Twins alone late night, outdoor_(1)

My twin sister Kassie had gotten a bottle of rum earlier in the day from some boy she knew who had gotten it for her after school. She had no real plans for it but she showed it to me later that night after mom and dad went to sleep. It’s was about 11:30pm and it was a school night. Kassie and I sometimes would stay up real late in the basement, playing video games or watching internet videos, even on school nights. We didn’t much care. We were both 18.
“Let’s make rum and cokes,” I’d suggested when she showed it to me.
So we grabbed some glasses with some ice, tiptoeing as we entered the kitchen. Best not to wake mom and dad this early on in the night, and we went back downstairs. We poured some drinks, going easy on the rum at first. Neither of us were big drinkers. After a cheers or two, we put on some music and just sort of zoned out for a few minutes, sipping the drinks.
“Soooo..” said Kassie, “What should we do?”
“I dunno,” I said, “I’m good just sitting here, getting tipsy.”
We were both at opposite ends of a three seater couch in our finished basement. Kassie was sitting indian style under a blanket and I had my own small blanket over my lap. We took a few more swigs of rum and coke.
“You wanna play a game?” said Kassie.
“Sure” I said, “What game?”
“Leeeeets playyy..” Kassie thought, “Never have I ever!”
“Hahaha!” I chuckled, “No, wayyyy. I’m not drunk enough to play that game.”
“Lets playyy…” Kassie continued, “I’ll do something for you if you do something for me…”
This was a game Kassie and I had made up over the years. Although it had been a while since we played it. It started to get a little weird the more we grew up, so we just kind of dropped it. Which is why her suggesting it surprised me a little. Last time we’d played we both stood naked in front of each other for ten whole seconds, counting out loud. The thought of doing that again sort of sparked my curiosity about how Kassie’s body may have changed since the last time.
“Haha! Oh my god…” I said, “I dunno about that… Remember last time?”
“Haha!” Kassie laughed, “Ehhhh, yeah… maybe not the greatest idea if we’re drinking..”
“Yeah..” I said, “Well… I’ll take a big gulp if you take a big gulp.”
We both looked at each other for a moment and raised our glasses to our lips, pausing another moment we rose our glasses and began to drink. One gulp.. Two gulps… Then as if a drinking contest had sparked silently, we both chugged the remainder of our rum and cokes. We let out a sigh, and I quickly got up to re-pour more drinks. Kassie sat, chin resting on her hand, pondering as I gave her her drink. I sat back down under my blanket.
“I will…” Kassie began saying slowly, “Show you my butt… for two seconds… if yooooou… dry hump the pole… foooor.. 4 seconds.”
We had a pole in the den in the middle of the room. It was more of a support beam, and Kassie and I used to dare each other to act like strippers on it, and laugh at each other. I remember her doing an alright job, once acting like a pole dancer.
“Hahaha!” I laughed, “That is a deal!”
I rose from the couch, slowly. Chuckling as she stood up slowly also. I walked over to the pole and grabbed it with one hand, brought my crotch to it. Kassie turned her back and looked at me, grabbing the top of her pants she slowly pulled down. 1 second: I ground my crotch into the pole and looked toward Kassie’s butt. 2 seconds: Kassie’s butt is almost out. Her skin is pale white and her butt looks small and skinny, but pretty nice, I grind again. Kassie lets out a laugh and rocks her hips once before pulling her pants back up. We both laugh anxiously as we quickly jump back onto the couch, gulp our drinks and cover up with blankets again.
“Hahaha!” Kassie laughs, “Well that happened! …You’re turn”
“Oh god…” I said “Are we really doing this?”
She giggled and nodded yes, and I quickly thought real hard. What would be weird for her to do? And what would she want me to do back?? It’s that kinda game. I gotta go for something crazy.
“I will…” I started, “Drop my pants, and put my hand over my junk… for 4 seconds.. If you… take your shirt off, but leave your bra on… indefinitely.”
“Haha! Ohhh god…” Kassie thought for a moment, “Ok!.. but you gotta go first.”
I stood up and faced her. Taking a sip, I put my drink on the coffee table and unzipped my pants. In one swoop my pants and underwear were down and I quickly covered my junk with my hands, standing up straight, facing Kassie. She looked down at my stuff before throwing off her shirt. Sitting up straight she presented her nice rack. I stared, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. I swiftly pulled my pants back Up. Kassie gave me a high five, and sipped her drink, shirt still off.
