Phoenix Pt 4 Ch 14

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The great ship was passing Earth’s moon. They were only hours away, now.

‘We should go down to the arborium!’ Beth cried in Béla’s mind. ‘One last time, Sister!’ An anxious lust accompanied her thought.

They teleported down to the arborium to see what they could find to use on each other. There was nothing left except the bows and a few arrows, several hatchets and some rusted, bloody knives. They had used up absolutely everything else. There were shell casings everywhere, but no guns. As the weapons were emptied, one or the other of the sisters had simply teleported the useless metal into space. They’d cleaned up and discarded the empty containers yesterday when they’d returned to their favorite playground looking for something to do.

“I don’t feel like bows and arrows,” Beth complained.

“And the knives are all rusty,” Béla noticed.

“How about I just tear you apart?” Beth asked. “That’s always fun… What?”

Béla had reached down and picked up a shell casing. It was hollow, but the metal around the open end was sharp…

Beth saw what her sister had in mind and licked her lips, feeling her body respond to the image. She stepped forward, her belly tight with anticipation and, jutting her bare breasts out, she gazed into her sister’s eyes.

‘Okay, I’m ready!’

Béla carefully placed the open end of the shell casing over Beth’s hard little nipple and began twisting it and pressing in, cutting into her sister’s breast.

‘Oh, God! She's going to core my tits!’ Beth cried out.

By the time the solid end of the shell casing was flat even with Beth’s bloody flesh, tears were streaming down her face. Her body trembled with the quiet agony in her sensitive breast. Her legs were wet with piss and girl-cum, and her knees were weak.

Béla looked at the shiny little disk embedded in her sister’s tit and smiled, admiring her handiwork. Then she flipped it with the end of her finger, causing Beth to gasp at the sudden increase in her agony.

“You like that?” Béla asked, flippantly.

Breathing heavily, Beth could only nod, not trusting her voice.

“Want me to do the other one?”

Still trembling, Beth presented her other tit to be similarly treated. A moment later, both her nipples were encased in metal shell casings. Blood oozed out around the edges where her tender flesh met cold metal.

‘God, they feel like they’re on fire!’ she whispered, her voice shaking from the pain and the sexual stimulation it caused her.

Beth pressed her metal-tipped tits against her sister and embraced her, tightly, radiating the fire in her tits through both their bodies.

‘Now I get to do you!’

Béla teleported a shell casing into her hand and handed it to Beth. She could feel her own body tighten up in anticipation of the mutilation her nipples were about to receive. Then she was holding onto Beth’s rib cage, hissing through clenched teeth and trying to hold steady while Beth twisted and pressed the shell casing into her bleeding breast, encasing her nipple forever in the shiny, white-hot steel.

After she finished both breasts, Beth stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“I like them,” Beth grinned. “And they feel really great! What do you think?”

Béla gently ran her fingers over her new metal nipples, wiping moist droplets of blood off around the edges of the metal casings and licking it off her fingers. She was breathing heavily from having to hold her body still while her sister had pressed that second one into her right tit.

‘And it’s not that easy to hold still when you’re coming that hard…’

She moved her arms back, thrusting her breasts forward. The exquisite pain around her nipples increased.

‘This should make flying a lot more interesting…’

Béla moved her arms back further, triggering her transformation from normal human to winged vampire. She moved her wings through their entire range of motion, gasping in shallow breaths as the tightly stretched flesh of her breasts moved against the metal casings.

She grinned at Beth and sprang into the air, flapping her wings to gain some altitude. Then she cried out as one of the shell casings came loose and fell away. As she landed, the other one popped loose and fell to the ground. Her skin tissue began to grow back together around her blackened nipples.

“Well, so much for that idea,” Béla sighed as she returned to her mundane human form.

She held her tender breasts for a moment while they healed, and noticed just how many shell casings were lying around. She began popping any shell casings she could see out of the arborium, teleporting them outside the ship and into space, several at a time.

‘All this metal can’t be good for the plants,’ Béla explained. ‘We shouldn’t leave it here.’

Beth decided to help. Although she didn’t really care that she could fly, she formed her wings and flew over the areas they had used as their playground, teleporting any shell casings and trash she could see into the depths of planetary space. All this stuff would eventually be attracted by the moon’s gravitational pull and end up on the surface. If any human ever returned to the moon, those used shell casings would be a mystery no one could ever explain.

