My New Girlfriend_(1)

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After fucking my mom that day and leaving in the evening for the college in Utah. It was a good day. My mom was pleased that I fucked her as she was also planning on to the same for while now. She was just as great as any other mom but still, we fucked and it was one of the best parts of her.

When I landed in Utah it was good weather and spotted the bus that was arranged by the college and was just as good as the flight because the traffic took us nearly 2 hours to get there. As we jumped out of the bus our rooms and roommates were announced as I'm a fresher I had a roommate and he was also from NY. We went to the room and the size of the room was big enough for the two of us. We had a separate cupboard, study and workspace tables, bads in other direction, lamps etc. That we expect in the room. My roommate liked the bed near the door so I took the other one. His name is Amed and is of 20 years of age, older than me He dropped out of school for 2 years so he can work and earn some money.

Well, we settled for good. That night I mad a call to mom and told her everything, she was in a joy that I was settled and she also told me about her day. She was working so she didn't miss me in the day, but by the evening she was sad that I left and happy that I got to the place safe and sound.

Next day when attending all the classes I went to look for the court and some coach or players of basketball. What I found was more than I expected, it was not just a basketball court with some players but it was the whole stadium and there were squads of coaches and other crews. I saw some of them exercise, some shooting the ball, defensive and attacks plays. I was watching them and I heard a coach from my back. He recognized me from the plays in school and high school. He also watched me play. He asked me to come and join after some pre-game exercises, He is kind of cool guy.

After two weeks we had a game, more like a game to display our strength, I passed on to play in the main team after the midseason of college games, because new plays can only join after that. So I was put to practice and study.

I was always telling my mom about everything and if my mom asked I also sent her my nudes Add me on snapcat chikhan07 for some It was always a good thing for me as I also prove to be a good student by answering most of the questions in class. The teacher liked me, I made some very quick friends. One of them was a girl, her name is Cara, she was also a basketball player and she also wanted to play for the college. Most of the time we were together, and we enjoyed it all. After spending half of the semester we went to a club not too far from the college and it was great to have a girl because entry fee just got dropped by 100% as we entered as a couple.

It was fun to have a party like that, although we didn't drink alcohol or bears we enjoyed all the non-alcoholic things and it was as good as it could be. We danced, I didn't know how she thought me some. After that, we got out and went back to our rooms. That night she called me again and asked me to come and see her in the canteen. I went with no thought in my mind. She said she liked me and want to be in a relationship. I was shocked for once because I thought it was a prank or something, but after a few days, I said yes. We remained friends whole time until I said yes. She was also a good girl.

She had a really nice face cut and blue eyes, black highlighted hair, taller than normal. She hatted heals and loved to be in free cloths most of the time, but when it was the time for her to us in some really good cloth she looked beautiful. She rocked the subjects that I didn't understand and I rocked math that she didn't understand. I thought her most of the stuff by reference basketball, she got that al in a second.

After being in a relationship for nearly a month, she asked me to have dinner with her at her cousin brother's apartment he will be gone for more than a weekend so if we want to stay there we could. I asked mom about it and age said yes, but she said she will need some pics of me fucking her. I said I could try but couldn't promise.

On Friday that week, we went there, she took a bag and she said that if her brother is there just tell him that I only came to drop this bag, will be gone. I agreed.

When we got there her brother was not there and there was a note on the fridge that said "no boys" we laughed. She put that note on the fridge again and jumped got in my arms and we started to kiss. After a while, I stopped her and said "what are we doing"

"You know what are we doing, now don't be a kid and do it" she kissed me again. She was good at it. We were french kissing most of the time. After we broke our kiss she said "you are good at it, I can surely tell you have been with many"

"Only one and she is great"

"Who is she"

"Well, she is past" And we kissed again I could not tell her that it was the mom and her friend that I fucked because that will be gross, and that seemed to be working as she never asked me about any of the girls.

After some kissing we had dinner we watched a game together, also we completed an assignment that we had to submit the next day. After the assignment and all, we went to the bedroom. It was all set and had everything except for cleaning, we cleaned it up. While cleaning we found some used condoms, some broken glasses, a not working cell phone (which was not his as it had a pink back cover) any things that we arranged in the room and threw all the garbage.

Before going to bed she said "I like to sleep naked, clothes hurt me, if you don't mind I would like to be in comfort while I sleep", I was sure she would say so.