“Nicely done!” she said, “And nice junk, from what I saw, haha.”
“Yeah yeah,” I said, “Nice boobies.. Your turn..”
“Ooook…” she said, thinking, “ I will… get naked under my blanket if you get naked under your blanket..”
Now it’s a little past midnight. We both had a drink and a half and I say “Ok.” Covering our heads with the blankets, we both started removing our clothes. I couldn’t see, but I could hear her unsnap her bra and the jingle of her button and zipper. I kicked off everything, could see my own naked body under the blanket. With a “Done!” both of our heads emerged. We smiled and looked at each other, giggling. This was fun! I think, I imagine she thinks so to. We have a strange connection, Kassie and I, that not a lot of siblings do. Probably because we’re twins, we can be a little bit sexual around each other, and it’s no big deal really.
“Haha!..” Kassie laughed, placing her wad of clothes by her feet, “Oh my god, imagine if mom and dad came down and saw this..”
“Uggh yeah, that’d be weird, “ I started whispering, “Lets definitely not make too much noise.”
“Yeah, agreed.” Kassie whispered, wearing her blanket now like a strapless dress, taking a sip of her rum and coke, she said, “Ok your turn!”
“Oh god..” I said, “What else can I do?”
“Uhhhh, here’s a weird one…” Kassie laughed, “If you… haha… Get a boner under your blanket… (haha…) aaand I’ll poke it, three or four times with my finger.”
“Uhhhhh..” I anxiously chuckled, “You want me to pitch a tent? And your gonna poke the tent?
“The tip of the tent,” she raised her index finger, “Four times..”
“Alright,” I said, “Might take me a minute. I gotta like, play around with it a bit.”
“Take your time!” she said, “I got all night, haha..”
I grabbed my cock underneath the blanket. I was already a little bit hard, but I didn’t say so. I thumbed the tip a bit and a small pleasurable sensation made my cock swell a little. Kassie gazed in wonder at the little ripples I made under the blanket. I couldn’t believe I was basically jerking myself off in front of my sister. The booze helped at little I guess, but just the feeling that what we were doing had already gotten a bit out of control helped the process. I squeezed the tip of my cock and I was pretty fully erect.
“Are you there yet?” Kassie said, jaw hanging open a little, eyes glued towards my crotch.
“Yeah pretty much.” I let the blanket drape over me freely, swooshing in some air so it would slowly fall and revealed a staff, straight up, holding up the tent. I thrusted a little forward and up on the couch so the staff appeared taller. I was naked under a blanket, and I’d just gotten my cock hard at my sister’s request. My heart dropped a little. I grew instantly a bit nervous looking at Kassie and thinking about what she had to do now. My cock was pretty rock hard at this point as Kassie raised her right index finger. Leaned towards me, and I watched her arm move slowly closer to my covered up cock. It was inches away when my cock jumped a bit. Kassie’s hand paused a moment because she noticed… Didn’t say anything.. I could here her breath trembling. She made a jabbing motion with her hand and her finger poked my cock.
“One..” she said, and jabbed again. The split second touch made my cock jump again. “It moved!,” she said, and my cock stood up towards me.
I put my thumb at the base of my cock and propped it back up.
“Three…” she prodded again. This time my thumb at my base provided resistence and my cock swelled more.
“Four!” she prodded again, and quickly withdrew, hiding the bottom of her face with the blanket, giggling. I pulled my own blanket over my shoulders, and we both stared forward a minute. Saying nothing, we both grabbed our drinks and gulped the rest up.
“Want another one?” I said quickly.
She nodded, and I poured our third drinks. We were both smiling a little nervously, into our drinks as we quietly sipped for another minute.
“Sooo… Whose turn?” my sister quietly said, muffled by the blanket over her mouth.
The thought that my sister had basically just touched my hard cock was blowing my mind at that moment, keeping me hard even. My sister was very attractive, and so am I even, so this definitely was super weird for the both of us, but we were on the same page. I mean, we didn’t like each other sexually, but we both knew where this was going… and we were both now hesitating on just how far we were gonna take it. Time was running out. It was well past midnight and we were both a little sauced.
“Ok!” said Kassie, reclaiming composure, “I’m gonna go next… I got a good one.”
She pondered for a minute, sipping her drink.
“Stand up..” she said, “Walk to the sliding door… QUIETLY step outside… and take your blanket off.”
