One Lucky Afternoon_(1)

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Rita Morris was a making a shopping list when her husband Colin called for the fourth time in a week and said that he'd be coming home late from work, which was really beginning to irritate her. She'd wanted sex twice already over the last few days, but Colin had fallen asleep each time after they had dinner. Frustrated, she'd retire to her bedroom texting on her phone to late in the night until she'd fall asleep. One of those nights recently, however, she'd taken matters into her "own hands" bringing herself to a blissful orgasm by "fantasizing" about an old lover. Little did she know that soon some of her fantasies would soon turn into a reality.

A day later, while on Facebook, she came across an old high school friend, Ryan, who'd sent her an invite. Wanting to catch up on things and send invitations of her own to some of his FB women friends she'd lost touch with, she accepted. She'd learned that he and his family lived not far across town and that he worked in sales at a business even closer. Not thinking anything about it, she'd exchanged some chat with him about his mom, siblings, what was going on in her life, things back home, old mutual friends, etc. and that was that for a while.

Fast forward a month and while shopping one afternoon, she ran into Ryan in a local supermarket. They hugged one another then talked about how long it'd been since they'd last seen each other, people they knew, where they were and a sundry of other things for almost 20 minutes. Rita noted that they had more a lot in common in their lives at that point, but what piqued her interest the most was that he was in great shape for his age of 44. She was also keenly aware that he had a "really nice" bulge in his Levi's, a small waist, was about 6'2", had steel gray eyes and a beautiful head of hair. She'd remembered him in high school being almost scrawny but now,

"Boy, no man, had he "filled" out." she thought.

That Rita was a looker wasn't lost on Ryan either. He noted that she was about 5'6", had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes but it was those boobs and cute butt that were causing his eyes to wonder during his conversation with her. She was probably a 36D with about a 24" waist and a 34" rear, a winning combination in his mind. And she was so easy to talk to. The idea of a more intimate conversation started to enter his mind.

Closing out their little reunion, they'd agreed to exchange phone numbers "just to keep in touch". On the way home Rita had a few thoughts of her own. She'd thought it a little funny that though she'd never strayed, how easy it might be to hook up with Ryan. His easy going manner, near perfect smile with those dimples and oh yeah, those jeans.

Nearing the end of her short ride home, her panties got a little too damp for comfort. She'd hastily put away her groceries and no sooner than she'd stripped, she was in the bed with her fingers in her pussy and long into some new fantasizing.

A week later, Colin was home for the weekend and them not having any plans, he worked outside around the house that Saturday morning. He always woke up early as he did every day, weekend or not, and almost always went out to shop doing who knows what. After daylight, he'd come out of his shop and done some landscaping and mowing. The yard was looking good but that wasn't all that needed looking after. Rita had some badly needed tending to as well.

While Colin was outside, she woke, used her bathroom, got back in bed and opened her phone and almost froze when she saw she had a private message from Ryan. She opened up the app and read it.

"Hi Rita, sure was nice meeting up with you the other day. You sure were looking great. Would like to meet up with you again soon. Maybe for coffee or something. Hope you don't mind the private message but Maria wouldn't understand. She's never liked that I've keep up with our old classmates."

Rita's mind was a blur but for now, it was back to reality. Colin had just come back in for a late breakfast and she'd have to think of a reply later. He ate, took a shower and come back in the den where he sat down by Rita who was watching TV.

"What's going on today?" he asked.

Rita wanting to keep her options open said "Probably have to go out shopping this afternoon for the sorority club. I'm hosting this month. Might be out for a while."

"Cool," Colin replied "got some more yard work to do and I think I'll go to fishing after that. Be back a little after dark."

With that little gift, Rita headed into bedroom, opened her phone and texted Ryan that she was pretty free all afternoon. He texted her back that he could meet her at an out of the way boutique cafe. She accepted.