"Go ahead, I can do the couch"

"Don't be an idiot, come and sleep next to me, get rid of those if you also like it”I liked to be in boxers.

"Okay, I guess"

She took if her arms up and took off her t-shirt, she was in a white bra, her nipples were clearly visible, they were red/pink, she removed it too. She turned and removed her pajamas while shaking her ass. She was in white panties, her pussy was wet when we kissed as it had dry spots on it. She removed it too, her ass was big and round, her boobs are also if good size and pussy were pink just like her nipples. She had very little hair near her pussy.

She turned and said "what are you looking at, there is nothing like you haven't seen, well there is, this me, do you like the view"

I didn't say anything, she was looking great and now I knew why she liked loos cloths, her huge sizes were totally hidden in that type of cloths.

"Speak up," she said.

"I think you are a far more new person when you're naked"

"Thanks, now that you have seen me show me some of yours"

"What not that quick," I said. "We have a game tomorrow, maybe we can plan something after that"

"Ohh yeah, lets just sleep for now"

She went to bed and is very quick to sleep. She was halfway gone until I used the bathroom to piss. She was sleeping exposing her pussy and it was clear that she was fucked a couple of times. I clicked a picture and sent it to mom. She video called me right away and said "I would like to see it, I don't believe this pussy it's so perfect and so good looking"

"Okay" I took the phone to show her pussy she was amazed to see her pussy, she said "she will be great when you fuck her, don't rule, let her rule and you will forget the world"

I didn't get what she said but it was for sure that she once I got to fuck her she will be as awesome as anything else. With a thought like there, I fell asleep. In the morning we got up and had some breakfast went to college. After college, I went to the gym and did some pregame exercise, played 2 mini-games till the coach made us play in the real game. After the game he said he can put me in college team if I play just the same for the next games. I got excited about and same and wanted to perform better in upcoming games.

After watching Cara's game I realized that she had a very far to go if she wants to play as a professional. She plays good but couldn't be selected for the team and was only asked to stay at the bench and practice more. She got a bit sad but she got happy when she heard about my game. She said "congratulations and also teach me a thing or two so I can also play good."

After the team games, we got her brother's apartment and had brunch as we skipped lunch. She changed into her usual clothes and after the brunch, she said "tomorrow is a Sunday, and I don't have periods for next weekend, and I'm on birth control too, you could do me if you like"

I said, "I could do you all day and all night", she giggled a bit and said, "I would see about that after some this of that" she pointed at my dick.

She said, "if you want I can also do vids, I just love cams but don't publish them, I had my face too." I was kind of shocked that she said about vids. "I would like to see some first," I said.

"See what"

"Some of those videos that you are talking about"

"They are on my phone"

"Let's do it on TV, this apartment is soundproof for a reason"

"Let's do it"

I turned on the TV and she played 6-7 videos on the TV, she was just enjoying in all of those videos but most of those dicks were shorter then mine, all those videos were cum shoot out, on her pussy.

"Now I know what I have that they lag, and I can tell you will love it"

"We will see about that" she got naked. I also got naked, she had a look at my dick and said "wow, that's huge"

She started to lick, did some quick deepthroat, some spit on dick and played with her pussy the whole time. I hit her up and kissed her, kissed her boobs they were huge and I could fit them in my hands, she was having fun for sure, she got to such horny that she could just do anything now to get dick in her pussy, I kissed her pussy, that was amazing, I licked her pussy like crazy and pushed my tongue in a few times.

After a while of 69, I pushed my dick in her pussy, I only used half of my dick and she was in heaven, she screamed of joy, she started to mutter something but I had my dick keep going in and out, but just half. After a while, she pushed herself and my dick was completely in her pussy, it was like I was balls deep in her, she screamed like crazy, and her mutter became voices, she was muttering "I want that all in, more, more make me cum."

I just knew what I had to do, I took my whole dick out and passed all in in a single go, and did that several times until she moved and she was on top, she was fucking her self like she knows what she was doing but we both didn't. She was jumping on my dick and her boobs made a double bounce with each jump. She was cumming for sure because with each jump she took she pussy got tight and tight.

I got so tight that I felt my dick was some heavy pressure, I passed her on dick and made her stay there, she kissed me while keeping dick in her pussy and we kissed for like a minute or more but she didn't take my dick out, I was still far from cumming, I didn't have sex in like more than a month, I knew I need more.

