The Man of Sin: Chapter 2_(0)

Chapter 2

Helena woke up with a scream, reaching up to the ceiling as if to grab a lifeline thrown to her. She was back in her bed but looked around fearfully for Xavier, finding only her concerned roommate.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah… I’m ok, just a bad dream.” ‘After the day I had, it’s no surprise that I would have some kind of nightmare.’

Seeking comfort, she turned to her bedside table to retrieve her crucifix, but did not find it. Had it fallen in the night? She reached under the bed and table but felt only the carpet. As she continued to lean over, she felt something that made her feel like an ice sculpture. She had woken up in both bra and panties, so she was certain that the encounter with Xavier had been a dream (considering he had burned them off her), but as she shifted her legs, she could feel the soft cotton pressed to her virgin flower. That’s right… those flames had shaved her like a lamb.

She tried to swallow the lump in her throat but something made it difficult, a pressure holding her on all sides of her neck, like a hand… or a collar. She could feel it under her skin, that invisible restraint that Xavier had put on her. It didn’t feel like any kind of material, but it was THERE. It was real. Everything that had happened last night was real. Helena began to hyperventilate, feeling like she was still in his embrace, one of his hands being used to fondle her breasts and the other penetrating her slit.

“Sophie, there’s something I need to tell you. Last night, I—”

Helena gagged as her throat closed with a stinging burn appearing on her tongue. She was unable to breathe and Sophie rushed over to see what was wrong. Her throat cleared after several seconds and Helena gasped for breath.

“What in God’s name is going on with you lately?! And what were you saying about last night?”

Helena turned to her, having never felt so helpless in all her life. She couldn’t tell her friend anything, and when she went to class, or even just breakfast, HE would be there.

“I… I, uh… lost my crucifix last night.”

“Oh… well… I’m sorry to hear that. I could help you look for it.”

“No, I’ll just look for it myself later. Let’s go get breakfast.”

Even with all of her fear and anxiety, Helena’s appetite had returned with a vengeance and she shoveled down her breakfast like she was in an eating contest. Her friends all watched her, wondering what had happened to make her so ravenous. After returning from the kitchen with seconds, her face paled as she heard her friends mentioning the suicides from the previous day.

“What do you mean “unnatural”?” one of her friends asked Sophie.

“Well from what I heard, they all killed themselves in horribly gruesome ways. Supposedly, one them drowned himself in boiling water, another stabbed himself to death, and the third gutted and then hanged himself.”

All the girls gasped in revulsion and crossed themselves, praying to God to protect them from whatever evil might have influenced the boys’ deaths and to have mercy on their souls. Helena stared at her food, no longer able to eat. If Xavier had really killed them, or made them kill themselves, then what else was he capable of? Could he really be the Antichrist? Was his coming a sign of the Apocalypse? And could he really be in this room with her?

‘I need to be strong and have my faith in God. I’ve spent my whole life training to join the Swiss Guard and protect His Holiness. I won’t let this Devil-spawn scare me. With God on my side, he will never beat me. Lord, please grant me the strength to fight this evil, to purge him from this holy city. Let me be the shield for this school, let me be an instrument for your divine will.’

Repeating those words over and over again to herself, she regained her confidence. She could do it. She could stand against this threat. She would not give in.

Of course, the closer she got to the classroom, the more nervous she felt. Xavier would surely be there. Would he arrive there before her? After? Or would they end up walking side by side down the same hallway? She didn’t know if she had the strength to face him. She arrived at class, and stepping through the front door, she felt her heart stop. Xavier was at his desk, eyes closed and chin rested on his hand, as if asleep. Just like before, he wore the black coat of a priest but without the collar, standing out from the other male students. She moved slowly past him, like a mouse trying to avoid waking a snoozing lion.

“Good morning, Helena.”

He spoke the words, his voice sounding normal to everyone else in the room, but to her, it was different, having that same commanding depth from the night before. There was more to it, though. It was as if in the microsecond between the words being vocalized and reaching her ears, time seemed to come to a sudden crawl. She felt Xavier come up from behind her and grab her by the arms with her clothes vanishing off her body. He ran his tongue up the length of her back, making her shiver as he sampled the taste of her smooth skin. He came up to her neck and then the back of her ear, and just when she thought he was going to whisper something to her, the illusion vanished and his words reached her.