As she flew, Beth’s own metal ‘nipple-caps’ fell away. She caught them with her mind as they fell, and shoved them into space outside the ship along with a handful (mind-full?) of everything else she’d been accumulating.

When she got tired, Beth dropped down and awkwardly landed on her hands and feet with her breasts still hurting. Béla dropped gracefully down beside her, having done the same cleanup duty in another section of the arborium.

“Well, it looks like we’re really done here,” Beth said tiredly.

Beth’s eyes were tearing and Béla suddenly realized that it wasn’t from the painful sensation of her nipples healing and coming back to life as Beth radiated her thoughts into her mind.

‘I’ve loved being here with you, sharing myself with you. I can’t imagine what you would have done without me along to torture you and keep you occupied.’

“I’m going to miss you,” Beth continued, switching to verbal. Her voice was strangely uneven with emotion.

“Miss me? Where are you going?” Béla asked.

Suddenly distraught, she touched her mind against Beth’s. Surprisingly, there were no plans. Beth hadn’t planned anything at all to do on Earth.

Béla dug a little deeper and discovered that once Beth understood that Earth had no future, she was afraid to do anything that might cause her to fall in love with it again. She wasn’t even planning on going down to the surface with Béla. She intended, instead, to stay on the great ship and work as a crewmember, returning alone to New Eden when the ship left Earth.

“That’s a three year journey!” Béla exclaimed. “And the ship isn’t even leaving anytime in the next two years! That’s five years! What are you going to do? Just sit?”

Beth burst into tears, shaking her head, not knowing what else to do. Béla embraced her miserable sister and mind-linked more solidly with her.

An image of Beth fitting in with my family of friends, Beth and Tanya together, making friends, making love. Two sisters playing ‘hide and hunt’ in the mountains with Jake shooting at us. Beth traveling with her and her close-knit family back to New Eden when the great ship came to collect them in twenty years.

“There’s a future, if you would like to share it with me,” Béla said softly. “I love you. I don’t want to see you alone any more than you wanted to see me make this long journey by myself.

“You think I’ve taught you a lot, but I’ve learned a lot from you, too. Together we are stronger than we are separately. Together, we make two complete persons. Please stay with me.”

Béla’s eyes were tearing up now, and her nose was starting to run. The two sisters hugged each other tightly.

‘If you want me to, I’ll stay with you forever!’ Beth promised, radiating joy and love to her sister as they embraced.


The two princesses were back on the bridge during the ship’s descent into the thick atmosphere. Even though they were coming down on the night side of the planet, the great ship was in ‘stealth’ mode, invisible to the naked eye. It would remain in ‘stealth’ mode until this phase of Project Earth-fill was complete and they began the return journey to Deimos and New Eden.

The intermediate stop at Deimos would be the last visit the great ship would make to that station, collecting the remainder of the personnel there and transporting them onward to their future home in New Eden. Sibilius had remained behind at Deimos, making final preparations for closing the tiny space station that had been their home for several thousand years.

After unloading the cargo and goods from Earth upon arrival at New Eden, the great ship would make one last journey directly to the third planet to retrieve the Princess Béla, her sister and their companions.

Béla didn’t understand why the Deimos Station was being abandoned at this time, but the great ship was not to dock at the Deimos Station for any reason on its return journey to Earth sometime in the next fifteen to twenty years. The Praetor had ordered it. The Praetor was the lawgiver and its orders would be obeyed. Only Béla, as Carte Blanche, was outside the Praetor’s jurisdiction.

The great ship skimmed along the surface, five hundred meters above the waves. It was headed west, across the Atlantic Ocean, chasing the edge of darkness westward around the planet. They would drop off the princesses in the middle of the northern continent ahead of them, then continue on up to where the ice caps never melted to begin filling the ship with much needed ice and earth, trees and various forms of wildlife.

Bears and wolves were not on the agenda, but bison and reindeer were, as well as dogs, beavers, and several other species that Béla didn’t remember. She imagined that roaches, rats, and insect pests would make the journey too, even though they weren’t on the list. They lived in the dirt, and dirt was being transported to New Eden. There was no way to avoid transporting them, too.

Béla and Beth hugged each other excitedly. Beth was nervous and full of butterflies about finally meeting Frank and Tanya in person. She really liked Tanya and hoped that Tanya liked her. Tanya had been willing to demonstrate her little gun, even though it wasn’t loaded. Offering to shoot her was a positive sign of friendship as far as Beth was concerned.