We had a sliding glass door in the basement that led to the back yard. It was dark back there and there was woods all around, so no neighbors could see, even in the daytime pretty much. So I took a sip of my drink and slowly stood up, slouching a little so the blanket hid my hard cock. This wasn’t fooling Kassie.
“Still hard I see.” She chuckled.
“Haha, well..” I said, “Once it’s up, it’s up for a little while.”
I made my way over to the door, drink still in hand. Blanket covering my naked body like a poncho or a toga. I paused a moment and looked back at Kassie.
“Wait a minute,” I said, “What are you gonna do for me?”
“Ummm, well…” said Kassie, looking at me, “When you go out there, throw your blanket back in here. Then run to a dark area, and I’ll come out too and do the same.
“Ok,” I said, making my way to the door, “But you better!”
I reached out and grabbed the door handle. Being as quiet as I could, I slowly slid the door to the right, and fresh air poured in a little. I was barefoot and I stretched my leg out and felt the cool grass outside. I sleaked out quietly and stepped to my right. I closed my eyes, felt the nice fresh outside air on my face and stepped to the side, out of the light. In one quick move, I slid the blanket off my shoulders and threw it back inside. I quickly tiptoed naked, drink in hand, half a boner, through the mild midnight air a few paces and turned around. I stood and felt a small cool breeze on my half hard cock. From where I was standing, I could see Kassie’s figure enter the doorway, draped in her blanket drink in one hand, blanket in the other. She stepped out. She waited a moment, looked around and stepped forward so that her covered figure became a silhouette against the light from the basement. She shifted and her blanket dropped. Her perfect naked teen figure silhouetted in the light made my breath tremble. I held my drink in one hand and my cock in the other. I squeezed a bit to keep it semi hard, and she was just looking real nice, I couldn’t resist. Here I was, slightly drunk, super naked in my backyard with my sister.
“Pssst!” I quietly got her attention, “Over here!” I whispered.
She heard and skipped forward towards me. I couldn’t see much, but we were both very pale, and under the moonlight our milky white skin was a little visible. I could make out her skinny girlish figure and could even see the shape of her nice medium round breasts, and what looked like slightly tiny nipples. A small patch of dark hair between her legs. She came up about three feet away covered herself a bit with her arms. I instinctually did the same, covering my cock with my hand as best I could. We stood a moment facing each other. My heart was pounding.
“Hey!” she whispered, sipping her drink in the moonlight.
“Hey” I whispered back, “What now?”
“Take a sip,” she said, “Lets go put our drinks down”
We both sipped, and she turned away and started walking towards our back deck. I watched her walk away and could make out the shape of her butt. It was real nice, for what I could see. I walked over to her sipping my drink, hands still covering my cock so it wouldn’t bounce. The pressure of my palm was making my cock hard again, and I felt a little pre-cum which felt quite nice. Kassie put her drink on the ledge and leaned against the side of the deck, covering herself with her hands. I did the same.
“Good thing it’s really nice out!” Kassie whispered.
“Yeah it feels pretty good!” I whispered back.
“Here,” she said, “Lift your arms up and come over here.”
She uncovered herself and raised her arms out beside her. Walking to the middle of the yard, she did a twirl, letting the nice air into her pores. I followed and did the same. The air did feel especially nice. It was liberating to be naked outside at night. The night was beautiful and so was this moment. We both knew it, and it became a little less awkward . We twirled a few more times just a few feet from each other, and looked up towards the clear night sky and the stars above. I stopped as Kassie faced me. She was trying to focus on my body, and I did the same.
“You look good!” she whispered.
“Thanks!” I whispered quickly back, “So do you!”
“Whatcha wanna do now?” she said, “We still playing?’
“Uh… yeah!” I said, “My turn now.”
I stood and thought for a minute of something she could do that wouldn’t be super weird, but also wouldn’t be a cop-out.
“Ok I got it,” I whispered, “Lay on your back in the grass, and I’ll lay beside you.”
“That’s it?” she smiled, “That’s an easy one!”
She shifted her leg and lowered herself down. Stretching her legs, she laid on her back and stretched her arms and legs out far, looking up at me. I took in her figured as I lowered my own self, about two feet a way I laid on my back, looked up at the stars. Then looked over at Kassie. She looked at me back.
“The grass is nice and cool,” she said, “I like it!
“Yeah I know,” I agreed, “This is fun! …Are you drunk?”
“A little bit,” she said, “Are you?
“A little bit.” I whispered.
