A Freind's Very Sweet 16

The school day took ages as the anticipation for Mike's party built up. After school I was supposed to meet up with Tyler and get a 60 sac of dank, and Mike told me his dad had a couple bottles of 80 proof stashed away. We knew that we were going to get fucked up. There were only going to be four of us.

Another score with his party was his sister, Jessica. Ever since that night at Homecoming I knew I was going to hook up with her. She had blonde, wavy hair that cascaded down her shoulders over her tits. She had to be a C, or maybe a B, but a big B if so. Her low cut dress showed the bulging breast underneath her lace bra, which was also barely showing. Her tits were smooth and tan, like the rest of her skin.

Her pink dress clung tightly to the curves of her body, accentuating her tits and her ass, and what an ass it was. It was large, but not fat.

She had glistening lip gloss on her lips. A golden tan doubled the whiteness of her pearly teeth, which before long would be slobbing all over my prick.

With this image of Mike's sister in my mind, my cock was bulging, and I was still in class. She was a junior, and unfortunately I had no classes with her. I sat there, and instead of picturing her fine ass naked, I pictured my teachers, Mrs. Matty naked, which quickly subdued the bulge in my jeans.


Mike came home with me. We were sitting in my computer room talking about how kick ass the night was going to be. Rocky pulled out the $30 he saved up for the weed, and I got my money out of my wallet too. I also pulled 4 peach Swishers out of my backpack and laid them on the table. now if only my damn hookup would arive, I thought.

Before long a Mercede's Benz pulled up on my driveway, the Subwoofers blaring out the window. He knocked on my door and came walking in. My mom wasn't going to be home for at least another hour. My hookup's name was nicknamed Crush. He got this name by introducing my neighborhood a type of Valejo weed called "Orange Crush", which was the most potent shit we'd ever blown.

Mike and I talked as Crush rolled blunt after blunt, until a pile of Cigar tobacco was towering on the table. We put the four bars in a bag and left.


The party had finally began. Now, here's the deal. I could sit here and talk your head off about how we left the hosue and went to the park and smoked cigars and went back and watched movies and ate pizza and blah blah blah, which in a way I've already done, but I won't. I'll give you the DL on the highlights of my night.

So the boring droll of the movie had me fondling the weed that was still residing in my pocket. Jessica, Mike's sister, and her friend Lilly were laying on the floor watching the movie. Lilly wasn't too attractive, but still pretty. But Jessica, on the other hand, looked amazing.

She had already put on her night clothes, which were a tank top and some loose pants. She had pants on that clung tightly around the waste and hugged her ass ever so strongly. You could start to see some shape in her pants, but I tried to ignore that, although she HAD been flirting with me all night. Part of me knew that fucking her was inevitable.

I signalled to Mike that the party was slowing down, and it was time for the "getting fucked up" portion of it began. It was just pass 10, and his parents had already crashed. Mike went into the kitchen and opened up the bottle of Skyy Vodka. He gave us all about 8 shots mixed in with some Mountain Dew. I am totally against alcohol, so once Jessica finished hers I had no problem letting her drink most of mine.

After everyone except for me was pleasently drunk we made our way to the garage. Lilly was totally against smoking the dank, so she stayed inside on Parent Watch. We made our way to the garage where we sparked up the dank. We played a 10 minute game of puff puff pass. As I walked in, I knew that in the next 10 minutes or so I was going to peak. I was barely feeling anything right now, and I knew once we started peaking we'd blaze up the next 2 blunts, and so on.


Now that were were all drunk or blazed out of our minds, my self control was gone. I kicked Mike off the couch and pulled Jessica up. She layed her head on my shoulder, giving me a perfect view down her shirt. We flirted some more, and then I leaned in to kiss her. She went with my movement, and we started making out. Our tongues wrestled in eachothers mouths. We sucked the air out of eachothers lungs and did this for the next 5 minutes.

My hand slowly glided from her neck down to her shirt. Slowly I started to grope her firm tits. Because of the weed I had no idea I was doing so until she sighed deeply into my throat. She grabbed my hand and moved it away. I braced myself for a fit of rage, but instead she just stood up, still holding my hand. She tugged on it.

