Our new toy

If you’ve been following our stories then you know that Mike and Misty are extremely sexually active people. Mike and Misty are not our real names however the stories that we write here are either true stories with names changed or fantasies that we have discussed doing. And yes we really do have a list that we add to on a regular basis. Its more of a book now than a list! But we will continue to post things here as Mike and Misty and hope that you enjoy reading about our fantasies and experiences.

Misty and I had been discussing bringing another man into our fun and we have even been talking to a few willing participants but they usually back out at the last minute. I was away on business and Misty had decided that she was going to make a surprise visit and we were going to get this guy toy fantasy completed. I was looking forward to it actually. For some reason it really got my blood boiling to think about watching her as she sucked another man’s cock and stroked mine at the same time or to watch her suck a man while I was fucking her. So we had put out some feelers and found a guy that said he was willing to join us. As luck would have it we also got a response from a girl that also wanted to have a little fun with us. So we decided to get a room at a local hotel and invite our prospective boy toy over.

We got to the hotel early and got the room ready and headed to the liquor store for some supplies. We had been talking to this guy Alex through text and had sent pictures of Misty to him and he had sent pictures of himself and we were both nervous but extremely excited to get this night going. We had stopped to grab something to eat on our way back to the hotel when we got a text from Alex that read “Sorry I have to cancel, something came up.” We were both disappointed that we weren’t going to get to have our fun with him and started discussing other options. We talked about going to a bar a picking some dude out from the crowd but weren’t real fond of the complete stranger thing. Then like a light bulb had gone off we both remembered the girl that had contacted us. Misty quickly shot her a text and told her that we were going to be drinking and playing games at our hotel if she wanted to come by. She got a response back almost immediately. “Heck yeah I’m down! I’ll be there in 30 minutes” is what she replied.

We went back to our room and took a couple shots of tequila to calm our nerves and started playing a game of black jack. Like clockwork there was a knock at the door exactly 30 minutes from when she text us. Misty went to the door to greet her and she came in. Her name was Dawn and she was dressed casually in blue jeans and a loose t-shirt with her hair done up in pig tails. You couldn’t see much of her body through her clothes but you could tell that she was slender and she was cute. We all sat down at the table and started playing drinking games until we were all very intoxicated. We were all so drunk that we couldn’t remember how it all got started but soon enough we were all naked and had been teasing each other off and on throughout the games. Finally I stood up and said that I couldn’t drink another drop and that must have been the cue the girls were waiting on as they dove on each other. They were moving all over the bed as the started making out and Misty was working her way down Dawn’s body to her sweet warm pussy. I climbed on the bed and put my cock at eye level with Dawn’s face and she immediately went to work licking and sucking on my cock.

I looked down and watched as Misty devoured this girl’s pussy. You could tell that she was on a mission to make this girl cum. From where I was I could briefly see her tongue from time to time as she worked her way up down Dawn’s slit and started sliding two fingers inside her pussy. She moaned around my rock hard cock as Misty entered her and continued her assault on that pussy. I continued to watch as she moved her head back and forth burying her nose into Dawn’s clit.
I looked down at Dawn who was starting to suck my cock into the back of her throat. I could feel her swallow as she took my length and grasped it with her throat. I grabbed her head and slowly started fucking her mouth while she moaned on my cock from what Misty was doing to her. Misty got up and asked me if I wanted her to help me fuck her. “MMMM yes please” I said and moved around the bed and positioned myself between Dawn’s legs. Misty reached down and grabbed my cock and pulled me to Dawn’s pussy as she stared into my eyes. Once she had me at her entrance she looked at me and I leaned in and kissed her while sliding my cock through her hand and into Dawn’s waiting pussy. She felt good but the feeling of sliding through Misty’s hand at the same time was amazing. She squeezed base of my cock harder as I began thrusting in and out of our new toy. Dawn yelled out “OH MY GOD!” I could tell that she was about to cum and so could Misty because she removed her hand from my cock and leaned down and started licking Dawn’s clit while I continued to fuck her to her orgasm.