A few people looked over, wondering what her reaction would be. Helena’s zealotry and affinity for stirring up trouble made her an uneasy person to get close to.

“G-good morning…” she mumbled, unable to even turn and face him.

Her heart beating wildly, she reached her desk and sat down, resting her head and quietly praying for strength.

The day continued on without anything strange occurring. All of the classes were normal and went by simply. Sister Olivia was brutal as usual, though she did let Helena off with a warning when she caught her daydreaming. She had to wonder if Olivia was doing to out of the goodness of her heart or if the Headmaster had told her to go easy. Either way, the reprieve was nice. Xavier didn’t say anything to her for the rest of the day, never even looked at her. What was going to happen?

Helena stood in the university school supplies store, looking at the plastic jewelry box with nervousness. Along with notebooks, pencils, and all manner of tools a student would need, the store sold rosaries and other religious talismans. The one that Helena was looking at was a medallion with the Triquetra symbol¬–the circle entwined into a three-sided loop, also known as the trinity knot. It was a Celtic take on the Holy Trinity, with the three corners representing the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Normally she would have gotten another crucifix for the one that Xavier destroyed, but she had to believe what he told her about it. It did make sense, the Antichrist would only grow stronger against the symbol of his enemy tortured and executed. If she was going to fend off this monster, she couldn’t give him anything to use.

The only reason why she was hesitating to buy it was because of its origins. It was Celtic, deriving from her homeland and still popular there. She had long since abandoned her culture and her past. If she were to wear this, it would mean giving in to everything she had turned her back on when she left home.

‘No, I can’t let my feelings of home get in the way of this.’

She stormed over to the cashier and slammed the transparent box on the counter. “I’ll take it.”

Helena was lying in bed, reading the bible. She felt safe, each turn of the pages acting as like an audible pulse that shook away her worries. Hanging around her neck was her trinity necklace, the weight and shape it new to her when compared to her old crucifix, but comforting nonetheless. Nearby, Sophie was sitting at her dorm room desk, working on homework. A loud slam of her textbook told her that she had gotten it all done.

“Praise Christ, it’s finished. Ugh, that was brutal!” she groaned while stretching.

“Yeah, Father Samuel doesn’t make algebra any easier for us.”

“I can’t wait for the weekend, I need to decompress after all of this work.”

For the first time since yesterday, Helena laughed. “You say that every week.”

Their teeth brushed and alarm clock set, the two girls said their evening prayers and went to bed.

Of all things, it was an attempt to yawn that woke up Helena, and the realization that she couldn’t open her mouth. Her eyes bolted open and she tried to sit up, but she couldn’t move from her spot. Her entire body was paralyzed, as if she were under anesthesia. She was incapable of even flexing the muscles in her body or moving her tongue. With tears in her eyes, she tried to call out to Sophie, but her roommate ignored her. That pathetic whimper was all she could do. An ominous shadow appeared in the corner of the room and from it appeared Xavier. He wasn’t wearing any clothes and he was erect. He slowly stepped towards Sophie, licking his lips in lustful hunger. Helena tried to scream, but only produced a shrill hum.

“Helena, can you keep it down?” her friend grumbled.

Leaning over her bed, Xavier grabbed Sophie by the throat and squeezed. Shaken awake, Sophie screamed and flailed her limbs, but he held her tightly and climbed on top of her. Releasing her throat, he grabbed her wrists and held them up to the headboard. Appearing out of thin air, a pair of shackles locked on and cuffed her to the bed. Her throat free, Sophie screamed as loud as she could, but her voice merely bounced off the walls of the room, as if they were inside a bank vault.

‘Is he using he powers to keep her voice from escaping? Will anyone be able to hear her?’

“I just love that sound. Go ahead and keep screaming.”

“Helena! Save me!”

“Oh, she can’t help you. She’s just here to watch as I turn you into a broken toy!”

Xavier then placed his hand on her legs and lines of black thread appeared as if growing from his palm. The threads wrapped around her ankles and bound them to the back of her thighs, then wrapped around her knees and pulled them apart, putting her on display. Xavier laughed to himself as he ran his hand across her body.

“I know this is Europe, but this “all natural” thing is a turn off.”

