Mother-In-Law Sex Pt 6, Return to Mother-in-Law

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Mother-in-Law Sex, Pt6: Return to Mother-in-Law
Kim and Phung both phoned me within a few days after our very special dinner out, but I couldn’t meet them again as I was up-country at another regional office for the final few weeks of my consultancy engagement. I asked about Mae, but Kim only knew she hadn’t yet returned to the city, so it certainly seemed Mae was keeping to her word, and would only return after I had departed – fearful at the emotions stirred within her when we had shared our few intimate days.
I flew back to the city, updated the head office and finalized matters, collecting my final payment and flying back to my home the next morning.

Surprisingly, I was met at the airport by my entire family: my wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I had expected to catch a taxi and meet them at home, but here they were; it was Saturday and neither of the girls were working, and Mae like me was pretty well retired. They all respectfully wai’d when I appeared from Customs, but I could only nod my head in acknowledgement with both hands occupied with baggage. My wife then gave me a hug and an embarrassing kiss, her sister followed suit with a hug and kisses on both cheeks, but thankfully Mae would never do anything similar – local customs were still shy on displays of public affection, and I had become part of those customs, hence the flush to my face whenever my wife chose to ignore them and goad me by trying to get me to hold hands or kiss while near or with others, strangers, around.

The 3 women all gushed it was good to have me home, and they had missed me, and they had all wanted to come and surprise me. We headed off to Nui’s car in the parking station, loaded up and headed home. It was good to be back, my 3 months away had been tiring, and as per usual I never bothered to eat regularly when on my own, so my health was now commented upon as was my weight – but this happened every time I had ever been absent, even for 3-4 days; the family always said I looked even thinner! I didn’t mention I had eaten some very nice dinners; one with ex-Mae, and another with her sister, Kim….didn’t quite seem the right thing to say naturally enough.

Once at home, Mae and Nui continuing on around the corner to their house, I unpacked as my wife automatically turned on the TV. She asked some questions, was very happy with the fees I had been paid and which had been transferred back here to our bank, but she quickly reverted to normal now: asking me for a glass of water as she settled to watch a soap series on TV. Certainly no deep kisses ‘welcome home’, no groping or tearing off of clothes as if she had missed sex, no invitations to make ravishing love….gosh, I was dreaming!
I looked in the dirty clothes basket as I threw in my own – yep, my wife had not washed for a few days, confident that upon my return, I too would revert to normal and do the washing and ironing, etc. Home was comfortable, we were comfortable together, but it was hardly exciting living.

Later that afternoon, after several of those secretive phone calls my wife had been receiving for a year or more, the particular ring tones of which caused her to jump up and head outside or upstairs to converse out of my earshot, she asked if she could go shopping that evening with a friend. “A friend” is the entire ID I was generally told, and I had learned to accept it and not ask further; “sure’ I said, “It’s good to be back to normal”. In much earlier times when she had gone out, generally saying she would be home ‘about 8’, or extending it by asking if ok she goes to the cinema or something else ‘and be home after that’; I used to be concerned if it became very late, and I would phone her to check she was ok. More recently, I had stopped worrying, perhaps stopped caring, what she was doing, when midnight became 2 or 3a.m., even 5 a.m. once, and the next day she didn’t even offer any feeble explanations. It was as it was, I decided.

She suggested I buy some dinner around the corner to have with already prepared rice in the fridge, showered and made up, her large breasts sexily encased in a slightly too-small blouse, white jeans also tight on her increasingly over-weight hips and buttocks, gave me a perfunctory kiss and sauntered up the street to catch the bus to….wherever. I had been home half a day, and she was gone. Yes, I could have complained, but what was the point; she was happy obviously, and I was ok enough to survive.
I folded up the clothes which were already dry, showered and washed my hair, then settled back myself to see what sport was on TV after the news. Boredom was not a feeling in my life, never had been; I was a cerebral person, and in the absence of any physical activity, my mind was continuously active; but I was never bored. Had I been, Mae coming to the house at that moment would certainly have taken care of boredom on this day!

She breezed up to the open door, slipping off her shoes outside, and without even a ‘hello’ grabbed me in a bear hug, ground her lips against mine for ages, tongue thrusting down my throat, hands groping my prick through my shorts, before finally calming enough to say “I missed you too.”
She released me so I could breathe, walked back to close the door and slide the curtains across, before returning, literally picking me up and throwing me on the sofa; she ripped my shorts down and plunged her mouth down on my half limp prick and sucked it within seconds to a throbbing full-size! This wasn’t something she had done much in previous times, but she had clearly been starving herself and was now extremely hungry, as she felt for my balls, (making sure they were full no doubt), and sliding her mouth up and down and around my cock.

