Naruko stood naked outside the great gate, one arm crossed over her breasts and the other covering her hairless cunt. Her head was turned aside shyly.

“I'm not sure about this” she said, her voice hesitant, lacking any of its normal fire.

“You said I was your precious comrade of the Hidden Leaf Village. If that is true, why don't you trust me?” came a reply, booming from the darkness beyond the huge bars.

“This isn't about trust!” she shouted back, glaring into the darkness and waving her arms angrily. Realizing she had exposed herself, the sexy blonde immediately snapped her arms back to their former positions and turned her head away again, embarrassed and blushing brightly. She continued, her voice now even more shy and hesitant, “It's justI”

“Do you think I will treat you poorly? That I will hurt you?” A pair of blood red eyes with slitted pupils became visible beyond the gate, each as large as the girl outside.

“No!” the girl shouted, her denial overcoming her timidity as she met the gaze head on. After several seconds of contact though, her nerve broke and she averted her eyes and toed the ground; the ankle deep water, while thick like oil, was warm and comforting, something she was happy for. “I'm sorryI know it's okay. I'm just”

The giant eyes tilted slightly and focused in thought. His containers actions were most unlike her. Granted, all her behavior today had been unusual, but the way she acted now wasfamiliar. After several seconds, the memory came. A soft chuckle emerged from the shadows, a deep rumbling that was felt more than heard.

“I see. I mistook your shyness for fear, but you are simply uncertain. So unlike you and yet I recall your mother behaving the exact same way once as well.” A smile appeared in the darkness, gleaming and white against the blackness. It might have been comforting if the teeth weren't all longer than she was tall and razor sharp. “You are the one who said she wanted 'practice'. There is no shame in changing your mind.”

Of course Kurama was right. She had been the one to barge in and ask for this and she could change her mind. StillShe was Naruko Uzumaki and no amount of nervousness had gotten in her way before. She hadn't even been nervous until all her clothes were gone. Hell yeah! The whiskered teen squared her shoulders and met the red-eyed gaze again, her expression determinedeven if she didn't move her arms.

“I'm ready.”

“Then you know what you must do.”

Naruko took the arm covering her crotch and held it out, hand tensed and fingers curled. Dark sealing symbols emerged from her skin, racing down the inside of her arm and forming into a sun-like circle on her palm. Her stomach held a matched if dissimilar seal, a spiral surrounded by two arcs with four emerging rays. Placing her palm on her stomach, she twisted, causing the spiral to iris open. As it did, a clicking sound echoed around the area. On the cage, far above the blonde's head in the center, a similar spiral mechanism was opening, unlocking the doors.

As the doors opened, the area behind the cage suddenly became visible; the prison's sole tenant becoming bored with the dramatic behavior. Kurama, the Nine Tailed Fox, laid in the water in a distinctly unimposing position: head resting on his crossed, human-like front arms courtesy of his simian shoulders, canine hind legs twisted out to one side, nine long tails splayed across the water. He was huge, even now Naruko didn't stand halfway up his arms. The beast was covered in reddish-orange fur and had long, pointy ears, much more like a rabbit's then a foxes'. The blonde could also just see the tip of a massive sheath poking out from between his hind legs.

Once the gate was open, Kurama raised his head and stretched his neck, then looked down at his container once again. She was the one to propose this, she should be the one to start. He moved one of his great hands, they were hands, complete with opposable thumbs, in an 'and now' gesture at the tiny human female.

Naruko inhaled deeply, exhaled, and moved her arms, exposing herself. It was a sight more most of the men in Konoha would have paid or killed to see. The sixteen year old was perfectly tan, with no area untouched by the sun. Her face was angular but not sharp, perfectly smooth lines that drew out her beauty. Her lips were full and red, her eyes blue like the noon sky and her blonde hair, brushed back from her face, fell in a wavy sheet down to the center of her back. Her eyebrows were the same golden blonde as her hair and were wild and thicker than most of her classmates since she had never bothered to trim or pluck them. Three thin lines decorated each cheek like whiskers, a testament to her mother, the former vessel of the fox she stood naked before.

Letting his eyes run lower, the fox noticed that besides her head the girl was completely hairless; her skin was perfectly smooth although she did have a few dark freckles scattered over the tops of her breasts and shoulders, but those only seemed to add to her appearance. Her breasts were full without being too large and were exceptionally well formed; almost perfectly symmetric with thick pink nipples capping the slightly pointed peaks created by her size and curve. Her areola were the same dark pink as her nipples and spread out roughly a half inch from the heavy milk ducts they framed. The only hint of her ribcage was above her chest at her collar bone, below the blonde's c-cups there was only smooth, soft skin supported by firm muscle and a thin fat layer; the body of a kunoichi.

Her abdomen seemed to go on forever, smooth and sexy, first narrowing below her tits but then flaring out into a set of, what some jealous pink haired girls had called, 'slut hips'. Really, there was only one jealous pink haired girl who said that, but Naruko had never been bothered by the fact she just oozed sexuality, her hips were just one more example of that. Their size fit her bust perfectly too, and her ass complimented everything else, firm and tight while remaining full. Her shoulders were as broad as her hips and muscular without being heavy, and all those joints led to long smooth limbs whose appearance belied their deadly strength.

Kurama finally allowed his inspection to focus on the last part of her. The bombshells' cunt was as perfect as the rest of her; her thick, full labia still tightly concealing her entrance but framing her large clitoral hood. The bald lips, sexy and firm, made the heavy red flush and clear moisture dripping from between them even more apparent, although any cover would have been hard pressed to hide the clear trail running down the inside of her legs.

Lowing his head so his nose was only inches from his nude container, the great beast inhaled deeply. His breathing caused sexy girls hair to dance, first towards him, then away. His breath, hot and damp against her skin, heightened her arousal and caused her to begin breathing heavily as well. Seeing this, the fox raised his head back up and looked at the girl with mischief in his eyes.


Taking the prompt for what it was, Naruko back to walk around the fox, trailing one hand through his fur as she went. The tactile feel of the bizarrely soft fur under her fingers, the warm water on her feet couple with the cool air when she moved caused her nipples to tighten and tingle on her chest. Near the creature's stomach, it became to much and the girl began to rub herself against Kurama's side, the feeling of the fur on her sensitive skin and rock hard nipples made her knees weak. A huff of warm air and then a cool, wet feeling on her back made the girl turn he head.

