Taking Staci

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Taking Staci

My name is Staci Adams. I am 5'9 with short blond hair and big blue eyes. I have been modeling since I was 16, so I stay in shape. My legs are long, lean and muscular but my large 36c breast and young athletic body are normally what gets me my modeling jobs. It was the summer after Highschool when my life got twisted. I volunteer at the local animal pound on the weekends. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for animals in need of human assistance. I also thought that doing volunteer work would look good on my resume and college application. Little did I know that I would be helping the animals out in more than one way.

I went to work on Saturday Morning. I was just planning to stay for a couple of hours then I would meet some friends of mine up at the lake. I was wearing a short sundress over my new red string bikini. When I got there there was only one other person in the building. Dr. Grahm. He was a locat vet that volunteered at the pound as well. As we spoke I watched his eyes drift carefully to my large breast. My large hard nipples were poking through the thin fabric of my Bikini top and sundress. I was a little embaressed, so I crossed my arms quickly hiding my hard large nipples. While we were talking Dr. Grahm got a phone call from a client of his. "I'm sorry Stacie, but I have to go. I have a long time client that is having issues with their dog. I'll try to be back early this afternoon so you can still head out with your friends", he said. "Ok no problem, I'll see you when you get back", I said. "Remember to feed the dogs in the back of the kennel. I haven't had a chanc eto get to them yet", Dr. Grahm instructed. "Sure thing", I responded. As soon as Dr. Grahm left I called my friends letting them know that if I could make it out to the lake that day it would be late. I then went to the back of the kennal and grabbed a bage of dog food and headed to the back of the kennal. All of the dogs were barking like crazy as I past each cage. It didn't bother me. I was used to it. I knew it was the dogs way of saying hello.

When I reached the back of the kennal there was a 12' by 12' enclosure with three dogs in it. These dogs were all muts. Dr. Grahm called them big brutes because they were each easly over 110-120lbs. At the time, I felt bad for them because I knew that they were going to be nutered before we put them up for adoption. Normally we wouldn't keep so many big dogs in one enclosure but we were limited on space so we didn't have any other option. I opened up the door to their cage and walked in (making sure to shut it tight so they couldn't get out while I was feeding them). I had named each of them. Buster was the biggest, followed by Mac and Joker. I had never had any issues with these dogs, so I was unprepared for what was about to happen. As I approached the dog bowels the dogs walked towards me. "They must be hungry", I thought to myslef. I bent over and begain to pour the dog food into each of their bowles. Out of the blue I felt something lifting up my short dress sliding up my muscular thigh before finaly rubbing my ass. It was Buster. He had managed to get his head under the back of my dress. I didn't think anything of it. I continued to pour the dog food. Then I felt a warm wet slap hit croatch of my bikini right on top of my clit. The unexpected attention my clit recieved sent chills through my body. Not knowing what to do I froze in that position.Buster begain licking away at my bikini bottoms. Suddenly I felt his tongue go under the fabric of my bikini. His rough warm tongue slapped my clit a couple of times then it begain to enter inside the lips of my tight cleanly shaved slit. "What the hell", I said as I stood up. I dropped the bag of dog food and used both hands to Buster away from me. I was in shock. My clit was throbbing. I could feel myself getting a little wet. "Bad dog!", I yelled. I then bent over and picked up the dog food bag. As I did I felt a something pulling on the thin fabric of my sundress. I looked over and Joker was tugging away at my dress. I tried to slapp him with my free hand when all of a sudden Mac grabbed the other side of my dress and begain pulling. I dropped the bag of dog food spilling it everywhere. I could feel the fabric ripping. I had to get out of there, so I made a move toward the door. Buster quickly jumped infront of me. "Whats happening", I thought to myself. "Stop it!" I yelled. Then with a few intense yanks the dogs tore my sundress off me exposing my young athletic body covered only with a red string bikini.