He snapped his fingers and Helena closed her eyes, momentarily blinded by a bonfire of flames erupting from Sophie’s bed. It was the same flames Xavier had used on her, but for some reason, Sophie gave a bloodcurdling scream as if she was being burned at the stake. Why did it hurt Sophie so much more than Helena? The flames vanished, revealing the bed and Sophie completely unharmed. Her clothes and every hair from the neck down had been burned away. While her skin was undamaged, she cried and moaned in pain, feeling like she had suffered third-degree burns.

“Why are you doing this?” she whimpered.

“Because it’s just so easy.”

Xavier held out his hand behind him and a large cross flew into his hand, having originally hung above the door. Cackling, he turned it around in his hand, holding the short end so it was like a dagger. He pressed the other end against her vagina and Sophie began thrashing.

“No! Please! Anything but that!”

Ignoring her pleading and the resulting screams, Xavier forced the cross deep inside her, violating her with the symbol of her faith. Helena had never heard anyone cry like that, that mix of pain and humiliation. Oh God, was Xavier going to do that to her as well? There had to be something she could do, some way to help her friend! She put all her strength into moving, but it was like she was trapped in concrete. She wanted to at least open her mouth, but it was like she had used superglue for mouthwash.

Xavier pulled the cross out and crouched down, watching the blood of her torn hymen dribble out. He ran his tongue between the lips of her pussy, lapping up the blood as if it were honey. Helena watched in revulsion, sickened by this monster’s depravity but not surprised. He was the Antichrist; of course he would have a thirst for her virgin blood. As he continued licking, Sophie’s reaction changed. What Helena had thought to be sobs of pain were becoming pants of arousal, with tears continuing to pour from her eyes as she whimpered with each flick of his tongue. Between her legs, Xavier was playing her like a saxophone, licking up every sweet drop of her nectar and teasing her lips with his own, while his tongue slithered back and forth inside her. He moved up an inch and put all of his focus on her erect clitoris, stimulating her in ways she never thought possible. Sophie’s small whimpers became shameful moans as he sucked on the small nub and twirled his tongue around it. He even began fingering her, sliding back and forth effortlessly with her sleeve becoming more and more slippery by the second.

Without even realizing it, Helena was no longer watching in just horror, but also in interest. She had heard about this kind of thing, “oral sex” as it was called. Did it really feel that good? No, no! She couldn’t let herself be enticed by such horrific sins! How could she even think of such things while her friend was being raped! But she again relapsed as another scream was released, this one making her shiver. She had heard it before as a child, coming from her mom’s room when she had visitors over. Had Sophie… just had an orgasm? Sophie certainly thought so, as she was trying to cover her face while crying fresh tears.

Xavier sat up and laughed. “Why are you crying? You have no need to feel shame. You are nothing more than an animal after all; a lowly, pathetic creature that spends its existence searching for pleasure. God isn’t here to judge you, so reveal your true nature and enjoy this.”

He leaned down and began sucking on her breasts, again making her whimper from unwanted sexual bliss. He moved back and forth, painting the succulent hills with his tongue, then securing his lips around her nipples and pulling upwards.

“You’re skin is so soft, Sophie. It’s only right that I taste it.”

His head then darted forward and he joined his lips with hers. She tried to resist him, squirming and turning her face from side to side, but he grabbed the back of her head and stopped her. He infiltrated her with his tongue, licking every corner of her mouth. This was her first kiss, and it was French. When she didn’t reciprocate, Xavier grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed brutally hard, making her scream until at last giving in. It was a half-assed attempt, but she began kissing him back, even sending her tongue into his mouth. All the while Helena watched them, and once or twice, she shuddered as he would look directly at her, staring into her eyes.

He sat back up and kneeled between her spread legs, resting his cock on the lips of her pussy.

“Please, God…” she cried.

“You think God will help you? You’re wrong. Nobody can help you. Nobody can save you. I am going to take you now and nothing will stop me. Your God isn’t here.”

Guiding the head between the lips, he grabbed her waist and forced himself into her. Sophie cried out in physical and emotional agony, but not as loud as when he violated her with the cross. She could feel him inside her, his manhood barreling inside her untouched slit. He buried himself inside her up to the base, pulled out, and then slammed into her again. With centuries of practice, he got into his well-used rhythm and began thrusting like a rodeo bull, slamming against the entrance to her womb with enough force to make her cry. He leaned over, supporting himself with arms.

Sophie refused to look at him, feeling his hot breath on her face. “Helena…” she begged, turning to her friend.