I asked Mike for the last blunt, and he gave it to me. We went into her room, where she turned the fan on and opened her window, letting the midsummer night air fill the room. She creeped over to the door and turned the lock, ensuring entrance from no one. She began to take off her shirt, but I told her not to. I told her I wanted to do it myself.

She laid on her bed, where we again began to kiss. A deep, long, passionate lovers kiss this was. Lust filled the room. We both knew that we were craving the sexual attention from the other one. My kissing left her face and was directed toward her neck, where I sucked and tongue fucked it. Still moving South I managed to make my way to the top of her gorgeous breasts.

From down here I knew that they were C. They were too big for B. I pulled her shirt up, revealing a black lace bra. I groped the outside of the bra, squeezing hard but not too hard as to avoid hurting her. I pulled her bra up, revealing her gorgous tits. They looked almost like implants, but the feeling of them proved otherwise. They were firm, but so soft and plump at the same time.

Her little nipples, about the size of quarters, were erect, and begging for my lips to engulf them. She was already breathing deeply. She had no clue the amounts of pleasure I was about to supply. I sucked the nipple into my mouth. I rolled it around with my tongue, pinching it with my lips. I nibbled ever so softly on the tip, causing her body to jut up and shove more of her tit into my mouth. She pulled my head up and kissed me. Another long, passionate tongue fucking kiss.

Her hands glided down to my now rock hard dick stabbing out of my shorts. She undid the button and pulled down the zipper. She grabbed my boxers and pants and tugged until my six inches of cock stared her straight in the face. I've had sexual experiences with girls before, but not high. The weed doubled the ecstasy of eveyrthing that happened that night.

Her warm hands grabbed my cock, just under the head. I almost came at that moment. Her warm hand jerked me off, as I lay on her bed, eyes closed. She asked me if I wanted head. Without an answer, I watched as her head went down to my cock. Her lip gloss was still glistening on her lips. Her slippery and warm insides engulfed my cock.

No head compared to blazed head. This was like nothing I had ever experienced. An odd, tingly, pulsing feeling overcame my cock as I sat there and watched this amazing girl throat fuck herself with my cock. Spit was covering my dick, making it shine in the light. Her saliva was mixing with my pre-cum, yet she still shoved it to the hilt. She only gagged a few times, but she kept going.

The slurping sounds filled the quiet room. She would occasionally take it out of her mouth and jack it off. We did this for 10 minutes or so. Her warm, slippery, ribbed insides engulfed my prick to the hilt. She would pull her hair back so that I could see the scene of her slobbing my dick.

I pulled her head back, and she looked at me and asked what I wanted. I put my finger over her mouth, shushing her, and I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I pulled off her pants, revealing her matching black lace thong underneath. I pulled that down, revealing her bald, wet pussy. Her lips were puffy now, and so inviting.

She pulled herself to the edge of the bed, where she spread her legs, inviting my cock into her deep insides. She'd had sex before, so she told me not to worry about hurting her. I positioned my cock right at the entrance, and I was about to thrust it inside of her, when I remembered I didn't have a condom.

"Jessica, I need a rubber!" I said.

"Don't worry, I'm on the pill. Everything is okay." She assured me.

The head of my dick still sat in the front of her pussy, slowly sinking in like it was quick sand. Then, without thinking about it, I shoved my cock as deep into her as I could. Her warm cunt juices flooded over my cock. Her pussy was tighter than anything I'd ever fealt. The ecstasty was overwhelming with the pot influencing everything. We sat there, my cock gliding in and out of her pussy, for a couple of minutes.

Her ribbed insides could squeeze and release and contract again against my cock. She was making loud moaning sounds at this point, and we both knew that I was gonna cum any second. I sat there though, fucking the shit out of her. We had switched to doggy style.

The cum released in long sprays deep into her cunt. I thrust as deep as I could into her pussy. My cum sat there emptying itself into her pussy, as she too went into convulsions and her cunt juices overflowed, seeping into the sheets. I collapsed onto her back, where i reached over and massaged her tits. We were both moaning and groaning, and were both totally out of breath.

I flopped out of her pussy and onto the bed. I sat there, just thinking about how great fucking her was. She leaned over and we kissed. This was the kiss of lust, and this was the best party ever.

Okay now wait for part 2!!!

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