Mae was still fully clothed, but I could reach down her front enough to scrunch her loose blouse up to unfasten her front-fastened bra, and move it all out of the way, enough to release her pendulous breasts to swing and graze my abdomen as she continued her mouth’s up and down motions. I could now reach back under and fondle her tits and rub her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, evoking moans which tingled through my prick. Mae still had one hand playing with my balls, and she obviously felt them tightening even before I did, as she eased off enough to gasp “I want it now!” and she tried to suck the very life out of me until my cock exploded in a burst of spunk, enough to momentarily shock Mae, and then a few more shots which she both swallowed and dribbled from her mouth.

As I finished cumming, she took a final slurp, slid up my body and, crushing her breasts to me, plastered her mouth to mine and shared my tasty juice between us. My heart was pounding under her substantial weight, and her heart was pounding through her boob above me, as she licked my lips, and her own, and then eased up and back; she then flowered her skirt up and over both our groins and rubbed her –bare pussy! – around my sodden cock, wetting herself while moaning. “Nice to have you back here again” Mae smiled. I took some deep breaths as she said she had to go to the local mall, wanted a wet pussy to accompany her, and asked me where Tin had gone. When I said “Out somewhere with a friend”, Mae frowned, and then invited me along for some dinner afterwards, “maybe even a movie” she inquired.
I reached to stroke her breasts before she could enclose them back within her bra, and agreed to go, weakly rising and heading to the bathroom for a refresher wash, and up to change into some nicer clothes.

When I returned downstairs, Mae was ready; she said she had called my wife Tin, and told her we were going for dinner, since my wife clearly was again not taking care of me. Oh-oh, I thought, more trouble; Mae was often berating Tin for going out so much and leaving me alone, even when I protested that I didn’t mind: Mae found it entirely unacceptable behaviour from a wife towards her husband.
We closed the house, walked to the corner, caught the local bus and went to the mall. I was a little flushed when we headed into the bra and panties section, Mae informing me that’s what she needed to buy. I tagged along behind her, self-consciously, but in reality we could just have been a foreign-local married couple, given Mae and I were closer in age than my wife and I.

Mae paused now and again, holding up a sample and mischievously asking me if this bra or that one would look nice on her. Overcoming my fluster, I handled a bra, looked at the size, 36A, and said “well, for sure it’s too small!” She looked at the tag, and agreed, advising we had to find 38C. We continued browsing, Mae confiding at one point she wished she could try some on and model for me behind the dressing cubicle curtains! I shushed her smiling, and knowing that trying on bra and panties is not allowed, gently pushed her along the aisle. Finally, she chose 3 sets, asked me provocatively if I thought she would look sexy in them, and then paid when I nodded in affirmation, my mouth drying with the pent-up excitement of it all. The cashier smiled at us, clearly of the view we were a married couple out shopping, confirmed when Mae linked her arm with mine as we walked out until I disentangled us, red-faced again. Mae laughed and hugged me for a moment. I needed a smoke-break, so arranged to meet Mae in 5 minutes in the food hall, where I found her already eating; “I need energy” she said, as I sat with her, but didn’t eat, just got up and bought a beer and then sat down. A fleeting memory of the last time I had a woman opposite me eating: Kim only a few weeks previously; and I trusted Mae would not lift her foot to my groin, or mine to hers – bare as I presumed it still was!

We had 45 minutes until Mae’s chosen movie began, so we went to a Heineken bar on the top floor, and shared one large bottle. We didn’t talk a lot, Mae seemed pre-occupied; I asked where her boyfriend Ping was tonight, and she just dismissed him with a ‘out with the boys, probably all drunk by now.’ The bottle finished, we paid and headed to the next floor cinema, collected our pre-booked tickets and entered the cineplex.

We found our seats, settled in with Mae to my left, and Mae opened her handbag to show me she had bought some cold beer cans for me, and giggled while saying “Sssshh, secret right.” I coughed to cover the ‘hiss’ of opening one, and thanked Mae by leaning over and kissing her cheek – it was still some minutes to the start and I had noticed how few people were there, and none even around us anywhere, so didn’t seem to be any danger. Except Mae turned her head and met my lips with her mouth, and almost swallowed them! “Mae” I said leaning away, “we can’t do that here!” “Really?” she asked, smiling like a co-conspirator, and placing her left hand on my crotch, before abruptly sitting up straight, then standing up as did I, when the National Anthem played to signal the start of the evening’s film.