There I was standing infront of these dogs my young tan athletic body hiding underneth a little red string bikini. My large nipples were poking through the fabric of my bikini top. My nipples were as hard as rocks. My long blond hair was in a pony tail. I begain to think horrible thoughts about beging attacked and left for dead by these dogs. Quickly I made a move for the door. This time Buster jumped up and snaped at me. Joker jumped on me from behind knocking me on my hands and knees. Joker immedately begain bitting the back of my string bikini top. Suddenly I felt that huge dog rip my bikini top from my young body exposing my large perky breast. My large perky breast dangled underneith me as I sat there on my hands and knees stairing at Buster. Buster moved closer towards my face growling loudly. Mac was walking around me in a circle staring at me like I was a piece of raw meat. "Why are you doing this to me?", I said with a shaky voice. I could feel Joker's tongue licking my muscular thigh working its way towards my slit. "Oh god no", I screamed as his tongue begain working its way underneth the fabric of my string bikini. I let out a gasph as I felt his tongue reach my slit. Slowly and repeatedly his tongue rubbed my clit. Mac walked over to my waist and bit down on one of the strings of my bikini bottoms. He stepped back slowly untieing my string bikini. Joker stopped licking me and tore my bikini bottoms off me leaving me completly naked. "Oh my god", I screamed as I felt joker begin to push his tongue in and out of my slit. I couldn't believe that I was being tongue fucked by a dog. I was so humilated.

I lowered my head and begain to cry. I wasn't sure what was going to happen to me, but I knew it wasn't good. Buster moved from in front on me and begain walking next to me licking my naked flesh. His rough warm tongue rubbed one of my breast's hard pink nipples making it even more stiff. Joker stopped tongue fucking me and walked around and stood in front of me. Buster stopped licking my breast and moved behind me. I felt his tongue slap my clit a few times making my body jerk. Buster forced his head between my muscular thighs forcing me to spread them so he could have better access to my shaved slit. It was then that I realized what the dogs had planned for me. I was on my hands and knees and completly naked. My young athletic body was theirs to enjoy. Then without any warning I felt Buster mount me from behind. His front paws were resting on my back. I begain to panic. I couldn't get raped by a dog. He was no heavy I couldn't push him off. I could feel something wet and slimmy rubbing against my muscular thigh. "Oh god no", I said. I lowered my head and looked between my legs. I was in disgust as I saw Buster's long and thick red dog cock rubbing my thigh. I tried to shake him off me. As a result Buster bit down on my long blond ponytail and yanked my head back so my eyes were facing the cieling. I saw that our rear security camera was pointing directly down on the cage that I was in. "Oh my god, this whole thing was being recorded", I said to myself. Buster's doggy cock kept poking around my slit trying to find the opening. I was wet from the tongue fucking, but his cock was so huge that I still wasn't sure he would be able to fit that thing in me. Then it happened. I felt Buster's cock enter past the lips of my slit. "NOOOO!", I screamed out. Buster reacted by begining to violently sink his cock inside of me inch by inch. I felt my tight little slit stretching to accomidate for the thickness of his cock. My slit was wrapped tightly like a latex glove around his cock. I could feel the viens in his cock pulsing as he slowly stuffed more and more of his cock in me with each thrust.