The fox had felt the sudden rubbing on his side and turned his head to see what she was doing. Seeing her rubbing herself on his coat was a surprisingly arousing sight and he had dipped his head down to her ass, scenting her briefly. Then, he pressed his nose to her, it was as large as he torso and twice as wide, and he licked her with his tongue from behind. The appendage was as wide as she was and many times as tall but it still managed to bend and reach, scraping up her legs and then passing over both of her lower holes before retreating back into the beast's mouth.

The sudden stimulation of her already hot and naturally sensitive body caused the girl to both squeak and moan, the sound coming out half choked. She clung to her new partner's fur with one hand to remain standing on unsteady legs while she pinched one of her fat nipples with the other, savoring the feeling of his saliva, which had replaced her own fluids, slowly drying on her skin. Finally, with more than one nose prod from the fox, she continued her journey south. Arriving at the point where the foxes' rear flank rested in the water, Naruko looked up. Even now, the top of the thin dog-like leg was nearly ten feet above her head; not that that was any hindrance to a ninja. Coiling her body, a sight her observer appreciated immensely, she easily cleared the distance and landed on the inside of the foxes' rear thigh.

Confronting her on landing was several feet of thick, tapered fox cock. The nymph's actions and taste had aroused the Nine Tail's enough that he had slipped slightly from his sheath. The light pink penis was pointed sharply and thin, especially compared to the rest of the tailed beast's size. It was only about a foot and a half in diameter, which while huge on a human scale, was no larger than her torso and far smaller than she would have guessed based on the foxes' massive body. The poor girl knew nothing of canine anatomy. Of course, seeing Kiba and Akamaru in the process of masturbating when she went to collect them for training was what had caused the blonde to do this in the first place. She was always a bit of a perv but that had been her first real look at the male sex organ.

Banishing the thoughts and steeling herself, Naruko approached the giant phallus and the furry cover it was emerging from. The first thing that hit her was the smell. It was disgusting, pungent and bitter with a kind of sickly-sweet component. She wrinkled her nose in revulsion and almost backed off, but an insistent push from the foxes' nose, stupid flexible animal, toppled her over and she instinctively grabbed the giant dick as she fell onto it. The position the fox was in had his sheath and his cock resting on his flank as he reclined, so when he had pushed her, she had fallen on top of it. Even though it was smaller than she would have guessed, it was still large enough that both her tits and her face were pressed against the huge rod of fox meat. Actually, being this close made the scent less overpowering for some reason.

The penis itself was covered in some thin, transparent liquid, most likely from within the large furry cover, Naruko guessed. The stuff was sticky and was now also covering her chest, half of her face and was in her hair. She frowned at that last part. It was also probably the source of the smell, but now that it was less overpowering the scent was making her horny. Maybe it was growing on her? The fox-dick was smooth, the liquid easing things as she slid her hand around, reaching forwards and wrapping her fingers over the pointy tip and jacking back and forth. This close, she could see that the outer skin was mostly transparent and while the inside was pink, the entire thing was networked in thin, red veins. It was also hot, several degrees warmer than her own sex, which she had unconsciously begun to finger. Pulling her hand back and rubbing it in circles over the beast's shaft, Naruko closed her eyes and braced herself, taking a long lick up the side. The taste was even milder than the smell, and was actually fairly good, similar to sweet and sour sauce. Worries gone, the excitable girl began to lick all over the side she was still leaning on.

“The tip.”

Kurama had let out some soft churrs as she handled his cock, but now the sensations weren't quite what he was looking for. Naruko dutifully moved over and around, dragging her tongue and hands along his surface. Settling on her butt and using her knees to lift the giant tip to mouth height, Naruko freed one hand to roam over the shaft and the other to rub her clit as she used her mouth to work the foxes' tip. The thinnest point was slightly thicker than a human penis and had a single, finger-sized hole at the end. The sexy kunoichi twirled and wormed her tongue around the outside, moving her head and licking up towards the back periodically, which earned her a purr from the massive animal she was blowing. After she had repeated that sequence several times, she stuck her tongue into the hole and licked around inside a little. Transitioning from inside to outside several times as the foxes' purrs became louder, she finally opened her mouth and put the tip in, still twirling her tongue around the hole. The dick widened quickly, but the horny blonde hit the back of her throat before the dick became to large to fit in her mouth. With nearly six inches of fox cock in her mouth, she started to bob back and forth.

A deep growl followed by a subtle flexing of muscle under her ass was the only warning she got before the massive tool thrust forward fractionally, burying several inches into her throat before it became too wide to fit into her mouth. She grabbed onto the furry 'ground' to keep from falling off and with no hands, she couldn't push the dick out as a jet of liquid shot out of the hole at the end. It was far to much for the girl who let go of of Kurama's fur and used both hands to push the fat cock tip out of her throat. The jet of liquid had easily overflowed her mouth and ran down her front. When the dick came out completely, the liquid was still flowing, soaking the blonde even as she curled onto her side to get out of the way. The stream lasted for nearly two seconds, and was followed by another several seconds later and another after that. Suddenly hit by a familiar smell, the dripping girl revised her earlier thoughts. Whatever had just come out of the giant penis just now was the origin of that disgusting smell earlier, and she was now soaked with it. The blonde's nature asserted itself quickly even over her still heightened arousal. She turned around to face the fox, knees tucked up beside her butt, and came face to nose with the source of her ire.

“What the hell?!” she screamed at the giant mammal she had mounted.

The fox chuckled again. “It's a lubricant, to help theprocessalong. Take it as a compliment, that only happens when I am aroused and you were very good just now.” The strongest of the tailed beasts punctuated his statement with a lupine grin.

Using his huge tongue, he licked across Naruko's tits, causing her large nipples to drag deliciously. He also caught her legs, stomach and face in the process, replacing most of the reeking liquid with his own nearly tasteless saliva. Naruko's body hunched in pleasure and her eyes closed as the tongue passed over her skin, tingling wonderfully and sending pulses of pleasure through her breasts. When that single lick was over, her own tongue was out and she was nearly panting at the feelings. The fox had a smug look on his muzzle, which caused the hot blonde to scowl. She'd make him so hot and bothered he'd be fucking the cage bars in desperation.