We stared back up at the stars for a moment taking in the scene. Then back at each other, taking in each other. My eyes had adjust now, so I could see her face pretty clearly and the curves of her naked pale body. Her breathing was a bit heavy, like she was suppressing excitement. She looked into my eyes smiling, then down at my cock. I wasn’t quite as hard as before, but it still throbbed a bit, up and down. She lifted her head a little.
“It’s moving again!” she whispered and giggled.
“Haha!” I chuckled, looking up at the bobbing arch my cock was making, “Yeah it does that. Mind of his own. He’s enjoying the outdoors for a change.”
“Haha… well,” Kassie whispered and paused, “You can make it hard again if you want to. I can barely see. I don’t wanna patronize the poor thing.”
“Haha” I laughed a bit nervously and a bit loud, “It’s cool. It’ll happen on it’s own!”
We both looked back up.
“I got one!” she said.
“What?” I looked over at her.
“If you…” she leaned over closer to me, “Make yourself hard again… I’ll let you touch my boob while you do it…”
“Uhhhh..” I let out sort of a curious sigh. I whispered, “Ok… just one boob?
“Hahaha!” she laughed, raising her one her elbow a bit, turning on her side to face me. Bringing her chest a bit closer. She said, “Yup! Just one… and ya gotta stop when you’re hard!”
“Ok!” I said, looking back up, “Well… here goes!”
I slowly raised my left arm and brought my hand over my cock. I grasped it gently and a small bead of pre-cum emerged from the tip. I swirled my thumb over the tip to lubricate the head. I squeezed a bit and my cock swelled. Then with my right arm, still lying on my back, Kassie leaning towards me to my right, I brought my right hand up, slowly brushing/caressing Kassie’s soft left boob before I closed my hand a bit over it, cupping the breast and feeling it’s soft tenderness. I held on with my right hand, and squeezed my cock again with my left, making it swell just a little more by the second. I looked over at the boob I was holding, made another grab and tried to examine it as much as I could in what little light. I heard Kassie’s breath tremble as she looked down at my cock.
“Oh god…” a very soft whisper escaped her lips as she stared open mouthed at my slowly rising cock in my hand.
“…yeah.” I heard my own breath just barely say.
I was almost rock hard as my hips began to sway slowly, almost by instinct. I squeezed Kassie’s boob a little harder and she let out a sigh as I moved my pinky gently over her nipple. I caressed her nipple a few times while I moved my thumb to the base of my cock again, propping up my cock straight up in the air.
“Mmmm..” Kassie moaned as she gazed at my hard cock, “I think you’re just about there.”
“Mmm” I moaned back, “Yeah I think so too.”
I removed my right hand from her boob, but kept my thumb on my cock, keeping it propped up. Kassie sat up, still looking at my boner.
“Well you have a very nice cock.” She said, sitting up, she looked up into my eyes, “My big twin brother and his big cock…”
“Haha,” I smiled, “Thanks. You’ve got some pretty sweet boobs.”
“What these?” she looked down and pressed her boobs together with both hands, “Yeah they’re pretty ok.”
“Haha, yup..” I sighed, “So what now? Is it my turn?”
“I think so!” said Kassie cheerfully, sitting up straight. Her pearly white naked form above me, waiting for what I had next in store for us.
“Ok..” I said, slowly getting up, “I’m going to stand up straight, and you kneel in front of me. And I’m gonna stick it out in front of me…”
I put my hands on my hips and sort of stuck out my pelvis, so my cock stuck out like a plank from a pirate ship. Kassie seemed to get it and kneeled about a foot away. My cock pointing almost right between her eyes. She looked up at me almost, worshipping my next words She wanted more.
“Ok,” I said, “Now lean a bit closer… and with your breath, gently blow on my dick for a few seconds.”
She showed her teeth with a big smile. Her arms raised and she held both my thighs, just above the knees as she leaned slowly forward. Bringing her face just a few inches from the tip of my cock. She took a deep breath and held it… then gently began to blow cool air onto the tip of my hard cock. I felt a soft breeze down my shaft that ran down and swept through the hair of my scrotum. She breathed again, and gently blew.. this time arching her head to blow cool air slowly up and down my shaft. Her right arm raised a bit and she gently moved her right hand up my leg, stopping at about my waist, her thumb touching just where the leg meets the groin. She blew again, and I looked down to see the naked back of my sister, kneeling in front of me, butt resting on her feet, gently blowing up and down my hard shaft. In the moonlight it looked like she was sucking my cock, and if I had just thrusted forward a few centimeters, she probably would be. But how far was this going to go exactly? She blew a bit harder under my scrotum, and moved the breeze finally back to my tip, looking up at me she smiled.