I couldn't believe that I was being fucked by a dog. Buster finally released my hair. I lowered my head in shame and begain to sobb as my body bounced back and forth with each thrust of his thick dog cock. It hurt so bad I had only sex with one of my ex-boyfriends and his penis was not nearly as large as this dog's. My large breast swung back and forth in rythm with the thrust of his cock. My hard nipples rubbed the floor as I arched my back from the weight of the dog on top of me. Again I looked between my legs only to see his cock slid in and out of my helpless tight young shaved slit. I noticed a large ball slowly moving up his shaft. "His knot, of my god he's going to try to get his knot inside of me. It won't fit. He can't", I thought to my self. I lifted my head. Standing in front of me was Joker. He seemed to enjoy watching me get fucked by the Alpha male of his small pack. I could feel Buster's knot slamming against my tight slit. It was then that the reality of the situation hit me. There was no way out of this. If he couldn't get off inside of me they would surly kill me. I felt broken. Knowing that I had no other choice I begain to spread my long muscular legs as far apart as possible. Now with better access Buster's cock was thrusting deeper inside of me then any human had ever been. I let out a grunt each time he thrusted his thick cock inside of me. I wanted to scream in pain as I felt his knot slowly enter and sink into my young slit. After a few minutes of slow and steady pumps his knot was a good three inches inside of me. Suddenly Buster begain fucking me fast and hard. My muscular ass bounced each time his body slapped it. My large breast swung back and forth as he stuffed me full of his cock. I couldn't believe that this beast was going to cum inside of me. Buster gave one last deep thrust and let out a howel. Deep inside of me I felt his thick cock twitch and pulsate as he begain to shoot his warm cum inside my helpless young athletic body. I could fill his cum filling my insides up. Then like a hose his cum begain shooting out of my slit down my muscular thighs. I felt so humilated. I sat there as Buster slowly pumped his cock in and out of me making sure to milk all of his cum inside of my body. When he was finished we had to stay in the same position because his knot was inside of me. After a couple of minutes his knot slid out of my abused bald slit. As it exited my body it made a loud "Pop". I collapsed on the floor. When I looked up I could see Joker's huge red dog cock was exposed. "He is waiting for his turn", I thought to myself.

After about a minute I tried to raise myself off the floor. I could fill buster's warm load burried deep inside of me. Once I raised myself to my hands and knees I felt Buster's cum leak out of my slit down my lean muscular thighs. I was so weak I could hardly move. Looking around the room I saw a raised bench on the side of the cage where the dogs would sleep. I knew that getting on the bench was the best chance I had off preventing the dogs from gang banging me. I made my move for the bench. As soon as I had my upper body on the bench. Joker quickly approached me and begain pulling on my long blond pony tail. "Not again", I said. I tried to stand up. After I managed to stand up I tried to turn around so I could slap Joker and have him release my hair. That was a horrible move. Once I turned around Joker release my hair and pounced on my knocking me back on the bench. His paws had my sholders pinned against the cage. Joker had managed to get in-between my long tan muscular legs. I quickly tried to close my legs and squeez him. The result was Joker feircly snapping at my face. I could feel his jaw snap shut right in front of my face. I quickly stopped trying to squeez him. Joker sat there growling at me pumping his hips. His long thick dog cock was slapping my thigh with the tip hitting very close to my slit. Again, the realization that there was no way out of this. I knew that Buster's cum would make it easier for Joker to get his thick cock inside of me. So out of fear I gave in.

"You fucking mut. I'm going to kill you the first chance I get", I said. Then I spread my long legs apart making sure that Joker's cock would have access to my slit. I couldn't believe that I was giving myself to this dog. My young athletic body was his to use. Joker lowered his head so he was dirctly infront on my face. The head of his cock lined up with my slit. I franticly looked around the room only to see the other two dogs staring at me. Then without any warning Joker gave one violent thrust and shoved the first few inches of his thick cock inside of my bald slit. I let out a yelp as I felt my slit begin to stretch trying to allow his cock inside of me. Joker steadly pumped my naked body full of his cock. My large breast jiggled with each one of his violent thrust. I looked up only to see Joker staring me right in my eyes while he raped me. I was in disgusted that this mut was fucking me against my will. I tried to avoid making eye contact with Joker. As I looked over his should I saw that the security camera had a direct few of this dog pounding away on my naked body. I was so ashamed. Joker begain to growle at me. I knew it was because I was keeping him from going deep inside of me, so I spread my legs wide apart. After a couple of deep hard thrust his cock was burried deep inside of my helpless body. His cock was so deep inside of me it felt like he couldn't go any deeper. I started grunting with each one of his thrust as that dog pounded my naked body into the steel bench. I looked over at the ground only to see my torn dress and red string bikini laying on the concret floor.