Standing, the girl walked down into the long cave created by the gap between the foxes' legs. It was fairly dark because the end was covered by one of his mighty tails, but she could still see. Coming to the back, she found a huge sack filled with two testicles larger than she was. It was mostly hairless, probably because any hair was worn away from rubbing against his legs. The sack was resting part on and part off his wide, flat thigh. Naruko approached the sack and started kneading it with her hands, which got her another purr from the fox who had turned his head back around when she vanished into the gap between his legs. The skin was soft and spongy, and seemed to almost ooze from her grasp. Encouraged by the purr and amused by this new discovery, the whiskered blonde spent several minutes using her whole body to massage the skin of the giant animal's scrotum. Feeling his muscles begin to contract again, Naruko looked back and saw even more of the foxes' cock had slid from his sheath, there now being nearly six feet exposed at the other side of his genitals.

Still, the horny girl was determined to make the fox pay for his earlier stunt, and so she spent a few more minutes rubbing the giant sack and the single testicle she could reach. As she worked, the panting and purring became more vocal from outside, until the purr was nearly a growl. Wanting to see if there was anything else interesting back here before she headed back to the front of the massive animal's penis, she massaged the curve of Kurama's body from his balls back until she reached the start of his sheath. As the skin dipped down and his sheath formed, she found there was a hard, fleshy rod hidden inside. It was slightly thinner than the part she had seen, little more than a foot in diameter. Wrapping her hands around it, she continued her massage by rubbing the somewhat loose skin of his sheath up and down over it. The reaction was sudden. The rod she was rubbing tensed and shifter forward and the fox lifted his rear leg up, revealing her on her knees rubbing the back of his huge penis. The light let her see nearly ten feet of thick fox cock dangling from the front of his sheath.

The fox leaned his head down and licked the exposed part of his dick several times, his large tongue having no issue covering the massive tool. Leaning back and shifting some, he also licked just below his testicles where she had been rubbing earlier, this time hard, like he was trying to scratch an itch under his skin. Finally, he licked his sheath, several feet ahead of where Naruko was currently rubbing. Curious and under the interested eye of the fox, the blonde moved forward and, lying on her side, used her arms to rub the covered organ where he had been licking. What she found was a huge bulb, wider around than she could reach. Tracing back towards his testicles, she found it shrunk until she was again holding the thin hard rod she had been rubbing earlier. Moving towards his front again, continuing to massage the rod, she found the bulb, was it even larger now?, and pressed forward. The bulb thickened and then shrunk back down until it was as wide as the rest of his dick which was pushing past his sheath. Intrigued, the girl got up and moved back to the ball, rubbing and massaging it, trying to get her arms all they way around it and generally seeing what she could do to it. One thing she noticed, it was definitely getting larger, especially when she rubbed it from the back. Kurama loved that behavior as well, his panting getting heavier and his growls more lusty each time.

Seeing how his cock was coming out of the large furry cover and now curious, Naruko started working the bulb forward towards the sheath's front. When that didn't work well, she moved forwards to the exposed part of his dick and started pushing the covering back. It was slow going until she discovered that if she laid down on top of his cock and stuck her hands on the rim of his sheath, she could slide herself down the smooth shaft with her feet and push the sheath back. This worked well and had the advantage of rubbing her now painfully hard nipples and dripping cunt against the beast's hot, squishy shaft. She slipped a few times and her hands and arms ended up in the warm, wet and sticky environs of the massive animal's foreskin. She worked this way for several more minutes until the, now huge, swollen ball was almost exposed. Reaching under his sheath, she started to try and pry the thing out when huge fingers grasped her body and lifted her away.

“Aww, come on.” the tiny blonde whined, pouting, “I was so close!”

The fox laughed, although his breathing was labored. “All in good time. First”

Kurama trailed off, cradling the naughty sex kitten in one huge hand. Using his tongue to good effect, he lashed it up the horny girl in one long stroke, from toe to head. The fox knew this was the first time she had been sexually aroused, and she had been this way for nearly a half hour now. Additionally, her body, especially her breasts and cunt, were just naturally sensitive and the huge tongue caused explosions of pleasure all along her front. She was panting hard, tongue hanging out and body limp, not sure if that had been one of the 'orgasms' the Pervy Sage had always written about, but not caring much anyway. She actually hadn't orgasmed yet, but unlike earlier, the fox wasn't done either. Almost immediately, the huge tongue was back, starting low and traveling up her body, curving and flexing to hit every nook and cranny; bending under and swiping her from anus to clit while digging in between her vaginal lips to rub her both her entrance and her urethra, continuing up, lifting her heavy tits, scouring the sensitive skin under them and rasping brutally over her thick nipples, even caressing her face and rolling over her own outstretched tongue in an obscene kind of animal kiss.

Naruko moaned frantically as her mind was battered by waves of pleasure. She writhed sinuously under the constant assault of the monstrous licking, spreading her legs partially and grinding her pelvis and chest against it to increase the tortuous friction. She wrapped her arms around it as it slithered up her body over and over, dragging it to her open mouth and rubbing her face against it. Steadily, the tongue began to move faster and faster, pressing harder against her, driving the desperate, saliva covered girl closer to her peak.

The next stroke saw the end of the giant vulpine's prehensile oral muscle flicking mercilessly back and forth over her clit and asshole several times while the sex crazed girl twisted and ground her breasts and face against the suddenly immobile surface. She brought her hands to her breasts and began to pinch and roll her nipples into the slightly rough but pliable fox-flesh, whimpering and crying pitifully with need. The giant tongue resumed it's upward motion, stopping once again to give the same rough treatment to the blonde bunny's gorgeous tits while she frantically fingered her soaked hole, before finishing its upwards motion.

Once again the fox started over, this time flexing his pleasure tool so there was a slight crease down the center. He started to drag it up her body, pushing hard enough that Naruko was pushed back into his giant hand by the force of it. The crease caught her ass just right, scraping over her puckered anus and then perfectly parting her cunt lips and savagely grinding against both her virginal entrance and her clitoris. Her whole body jerked once and then began to shake and spasm. The inexperienced blonde screamed loudly as an incredible orgasm shattered her thoughts, her hips and chest thrusting erratically against the huge appendage while it continued its progress. Kurama, feeling the small girl's violent orgasm, slowed his speed and increased his pressure still further, drawing out first more screams and then, when her air ran out, desperate grunts and sobs as the monstrous fox brutally extended her orgasm with constant stimulation.