Helena could do nothing but watch as her friend was raped without mercy, Xavier using her body as his own personal sex toy. She cried with her, unable to even open her mouth and say something. It went on like that for another fifteen minutes, Xavier never having to catch his breath. At last he stopped, shivering with a savage grin on his face and making Sophie whimper in shame.

“Can you feel it? Feel all of the seed I just sprayed into your womb? You’re nothing but a pathetic cum dumpster, a rag for me to wipe off my cock with after I fill you up with my semen.”

Both women thought that he would stop then, but the torment continued. For another two hours, he raped her almost nonstop, hammering her with brutal force and ejaculating into her over and over again with reserves beyond the limits of normal humans. Several times, Sophie would give a tearful moan from a forcefully induced orgasm, which would make Xavier give a booming laugh of conquest. The only times he really stopped was to climb up to her face and force his cock into her mouth, making her drink up the mix of his semen and her pussy juice.

At last, with an hour before dawn, he climbed up off her. Sophie’s pussy was bruised and battered with a huge puddle of semen beneath her. Her insides had been pumped full of his cum, slowly draining out of her. Her legs were bloody and lined with cuts from the bite of the wires he restrained her with. Her face was red and swollen from all the tears she had cried, her voice hoarse from the hours of screaming.

Stretching, Xavier gave one final laugh. “That was fun, I’ll see you both later.”

He snapped his fingers and the wires binding Sophie disappeared and Helena felt her paralysis wane. Even while free, she couldn’t move. Her body was devoid of strength, as if she were drugged. She and Sophie did nothing but close their eyes and drift to sleep.

“Sophie! Sophie! Wake up!”

“Huh? What’s going on?”

The alarm was ringing, and as soon as she heard it, Helena woke up and bolted to her friend’s bed.

“Are you ok? Are you hurt? Come on, we have to get you to the hospital!”

“What are you talking about? I’m fine!”

“Fine?! Don’t you remember what happened last night?!”

Sophie looked at her, a look of annoyance mixed with a total lack of patience. “Helena, did you have another nightmare?”

Helena stared at her, wide eyed. Standing there, she realized that Sophie didn’t have any scars or signs of her assault. She staggered back, falling onto her bed. “Yeah, I guess I did…”

“For the love of God, you need to speak with one of priests and confess something.”

“I don’t know if any priest can help me with what I have…”

Helena stood in a hallway overlooking the school sports field. She had a free period, while outside Sophie and several other students were running laps in gym class. Nothing Helena had seen since waking up told her that her friend had been harmed in any way, even any signs that she had noticed what Xavier’s flames… had done to her body. Had it really just been a nightmare? Was her fear blurring her sense of reality?

“Did you enjoy the show?”

The whisper in her ear sent Helena spinning around, finding herself staring at Xavier with that same evil smirk on his face.

“So that was real? You really did that to Sophie?!”

“Oh, the way I’ve been limping all morning should tell you that. I’m still completely drained.”

“You’re pure evil,” she hissed.

A savage gleam to his eye, Xavier grabbed her wrists and slammed her against the window, his lips again to her ear. “Now that’s not true, even I have a drop of decency. After all, I did erase her memories and restore her body to its original condition. I even gave her back her virginity. There is absolutely no proof in the world that I raped her.”

Biting her lip, Helena brought up her knee to try and slam him in the groin, but before the strike could connect, she felt her strength vanish as if all of her tendons had been severed. Around her neck, her collar was glowing and the end of the ethereal leash was wrapped around his fingers.

“Oh, bad girl. I’ll have to punish you for that.”

He turned her around, making her look out the window. She could see Sophie down below, sitting on the grass with her friends, all of them panting and laughing while emptying their water bottles.

“Look at her, so innocent. She remembers nothing of how I brutalized her, how I tore away her virginity with that cross, how I raped her for hours and emptied myself into her womanhood. I said to her last night that she had become my personal cum dumpster, well I’ve decided I’m going to keep her around. When I get bored and long to feel the flesh of a woman, I think I’ll creep into your room and put on a show for you. I wonder which would be more entertaining, to let her remember every scene so that she can spend the days dreading my arrival, or to heal her and wipe her memory whenever I’m done with her, so that every night, she gets to experience the horror of some stranger coming into her room and taking her Christian chastity, to lose her virginity to her rapist over… and over… and over again.”