“Look! That’s were I got the fruit!” Beth said excitedly, recognizing the coastline on the monitors.

Florida showed up as a long, bright row of lights running along the coastline and around the tip of the peninsula, then up the backside. The lights continued on over the horizon and disappeared into the soft glow of another city they couldn’t see.

The ship continued inward across a great sea, bearing more northwest, now. They were getting near where the princesses would be disembarking. After a short time, the moonlight reflecting off the waves a half-mile below disappeared, then occurred only sporadically as the great ship passed over a river or lake on its journey across the dark landscape.

“That glow you see on the horizon is Houston. It’s a big city out in the desert,” Béla explained, surprised, but happy about remembering the names of some of these cities she hadn’t seen for a century or two.

They watched the monitors as the city swiftly grew to fill the entire landscape, then passed beneath the great ship in a blur of bright lights, rapidly becoming a glow on the horizon behind them. Even though they only saw Houston for a few seconds, Beth was amazed at the sheer size of the city.

‘And all those lights! My God! It’s like taking every light in New Eden, putting them in one place and turning them all on at the same time ten times over!’

‘Thank you for the tour,’ Béla thought to the Bridge Officer.

The Bridge Officer smiled at her, keeping to himself that the city they had zoomed over was Dallas, not Houston. Béla didn't know the difference, but it would be rude to correct her in front of her sister and the rest of the crew. She was 'Carte Blanche', after all. She had the right to be wrong.

The next city they would pass over would be their destination; Bozeman, Montana. Other cities between Dallas and Bozeman would be avoided, as there was always some risk of encountering other air traffic. The Bridge Officer had overflown the city only at the request of the Carte Blanche, who had wished to show her sister what a big city looked like at night.

A few minutes later, he informed the princesses that they were approaching their destination. Béla had already let him know that it wouldn’t be necessary to set the ship down. The girls would simply teleport to the surface, each with a bag of clothing and Béla’s Praetor.

Hovering over the city, Béla chose a well-lighted street corner that she hoped was near Frank and Tanya’s apartment. There was no one for a block or two in any direction at this hour, so their arrival would most likely go unnoticed.

The princesses disappeared from the bridge. A second later, they appeared in the monitor, standing in the street half a mile below. Beth let Béla handle the teleport. One second, she was looking at the monitor on the Bridge. The next, she was surrounded by cool night air, looking at a very tall lamp with a blinking red light on it.

There were four of them, with four lights each, all blinking red, one on each corner of the intersection where they stood in the middle of the street. The lights made a buzzing sound as they blinked. Other lights on the sides of buildings formed letters. Those lights hurt her inside her head, somehow.

“Wow! Where are we?” Beth asked excitedly.

She looked around, her eyes wide. There were lights everywhere, fighting back against the darkness of the night. Even the sky wasn’t black. It seemed clear, but somehow grayish. No stars were visible through the gray haze.

‘That’s because the ship is still up there, Silly!’ Béla said in her mind. ‘When it’s gone, you’ll be able to see at least a few stars in spite of all this surface lighting.’

They walked out of the middle of the street and up onto the sidewalk. At this hour, the walkway wasn’t moving.

“I think it’s this way,” Béla suggested.

They began to walk. It was after three o’clock in the morning. A ground car went by. As it passed, it slowed down and honked. The sudden noise terrified Beth and she dropped her clothing bag.

“Hey, Honey!” someone called. “Lookin’ for a date?”

‘Ignore him!’ Béla said in Beth’s mind. ‘Just keep walking!’

‘What’s wrong?’ Beth wanted to know.

‘He wants to fuck us!’ Béla told her. ‘He thinks we’re whores.’

It was a logical mistake, after all. Two hot, young brunettes dressed in colorful, very short dresses walking the streets at three in the morning equals ‘two hot little hookers looking for a party’.

‘I like parties,’ Beth replied to Béla’s thoughts, ‘and you look really hot! What’s a hooker?’

‘A girl who fucks for money,’ Béla explained.

Beth turned bright red. Béla didn’t believe it. ‘What! You can blush? After what you’ve shoved in there? Besides, weren't you a whore when you met you-know-who?’

'I was a priestess, I'll have you know, and a diviner!' Beth insisted in her mind. 'Those villagers were being incited by some creep from a rival sect! I have NEVER been a whore and those fucking priests been lying about me for the last two thousand years! Jealous assholes!'