At first, the creaming teen's hands had been everywhere, tweaking nipples, rubbing her clit and finger-fucking her empty hole. The constant stimulation caused her dripping sex to squirt heavily, and her flexing abdominal muscles voided her bladder as well. As the experience wore on though, her muscles began to burn with the strain of the constant, involuntary contractions and her tingly body began to feel like pins and needles. She first tried shielding her painfully sensitive body, which she couldn't pull away from the agonizing pleasure, with her hands and then she simply went limp, her mind shutting down even as her body continued to occasionally twitch and spasm.

Finally, the tongue was gone; the girl sagged weakly in the mighty foxes grasp, her body simply overstimulated. Her eyes were half-lidded and her expression was glazed and vacant; her mind unable to deal with the sensations it had been exposed to. Grinning a smug grin, the fox smacked his lips several times, considering the taste. Not bad, sweet and salty from the skin, tangy from her cunt and bitter because of her urine. He softly licked the girl once, barely ghosting over her front, but the girl whimpered pitifully and he stopped. Hmm, now what to do. The tastes and smells form the girl had gotten been more arousing than he had anticipated and his knot hadn't shrunk as much as he had hoped when he had removed the mischievous fuck bunny from his cock in the first place. If he wanted to get his knot out of his sheath, and he did, it was painful in there at full mast, he needed a little more time.

Kurama looked back at his sexy jailor. The girl had a fucked silly smile and her body was covered in his saliva and her juices; her hair was stuck up in a hysterical cowlick due to his oral ministrations. He breasts and cunt were bright red, and her nipples were swollen from stimulation. Her thick vaginal lips, still tight and holding their shape, had drawn back from her slit and he could now see the thin inner folds as they opened to reveal the tight ring of muscle that served as a vaginal entrance. He contemplated the sight for a moment; it must be why so many human poets called them flowers. Realizing his examination was not helping his primary, and once more growing, problem, the fox struck on an idea.

Using his other hand, the Nine Tails picked the girl up and turned her over, raising her ass into the air and moving his fingers to support her new position. Then, using the tip of one massive claw to brush the golden mane of hair out of the way, he gave her a slow, gentle lick down the back. A deep and content sigh emerged from the girl who snuggled into the fur on his fingers, unknowingly wiggling her ass in the universal 'please fuck me hard' gesture. Suppressing the instinct to try and jam her onto his cock, knowing it would be impossible anyway, he continued to lap at her, covering her entire back, sides, neck and legs in warm fox-slobber, avoiding her butt, but not avoiding the sides of her delicious human udders, which swayed obscenely beneath her at his actions. Slowly her sighs and occasional grunt turned into soft moans. Those then turned into low, deep moans and the grunting resumed as her fingers plundered her empty fuck hole and her hips began wiggling again in a not-so-unconscious invitation.

Feasting his eyes on the wanton display for several seconds, the fox decided he would happily give this sex kitten what she was begging for. A long lick up her calves and thighs swiped hard over her raised ass, dragging the slick muscle up over her clit, hand and sphincter, then down, massaging her lower back, upper back and neck as it subtly rippled over her flesh. A loud gasp escaped Naruko when he did that, and she removed her hand from her cunt, placing it back down for balance, spread her knees and thrust her ass out while arcing her back, presenting herself for more. She even leaned her head back and sideways, sticking her tiny tongue out for him. His next lick hit her indecently exposed holes dead on, the strength lifting her slightly off her knees in the process, and then swiped down, over her back, up her side and over her face, the tip of the great foxes' tongue curling around her own for a second in another animal kiss. This time, the small girls mouth latched onto his huge tongue and she sucked and licked it passionately. Intrigued, the fox let her continue, resting his weight on his elbows and using the index finger from his unoccupied hand to rub her entire ass, holes included, in circular motions.

The tiny human's moans and gasps into his tongue were surprisingly enjoyable, and he flicked his tongue slightly several times to intensify the kiss. With a last long lick an a small peck, Naruko turned her head away from the huge tongue and let it hang down, resting her forehead on the same finger supporting her collarbone and hands. She began to thrust back into the finger rubbing her sex and that said everything it needed to. Removing his finger, the fox resumed orally ravaging his blonde jailor's soft, heart shaped ass; much to the girl's delightif her lewd hip motions were anything to go by. He also made sure he covered as much of her as possible, her skin tasted incredible after all and he loved the shameless swinging of her tits.

Leaving all her body weight on her upper chest and trusting her balance to her foxy lover, Naruko began to grope and squeeze her breasts with one hand, much to said foxes' approval, and rubbing her genitals with the other. The fox kept lapping at the girl, going faster and harder as her own motions became more frantic, while watching her pleasure herself. Every time she squeezed one of her tits, instead of squishing it down, the blonde would rub so it swelled up and then stretch and twist her nipple in a truly erotic display, set against the untouched breast which was swinging wildly under both his and her attempts to increase the vivacious blonde's pleasure.

Kurama kept going faster, licking the girl harder and harder. As the strokes became more vicious, the dazed blonde found herself bent at a right angle, legs spread in a wide V, her tiptoes glued to one of the beast's great finger's with chakra while she desperately clung to another with her hands. Her tongue had lolled out and she moaned, grunted and panted, thrusting back against the oral assault with abandon. The raunchy animal saw her expression after diverting his attention from her hypnotic swinging mammaries. With a smug smirk, he moved his unoccupied pointer finger up, bringing the huge claw to her face. Without hesitation, she began to tongue bathe the massive weapon, sucking and licking like it was what she was built for. Given the show she put on, maybe it was.

Suddenly, he felt her muscles tense and her return thrusts became more erratic. Knowing she was close, the fox rotated his hand, leaving her basically in a hand stand while he licked up from her ankles, swiped her front and her sensitive breasts, up over her pussy and asshole, and then down her back to her neck. It only took a handful of repetitions before he felt the blonde cumming again; She yowled as her body twitched and her hips and legs thrust down against his tongue in large, jerky, squats. He tried to draw the orgasm out, but this time the girl wasn't stable and she lost her chakra grip after several seconds. The great beast caught her so she was bent over one finger, ass out like a naughty child, and he wasted no time in 'spanking' her with his mouth, sending tingling orgasmic aftershocks up her back and down her still twitching legs.

Exhausted, eyes closed and panting hard from her orgasm, Naruko hung limply from the huge foxes' hands while he thoroughly wrung the muscle tension from her body with a soft but deliberate tongue bath; the feeling of his saliva drying against her skin mixing with her tingling nipples and the random sparks of pleasure from her vagina. When offered, she latched her mouth onto the muscle the canine had pleasured her so thoroughly with, licking and sucking softly, enjoying the strange empty taste of the huge predators saliva. She moaned only softly when the warm wetness vanished and she felt herself being moved. Her eyes opened again when she caught a familiar scent, however.