“I won’t let you hurt her, I’ll find a way to stop you!”

“Oh, you’ve done enough already. Don’t you realize why I’m doing this? It’s because she’s YOUR roommate. You dragged her into this by being a part of her world.”

“You’re just trying to trick me, I won’t give in!”

Xavier yanked on her leash, pulling her back against him. She clawed at her throat, gasping for air.

“I honestly prefer you don’t, that would be too boring. That fire in your eyes, that rebellious spirit… that is what drew me to you. Pray to God to protect you, try and shield your friends. I want you to rebel against me. I want you to keep hope alive and dream of a day when this collar with be broken. Hope is the belief that things will change, that even the most horrible situation will come to an end. People cling to hope because they have no choice but to believe that they can outlast their Hell or that something will happen to change all the rules of the game. But every time the sun rises on their bleak world, every time they feel the strike of the whip or club when someone was supposed to catch their tormentor’s hand, that hope turns on them.

I want you to keep hoping, because that will make your suffering all the more terrible. Every time I crush your hope, you will be overwhelmed by heartbreak, by disappointment, by abandonment and even betrayal by God and the world around you. Reach for the sun, my little flower, so that I may clip you and send you falling back to Earth. Wait for someone to come and rescue you, so that every time you feel my touch, you realize that you are all alone. Make this a glorious and eternal battle of wills, make me fight to win your heart.” He grasped her trinity necklace and held it up to her face. “Keep this close, so that you can learn again and again how useless it is.”

He then vanished, leaving Helena to fall to her knees, her throat sore and her body weak.

‘Don’t cry, don’t you dare cry,’ she told herself, feeling tears hanging from her lashes.

Having left Helena, Xavier was in a sinister mood. He was looking for someone, using his powers to track her, and as luck would have it, she was alone. Timing it perfectly, he rounded a corner just as a girl did. She was fifteen, small for her age, with short brown hair and a fragile look to her. She had been carrying several books and papers, and bumping into him, she fell and everything dropped into a mess.

“I’m sorry!” she squeaked, getting down and frantically trying to pull everything together.

“No, no, it’s my fault. I should have watched where I was going better.” Getting down on one knee, he helped her gather her books and papers. “Oh, I recognize you! I saw you in the cafeteria the day before yesterday,” he said cheerfully.

She looked up at him and her face turned red. The last time she had seen him, he smiled and winked at her. “You… remember me?”

“Of course. How could I forget those pretty eyes of yours?”

Not used to flattery, she ducked her head and tried to contain her nervousness. She wasn’t even picking up papers anymore.

“I’ve Xavier Michaels, and I see you are…” he picked up a homework assignment. “Lily Traiton, a beautiful name.” The worksheet he had retrieved had already been graded and it was dotted with red marks. “Having trouble with stoichiometry?” he asked, looking down through the problems.

“Give that back!” she cried out in embarrassment. He gave it to her and she stood up, all of her possessions in a messy pile in her arms. “Thank you,” she said nervously with her face downcast.

“I could help you.”

She looked up at him. “What?”

“I remember stoichiometry being the worst part about chemistry, but it’s not too bad once you figure it out. I could tutor you if you’d like.”

She averted her gaze, less nervous than before, but now feeling shame. “Why would someone like you help someone like me?”

Xavier put his hand on the top of her head, making her look up at him with eyes full of wonder. His smile was warm and kind. “Because something tells me you’ve always been afraid to ask for help. Listen, I’ll be in the library today at 6:00. If you’d like some help, come find me.”

Just as Xavier had planned, Lily came to find him in the library. They were sitting at an isolated table in the corner of the library, where no one would bother them. They had finished Lily’s chemistry homework and now he was checking it over.

“Very good, I can’t see any problems. You did a great job with this.”

Lily was trying to hide a bashful smile while she squirmed in her seat, unsure of what to do when complimented. “T-thank you.”

“I’m happy to help you. I’ve definitely found that the work at this school is difficult. Do you like it here?”

She lost her smile and turned away. “I don’t know.”

“Well we get to go home for a few weeks for summer break, just hold out for a month and you can spend some time at home.”

Lily brought her hand up to her mouth as if to chew her nails, but was really hiding away behind it. “This school is my home.”

A moment of silence passed between them.