She started to jump again, this time she was talking slow movement as she sat, she was just grinding on dick after every 10 or so jumps, grinding was awesome for all the times that we had sex that time.

She asked "have you done a face sit"

"I did not do that"

She came up and sat on my face with her pussy on my mouth, she mover back and forth, left and right, keeping her pussy pushed deep in my mouth, she moved faster and faster and faster I loved it, she just kept going and going I was going breathless already.

After some of she sat on my chest and said "take a while and fuck me", I pushed my finger in her pussy and moved it around for a few moments and her did just squint, right on my face, the bed got wet, we moved to another side of the bed and I started to fuck her, this time I pushed my dick in with all the force and she was just muttering to make to cum in her, I kept on going and finally cummed in her deep as I could, even after that I kept on fucking her, my dick was still hard, I fucked her pussy for a while and realized, that I was about to cum again, I asked her to take it to her mouth and hold it.

She started to suck my dick, I released my cum in her mouth and she was holding my cum in her mouth, I got my phone and clicked some pics of her mouth and pussy dripping my cum, I clicked on her phone too.

We went to the bathroom, she went for a shower, I joined her too, we kissed again, my dick got hard again, but we decided to let go for that time. We went to get some towels but only found more used condoms, and some female condoms too. We laughed and didn't use those condom towels.

We went naked in the hall and sat there, we turned on the TV and watched some basketball game, it was around 9 by then, I ordered food, when the food came we were still naked, and I looked from the spyhole, it was a girl. So I asked her to get food. Delivery girl was surprised as Cara walked naked in front of her. Cara took it all light and sat delivery girl free.

We had food, and we were just playing with food more than we eat, after some food fight, we had sex again, like 4 times that one single night. We slept when it was already morning, nearly 8, I woke up nearly at 3 PM and there were 35 missed calls from my mom, I called her and she said "where the fuck are you"

“I'm with the same girl that I sent pics of it was amazing last night"

"I know it was amazing, but why didn't you answer your phone"

"I just woke up"

"At 3 in the noon, I bet you had sex all night"


"How was it and where are my pics"

"Comming up" I sent a few that I clicked last night and a video that she made.

"Will watch that soon, miss you"

"Miss you more, bye"

"Bye, and have more sex, it's key for you, have more sex"

"Sure will"

Cara woke up too, she had a talk with her dad and mom. She told them about last night and about me, I was for a moment surprised that they were like this too. She hung the phone.

Maybe we have to go by 5 so we can just be having rest tonight and ready for classes in the morning", she said.

"Sounds great"

"I'll hit the shower, care to join"

"Sure" and we laughed, we were naked so I hit on her butts she hit me back on my butts.

We played that hitting till we got to the bathroom. She butts was all red from hitting and the same could be said for mine too.

I turned on the water and she stood in the bathtub and said "I have to pee"

"Then do it"

"Promise you won't laugh"

"I have seen up close you doing that"

"Just promise"


She just peed while she was standing and her legs were all wet on that pee, I wanted to laugh, but had a promise to keep, I watched her pee more and it got hard for me to control my laugh more and more. When she was done peeing she said: "I only do it in the shower and keep everything very hygienic, but I just can't resist pee in the shower like this."

I said nothing. She cleaned it all like her own pee and pussy with soap, then she used soap again on her pussy. It was fun to watch her shower like that. She also turned down to wash her legs, showing me her asshole, "it was the only hole that was not fucked last night"

"Do you want to do it"

"Like now"

"Yeah, I can see your dick is hard again"

I just ignored whatever she said now and put my dick on the asshole, I knew it was going to be hard to fuck her like that, but I knew we had quick it up.

I took water jet and wet her ass and my dick and put it on her asshole again, I moved it around for a while and pushed it bit in but Cara pushed her self in and took whole dick in, "I haven't been fucked in the ass for a long time" she said

I started to fuck her ass, hitting on her butts. I took her boobs and started to speed up, I got it so fast that I dropped a few strokes and pushed and pulled again and again. it was amazing cuz her ass was tight and got bit tight as I fucked her.

I nearly just fucked ass for 15 mins and had to cum, I cummed in her ass not so deep, for a while I admired her ass as it dripped my cum and Cara just took it, was playing with it.

We washed and finally wore some clothes, we left the apartment and went to college as her brother will take keys from the college itself.

I told my mom about that too. It was a Sunday so she was naked at home and we did some naked video chats in my room, my roommate was out all the time.

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