His knot was as small as it was going to get, he was ready to do this. Standing for the first time in this encounter, the fox sat back on his haunches, his thin, soft member bobbed humorously as he stood and settled. He lowered Naruko down to his exposed shaft, which while only two feet thick at it's biggest point, was easily twenty feet long with more concealed by his monstrous sheath. Holding Naruko in one hand, he braced himself with the other and then pressed the girl's front into the huge shaft, just above his furry cock cover. Taking the blunt suggestion, the sticky blonde settled her breasts so the shaft passed between them and then wrapped her arms and legs around the huge, squishy rod, grinding herself into it salaciously and licking everywhere with her tongue. Titanic, animal shaped chakra creature or not, the fox had given her a pair of earth-shattering orgasms and she was fully prepared to return the favor.

What she was not prepared for, however, was the fox firming his grip under her hips and over her shoulders and then slowly pushing her up the long, smooth shaft like some kind of living sex toy. Actually, the thought brought the fire back to her still tingly pussy almost as much as the sensual friction of her swollen nipples and spread cunt lips dragging against the slick, hot flesh. She reached the very top of the fox-cock quickly and began to zealously blow the tip, even though it was blasting out a stream of that pungent, fish-smelling, lubricant. After several seconds of her oral service, the huge beast began to slowly push her back down, face, chest and cunt scraping against the slick phallus in an unspeakably pleasurable way. A couple of times on the downwards trip, the giant dick bent or squished out, since it wasn't rigid with blood yet, and the fox needed to drag her back up some before resuming She came to a stop when her rump rested firmly against the foxes' furry sheath, the hairs tickling her sensitive girl parts.

The blonde-turned-sex-toy was finding that this huge animal cock fucking was turning her on more than she had been while trying to expose the nearly forgotten huge swollen ball on his dick earlier. She gave a vulgar moan and started to thrust herself against the still soft penis clasped between her thighs. She unwrapped her arms and used her hands to grab her breasts, mashing them against the cock shaft and pinching her nipples again, much to the foxes' enjoyment. Her lower mouth made wet, carnal sounds as she began to hump in earnest and her upper mouth opened wide to suck in some of the soft dick-flesh and gum it erotically with her lips. Kurama let a shudder pass through him at the enthusiastic girl's actions before he dragged her back up his shaft, his fingers keeping her pressed to it and his thumb keeping it pressed to her. Again she began to frantically suck and tongue the tip, this time catching the start of a stream of fox-pre across her open mouth. It leaked down her front, coating her breasts and crotch in reeking slickness, easing her passage back down. This time, the fox pressed her down farther than his sheath, revealing more wonderful cock for the sexy minx to enjoy. Again and again the process repeated itself, faster each time, until Naruko's butt was bouncing against a vary hard bulge in his sheath each time she was pushed down.

“Open your legs” the fox panted out between pleasured growls, still pumping his new blonde sex toy up and down his member.

In a haze of desire, the blonde obeyed without question, unwrapping her legs from around the huge shaft. She was unable to let them dangle because of his supporting finger, and it ended up with her spread open as if she were sitting on the end of a chair, hips bent slightly and legs arced out and down to each side. This time, when she hit the hard bump, which was sending more and more shocks of pleasure through her body, the fox kept pushing, using a combination of his hand and her crotch to push the sheath down and over the massive bulb. With a pained canine whimper and a sudden stretch, the huge reddish-pink knot was exposed. Naruko ended up bent around the huge obstruction, her feet just reaching the bottom while her arms were still wrapped tightly around the shaft on top. The furry foreskin was brushing her feet now, having slid down to the bottom of Kurama's knot as soon as it cleared the midpoint. She missed the feeling of the soft furry skin against her groin, but decided the sacrifice was totally worth it in short order.

With his knot out, the giant animal began fucking the girl in earnest, pumping her up and down his shaft as hard and fast as he could. With no more time to play, the blonde rubbed as much of her body against the massive cock as she could, grasping with her arms and thighs. Each time she hit the knot, the bouncy, grinding impact against her crotch would send a spike of pleasure shooting into her stomach and she could feel the strange coiling sensation that meant she was building towards another orgasm. Her whole body felt like a fucked cunt as she was plowed along the foxes' shaft over and over, her tits rubbing with agonizingly pleasurable friction first one way, then the other. The tiny female alternately rubbed her face against the steadily hardening fox-dick or turned her head and let her lips and tongue drag up and down it's length. She stretched her shoulders up so she could press her stomach against the hot penis and after several more passes, she unwrapped one arm so she could reach down and finger herself, pushing fingers into both her pussy and her ass, something she wouldn't have done before the fox got her off twice while licking it.

Kurama was panting hard, growling and gasping at the building pleasure this little human girl was causing. Masturbation wasn't something he had done much of and it was rarely pleasant since his hands were covered in fur. No matter how lubed up, fur never slid smoothly. However, this one's hairless body was altogether different and it slid with ease along his length, causing wonderful and intense sensations to shoot through his slowly hardening member. Everything about this was stimulating, from the friction on his dick, to the image of her small body writhing against his huge penis, to her glorious panting and moaning punctuated with a rough, throaty grunt every time he drove her against his huge, canine knot. Even now his hindquarters were beginning to twitch. Deciding his jailor was as prepared as she would ever be, the great beast stood on all fours and stopped thrusting with his hands, instead using his foxy hind-parts, which were built for high speed motion.

If Naruko was running for her finish earlier, now she was sprinting full tilt. The fox had stood up, leading to an surreal sensation of vertigo, dangling as she was from a massive animal penis. Then, he began to thrust. It was rough, savage, beastly, and way more intense than when he had been pumping with his arm. Each thrust was full, pulling back until she was looking at the swelling, pointy tip and then pushing the gigantic cock all the way forward until she hit the knot at the bottom, letting out something between a shout and a grunt. Basically, she was yipping.

Splat! “Ungh!”

Splat! “Ungh!”

Splat! “Ungh!”

Splat! “Ungh!”