Rita took a shower, got out, took a look at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. Still perky boobs, a bubble butt and a little waistline. Feeling a little naughty and horny too, she picked out her favorite Soma lace peek-a-boo bra and matching "open concept" panties. She also picked a beige semi-sheer top, black Cargo pants and her open-toed four inch heels. She admired herself again and was pleased. She grabbed her purse and headed out the front door while Colin was still in the back. Seeing her dressed like that might pique his curiosity.

Driving across town to the cafe, Rita had time to think about her love life over the last few years with Colin. Even though he had ED, he tried to compensate with med's and even bought her some adult toys. At first, the thrill of various sized life-like dildos and even a strap-on really did it for her, but now the enjoyment was waning. Though Colin was only average in the size department and even with her coaxing, he was still lacking in performance. But not only that, he’d now seemed distant to her needs. His job, hobbies and everything else seemed to take her place. She thought that now, finally somebody like Ryan was paying some attention to her and she liked it.

Ryan arrived five minutes before Rita and was watching her at a secluded window booth as she parked, got out and walked up the sidewalk to the cafe. As she walked, he noticed the soft full bounce of her breast. The cool afternoon breeze had also made her nipples erect and very visible through her blouse. This caused an immediate growth in his crotch that he hadn't felt there in while now.

"Wow, she's hot." he thought and whistled to himself.

Her pulse quickened when she entered the cafe and saw Ryan as he approached from their table. And there were those jeans again and "Jeez.Louise!" she though, he's practically about to bust a zipper.

"What's got him so excited?" she said to herself.

The answer to her question came to her as she was putting her phone in her purse. Looking down she noticed that her "high beams" were on big time.

"Shit, he must've seen me coming in. Oh well." Her cheeks reddened as they greeted and hugged one another.

At their booth, the two were approached by the waiter. He asked what they could get started with and mentioned that Happy Hour had just started. Rita was surprised that they served alcohol at a cafe but the waiter informed her that they certainly did and that they had a full bar. She hesitated only for a moment and said she have a Goose Cosmo. Ryan, encouraged by her decision ordered a double ten year old Eagle Rare. Rita noted his good taste and initiated a toast when their drinks arrived.

"To one lucky afternoon." she said.

Each had a sip, but Ryan asked with bit of bewilderment what she'd meant by it.

Rita's reply was "well, you know it was kind of lucky for us to have met up again that afternoon a month ago in the store. You never know how it goes with old friends after high school, I mean whether you'll ever see 'em much or not after that."

"You've got a point there." Ryan said.

After another round of drinks and the two began to loosening up a bit, the discussion turned to things more intimate like how their love lives where going, interests away from home, etc.. What Rita learned was that Ryan, who'd been very successful in sales, had bought a fairly upscale condo not far from where they were. Ryan on the other hand had gleaned from Rita that things were only so-so with her and Colin and that she'd given just a hint that she was possibly looking for a little more excitement in her life.

With that knowledge, he turned the conversation back to his condo. Ryan talked about his latest project there which was a renovation he was doing at his office there and that he had just finished it up along with the adjoining model suite. He also mentioned that he'd like to show it to her sometime if she had the time. Emboldened by the effects of the Cosmos, Rita said the afternoon was early and why not now. Ryan paid the tab and escorted her to her car. As he opened the door and Rita bent down to get in, he glimpsed her almost full bra covered right breast with a peek of her aureole and nipple just being visible.

"Fuck, what a nice pair of tits that chick has," he thought as he had to bite his lip not to whistle again as he closed the door.

They arrived through the back gated entrance into a private covered parking area with three open spots. Ryan parked first and went around to her door to assist her and again was treated to another view of her boobs. His groin hardened again as she asked him to take her arm due to her slightly inebriated state and being a bit unstable in her high heels.

He opened a back entrance to his office and turned on the lights. Rita quickly commended him on his tastes in interior decorating. A richly adorned walnut desk, leather high backed chairs, wall mounted TV, full leather furniture set to one side of the office, matching color schemes and a small, but well stocked wet bar. This place had it all, but she hadn't seen it all just yet.

Ryan walked over the bar and asked "Cosmo?" The answer was yes, and he poured himself another bourbon.