When the anthem finished, those in the mostly empty, darkened cinema sat back down; Mae lifted the armrest between us out of the way, and she took my can and placed it in the drink-holder to her left, hidden by her handbag lying against it. We both shook off our shoes, settled comfortably, and Mae laid herself turned sideways towards me with her head on my shoulder, facing the screen enough to see the film, but also enough to kiss my neck while the preview ads were on. In turn, I had to lean over her to carefully get my beer, then lean down to cover the fact I was drinking; this inevitably meant I was pressing against her body, not only allowing her mouth to grab my tiny nipple on the way past and back, but also for me to pause there, turn and kiss her on my way back. Then kiss again, when I placed the can back in its holder on her other side. What movie were we seeing? I wondered.

Actually, the main movie then began; I groaned as I realised it was a serious romantic story – I had already read the reviews in my newspaper, and I knew it was quite risqué to even show it in this very censored, conservative country. But, here it is! Did Mae choose this movie deliberately, as a stimulator, I wondered, doubting we would need any aid to be risque ourselves!

It was in English, with subtitles, so Mae had to watch and read, while I could just listen; with so few people anywhere near, this wasn’t difficult (I rarely went to the cinema as locals generally talk loudly if it is in another audio language, totally unthinking of those who might want to listen to the original words) so tonight I could listen and understand – even if I didn’t stare at the screen’s visuals. This gave me the freedom to not only lean over Mae for my beer, but to drag my arm across her tits on the way there and on return, and also, rather more romantically, to slide my left arm behind her neck, stretching it so it was around far enough to clasp her left breast. But even before I did this, I used my right hand to slowly push up underneath her blouse and release her bra again, letting it pop outwards with the pressure of Mae’s huge breasts. So now, my left hand was clasping a breast, but it was devoid of cover and inviting to my hand and fingers, while my right held my beer at times, and at other times felt for her right nipple and tit. What was happening in the movie? Not sure at the moment.

We cuddled like this for some minutes, occasionally turning mouths together and kissing, sometimes quick while I peered around but nobody was near, so occasionally deep, long tongue-in-throat kisses. I reached across Mae’s body, ostensibly to get my beer, but this time reached lower, to her legs and straight up under her skirt. She gasped, but opened her legs wider, and I took that as a ‘Go’ signal to head straight for her cunt. The cushion under her was sopping wet as my hand unerringly found its destination: a swollen, wet pussy, pulsating on my fingers as I reached her and immediately thrust inside! Luckily, I had also leaned down and covered her mouth with a kiss, or her squeal would have been more audible than the movie.
She squirmed on my hand, and in my mouth, and my left hand plucked at her nipple; then she really did scream, and really did wet the cushion as she climaxed almost violently. I tried to say “SSSSHHH MAE!” but couldn’t as it seemed better to keep my mouth locked with hers, but I did withdraw my fingers slowly, caress her breast rather than excite it, and do my best to calm her down. She moved her mouth away from mine, and breathed deeply, long panting breaths while her hands clutched whatever of me they were holding, including my prick. She slowed, mouthing softly ‘oh heaven’ and just squeezed me in her embrace, now thankfully transferring her right arm across to cuddle my upper body, her left just resting on my swollen prick in my pants.

It was time to cool down, watch the movie at least enough to answer enquiries as to its quality. Mae swallowed the last of my beer; we opened another, and settled there cuddling nicely. After a while, I disengaged our tangled limbs, and told Mae I had to go to the toilet. She asked for some tissues, but I had some in my pockets so I gave her those; she reached under herself and mopped up some of the juices on her very wet seat. I kissed her sweetly and bent over as I crept out of the room.

Entering the toilet, I was looking down at my crotch, finding it rather naturally soaked through with pre-cum; with my head down, I didn’t see the other young man inside, but I heard him as he finished jerking off with a loud “aaarrrgh…” He sighed, smiled with pleasure, and turned to look at me, dropping his eyes to notice my pants’ wet patch, and smiled more. “Good movie, right?” he said. “Yes, really romantic and exciting - if have the right partner beside you” I responded with an equal smile. He chuckled “Yours must be truly the ‘right one’” as he nodded at my wet patch, washed his hands and headed out. ‘Yes, she is pretty special to take to the movies, my mother-in-law’, I said to myself.
Creeping back along the row to sit beside Mae, she whispered “You didn’t do anything in there did you?” as she felt for my cock yet again. “No Mae, just needed to get rid of some beer” I smiled and kissed her. “Good” she said firmly, “It’s mine.” Well, that was pretty definite, as she cuddled me again, arm across and lips pressed against my neck, as I put my left arm back under her neck and around to her breast. She sighed contentedly, and I thought she might even drift off to sleep. No, she just snuggled further down, down below all sight, until she was crouched on the floor and able to move towards me, pushing my legs away and wide until she was in the middle.
She slid her hand up to my pants, no belt, just one fastener and a zip to undo, and a hand to snake inside my underpants and release – rather painfully – a swollen cock, immediately to stuff it in her mouth. Covered in pre-cum as it had been for the past hour or 3, it slid easily inside Mae’s mouth which was so saliva-filled anyway that lubrication was never going to be a problem!