“Jesus……fucking…..christ” yelled Dawn as she started cumming. I could feel her cum splashing my cock and kept fucking her harder and faster prolonging her orgasm. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck yes!”” She screamed out and started panting.

As she caught her breath I pulled Misty from her clit and started kissing at the juices that had flooded her face and I could tell that Dawn tasted very good. Misty then bent over and took my cock in hand and started licking and sucking me clean. Once she was finished she turned her focus back on Dawn’s pussy. “Damn” I thought to myself, “she really likes eating this girl’s pussy!” I bent down beside her and watched as she licked and sucked on her clit and pussy. She pulled off and grabbed my head and pushed me into Dawn’s pussy. I went to work licking her clit and working my way down to her sweet love hole where I pushed my tongue inside and started fucking her with my tongue.

The next thing I know I feel the warmth of Misty’s mouth on my cock. She had worked her way to the bottom of the bed and under me and started licking my cock. I could feel that she was starting the way she knew that I liked running her lips up and down my shaft while her other hand stroked the head. I continued to lick and suck on Dawn’s sweet pussy while my girlfriend slid my throbbing cock into her mouth and I moaned into the succulent pussy in my face. She started to buck and scream as she had another orgasm. I had to get up at that point. I had to get my cock in Misty’s warm wet pussy. I got up and told Misty that I wanted to fuck her hard and make her cum all over my cock. She eagerly agreed and got on the bed on her hands and knees.
I got up behind her and thrust my cock deep into her waiting pussy in one long stroke. Dawn was in front of her kissing her and was slowly working her way down Misty’s back to her ass. She rested her face on the side of my girlfriend’s ass and watched as I thrust harder and deeper inside of her. “Yeah baby,” she said. “Fuck that pussy! Oh my god your cock looks so good fucking her!” She was egging me on and trying to get me to cum. I told her to get underneath of Misty and eat her pussy while I fucked her and we could make her cum together. She did as she was told and in no time was under Misty and licking away at her and my cock as I continued to fuck her. Misty buried her face back in Dawn’s pussy again. “Damn she really likes this girls pussy” I thought to myself again. They were both moaning as we continued what we were doing. I pulled my cock from Misty’s velvety pussy and plunged it right into Dawn’s mouth and fucked her face for a little while before thrusting back into Misty. I heard Misty start to scream but she buried her face back into what she had been lusting after this whole time and muffled her screams.

I started getting the feeling like I was going to cum and I thrust harder and harder and suddenly…”OH….MY…..GOD! I’M CUMMING!!” I screamed as I started to fill Misty’s pussy with my cum. I pulled out and continued splashing my cum all over Misty’s pussy and watched as Dawn opened her mouth and began to catch what was dripping down. I aimed my cock and sprayed the last few ropes of my hot cum on Dawn’s face as Misty turned around still on top of Dawn and took the head of my cock into her mouth trying to get every last drop of cum from my now deflating cock. Dawn joined in licking the sides of my shaft moaning as she tasted the mix of Misty and my cum. Once they had me cleaned up Misty looked down at Dawn and saw the cum on her face. “Oh let me get that for you” she told our toy and started licking the cum from her face before ending with a kiss as they swapped my cum back and forth and eventually swallowed it.
I was spent after this and fell on the bed next to the girls as Misty got up and planted her pussy right down on Dawn’s face. Dawn went to work sucking all the cum from around and inside Misty’s swollen pussy. Then Misty collapsed and we all lay there catching our breaths.

“Well time for me to get going yall,” Dawn said with a big smile on her face. She leaned down and gave Misty a long passionate and kiss and then leaned over and pecked me on the cheek. She said goodbye and we never saw her again.

Misty and I lay there for quite some time just reveling in the moment and coming down from our orgasmic highs. We got up a few minutes later and showered together. After we had washed each other down I gave her a long passionate kiss and told her that the next time we bring a toy over to play with that it will definitely be our fantasy of another guy. She smiled and said that sounds great and we kissed again. We got out of the shower and climbed into bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. We didn’t wake up until 12 the next afternoon.

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