"Sit over here" he motioned Rita over to the couch. Rita paused as she put her purse down on the glass topped center table in front of the couch and took in the books in the cabinetry to the side.

"Do a lot of reading here?" she asked.

"Yes, when I'm not too busy and want to get away." he said.

He moved to join her on the couch, handing her a Cosmo. He was close enough when he sat down next to her that she could smell his cologne. Her pulse quickened a bit more as she leaned back and took a long swallow of her drink. A little drunk and really horny due to his masculinity, she knew this was a point of no return.

They made small talk for a while longer when Ryan looked deep into her eyes and said, "Would you mind if I kissed you? I've wanted to since we were in the cafe."

Not waiting for an answer, he moved in a kissed her on the lips. Not really surprised where this was going, she almost automatically responded with a tongue kiss of her own. She felt his hand on her left breast and she unconsciously let out a low moan. Her hand moved down to his crotch and her eyes almost popped open as she felt a very large and firm cock encased in denim. He moaned in response as well but suddenly broke the kiss and stood up.

He offered his arm to her again and said, "Let me show you the model condo. It's just through this side door."

He opened a side door within his office and escorted her through it. Inside he again turned on the lights to a living room nearly as big as her own. He then walked her through the rest of condo coming at last to the master suite. Inside near the king sized bed, he paused, turned her around and gave her another French kiss. Rita wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed back hard.

With both hands on her breasts this time, she released his neck and began unzipping his jeans. With his pants now down to his knees, Rita almost gasped out load as she felt the length and girth of his semi-erect penis through his briefs. He pushed her back gently until she was seated on the bed. She pulled her blouse off and leaned back with her hands slightly behind her.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

"Does it look like it?" he said looking down at the jutting bulge in his shorts.

"Well I guess so!" she said looking at his huge cock straining against his shorts.

With a dry mouth but very wet panties, Rita reached out with hands on each side of his briefs and slowed pulled them down to his knees and his cock finally came free.

"OMG" was her only response as he stepped free.

She gingerly took it in her right hand and was amazed that her fingers could barely close around it. Not only was it huge, it was like it had a life of its own. It was so warm, almost hot and it twitched a little as she slid her hand to the top of the shaft and under its plumb sized head. As she marveled at her new 8.5" prize, she felt him lean in over her and undo her bra.

Now it was his turn. He had her stand in front of him as he sat and pulled down her Cargos. He cupped her vagina through her lacy panties and she went weak in the knees. He slid them down to reveal a freshly shaved mound that was not only very wet underneath but also with very puffy lips. She grinned inwardly as she thought about her "finishing touches" as she showered this morning.

"I've got to kiss that." Ryan said as he pulled her toward him.

His breath sent jolts of electric current up her spine and he hadn't even begun yet. She fell forward with him catching her in his arms as she lay on top of him.

"Eat me." she said in low hissing words.

It wasn't a request but a demand. Ryan, not one deny a woman in need, rolled her over so that her ass stayed just on the bed. Now that both were fully disrobed, it was on.

He lifted her legs and brought his tongue into to contact with her now very distended clitoris. In her elevated state of arousal, she almost screamed aloud when he began his assault on her neglected sex. He started slow but when she regained some of her composure, she grabbed his head with both hands pulled him into demanding he make her cum.

He'd quickened the pace of his lapping on her clit for no more than 15 seconds when her first orgasm exploded in her brain and her body went into an uncontrolled tumult. She felt herself wet his mouth and chin with her cum. During this her hands were gripping the sheets so hard, she nearly dislodged them from the corners of the bed. She relaxed for a moment until her breathing returned to somewhat normal and he began again.

Ryan knowing this cycle of the female response to his oral talents took his time and repeated his work another three times until she could take no more. Time to move onto other things he thought. Rita for her part appreciated his slow but steady love making. He gave her time to regroup after each orgasm which only lead to new heights of her arousal.

