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..l the guys in the shop would look up and watch Tina walk by in her high heels. I looked at her perfect young pointy full tits, (which the tops of her tits jiggled when she walked) perfect hips and waist, beautiful face and blondish hair.
She wore a business suit and worked in the office. She was 20 and she was really hot looking. This was at a auto dealer which sold very expensive cars. I did specialty work there about 3 times a week as an independent contractor.

She ignored most all the stares, but hell, she was hot and she knew it and a girl like her has an air about them, as in ‘don’t even think about hitting on me, geeks‘, but I could somehow tell, her woman‘s ego loved the attention.
One or two guys she would talk to and kid around with and I was lucky to be one of them. I first started off by just saying to her in almost a whisper. “Excuse me, but I must tell you I almost cut my finger off watching these guys watching you walk by.” and I smiled. It somehow struck her funny and we both giggled. I said, “Most entertaining.”

She asked me for a cigarette, and we both had a smoke and stood together. I said that we should have some fun with these geeks, who were checking us out. She said she had a hangover and she was cold.

I said to lay her head on my chest to rest her head and get warm. I put my arm around her warmly. I said, “I’ll look all around like we’re doing something sneaky.” She smiled big and cuddled up to me, nestling her head on my chest, as we just stood there all content. (damn she smelled good!)

I told her what was going on behind her with the guys in the shop. I said, “They’re trying to see where my hands are. Opp’s, one guy just walked into that big tool box, and fell on his ass.”
She began to giggle at my descriptions, she stood closer, her beautiful head on my chest. I said, “Oh shit, the lot boy watching us just ran over his buddy’s toe and the guy is hopping around like a frog!

With that she busted out laughing and then took a big breath of fresh air and said, “Whew, my hangover is clearing now, wow, your good”.

She gave me a peck on the cheek and klopped away, swinging her butt a little extra and looking back at me with a very sexy smile. It didn’t take long for a couple of guys to just stroll by and asked me how I knew her.

I played dumb. “Who?”, I said. “That girl Tina“, they said, “Miss stuck up. The cold bitch”, the other guy said.
I said, “Oh, I can’t tell you that, gentleman, but, (I got close to them and whispered) my neighbor’s a cop and told he that her uncle Gino, put a guy in the hospital who he said, ‘didn’t treat her like a lady‘, and the cops are still investigating it, no bullshit.”

Their eyes went wide open and they both said, “Well we were just wondering how you knew her.” I said that I’m just cool around her, and she seems to like that, I don’t want any trouble with her fuck’in family. They said “Cool, thanks man.” and they went back to work.

I could hardly keep from smiling as I went into the office to get my purchase order from Tina. I sat by her desk as she smiled at me. I told her quietly what I told the two geeks in the shop.
She busted up laughing and said, “Oh god, did you really?”, yep I said and it was great fun watching them gulp, as I told them! She looked me in the eyes and leaned over and whispered, “Your too much. First you loan me a cigarette, keep me warm, make my hangover disappear, then you get the geeks to back off.”
Then she looked around at the empty office and gave me a very hot long wet kiss. I said, “Damn, your so hot you might set this building on fire!”

She said, “Ooooo Baby”, and giggled. As I stood up, she reached behind me and pinched my ass. I jumped and smiled and said, “Uncle Gino, I never touched her!” and we both laughed.
She was behind me and pushed those wonderful tits into my back and said, “Why don’t you come over to my place Friday night about 8, and have a few drinks with me.” I said wonderful as she wrote down her address and ph. number.

This all happened on a Wednesday, then on Friday I was called back for more work. I checked around for Tina, she was in the corner of the shop having a smoke.
She motioned for me to come over to her. She quietly said the geeks were all nice to her, no cat calls or whistles. She said she likes to flirt with them now just to see them play it real cool with what they say and are all so polite.
She got close to me and again laid her head on my chest as I put my arm around her.

I whispered, “ What have I done, your teasing all these guys and they’re all scared shitless of you. Your such a naughty girl.” She looked up smiling and so sexy and whispered. “Are you going to spank me daddy?”
I said, “I’m afraid so little girl, so be prepared tonight.” She smiled big, then looked around to see if anyone was watching, and squeezed my dick and klop klopped away with those high heels.

Yep she was a daddy’s girl and it was time to find out more about daddy.

It was about 10 am now, and I noticed the general mgr. came out holding some papers, and motioned for all employees to gather around. Tina came out and stood behind me at the back.
She was the only female working that day. He said he was required by law to read this notice to all employees and sub contractors. It was the new ‘Sexual Harassment (SH) Laws’.
He read a long thing all about what you can’t do, bla bla bla. Tina whispered to me in a sexy voice, “What if you want to be sexually harassed?”.