“Woooww..” I sighed, looking down at my cock and my beautiful sister’s face, both occupying the same space.
“Feel good?” she asked in a cute voice just above a whisper.
“Yeah..” I sighed, “Pretty damn good.”
“Mmm,” she said, “Ok my turn… Ummmm… I’m gonna… rub your legs a little… and press myself against you… I’m not gonna touch your cock, but I want you to touch it again..”
“Ok,” I whispered into the quiet still air of the night.
Her grip around my legs became a bit tighter and she pressed her chest against my legs, just below where my balls were hanging quite low. Their hair was almost touching her upper torso and I could feel her boobs squish softly against my legs. This is great! I thought. My sister has her arms around me and her lips are just a tongue’s reach away from my hard cock. This could end right here and it would still be just fantastic. But I knew it wasn’t going to just end there. We were still just warming up as far as how much time and privacy we had. As long as I didn’t accidentally cum, I wanted to stand there all night, just taking in the situation as much as I could.
My sister hugged my legs and started to move her hands gently up and down my outer thighs. Up towards my hips and back down again. I stuck my cock out as far as I could over her right shoulder and she pressed her breasts harder into my legs, even moved her shoulders left and right a little, so I could feel her nipples get hard as they brushed over my leg hairs. Her head moved to the side and she pressed her warm face into my right hip, just next to the groin where she could view my cock from the side. She blew gently, cool air into my pubic hair, and a cool sensation swept through them. I stared down, controlling my breathing as I watched my sister simulating sexual acts on me. Not exactly touching any organs, but not exactly trying not too either. My balls gently brushed her right shoulder as she moved her right hand up my thigh and around towards the top of my butt, where she grabbed firmly. Her face, still pressed against my hip, still blowing cool air, slowly turned up at me. Her cheek, so close to my cock, she had to feel my pubic hair lightly brushing it. She paid no mind and said:
“Big brother’s not holding up his end of the deal..”
With her right hand she took my own left hand and placed it on my cock. Carefully she wrapped my fingers around my own shaft and gave a slight squeeze. I felt pre-cum ooze out of tip a little. She squeezed my own hand around my cock again and my whole cock throbbed suddenly, and a drip of pre-cum rolled down my tip, over my own hand, and onto her thumb. She must have felt it because she removed her hand from mine and examined her thumb.
“I think ya got me..” she laughed, looking up at me.
“Sorry..” my voice trembled, “Mind of it’s own..”
“It’s ok,” she smiled and showed me her thumb, “What should I do with it?”
“I dare you to lick it,” I smirked.
“Oh yeah?” she said, sitting back pouting, “What’s in it for me?”
“I’ll, uhh..” I stood racking my brain, “I’ll jerk off a little..”
“Ok,” she said, still holding the drip up.
I took my cock in my right hand and slowly squeezed. More clear lube came out and I swirled it around with my thumb before maneuvering my whole right palm over the tip of my cock, and then grabbing the shaft and sliding it back down. Kassie, looking up into my eyes, slowly stuck out her tongue. I slowly pumped my naturally lubed shaft again. She brought her pre-cum dripped hand to her face and touched the dew bead to her tongue, before licking it clean off.
“Awww, yes..” I moaned, squeezing a bit harder, I stroked a bit faster. But not too fast. I wanted this to last.
“Mmm..” she said, “That was gooood… I want more..”
She licked her thumb again, slowly like she was licking my cock, and I continued slowly jerking off for her. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, looking at my cock like she was about to lick it clean. She grabbed my hand off my cock and brought my fingers to her lips. She kissed my wet fingers. Then she moaned, and grabbed my legs again. Pressing her chest into my legs, and this time my balls were making contact, and she knew. She pressed her face against my hip again, breathing heavily, and this time she started kissing my hip lightly, by the groin next to my pubes. Her head turned slightly and her ear brushed my shaft, making it throb and swing slightly, touching her eyelid. She brought her hands up around my groin and started massaging the area around my throbbing shaft. Her hands now in my pubic hair, she dug her fingers in deep. Massaging more aggressively, she looked up at me sternly.
“How does that feel?” she said, bringing her thumps down to the top of my scrotum, below the shaft. Still not touching my cock.
“Ohhh… amazing.” I breathed out.