'Easy up, girl," Béla laughed, out loud. "I believe you!"

A loud siren sounded just behind them. Both girls jumped and turned around in surprise. A black and white sedan with several flashing red, white and blue lights was setting at the curb behind them. Two spotlights, one on each side of the vehicle, brightly lit up the girls, incidentally blinding them in the process.

“Stay where you are,” someone said, sounding bored. “Put down your bags and hold your hands up where I can see them.”

Beth watched Béla set down her bag of clothes and the Praetor, then stand up with her hands raised around her head. She followed her sister’s actions, completely in the dark about what was happening, but took an extra look to admire the way Béla's sarong raised up to show off her slinky legs. Beth raised her hands higher, wanting to give this guy a better show than her sister.

“What are you two doing out here at this hour?” the officer wanted to know.

‘Jeez! These hot babes look like uptown hookers! A little young, maybe. Why are they slumming in this crummy neighborhood? What happened to their shoes?’

“Sorry, officer,” Béla said, hoping they were still called that. “We’re lost! Our ride dumped us here. I’m trying to find my, um, my brother’s house, I mean his quarters… apartment.”

“Where does this brother of yours live?” the officer asked, not believing her for a second.

‘It’s probably her pimp she’s looking for. No doubt her last customer dumped her in this seedy neighborhood for wanting too many credits to get between her legs.’

He wondered how much would be asking too much to get into a sweet piece of meat like either one of them. These were not cheap call girls. They were wearing real, imported silk. Those dresses alone were probably worth a couple thousand on the market, easily.


‘He thinks about you like I do,’ Beth thought to her sister cheerfully. ‘I like him. Just his mind, not the rest of him! He’s too fat! If you fucked him, do you think he’d take us where we need to go?’

‘He’d probably want to fuck both of us, as a pair,’ Béla thought back. ‘Fucking pervert. You’d have to fuck him, too!’

“Um, I don’t know his address,” Béla said, wondering how she was going to handle this.

‘I’ve forgotten how difficult it is to explain things in a society that’s not telepathic!’ she thought.

“I know what the building looks like…” she continued out loud.

“Do you even know his name?” the officer asked, realizing that the hot little sluts were just lying to him to stay out of jail.

These girls were so obviously hookers. He was going to enjoy taking them in. They would probably offer themselves to him for free to avoid arrest and a fine. He wondered how much he would actually get on the market for one of those dresses.

‘What does he mean, take us in?’ Beth asked. ‘Take us in where?’

‘To a station house,’ Béla informed her. ‘To confine us so we can’t escape.’

‘That’s silly!’ Beth replied, almost laughing out loud. ‘There isn’t anything that they can put us in that we can’t just hop out of.’

‘Let’s keep that a secret for now, okay?’ Béla mentally suggested. 'Earth people don't really appreciate 'differences' that well'

“Frank Tabor,” Béla told the officer. “He has an apartment around here somewhere.”

‘Tabor? Oh, great!’ the officer thought to himself, disappointed that his nightly routine was going remain routine. ‘These girls aren’t hookers at all. They’re just rich kids visiting relatives for Labor Day. These dumb girls seem to think they’re immortal, so they never take care to stay out of trouble!’

“I’ll take you,” the officer decided.

He didn’t want any Tabors to disappear into this neighborhood on his beat only to show up in the obits! Rich girls this good looking didn’t live long out here, whether they gave their permission to be killed or not. The market for real snuff Tri-d was much too alive and well.

‘He thinks funny,’ Beth told her sister, ‘but he thinks we look good. What’s an ‘o’ bit’?’

Béla had no idea, either. ‘Something you put on the end of a drill, I guess…’

‘A drill? That sounds like fun,’ Beth replied, radiating a light, friendly bit of lust.

‘Oh! I remember! I can’t believe they still call it that! An ‘obit’ is a list of dead people!’

‘Ugh! I don’t want to be on that list!’

At the officer’s invitation, they picked up their bags and climbed into the back of the vehicle. The officer’s eyes widened as they scooted across the seat, their sarongs riding up around their waists. They were completely bare beneath the filmy silk – no panties, no hair!

‘Beauty is so fucking wasted on the rich,’ the officer thought to himself, disgruntled.

He closed the door and walked around the vehicle to get in the other side. He would take them down to the station house so they could call the Tabor kid and have him send his limo to get them.

He climbed into the car and turned around to tell the girls where they were going. His mouth dropped open.

They were gone.

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