I whispered back to her, “Don’t make me laugh you little shit, you’ll get me in trouble.” She giggled and kept it up. “ Spanking isn’t SH, is it?
I want some SH sometimes, what about that? Does it say a girl can’t SH a man? Is laying your head on a man chest SH?”
Finally I whispered back to her, “Just looking like you do is SH. Hot body, beautiful face and hair, sexy walk, I should have you arrested!” She giggled quietly, then I felt a hand on my ass.
Slowly moving all around. I just shook my head, here we are getting a lecture about sexual harassment and I’m getting my ass felt by Tina. Got to love this girl.

When the meeting broke up, I turned around to innocent looking Tina fixing her hair and smiling at me saying, “What?” I whispered, “These laws don’t apply at your house. Can I trust you tonight?”
She looked right at my dick and whispered back, “Can I trust you not to bring a weapon in your pants?” I whispered, “Of course not!” as I smiled an evil smile.

Pure fate steps in, as I’m stunned.

As I finished getting ready for tonight, I get out the card with her address and ph. Number on it. I look at the street name. I’ve seen that street name before, hmmmm.
Son of A bitch! That’s the street right behind my townhouse, so I check the numbers. I can’t fucking believe it. There are no windows on the backsides, and a high fence at the back.
We’ve never seen each other by living back to back. I remember seeing a gate at the back. Someone in the past had installed it and no lock on my side. I open it a little, ahhh, no lock on the other side. I was excited as I walked to Tina’s house. She was so hot and sexy and she hots for me.

I knocked and she answered. Wow, she had on a sheer black see thru blouse, and NO bra! A loose black skirt and barefoot. She said, come in and had me sit on a big couch.
I looked at her and felt the heat in my face. She had this warm smile, and said what can she fix me. I said a bucket of ice poured over me right now. She grinned and kissed me and said I was already cool.
I followed her into the kitchen and said that I had to be honest, that I was a non drinker, but I would drink boiling acid if she sat with me.
She laughed and I had a soft drink. We went back to the couch and I explained I preferred smoke over drinking. She was on about her third or 4th stiff drink and began to tell me about herself.

Mom lived in Hawaii, and owned this townhouse for her. Daddy passed away 2yrs ago. I said I have a surprise for you later Tina. I kissed her and she pulled me down on the couch with her on her back.
She said she loved surprise’s and that her daddy was always bringing her surprise’s. She looked at me and smiled and said that I was like her daddy.
I made her laugh and she said the best loving she ever had was from her daddy. We started feeling each other up real good. She asked me if the surprise was in my pocket. We laughed and I said no, but your close. What my surprise is, is closer than you realize.

She looked puzzled as I finally got to feel those wonderful big tits. She said she loved to have her nipples played with. Her tits were soft and wonderful.

She looked at me and admitted she had noticed me at work, and hoped to find a way for us to meet and talk away from the shop. She did talk to me one time about billing, and she noticed I really smelled good, like her dad and so she stood real close to me.

She noticed I was getting pink in the face and she wondered if I was getting a little ’bothered’, just talking to her. I said that I remembered that day and yes it was her causing me to have a semi erection. She said, “Oh wow, did you really?, just by talking to me?” I said, You’re a beautiful little girl, Tina.” Her eyes gleamed and she kissed me long and deep.

She said, “I remember that day because I wanted to feel your pants, to see if you were happy to see me.” We chuckled and continued to feel us up.

I went under her blouse and played with her nipples just to hear her moan and breathe hard. She moaned that I sure was making her feel so good and her daddy knew all the right places to kiss her too.

I figured now, dad and her must have had sex, so I played it accordingly.

I rubbed her pussy and clit under her skirt, as she jumped and moaned. I slowly pulled her thong off, and slipped it under the couch to take home later for a trophy. I said, “I heard you were a naughty girl tonight, letting a boy touch your private parts!”

Her face lit up with a big smile as she then put on a pouting look and nodded her head with one finger in her mouth. I said, “Turn over young lady!”.

She turned over, flipped her skirt up and raised her beautiful ass in the air. I said, “This is going to smart a little, but I will kiss it and make it better.” Wow, she is really getting turned on now, panting and squirming. I swatted her one butt cheek lightly.

She moaned and shivered. Then the other one. She moaned that she would be good, and to hurry and make it feel better.

I started kissing her butt cheeks then licking between her legs. She spread her legs apart and whispered, “Daddy, make it wet, oh daddy yes. It’s feeling so good now.”

I dropped my pants and eased my dick in her hot pussy. “Yes daddy ooooo, it’s feeling so good“. I pushed all of my 8” in deep. She started to rock with my strokes and moan loud, “Oh daddy it feels so good now, push it in deep, put your cream in me and make it feel even better“.