The giant cock was now swollen and turgid; changing from the start until now it was an engorged blood red. She couldn't reach her arms around the thickest parts anymore and even the head was bulging out, the scooped taper now blown up into a nearly human mushroom cap. The fucking continued even as the huge member swelled to the point that the outside bulged with taught veins that were backed up with excess blood. The knot was swelling too, now well over twice her height in width and thick enough she could have practiced taijutsu on it. Training was the last thing on her mind right now though, as the foxes' thrusts sped up again, heading for the finish. The bulging, veined shaft, still so slick she slid easily, caused a raunchy friction over her entire body and the Nine Tail's thrusts were becoming feral with need. Both were now vocalizing loudly too, the great animal's earlier growls having grown into heavy barks and her own noises having simply bled together into a pulsing, incoherent scream.

Naruko went first, her whole body jerking lewdly on Kurama's cock as she came, squirting again and getting smeared through her own girl juices with the following thrusts. Several seconds later, she was slammed into his knot, hard enough to be slightly painful even through her overriding pleasure, and dragged down over the huge bulb, the stimulation of which made her forget the painful collision completely.

“Grabthe botTOM!” the fox choked out through his own lusty haze, his release impossibly close but still so far

Not knowing why, but too far gone to care, the blonde fox slut wrapped her arms and legs around the bottom of the huge knot and squeezed as hard as she could, licking and biting the rock hard ball with vigor, drawing out her own orgasm by grinding her dripping cunt against the thick red shaft and the top of the foxes' sheath.

With a deafening roar, Kurama came like a shotgun, a blast of seed erupting from his dick and vanishing into the darkened hallways beyond the seal. The little human's biting and grinding were only making things better as he let off a second blast of cum that hard. He was about to release a third when he grabbed the sexy ninja responsible for this, peeled her off his knot and held her to his tip. She began licking frantically when she took the third huge shot of cum in the face, covering her entire upper body with thick, sticky fox sperm. The girl blinked in surprise but the fox insistently pushed her back to his cock head, rubbing her body against it until she began to licking again. He blew several more loads of cum with her working his tip, even though he was so sensitive now it was almost painful, coating her completely in jizz. Finally, her grabbed her legs and pressed her virgin cunt to his massive tip, blowing his last load up into her unused tunnel and filling her to overflowing.

Exhausted, the fox pulled the blonde away from his giant member. Without any support, it fell down so it was hanging basically vertically, and Naruko finally got a good look at it. It was was easily forty feet long now, and fifteen around; dangling obscenely between his canine hind legs, almost hitting the ground, not quite swinging freely because the titanic knot was bumping into his thighs. Her view was cut short when the massive animal slumped back down, laying on his side. He gently set the cum covered girl into the warm, ankle deep water of the seal next to his muzzle, curling his huge hand around her. The thoroughly fucked but still virgin blonde was slowly rubbing circles over her clit, the aftershocks of pleasure causing fox cum to squirt fitfully out of her pussy as her internal muscles spasmed.

Curling around, Kurama gave his knot several long licks, then gave his cock the same, relieving the painfully oversensitive tingling. Turning his attentions to his jailor, who was eying his cock again even though he had no intention of letting her anywhere near it until he had a chance to rest, he began to clean her off as well; long, slow licks across her front, pausing only to flip her over once she was clean so he could reach her back. Partner free of cum and he himself satisfied, he could have fallen asleep except for a familiar wiggling motion out of the corner of his eye. Naruko, face down with her head tilted out of the water, was pumping her fingers in and out of her hole again, ass raised invitingly. He had dug around her crotch to extract as much of his mess as possible. It must have gotten her going again. She let out a series of pained, desperate whimpers.

The massive vulpes felt his cock throb. A normal canine penis would have simply retreated to it's sheath and then been ready to go again. Of course, as a fox-shaped chakra beast, he wasn't normal. It seemed his cock wouldn't relax until the girl stopped being so animalistic and provocative, which at this rate, meant he needed to fuck her until she passed out. Actuallythat was an idea

“God, I wish you could fuck me!” the girl moaned, bobbing her ass up and down against her questing fingers. It seemed the motion was seconded.

“Who says I can't?”

Kurama rolled over and pushed up so he was sitting on his haunches, his colossal fox-phallus splashing down with a muted boom. Naruko, ass in the air but no longer fingering herself looked back with an expression of fear. The huge cock was pointed at herthat couldn'the wouldn'twould he? Red energy scintillated around his form, accompanied by the crackle of lightning and the smell of ozone. Even though she had defeated him and taken his chakra, the fox still had more power than he could ever use; maybe it really was limitless. Suddenly, the chakra lightning flashed out to cover his entire body in blood red right and then he dissolved, his body flying apart like a broken water clone. The red fluid splashed into the ankle deep pool and vanished.

Naruko pushed herself up to her hands and knees, confused and worried about what was going on. She turned her head this way and that, looking for and hint of her playmate's whereabouts. It didn't take long. To her right, a fist-sized bubble of red broke through the still surface of the water and burst. Another followed quickly and another, until it seemed like the water around her was boiling; bubbles flowing up and popping constantly. She almost panicked until she felt a familiar, clawed hand on her ass. Turning back, she saw a sight she hadn't seen in over a year. The foxes front half was behind her, emerging from the water; it appeared to be made entirely of the bubbles, giving him a distorted, uneven look. Slowly, the rest of the fox emerged until he was standing behind her, the size of a pack pony.

Once his body was complete, his form began to bulge and shift; the bubbles getting smaller until he looked like he was made of small red beads. He ended up as a reflection of his former self, black nose, long muzzle, sinuous pink tongue, long ears, humanoid arms, canine legs, nine long, glorious tailsall the way down to his still massive throbbing erection, dangling between his rear legs. The only difference was that instead of being furry and solid, he now appeared to be translucent and shiny with an odd, bumpy texture.

Wasting no time, the newly formed fox closed the distance between himself and the still presented Naruko and swiped his lolling tongue across her burning sex. The sensation caused her to snap her head back straight and thrust her ass out, looking for more, which she got. Turned out, the strange bead look wasn't just for show. His lapping phallic symbol actually felt like it was made of smooth, quarter-inch spheres. They were warm and solid, with just a little spongy give, and she was sure they moved around and shifted amongst themselves too as her diligent partner worked her into a lust crazed frenzy.

Just as the unquenchable blonde was about to peak, the tongue vanished. Her foggy mind processed the loss of stimulation and she began waving her raised derriere in an attempt to encourage her suddenly evil and cruel inner demon to finish her off. When nothing happened, she was about to turn and about at the stupid fox, when his bulk settled over her. Looking up, she came nose to knot with the sly animals hind parts. One of the beast's hands grabbed his turgid length and pushed it at her mouth, needing to pull his hips back to accomplish the feat. The horny teen needed no more encouragement, basking in the now familiar scent as she wrapped her mouth around it and began to suck, bobbing and twisting her head with abandon.