I watched the movie. Well, I kept my head turned to the screen, knowing Mae was going to do what she wanted. Wow, she did! It was an amazing suck, made more exciting because of the location of course, and the presence of at least some people; I glanced around in some panic and was momentarily horrified to see the closest person to us was the guy from the toilet! He appeared alone, but was smiling almost stupidly as he noticed my glance, lifted one hand to point downwards, and gave a nod of his head as his hand pointed then towards me, a bigger smile confirming both he and I were in the throes of being simultaneously sucked to a climax.

With that look, I turned back in my seat and let Mae receive what she wanted: gobs of white semen ejaculating in her mouth. She sucked until the last drops, making the head of my now-sensitive cock pull away, and cupping both sides of her face with my hands to pull her sideways and gently up into her seat. She slurped, and kissed me, again sharing my cum as she sighed and leant tiredly against my body. I re-inserted my deflated cock in my pants and zipped up. Of course she was tired, who wouldn’t be after repeating a long non-fucking but mind-blowing session of sex twice in a few short hours!
This time she did sleep, until the movie ended, and while the credits rolled along, but before the lights came up fully, I reached inside her blouse and managed to re-fasten her bra, which stirred her awake. “Time to go home” I whispered, helping her up and gently shaking her awake.

We exited the cinema, my arm this time casually linked with Mae’s, not only supporting her, and not only using her as a shield across my wet pants, but because I was feeling a special closeness towards her. We stood quietly as the elevator took us down, and hailed a taxi outside to take us home. It was about 11.30, and the taxi-ride takes all of 10 minutes to our village and street; Mae cuddled and stroked me, but I gently held her at bay and whispered “Mae, we have to go to sleep now – you in your home, and me in mine. Ok?”
Mae almost drunkenly said “I want to have the final part of the movie – didn’t they make love? I want the same!”
She said all this so loudly, the taxi driver looked in his rear-view mirror at me, smiled, and said “You should give your wife what she wants.” “Yes, what your wife wants!” Mae agreed. I was glad to reach my house and find the lights still off, meaning Tin wasn’t home yet, paid the driver (with a tip large enough to thank him, but not so large I hoped he wouldn’t forget me) and half-carried Mae inside the gate.

Once inside the house, seating her on the sofa, I excused myself to go to the toilet, returning to find Mae quite perky and awake, and smiling devilishly. “I just called your wife; she is at a disco. I said we had just seen a movie and I had seen you home to bed. She said “Oh, in that case I can stay out longer, if my husband is going to sleep.” Mae then just smiled at me as she put in the final word “I told her you didn’t need her to help go to sleep. She’s a bitch of a wife” she finished vehemently. “Mae!” I quietly said, “Tin is happy, that’s enough; I don’t like Mae to think badly of her. Please.” I almost begged.

Mae shrugged, neither accepting nor rejecting my plea. She walked to close the door, turned and just reached out and took my hand, and led me directly back to the sofa, stripped my pants and underwear straight down and off, got on her hands and knees facing away from me and lifted her skirt up over her back. “Fuck me now! Finish what I started.”
The sense of closer togetherness I thought we were starting to feel throughout this afternoon and evening was almost gone: this was my mother-in-law; a glutton for just raw sex. But, I reasoned, how much closer could two people be than joined prick in pussy, so I did; lined up behind her, spread her buttocks and lifted her pussy, then sank my prick from opening to the end of my length in one smooth shove.
Mae lifted her head to squeal, arching her arms to unfasten her bra, as I pulled back and shoved in again, holding myself at maximum while she suffered happily through her first clamping orgasm. I really do feel happy if I can do this for a woman, and if a slow and fast motion can do it again, well, that’s even happier feelings for both. Having been sucked off twice in recent hours, I was able to contain my own buildup, but Mae seemed to have an endless supply of successive grunting, groaning, moaning and squealing climaxes. I changed rhythms constantly, moving my cock around inside everywhere, and lifting myself so it would put pressure on her clit as an added pleasure. (The sofa under us was soaked with juices, I noted for later, sometime, cleaning.)