Then I felt it. His knot was pounding against my slit. "Oh no, please not again. I can't take it. Please stop!", I begged. Joker's slobber fell on my large perky breast. My nipples were being kept hard by rubbing of his fury body against my large bouncing breast. I let out a gasph as I felt his huge knot begin to work it's way inside my young tight slit. I screamed out in pain as it sunk into my helpless body. Within minutes his knot was several inches inside of me. "Thank god I can't get knocked up by a dog", I thought. "Go ahead and cum in me you mutt. I won't be having your puppies", I screamed. Deep inside I knew that he was fucking me to fuck me, not to breed with me. All of a sudden Joker started fucking me really fast and hard. His cock was thrust deep inside my tight slit. His knot had worked itself about three or four inches deep inside of me. Joker got in my face and let out a loud bark. I felt his cock twitch and pulsate as he shot his warm cum deep inside of me. He filled me so full his warm cum that it begain to leak out of my slit on to the bench underneth me. My breast continued to slowly bounce up and down as he milked his cock deep inside of my unwilling slit. I couldn't believe that I had been forced to look at the dog while he fucked me. I begain to cry as he stayed on top of me since his knot was still burried in my womb. When his knot slid out of my slit I just laid there not knowing what to do. I knew that there was on dog (Mac) left that hadn't abused my naked body, so I knew the expirence wasn't over yet.

After several minutes of crying I decieded to go for the door. I had to get out of there my slit couldn't take anymore abuse. I struggled to stand up. Once I was standing I took a step towards the door. Immedately a rush of warm dog cum poured out of my slit and down my long, tan muscular legs. I looked down to see a small pool of dog cum forming around my feet. "If anyone found out about this I would be known as the dog's slut for sure", I thought to myself. Slowly I walked towards the door trying not to look at the dogs. Suddenly Buster and Mac both hit me from behind knocking me to the ground. I landed on my hands and knees. Mac quickly mounted me from behind. His thick red cock was poking around trying to find my slit. After a couple of seconds his cock found my asswhole. "No!", I screamed. Mac responded by attempting to shove his cock up my ass. He thought he was inside my slit, but instead he was in my ass. I had never had anyone fuck my ass before and I sure wasn't going to let a dog fuck my ass. I tried to wiggle to get him off me, but he responded by pushing his paws down on me nearly making me collapse. After about a minute he had a good five inches of his long cock up inside my tight virgine ass. "Why is this happening to me! Please I'll do anything just let me go", I screamed. I knew they couldn't understand me but I didn't know what else to do. I clinched my fist as Mac shoved his thick cock deep inside of my ass. My ass jiggled each time his fury body slapped it. I couldn't believe that I was being ass raped by a dog. Within a minutes I was firmly impaled on his thick cock. I knew that if his knot tired to go in my little asswhole that it would tear me for sure. It wasn't long before I felt his knot pounding against my asswhole. I paniced. Not knowing what else to do, I quickly fell to the ground and rolled over on my back.