With an unseen grin, Kurama lowered his head and licked her lower back, rotating his head up and licking back until he was just cresting the curve of her butt cheeks. Naruko wiggled in anticipation, but the fox repeated the action. After a minute of this, the fox lightly thrust his hips forward and licked the very top of her crack, right on her tailbone. Choking as an inch of cock lunged into her throat, the blonde pulled off, coughing and keeping one hand on the offending phallus, just in front of the knot.

“Hey! What's the big idea?!” she yelled, annoyed.

“Sorry” the tone was anything but apologetic, not that the sexed up blonde was in any state to notice, “It's just that I can't quite reach back far enough”

Waiting no longer, the blonde dove back onto her new favorite toy with a goal. She took the dick back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it several times, the bumpy, uneven surface very fun to lick, and then tried to force it down her gullet. She got less than an inch in before she dragged it out, coughing and gagging. A second try produced similar results. The determined but progressively more upset girl was about to try again when one massive hand cupped her head gently.

“Don't force it. You put things in there all the time. Just swallow.”

Willing, Naruko returned the cock to her mouth again. Several seconds of blowjob had her ready to try again, so she positioned him in at her throat. This time, instead of pushing, she took some saliva and phlegm, swirled them around the foxes' tip, and swallowed. Of course, nothing happened since she didn't feed any more fox-cock into her mouth. Feeling chagrined, the girl tried again and was rewarded with nearly three inches of dick slipping into her throat. She immediately began to gag, her body wanting to clear her blocked airways, unaware this was intentional. Unwilling to surrender, her natural bullheadedness shining through, the blonde swallowed again, pushing more dick into her esophagus. It took five more deep gulps of vulpine penis until the blonde was triumphantly nose to knot again. She just managed to poke her tongue out past her over-stuffed lips and gave some light teasing licks to the giant animal that had mounted her. Unfortunately, before she could really savor her accomplishment, she ran out of air.

The process of pulling the full foot and a half of fox out of her mouth was bizarre, the feeling completely foreign. Finally, gasping for breath and still connected to the bumpy organ by long strings of phlegm from her throat, the blonde dislodged herself from the giant erection. After a few seconds to catch her breath, she dived back on, exercising and experimenting with her new ability. When she went to pull off the second time, the fox caught her head again and stopped her. She almost panicked, but her spoke first.

“If you swallow when it's right here, you'll be able to breathe. I assure you, it's not going down your windpipe.”

Swallowing and forcing an experimental breath, she found he was right. She proceeded to blow the fox with vigor, sucking him in to the knot, licking the shaft and bulb; pulling him out to the tip and swirling her tongue around, anything she could think of. The large beast murred happily and showed his appreciation by moving down and licking firmly over her rear holes, even bringing up one clawed hand in order to plunge in into the blonde's cunt.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long, Naruko was just too close. After only a minute of stimulation, she came, squeezing the foxes' finger and tongue with strong, rhythmic contractions of her vagina; her muscles twitching, massaging his buried cock. She tried to moan loudly, which was muffled by the dick lodged in her throat, but it did give her partner a lot of stimulation. Coupled with her arcing her back, hilting him in her mouth, and losing her balance, which she kept by hanging onto the large knot, the fox came too; a funny sensation since the load hit her somewhere around half-way to her stomach.

Pulling himself from her throat with a loud 'shlurp', trailing several strands of mucus, the fox twisted around the kneeling blonde and stepped over her back, his size making jumping up unnecessary. He settled into position quickly, his rear hips close to Naruko's own and his chest pressing down against her shoulders. His head jutted out in front of her.

“Hey, wait a minute! You could have reached me just fine without m-mmph!”

Her complaint was smothered by a deep, open-muzzle kiss from her foxy lover while he used one hand to place his thick cock at the opening to her virgin cunt, rubbing himself up and down slowly; collecting her girl juices to ease his entry.

“The stretching will be uncomfortable at first. Bear with it.”

With those words, Kurama began to work himself into his willing jailor's well prepped entrance. Technically, it wasn't an entrance, but an introitus since the vagina was just a hollow tube which was pushed closed when not in use. At first, Naruko felt only pleasure as the foxes' member thrust itself into her body, the feeling amplified by the beast's slow licking of her upper back, neck and shoulders. However, as the dick being pushed into her steadily thickened, the girl began to feel her inner walls forced apart and a distinct stretching sensation at the opening of her sex. Ninja were more active than most, so she had torn her hymen – which is the remains of the membrane that originally covered the connection between the vulva and the vaginal tract - when she was much younger, when it had been less thin and stretchy. Years of flexibility training had stretched her even more, but still, the thing being stuffed into her currently was thicker than her wrist at points and that was just not something you could ready yourself for without jamming other things into yourself first.

The stretching at her opening got worse and worse, just shy of real pain at it's thickest, but even as the blonde summited the thickest part of the cock, the real issue was the internal stretching. Never having been pushed apart beyond a finger's length, having seven inches and more of turgid penis packed into her in one go was way more than she was ready for. Hissing and bowing her back up, Naruko tried to pull forwards, off the giant thing impaling her, but the fox used the hand he no longer needed as a guide to hold her hips in place. Pulling back some, Kurama began rolling his hips, humping the blonde with short strokes, pulling out a few inches and then thrusting back in, always just shy of the point where she had been trying to escape; all while using the hand holding her hips to viciously rub her clit. Moaning and writhing, the no-longer-virgin turned her hips back up and locked her arms straight, accepting another deep kiss from the animal above her as he gave her pleasure. The discomfort from earlier vanished and she began to enjoy her ride.

Seeing her reaction, the fox stopped kissing her and went back to licking her shoulders. He braced himself on the next pull out and then he thrust in hard, shoving several more inches of fox meat into the girl's fuck hole. She shouted and bowed her back up again; pulling forwards while throwing a hand back to try and push the fox out. With a muttered apology, the giant beast pulled back and resumed his previous fucking, short, fast strokes that stopped shy of where he had been. Of course, that was now several inches deeper into her deflowered body. Leaning down and kissing the blonde again, he kept his pace up for a few more seconds before he abruptly shoved forwards again, this time mashing the tip of his penis against a hard nub, it felt somewhat like a fingertip, at the back of her hole. This time the agonized girl was furious and the fox had to both hold her hips with one great hand while he placed more of his body weight on her to keep her from escaping as she cried and struggled.