Mae eventually managed to say “oh, enough, I am full”, so I pulled out, slicked my cock up her crack and re-entered another hole open to me. She didn’t complain, as tired as she might have been; she pushed back when she felt my thick-headed cock push inside her rosebud of an arse-hole. I must confess: being inside here in her anus was/is a really stimulating position for me, and had become increasingly a happy place for my prick (as I had a fleeting recall of my other ex –Mae a few weeks ago in the same happy state). Mae, the one under me, surely enjoyed it, and the tightness, the different feelings to being inside a vagina, made it really special for my prick. It also allowed me to insert one or two fingers inside that vacant cunt and move them against my cock from both sides of the thin wall separating both entrances to her body; to feel that rubbing together was really special, I loved it, and even more when I sensed Mae did also; if the stimulus was exciting for me, why would it not be for Mae? My additional finger tickling her clit might have helped also. She re-commenced her moans and lifted her body to push against me.

I paused, keeping my cock just moving slightly in and out, keeping her on the edge, as I glanced at the clock; my ears had been pricked for a motorcycle taxi stopping outside which would have signaled the arrival of Tin – wow, what a problem that would be! – But instead my mobile rang, the distinctive tone telling me it was Tin calling her, usual 3 rings then off. Had I been awake, I would have called her back; I had a mobile phone contract I never used the full entitlement for each month, so Tin called, I didn’t answer, then I phoned her back.
At this moment in time, my prick buried in Mae, my fingers in her cunt and on her clit, my other hand kneading a breast, and my mouth in the process of swallowing her other available tit: I didn’t answer, and didn’t call back. This would convey to my wife that I was asleep, without me having to make up any lies; and her call told me she needed to say she was still out and ‘might’ (read: ‘would’) be out late.

I relaxed. Not inside Mae; for her I could redouble efforts to make her as happy as I possibly could. But relaxed myself, as I knew my wife would be some hours yet: with boyfriend/girlfriend I didn’t know, didn’t mind, frankly didn’t care.
I did redouble, plunging inside Mae if not double the length, at least as far as physically possible, and she had vaguely understood the significance of my wife’s phone call, letting Mae free to scream, which she did! Her climax must have hit so hard, and she bucked and writhed under my cock buried deep. I now had both hands to her breasts, roughly but lovingly trying to add to her excitement, prolong that feeling for her.
Then I pulled out and dug my prick straight into her cunt.
She screamed again as now, I came myself and gushed inside her with whatever semen was still left from my balls. Absolutely buried, with Mae’s long nails clenching my buttocks pulling me against her, I gave her all of myself in spurts and drops, and then dropped my head down exhaustedly to place my mouth on her breast, lay my head sideways on that breast as I sucked the nipple gently like a baby. It brought us both down from the high of minutes ago, but maintained the ecstasy of the past hours and hours it seemed.

My cock was inside, deflating, but giving shivers to Mae. I pulled her nipple with me, in my lips, as I lifted my head; smiled at her as I let her nipple pop out, and asked her if I had now finished what she had started. She laughed tiredly; “Oh, I think so, yes. Well, for tonight anyway.”

We lay there cuddling; so nice, a big, hot body under mine, albeit bigger than mine for sure, but arms enveloping me as I returned the affection and the pressure of my heartbeat I hoped showing my feelings. Mae sighed, so I guess that meant contented.
After a while, not sure how long in ‘time’ terms, but sufficient in terms of calming, and absorbing the feelings, Mae eased up to announce “Now it is finishing time, and I must go home, and you to bed.” She leant back and kissed me for some moments, stood and re-arranged her skirt and bra. She was smiling as she kissed me again, opened the door with a “See you soon…tomorrow?” and headed out the gate to walk the 100m around the corner to her other daughter’s house. I showered and tiredly collapsed into bed, eminently satisfied within myself physically, but still missing that emotional connection which these days always made me remember Pai.

Mae and I settled into a routine of sorts: she would come around when she wanted or needed, or even just felt bored otherwise, for sex. Then she would basically rape me, consensually it was to be sure, or goad me within moments to thrust into her. Sex. Just sex. A man and a woman, raw coupling, base feelings of love but no emotional heights of Love sought or offered.

For me, that meant something was missing, searching for the elusive icing on the cake to be found, tasted and pronounced upon “Ah, this is it, perfect for the body and the soul”.

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