I reached under her and held one tit in one hand and rubbed her clit with the other and started fucking her hard. Our body’s slapped together as she moaned “Oh daddy” each time I went deep. She reached under us and felt my dick jack hammering in her.

I slammed her with a thrusts as she yelled, “Daddy! I‘m cuming NOW!” and her pussy squeezed down around my dick as we exploded together. She squirmed her butt and moaned over and over. She took our overflow cum on her fingers and sucked them again and again.
She moaned, “Daddy your cream tastes so good”, as I still pumped her. As I pulled out, she spun around and said: “I’ll get it daddy.” She started sucking my dick clean, licking and swallowing.

I wondered if I should tell her I lived right behind her or not, but when she looked up with that content face, I decided to try it. I said, “It’s time for your surprise now.” I said to just follow me.

She did and I held her hand and led her out her side door to the back fence. I said, “See that townhouse right behind you?, well come with me.” I opened the gate and led her through the weeds.

She said, “What are you doing, I don’t know these people.” I told her I did and that the surprise was in there.” She was very puzzled by it all. I took us in the side door, and in the house. I had left the light on. I whispered, “Let’s see who lives here“, and picked up a letter from her work addressed to me and showed it to her.

She read it and had this puzzled look on her face, and then it hit her. “YOU live here!” and threw her arms around me and then started jumping up and down..(oh those tits!)… and looked around the place. “It’s just like mine! Only you… you, live here!”

She said she had never been so happy, and kissed and hugged me over and over. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She said: “ My daddy never gave me a surprise like this, EVER!

She said we can play anytime we want, and no one will ever know. It’s like a dream. You’re the best! I’ll call you my new daddy, for fun.” I said, “What ever makes you happy, little girl. I showed her my bedroom, and said: “Daddy’s heard you’ve been sneaking around and letting the guy that lives behind you touch your little pussy.”

Her eyes lit up and said: “You know I can’t lie to you daddy, but he made me so hot, I couldn’t help it, and you were out of town, and and and…”

I said: “I’m going to undress you, and your going to show me what he did. Then I might not be mad at you.” I swatted her on the ass sharply. She gasp and rubbed her ass with delight.
“Yes! Undress me daddy and I’ll show you what we did, OK?”

I told her to close her eyes and turned out the lights. (It was only lit by a bathroom night light so she could picture me as her daddy.) I started undressing her and told her she had still been a bad little girl.
I removed her blouse, exposing her wonderful tits. I undid her skirt, dropped it and I now had her naked, I got naked too. I told her to show me what this man did to her, in full detail.

She swallowed and took a deep breath. “Well daddy, he started kissing me first and put his tongue in my mouth all around.
Then he started feeling my titties and my butt. He took off all my clothes slowly, and then put a finger in my little pussy and wiggled it all around. I told him he better stop, that my daddy would get mad at him.”

As she told the story I started kissing her neck and shoulders. I felt her tits, ass and pussy. She gasp for air as she talked.
“Then he laid me down and kissed me all over and put his mouth on my little pussy. I said, you can’t do that, only my daddy can do that. He turned me over and spanked me hard! He didn’t even rub it to make it feel better.”

I laid her down in the middle of the bed. I told her she was kinda bad, but that I would make it all better, right now. She squirmed and said: “Oh daddy, make it feel good like you always do.”

She was hot and breathing hard as I sucked on those beautiful tits and nipples. She moaned and said ooooh daddy! I lifted her hot legs up and back. I put 3 fingers in her tight pussy and massaged her G spot. She arched her back and said: “oooooh daddy, you’ve never done that before! That feels wonderful!”

We were both panting, as I played with her clit and slipped my dick in her. Damn she was so tight for a 20yr old. I started with slow strokes as she moved her legs around me and moaned long moans. “Oh god, you feel better than my daddy, (wow) your going to make me cum so good, I can tell. Love me hard.”
I speeded up and she did to as she bucked with my strokes. She began to make beautiful groaning sounds. She squeezed her tight pussy walls on me. We started moaning together and our bodies slapped together as we got ready for a mega climax. I was no longer her daddy now, but a new man with new feelings she felt.

I started really fucking her fast and deep. Her beautiful body locked around me and before I came, she locked up and yelled.. “Oh my god OH my god OH MY GOD..YESSSSSS!” She shuddered and shook as my dick blasted her tight pussy with hot cum.
She ground her pussy down on my dick and pumped her squeeze muscles around my dick as she trembled. We both felt our juices running out her warm pussy. We just lay there enjoying my dick and her pussy spasms still pumping away.

There is a well worn path thru the grass…. in our back yards now, Tina’s feet prints just fit…..

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