand slid from her thigh, brushing her plump ass cheeks, and up her side, groping her pillowy tit, before repeating the journey. Jacob's hand found mine, and we roamed her body together.

I broke the kiss, moaning, “My beautiful wife! My pussy's on fire for you.”

“Are you going to cum?” Leah asked me.

I humped harder against her. “Yes!” I hissed. I was climbing that peak, nearing my glorious release. Every thrust of my hips and juicy rub of my cunt on her silken thigh propelled me higher and higher up the orgasm peak.

“Cum for me, my love,” Leah purred. “Oh, Gods, your thigh's driving me wild!”

“What about me?” Jacob asked.

Leah giggled, “Your cock's stirring my ass up. By Mary's tits, I'm going to explode!”

She shrieked wildly, her body bucking between Jacob and me. “Fuck!” Jacob moaned. “Your tight ass! Oh, Gods, it's squeezing my cock!”

“Yes, yes, cum in my ass!” Leah moaned, her orgasm still crashing through her. “Pour that wonderful love into me!”

I shuddered, sliding my clit up her thigh lubed by my fragrant juices. I reached the summit, and climaxed. I gasped and panted, Leah's face nuzzling my neck as I writhed against her sleek body. The pleasure peaked and then it retreated, and I collapsed into a breathless heap. Leah cuddled against me and Jacob hugged both of us. I enjoyed the feel of my wife's body pressed against me, her musk filling my nose.

“You two are the best,” Leah muttered, a smile on her face as she was sandwiched between us.

I gently kissed her lips. “You're not that bad yourself, cutie.”

Leah shifted, looking over her shoulder at Jacob. “Are you still hard?”

“Of course,” he smiled, “I have two sexy women in bed with me.”

“Maybe I should do something about that,” I said archly.

“What did you have in mind?” Leah asked.

“He hasn't fucked my ass yet, can you get me ready?”

“I'd love to.” Leah moved, spreading my cheeks, and licked through my crack.

I closed my eyes, enjoying my wife's tongue, knowing she was back where she belonged—with Jacob and me. This weekend taught me just how fragile life, how fragile happiness, could be. So you should seize any opportunity for happiness and life that you could.

I planned on seizing plenty of both tonight with my two loves!

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