Having hit bottom, the Nine Tails switched to long, full strokes, pulling out to his pointed tip and then thrusting back in, bumping into the girl's cervix. Naruko's angry escape attempts weakened, her discomfort giving way to incredible pleasure as the great beast fucked her harder and harder. With the foxes' weight bearing down on her, all she could do was use her arms and legs to hold both herself and the rutting animal up. His head, which he had wrapped over one shoulder to help hold his fuck toy in place, put him eye level with her bouncing milk bags. While he enjoyed the sight, the fox quickly decided he could enjoy it more, so he wrapped his mouth around one of the wild mammaries, sucking and tonguing the soft flesh and it's rock hard tip. Using his now free hand, he groped the other, alternately hefting and squeezing it and pinching the nipple and pulling.

Naruko hung her head, tears long gone and unable to hold it up under the waves of pleasure she was enduring. Looking back, the blonde fuck bunny had a perfect view of everything happening, from the great beast pulling, sucking and twisting her tits, to her plundered core, tight cunt lips splayed open obscenely around the foxes' massive girth. Even as she watched, more and more of the giant cock seemed to vanish into her depths until the thick, heavy knot was battering her gates on every thrust. The image, her juicy hole spread deliciously by the canine bulge, combined with the almost painful tingling in her vagina, nipples and clit, threw her over the edge into yet another orgasm. Crying out, she slumped forwards, lowering her shoulders to the ground. While this new angle allowed the fox to rut the blonde even harder, it had the unfortunate side effect of squishing her fun bags against the ground, each splayed out and forwards lewdly.

Unable to keep playing, the fox returned his hand to the ground to steady himself while he resumed licking the over-sexed girl. Nipples tingling painfully, Naruko used one hand to tweak the glorious pink peaks while using the other to reach back and rub her overstuffed cunt. Ready to finish the little minx off, Kurama took advantage of her still tender body. Surprised by more red bubbles erupting from the viscous water, the blonde watched as a pair of fox heads formed in front of her presented boobs and latched onto them, licking, nipping, chewing and sucking randomly. Unable to handle the attention so soon after her orgasm, she tried to pry them off, only for her hands to pass through the bubble constructs uselessly. She used all her strength to press herself back to her hands and knees, but the heads hung onto the blonde's breasts tenaciously, stretching her udders out in some grotesque mimicry of a mother nursing fox kits.

While she failed to escape the suckling of her overly sensitive tit-flesh, the girl did manage to position herself almost perfectly for her prisoner's final assault. His turgid knot still bashing against her body from the savage fucking, the next thrust put a strange, hot pressure against her asshole as well. Before her sex fogged brain could process what was about to happen, Kurama's next thrust shoved several inches of fox up her ass, shocking the poor girl and removing her last virginity in the process. Her whole body tried to go rigid but failed from exhaustion. The blonde opened her mouth to do something; object, cry, scream, moan, she wasn't sure and she never found out; the fox shoved his tongue into the opening, giving her a tonsil-teasing kiss. Several more thrusts saw nearly eight inches of dick plunged into her ass, her drained body unable to mount a useful resistance to the thin but thickening animal penis.

Kurama was in heaven. The little blonde sex fiend was just to luscious. Her tunnels grasped his cocks with an obscene, slick pressure; pulling against him on his way out and gulping him down eagerly when he thrust back in. The taste of her breasts, her skin, the smell of her juices; all of it was intoxicating. The feeling of his one inflated knot beating against her loosening pussy was just short of overwhelming and the feel of her anus bulging out as his second knot thickened was even better. The girl had sunken into a daze, her whole body limp, leaving him holding her up with several tails and one hand, which was still abusing her clit, while the other held himself up to continue the carnal session. Every time he jammed himself forward, the girl would give a weak, broken moan; god, even the sounds she made were to much.

With a final savage thrust and matching roar, the great beast shoved hard with his hips while dragging the limp girl back with his hand, forcing his giant knot into her body with a squelching 'plop' even as his second knot snapped into her ass for the final time. A handful of quick, short thrusts was all it took after that to send both girl and fox into one final, earth-shattering orgasm, Naruko twitching and writhing weakly, impaled on the massive cocks while the fox, hips trembling and balls pulsing, used her as a living masturbation tool, slowly working the blonde back and forth over his sensitive dicks as he came over and over into her deepest reaches.

After several minutes, a final pair of lewd, squishy 'pop's echoed through the empty seal accompanied by a pitiful whimper as Kurama pulled the near-unconscious girl off his pair of canine cocks, knots and all, cum splashing into the thick water as it poured from her broken in holes. The exhausted fox slut fell asleep while her new lover carefully licked her body down, avoiding her erogenous zones, having learned his lesson about her insatiable sex-drive. Once she was clean, he allowed his form to collapse and returned to his original, mighty frame and took care of his own cleaning. Finally finished, he curled up inside the still open cage to sleep. Geeze, fucking that girl was more exhausting than fighting Madara.

'Knock, knock, knock'





“Ughohhh” Naruko awoke with a moan, her cunt tingling in a sympathetic orgasm. She was on her bed where she had settled down to go see the foxafter catching Kiba and Akamaru

The bed was soaked in her juices. Even though it had been in her seal, apparently her body had liked what she had done with her mind. God, she had. Just thinking about it was making heruh oh. She was getting horny even as her mind cried out in fear. What's more, she doubted Kurama would be willing to oblige her again so soon. Stupid body that wasn't exhausted from sex.

“Hey! Naruko, you in there?! We were supposed to meet for training nearly an hour ago!” Kiba sounded half frustrated half worried. Naruko got up on firm legs she was sure should be jelly and made her way to her door.

When the door opened, Kiba was hit by a physical wall of girl smell. Her entire apartment smelled like sex, but only her, there wasn't anyone else's smell present. Jeeze, how did she manage that? The sex kitten in question was standing in the open door looking at Kiba with a flush on her cheeks, wearing nothing but a shirt and panties. A quick glance showed the panties were completely soaked, stuck to her skin with liquid girl.

“Uhh” was his intelligent response to the situation.

Naruko's flush deepend and her look turned predatory, shifting from boy to dog and back. “Hehe, I was learning something new. Wanna see?” Both males were nabbed before they could reply and dragged into the crazed girl's apartment. The door slammed shut.

The End?

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