But now it was her turn. She had him come back up onto the bed and lie on his back. Lacking experience with a male specimen of this physique, she wanted to give herself time to explore. She laid her right tit on his chest and curled inward to his abdomen where she could have full and total access to his very erect member. She thought of Colin as she held Ryan's cock with not one but two hands and had room on the bottom and top. This she though was almost double in length and triple in mass. How was she going to manage getting it in her very tight cunt? "Well, he'd have to be patient". And his sack, "OMG", one of his balls filled up half her hand. Her next thought was how was she going to get his huge cock in her mouth? Opening very wide came to her mind.

Rita began just by feeling the heft of it. Thick, meaty and hot. She could hold it all day. Now though, she simply started a slow jacking motion. She marveled at the way the skin slid over what she imagined to be like another whole thick tube inside. Ryan's moans were a good sign that she started off right. As she continued, she took another step by putting the head of his dick in her mouth. Not bad. A little salty with pre-cum but that was to be expected.

She then started a slow bobbing motion which elicited another moan from Ryan. Emboldened by her success, she began to slide more of it into her mouth. With difficulty she got about the top quarter in her mouth as he began a slow thrusting motion. This continued for a couple minutes when a pang of guilt hit her. She looked down her nose to see her wedding ring on her left hand which held the first cock she'd held outside of her marriage. She didn't have long to ponder though because almost at that same time, she felt two fingers enter her vagina, make contact with her cervix and began to wiggle.

Two things then began to happen quickly and nearly simultaneously. She and Ryan began to cum at the same time. What surprised her the most was the first salty blast of his cum that made their debut with her tonsils. As she struggled to focus as her orgasm began to consume her, her gag reflex took over. Rita pulled his cock out of her mouth only to be hit right across the bridge of her nose with another huge thick white rope of sperm that also crossed her cheek and soaked her hair near her ear.

As her orgasm continued however, his plentiful ejaculate seemed unabated. More and more hot sticky streams of semen pulsed out of his throbbing member which were not only soaking her chin but her boobs as well. It was like a fire hose out of control. Never in her life had she seen that much cum. It was leaking out of the corners of her mouth, in her hair, on her tits, down his shaft, everywhere. She almost felt dirty for the first time, but as she was still glowing from her last orgasm, she thought that she liked it.

Ryan's hand came to her face with a wash towel and began to clean her up a bit. Rita then let him kiss her full on mouth accepting his probing tongue.

"Sorry, didn't mean to catch you off guard but you were doing that so well." he said after they broke the kiss.

"Wow!" was all she could say when he broke the kiss.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet." he said. "I'm just getting started."

Before she pulled him in for another kiss, she whispered in his ear "Be gentle."

After another ten minutes of cuddling, kissing and groping, Ryan was back at full staff.

Rita's thought was "It's now or never."

He gently laid her back the middle of the bed and laid her head on the pillow.

"Comfortable?" "Yes." "Ready?" "Yes. Make love to me." they said back and forth.

He positioned himself squarely between her legs, took his cock and guided it to her pussy. Rubbing it up and down her slit to lube it, Rita let out a deep moan.

"Oh shit," she thought, "this is going to be one hell of a wild ride".

Ryan began his first push which she felt the bulbous head separate the lips of her labia.

"Please go slow." she almost begged.

Ryan understanding how things were "at home" with her and Colin, he took his time. Once Rita had adjusted a little, he gave just another small push and as about another inch entered her, Rita closed her eyes and mouthed "FUCK" as if she was almost incapable of speech. His gentle rocking back and forth for moment brought back her speech though.

"I'M CUUUMMMING!" she wailed.

Colors danced in her head as though she were on LSD. Muscles she didn't know she had spasmed throughout her body and finally leaving her with a warm feeling of her expelling of her fluids around his half buried dick.

"OMG!" was all she could manage to think.

She opened her eyes to his studying her.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think so. You want me to stop?"

"NO, FUCK NO! Fuck me."

Ryan continued the steady but gentle rocking motion of his hips. Rita was now becoming more confident as the muscles in her vagina became more relaxed and she began to do what comes naturally to women which was to do a little rocking motion of her own. She stopped Ryan's movements just to totally enjoy how good, no GREAT, his big cock felt in her at this point. She wiggled her hips up and down and the sensations it gave her were like being submersed in a very warm bath. Her skin tingled from head to toe. She even wrapped her legs behind Ryan's ass to pull him into a little bit more. Doing so sent her into another massive orgasm and she went limp again. When she finished, she looked up to still see him impaled in her.