“Yeah..?” she said massaging my groin muscles, “You wanna see your sister play with herself?”
“Yeah..” I breathed.
“Ok, I’m gonna lay on my back again,” she said sitting back, “ Stand over me and stroke your cock while I lay back and finger myself.”
She laid back in the grass and I stepped forward, standing overtop of her body. I grabbed my cock again. Looking though my legs I felt her knees lift up and she slid her right hand over her belly and down towards her pussy. I stroked up and down again slowly, and she began swirling her fingers over her clit. Her eyes closed and she let out a long moan.
“Mmmmmm, that feels good.”
“Yeah?” I whispered breathing heavily. Thrusting forward so she could see my balls dangle in the moonlight above her.
“Yeaahh, big brother,” she sighed, “I like watching my brother stroke his hard cock while I finger my clit..”
“Yeah?” I stroked harder and pre-cum soaked my cock making tiny slapping sounds with each stroke.
“Yeah, big brother.. You like watching your sister finger herself while you stroke your big cock.”
“Yeah, I do..”
“Yeah? You like jerking off over your sister while she fingers her wet clit? You like watching me grab my tits while I finger my pussy? Yeah, big brother??”
“Oh Kassie, you’re amazing… Finger your pussy, little sister. I like watching you moan underneath me while I stroke my fat cock over you in our back yard.”
“Ooooh, yeah big brother. Don’t wake mommy and daddy… Watch your little sister squirm on the ground below you, but don’t wake mommy and daddy, baby. Don’t wake mommy and daddy, big brother. Stroke harder baby, but don’t… wake.. mom.. mmm…”
“Yeah, baby.. Yeah little sister. Swirl your fingers around your clit… Make big brother happy, baby. Make your brother cum…”
“Yeah… are you gonna cum big brother?”
“Don’t cum yet, baby. Come here.. kneel overtop of me.. bring your knees down.”
“Ok..” I release my grip and kneeled down over her. My knees planted on both sides of her. My balls dangling over her stomach. My ball hairs brushing her smooth skin. My cock jutting out over her round milky white tits. If I came now, I’d make a stream of cum sail straight over her head.
She grabs my arms, “Don’t cum yet. Let it build up… You wanna grab my tits?”
“Uhhh, can I?”
“Yeah,” she said, and placed my hands on her soft boobs, “Squeeze my tits while I finger my pussy”
I hold onto her boobs, taking as much into each hand as I can and I squeeze. Her eyes close and she moans, sliding both of her hands under my legs, brushing her arms against my warm balls as she slides both of her hands over her pussy. Moaning and looking back at me while I massage her tits with both of my hands. My balls rubbing against her arms, she begins rocking her hips in a circular motion. With each rock, her arms move my hanging balls. I slide them up and down her arms and I feel her knuckles moving around between my legs.
“Oh..” she lets out a tiny squeal, still looking into my eyes, whispers, “Yeah Look at me while you squeeze my tits Squeeze them harder… rub my nipples.”
I squeeze while moving my thumbs over her hard nipples. I press down and make circles with my thumbs over her nipples. She gasps and opens her mouth wide, her forehead wrinkles and she lifts her head, staring into my eyes.
“I want..” she breathes, “I want you to fuck my tits..”
“Yeah,” she says, “Maybe.. hold on.”
She stops a moment. Pulls her arms back out and breathes heavily. I’m still kneeling over her, cock rock hard ready to keep going.
“Can you grab my drink?” she asks.
“Yeah sure,” I say and I stand up and walk a little wobble-legged towards the back deck where our rum and cokes are. I grab them both and take a swig from mine. Walking back towards Kassie, whose sitting up now, I hand her her drink. She takes a sip and I kneel in front of her, cock still stone straight. We both sit and drink, breathing heavily. I can see her body crystal clear now.
“Wow…” I let out a sigh, “That… was… cool.”
“Yeah,” she takes another gulp, “I needed a breather. You don’t think we’re being loud, do you?”
“No I think we’re cool,” I say, “Mom and Dad are dead asleep. They have work early.”
“Yeah,” she says, and looks at me a moment, “You wannaaa… keep going?”
I’m sip my drink at the time, but when she says this she opens her legs, showing me her pussy. Still looking in my eyes. Her eyebrows raise.
“Yeah!” I say, “I mean.. If you do! It’s not too weird? We’ve never gone this far before.”
“No I like it,” she says, taking another sip, “I don’t think it’s all that bad. We’re just enjoying each other’s bodies.”