"Please no", I begged. Mac's cock was rock hard and his knot was clearly visable. His cock was twitching. All of the dogs begain growling at me and barking. I knew that I had to get Mac off or I would be as good as dead. Mac walked over me so his cock was above my face. I don't know what made me do it, but I opened my mouth and used my hand to gently guide his thick cock into my warm mouth. I thought that I was going to vomit. I knew that my slit couldn't take any more abuse and that he would rip me if he tried to get his knot inside my ass. I slowly stroked his large cock with one hand while my head bounced up and down on his thick cock. Mac was panting while I sat there sucking his doggy cock with a passion. I knew once he came I would be able to make it to the door to be free. Mac's knot begain working its way up his cock's shaft. I moved my hand so it was behind his knot stroking his cock. As a result his knot was slapping my large lips. "What do I do? If he doesn't get his knot in something he won't cum. I have to let him cum in my mouth", I thought to myself. I stopped sucking his cock and opened my mouth wide while I continued to stroke his shaft. Within a minute his knot had gone past my large pouty lips and was resting on my tongue. I felt like I had a apple shoved in my mouth. I started to gag as the head of his cock begain going down my throat. With his knot firmly in place I knew it wouldn't be long. To speed things up I begain stroking his cock fast with my hand, hoping to simulate what it would have felt like if he was inside of me. Mac begain pumping his hips forcing his cock further down my throat with each pump. His knot was now burried in the back of my mouth. I couldn't breath out of my mouth anymore. His knot had made my mouth an air tight chamber. It seemed like forever but it was probuly only really took a couple minutes. With is cock burried in my throat. I felt it expand. Then without any warning his dog cock begain spraying his warm salty cum down my throat quickly filling up my mouth. I continued to stroke his cock. Mac's knot kept his cum from leaking from my mouth. My eyes watered as Mac shot load after load of his warm salty cum down my throat. I started swallowing what I could while the rest was forced down my throat by his hose like cock. It felt like I had swallowed a gallon of cum when Mac took a step backwords and slowly pulled his knot and long cock from my throat and out of my mouth. As he did a little cum leaked out of my mouth and down my chin. Once my mouth was free of his cock I gasphed for air. I wipped my mouth with my arm. The taste of his warm cum was over powering. I knew now was my chance. I quickly made my move for the door. I opened the door and ran out of the cell. Just as I shut the door all three dogs pounced on it, but it was of no use they couldn't open the latch that kept the door shut.

I stood there naked. I had warm dog cum leaking down my muscular thighs and the taste of salty dog cum in my mouth. It took everything I had not to vomit. I remembered that I had a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt in my car. I begain to walk down the hallway towards the front. All of the dogs were barking. It was like they knew that I had just been made a bitch by the three big dogs at the end of the building. As soon as I made it to the front office I saw Dr. Grahm sitting infront of our security monitor. "Nice show Staci", he said. Then he turned around and grabbed my arm throwning me to the floor. He quickly laid on top of me and begain sucking my breast while undoing his pants. I was to tired from the gangbang that the dogs gave me to really fight back. "Please don't do this. Please stop", I begged. Dr. Grahm grabbed a handful of my long blond hair and forced me to look at him. "You think that you can give that sweet little cunt of your to couple of mutts and not me. You stupid bitch", Dr. Grahm yelled. Then I felt the head of his cock press against my cum covered slit. "No!", I screamed. "Take this you fucking slut", Dr. Grahm yelled out. Then with one violent thrust he forced the full width and length of his cock inside of my young shaved slit. My slit quickly wrapped around his cock like a tight glove. My breast bounced as he violently pumped his cock in and out of my body. I just laid their grunting with each thrust. "If you go to the cops, I swear this little video of you and your new dog friends will be sent to all of your friends and family. I'm sure that there are plunty of guys that would love to see you get your tight little bald pussy pounded", he said. Several minutes went by. Dr. Grahm would suck on my large pink nipples then lean back and resume fucking me hard. "Oh fuck I can't hold it back anymore", he said. Then Dr. Grahm slammed his cock deep inside of my slit. I felt his cock begin to shoot his warm cum in me. He laid on top of me for a minute sucking my large nipples until his cock went limp and slid out of my slit. He stood up and pulled his pants up and got dressed. "Thanks for the fuck Staci. You have a real nice bald cunt. I'll be having that again real soon", Dr. Gramh said. I laid there crying as Dr. Gramh left the room. After a few minutes I got up and went to my car and got dressed. As I sat in my car I could feel warm cum deep inside of me. The only question was is it a man's or a dog's. I broke down and begain to sobb. I knew that my hell had just begain.

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