“I understand.” She looked up at him and saw the same kind smile as when they met in the hall, but with sadness mixed in. “I know that this school still acts as a home for kids to have no other home to go to. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“It’s ok, my parents left me here when I was nine.”
She covered her mouth in the hope she could stop the words from coming out, but they had already been spoken. Why would she say that? She had never told anyone that!

Xavier held his hand out to her. “I’m sorry. Nobody, especially a girl as sweet as you, deserves to be abandoned like that. I won’t make the same mistake they did.”

“Do you really mean that?” He nodded and Lily slowly outstretched her small hand and rested it on Xavier’s palm. “Thank you.”

Helena stood before the doors of the university church, trying to work up the courage to touch the handles. It was in here that Xavier had revealed himself as the Antichrist and placed that collar on her. To her, this church had lost the feel of protection, as well perhaps as all churches. But there was someone here, someone who may be able to help. Pushing aside her fears, she opened the doors and stepped inside. At the end of the church, by the podium, a priest stood while facing a group of elementary school students, pointing out different aspects of the structure and giving them a mechanical understanding. He was Father Hauser, a young priest, early thirties, and at this school he was a professor of architecture, namely churches as to be expected. He was also a good friend of Helena.

Seeing her step into the church, he grinned and waved her over. A nervous smile, she approached and stood next to him in front of the young children.

“Boys and girls, this is one of my best students, Helena O’Connor. She has a noble path before her, one that was handed to her by God, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. You always had brilliant imagination for cathedrals, you could have been one of the greatest architects in Catholic history,” he beamed. He then looked at the children. “Now that I think about it, on a day as beautiful as today, not even a church is good place to keep you all. We’ll end this lesson, go out and enjoy the greatest architecture in the universe: the world that God created for us.”

The young students cheered at the prospect of getting out early, and as they swarmed out into the sun, Hauser turned to Helena and hugged her. “It’s been too long since we last spoke, how have you been?”

“Oh, uh… I’ve been ok,” she mumbled, suddenly more nervous than before, but comforted to have the care of someone she so respected.

“Come, take a seat. Normally when you come to me, it’s because you did something bad and need a Confession. Tell me, how many sinners did you punish this time?”

He sat down on the pew and Helena sat with him, but she couldn’t make eye contact. Her palms were sweaty and she was wringing her skirt.

“Uh, none. It’s not about that. It’s… it’s something different.”

“What is it?”

She looked at him, her eyes trembling with fear. “Everyone in this school is in danger.”

The calmness on Father Hauser’s face vanished. “What do you mean?”

Helena could feel the collar beginning to awaken. If she was right, then if she tried to reveal Xavier’s secret like she had with Sophie, the seal would close her throat and stop her from speaking. But perhaps, if she chose her words very carefully, it wouldn’t be triggered.


Helena’s throat tightened, cutting her off. She broke out into a coughing fit, struggling to breath.

“Helena!” Hauser exclaimed, trying to keep her from falling over.

Her throat relaxed but she could tell the brand could have done worse. That was a warning. She couldn’t mention Xavier even ambiguously.

“I’m ok, just allergies.”

“Helena, what were you saying about everyone in school being in danger?”

She took a moment to think, trying to come up with a way to fool the brand. ‘Maybe I don’t have to tell him, maybe I can tell the truth by lying.’ “Last night, I had a dream. It was more than a dream, I’m certain beyond doubt that it was sent to me by God. There is going to be a war.”

“What kind of war?”

Helena glanced up at the large crucifix on the back wall of the church. “A war that will… show… the truth. Father Hauser, everyone in the school is in danger.”

She then got to her feet and began hurriedly walking down the aisle.

“Helena, wait!” She stopped and looked back at Hauser. “Don’t go, we need to talk about this.”

“I’m sorry, Father, but my next class is about to start. If I say anything more, I’ll be late. Do you understand? I can’t tell you anything else right now because of class.”

Leaving the priest bewildered but concerned, she rushed out of the church.

The student stared at the entrance to the school, deep in thought. He was a senior, but he had been gone for a while. His hair was long and unkempt, his shirt was undone with rolled up sleeves, and he even had a tattoo on his neck. To strangers, he looked like nothing more than a punk that didn’t belong in a strict Catholic school, but above all, he was a man of faith, and the scowl he wore was one of stoicism. He had finally come back to school after taking care of business back home, but now he was hesitant to step onto the premises.

“There’s something evil here.”

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