“Yeah I agree, I’m having fun,” I say, “My heart is pounding,.. haha.”
“Haha,” Kassie laughs, “Ok!.. Sooo, are you still hard?”
“Good! Come here.” She’s on her knees again, so I take a drink and kneel also. We both put our drinks down and she puts her hands on my chest, closes her eyes, leans in and puts her lips to my neck. I breathe in deep as she kisses my neck, under my right ear.
“That feels good,” I whisper and I place my hands back on her breasts. Still giving my neck little sucks and kisses, she puts her hands back on my waist and massages my groin muscles again with her thumbs. The heavy breathing starts again. The smacks from her kisses on my neck in my ear. I squeeze a little harder and start pinching her nipples. One of her hands disappears from my waist and I feel her fingers underneath my balls. Still kissing my neck she brings her hand up and cups my balls. Rolling one of them in her fingers, a moan slips out of my mouth. I roll down my head, and with her left boob in my hand I take her nipple in my mouth and begin sucking. Swirling my tongue around her nipple with each suck, she breathes in and squeezes my balls a little harder, rolling them in her fingers with each squeeze.
“I’m gonna lay back again,” she whispers in my ear.
“Ok”, I whisper back.
So she lays back down in the grass and pulls my hand, leading me forward again to the same position as before. I’m kneeling over her again, balls resting on her belly.
“’Come here” she says, “Drip your cum between my tits.”
So I straighten up a little, and she rolls my balls in her fingers again as I squeeze a few drops of pre-cum on her chest between her tits.
“Yeah just like that,” She whispers, looking down. “Do you like it when I rub your big balls, big brother?”
“Yeah” I whisper, “Rub my balls, little sister…”
After looking into my eyes and rubbing my balls another moment, she lets go and brings her hands over her tits, squeezing them together and letting my juices lube them up.
“Come here,” she says, “Put in between my tits.. Go slow.”
This is it, I’m thinking as I bring my knees forward a bit and slowly lower my cock towards her tits. My balls land first, and then I feel the cool pre-cum under my shaft. I press my shaft into her chest with my thumb and she closes her boobs around my cock. I very slowly thrust forward, letting the lube spread. Her warm soft tits feel so good wrapped around my cock. My mouth widens and I look into her eyes, my breath trembling with pleasure. Her mouth opens and I slowly slide back… then forward again, and back.
“Oh god..” I whisper, “That feels amazing.”
I thrust slowly forward again and she squeezes her tits closer together, enveloping my hard wet cock in her soft pillowy tits. I thrust again.. and then again. Slowly at first, becoming a bit quicker with each thrust. I’m fucking my twin sister’s beautiful tits now. More pre-cum adds a soft squishy sound with each thrust. I quicken my pace, but not so much that I’ll cum soon. Slow and steady thrusts, making circles with my hips, moving her body up and down under my weight with each thrust. I lower my head to watch the tip of my cock emerge, then disappear, again and again. We both watch as my cock slides up and down, inside her slippery tits.
“That’s it, big brother..” she sighs, “Fuck my tits.. Slide that big hard cock in and out. It feels so good.
“Yeah baby..” I thrust again.
“Does that feel good, big brother? You like fucking your sister’s tits? Huh?”
“Yeah… yeah.. baby, that feels so good.”
“Yeah big brother, finger my pussy while you fuck my tits..”
I straighten up and reach back. Grabbing her leg, I massage her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her pussy as I keep thrusting my cock between her tits. I feel her wet pussy hair with my hand and cover her pussy, feeling around for her clit with my middle finger. When I find it I begin swirling my two fingers firmly around it. Her body rocks and she moans to my every touch. Rocking her hips with mine. Fucking my hand while my hand fucks back. She leans up on her elbows so her tits can get a better hold of my dick. Her mouth is wide open, her forehead wrinkles, her eyes glued to mine as she starts bouncing her tits up and down around my cock. Squishing sounds become louder as I plunge two fingers inside her wet warm pussy and I start to finger fuck her. She leans forward more and my cock slides up her chest and past her neck. Still reaching back into her pussy I thrust upward and my cock feels her face. Her eyes close while one hand firmly grabs my balls. Her other hand wraps around the base of my shaft and she guides my cock around her face. Her eyes closed, mouth open, she feels my cock with her face. Rubbing it all over, hugging it. She worships my cock while rolling my balls in her tight grip.