"Good". Don't stop, don't ever stop." she thought as she sped to her next orgasm.

Hating the thought but sensing that time going away on her, Rita wanted to speed things up a little more. She urged Ryan for a little more depth and he easily complied by sinking about another inch of thick cock into her until she pushed back.

"Whoa. Bottom." she cautioned as she sucked in a few breaths to relax.

And then, "OMG times ten." she thought.

No wonder so many women fucked around once they found a big cock. She also felt as if she could cum endlessly without any movement at all. The feeling of his huge cockhead against her cervix was enough to send her into orbit. Ryan was at a place Colin could never reach, but she could never tell him that. At least that's what she thought. Oh well, maybe someday.

Ryan, understanding how special this feeling was for her, didn't want to ruin it now or for their possible future trysts by being too rough. With that though, he began again, his slow rocking motion, which was still causing his nuts to tighten. Rita's tight cunt was just what he expected. Knowing he was in "virgin territory", he'd seen it several time before. The girl would, just like Rita, be so tight he knew he wouldn't last long so it benefited both to just go slow. However, Rita sensed Ryan's changing emotions, which told her he, too, was ready to deliver the goods. Looking into his eyes, she mouthed the words" let's go for it and Ryan picked up his pace.

Rita's eyes closed as the penultimate orgasm of her life began. White hot flashes arched through her body as her ass came off the bed which caused her pussy to fully impale itself onto Ryan's cock as it too began its journey to the point of no return. He half extracted it and forcefully inserted back into her again and again until he felt his semen race from his balls to the tip and out into Rita's very open womb. She, for the first time in her life, felt that her ovaries were actually being filled with sperm.

"I"M CuMMMiiiNNGG! FUCK MEEEEEE.” she screamed as Ryan fucked her without mercy.

Rita felt as though both time and space stood still. In another she felt that both her mind and body were in hyper drive. The universe itself seemed to be turning inside out and travelling through her body in the space of seconds that turned into an orgasm of nearly five minutes. Her mind felt as though it'd left her body and was floating in a state of ecstasy somewhere that she'd never been. She'd never felt more like a complete woman in all her life. If this changed her forever, then so be it. Life was too short and if there was more of that where it'd come from, so be that as well.

Five more minutes passed before Rita started to regain full consciousness. It felt like she was emerging from the warm dark waters of a tranquil pool. As her eyes began to refocus, Ryan was still there.


His softening cock was still in her.


He smiled down at her and said "How you doing kiddo?" he said.

Rita licked her parched lips as she was clearing her throat. Still in a semi-dreamlike state, she was forming an answer in her head. She thought of a song from Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time. Yep, that was it.

She simply said "OMG!" and "Got a cigarette?" she jokingly asked Ryan.

As he laughed, she could feel his dick vibrate inside her. She then pulled him in for very long soul searching kiss as his cum ran down the inside of her legs unto the mattress below and it was a feeling that she'd never forget.

They took a shower together in the master bathroom, dressed and parted ways at least for now anyway she thought. On her drive home, she was so pre-occupied that she nearly swerved into the other lane twice and once narrowly stopped before running through a red light. So much to think about. So much to remember. So much to look forward to.

Once home however, she changed into a sweat suit top and bottom, sat on the couch and turned on the TV. She'd cut it close because at that very time, Colin came home. He'd put up his boat and came inside. He opened a beer, entered the den and sat on the couch beside her.

"How was your afternoon?" he asked.

"Oh, you could say it was entertaining at the very least."

Puzzled by Rita's response, Colin asked her more about it.

"Well, I met an old friend today and we ended up going around together. You know me, I'm not much of a shopper though and I ended up not buying anything. Still a lucky afternoon though".

"Better luck next time." was his reply.

She just looked at him and smiled.

The End of Part 1.

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