Her tongue is out now. She wants me in her mouth. Flailing her tongue around with her eyes closed, she finds my shaft and gives it a few long licks. Holding my balls, rolling her tongue around the tip of my cock. It feels so good as I start thrusting at her face with my cock. My head rolls back and I feel a deep warm plunge as her head lowers onto my cock, taking in the whole thing. A wave of extasy overcomes my whole body and Kassie starts breathing through her nose. Her mouth now plugged by my rock hard cock. She sucks deep and hard, swirling her tongue with each suck. She swallows my cock whole. Up and down. I grab the back of her head, guiding it up and down while I fuck her mouth. Her head lifts and she takes a long deep breath. A string of spit and cum still connects my dick to her face. She looks up at me and starts jerking me off.
“Yeah baby!” she squeals, “You like that?.. You like it when your sister sucks your cock and jerks you off?”
“Ohh Kassie, yes! Jerk me off baby… jerk your brother off, baby… yeah..”
She pushes me hard and I stumbled onto my back in the grass. I’m laying on my back and I look up to see Kassie, crawling all fours overtop of me. Her wet boobs swaying. She pushes my chest back, grabs my face and plants a long kiss on my lips. Swirling her tongue around mine, she adjusts her body over mine and grabs firmly onto my cock, guiding it towards her gaping wet pussy. She looks longingly into my eyes.
“I love you big brother..” she whispers.
“I love you too, Kassie.”
She sits back and my cock slides right up into her warm pussy. Sitting up straight, I see sweat, cum and all kinds of our juices glistening in the moonlight on her smooth tight body as she grinds her hips deeply around my cock and begins swirling them around and around. I thrust my own hips upward. My thrusts against hers, and Kassie and I are fucking, hard. She leans forward and I pound upward with my legs. I grab the back of her neck and I swallow her tongue. We become one. Twin siblings attached at the face and waist. Outside in the backyard, both sweating and fucking. Trying hard not to make too much noise. Kassie’s pussy is so wet, I swear she has already come, and suddenly I can’t go on for much longer. I bring my face to her ear.
“Yeah, baby…?”
“I’m gonna cum..!”
“Yeah baby? You’re gonna come for your sister? …Tell me when, big brother!’
Kassie jumps to her feet and pulls me up by my hands. I’m standing now and Kassie throws herself down in front of me. On her knees, she swallows my cock whole and doesn’t let go. There’s an explosion in my mind and I grab Kassie’s head with both hands. Not a sound leaves my wide open mouth as I feel a long stream of warm cum escape my hard cock and fill up Kassie's mouth. On her knees, still fingering her pussy, Kassie breathes heavily though her nose as she sucks down my cum, taking it all in hard short swallows. Looking up at me and I down at her, our eyes are locked together as she drains me completely.
After what seems like forever, our bodies become less tense, and Kassie begins slowly letting me out of her mouth. My cock flops out, still swollen but slowly arching back down. Kassie gives it one last kiss and slumps back down on her knees. Both of us breathing heavy, I slump down and sit next to Kassie. She puts her sweaty head on my sweaty shoulder.. then we both slowly lean back and lie down again under the starts, buth soaking wet and speechless.
“Well…” Kassie breathes out, “Well that happened..”
“Haha!” I manage to chuckle, “That was amazing.. You’re amazing…”
“Thanks,” she looks over at me, “We can’t tell anybody.”
“To the grave,” I say, looking back.
“And we can’t do that again for a little while..”
“I know..”
“Well…” she says, “Maybe soon… but not too soon.”
“I know.”
Kassie rolls toward me, and I put my arm behind her head. Cuddling on the ground in our backyard, she puts her hand across my chest. But, changing her mind, moves it down and cups her fingers over my drained limp cock.
“I can’t believe my brother has such a big fucking cock,” she whispers.
“Haha,” I smile, “Well I thought it fit quite nicely.”
We lay there, still for a few minutes under the night sky. Her grip tightens around my shaft, and it starts to swell again. Still slippery with our juices, she squeezes and moves her hand slowly up and down. I sigh as my cock slowly becomes hard again in her firm grip.
“You wanna go again?” she asks.
“Ugggh…” I sigh, “Yes… but give me a few minutes.”
“Ok,” she says, but she’s already jerking me off.
“And maybe inside this time… quietly.”
Her grip tightens and she’s sliding me in and out of her warm hand.
“Oh my god..” I sigh, “You feel so good, baby sister.”
“Fuck me again, big brother…”

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